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									No:97 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER’07

                             Winter Destination Uluda¤
                                                                                      No Racism in Tourism
ocus on EDITOR’S
                                          17th Year
                                          No:97 • September/October’07

                            PUBLISHER & EDITOR IN CHIEF                               A workshop was organized in Istanbul by
                            SAH‹B‹ VE SORUMLU YAZI ‹fiLER‹ MD.
                            SUAT TÖRE
                                                                                      German FVW magazine, Federation of
                            suattore@smpublication.com                                Turkish Hoteliers (TUROFED), and
                            EDITOR / ED‹TÖR                                           Touristic Hotels & Investors Association
                            Sevil ÖREN
                            sevil@smpublication.com                                   (TUROB) in August.
                            EDITORIAL ASS./ YARDIMCI ED‹TÖR
                            Özgür TÖRE                                                Turkish and German tourism profession-
                            ozgur@ftnnews.com                                         als presented their thoughts and expecta-
                            PUBLIC RELATION / HALKLA ‹L‹fiK‹LER
                            Özge TÖRE
                                                                                      tions for Turkey and its travel destina-
                            ozge@smpublication.com                                    tions.
                            EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD /
                            YAYIN DANIfiMANLARI KURULU                                 TUI's Ralf Dieter Maltzahn, who is one of the speakers at the
                            Kaya AKBAfiO⁄LU / Ali KIRGIZ / Füsun TÖRE /Deniz TÜFEKÇ‹   workshop, commented on negative image of Turkey occurring
                            INT. RELATIONS / ULUSLARARASI ‹L‹fiK‹LER
                            ‹lkay BENER                                               by increasing number of Russian and Ukrainian tourists visiting
                            PHOTOS / FOTO⁄RAFLAR                                      the country. Another German tourism professional asked if there
                            New Focus Archive
                            ART DIRECTOR / SANAT YÖNETMEN‹
                                                                                      is any hotel that doesn't host a Russian tourist.
                            Fatih TAHTALI                                             Today, people from any race, religion can freely stay together,
                            OFFSET PREPARATION / OFSET HAZIRLIK
                            Repronet                                                  communicate with each other and enjoy the holiday at any hotel
                            FILM & PRINTING / F‹LM & BASKI                            and resort around the world. This is same for Turkey.
                            Özgür Matbaac›l›k
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                   4                                                                                  [                                                 4
    12.8 Million Tourists and US$5.9 Billion Revenue
                                             foreign visitors, while another $621.5          New Culture & Tourism Minister
                                             million came from visiting Turkish ci-                             Ertugrul Gunay was ap-
                                             tizens who now live abroad. During                                 pointed Turkish Culture
                                             their vacation, the average personal                               & Tourism Minister in
                                             expenditure for foreign visitors is repor-                         the 60th government.
                                             ted to be $538, while Turkish visitors                             Günay was born in
                                             spent $875. The total number of de-                                Black Sea city of Ordu
                                             parting visitors was around 6.5 million                            in 1948. He gradua-
                                             from April to June. This breaks down                               ted Istanbul University
                                             as 5.8 million foreigners and 740,000         Faculty of Law and started to work as law-
Turkish Statistsc Institute announced        Turkish citizens. During the second qu-       yer in 1970’s. Gunay worked as CHP’s (The
first half of the year’s tourism num-        arter, the number of visitors was obser-      Republican People’s Party) Provincial Chair-
bers. Turkey earned US$5.9 billi-            ved as 2.69 million in June, 2.2 milli-       man in Ordu between 1974-1987. Between
on income in the first six months. In        on in May and 1.58 million in April.          1977-80 Gunay acted as CHP MP of Ordu.
the same period, Turkey’s expen-             Federation of Turkish Hoteliers (TU-          And between the years 1986-1987, Gunay
ses in tourism were US$1.5 billion.          ROFED ) President Ahmet Barut said,           worked as Ankara Provincial Chairman of
In the first half of 2007, income from       “At the first 7 months of this year,          Social Democrat People’s Party (SHP) and
tourism increased by 3.4 percent             12 million 808 thousand and 339               Deputy SG between the years 1990-91.
compared to the same term last year.         tourists visited Turkey so far”. “This        After returning to CHP , Gunay worked as
Between January and June, 2007,              number is above 2006 figures for              CHP Secretary General between 1992 and
9.6 million foreign tourists arri-           the same period however the inco-             1994. Upon differences of views with party
ved in Turkey while 2.5 million              me is not satisfactory,” added Barut.         administration, Gunay broke off from poli-
Turks went overseas for tourism.             Barut said that they were happy to            tics, and pioneered intellectuals that trave-
The report, titled “Departing Visitors       see an increase in tourist arrivals           led to Bosnia in August 1995 in the most
and Arriving Citizens Survey, Second         but they are not happy in number              critical days of Yugoslavia’s civil war.
Quarter of 2007,” highlights that the        of tourist arrivals coming from EU.           Gunay returned to active politics in 1999
highest income from tourism for 2007         Barut commented on the new govern-            and ran for the leadership of CHP, however,
peaked at $1.54 billion in June. Of the      ment, said that Culture and Tourism Mi-       as differences of views continued with the
$3.7 billion income during the second        nistry should be seperated and Barut re-      party administration, Gunay was expelled
quarter, $3.1 billion was earned from        quested to have a more dynamic ministry.      from CHP. Gunay, who pioneered civilian
                                                                                           initiatives like “Humanity Initiative for Bos-
      Turkey to be Promoted with Special Campaigns                                         nia”, “East Conference”,and “New Politics
                                                                                           Initiative”, has many articles on politics and
Turkish Culture & Tourism Ministry is        promoted by its different aspects,            law published in newspapers and magazi-
preparing to launch a new promotional        including its restaurants, shopping           nes. Gunay entered to parliament as Justice
campaign to promote Turkey as a tou-         malls, history, culture, arts and en-         & Development (AK) party MP in July 2007
rist destination next year, Ozgur Ozas-      tertainment. In the campaigns, “Is-           elections.
lan, the Director General of Promoti-        tanbul: A City where Two Continents
on Department at the Ministry, said.         Meet” theme will be emphasized.                   2 Million Russian Tourists to
“We will prepare special promotion           The logo of “Istanbul: European Cul-
campaigns for destinations like Is-          ture City” will also be used in posters
                                                                                                        Visit Turkey
tanbul and Antalya,” said Ozaslan.           and promotional films, Ozaslan noted.                               Mirjalol Husanov,
He said that Turkey is one of the fa-        Belief tourism will have a special                                  Russian Consul Ge-
vorite countries with its sea-sand-sun       place in Turkey’s promotion next                                    neral in Antalya,
tourism, culture and belief tourism en-      year. Three religions and 13 anci-                                  said that nearly 2
riched with remains of 13 civilizations      ent civilizations will be introduced.                               million Russian tou-
and three religions, natural beauties        Campaigns peculiar for teenagers                                    rists will have their
and geography. “And therefore, we            in Britain, Germany, Russia, Austria,                               holidays in Turkey,
will give priority to all these aspects in   Netherlands, Israel, France, Belgium,                               especially in An-
our promotion campaigns,” he stated.         Italy, Spain and Poland will be pre-                                talya. Recently ap-
                                                                                           pointed consul general Husanov, who
According to Ozaslan, Istanbul, Cap-         pared; while Turkey will try to attract
                                                                                           pays courtesy calls to exporters’ unions
padocia, Antalya, Pamukkale (Hiera-          tourists in short holidays like the Easter,
                                                                                           in Antalya, told reporters that Russia at-
polis), Ephesus, Nemrut (mountain),          Christmas and new year eve holiday.
                                                                                           tached great importance to Antalya and
Black Sea region, Aegean coasts              On the other hand, Turkey will la-            showed it by opening a consulate ge-
and Eastern and Southeastern Ana-            unch initiatives to grant “a holiday in       neral in this city. “Russian people love
tolia regions will be promoted as tou-       Turkey” award in several TV contests.         this city because of its scenic beauties
rist destinations in these campaigns.        Also Turkey will be promoted in inter-        and climate. Antalya is a tourist magnet
On the other hand, golf, yachting,           national events, such as sportive events      for Russian people. 2 million tourists will
congress and city tourism will also          and fairs; while Turkey posters will be       have their holidays in Turkey this year,
be highlighted in the campaigns.             posted during the matches of British,         especially in Antalya,” Husanov said.
Ozaslan said that Istanbul will be           Italian and Spanish soccer teams.
              Turkey Advertising Tender on Sept. 28                                                    Turkey to be Promoted
The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tou-         promote congress and incentive travel,                    in Disneyland
rism will receive tender proposals in order      thermal-health, and eco-tourism. Accor-
                                                                                                                          Turkey will be
to carry out the advertising campaigns ab-       dingly, the Ministry of Culture and Tou-
                                                                                                                          promoted in the
road in 2008 in conjunction with a pro-          rism wishes to receive proposals, in line
                                                                                                                          International Food
motional/marketing strategy.In order to          with its promotion/ marketing strategy
                                                                                                                          & Wine Festival to
improve the image of Turkey as a tourist         and within the attached budgets. These
                                                                                                                          be organized in
destination and increase its market share        will be assessed and the proposal(s),
                                                                                                                          the Epcot theme
within the international tourism market,         which are deemed to be suitable, will be
                                                                                                                          park of world-
the Ministry wishes to carry out adverti-        carried out.
                                                                                               famous Disneyland in Orlando, the USA.
sing campaigns and determine where it is         Documents setting out Administrative and
                                                                                               Three Turkish nights will be organized wit-
considered appropriate by the Ministry.          Technical Terms; Marketing Strategy;
                                                                                               hin the scope of the festival that will take
The advertisement campaigns should pro-          the Description of the Agency; and the
                                                                                               place between September 24th and No-
mote Turkey’s well-preserved natural bea-        Budget Allocation for these promotional
                                                                                               vember 4th, 2007. Seven Turkish specia-
uty, rich history and historical sites; within   campaigns can be obtained from the
                                                                                               lities, including hot meals, meals cooked
aspects of the 13 main civilizations and         overseas offices of the Ministry of Culture
                                                                                               with olive oil and served cold, and des-
3 major religions, which lived in Turkey,        and Tourism. Tender proposals must be
                                                                                               serts will be served to 150 senior guests
and which form Turkey’s historical valu-         received at the following address of the
                                                                                               in the first event. In the other two events in
es, geographic location, culture values,         Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Overse-
                                                                                               which 1,000 people will be hosted, only
gastronomy, accommodation, shopping,             as Bureau Department by end of business
                                                                                               wine and a special meal will be offered.
entertainment, transportation facilities.        on 28th of September 2007:
                                                                                               Meanwhile, Turkish food will be introdu-
The advertisement campaign should also
                                                                                               ced to the Americans between October
T.C. KULTUR VE TURIZM BAKANLIGI                                                                25th and November 5th. Turkish authoriti-
Tanitma Genel Mudurlugu                                                                        es have contacted U.S. executives to serve
Yurtdisi Burolar Dairesi Baskanligi                                                            Maras ice cream (a special ice cream pro-
                                                                                               duced in southeastern city of Gaziantep,
 Ismet Inonu Bulvari No: 5 Kat: 8
                                                                                               thickened and enriched with salep --orchis
Bahcelievler 06100 Ankara-TURKEY                                                               roots power-- which gives the ice cream
A copy of the proposed projects must also be sent as a package to the following                a very nice taste; it is also beaten with a
address of the Turkish Culture Office in Berlin where the tender will take place:              paddle). Also, Turkish folk dance groups
INFORMATIONSABTEILUNG DS TURKISCHEN                                                            will perform shows during the festival. This
GENERALKONSULTATS TOWERS EUROPA CENTER 6,06                                                    year’s promotion theme will be Cappado-
Tauentzienstrasse 9-12                                                                         cia where is famous with its fairy chimneys
10789 BERLIN/GERMANY                                                                           and churches. The Turkish stand will be
The project proposals of domestic companies should be delivered by hand to the                 prepared according to this theme.
Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ankara, whereas those of foreign companies
should be delivered by mail, courier or delivered by hand to the Ministry. Propo-
sed projects including advertising and marketing activities (The elaboration and                              in Nevsehir
application of sample media plans through creative work) can be proposed for                   World’s Biggest Hot Air Balloon in Nev-
one of the target market country groups designated by the Ministry, or more than               sehir World’s biggest hot air balloon
one of the groups or for all of them.                                                          has started to serve in Turkish central
These Country Groups are as follows;                                                           Anatolian city of Nevsehir. The balloon
1st Group: South Europe                                                                        was produced for Turkish Uluer Aviati-
2nd Group: America, North America                                                              on Company in Britain. It can carry 36
3rd Group: England and Scandinavian Countries – Baltic Countries                               people and reach 2,000 meters high.
4th Group: East Europe and Turkic Republics                                                    Halil Uluer, Chairman of Uluer Aviati-
5th Group: Balkans                                                                             on Company, said that the balloon was
                                                                                               produced in 8 months, and it is the big-
6th Group: Central Europe
                                                                                               gest hot air balloon of the world.
7th Group: Israel                                                                              Uluer said that before their balloon
8th Group: Middle East-North Africa                                                            was produced, world’s biggest hot air
9th Group: China                                                                               balloon was in Egypt and it can carry
10th Group: Far East and India                                                                 30 people. He added that both foreign
                                                                                               and Turkish tourists show great interest
       Istanbul International Sand Sculptures Festival                                         towards tour with hot air balloons over
                                                                                               Cappadocia region of Nevsehir.
The “Istanbul International Sand Sculp-          300 trucks in an area of 5,000 square
tures Festival” exhibition has been ope-         meters. The exhibition includes sculptu-
ned in Carrefoursa store at Istanbul’s           res of Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal
Kadikoy district on Sunday. The exhibi-          Ataturk, Istanbul’s conqueror Fatih Sul-
tion, has sand sculptures made by 20             tan Mehmet, Kanuni Sultan Suleyman
sculptors from 13 different countries.           and many historical sites of Istanbul.
The sculptors worked for three weeks             The exhibition will remain open until
and made their sculptures using a to-            Sunday, September 30th, 2007.
tal of 7,000 tonnes of sand carried by
                   Massa Leads F1 at Istanbul Park
                                                     been in third place but dropped to fifth af-
                                                                                                                      Executive Board of
                                                     ter a puncture shredded a tire on the 43rd
                                                                                                                      South Aegean Hotel
                                                     lap. Turkish State Minister and Deputy Pri-
                                                                                                                      Association (GETOB)
                                                     me Minister Mehmet Ali Sahin presented
                                                                                                                      has gathered in ATM
                                                     the trophy to Felipe Massa. One of the
                                                                                                                      Dalaman International
                                                     most famous Brazilian soccer player; Ro-
                                                                                                                      Terminal for board me-
                                                     berto Carlos who plays for Fenerbahçe
                                                                                                                      eting. Özgür Özaslan
                                                     in Turkey this year, visited paddock area
                                                                                                    who is the Director General of Turkish
Ferrari drivers Felipe Massa and Kimi Ra-            and met with his Brazilian friend; Felipe
                                                                                                    Culture and Tourism Ministry - Directo-
ikkonen finish first and second after a           Massa before the race. After the race; Car-
                                                                                                    rate General for Promotion, has been
dominant performance at Istanbul Park.            los commented that after the race, he is very
                                                                                                    selected as Best Bureaucrat of 2007.
Fernando Alonso comes a distant third for         happy because one day before the race he
                                                                                                    During the board meeting, CEO of GE-
McLaren Mercedes, cutting teammate Lewis          scored his first goal in Istanbul and next day
                                                                                                    TOB; Ilhan Açikgöz made a presentati-
Hamilton’s championship lead to just five         his friend Massa won the Turkish Grand Prix
                                                                                                    on of their studies in 2006-2007 period
points. Hamilton comes home fifth behind          in Istanbul.On Sunday, Istanbul Park has
                                                                                                    and announced 2008 exhibition prog-
BMW’s Nick Heidfeld.“It is so good for me         also hosted the Porsche Mobil 1 Super Cup.
                                                                                                    ramme.Açikgöz added that tourism pro-
here,” said Massa. “I love it here. I love the    Dutch Jeroen Bleekemolen finished the Pors-
                                                                                                    fessionals in south Aegean have selec-
track and I love the place. It’s because my       che Mobil 1 Super Cup race first.
                                                                                                    ted Özgür Özaslan the best bureaucrat
career switched and took off when I won last      Golden Spike Portamina Indonesia Racing
                                                                                                    of 2007 and they will award him with a
year.” At the end of the 58-lap race, Massa       team pilot Bleekemolen completed 14 laps
                                                                                                    plaque in the coming days with a speci-
was 2.2 seconds ahead of Raikkonen, with          with a time of 28.07.504.
                                                                                                    al ceremony.
Alonso 26 seconds back. Hamilton was 45           Lechner Racing’s pilot Irish Damien Faulkner
seconds behind Massa. Two-time defending          placed second with a time of 28.08.522
Formula One champion Fernando Alonso of           while SPS Performance team’s pilot Ger-
McLaren was third and kept alive his chan-        man Uwe Alzen placed third with a time of         Istanbul is ranked the third best city of Euro-
ces in the driver’s standings after a mishap      28.12.731.                                        pe, according to U.S. Travel & Leisure revi-
for teammate Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton had                                                           ew. The magazine carried out a survey in its
                                                                                                    last issue about best cities and hotels in the
        “Time Present Time Past” Istanbul Exhibition                                                world and Europe. According to the survey,

