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					                                              BRENT HARLEY
                                     President, B.E.S., B.L.A., M.B.A.

               Professional Profile                                                           Associations
Brent Harley has been involved in all aspects of                        Member of:
resort development for the past thirty years.
                                                                             Canadian Society of Landscape Architects
With Bachelor degrees in environmental studies                               (C.S.L.A.).
and landscape architecture, and a Masters of                                 British Columbia Society of Landscape
Business Administration, Brent has focused on                                Architects (B.C.S.L.A.)
mountain resort master planning, village                                     Canada West Ski Areas Association
planning and golf resort planning throughout                                 (CWSAA)
Canada, the USA, Australia, Japan and Korea.                                 National Ski Areas Association (NSAA)
As an extension to the planning, he has been                                 BC Helicopter and Snowcat Skiing
very involved in the approval processes for                                  Operators Association (BCHSSOA)
these projects, working closely with his clients                             Whistler Advisory Design Review Panel
and the various government bodies to achieve                                 Whistler 2020 Sustainability Built
the desired end results.                                                     Environment Panel

Living in Whistler since 1978 has afforded Brent
the opportunity to participate in the planning of
all aspects of that resorts' development. He has
served on the Whistler Advisory Planning
Commission and Advisory Design Panel and is
                                                                             Whistler Athlete Village, BC
an active participant in the ongoing issues of this
                                                                             Town of Banff Community Plan, AB
world class destination.
                                                                             Ski Area Development in Parks Canada, AB
                                                                             Mt. Baldy Resort Master Plan, BC
As owner and President of Brent Harley and
                                                                             All Season Resort Policy Development
Associates, The Resort Planning Group, Brent
                                                                             Guidelines, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and
directs the activities of his highly specialized
                                                                             the Arts, BC
staff in their very diversified and active practice.
                                                                             Rainbow Residential Community, BC
                                                                             Development Master Plan, BC
Brent lives with his wife Nancy, daughter Paige
                                                                             Resorts West Master Plan Concepts, BC
and son Chase. He is an active recreationalist
                                                                             Union Bay Waterfront Village Master Plan
with a focus on skiing and mountain biking.
                                                                             Concepts, BC
                                                                             Mt Mackenzie Master Plan Review and
                      Education                                              Revelstoke Impact Analysis, BC
                                                                             Whistler Comprehensive Sustainability Plan,
Master of Business Administration, 1986, Simon                               BC
Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C.                                           All Season Resort Policy Framework, BC
                                                                             Valemount Socio-Economic Study, BC
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, 1976,                                    2010 Vancouver Olympic Bid Ski and
University of Guelph, Ontario.                                               Snowboard Events Venue Design, BC
                                                                             2010 Vancouver Olympic Bid Callaghan
Bachelor of Environmental Studies, 1973,                                     Valley Master Plan Concepts, BC
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario.                                   Coal Creek Golf Resort Community, BC.
                                                                             Socio-Economic Benefits Study of
                                                                             Heli/Snowcat Skiing, BC
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                                            Design for Your Environment

 #4 -1005 Alpha Lake Road Whistler, BC Canada V0N 1B1   Tel: 604-932-7002 Fax: 604-938-1161
   Mike Wiegele's Saddle Mountain, BC.                                      Solitude Ski Resort, UT.
   Red Mountain Resort, BC.                                                 Mount Bachelor Ski Resort, OR.
   Big White Ski Resort, BC.                                                Schweitzer Basin Ski Resort, ID.
   Kimberley Alpine Resort, BC.
   Silver Star Ski Resort, BC.
   Terrace Winter Opportunities Study, BC.                                                    AUSTRALIA
   Castle Mountain, AB.
   Fernie Alpine Resort, BC.                                                Mt. Hotham Ski Resort.
   Canada Olympic Park, AB.                                                 Falls Creek Ski Resort.
   Mt. Arrowsmith, BC.
   Lake Louise Ski Resort, AB.
   Island Lake Resort, BC.                                                                  NEW ZEALAND
   West Bench (Kicking Horse), BC.
   Ski Area Guidelines Policy, Ministry of                                  Porters Ski Resort, Christchurch
   Environment Lands and Parks, BC.
   Canada Olympic Park (1988 Olympics), AB.
   Mount Mackenzie Ski Resort, BC.                                                               KOREA
   Powder King Ski Village, BC.
   Snow Village, BC.                                                        Yong Peyong Resort.
   Nicholas North Golf Course, BC.                                          Hyosung Resort.
   Westcastle Ski Resort, AB.                                               Jisan Resort.
   Rossland Golf Course, BC.
   Craig Bay, BC.
   Ski Stoneham, PQ.                                                                              JAPAN
   Nakiska Resort (1988 Olympics), AB.
   Cheekeye Golf Resort , BC.                                               Hoshino Hot Spring Resort.
   Morning Mountain Ski Area, BC.                                           Nanashigure Ski Resort.
   Whistler Mountain, BC.                                                   Tono Highland Village.
   Jumbo Glacier Ski Resort (1982), BC.                                     Mt. Jeans Ski Resort
   Marble Mountain Ski Resort, NF.                                          Itonose Resort.
   Mount Baldy Ski Area, BC.                                                Rusutsu Resort.
   Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, BC.                                         AM CUBE.
   Panorama Ski Resort, BC.                                                 Iizuna Ski Resort (1998 Olympics).
   Yelohed Ski Resort, BC.                                                  Akagihara Showa Mura Resort.
   Strathacona Ski Area, AB.                                                Resort Park Onikoube.
   Glen Eden Ski Area, ON.                                                  Shintotsukawa Pinneshiri Universal Resort.
   Sunshine Village, AB.                                                    Mount Zao Ski Resort.
                                                                            Niseko West Valley Resort Community.
                                                                            Sahoro Resort.
                          USA                                               Yanaba Ski Resort.
                                                                            Dainichidake Ski Resort.
   Stevens Pass Resort, WA
   Silver Mountain Resort, ID
   Sun Valley Community Plan, ID                                               NORTHERN MARIANAS ISLANDS
   Jay Peak Resort, VT.
   Purgatory Ski Resort, CO.                                                Rota Golf Resort
   Sierra-at-Tahoe, CA.
   Mission Ridge, WA.
   Catamount Ski Resort, CO.                                                                      CHINA
   Wachusett Ski Resort, MA.
   Stowe Ski Resort: VT.                                                    Jade Dragon Mountain.
   Sugarloaf Ski Resort, ME.                                                Xiamen Golf Resort
   Mt Snow Resort, VT.
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                                           Design for Your Environment

#4 -1005 Alpha Lake Road Whistler, BC Canada V0N 1B1   Tel: 604-932-7002 Fax: 604-938-1161

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