               at Istanbul Modern Complex                                                           Istanbul’s ranking is 84.78 over 100, and
                                                                                                    was chosen as the 3rd best city of Europe.
                                                  works from the biennials selected by the ten      Florence ranked first and Rome second in
                                                  former art directors of the Biennial which are    the poll. Istanbul has been chosen as the 8th
                                                  all well-known international curators in their    among the best cities of the world.
                                                  own right. “Seeing these works re-installed       Istanbul also obtained the most exotic city
                                                  again, not only allows us to observe the ra-      title among world’s best 10 cities as well. Ac-
                                                  pid changes that have taken place in the art      cording to the survey, Four Seasons Hotel at
                                                  world over the past twenty years, but also        Istanbul’s Sultanahmet district was chosen as
                                                  how Istanbul has been transformed by such         the best hotel in Europe.
                                                  encounters. The exhibition also reveals how,
                                                  from the beginning of the 1990s, a new
                                                  generation of Turkish artists has emerged
                                                  to become increasingly integrated within a               to be a Tourism Complex
‘Time Present Time Past’ exhibition, a celeb-     broader international framework. Last but
ration of the work of the Istanbul Biennial                                                         IC Group revealed their plans for future of
                                                  not least, the exhibition reflects the changing   Bomonti Bear Factory, which has been sold
over the past 20 years in introducing con-        art scene in Istanbul and the role of Biennials
temporary art to Turkey, will open its doors                                                        at a tender for YTL60.2 million. IC Group will
                                                  in general: each curator writing about their      open a new hotel, residence and 3,500 pax
to visitors at Istanbul Modern on September       experiences of the city, the Biennial they cu-
6th. According to a press release issued by                                                         conference center.The tourism complex will
                                                  rated, and their perspectives on the future,”     preserve the factory building that is known as
Istanbul Modern, as well as documenting           said the press release. ‘Time Present Time
the past evolution of the Biennial with a view                                                      being the oldest beer factory in Turkey and
                                                  Past’ exhibition will be open until December      established in 1890 by the Bomonti brothers
to thinking about its future development and      2nd. Also an international symposium will
possibilities, ‘Time Present Time Past’ also                                                        of Switzerland .Famous Turkish architecture
                                                  be held on September 7th and 8th to mark          who is responsible with the project said that
includes a number of iconic works by both         the opening of Istanbul Modern’s major au-
Turkish and international artists that have                                                         the residences that will be built will be the
                                                  tumn exhibition; ‘Time Present Time Past.’        most luxurious in Istanbul . The residence
been shown in previous Istanbul Biennials.        ‘The Future of Biennials’ will bring together
Co-curated by Istanbul Modern Director Da-                                                          building will be about 40-45 floors and re-
                                                  the eight previous Biennial Directors, Hou        sidences on 15th floor will have garden and
vid Elliott and Istanbul Modern Chief Curator     Hanru, the current Art Director, and a num-
Rosa Martínez, the exhibition will be held si-                                                      residences on 25th floor will have private
                                                  ber of participating artists to talk about this   swimming pools. The project will cost about
multaneously with the 10th Istanbul Biennial      subject. The symposium will be held at the
celebrating its 20th anniversary. The exhibi-                                                       US$170 million.
                                                  Mimar Sinan Auditorium in the Mimar Sinan
tion will feature the most inspiring and iconic   Fine Arts University near Istanbul Modern.
               Antalya Surpasses 5 Million Tourists
                    The number of fore-        ports welcome thousands of tourists by                      154 Countries
                    ign tourists arriving in   sea transportation. Two Israeli-flagged
                    southern resort city of    cruisers brought 3,175 tourists to co-
                    Antalya by air has re-     astal Alanya town of Mediterranean
                    ached 5,200,507 in         city of Antalya on Monday, August 20.
                    the first seven months     Moreover, a total of 64,410 tourists ar-
                    of 2007. Compared          rived in the town with 83 cruisers since
                    to the same term last      March 30th. Officials stated that cruise
                    year, the number of        ships will continue to conduct trips to
foreign tourists arriving in Antalya by        Alanya till November and the number
air rose by 15 percent. 822,131 fore-          of tourists visiting the town with cruisers
ign tourists arrived in Antalya by air bet-    will exceed 100,000 within this peri-          It was reported that Turkey ‘s southern
ween August 1st and 19th. Last year,           od. Alaaddin Yüksel; The governor of           city of Antalya , defined as the capi-
695,355 foreign tourists came to An-           Antalya - Turkey’s southern resort city        tal city of Turkish tourism, hosts tourists
talya by air. Thus, there have been an         - stated that 8 million tourists will arrive   from 154 countries. Citizens from Ger-
                                                                                              many , Russia , France , Japan as well
increase of 18 percent in the amount of        to the city by the end of 2007. Yüksel
                                                                                              as Malawi , and Cape Verde preferred
foreign tourists visiting Antalya betwe-       indicated that Turkish Culture and To-         Antalya for holiday. Germany ranks the
en August 1st and 19th. Most tourism           urism Ministry conducted effective pro-        first among countries sending tourists to
experts indicate that the tourism season       motional activities this year that contri-     Antalya . Russia , the Netherlands , Uk-
in 2007 is far better than 2005, a year        butes to the number of tourists arriving       raine and Israel are other countries after
that was marked as a golden year for           in Antalya. Total number of tourists ar-       Germany. On the other hand, it was re-
Turkish tourism. These experts expect          rived to Antalya since the beginning of        ported that number of German tourists
a continuous increase in the number            year exceeded 3,8 million. Yüksel ad-          visiting Antalya drops this year, whereas
of tourists visiting Antalya and Turkey        ded that nearly 600 planes land at and         number of Russian tourists rises. 28,408
in general. Moreover Turkey’s coastal          take off from Antalya Airport a day.           people from France, 6,202 people from
                                                                                              Italy , 509 people from Spain and 363
             Drop in VAT will Boost Turkish Tourism                                           people from Greece visited Antalya in
                                                                                              January-July period this year.
                                               Independent States (CIS) countries. “In
                                               the past 7-8 years, the tourism industry
                                               along the Mediterranean coast of Tur-                    Income to Turkey
                                               key has developed rapidly. There has
                                               been significant growth in bed capa-           There are currently 11 golf courses in
                                               city and arrivals. We have also been           Turkey, eight of which are in Antalya
                                               able to attract alternative markets,
                                               Russia and Ukraine for instance, and           and three in Istanbul. With new cour-
                                               create a trend of vacationing in Sout-         ses under construction in the Antalya
                                               hern Turkey among these countries,”            region, the total number is expected to
                                               said Ayik. “We have been working to            reach 21 by the end of 2008. Turkish
The Mediterranean Association of To-           develop Turkey’s position as a vacati-         Golf Federation chief Ahmet Agaog-
urist Hoteliers (AKTOB) expects the re-        on destination in Russia and Eastern           lu said these courses were among the
duction of the value added tax (VAT),          Europe for 15 years now. We expect             best in the world. “Between May 2006
to be adopted in 2008, to boost the            that in another five years, the number         and May 2007, Turkey had an income
Turkish tourism industry. Beginning in         of arrivals from Russia will grow to 4         of 160 million euros from golf tourism.
2008, the VAT rate for the sector will         or 5 million,” he added. At present, the
                                               largest proportion of tourists visiting the    That is a pretty good amount, when we
be cut down from 18 to 8 percent.                                                             reach 100 courses, the income will inc-
AKTOB President Osman Ayik reported            Antalya region come from Germany ,
that the reduced VAT rate is a welco-          while Russians and the Dutch make up           rease to 1.5-2 billion euros.”
med development after years of cam-            the second and third-largest groups,           He added golf tourism’s share in the
paigning by the sector. It is also expec-      respectively.. The AKTOB’s future goal         general tourism income of developed
ted to boost tax revenues from tourism.        remains developing tourism figures so          countries was 15-20 percent while it is
“The reduction will not only boost the         that 40 percent of all Turkish tourism         0.4 percent in Turkey. “Foreign inves-
sector, but also helps to ward off a           arrivals will be from Russia and CIS co-       ters are willing to enter the Turkish golf
black market. There will be no excu-           untries, another 40 percent from other         tourism market,” Agaoglu stressed, “but
ses for tourism companies to evade the         European nations and the remaining
                                               20 percent from domestic tourists. The         more than 100 Turkish investors are in
VAT on the grounds that the rate is too                                                       line, too. All the Turkish investors are
high,” Ayik said. It has been estimated        association expects the total number of
that approximately 6 percent of Turkish        arrivals to the Antalya region to reach        very successful at construction of golf
national income is derived from tourism.       8 million by the end of this year. “The        courses, management, and marketing.
However, the sector is often criticized        focus of growth in Europe is in the UK.        I do not think that foreigners will have a
for evading the VAT by failing to pro-         The number of arrivals from the UK is          chance in Turkey.”
vide receipts to foreign travelers who         already notable, but many still prefer
are rarely aware of Turkish tax regula-        regions to the west of Turkey . Our aim
tions, and therefore do not hold service       is to increase arrivals from the UK to at
providers accountable by asking for            least match those from Germany. In the
receipts. In the coming years, the AK-         long-term we would also like the pro-
TOB will focus on encouraging tourism          portion of local tourists to increase,”
from Russia and the Commonwealth of            Ayik concluded.
                                                                                                        Turkey Becomes Favorite
                                               ned way, without aggrieving our citizens
                                               and including them into the transformation
                                                                                                 Number of Arab tourists visiting Turkey has
                                               mechanism,” he affirmed. Noting that they         risen considerably after the Turkish Airlines
                                               initiated a renovation process in Istanbul ‘s     (THY) increased flights between Turkey and
                                               historical peninsula as well, Topbas said, “      Kuwait to 7 in a week. Hasan Erdem, Direc-
                                               Istanbul should be protected for sure, with its   tor of the Association of Turkish Travel Agen-
                                               historical peninsula, beauty, glory, minarets     cies (TURSAB) in Southern Marmara Region,
                                               and unique skyline”. “By the year 2012, Is-       said that Arab tourists prefer Turkey for its
                                               tanbul will be a city with a 250-km railed        ideal climate and nature, its cultural and so-
                                               commuter system; which will most probably         cial structure and rich cuisine. “We expect
“We are taking measures to convert Istan-                                                        30-35 thousand Arab tourists to visit Turkey
                                               have a third bridge over the Bosphorus; and
bul into a centre of management, finance,                                                        by the end of this year. However, number
                                               which will be using the land and sea routes
fairs and congresses and into a city with                                                        of Turkey-Kuwait flights are still inadequate.
                                               in the best way,” he indicated. Describing        We requested the THY to increase its flights,
more qualified workforce,” Istanbul Mayor
                                               the Marmaray (subway system) as the pro-          but it could not meet our request due to lack
Kadir Topbas stated. Topbas stressed that
                                               ject of the century, Topbas said they were        of its fleet. We are planning to begin charter
they were actually designing the “ Istanbul
                                               also planning to construct another tube tun-      flights between the two countries next year,”
of the future” and they were creating new
                                               nel only for vehicles with tires. Moreover, re-   Erdem said.
and modern centres in the city. Indicating
                                               calling renowned Italian artist and architect
that nearly 13 million people moved to Is-
                                               Leonardo Da Vinci’s project which envisa-
tanbul during the last 50 years, Topbas said
                                               ged to build a pedestrian bridge over Halic
Istanbul currently faced problems caused
                                               (Goldern Horn), Topbas said, “We wish to
                                                                                                           Caves to be Explored
by the disordered settlement stemming from
                                               make use of such project as a system which
such movement. “We are planning to create                                                        The underwater caves of the Gulf of Göko-
                                               enables pedestrian crossing at both sides of
a new city and discipline the new settlement
                                               Halic”.                                           towns, will be discovered and utilized for
and development areas of the city in a plan-
                                                                                                 tourism thanks to a project by a group of un-
                                                                                                 derwater researchers. The project is a joint
                                                                                                 initiative to be carried out by the Cave Diving
                                               tion over this issue. Iran and Turkey have        and Research Group (MAGAD) and ODTÜ
                                               some common projects on tourism and such          Underwater Research Society on August
                                               seminars can be highly appreciated by both        12-30 along the Gökova coast. The project
                                               Iranian and Turkish tourism officials, he told    anticipates the ecological, geological, archa-
                                               IRNA adding “We hope the industry owners          eological and anthropological examination
                                               and officials in tourism from Iran and Turkey     of over 40 underwater caves in the Gökova
                                               attend the seminars and get to know each          Gulf. 25 specialist divers will dive as part of
                                               other in order to improve cooperation.”           the project to research the size, depth, histori-
                                                                                                 cal formation of the underwater caves as well
                                               The standard of constructing hotels and bu-
                                                                                                 as to list and map the underwater sources
                                               ildings in Turkey is based on the highest in-
                                                                                                 in the underwater caves. Project coordinator
                                               ternational levels while some Turkish compa-      Esra Demirkol said they wanted to explore
                                               nies are already building hotels in Iran with     over 40 underwater caves along the coasts
                                               the Turkish government granting privileges        of Gökova and utilize them for underwater
                                               to encourage more of such investments.            tourism via the project. “We will also explore
Cultural attaché of the Turkish Embassy in     At present Turkey is a considerable figure        the unknown underwater sources and living
Tehran has announced that developing to-       in constructing hotels and providing other        underwater species in the area. We will map
urism in Iran is one of Turkey’s forthcoming   services in the field of tourism and we can       the caves where the Mediterranean seals
goals. Mehmet Kaba, the cultural attaché of    share our experience and knowledge with           live to ensure their long-term protection,” she
Turkish embassy in Tehran said that the Tur-                                                     said. “Underwater caves are our important
                                               our Iranian colleagues, he added. The first
kish ambassador to Tehran strongly supports                                                      natural assets which need to be preserved.
                                               international seminar on investment opportu-
                                                                                                 Their formation lasts millions of years and
the seminar and wishes for further coopera-    nities in Tourism is to be held in Iran soon.     bears the traces from the past in geologic
                                                                                                 sense. They are also home to some rare spe-
                                                                                                 cies. We think that our project will contribute
                                                                                                 to the diving tourism and enliven the tourism
                                       Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) and
                                                                                                 of the area,” she added. She also noted that
                                       Istanbul Convention and Visitors Bureau
                                                                                                 the underwater will be photographed and
                                       (ICVB); Murat Yalçintas named as the Chair-               recorded; water samples will be examined
                                       man of Association of Chambers of Commer-                 in the Hacettepe University’s laboratory. Gulf
                                       ce & Industry of the Mediterranean (ASCA-                 of Gökova coastline includes portions of the
                                       ME). “ASCAME will contribute to not only                                                                  -
                                       commercial relations but also settlement of               la, Ula, Marmaris and Datça. The alluvial
                                       peace in the Mediterranean and the world,”                plain at the Gulf’s end is the location of the
                                       Yalçintas said during a reception hosted at               townships of Akyaka and Gökova which are
                                       ITO HQ in Istanbul on the sidelines of 18th               much prized by visitors with especially Akya-
                                                                                                 ka becoming a rising center of tourism.
                                       regular general assembly meeting of ASCA-
The Chairman of the Executive Board of ME that took place in Istanbul
                                                                                        Edip Araç
German FVW Magazine, Federation             the Top 10 MICE destinations of the
of Turkish Hoteliers (TUROFED), and         world. “ Istanbul is competing with an
Touristic Hotels & Investors Associati-     EU city to bring a very large conven-
on (TUROB).organized a workshop in          tion that will bring 25,000 people”
Istanbul at Lutfi Kirdar Convention and     said Mrs. Boyce.                            Tijen Günyol                           Edip Araç
Exhibition Center on August 18. Wel-        Other speakers and subjects of the
come speeches came from FVW Editor          workshop are below;
in chief Klaus Hildebrandt who is also      Turkey and the marketing strategy for
moderator of the workshop, Özgür            Germany
Özaslan, Director General for Pro-          Ibrahim Yazar, Assistant General Di-
motion at Turkish Culture and Tourism       rector at Turkish Culture and Tourism       Görkem Bolat
Ministry, Timur Bayindir, President of      Ministry,                                                                        Tijen Günyol
TUROB, Ahmet Barut, President of TU-        Prospects and limits of the winter sea-
ROFED. The workshop found answers           son – TUI, Rolf-Dieter Maltzahn,
about the position of German market         Istanbul as a destination for city bre-
next year. Ahmet Barut said that with       aks – Öger Tours, Wybcke Meier,             Bülent Kayapehlivan
this year’s tourism statistics, they have   Overview on the Istanbul hotel market
positive expectations for 2008. Barut       – Adnan Hastürk, GM of Dedeman
added that they do not expect any           Hotel,                                                                          Görkem Bolat
surprising increase in tourist numbers.     Ski holidays in Turkey – Özer Ayik,
Joachim Seib from Thomas Cook sta-          President of Ski Federation,
ted that next year will be as good as       Wellness and thermal holidays – Hü-         Banu Dedeman
this year, adding that he doesn’t ex-       seyin Baraner, ETTC,
pect a breathtaking season in 2008.         The Current development of the Tur-
Istanbul Convention and Visitors Bure-      kish tourism and the prospects for
au (ICVB) General Manager Handan            2008 – Joachim Seip, Thomas Cook,                                             Bülent Kayapehlivan
Boyce presented “ Istanbul as MICE          Tunç Özler, GTI, Hicabi Ayhan, FTI,
destination” to Turkish and foreign         Ahmet Barut, TUROFED.
participants. Mrs. Boyce presented          Turkish Airlines and its strategy for the
Istanbul ‘s venues for meetings and         future - Faruk Çizmecioglu, Turkish         Tamer Yürükoglu
congresses. Mrs. Boyce also presen-         Airlines,
ted Istanbul ‘s current position in MICE    The prospects of low cost carriers for
industry with statistics. Mrs. Boyce        Turkey and Istanbul – Stefan Magiera,                                           anu
                                                                                                                           Banu Dedeman
said, Istanbul draw great attention of      Germanwings,
meeting planners and city’s position        The German Business Travel and
in ICCA statistics going up each year.      MICE Market – Oliver Graue, BizTra-
Mrs. Boyce added that they are wor-         vel Magazine                                Kerem Demircan
king very hard to make Istanbul one of

                 Turkish Festival in London                                                                                Tamer Yürükoglu

                                            issues like Turkey – EU relations and
                                            Armenian problems were handled.
                                            Taslica said followed all those events,
                                            they attempted to organize the Turkish
                                            Festival and added that the festival
                                            has drawn 100,000 visitors since                                               Kerem Demircan
                                            2004. “The festival, during which                          Prof. Ahmet Emre
                                            Turkish music, handicrafts and cuisine      Bilgili
                                            were promoted, was held again in
The London Turkish Festival, which          the South Bank part of the River Tha-
was held for the first time in 2004         mes. The region decorated with flags
                                                                                        Gülçin Güner
and draws more attention every year,        and the Mehter (Janissary Band),
was held again on July 14 and 15 this       which joined the former festival with
year. Hasan Taslica, Chairman of the        a 30-person team, were guests at the
festival’s organizer Turkish Forum UK       festival again,” he said. Taslica added
                                            that Turkish music groups from Turkey
(TFUK), said their goal was to make
the festival a traditional one. He said     and Britain also be performed at the                  FREE Subscription
                                            festival. “The festival is organized
TFUK had been established to organi-
ze some activities of Turkish – British     under the auspices of the Ministry of       If you would like to receive weekly
Industry and trade Chamber and ai-
med to provide information to Turkish
                                            Culture and Tourism , Turkish Embassy
                                            in London and the Turkish Consulate              Focus on Travel Newsletter,
society living in Britain by holding        General in London . It is sponsored by
                                            Turkish business circles and the cont-
                                                                                                 please fill the form
seminars. He added that in the same
context significant experts were invi-      ributions of Turkish people living in
                                            Britain,” said Taslica.
                                                                                                     in this link:
ted to those seminars and important
                         ByOtell     open in next month (August).
                         m a d e     Beside the medical facilities, the
                         its soft-   complex is also perfect for busi-
                         opening     ness meetings. The complex has
at Istanbul’s Anatolian side. Ope-   16 meeting and convention halls
                                 -   and a ballroom, all equipped
tel complex that comprises ByO-      with latest available technology.
tell and ByOmed Health Center.       ByOtell and ByOmed will
Moreover, guests will enjoy he-      contribute to boost Istan-
althy food by Dr. Ender Sa-          bul ‘s fame with facilities and
raç at his restaurant which will     service in health tourism.

Fully renovated and redesigned, the Gaia Fitness Centre & Spa is the Relaxation Area:
latest addition to the Hyatt Regency Istanbul’s luxury range of ser- The relaxation lounge is an ideal spot for guests to relax before or af-
vices. Gaia Fitness Centre & Spa is an exclusive space offering four ter experiencing the extensive Spa treatments. Here, therapists greet
                                                                          guests and escort them to the treatment room. At the end of treat-
room providing yoga and pilates classes.The Gaia Spa at Hyatt Re- ment, guests emerge into the relaxation lounge to enjoy an uplifting
gency Istanbul, whose heritage stretches back to the spa traditions beverage and Turkish treats.
of ancient Rome and the Ottoman baths from millennia ago, is now Hammam:
ready to showcase for guests its 21 st century urban spa environment. The original hammam concept thrives in this modern spa, with its
Today, Istanbul is abuzz, with a unique and intriguing ambience that beautiful white marble tiling, high ceilings and large central hot marble
combines tradition with modern style and innovation, old and new, block for bathers to lie on, soak up the steam and enjoy traditional
and East and West where continents meet. It is this ambience that is Turkish body scrubs. The hammam is a part of an overall ritual that
displayed brilliantly at Gaia Spa. The fusion of East and West is rep- combines bathing with massage, scrubs and facial treatments.
resented by clean, modern and minimalist lines with a little touch of Steam Rooms:
the Far East in the décor, while the Ottoman hammam and selection In the Steam Rooms, located in the changing areas, the steam is ge-
of treatments are drawn from traditional sources from all over the nerated at high pressures and temperatures to open the pores and
world. The Gaia Spa experience begins in one of our luxury the- eliminate toxins. A standard steam room session will take on a comp-
rapy rooms, designed specially as the ultimate retreat for tranquility
and well-being, complete with a private shower and relaxation area. Fitness Studio:
The spa treatments successfully combine tradition with modern spa                                                                              -
techniques, using a blend of fresh and organic ingredients, as well as ests of a more active persuasion to enjoy a complete work-out using
reputable Spa products. The Spa’s exquisite selection of music is part the very latest technology in exercise machines, or tone themselves
of the invigorating and unique experience that guests enjoy during mentally and physically with the modern mind and body exercise
therapy. In addition, at the completion of every treatment, guests are programmes that are supported by a Fitness Coach. The interiors of
provided with the luxury of an additional 15 minutes of relaxation                                                                             -
time, complete with an uplifting beverage and Turkish treats.
GAIA SPA COMPONENTS                                                       to cater to a range of classes, from yoga to pilates.
Four Private Therapy Rooms:                                               Changing Rooms:
Gaia Spa’s Therapy Rooms are designed in a contemporary archi- The Changing Rooms are well appointed, with aromatic sauna and
tectural style, with a holistic approach. Elegance and a sense of true steam rooms, relaxation areas, showers, ice fountains, grooming sta-
                                                                          tions and full-length lockers. The rooms are clean with a fresh aroma
The rooms are furnished with one treatment bed and a wet area for and staff is always available to assist, without intruding.The overall am-
showering after special treatments, as well as an individually controlled bience is best described as urban chic, with an eclectic mix of design
music system, which offers a new state-of-the-art auditory pleasure.
The Rooms also feature ambient controlled lighting, and music that is and ease of use.
in tune with the therapy and played at a comfortable level.               The Pool & the Secret Garden :
Therapies:                                                                Surrounded by a secret garden designed according to feng shui guide-
On their unique journey in the specially designed treatment rooms, lines, right in the heart of the city, our free-form turquoise pool offers
guests can enjoy not only Hot Stone, Face and Décoletté, Swedish resort-like relaxation during the summer months. An outdoor tennis
                                                                        - court is also available for those with a competitive spirit. The Gaia
tion, Deep Hydration and Anti-Ageing special facials. Designed speci- Fitness Centre & Spa also offers Tai Chi lessons in the mornings, hand
ally for men, the Gaia Man Menu is distinguished by its Jetlag Massage
and Performance Facial.                                                   outdoor swimming pool.
              Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul Chosen                                           Renovated Çinar Hotel Targets
                                                                                                   New Market
                                            lection as the Fourth Best Hotel in the
                                            world. At the same time Istanbul was
                                            chosen as the Third Best City in Europe.
                                            This was the 12th annual poll conduct-
                                            ed by Travel & Leisure. Regional Direc-
                                            tor and Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul’s       One of Istanbul’s oldest five-star hotels, Çi-
                                            General Manager Marcos Bekhit was           nar Hotel has been restored in two years
                                            in New York to accept the award. He         at a cost of $6 million. The hotel’s new
                                            attributed the winning of the award that    target audience is young people. As Istan-
                                            brought pride and happiness, to the         bul’s Çinar Hotel prepares to celebrate its
                                            success of the hotel’s personnel. “Our      50th anniversary next year, it has unveiled
Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul has been        biggest secret and source of strength is    a modern face after a two-year $6 million
chosen as “Europe’s Best Hotel ” by the     the personality of our workers, their ed-   restoration project. The historic five-star Çi-
4.8 million people who read Travel &                                                    nar Hotel has long been a favorite meeting
                                            ucation and their approach to guests,”
                                                                                        spot for many Istanbulites. It made its name
Leisure magazine. The award was pre-        he said. The Four Seasons is planning
                                                                                        known during the Bilderberg conferences,
sented at a ceremony held in New York.      to open its second hotel in Istanbul on     held for the first time in Turkey in 1959.
What makes this prize so special is that    the Bosporus in Besiktas at the end of      The hotel, which within its first years was
the choice is made as a result of the       this year. Bekhit said that when it opens   second only to the Hilton in popularity,
magazine readers’ votes. The criteria       it will turn the hotel sector in Istanbul   has hosted many famous local and foreign
that the votes are based include physi-     upside down. The hotel has also been        people over the last half century. Hotel
cal characteristics, the quality of ser-    named the best hotel in Europe by the       Board Chairman Murat Ercan said that Çi-
vice and food and drink and location.       385,000 readers of Conde Nast Trav-         nar Hotel guests are primarily German and
The Four Seasons Istanbul achieved the      eler Magazine.                              French tourists, with local customers rarely
highest score receiving 93.55 points.                                                   exceeding 20 percent of business. “We
                                                                                        have raised the rate of foreign customers
The points also secured the hotel’s se-
                                                                                        to 80 percent even without advertising
                    Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia                                        campaigns,” he explained. “The secret of
                                                                                        this success is the recommendation of cus-
One of world’s largest chain hotels;                                                    tomers who are pleased with the hotel’s
Marriott International opened Istanbul                                                  service quality.”Ercan noted that Istanbul
Marriott Hotel Asia in August. Istan-                                                   has changed significantly during the ho-
bul Marriott Hotel Asia will live up the                                                tel’s existence, with a marked increase in
                                                                                        business tourism in recent years. With the
Kozyatagi area, after opening the first
                                                                                        rising number of fairs and conferences in
international 5-star hotel in Istanbul’s
                                                                                        the city, Ercan indicated that Istanbul will
Anatolian side. Marriott International                                                  continue to see more tourists in the future.
organized a luncheon on July 27 to                                                      However, he complained that many of
present the hotel. Speaking at the                                                      those investing in hotels are not entering
luncheon, General Manager Elmar                                                         the business wisely. “Even we hoteliers
Derkitsch said, Marriott International                                                  cannot agree with each other. If everyone
will open its first hotel in Istanbul and   in Istanbul’s Anatolian side,” added        would act together, room prices would
Turkey in August.Derkitsch who made         Derkitsch. Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia     be at least 50 percent more expensive in
his speech in Turkish said that Marriott    has a total of 238 rooms, 2 ball rooms,     Istanbul . But the newcomers to the mar-
International was previously in Istan-      and 8 meeting rooms. The largest ball       ket destroy it. That is why prices are 35
bul with Ritz Carlton and Renaissance       room has a capacity of 700 people.          percent less than they must be in Istanbul
brands. Both sister hotels helped them      The hotel also has a fitness and SPA        at the moment,” he said. Despite this frus-
during the past months. “Now we are         club with 2 outdoor and 1 indoor swim-      tration, Ercan said the hotel always has
in three locations in Istanbul, one near    ming pool. The hotel has 500 cars ca-       a very high occupancy rate and hopes to
airport, one in city center, and one        pacity garage.                              now focus on attracting younger custom-
                                                                                        ers. Ercan has been managing the hotel
                                                                                        for 17 years after taking over the business
                                                                                        from his father. The Ercan family opened
                                                                                        Turkey’s first HIP (Highly Individual Places)
Eleven hotels in Turkey were included       ager Hotel, Delfin Resort Lara Hotel,
                                                                                        hotel, Bentley, in Harbiye for business
in the list of “World’s Top 100 Hotels”     Barut Cennet Hotel Side, Amara Beach
                                                                                        tourism. Çinar Hotel was established in
by the TUI, one of leading tour opera-      Side, Golden Coast Side, Delfin Deluxe      the early 1950s by Haydar Çinar in Ye-
tors of the world. Quoting TUI Turkey       Hotel Incekum, Melas Resort Side, Sun       silköy as a 15-room small hotel. In 1956
Product and Contract Director Melih         Rise Quin Hotel Side, Robinson Nobilis      the Ercan family bought the hotel and the
Yetis, reported that the top 100 hotels     Belek and Cornella De Luxe Hotel Belek.     land from Çinar. The hotel was opened as
were determined by customers staying        Yetis said that top 100 hotels would be     Çinar Hotel in 1958. It was favored by
in thousands of hotels in the world in      given “Holly” award at a ceremony to        leading Turkish families in those years and
2006. The 11 hotels in Turkey are in        be held in Hamburg, Germany in this         has since been modified with additional
southern city of Antalya are -- Lara Ba-    October.                                    buildings.
ruts SPA Hotel, Antalya Sheraton Voy-
      Summer Joy Continues at
        Kemer Türkiz Hotel                    Macro A.S. is stepping into the tourism sec-      , other prestigious buildings and shopping
                                              tor. Fikret Serafettinoglu, chairman of the       malls. There are 10 hotel projects in the re-
                                              board at Macro A.S., says that the firm ac-       gion and soon the so-called Press Express
                           who will select
                                              quired the property in Ikitelli three years ago   Road will be famous for its hotels. “Trans-
                           Türkiz Hotel for
                                              and due to changes in the area, has since         portation, proximity to the airport and Istan-
                           their   holiday
                                              decided to build a hotel. Serafettinoglu          bul’s westward expansion are all reasons to
                           between 1 Sep-
                                              says that they obtained permits one month         develop this region into a hotel region. Both
                           tember and 10
                                              ago and began excavation work, and are            the residential projects expanding toward
                           October 2007
                                              currently conducting pre-discussions with         Çatalca and the Ikitelli Industrial Zone re-
                           will have an un-
                                              famous chains regarding the project. “The         main important potentials with 30,000 busi-
forgettable holiday in Kemer, Antalya.
                                              interest from chains is satisfactory. We will     nesses. “Günesli and Mahmutbey are also
Türkiz Hotel created an autumn holi-
                                              decide which chain will operate the project.      very important. In this area there is a notable
day package for 4 nights – 5 days ac-
                                              We prefer a foreign chain because it is im-       lack of hotels, restaurants and cafeterias,”
commodation, yacht cruise, ‘Thalasso
                                              portant to have an international brand,” he       he says. Serafettinoglu notes that they will
Harmony’ package at unique Thalasso
                                              says. Serafettinoglu adds that the hotel, to      see how the project progresses and if they
Center . Thalasso Harmony package
                                              be completed in 2009, will be 20-25,000           find they like the tourism industry, they may
includes Poseidon hidromassage bath
                                              square meters and is expected to open in          consider a second hotel project. According
which gives you endless relax moments,
                                              2010. According to him, this is a typical         to him, real estate is a favored and profit-
apple tea or fresh fruit juices and rest in
                                              schedule, but they may be able to speed           able investment tool. “Up until now we had
private massage room with back mas-
                                              up the process. Serafettinoglu believes that      always invested in shoes, but now want to
                                              the region began becoming more upscale            spread our risk,” he says.
        Abramovich Looks for                  following the construction of a Holiday Inn

          Hotels in Turkey
Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich,                                                           of TUROB; Timur Bayindir stated that since
who was known for purchasing British                                                            August Turkey is happy with tourism figures
Chelsea Club, is getting prepared to                                                            that are well above last year’s statistics. Bay-
buy his second hotel in the Aegean.                                                             indir said, they aim to host 22 million tourists
Abramovich, who bought Istanbul Safi-                                                           and record US$18 billion tourism income at
sa Hotel in southern city of Antalya two                                                        the end of 2007. Bayindir added that Is-
years ago, came to Marmaris town of                                                             tanbul surpassed number of tourist arrivals
Aegean city of Mugla with the 6th big-                                                          compared to last year and reported that a
gest yacht of the world. It was reported                                                        total of 3 million 586 thousand tourists vis-
that Abromovich would buy a few hotels                                                          ited Istanbul in the first 7 months of this year.
just for the billionaires of Russia.                                                            “This is an increase of 21.8%,” said Bay-
                                              Touristic Hotels & Investors Association (TUR-
                                              OB) brought tourism professionals together        indir. Bayindir noted that Turkey recorded
                                              at Çinar Hotel for traditional 2007 Summer        16.55% increase in tourist arrivals nation-
                                              Night Gathering and celebrated 36th anni-         wide and welcomed 9 million 546 thousand
                                              versary of the association. Undersecretary of     tourists in the same period. Bayindir gave
                              Istanbul ho-    Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry; Prof.       plaques to Undersecretary of Turkish Culture
                              teliers saw     Dr. Mustafa Isen, Assistant of Ukraine Tour-      and Tourism Ministry; Prof. Dr. Mustafa Isen,
                              impressive      ism Minister; Mykhaylo Kulyniak, President        and Istanbul Cup organizers Cahit Yavuz
                              growth in       of Tourism Department of Bulgaria; Anelia         and Coskun Ergin who brought Venus Wil-
                              their rev-      Krushkova, President of International Rela-       liams and other well known tennis players to
                              enues per       tions Department of Georgia Hoteliers As-         Istanbul . Esen Çetingil; General Manager
                              available       sociation; Gvantsa Razmadze, Vice Presi-          of Çinar Hotel who contributed the great suc-
room (revPAR) during the first six months     dent of IH&RA responsible from Middle East        cess of the night with delicious food, great
of the year -- up 26 percent and trailing     region; Fakhri Twal, Chairman of Federa-          music and shows and stunning atmosphere
only Valencia hotels, which led the list      tion of Turkish Hoteliers; Ahmet Barut, Co-       at the garden of hotel, received a silver plate
with revPAR increases of 38.2 percent.        ordinator of Istanbul Greater Municipality        as an appreciation for the night. Bayindir
The increased demand resulting from           Tourism Workhouse; Architect Tülin Özsöz,         also presented a silver plate to Assistant
a range of conferences, trade shows           TUROB executive board members, TUROB              of Ukraine Tourism Minister; Mykhaylo Ku-
and sporting events has benefited the         members, TYD executive board members,             lyniak, President of Tourism Department of
Istanbul market greatly. Turkey has also      and executive board members of TURSAB             Bulgaria; Anelia Krushkova, President of In-
been working hard to strengthen its po-       attended the 2007 TUROB Summer Night              ternational Relations Department of Georgia
sition as an “arts and culture” destina-      Gathering. Speaking at the night, Chairman        Hoteliers Association; Gvantsa Razmadze.
tion. The flurry of activity seems to be
paying off with visitor arrivals in Turkey
up 16 percent from last year in May ac-
cording to World Tourism Organization         Diler Holding, known with its Cornelia De         hotel will have 26 suites and 19 villas. The
(UNWTO). The latest information from          Luxe Resort Hotel in tourism industry, will       hotel will serve guests with 8 restaurants;
a HotelBenchmark™ survey by Deloitte          open its second property in Belek, Antalya        a main restaurant and 7 ala carte restau-
reveals that revPAR across Europe grew        in June next year. Hakan Duran, General           rants. The new property will operate as All
by 6.8 percent in the first six months        Manager of Cornelia De Luxe Resort Hotel,         Inclusive service and will have a SPA and
of 2007 -- only slightly below the 7.2        said the new property will have a higher          Wellness Center. Diler Holding has also
percent growth seen during the same           quality of service. Duran added that the          plans to open a golf course and hotel in
period last year.                             new property will have 1200 rooms. The            Didim, and another hotel in Bodrum.
                                                                                                       Dedeman Hotels Joins Special
                                                                            scheme. Each suite             Hotels of the World
                                                                            also has a large
                                                                            terrace or private
                                                                            balcony with unob-
                                                                            structed views to
                                                                            enjoy the spectac-
                                                                            ular sunsets seen
                                                                            from the resort. A
                                                                            range of leisure        Great Hotels of the World (GHOTW),
                                                                            facilities are avail-   representing some of the world’s finest
                                                                            able within the         independent hotels announced its new
Great Hotels of the World (GHOTW;                 resort, including two outdoor pools, one          hotels from Turkey; Dedeman Istanbul,
http://www.ghotw.com ), representing              indoor pool, a state-of-the-art fitness centre    Dedeman Ankara, Dedeman Antalya
some of the world’s finest independent ho-        and a wellness centre. The wellness cen-          Hotel & Convention Center, Dedeman
tels, is delighted to announce that the 5*        tre offers a Turkish bath (hammam), sauna         Bodrum and Dedeman Cappadocia Ho-
Mövenpick Resort Bodrum in Turkey , has           and treatments such as Thai, Shiatsu, anti-       tel & Convention Center. ‘Special Ho-
now officially opened. Located in the hill        stress, sports and deep tissue massages,          tels of the World’ member hotels draw
top location of Bitez and offering breath-        aromatherapy and hot stone therapy. Mas-          attention of hospitality and lodging in-
taking views of Gumbet Bay and the Ae-            sages are available either within one of          dustry by unique sales and marketing
gean Sea , the exclusive hotel opened its         the four treatment rooms or outside against       opportunities and high quality service.
doors in July following an 18 month con-          the beautiful backdrop of the Aegean Sea.         Membership to ‘Special Hotels of the
struction process at a cost of US$12 mil-         Cuisine is a strong focus of the hotel as         World’ realize by an invitation from
lion (approx. £6 million). Representing the       the restaurant offers Mediterranean speci-        Great Hotels Organization. Dedeman
standard of the luxurious new 5* resort,          alities complimented by typical ingredients       Hotels & Resorts registered its quality of
the opening will see Mövenpick Resort Bod-        of the region’s cuisine. Popular dishes in-       service by joining ‘Special Hotels of the
rum being accepted as part of GHOTW’s             clude pizzas from the restaurant’s burning        World’. The Great Hotels Organisation
niche luxury romantic and business & in-          wood fire oven, sirloin from the charcoal         has a different and customer-driven ap-
centive travel collections.The Turkish de-        grill and a range of seafood dishes such as       proach to hotel sales and marketing. The
signers and architects have worked to cre-        classic paella and a seafood tower to in-         Great Hotels Organisation manages the
ate a stylish Mediterranean hotel using the       clude a selection of fresh oysters, lobsters,     “GW” private label GDS chain code
colours and characteristics of Bodrum. The        shrimps, scallops and salmon caviar. The          and toll-free voice reservation numbers
emphasis has been placed on individual-           hotel’s colour changing bar then offers the       operate in the USA and Europe .
ity and privacy, while creating an ultimate       perfect place to relax with an after-dinner
chill out atmosphere. This is reflected in the    drink.Making it perfect for business and
lobby which offers a three-floor atrium with      leisure guests alike, the hotel is only a ten-
plenty of natural light to highlight the origi-   minute drive from the centre of Bodrum and
nal local artwork which is on display. The        a thirty minute transfer from Milas-Bodrum
hotel itself also blends in with its local sur-   airport. This makes it ideal for visiting the
roundings having been built in an architec-       region’s historical points of interest, includ-
tural style and colours typical to Bodrum.        ing the Mausoleum of King Mausolus and
The 92 generously sized guest bedrooms,           the Castle of St Peter. A business centre
which include nine suites, offer a relaxed                                                          Mike Collini, Hilton International’s Vice
                                                  is also available and offers three rooms          President for development in northern
and comfortable atmosphere with a con-            ideal for conferences and banquets for
temporary feel. Room entrance corridors,                                                            Europe, initiated talks on opening a ho-
                                                  up to 100 people. In addition, a luxurious        tel in Adiyaman, one of Turkey’s most
floors and bathrooms are all marble, while        sailing yacht can be privately chartered to
oak parquet flooring is present elsewhere                                                           significant tourism spots thanks to it’s
                                                  enjoy visits to beautiful beaches or dinners      Mount Nemrut. Collini announced plans
and combines with rugs, oversized beds            for up to 16 passengers. State-of-the-art AV
and bamboo covered furniture t o create                                                             include the launch of Garden Hilton, a
                                                  equipment also complements the hotel’s in-        new brand that will operate in Turkey.
an elegantly relaxing atmosphere. Junior          room wireless LAN connectivity to offer
Suites feature additionally feature a living                                                        He added that Garden Hilton constitut-
                                                  business delegates the complete support           ess a very special market, one they wish
area, kitchenette and dining table and are        package they need.
decorated in a green and yellow colour                                                              to establish in many places throughout
                                                                                                    Turkey. Kosifler Group executive board
Sungate Port Royal Hotel Sold to Russian Mirax Group                                                member and spokesperson, Hilal Ko-
                                                                                                    sif, said Adiyaman is a place open to
                                                  US$340 million. Kazim Cengiz, an execu-           changes. “In collaboration with Hilton
                                                  tive board member of Cengiz Construction          Hotels, we are planning to establish a
                                                  Company which owned the hotel, and Mirax          very good complex in the city center,”
                                                  Group executive board deputy chairman             she said. Adiyaman Governor Halil Isik
                                                  Andrey Kletkso held a joint news conference       said the city is undergoing economic,
                                                  in southern city of Antalya. Cengiz said,
                                                  “Russian tourism sector is of great impor-
                                                                                                    social and cultural development. “Adi-
                                                  tance for Antalya. The hotel was sold for a       yaman is one of the world’s cultural
                                                  very high price.” On the other hand, Kletkso      heritages. It has beauties that no coun-
                                                  stated that Russian people attach great inter-    try in the world has. That is why Kosifler
                                                  est in tourism sector in Turkey. Noting that      Group wants to open a chain of Hilton
Sungate Port Royal Hotel, 2nd biggest hotel       they aimed to establish hotel chains in Eu-       Hotels in our city. This hotel complex
in number of rooms in Turkey and one of           rope , Kletkso stressed that they purchased       will be an important investment for the
the most luxurious hotels, was sold to Rus-       Sungate Port Royal Hotel and undersigned a        development of our country.”
sian real estate company Mirax Group for          very important project.
        Cruise Tourism Boom                                 VIP Luxury Teamed Up with MasterCard
               in Izmir                                                                      mium cardholders use their credit cards
                                                                                             abroad according to MasterIndex rese-
                                                                                             arch. Imece added that 14% of Master-
                                                                                             Card credit cards in Turkey are premi-
                                                                                             um cards and 51% of all transactions
                                                                                             have been materializing by premium
                                                                                             cards. Turkey ranks 11th place in the
“There has been a great progress in                                                          world and 3rd in Europe in the total
cruise ship tourism sector in Turkey’s                                                       number of premium cardholders. Mo-
Aegean city of Izmir,” Izmir Cham-                                                           reover, Turkey ranks 9th in the world,
ber of Trade (IZTO) Executive Bo-             MasterCard teams up with VIP
                                              Tourism’s VIP Luxury brand to offer            and 3rd in Europe in total consumpti-
ard Chairman Ekrem Demirtas said.
                                              “Unique Travel Experience” to Mas-             on. Turkey is 10th in the world and 3rd
Demirtas noted in a statement that 78
cruise ships arrived in Izmir from the be-    terCard cardholders. According to              in Europe in number of transactions.
ginning of the year till August 22nd. The-    the cooperation, MasterCard Premi-             Unique Travel Experience has 8 travel
se ships have brought 186,132 tourists        um cardholders will experience uni-            categories; Fantastic Geography (Bur-
to the city. A total of 47 ships had arri-    que travel moments with special tra-           ma, Peru, Brazil), Mysterious Civilizati-
ved in Izmir in the same period last year.    vel packages created by VIP Luxury.            ons (HinduChina, India, Egypt, China),
Demirtas added that they expec-               VIP Luxury offers 12 different destinati-      Your Africa (Namibia – Botswana,
ted 122 cruisers to dock at Izmir             ons that include World’s new 7 wonders.        Kenya – Tanzania), Gourmet Trip (Tos-
Port and bring 320,000 tourists                                                              cana – Wine Tasting), Glorious Lives
                                              VIP Luxury together with MasterCard
to the city by the end of 2007.                                                              (Scotland Castles, France Loire Valley),
                                              will offer “MasterCard Special Mo-
                                                                                             Seyr-ü Sefa (Cruise – Scandinavia and
       Turkish Tourists Prefer                ment” for travelers that will participate
                                                                                             Fjord, Caribbean), VIP Luxury Private
                                              “Unique Travel Experience” packages.
          Italy and Spain                     VIP Tourism CEO Ceylan Pirinççioglu            Collection (guests can choose their own
                                              and MasterCard South East Europe               hotels, transportations – a custom made
                                              General Manager Özlem Erçelen Ime-             travel experience), VIP Luxury a la Carte
                                              ce organized a press conference at             ( special packages including wedding
                                              Istanbul Modern. Speaking at the con-          abroad, honeymoon, theme parties)
                                              ference, Imece stated that 85% of Pre-

                                                   MasterCard Holders Go to Holiday at Como Lake
                                                               6 MasterCard Pre-             Como Lake holiday, which is one of the
                                                               mium card holders             MasterCard Unique Travel Experience
                                                               (Gold and above               tours, will take 6 couples to stay at his-
Turkish tourists mostly prefer Italy, Spa-                     cards) who make a             torical Grand Hotel Tremezzo Palace
in and Middle European countries as                            transaction of YTL100         , and take a romantic lake cruise on
a holiday destination. While Turkish                           and over will have a          Como Lake , visit to Versace Family’s
tourists desire to see Italian cities of                       chance to win a ho-           château - Fontalelle, famous Urio
Rome, Venice and Florence the most,                            liday at Italy’s love         château, historical churches and bota-
they also visit Spanish cities of Madrid                       and romance desti-            nic gardens. Moreover, luck couples
and Barcelona . Austrian capital of Vi-                        nation at Como Lake.          will enjoy MasterCard Special Moment
enna, Hungarian capital of Budapest           6 MasterCard Premium card hol-                 while their visit to Silk Museum that
and capital of the Czech Republic Pra-        ders who make the most spending                exhibits world’s most precious silks.
gue are the other cities usually prefer-      of YTL100 and above, between                   The Como Lake tour that will be orga-
red by Turkish tourists during vacations.     1 and 30 September 2007, will                  nized by VIP Tourism will take place
Ibrahim Cenk Okumus from ETS Tou-             fly to Italy with their loved ones.            between 26 and 29 October 2007.
rism Agency reported that they also
offered holiday opportunities to Tur-                  Galileo Turkey Launched Focalpoint Shopping
kish tourists in African countries of
                                              Galileo Turkey launched new func-              ges using Automated Plating Carrier Logic.
Egypt and Tunisia, as an alternative
                                              tionality,       Focalpoint       Shopping     As many agencies are trying to find more
to Mediterranean city of Antalya .
                                              Focalpoint Shopping functionality pro-         and more ways to save time and imp-
“90 percent of Turkish tourists vi-
                                              vides agents with the ability to search        rove efficiency, Focalpoint Shopping is
sit   foreign     countries   for    cultu-
                                              and book scheduled air fares within the        an ideal solution as it not only enables
ral      reasons,”    Okumus        noted.
                                              cryptic environment. By merging the ma-        agents to automate processes that have
Moreover, Emre Tunc from Pronto Tou-
                                              nual comparison of tariff data and seat        in the past been manual, but also shop
rism stressed that the number of Turkish
                                              availability into a single request, agents     for all fares available from the Galileo
tourists going abroad increased recently,
                                              can access more lower fares faster as well     360 Fares database in one single search.
as the cost of spending a holiday at a
                                              as perform more complex and tailored se-       Focalpoint Shopping enables agents
hotel located in the Mediterranean coast
                                              arches using the wide choice of modifiers.     to improve their customer service as
of Turkey was almost the same with the
                                              In addition, travellers can be provided with   search results can be tailored to cus-
cost of a holiday in a foreign country.
                                              a fare which includes all taxes and surchar-   tomer preferences when searching.
            OTI Continues its Growth in Russian Market                                                     Türsab Visited TYD
                      Odeon Tours In-           rators in Russian market reached 70%.
                      ternational    (OTI)      Bektas added that their expectations
                      CEO Ayhan Bek-            from German and European market
                      tas organized a           didn’t meet with what they have plan-
                      press    conference       ned. Numbers stay same as last year.
                      last week at Feriye       However compensation of European mar-            Executive Board of Association of Turkish
                      Restaurant to in-         ket came with the growing numbers of             Travel Agencies (Türsab) with the lead of
form      about      their     operations.      travel from Russia and OECD countries.           President Basaran Ulusoy visited The Tur-
Bektas stated that there is an increase of      Bektas stated that they have met with            kish Tourism Investors Association (TYD).
30% in number of Russian tourists visiting      their expectations in national travel            Ulusoy congratulated new President of
Antalya and the pie of Turkish tour ope-        with 30-40% early reservations made.             TYD; Murat Dedeman that has been
                                                                                                 elected with the election on April 6 and
          Expedia Travel Trendwatch Reports                                                      new executive committee members.
                                                                                                 After the meeting, the two non-
  Vacationers are not Swayed by Negative Travel News                                             governmental organizations decided to
                                                                                                 cooperate at international exhibitions and
                                                                                                 educational programmes in order to cont-
                                                hotel rates in most markets however;
                                                                                                 ribute the growth of the tourism industry.
Expedia.com(R), the world’s leading on-         savvy shoppers are relying on user ge-                  Caravan Tourism Gets
line travel provider, introduced the latest     nerated content on sites such as TripAd-
issue of its quarterly report, Expedia Tra-     visor.com to help make wise accom-                      Popular in Cappadocia
vel Trendwatch(TM). In it, Expedia found        modation choices. Similarly, Expedia.
that travelers are taking the tough summer      com recently introduced the Insider’s
season in stride as their desire for rela-      Select list of the world’s best hotels as
xing and restorative vacations outweighs        rated by Expedia.com travelers and the
the potential delays or problems that           organization’s own destination experts.
can occur during peak travel season. In
fact, a July Expedia.com poll (1) found         goers to arrive in port a day early to
68 percent of U.S. adults who have ta-          ensure they don’t hit trouble and miss
ken or plan to take a summer vacation           their scheduled departure and more
this year will not modify their vacation        cruise lines are offering Caribbean iti-
plans because of negative news around           neraries that start and end in the midd-
air travel hassles and rising prices. Addi-     le of the week to help avoid weekend
tionally, an Expedia.de poll of hoteliers       bottlenecks at airports and in port cities.
across Europe found Americans to be
overall good tourists exhibiting such traits    slightly up year-over-year compared
as generosity and willingness to try local      to last summer according to Expedia.
cuisine. On the flip side, we received          com data and higher gas prices are
poor marks for our fashion sense, hotel         not affecting the choice of car size.
room cleanliness and being very noisy.          2) Americans are perceived abro-
To       view      the     complete   report,   ad more favorably than they imagi-
visit www.expediatraveltrendwatch.com           ned ... except for their fashion sense.
“It’s encouraging to see that despite the
tough travel environment, vacationers are       poll(2), nearly two-thirds (64 percent)
still hitting the roads and skies this sum-     of U.S. adults think that American to-
mer,” said Chris McGinnis , editor, Ex-         urists traveling abroad are perceived            The number of camping sites alloca-
pedia Travel Trendwatch. “The tradition         more negatively than they were five              ted to caravans have been gradually
of summer vacation remains ingrained in         years ago. The same poll found Ameri-            increasing in Cappadocia region,
the American psyche and travelers are           cans believe that Europeans perceive             which is one of the most renowned cul-
rolling with the punches this year. They        them as spoiled, self-centered and loud          tural and natural tourist hubs in Turkey.
are finding some surprises like lower           when traveling abroad. However ...               The camping centres, which spread
airfares, warm welcomes overseas and                                                        -    over on a 7,000 sq.m. area, offer many
new tools like user-generated content si-       nagers conducted by Expedia.de ran-              services such as parking lots, showers,
tes to help make better travel decisions.”      ked Americans as second only to the              pools, toilets, electricity and water for
Key travel trends and data as repor-            Japanese in its study to find the world’s        both local and foreign tourists who
ted in the current issue of the Expe-           “best tourists.” Hotel managers praised          visit the region with their caravans.
dia Travel Trendwatch(TM) include:              Americans as being great tippers, wil-           By paying a fee of 5-15 EUR, visitors
1)      Summer        travel  update;    air,   ling to try local cuisine, will to speak the
                                                                                                 can benefit from all the facilities at the-
hotel,       cruise      and   car    rentals   language and generous travelers overall.
                                                                                                 se sites which are also open to cam-
                                                                                                 pers who would like to pitch up tents.
gone down year-over-year and tigh-              the bottom in terms of our fashion sense
                                                                                                 According to sources, many caravanners
ter domestic growth could mean fewer            finding shell suits (ie. sweat suits) and whi-
                                                                                                 from Germany, France, Czech Repub-
discounts in the near term, but capa-           te socks with sandals to be inappropriate
                                                fashion choices. We are also considered          lic, Hungary and Italy prefer Cappado-
city growth on international routes
                                                loud, but slightly less so than the Italians.    cia region for their camping holidays.
bodes well for shoulder-season or off-
peak discounting this fall or winter.
                                             WYSTC 2007 – Istanbul
                                   Youth and students of        and policies governing cultural and educational exchange
                                   travel industry will shape   programmes with 2 days of business to business trade fair
                                   and increase travel in       and workshop with up to 33 individualised business ap-
                                   the world. According to      pointments between senders and receivers. This program
                                   UNWTO youth and stu-         is preceded by two days of Annual General Meetings of
                                   dent travel accounts for     the global associations representing the different aspects
                                   20% of all international     of the youth, student and educational travel industries.
                                   travellers so it is a pri-
                                   me segment within the
                                   industry . World Youth       Ertugrul Karaoglu:New this year is a WYSTC legacy
                                   & Student Travel Con-        programme whereby attending organisations sponsor not
                                   ference is going to be       only conference events or merchandise, but in keeping
                                   held in Istanbul between     with our mission to “promote travel and education oppor-
                                   3-5 October 2007. We         tunities for youth and students around the world” they will
                                   have talked with Ertug-      provide sponsored programs, services and goods as a le-
                                   rul Karaoglu from Intra      gacy of the conference to the host city, through sponsored
                                   Tours abut that Confe-       programmes for deserving Turkish youth, or educational
                                   rence                        institutions. Information on WYSTC Legacy Programme
                                                                contact us.
 -Within this perspective can you tell us about World
Youth & Student Travel Conference?
Ertugrul Karaoglu:The World Youth and Student Travel            -Why hosting WYSTC is very important for Istanbul and
Conference (WYSTC ) is the annual event of the World
Youth, Student and Educational Travel Confederation          Ertugrul Karaoglu:WYSTC is important for Turkey and
(WYSE Travel Confederation), which in turn is a trade        Istanbul because it will help the country develop ties with
association made up of 500+ members representing the         the major movers of youth and students in the world - and
global community of youth travel, student travel and inter-  that is important not just for Turkey’s tourism industry but
national education, WYSTC brings over 900 delegates,         for its public diplomacy. Youth and student travellers are
representing over 500 companies from 80 countries, to a      the business and world leaders of tomorrow. Travel edu-
different city on a different continent each year. This venuecates young people to take their place in the world as glo-
rotation is designed to bring the international marketplace  bal citizens. Travel increases intercultural understanding,
to key destinations for the youth and student travel market. reduces fear of and hostility towards other peoples and in
and to facilitate the development of international and regi- the final analysis contributes towards world peace. This
onal business relationships to forster the growth of youth,  is especially important for Turkey standing as it does at
student and international education.                         the vortex of three continents - the intersection of multiple
-Who should attend and why it is so important to at- The Turkish tourism industry will benefit from becoming a
tend?                                                        prime youth and student travel destination for these rea-
Ertugrul Karaoglu:Any agency providing cultural tours, sons:
accomodations, attractions or local transportation servi-
ces, particularly those focused on youth, student, educatio- It is a stable and reliable segment - less susceptible to
nal or cultural programs and special interest groups should shifts in price and political situations.
attend in order to meet specialised sending organisations.      It offers greater dispersal into the other boroughs and
from all over the world.                                     into upstate regions as these travelers seek new destinati-
Any outbound travel agency looking for unque and alter- ons and activities.
native products for the Turkish market which is overwhel- It is driven by predictable motivators such as education
mingly within the target group of youth and students.        (especially language travel) and work experience (such
                                                             as internships, traineeships, volunteer programs); all long
-2007 conference will be organized in Istanbul 3-5 Oc- term programs with increase length of stay and therefore
tober. How many delegates will be in Istanbul? Can you multiple spends.
tell us about the programme of the conference?                  It is a pioneering force in the development of new des-
Ertugrul Karaoglu:600 delegates are already registered tinations and new models of travel - often a valuable pre-
for this event - and the total anticipated at 1000 delegates dictor of future trends in the industry.
representing 500 companies from 80 countires around             It provides often needed off peak traffic into destinati-
the world.                                                   ons - and therefore able to fill excess capacity during low
The program is unique in that it combines a full day of seasons.
educational seminars for the trade on topics covering sus-      It provides loyal customers with extended capacity for
tainable tourism and climate change, to latest develop- return business over time.
ments in travel technology aimed at the savvy youth and          It provides multipliers such as VFRs and the business
student travellers, to government updates on regulations travelers of tomorrow.
 Turkish Airlines Carries 8.9m Passengers in 6 Months                                          CSA Carried over 2.4 Million
                                              plane landings -- grew by 15.1 per-                Passengers in H1 2007
                                              cent, reaching 79,000. THY informed
                                              the Istanbul Stock Exchange (IMKB) on
                                              its activities between January and June.
                                              The total seat kilometer per passenger
                                              -- distance covered per passenger --
                                              increased by 17.8 percent and went
                                              from 16.46 billion kilometers to 19.4
                                              billion kilometers. While the total kilo-
                                              meters of ticketed passengers amount-
                                              ed to 11.14 billion last year, it totaled
                                              13.57 billion this year -- an increase of
                                              23.3 percent. Finally, in the first half     Czech Airlines (CSA) carried more than
In the first six months of 2007 Turkish       of 2006 the volume of mail and cargo         2.4 million passengers in the first half of
Airlines (THY) serviced 8.9 million pas-      carried was 75,000 tons, rsising by          this year. Compared to the same period
sengers, an increase of 19.4 percent          15.7 percent this year and amounting         last year, this means a 1.1% increase.
over the same period last year. THY’s         to 86,882 tons.                              In the first six months of 2007, Czech
grounding number -- the number of                                                          Airlines’ aircraft also carried nearly
                                                                                           10,700 tonnes of goods and post.
    Turkish Airlines Flies for YTL 79 During Ramadan                                       Overall, CSA operated over 19,200
                                                                                           flights. Scheduled CSA flights carried
Turkish Airlines will offer to fly with a     boga Airport to all domestic routes in-      2.2 million passengers in the first half
special fare during Ramadan (13 Sep-          cluding Ercan Airport of TRNC can get        of the year, which is one percent more
tember – 11 October 2007). Turkish            advantage of fares starting from 79YTL       than during the same period of 2006.
Airlines passengers flying from Istan-        for one-way and 143YTL for round-trip.       Scheduled carriage thus accounted for
bul Ataturk Airport , Istanbul Sabiha         (Including taxes)                            the greatest part of the overall results,
Gökçen Airport , and Ankara Esen-                                                          with nearly 90 percent. Czech Air-
                                                                                           lines’ charter flights carried more than
      Turkish ACT Airline Commits for Two A330-200                                         308,000 passengers by the end of
                                                                                           June, primarily to exotic destinations.
Istanbul-headquartered ACT Airlines           accommodate both pallets and contain-        This represents y/y growth of nearly
has signed a memorandum of under-             ers and is capable of carrying 64 tons       two percent. The system load factor in
standing with Airbus for two A330-            of cargo up to 4,000 nautical miles          January – June 2007 was 65.6 percent.
200 freighter aircraft that will allow the    (7,400 kilometers) in standard “range        The slight drop in aircraft occupancy
Turkish airline to offer non-stop services    mode,” or 69 tons up to 3,200 nau-           is due to the airline’s plan to increase
between Istanbul to Hong Kong, Singa-         tical miles (5,930 kilometers) in “pay-      revenue by focusing primarily on better-
pore and New York. Airbus launched            load mode.” “Expanding our fleet with        paying clientele, and by not selling off
the A330-200F earlier this year and           the Airbus A330-200F will allow us to        tickets below cost. Compared to last
said that the widebody aircraft pro-          further meet Turkey’s demand for air         year, the number of business class cli-
vides 30 percent more volume than             cargo transportation,” said Yavuz Ciz-       ents increased by 6%, and the number
any other freighter in its class. It can      meci, ACT’s chief executive officer.         of passengers in the full-fare economy
                                                                                           class by 8%. “Revenue, which is the
                      Bulgaria Air to Fly Istanbul                                         most important indicator of the success
                                                                                           of a traditional airline, is growing ac-
                                 Bulgaria     tourists and Bulgarians and foreigners       cording to plan, and that is decisive
                                 Air will     travelling for family reasons, the new       for CSA,” said Petr Rehák, CSA’s Vice-
                                 launch       lines will also serve business and a big     President for Sales. In Q1 2007, the
three new regular lines by end-2007,          interest is expected to them, Pavlov         airline’s income from carriage reached
including to Istanbul (Turkey), Belgrade      added. Bulgaria Air has already over-        CZK 4.2 billion, which is a year-on-year
(Serbia) and Skopje (Macedonia), com-         fulfilled by 3 per cent its business plan    increase of 6.9%.
pany CEO Dimiter Pavlov reported. The         for the summer. So far, the airline has      The most sought-after destinations on
flights will be carried out four times per    carried out 16 per cent more passen-         CSA’s scheduled flights:
week at competitive prices. Besides           gers than forecast, Pavlov also said.
     Air Algeria Inaugurates Direct Flights to Antalya                                     Amsterdam
                      First group of Alge-    holidays in Turkey. Turkey and Algeria
                      rian tourists arrived   have historical ties. Every year 5 million   Madrid
                      in southern city of     Algerians travel to several countries        Dublin
                      Antalya’s airport       such as Tunisia and France for holiday.      Bucharest
                      on Friday, July 27      We are planning to carry 3,000 Alge-         Rome
as Air Algeria started direct flights to      rian tourists to Antalya this year. I hope   Sofia
Antalya. “Air Algeria have scheduled          Turkey will attract more Algerian tour-      Košice
flights to Istanbul and has now added         ists thanks to these flights,” Faci said.    In 2006, Czech Airlines carried 5.5 mil-
another destination and will fly to Anta-     Faci added that charter flights between      lion passengers, for a y/y increase of
                                                                                           4.8 percent. CSA carried 5.2 million
lya once a week,” Ammar Faci, a direc-        Algiers and Antalya will continue all        passengers in 2005, and 4.3 million in
tor of Air Algeria said. “Algerians love      year long.                                   2004.
Turkish people and want to spend their
 Lufthansa Giving Away Shopping                             Lufthansa First Class Lounge Opens at Munich
            Coupons                                                            A new dimen-       chauffeur driven direct to their aircraft.
                                                                               sion in travel     On the upper level of the lounge (Level
                                                                               is opening up      05), passengers can relax or make ef-
                                                                               at Lufthansa’s     fective use of their time until their flight
                                                     hub in Southern Germany. From 14             departure. Separate workrooms pro-
                                                     August, First Class customers and HON        vide an inviting environment for passen-
                                                     Circle members will be able to enjoy         gers to prepare for their next meeting.
                                                     the exclusive atmosphere of a Lufthansa      In the exclusive bathroom area, guests
                                                     First Class Lounge at Munich Airport.        can unwind and freshen up before or
                                                     As at Frankfurt, the First Class Lounge      after a long journey. The modern bath-
                                                     at Munich has a range of comfortable         rooms are equipped with a shower or
                                                     facilities and conveniences on offer.        jacuzzi. Guests can also sit back and
Lufthansa announced a special promotional            These include a gourmet restaurant, a        enjoy the comfort of the relaxing chairs.
campaign for Paris and New York passen-              bar area, a cigar lounge and luxury          In the First Class Lounge there is also
gers that purchase their tickets in Turkey.          bathroom areas. And there is a special       an attractive bar area and an inviting
To be valid between 1 September and 30               service for premium customers at Mu-         restaurant, where LSG Sky Chefs cooks
November 2007, passengers that will fly              nich: access to and from the lounge is       spoil guests with a range of culinary
from Turkey to Paris will receive €25, New           possible via Level 4 (EU Departures), as     delicacies such as the sushi selection,
York passengers will receive €50 shopping            well as via Level 5 (Non-EU Departures).     which changes daily, regional organic
coupons that can be used on the plane.Pas-           As exclusive passport control and secu-      produce and international specialities.
sengers that will be flying within the period        rity checkpoints are located within the      The choice range of beverages also in-
above can get their shopping coupons at              lounge, passengers – whether arriving        cludes 43 vintage Armagnacs. Smokers
Lufthansa ticketing desk at Istanbul Atatürk         or departing – can thus change levels        can use the Cigar Lounge, where snacks
Airport.                                             directly. “The percentage of First Class     and drinks are provided. Lufthansa staff
                                                     passengers and HON Circle members            look after the well-being of the guests
     Luxury Chauffeur Service of                     has grown at a disproportionately high       and attend to their wishes throughout
          Gulf Air Extends                           rate in recent years. We are confident       their stay in the lounge. Before entering
                                                     that our new service offering will con-      the lounge, First Class passengers and
Premium passengers can travel in style as            tinue to boost this trend,” said Thomas      HON Circle members can take advan-
Gulf Air has extended its luxury chauffeur           Klühr, Group Representative and Head         tage of other service facilities. These in-
drive service to five new stations in its newly      of Hub Management Munich. The First          clude a valet parking service, separate
revamped network.                                    Class Lounge extends over two levels         check-in facilities and fast lanes at the
First and Business class travellers to Bangkok,      and has a total area of 860 sq. metres.      central security checkpoints. With the
Paris, Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur and Manila            On the lower lounge level (Level 04),        opening of the new First Class Lounge,
will be able to avail the service furnished          there is the lobby and the service area      Lufthansa customers will have a choice
by top of the range chauffeur-driven luxury          for the limousine transfer. If a flight is   of five lounges at Munich with a total
limousines, equipped with air-conditioning/          leaving from an apron position, passen-      area of more than 3,700 sq. metres.
heating, music selection, mineral water,             gers will be collected at the lounge and
daily newspaper and GSM mobile phones.
Families and people travelling as groups with
excess baggage will be provided with Multi                           Gulf Air Launches Mouth-Watering
Purpose Vans (MPVs) to make their journey
home more comfortable. Gulf Air already of-
                                                                          Menu for the Middle East
fers the luxury chauffeur service in Abu Dha-                           Close on the heels        Arabic dishes– Arabic Mezze, Hal-
bi, Dubai, London and Muscat. “A top prior-                             of winning the Sky        loumi Salad, Shish Tawaook, Cousa
ity in our service philosophy is to provide the                         Trax award for best       Banadoura, Oriental Chicken, Cheese
best customer service and unmatched travel                              First Class Onboard       Konafa, Um Ali and much more - are
comfort to our passengers,” says Gulf Air Ex-                           Catering, Gulf Air        awaiting passengers onboard. “Cus-
ecutive Vice President Marketing and Sales           has introduced a whole new menu on           tomers have put an extraordinary faith
Lee Shave. “With the extension of our luxury         its Middle Eastern sectors. Gulf Air’s       in us by voting Gulf Air as the Best Air-
service, we want our premium passengers              premium class passengers can now             line for First Class Onboard Catering
to experience Gulf Air’s legendary Arabian           enjoy a delectable, authentic Arabic         consistently for the fifth time in a row at
hospitality all the way to their doorstep.”          food onboard, wherever they fly in the       the Sky Trax airline awards. We were
The free limousine service is available to all       Middle East - be it Cairo, Beirut, Lar-      able to achieve this because we con-
full-fare paying passengers ticketed on Gulf         naca or Amman. “Gulf Air always goes         stantly think of new ways to enhance
Air’s long haul flights and holding confirmed        an extra mile to make its passengers’        our service levels. The new Arabic
reservations in First Class (F or A fares) or        travel experience a memorable and en-        menu is just one more step in taking our
Business Class (J fares). In case additional         joyable one,” says Gulf Air Executive        passenger service to greater heights,”
cars required due to more number of pas-             Vice President for Marketing and Sales       concluded Lee Shave.
sengers or excessive baggage, the same will          Lee Shave. “Our specialist menu design
be provided but the customers will have to           team, consisting of experienced and
settle the additional costs directly with the lim-   well qualified Arab chefs, has been
ousine company. Additional stops en route,           working for several weeks, to bring
if required by the passenger, should be re-          together an exquisite and authentic
quested in advance.                                  Arabic menu so that customers can feel
The service needs to be booked at least 72           completely at home flying with Gulf Air.
hours prior to the date of travel.                   ”From starters to main courses to des-
                                                     serts, a whole range of mouth-watering
               Malaysia Airlines Wins The Worlds                                           Malaysia Airports-GMR – Limak
                     Best Cabin Staff Title                                                 Win Istanbul Airport Tender
                                            in service delivery, in addition to the      A consortium of Malaysia Airports Holdings,
                                            usual general service efficiency. Com-       India’s GMR Infrastructure and Turkey’s Li-
                                            menting on the survey result, Skytrax        mak won the rights to Istanbul’s second air-
                                            CEO, Mr Edward Plaisted said “For            port on Monday with a 1.9 billion-euro bid.
                                            the last 4 weeks of this survey, we have     The winning bid -- which does not include
                                            seen the winning position move around        18 percent value added tax -- beat offers
                                            between the final top 3 airlines several     from four other consortiums of foreign and
                                            times. In the end, Malaysia Airlines’        local players in a tender lasting more than
                                            passenger support saw them through           12 hours.The consortium will build a new
                                            to the 2007 title, and we congratulate       international terminal at the Sabiha Gokcen
                                            them for this worthy achievement.” The       airport on Istanbul’s Asian side and run the
                                            worldwide survey data for this Cabin         airport for 20 years. Sources said that the
                                            Staff award involved more than 3 mil-        design of the project is previously announced
Malaysia Airlines won the World’s           lion respondents representing over           to tender participants. It will expand annual
Best Cabin Staff award at the World         90 different passenger nationalities.        capacity by 10 million passengers which is
Airlines Award 2007 taking the top          Passengers nominated airlines in the         currently 3.5 million.“Istanbul needed a sec-
position in this 11 month survey, con-      2007 Best Cabin Staff Awards, based          ond airport and we will serve that need,’’
ducted between August 2006 and June         upon a wide variety of service quality       said Limak’s Nihat Ozdemir. Sabiha Gokcen
2007, in a closely contested survey         attributes for cabin staff, including as-    opened in 2001 and hosts domestic Turkish
between the final top 3 airlines. Malay-    sistance during boarding, enthusiasm,        flights and low-cost airlines.
sia Airlines Managing Director / CEO,       sincerity, courtesy, and consistency of      The other bidders were:
Idris Jala said, “I am very proud of our    quality among staff. Skytrax Research        * Germany’s Fraport (FRAG.DE: Quote, Pro-
cabin crew and their outstanding per-       of London , UK is an independent or-         file , Research), Turkey’s IC Construction
formance. Our crew treat our custom-        ganization with 18 years specialist ex-      * Turkey’s Cukurova, Austria’s Julius Meinl
ers as guests in our own home. They         perience in airline research. The World      Investment, Venice Airport/Save SpA (SAVE.
are natural, spontaneous, determined        Airline Awards ® are based on the an-        MI: Quote, Profile , Research)
and willing to demonstrate the best of      nual World Airline Survey managed by         * Turkey’s Mak-Yol Construction, Eti Bakir,
Malaysian hospitality.”“Throughout the      Skytrax - carried out between August         U.S-based Airport Property Management
year, our crew worked very hard to im-      2006 and June 2007. The Survey is
prove our service delivery as part of our   regarded as the primary benchmarking                 Cooperation between
airline-wide initiative to enhance cus-     tool for Passenger Satisfaction levels
tomer experience, and I am delighted        of airlines throughout the world - con-
                                                                                                 Pegasus and Onur Air
that their efforts have been recognized     stituting a unique survey format based
by the customers. This will go a long       upon analysis of both business and
way in building our brand, customer         leisure travelers, and across all cabin
value and relationship.”The cabin staff     travel types (First / Business / Premium
showcased their winning ways, and re-       Economy & Economy class passen-
gained the award which they won for         gers). The worldwide survey interviews
several years in the past. Focused on       totaled over 14 million respondents - an
the quality of onboard customer experi-     increase of 1.2 million interviews on
ence, the survey also looked at the “soft   the 2006 result, with over 90 different
service” provided including cabin staff     passenger nationalities participating in     Pegasus Airlines and Onur Air have
friendliness, enthusiasm and attentive-     the survey.                                  launched initiatives to cooperate in the
ness, sincerity as well as consistency                                                   sector. However according to allega-
                                                                                         tions, this is a purchase operation rather
                                                                                         than cooperation. Sabanci Holding’s
                                                                                         Pegasus will pay 150 million USD to
Malaysia Airlines’ (MAS’) system-           its staff, but were due to technical is-     Onur Air within two months.Pegasus
wide on-time performance improved to        sues, bad weather and the introduction       Airlines --which bought 20 percent of
80.78% MAS Managing Director and            of the passenger service system. Idris       Izair recently-- has 17 planes, while
Chief Executive Officer Datuk Idris Jala    said MAS flights to Australia and New        Onur Air owns 27 planes. Momentum,
said.Referring to flight delays earlier     Zealand were much in demand among            which is seen in domestic lines (that
this month especially to Australia, he      passengers in this region. He said           grew 30-40 percent in recent years),
said the significant improvement was        passengers without confirmed reserva-        boosted cooperation and purchases
achieved as all aircraft were now fly-      tions and those with open air tickets to     between companies. Pegasus and Onur
ing, apart from the extra flight to Mel-    Australian cities served by the national     Air made joint formal statement and
bourne last Monday. He said improved        carrier still turned up at KLIA to regis-    said a strategic cooperation agreement
weather conditions also contributed         ter themselves on standby for travel to      was signed between the two. Onur Air
to the national carrier’s on-time per-      Australia and New Zealand. “Malay-           carried last year 4,400,267 passen-
formance. “Our staff at KLIA are now        sia Airlines is rendering all possible as-   gers in domestic lines and 2,335,704
more familiar with the new SITA Depar-      sistance to these passengers by accept-      passengers in international lines. On
ture Control System for airport opera-      ing their standby status and offering        the other hand, Pegasus Airlines carried
tions since its introduction on July 2,”    them seats once they become available        1,818,989 passengers in domestically
he said in a statement. Earlier, Idris      when passengers with confirmed book-         and 1,248,062 passengers in interna-
dismissed speculation that the recent       ings do not show up for their flights,”      tional lines.
flight delays were due to sabotage by       he said.
     19.000 Tickets for 19YTL                SWISS Continues to Climb in The First Half of 2007
          from Onur Air                   Swiss International Air Lines (Group) gen-         showed a further year-on-year increase in
                                          erated earnings before interest and taxes          the second quarter of 2007 and totalled
                                          (EBIT) of CHF 285 million for the first six        CHF 285 million for the combined first-half
                                          months of 2007. The result compares to an          period. “SWISS continues to climb,” says
                                          EBIT of CHF 98 million for the same period         CEO Christoph Franz. “Our encouraging
                                          last year. Consolidated net profit for the first   first-half performance strengthens our faith
                                          six months of 2007 amounted to CHF 295             in our current strategic thrust. These results
                                          million (compared to CHF 76 million for            have exceeded our expectations. Buoyed
                                          the prior-year period). SWISS maintained           by strong demand, we further improved our
Onur Air announced its Ramadan            the favourable business performance it had         performance in the second-quarter period
campaign. The company offers thou-        achieved in 2006 through the first six months      on both the passenger and the cargo front.
sands of tickets only for 19YTL. The      of the current year. Total income from op-         And our consistent cost management and
                                          erating activities was raised to CHF 2 304         the revenue synergies that we are now de-
company put 19 thousand seats on          million for the first-half period, compared        riving from our integration into the Lufthansa
sale for 19YTL excluding VAT for the      to CHF 1 976 million for the same period           Group and our membership of Star Alliance
period of 13 September and 10 Oc-         last year. After an encouraging first quarter,     also made major contributions to these fa-
tober. Tickets can be purchased at        earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)          vourable first-half results.”
www.onurair.com.tr website. Tickets       Key figures from the income statement
cost 42YTL with VAT and others ex-        1st + 2nd quarter 2nd quarter 1st + 2nd quarter
penses. Onur Air flies to 13 points in    in CHF million                             2007 2006 2007 2006 2007 vs. 2006
Turkey with Istanbul departure. Onur      Total income from operating activities     2304 1976 1216 1047    +17%
Air which has 27 aircrafts, carries 5     Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)   285 98   163   75        -
million passengers annually.              Profit for the period                       295 76   177   72        -

                                          “At the same time,” Franz continues, “we           trends. So further improvements – in our
                                          are well aware that aviation is a cyclical         processes, for instance – are still required
                                          business, and that our industryis presently        to consolidate our market position in what is
                                          feeling the benefit of positive economic           still a highly competitivebusiness.”

                                          Traffic figures
                                          1st + 2nd quarter 2nd quarter 1st + 2nd quarter
Çelebi, a Turkish airport services                                                        2007      2006 2007        2006 2007 vs. 2006
provider, said second-quarter profit      Seat load factor for european services         69.5%      68.1% 72.6%      74.3% +1.4 points
jumped 67 percent as sales rose .         Seat load factor for intercontinental services 83.2%      82.3% 84.5%      83.8% +0.9 points
                                          Seat load factor systemwide                    78.8%      77.7% 80.6%      80.7% +1.1 points
Net income rose to YTL 14.6 million
in three months ended June 30 from        SWISS achieved stronger seat load factors          stood at 80.6%, virtually unchanged from
YTL 8.74 million a year earlier, Istan-   than other European airlines in the first-half     the 80.7% of the second quarter of 2006.
                                          period. The higher capacity for the first six      The airfreight business of Swiss WorldCargo
bul-based Çelebi said in an income        months (up 12.9% year-on-year in available-        continued to show favourable overall trends.
statement posted on the Web site of       seat-kilometre terms) was fully absorbed by        Cargo load factor (by volume) amounted to
the Istanbul Stock Exchange.Compa-        market demand. Indeed, the 78.8% system-           84.7% for the first half of 2007, compared
                                          wide seat load factor for the period was a         to 85.3% for the prior-year period. “The
ny’s sales rose 24 percent to YTL 79.8
                                          1.1-percentage-point improvement on the            double-digit growth in our production and
million.                                  first half of last year. First-half seat load      our revenues and our solid EBIT result all
                                          factor on SWISS’s intercontinental services        bear witness to both the resounding impact
      TAV to Operate Antalya              stood at 83.2%, compared to 82.3% for the          of the strategy adopted by our management
         Gazipasa Airport                 prior-year period. Seat load factor also im-
                                          proved on SWISS’s European network, ris-
                                                                                             and the outstanding performance by all our
                                                                                             employees,” Christoph Franz continues.
                                          ing from the 68.1% of January-June 2006            “That’s something we can all be proud of.
                                          to 69.5%. SWISS carried some 5.7 million           And what we now need to do is confirm and
                                          passengers on its scheduled services in the        consolidate our current course, to ensure that
                                          first half of 2007, 13.4% more than in the         SWISS can continue to maintain this sound
                                          same period a year ago. For the second-            and stable performance in more challenging
Tepe-Akfen-Vie (TAV) Airports Holding     quarter period, systemwide seat load factor        business times.”
Corp. won the auction to run Gazi-        1st + 2nd quarter 2nd quarter 1st + 2nd quarter
pasa Airport in Mediterranean city of                                                         2007 2006 2007 2006 2007 vs. 2006
Antalya for 25 years. Meinl Airports      Averaga number of emplyoees (full-time equivalents) 5499 5717 5583 5419     3.8%
International Limited, Gazipasa Avia-     SWISS created around 50 new jobs a month           full-time positions were shared among 6 691
tion Industry Trade Corp, Aydogan         between April and June 2007. An average            employees worldwide. With the ongoing ex-
Tourism Trade & Industry Corp were        of 5 499 persons (in full-time equivalents or      pansion of its aircraft fleet, SWISS is expect-
                                          FTEs) were employed at the company in the          ed to have created some 600 net new jobs
the other companies that bid for the      first half-year. The decline from the equiva-      by the end of this year. Nearly all of these
auction. TAV Airports Holding Corp.       lent figure for 2006 is due to the sale of the     positions are among the company’s flying
was awarded with the auction as           Mindpearl call-centre subsidiary at the end        personnel, mainly in the cabin crew corps.
it pledged to give 65 percent of its      of March 2006. SWISS had a workforce of            SWISS was also pleased to see a new Col-
                                          5 651 FTEs on June 30, 2007 – over 300             lective Labour Agreement concluded in June
share to the state.                       more than at the end of 2006. These 5 651          with the pilots of Swiss European Air Lines
    Turkey - Partner Country at the 15th MITT Moscow                                            PATA Travel Mart 2007
                         From 19 to 22       over 500 travel companies. The stand
                         March 2008 at       will be located at newly opening Hall
                         the leading tra-    8, Saloon 1. Moreover, Russia will ce-
                         vel and tourist     lebrate 2008 as Turkey Culture Year.
exhibition in Russia the focus will be on    During 2008, several organizations
Turkey , this year’s partner country at      promoting Turkey will take place in         As Asia Pacific travel and tourism
the Moscow International Travel and          Russia. In 2008, more than 2700 com-        grows, so does PATA Travel Mart.
Tourist Exhibition Mitt. Organized by        panies from 110 countries and regions
                                                                                         The Pacific Asia Travel Associati-
ITE, the 15th Moscow International Tra-      will participate in the exhibition. Mitt
vel and Tourist Exhibition Mitt will take    2008 is one of the biggest 5 travel         on (PATA) announced that better
place from the 19th to the 22nd March        exhibitions in the world and most im-       PATA Travel Mart 2007 (PTM07)
in Expocentr at Krasnaya Presnya. Tur-       portant travel exhibition of Russia , CIS   will be be held in Bali, “Island of
key will take place at the fair with 1254    and Middle East countries.                  Peace” and “Island of the Gods”.
sqm stand, promoting the country with                                                    PATA Travel Mart will be held in
           AITEX- Cambodia, 1-3 October-Siem Reap                                        Bali International Convention Centre
                                                                                         (BICC)- Indonesia at September 25-28
                 Angkor      International   matching appointment system at a cost
                                                                                         Asia Pacific continues to enjoy rock
                 Tourism Exchange (AI-       effective price. AITEX 2006 was ext-
                 TEX) 2007 is a large        remely successful in attracting hosted      solid year-to-date growth in arrivals of
                 tourism trade event in      buyers from all over the world, 75% of      about 5% (so far) in 2006. It is no
                 Cambodia that draws         which came from Europe, America and         surprise therefore to find Asia Pacific’s
on co-operation between the Ministry         Asia Pacific, demonstrating the wide        premier business-to-business travel tra-
of Tourism of Cambodia, APSARA Aut-          audience that AITEX captures. In colla-
                                                                                         de event, PATA Travel Mart, growing
hority, Cambodia Hotel Association           boration with Apsara Authority, Siem
(CHA), and Cambodia Association of           Reap Provincial Authority, Cambodia         in tandem with the region. PTM06
Travel Agents (CATA) and the private         Association of Travel Agents and Cam-       in Hong Kong celebrated record
sector. The core objective is to promote     bodia Hotel Association, the Ministry       numbers -- 417 buyer delegates met
tourism products such as tourist attrac-     of Tourism of Cambodia is proudly or-       with 336 seller organisations, which
tions, destinations, activities and servi-   ganizing the 2nd Angkor International       occupied a net floor area of 4,076
ces. The event supports those who are        Tourism Exchange (AITEX), which will
                                                                                         square meters. PATA’s stringent buyer
new faces in the tourism business. Par-      take place from 01st – 03rd October
ticularly, tourism industry can take this    2007 at Angkor COEX, Siem Reap-             qualifying procedures have proven
opportunity to meet buyers through a         Angkor.                                     to deliver the right geographic and
                                                                                         industry mix of quality buyers from

            VNAT Takes the Lead in ITE HCMC 2007                                         key and emerging markets. This will
                                                                                         be even further enhanced at PTM07.
                     During ITE HCMC         out the hall capacity. With the strategic
                                                                                         Returning sellers are rewarded with
                     2007,       Vietnam     alliances with 8 international airlines
                     National Administ-      90 international buyers have registered     loyalty discounts of up to 15% on
                     ration of Tourism       for the buyers’ programme. We expect        space costs, as well as priority booth
(VNAT) under the Ministry of Sport,          120 international buyers from 24 co-        locations. PTM07 in Bali promises
Culture and Tourism – Vietnam, takes         untries by October. The partnering airli-   to reward everyone who is serious
the lead to unveil the Jewel of the Me-      nes are Vietnam Airlines, Eva Airways,      about Asia Pacific travel and tourism:-
kong – Charms of Cambodia – Lao –            Jetstar Asia, Korea Airlines, Philippines
                                                                                         *More scheduled business appoint-
Vietnam for the Three Countries One          Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qatar
Destination (TCOD) promotion. The            Airways and United Airlines. For the        ments
exhibition will be officially open by the    corporate buyers, there will be special     *Additional onsite networking oppor-
3 Ministers on 5th October 2007 at           progamme on 6 October. This will be         tunities
Phu Tho Exhibition Centre, immediately       followed by cultural and entertainment      *An improved buyer-seller breakfast
after their Tourism Ministerial Meeting      programme by the provincial DOT and         meet
on 4 October 2007. VNAT will have a          foreign TPO cities on the public – con-
                                                                                         *Insightful educational workshops on
dominant presence at the 3rd presenta-       sumer days (6-7 October 2007). A Ca-
tion of ITE HCMC 2007 which will be          ravan Group from Laos headed by Lao         exciting emerging markets
held on 5-7 October 2007. Cambodia           Association of Travel Agents will be at     *Newsworthy media sessions and PR
and Laos will have their own booth to        the Exhibition on 4 October in time for     opportunities
unveil their charms together with 200        the Opening Ceremony on 5 October           *A chance to rediscover Bali and In-
sellers/exhibitors from 10 countries/        2007. Riding the high tourism demand
regions. ITE HCMC 2007 will be the           for Vietnam, ITE HCMC 2007 will set a
largest ever with 140 booths to max          record in October 2007.
Launch of Commemorative Book for 15th IT&CMA and                                                   Tourism Opens Doors for Women
                                                                                                  Tourism opens doors for women’ is the
                         TTG Asia Media          duced in an environment-friendly elect-          theme for the United Nations World
                         has launched a          ronic version, this digital book will be         Tourism Day which as each year will
                         special comme-          hosted on the event website till the end         be celebrated on 27 September, the
                         morative book           of 2007, making it available instantly           anniversary of the adoption of the origi-
                         entitled      “Tre-     and virtually across borders and time
                                                                                                  nal UNWTO statutes. Following on the
                         asures of our           zones. The electronic book is embed-
                         Journey – Com-          ded with cutting-edge technology to              ‘Tourism Enriches’ theme in 2006, this
                         memorating              recreate the page-flipping motion, simu-         year’s campaign highlights the oppor-
Combined 25 Years of Excellence” to              lating the reading experience of paper-          tunities that the sector offers for women.
mark the 15 th anniversary of IT&CMA             based publications. It also contains             This year’s host nation for World Tou-
(Incentive Travel & Conventions, Me-             multimedia contents - seen as pop-ups            rism Day is Sri Lanka .
etings Asia) and 10 th anniversary of            on the IT&CMA and CTW timeline and               In the context of UNWTO’s Global Code
CTW (Corporate Travel World) Asia-               Hong Kong Tourism’s videos - to pro-
                                                                                                  of Ethics for Tourism, the Organizati-
Pacific.This commemorative book tra-             vide an interactive experience not fo-
ces the development and growth of                und in physical books. Mr Darren Ng,             on intends to join forces with UNIFEM
IT&CMA exhibition and CTW Asia-                  Managing Director of TTG Asia Media              (United Nations Development Fund for
Pacific conference over the years and            Pte Ltd, shared the significance of the          Women) to enhance further the role of
brings readers down memory lane. In              digital book, “ As we strive to continue         women in tourism. The program will be
line with this year’s theme of “Celebra-         to provide satisfaction, innovation and          prepared for World Tourism Day and
ting the Treasures of Asia”, it features 10      partnership to our customers, we would           launched in Sri Lanka. It will be revie-
“gems” of the host countries of IT&CMA           like to thank each and everyone for the
                                                                                                  wed annually through 2015, the year
and CTW Asia-Pacific namely, Hong                support for the past 15 years . Forging
Kong (IT&CMA 1993 - 1996), Ma-                   forward, we sincerely hope that our              targeted by the UN to reach the Mil-
laysia (IT&CMA 1997 – 2001, CTW                  customers and partners will join us and          lennium Development Goals (MDGs).
1998), Singapore (CTW 1999 - 2003)               celebrate many more years of success             Together with the Sustainable Tourism
and Thailand (IT&CMA 2002 – 2003,                together!”                                       Research Centre in Australia, UNWTO
IT&CMA and CTW 2004 - 2007).Pro-                                                                  will launch a new dedicated website.
                                                                                                  www.tourismgender.com will focus its
International Golf Travel Market will Celebrate A Deca-                                           attention on the role of gender in tou-
                     de of Success                                                                rism and how to enhance it, addressing
                      International Golf Tra-    market is the US PGA Tour Mayakoba Clas-         women as agents of change in and for
                      vel Market (‘IGTM’),       sic, which was staged in the country in Feb-     sustainable tourism. In order to increase
                      the world’s premier        ruary 2007. “We are very excited to mark         public awareness of the interrelation bet-
                      event focused on the       the 10 th anniversary of IGTM in Mexico .        ween tourism and its beneficial role for
                      golf travel market, will   The country has one of the highest concent-      women, UNWTO will launch an online
                      be celebrating its 10 th   rations of world-class golf courses including    photo contest to show women playing
                      anniversary in Cancun,     Cabo del Sol, which is listed as one of Tra-
                                                                                                  leadership roles at all levels within the
                      Mexico from 3 rd to 6      vel & Leisure Golf’s top 100 golf courses
                      th December 2007.          in the world. With its fine hotels, excellent    sector. The 12 selected winners will be
                      With IGTM marking its      climate and fascinating Aztec history, Can-      exhibited during the UNWTO General
                      first decade, Mexico is    cun will provide all the facilities needed to    Assembly in Cartagena de Indias, Co-
                      sure to provide the per-   support an event of the magnitude of IGTM.       lombia, in November. “With Sri Lanka
fect host destination. Having grown steadily     We anticipate an exciting and productive         as the Host Country and planned celeb-
over the past few years, IGTM has become         show,” said Mark Walsh, Group Exhibition
                                                                                                  rations around the world, UNWTO is
the first and only trade exhibition exclusi-     Director. Breaking away from the normal
vely dedicated to the rapidly growing and        trade exhibition format, IGTM will feature       launching this new initiative to show the
increasingly profitable golf travel market.      pre-scheduled appointments with buyers           achievements, opportunities and chal-
Testament to the host destination was its        selecting appointments with their chosen         lenges for women in tourism”, UNWTO
receipt of the International Association of      exhibitors amounting to over eight hours of      Francesco Frangialli announced. “By
Golf Tour Operators’ (‘IAGTO’) award, ‘La-       pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings. In addi-      working closely with our sister Agency
tin America & Caribbean Golf Destination         tion there will also be over three hours of      UNIFEM and using our Global Code of
of the Year’, in November 2006. In 2005          dedicated free networking opportunities on
                                                                                                  Ethics for Tourism as a framework, we
Mexico’s golf travel sector generated an         the show floor each day Manuel Diaz Ceb-
estimated US $400 million and attracted          rian, Director of the Mexican Tourism Board      believe we can help this industry make
600,000 visitors. With over 155 first-class      in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia, said:        even greater contribution to the Millen-
golf courses, including Nicklaus and We-         “We are delighted to host the 10 th edition      nium Development Goals. ”The promoti-
iskopf designed courses, Mexico’s commit-        of IGTM. We look forward to the show and         on of gender equality, empowerment of
ment to developing and expanding the golf        to the opportunity to promote the true poten-    women and the elimination of gender
market has been recognised by ABTA Golf          tial of Mexico as a top class golf destinati-
                                                                                                  disparity in education is the third UN
Magazine , which described the destination       on to the international golf travel industry’s
as ‘number 1 with discerning resort golfers,     leading representatives. The show will also      Millennium Development Goal to which
with Los Cabos the prime hotspot’. Further       enable other Mexican cities and clubs to         the UNWTO is committed.
proof of Mexico’s strong presence in the         show their attractions.”
   AH&LA Fall Conference, in                          ITTFA Elects New Committee for 2007/2008
  Conjunction with IH/M&RS,                                                                on, they have welcomed on board new
Features Seminars, Tributes, and                                                           members from both East and West and
                                                                                           have benefited from the insight these
          Networking                                                                       shows have brought with them. Johan
The American Hotel & Lodging Associ-                                                       F Lundberg, Exhibition Manger TUR,
                                                                                           was elected as president of ITTFA. Nut-
ation (AH&LA) is hosting its 2007 Fall
                                                                                           ley commented on the appointments,
Conference, in conjunction with the In-                                                    “TUR has been a long standing mem-
ternational Hotel/Motel & Restaurant                                                       ber of ITTFA and we are confident that
Show® (IH/M&RS), the premier trade                                                         Johan’s knowledge of the association
event for the hospitality industry, No-       The International Tourism Trade Fairs        coupled with his experience and enthu-
vember 10–13, at the Jacob K. Javits          Association (ITTFA), elected a new exe-      siasm within both the travel and tourism
Convention Center in New York City.           cutive committee at its annual general       and exhibition industries will steer the
                                              meeting in Stockholm at the end of           association through another successful
Each year, the IH/M&RS offers more
                                              June. Tom Nutley, Chairman of ITTFA,         year.” Mr Lundberg commented on the
than 30 educational seminars cove-            believes “this newly-formed committee        role; “I am delighted to take on this
ring topics that are relevant and timely      will generate a greater depth of unders-     prestigious role and look forward to a
to the industry. The AH&LA Hospitality        tanding amongst the member shows             successful year ahead. We are continu-
Leadership Forum , featuring a keynote        and provide fresh perspective and ent-       ing to broaden our membership base,
address by political odd couple James         husiasm to the association.” “All appo-      particularly in the area of support and
Carville and Mary Matalin, is a special       intments were aimed at strengthening         guidance for new and upcoming shows
                                              the central administration of ITTFA and      in less established markets and I perso-
one-day educational session taking pla-
                                              providing a firm base for the continued      nally look forward to welcoming mem-
ce on Saturday, November 10. In addi-         growth of the association across cultu-      bers from all corners of the tourism ex-
tion, speakers from across the industry       ral and international boundaries”, he        hibition world. The internationalisation
who are experts in their respective fields    continued. Committee members begin           of ITTFA is of value to all our members
and represent all facets of the business      their term of office this July and will      as we continue to explore new chal-
world discuss the forces shaping the          remain in their respective roles until       lenges and create more opportunities
future of lodging. The AH&LA Women            the next election at the AGM in June         to share ITTFA’s vision and knowledge
                                              2008. ITTFA, which originally evolved        with a larger audience. As newly elec-
in Lodging Council (WIL) is hosting,
                                              from the long-standing ETTFA, moved          ted President, I look forward to working
“A View From the Top,” on Monday,             from European to International status        closely with all our members to achieve
November 12. Speakers are top-level           in 2005 so as to grow the association        our goals.“Klara Tihanyi, Director of
CEOs who can offer insight and their          on a worldwide basis and offer bene-         Utazas, Hungary , was elected Vice Pre-
perspective about what it takes to suc-       fits and opportunities to all travel trade   sident. She commented, “I am looking
ceed in the lodging industry. Following       shows regardless of their location. ETT-     forward to my new role in ITTFA and
the keynote seminar is a WIL luncheon,        FA was established in 1992 and has           hope that I can contribute to the deve-
                                              been dedicated to raising its profile as     lopment of the Association as well as le-
“Life Coaching to Get Your Career on
                                              an information source for the travel and     arning from other members on how we
Track,” moderated by gender specialist        exhibition industries since that time.       can make travel trade fairs easier and
Barbara Annis, which will provide atten-      Chairman of ITTFA, Tom Nutley, said          better for all our customers.”Fiona Jef-
dees with personal mentoring to provide       that the association had come a long         fery, Managing Director, World Travel
strategies to improve communications          way in the past decade, recognising the      Market, continues as Media Relations
between the sexes. Other highlights of        huge changes in the travel exhibition        Officer and will also take on the role
the Fall Conference include:                  industry brought about by the growth         of Treasurer whilst Zeljka Tomljenovic
                                              in emerging markets, technology and          , of ITE Travel Exhibitions, continues as
Opening Saturday, November 10, and
                                              the recognition of the value of the in-      WTO Relations Officer as well as in the
closing Tuesday, November 13, the             dustry in general. He added that since       role of Membership Secretary.
Big Apple Silent Auction also benefits        becoming an international organizati-
the work of AH&LEF. Attendees and
the public can bid on more than 250                   eTravel-Congress 2007 to be Held in Antalya
incredible items, including high-end                                 eTravel-Congress      hinundweg.com and Airliner such as
merchandise and vacation packages,                                   2007 will be          Sunexpress to discuss directly with hote-
in person at the Javits Center or online                             organized from        liers, travel agents and representatives
at www.ahlef.org.                                                    September    6th      of the tourism press.
AH&LA members registering for the             to 9th in Antalya. The congress, which       The congress will take place in the con-
Fall Conference automatically receive a       is organized by the Verband Internet         venient ambience of one of the most im-
complimentary badge for the IH/M&RS,          Reisevertrieb (VIR) - the mouthpiece of      portant European travel destinations at
the premier trade event for the hospitality   the online tourism business - and Tur-       Adam & Eve Hotel in Belek, Antalya.
industry and the world’s largest showca-      kish Hotels Federation (TUROFED),            For registration and more information
se and exchange of industry products,         will bring representatives of successful     visit www.e-travel-technology.com
trends, and developments.                     travel portals such as Expedia.de and
WTM Showcases Stratospheric Growth in Online Travel                                        WTM and Euromonitor to Present
                      The Internet has        RedSkyIT, Rezgateway, SynXis, T I Info-        Global Trends Report 2007
                      now become a cor-       tech Pvt Ltd, TouristWay Software Engi-      Euromonitor International, the world’s
                      nerstone of the tra-    neering GmbH, Tourplan, TravelCLICK
                                                                                           leading provider of global business
                      vel industry in Euro-   Inc, TravelRes and WebSource Europe
pe and the latest online tools, tips and      Ltd. Here are some of the latest trends      intelligence on industries, countries
trends will be on show in World Travel        at WTM that indicate how things are          and consumers, has teamed up with
Market (WTM)’s Technology & Online            shaping up this year: Online booking
                                                                                           World Travel Market for the second
Travel Sector at London ExCeL from 12-        has really taken off
15 November 2007. WTM will show-              Environment concerns are making their        year to produce the World Travel
case the most recent advances in the          mark                                         Market Global Trends Report.
digital world, in which online travel is      Web 2.0 social networking sites are
seeing explosive growth of 20% with           flourishing
                                                                                           The report will be presented on the first
the sector predicted to be worth over          Virtual travel is hot                       day of World Travel Market at ExCeL
£33 billion in the European Union by           Video blogging is storming ahead            London on Monday 12 November.
2011, according to Euromonitor Inter-           Self-booking tools are saving 25% in
national. “The Travel Technology and          costs                                        “Travel and tourism is a core area
Travel Online section of World Travel           Affiliate site sales are booming in bil-   of research at Euromonitor Interna-
Market was the first area to sell out”,       lions                                        tional and together we will bring to
said Fiona Jeffery, Managing Director,         After Web 2.0, it’s now Travel 3.0
World Travel Market, “a sure reflection        Cellphones are being promised on pla-       the industry’s attention the very latest
of the enormous growth in the sector.”        nes, and                                     trends and developments. The report
WTM‘s seminar programmes will be                Travel pods are being installed in         aims to assist travel companies and
revealing the most recent online tra-         shopping malls.
vel developments to pinpoint how to           Online booking goes stratospheric            organisations with planning and in-
use technology to maximize business           In the UK alone, 17 million are using        vestment, helping travel professionals
advantage. “The message at WTM is             the Internet to book all or part of main     make informed choices about busi-
clear that all operators can get similar      holidays online. Travel sites saw traf-
trade results if they use technology cor-     fic double in January this year, when        ness retention and expansion, “said
rectly and spend wisely”, added Jef-          Expedia and Thompson experienced             World Travel Market’s Managing Di-
fery.”. A sobering recent prediction by       60% rise in traffic showing how impor-
                                                                                           rector Fiona Jeffery.
research analyst group, Gartner, is that      tant online booking has become. Eye-
enterprises will waste more than £50          forTravel research (2007) also found         The report will cover key trends on
billion on the wrong networking tech-         impressive growth in online booking          UK/Ireland, Western and Eastern Eu-
nologies and services over the next five      in Central and Eastern Europe . The
                                                                                           rope, Middle East, North and South
years, highlighting the need to get the       period 2005/6 saw a 200% increase
best advice at WTM this November.             in online booking growth in the Czech        America, Africa and Asia Pacific.
“No one can deny how important the            Republic with figures of up to 50% in        Caroline Bremner Global Travel and
Internet has become as a channel. In          Slovenia and Slovakia.With over 200
                                                                                           Tourism Manager at Euromonitor said
today’s fast-moving world people need         million searches carried out monthly on
answers about what will be the next           the Internet that are specifically travel-   “Following the success and feedback
must-have feature for travel sites so they    related, travel domain names have had        of last year’s presentation and report
don’t get left behind, and WTM can            major success too in becoming an ex-
                                                                                           we are delighted to be working with
provide these. “With a thriving Techno-       tension to advertising and marketing
logy and Online Travel sector and full        plans                                        World Travel Market again to help
to bursting technology seminar prog-          Major trends – environment & Web             exhibitors and visitors pinpoint the
ramme, WTM can ensure that busines-           2.0
                                                                                           key trends and issues that will drive
ses will find what they need to succeed       Two newer trends stand out. One is the
whether it be online, in the real world       emphasis on the environment borne out        the travel industry forward over the
or in the virtual world. ”Technology          by initiatives such as lastminute.com’s      coming years.”
and Online Travel exhibitors at WTM           initiative to extend carbon offsetting
Companies exhibiting at World Travel          and WTM’s own World Responsible              The report will be presented by BBC
Market’s Travel Technology and Online         Tourism Day. The second is Web 2.0,          World’s Thalia Pellegrini, currently
Area includes : Bewotec, Biznet Soluti-       which emphasises the Internet’s role in      presenting the station’s Fast Track
ons, boo.com, CodeGen Ltd, Comtec,            the travel industry. As consumers have
Conrad Advertising, E-Clear (UK) PLC,         begun to feel overloaded with infor-         travel programme covering both busi-
FastBooking, Final Quadrant Solutions         mation and increasingly turned off by        ness and leisure travel stories from all
Ltd, GlobeTrack, G-rez, Hexaware              advertising and marketing, the rise of       over the world. She has also reported
Technologies Ltd, Hostelsclub.com,            Consumer to Consumer (C2C) marke-
Intracom IT Services, JohnHenry.net,          ting through the use of Web 2.0 has          for BBC Holiday programme tackling
Nozio - Internet for tourism (Netplan),       been unstoppable.                            the topics of avian flu in Thailand and
Open Destinations, Open Hospitality,                                                       ‘voluntourism’ in Tanzania.
                                            Penang Matta Fair
                   Penang Matta Fair was held between June 29-    wan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, India with country promotion
                   July 1. Opened ceremony given by Penang        stands and stands of outgoing tour operators.This year Matta was
                   Tourism Director Muhamad and Malaysian         surpass last year’s record number of visitors which was 41,000.
                   Association of Tour and Travel Agents-MATTA-   Last year, the fair achieved RM25million (app. US$7.5
                   Penang Chapter Chairman Ann G.H. Tan and       million) in sales and the organizers hoped to sur-
                   they hit the gong together. The Penang Matta   pass RM30million (app. US$10 million) this year.
Fair breaks a record with 73 exhibitors taking up 291 booths.     The fair, which was supported by Tourism Malaysia and Malay-
Exhibitors were mostly from neighbor countries; Singapore, Tai-   sia Airlines, opened to public on the last two days of the event.

                     You will never want
                       leave Uludag...

www.hotel-baia.com                                                                monte@hotel-baia.com

         2.Oteller Bölgesi Uluda¤ / Bursa Tel: +90 (0224) 285 23 83 Fax: +90 (0224) 285 22 02
 Green Bursa
                                  utheast              Marmara
            he city of Bursa, southeast of the Sea of Marmara, lies on the                 w
                                                                                and after walking through a district of old houses you reach the Yildirim

T                            Uludag
            lower slopes of Ulud (Mt. Olympos of Mysia, 2443 meters).
                              ts name from its founder King Prusias, of Bith-
            The city derives its n
                             s antique name was Prussa ad Hypium. It sub-
            ynia. Its previous ant
                                                                                Beyazit Mosque (1391).
                                                                                  Now make your wayto Cumhuriyet Square (known locally as heykel)
                                                                                and stroll along Ataturk Avenue to koza park where outdoor cafes are set
sequently came under Roman, then Byzantine rule before falling to Orhan         among flowers and fountains. At the back of the park, a long building, the
Gazi in 1326, when it become the first capital of the Ottoman Empire.           Koza Han (1490), houses the silk cocoon trade. From here you proceed
Many important Ottoman buildings remain.                                        to the covered bazaar area, with its narrow streets, caravanserais and
 Known as “Green Bursa”, the city is filled with gardens and parks and          bedesten. On the other side of Koza Park satnds one of Bursa’s oldest
overlooks a verdant plain. It is at the center of an important fruit gro-       religious buildings, the Orhan Gazi Mosque, built in 1413. Nearby is the
wing region. Bursa was and is still famus for its peaches, silk trade, towel    large Ulu Mosque, constructed in the Seljuk style.
manufacture and thermal springs. Make a point to try the locally-created        A finely carved walnut mimber (speaker’s platform) and impressive callig-
Iskender Kebap, a dish of bread, tomato sauce, strips of grilled meat, mel-     raphic panels decorate the mosque. The sadirvan (ablutionary fountain)
ted butter and yogurt. Candied chestnuts are another regional speciality.       lies uncharacteristicly within the mosque itself under the ceiling of twenty
A tour of the city beginsin the eastern section at the Yesil turbe (Green       domes.
Mausoleum). Set in a garden and distinguished by its exterior paneling          Walking west from the Ulu Mosque you arrive at Hisar, an old and pic-
of tiles, the mausoleum holds the tiled cenotaph of Sultan Mehmet 1.            turesque quarter of Bursa. In the park that overlooks the valley are the
Across the street, the Yesil Mosque of 1424 relects the new ottoman,            mausoleums of Osman, the founder of the Ottoman Empire and his son
as opposed to Seljuk, aesthetic. A medre-                                                                       Orhan Gazi, who commanded the army that
se nearby complates the complex and is                                                                          conquered Bursa. The cafes of the Tophane
also home to the Ethnography Museum.                                                                            offer a good place to stop for refreshment.
Before exploring this area, stop for a glass                                                                       nearby Ressamlar Sokak (Painters’ Stre-
                                                                                                                It ne
of tea in one of the traditional tea houses.                                                                    et), local artists work in the open air. At the
                                                                                                                   ), l
Going uphill, to the east, you pass by the                                                                      Yildiz Park Tea Gardens in the Muradiye qu-
Emir Sultan Mosque in its delightful setting                                                                    arter, you get a superb view of the Muradiye
complex        compound                 park like setting
complex. The compound, in a tranquil park-like setting, contains
the Mosque of Sultan Murat II (1426) built in the style of the Yesil
Mosque and the tombs of Murat II, Sehzade Cem and Sehzade
Mustafa. These contain some of the loveliest decoration and tile
work. The nearby Ottoman House Museum is in a restored 17th
century dwelling that provides an interesting glimpse into the lives
of wealthy Ottomans.
Other places of interest in Bursa include the Culture Park with
the Bursa Archeological Museum and the Ataturk Museum on the
road to Cekirge.
 The western suburb of Cekirge has been known since Roman
times for its warm springs rich in minerals. Many modern hotels
have thermal bath facilities or you can also visit the old hamams.
Yeni kaplica (New Spring) was built in 1552 by Rustem Pasa, the
Grand Vizier Suleyman the Magnificent.
The Eski Kaplica (Old Spring), built on the site of the original
Byzantine baths, is the oldest bath. The karamustafa Pasabaths
are reputed to have the best hot mineral waters in the area. Buil-
dings of interest in Cekirge include the Mosque and Mausoleum
of Murat I and the tomb of Suleyman celebi, areligious poet.
The monument to Karagoz commemorates the character whose
humorous antics are immortalized in Turkish shadow puppet the-
                      New Tourism Malaysia Director Met with Professionals
                             Tourism Malaysia Istanbul Office          to learn Turkish.
                             organized a dinner at Istanbul PM         Bundan added that
                             Restaurant to present its new direc-      they will work to
                             tor; Saidi Bundan. Speaking at the        strengthen tourism
                             dinner, Saidi Bundan said that he         ties between Turkey
                             is really liked Istanbul and will start   and Malaysia.

                                VMY 2007 to Be Extended to Aug 31 2008
The Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) 2007 will be extended to Aug             term solution to the problem. Other measures include postpo-
31 next year under the “One Golden Celebration” campaign,              ning some major events. “One of them is the Malaysian Inter-
Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor                 national Space Adventure. We’re trying to push it to the end of
said. He said this was to capitalise on the country’s 50th Mer-        the year or early next year to enable more visitors to come in,”
deka celebrations starting Aug 31 which should be a year-              he said. Meanwhile, Tengku Adnan urged budget hotel ope-
long affair. More major events would also be organised during          rators to install safety features such as emergency exits at their
that period, he said. “I have mentioned this to the Cabinet a          premises and also register their businesses with the authorities.
few months ago but have yet to officially propose it,” he told         “There’re about 3,000 unlicensed budget hotels nationwide.
reporters after opening the Food and Hotel Malaysia 2007               We’re working to get them registered with the local councils.
exhibition here. On the reported shortage of hotel rooms in            We can’t be harsh on them because they also provide rooms
Pahang, Langkawi, Sabah and Kuala Lumpur , he said that at             for tourists,” he said when asked to comment on a recent fire
a meeting earlier today, key industry players had agreed to            at a travel lodge here.
encourage new players to build more hotels to provide a long-

Penang and Malacca will enjoy between 10% and 30% incre-               Lyon in France, Venice in Italy, Fez in Morocco and Istanbul in
ase in tourist arrivals when the two cities make it onto the world     Turkey that had been listed as UNESCO world heritage sites
UNESCO heritage listing. Heritage expert Laurence Loh said             experienced rapid growth, said Low. UNESCO assessor Prof
the projected increase was based on the progress in other sites        David Lung, a Hong Kong-based university lecturer, will be in
accorded the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cul-           Penang from Aug 28 to 30 to assess the pro- posal. Prof Lung
tural Organisation (UNESCO) heritage status. “We will see              is a member of the International Council of Monuments and
an influx of tourists. However, the main idea is not to promote        Sites (Icomos).
tourism per se but to promote the culture and living heritage to       World Heritage Centre, World Heritage Bureau and World
the world,” he said. Other advantages included better econo-           Heritage Committte, will evaluate Prof Lung’s assessment be-
mic returns, new business opportunities and prestige, he said.         fore making a final decision. State Tourism Development and
Loh said this during a media briefing on the proposed UNES-            Environment committee chairman Teng Chang Yeow said the
CO World Heritage Listing For George Town at City Hall in              state would work hard on this matter until it achieved its aim.
Penang. Loh, an architect, presented a paper on “What does             Penang was prepared on all aspects, including future transpor-
it mean for Malacca and Penang to be listed?. Places such as           tation linkages to secure the bidding, he said.

Malaysia is now among the preferred golfing destinations in            (WAITGC) held in Kuching, Rosli Reshid said the rising number
the region following an aggressive promotion and publicity             of tourist arrivals in Malaysia every year was a strong indicati-
blitz for the past few years. Malaysia Tourism Promotion Bo-           on that the government was on the right track in promoting the
ard (MTPB) Assistant Director Rosli Reshid Mohamed Saini said          sport. Meanwhile, the WAITGC secretariat said in a statement
that in some cases, golfers who had played in Malaysia had             that the sixth leg of the WAITGC played at the Damai Golf
returned with their families not to play golf but to spend their       and Country Club at the Sarawak Golf Club on July 11 and
vacation in this country. Speaking at a news conference on the         12. It said 32 teams took part, including teams from Australia,
sixth leg of the World Amateur Inter Team Golf Championship            Brunei, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Pakistan.

                                       New, Bigger LCCT to be Built in KL
                                      A new and bigger Low-            new LCCT and for immediate allocation for the expansion of
                                      Cost Carrier Terminal for        the current LCCT which will soon reach its maximum capacity.
                                      the KL International Air-        “The new LCCT will take three to four years to complete while
                                      port will be built in three      the current one would be converted for some other use,” he
                                      to four years’ time as the       said, adding that low-cost carrier AirAsia would be operating
                                      current LCCT is nearing its      the new LCCT. The current LCCT, built at a cost of RM108mil
                                      full capacity of 10 million      started operations in March last year. Among the expansion
                                      passengers a year. The           plans for it are work on the arrival and departure lounges,
                                      new terminal with the ca-        and the carpark. He said the plan for the new LCCT would be
                                      pacity to accommodate            finalised in a month. Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong
30 million passengers a year will be located closer to the main        Choy, who was present at the meeting, said the current LCCT,
terminal. The Express Rail Link services, which were initially         which was designed as a warehouse, would be converted into
planned for the current LCCT would not proceed, as it would            a cargo terminal when the new LCCT starts operating. He said
be connected with the new LCCT later. Deputy Prime Minister            although the Government anticipated the current LCCT would
Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced this after chairing the           reach maximum capacity soon, they had to build it first befo-
Cabinet Committee Meeting on Public Transportation. He said            re they could plan the bigger LCCT. Najib also said that the
the current LCCT would undergo further expansion to increase           Transport Ministry was taking steps to address complaints by
its capacity to accommodate 15 million passengers annually.            the disabled community that RapidKL and Rapid Penang buses
“The Cabinet committee had agreed to the construction of the           were not disabled-friendly despite their earlier appeals.
In the heart of Asia lies a land of many cultures, wonders and
attractions. As well as a spectacular collection of architectural
landmarks reflecting a multicultural heritage. In Kuala Lumpur,
for example, the ultra-modern Petronas Twin Towers
loom magnificently over the classic Moorish-style old
Railway Station. Where is this land,
so picturesque and breathtaking?
It can only be Malaysia, Truly Asia.
Bir Turistik Ada, Penang
                                                Penang Köprüsü


                                            Francis Light

           Kek Lok Si


       Tanjung Bungah

                        Oyuncak Müze-
Resort   Rasa Sayang Resort
 Adını Kedilerden alan Sehir, Kuching


               Main Bazaar

                        Çin Tarih


Waterfont, Fort Margherita
   WYSTC Konferans› 3-5 Ekimde'de ‹stanbul’da                                                Türkiye, Mitt 2008 Fuar›nda 'Partner Ülke' oldu

                                           Dünya Gençlik Turizmi Örgütü                                                             Türkiye, Moskova' da düzenlenen ve
                                           WYSTC'nin toplant›s›, 3-5 Ekim                                                           dünyan›n en büyük turizm
                                           2007 tarihlerinde ‹stanbul'da                                                            fuarlar›ndan birisi olan MITT 2008
                                           yap›lacak. ‹stanbul, 2006 Kas›m              Fuar›'na partner ülke oldu. Türkiye, 1254 m2 alan ve 500 ' den fazla firmayla
                                           ay›nda yap›lan elemelerde Fransa'n›n         fuar›n en büyük kat›l›mc›lar› aras›nda yer al›yor. ‹STANBUL - Türkiye, dünyan›n
                                           Nice, ‹sviçre'nin Cenevre ve ‹rlan-          en büyük ve en önemli turizm fuarlar›ndan birisi olan MITT 2008 fuar›nda ilk
                                           da'n›n Dublin kentleri ile yar›flt› ve        kez uygulanacak olan “Partner ülke” ünvan›yla yer alacak. Fuar, 19-22 Mart
                                           konferansa ev sahipli¤i yapmaya hak          2008 tarihleri aras›nda 15. kez Moskova' da düzenlenecek. Rusya, BDT ve
                                           kazand›.        Avrupa         seyahat       Orta Asya Ülkeleri' nin en büyük turizm fuar› olan MITT 2008, ayr›ca dünyan›n
                                           endüstrisinin Gençlik turizmine              en büyük ilk befl turizm fuar› aras›nda yer al›yor. “Partner ülke” ünvan›n› alan
                                           yönelik geliflmeler ve yeni politikalar›      ilk ülke olan Türkiye, 500 ' den fazla kat›l›mc› firmayla fuara damgas›n› vura-
k›sa ad› WYSTC olan World Youth and Student Travel Conference- Dünya                    cak. ITE Group PLC. taraf›ndan organize edilen fuarda ayr›ca; T.C. Kültür ve
Genç ve Ö¤renci Seyahetleri Örgütü'nün ‹stanbul'da yapaca¤› toplant›da                  Turizm Bakanl›¤› 1254 m2 alanda yer alacak . 19-22 Mart 2008 tarihleri
de¤erlendirilecek. Türkiye'de de üyeleri olan WYSTC konferans›nda; dil,                 aras›nda Expocentre' da düzenlenecek fuara rekor say›da kat›l›m gerçeklefliyor.
çal›flma kamp›, kültürel de¤iflim gibi gençlere yönelik tur düzenleyen 400 flirket         15. y›l› organize edilen fuar; 2700' den fazla firma, 100.000' den fazla ziyaretçiye
ve kurulufltan 900'e yak›n kat›l›mc›n›n yer alaca¤› tahmin ediliyor. Konferans           ev sahipli¤i yapacak. Dünya Turizm Örgütü (UNWTO), Uluslararas› Seyahat
ayn› zamanda bir tür gençlik turizmi fuar› olarak da ‹stanbul Lütfi K›rdar Kongre       ve Turizm Fuarlar› Birli¤i (ITTFA) üyesi olan MITT 2008, UFI (Uluslararas›
ve Sergi Merkezi ile Hilton Kongre Merkezi'nde yap›lacak. Konferans ‹ntra Tur           Fuarlar Birli¤i) taraf›ndan da onayl› fuarlar aras›nda yer al›yor. ‹lk partner ülke
taraf›ndan organize edilecek                                                            olan Türkiye, ayr›ca Expocenter' ›n yeni aç›lan Pavillion 8.Hall 1 no' lu salo-
                                                                                        nunun tamam›nda yer alarak bir ilke daha imza atacak. T.C. Kültür ve Turizm
         Türkiz Hotel'de Sonbahar Sürprizi                                              Bakanl›¤›, genifl bir heyetle MITT 2008 fuar›nda yer alacak. Konuyla ilgili
                                                                                        görüfllerini belirten Moskova Kültür ve Tan›tma Müflavirimiz Sn. Nermin
                                          1 Eylül - 10 Ekim '07 tarihleri aras›nda      Batmaz; Türkiye' nin Rusya Federasyonu' nda önemli bir destinasyona sahip
                                          Türkiz Hotel'i tercih edenler, unutul-        oldu¤unu belirtti. Batmaz ; “Türkiye'yi bugün yaklafl›k iki milyon Rus turist
                                          maz bir tatile sahip oluyor. Türkiz           ziyaret etmektedir. Do¤al ve tarihi zenginli¤imizi görmeye ve dinlenmeye
                                          Hotel'in sonbahara özel tatil f›rsat›; '4     gidenlerin say›s› her y›l artmaktad›r “ dedi.
                                          gece 5 gün konaklama', 'yat gezisi' ve
                                          eflfliz Thalasso Center'›nda yaflanacak          2008 - “TÜRK‹YE KÜLTÜR YILI”
                                          bir günlük 'Thalasso Harmony'
                                          paketinden      olufluyor.        Thalasso     Turistlerin memnuniyeti ile iki ülke aras›ndaki sosyo-kültürel ve dostluk
                                          Harmony paketinde; sonsuz rahatlama           iliflkilerinin artmas›na ivme kazand›rd›¤›n› belirten Batmaz, 2007 y›l›n›n
                                          hissi veren Poseidon hidromasaj               Türkiye'de “Rus Kültür Y›l›” olarak kutland›¤›n›, 2008 y›l›nda da Rusya'da
                                          banyosu, elma çay› veya taze meyve            “Türkiye Kültür Y›l›” kutlamalar› gerçeklefltirilece¤inin belirtti. Köklü tarih ve
                                          suyu ile dinlenme odas›nda rahatlama          kültürel miraslar›n sahipleri olan iki komflu ülkenin turizm iliflkilerinin daha uzun
                                          ve s›rt masaj› yer al›yor. Akdenizin          soluklu olaca¤›n›n alt›n› çizen Batmaz, MITT- 15. Moskova Uluslararas› Seyahat
                                          kendine özgü güzelliklerini doyas›ya          ve Turizm Fuar›' n›n, Rusya turizm pazar›n›n ne kadar aktif ve dünyaya aç›l›ma
yaflamak, Thalasso Center'da yenilenerek güne bafllamak ve yaz›n son tatil                yönelik enerjisi oldu¤unu göstermesi bak›m›ndan önemli bir organizasyon
f›rsat›n› en iyi flekilde de¤erlendirmek için, Türkiz Hotel tüm s›cakl›¤› ile konuk-     oldu¤unu söyledi.
lar›n› bekliyor. Kifli bafl›, günlük sadece 65 EURO ödeyerek, bu harika tatile
sahip olabilecekler.
                                                                                                 Swiss'in Kâr› Beklenenin Üzerinde
                                                                                        1 Temmuz 2007 tarihinde Lufthansa taraf›ndan hisselerinin tamam›na sahip
                 Dedeman Otelleri                                                       olunan Swiss International Air Lines, 2007'n›n ilk yar›s› için 295 milyon ‹sviçre
        'Special Hotels of the World' Üyesi
                                                                                        Frank'l›k (244.8 milyon USD) kâr elde etti¤ini aç›klad›. Bu rakam bir sene
                                                                                        öncesinin dört kat›n› oluflturuyor. fiirketin CEO'su Christoph Franz „Bu yürek-
                                     Dünyadaki birinci s›n›f otellerle ilgili           lendirici yar› y›l baflar›s› bizim stratejik hamlelerimize olan inanc›m›z›
                                     kurulufllardan biri olan Great Hotels               pekifltirmektedir“ dedi. Franz ‚''Bu sonuçlar bizim beklentilerimizin üzerindedir.
                                     Organisation, Dedeman Istanbul, Dedeman            Lufthansa ve Star Alliance Toplulu¤u ile birleflmenin getirdigi iflbirli¤i yolcu ve
                                     Ankara, Dedeman Antalya Hotel &                    kargodaki talep art›fl›n› da beraberinde getirmifltir. ‹kinci çeyrekteki kâr art›fl› ise
                                     Convention Center, Dedeman Bodrum ve               72 milyon ‹sviçre Frank'›ndan 177 milyon ‹sviçre Frank'› olarak kaydedilmifltir.
                                     Dedeman         Cappadocia        Hotel       &    Yar› y›l operasyon geliri yüzde 16.6'l›k bir yükseliflle 2.3 milyar Isviçre Frank'›na
                                     Convention Center'›n art›k 'Special Hotels         ve operasyon kâr› da 98 milyon Frankt'tan 285 milyon ‹sviçre Frank'›na yük-
                                     of the World'un birer üyesi oldu¤unu               selmifltir. Böylece ikinci çeyrekteki yüzde 16.1'lik 1.22 milyarl›k ‹sviçre Frank'›
aç›klad›. 'Special Hotels of the World' üyesi oteller, sunduklar› eflsiz sat›fl ve        kâr, iflletme faaliyetlerinden (EBIT) elde edilen kâr›n 75 milyondan 163 milyon
pazarlama imkanlar› ve verdikleri üstün hizmet kalitesiyle konaklama sek-               ‹sviçre Frank'› artmas›n› sa¤lam›flt›r. ‹lk yar›da yolcu say›s› yüzde 13.4 art›flla 5.7
töründe tüm dikkatleri üzerlerine çekiyorlar.'Special Hotels of the World'              milyona, doluluk oran› ise 1.1 puan artarak yüzde 78.8'e ulaflm›flt›r.'' sözleriyle
üyeli¤i, art›k bir marka olmufl otellerin Great Hotels Organisation taraf›ndan           bilgi verdi.
davet edilmesiyle gerçekleflmekte. Bu kapsamda, 'The Special Hotels' markas›,
birinci s›n›f otellerin kurumsal (ifl gezisi ve toplant›lar) ve bireysel misafirlerini
                                                                                                            5. Mövenpick Golf Cup
yak›ndan ilgilendiririyor. 'Special Hotels of the World' üyeli¤i ile y›llard›r                                     ‹stanbul'un ilk butik ifl oteli Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul,
sürdü¤ü eflsiz hizmet kalitesi tescillenmifl olan ve Türkiye'nin en yayg›n oteller                                   22 -23 Eylül 2007 tarihlerinde, ‹stanbul Golf Kulübü
zinciri olarak faaliyetlerini sürdüren Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International                                      Maslak Tesisleri'nde 200 kiflinin kat›laca¤› bir golf tur-
bugün, hizmet kalitesi ve çeflitli konaklama imkanlar›n› de¤iflik co¤rafi noktalar-                                  nuvas› düzenleyecek. 2 gün sürecek turnuvada
da marka ve misafir sadakati aç›s›ndan buluflturuyor.                                                               bayanlar 2 erkekler ise 3 kategoride yar›flacak. Ayr›ca
                                                                                                                   senior kategorisi de düzenlenecek. Her kategorinin ilk
   BARBA G‹R‹TL‹ BALIK Turistlerin Favorisi                                                                        üç derecesine ve gross birincisine kupalar› akflam
                                                                                                                   saatlerinde, Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul Skyline Club
2003 Y›l›ndan bu yana Haliç'te hizmet veren Barba Giritli Bal›k lokantas›                                          Lounge'da düzenlenecek olan ödül töreninde verile-

de¤iflik menuleri ile turistlerin favori mekan› oldu. ‹flletmecil¤ini Bar›fl Al›c›o¤lu                                cek. Ödül töreninin ard›ndan gerçeklefltirilecek olan
ve umut Al›c›o¤lu’nunyapt›¤› restoran sundu¤u eflsiz lezzetle ve muteflem                                            çekiliflle bir flansl› oyuncu, Swiss International Airlines
manzaras›yla konuklar›n› a¤›rl›yor. Galatadan. Topkap› Saray›na kadar uzanan                                       ile gidifl-dönüfl uçak bileti, ‹sviçre'nin kayak ve golf
‹stanbal’un eflsiz manzaras›n› özellikle turist grublar›n› büyülüyor. Alakent            merkezi Crans-Montana'da ücretsiz oyun hakk› dahil, befl y›ld›zl› bir otelde iki
menüsüyle ö¤le saat 12:00 gece 01:00’e kadarhizmet veren lokanta gruplar                gece iki kiflilik konaklama kazanacak. Kupalar›n d›fl›nda dereceye girenlere
için ise özel fiyat seçenekleri ve ayr› salonlar› ile hizmet veriyor.                   Bitez'de bu yaz hizmete giren Mövenpick Resort Bodrum'da süit odada, 3
                                                                                        gece kahvalt› ve akflam yeme¤i dahil konaklama, Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul'da
Abdülezzel Pafla Cad. No::3 Kadir Has Üniversitesi Yan› Cibali/Fatih/‹stanbul            haftasonu konaklama, AzzuR'da akflam yeme¤i, brunch ve çikolata masaj› gibi
                TEL: 0212 533 18 66 /77 giritlibalik.com                                çeflitli hediyeler de verilecek.
                                                                                                   [                                                                            49
                                                                                                            KISA KISA...

                                                                                                            • Ingiltere'de yaflayan Rus Abramoviç Türkiye ve K.K›br›sta yeni otel yat›r›mlar› icin araflt›rma
                                                 Kas›m / Aral›k Say›s›                                        yap›yor.
                                                                                                            • Edip Araç MNG Turizm Grubunun Genel koordinatörü oldu..
                                                  Philoxenia-Selanik                                        • Prof. Ahmet Emre Bilgili ‹stanbul Kültür ve Turizm müdürlü¤üne geri döndü.
                                                                                                            • Gülçin Güner ALTID baflkanl›¤›na seçildi.
                                                     WTM-Londra                                             • Tijen Günyol 1 Ekimde aç›lacak Dedeman fiile genel müdürlü¤ünü üstlendi.
                                                                                                            • Görkem Bolat Holiday Inn Istanbul City Sat›fl ofisinde göreve bafllad›.
                                                       ITS- Atina                                           • Bülent Kayapehlivan Türkiye Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts sat›fl ve pazarlama direktörü olarak
                                                                                                              göreve bafllad›.
                                                    Luxury-Cannes                                           • Banu Dedeman Dedeman Turizm Yat. A.fi. de sat›fl ve pazarlama direktörlü¤ünü üstlendi.
                                                                  Ve                                        • Tamer Yürüko¤lu Dedeman Turizm Yat. A.fi. as Operasyonlar direktörlü¤üne atand›.
                                                                                                            • Kerem Demircan yeni aç›lan Taksim-Istanbul'daki Mid-Town Otel genel müdürlü¤üne atand›.
                                          Skal Dünya Kongresi-Antalya                                       • Ömer Subafl› Sheraton Istanbul Maslak genel Müdürlü¤ünü üstlendi.

                                           Turizm Etkinliklerinde                                             Havayollar›
                                       Bask› için 19 Ekim son gündür.                                       • Delta havayollar› JFK-Manhattan aras›nda helicopter servisi baslatt›.
                                                                                                            • SunExpress, Ramazan'da %30 indirimli.
                                                                                                            • Lufthansa ile ABD 31.Mart tarhine kadar promosyonlu ve 1 Eylül - 30 Kas›m 2007 tarihleri
                                           Ücretsiz abone olun                                                aras›nda Türkiye'den Paris'e uçacak yolcular 25.- Euro de¤erinde; New York'a uçacak yolcular ise
                                                                                                              50.- Euro de¤erinde hediye ceki kullanabilecekler.
                            Tüm Dünyadan Turizm Haberleri Bilgisayar›n›za Gelsin !                          • Bulgaria Air Istanbul ucuslar›na bafllad›.
                                                                                                            • THY Ramazan ay› boyunca 79.-YTL lik promosyon uyguluyor.
                                                                                                            • Otel platformu www.hangiotel.com ziyaretçilerine özel K›br›s fiyatlar› sunuyor.
                                                                                                            • Geo Tourism Valikonagi Caddesi, Sair Nigar Sok. No. 1 D. 6 Ceylan Palas Apt. Nisantasi -
                                                                                                              Istanbul adresine tafl›nd›.
                                                                                                            • VIP Turizm Mastercard ile ortaklafla Lux turlar organize ediyor.
                                                                                                            • OTI Rus pazar›nda büyümeyi sürdürüyor.
                                                                                                            • Galileo Türkiye acentalar için yeni bir al›flverifl sistemi bafllatt›.

                                                                                                            • Merit Crystal Cove Hotel'in çeflitli otlar ve sebzelerden oluflan geleneksel K›br›s yemekleri özel
                                                                                                              bir mönüsü büyük ilgi görüyor.
                                                                                                            • Hilton Ad›yaman, Aksaray gibi Anadolu flehirlerinde oteller açaçacak.
                                                                                                            • WOW Otellerinin yeni halkas› 4 ve 5 y›ld›zl› iki tesisle Istanbul Yeflilköy de aç›ld›.Tesisler ayr›ca
                                                                                                              Istanbulun en büyük kapasiteli Kongre merkezine de sahip.
                                                                                                            • Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul bir kez daha Avrupa'n›n en iyi oteli seçildi.
                                                                                                            • 2008 de Antalya Belek'de 2.tesisini açacak olan Cornelia ‹stanbul da da bir tesis açmay›
                                                                                                            • Robinson Club Çamyuva ''Singles'' parileri büyük ilgi çekiyor.
                                                    2008 Turizm Pazarlaman›z için                           • Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia aç›ld›.
                                                                                                            • ‹stanbul'un il t›p oteli Byotel aç›ld›.
                                World Travel Guide & Diary'08 Haz›rlan›yor                                  • Divan 3 otelini Pendik'te açacak.

                                                                                                              05-07 La Cumbre-Ft.Lauderdale               20-22 TT - Varflova
                                                                                                              08-16 BTF-Busan                             21-23 JATA/TTF-Tokyo
                                                                                                              15-23 Wellness-Bremen                       25-27 IT&ME fiikago
                              Tüm Dünyadan turizm bilgileri ve 1000'e yak›n turizm etkinli¤i’nin tarih ve     17-18 BIT-Lima                              26-28 Leisure-Moskova

                                                  adresleri. KDV dahil 20.-YTL.-                                                                   Ekim
                                                Sipariflinizi Verdiniz mi?                                     01-03 AITEX-Seam Reap                       18-21 ITF-Bükrefl
                                                                                                              05-07 ITECHMC - Ho Che Minh                 23-25 TTF-Taflkent
                                                          Tel:0216 391 3795
                                                                                                              10-12 Travel Mart-Kiev                      24-27 Tur Salon - Poznan
                                                      ozge@smpublication.com                                  17-20 Tourism-Sofya                         24-28 ABAV-Rio de janerio

     50                                                                                                         [

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