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The Professional Locksmith


									THE GREATER
   ASSOCIATION                  The Professional Locksmith
                                                                               The Monthly Publication of GPLA
  Sven K. Hellwig, Sr., CRL              Volume 56 Issue 5                                             May 2010

      Vice President
  Robert Schuetrumpf, CJIL      Presidents Viewpoint
                                I was recently contacted by a service lead provider, as I know others of you have as
     James Sundstrond III
                                well. For those of you who have not yet heard from them or signed up, weigh your
    Recording Secretary         pros and cons carefully before setting up with them. As you should with any
        Paul Kline              business decision or company that you deal with. The way this service works is the
                                lead provider advertises your company name and information on the internet
  Corresponding Secretary       through different search engines, BUT with their phone number. The call routes
       Robert Wagner            through their computer system to your phone number, you get the call and set up the
                                job. Their computer system records the conversation and searches, recognizing key
      Sergeant at Arms          words like; lock, key, deadbolt, install, etc. - Bam you get charged $17.00! For a
        John Williams           lead provider to pop you for $17.00 per call can really add up, that would be just
                                fine if most of the leads paned out! From what I’ve heard, that is the exception, not
   Board of Directors           the rule.
   Chairman of the Board        There is another company that works a little different. They get the call to their
   Edward Fitzgerald, CML       number, which they advertise on the internet, then they send you the lead via email
                                and text messaging, but from what I’ve been told even if you are the fastest speed
     Martin Arnold, CML
                                dialer in the world, when you call the lead back more often then not they say, “Oh I
     Nelson Dayton, CML         already have someone coming out” or there is no answer at all. This particular
                                company uses “Magic” in their name. Be careful as most of you know, magicians
    Orvis Kline, CPL, CAL       use an awful lot of smoke and mirrors to fool you.

        Robert Mock             When one of these providers contacted me, I did some homework and in-depth
                                inquires with several who have the service now or have in the past. While some of
       Michael Nimmo            the calls turned into a decent job, there were many more that were just not worth the
                                $17.00 charge. Like one individual whom I interviewed, that was billed $17.00 for
 Clifford L. Shafer, CPS, CML   a call that resulted in one duplicate key in shop. Are you kidding me?!
       Ronald Weaver            In their defense, there is usually no contract and you can cancel at any time, but I
                                for one have worked very hard to build a well established and respected business
     Barry Wilensky, CRL
                                name. I will always use discretion on who I associate it with.
        John Williams
                                This is just my personal and professional opinion and is not necessarily the
    Official Photographer:      viewpoint of GPLA and its board.
        Walter Lascar
                                Let me know if there are any of you who have had any experience with these types
In this Issue:                  of service providers or may be working with one now so I may listen to your point
   • Presidential Viewpoint     of view and report it to our members. Better yet, please write an article in regards
   • Minutes of the April and   to this or any topic related to the industry or the good of the association.
     May Membership
     Meeting                    PLEASE…is anyone out there…can you hear me, how about now?!
   • Tips and Tricks
   • Upcoming Classes           Respectfully submitted,
   • Next Membership            Your President
     Meeting Notice             Sven K. Hellwig Sr., CRL
   • This Month’s Program
                                  Minutes of March 2010 G.P.L.A. General Membership Meeting

Meeting was held at GPLA Headquarters on March 15, 2010 and was called to order at 7:37 pm by Sven Hellwig.

A demonstration on ADA EZ wire free door openers was presented by and Mark Palmero and Mike Alfonso.

Reading of the previous meeting minutes: Motion to accept the January 2010 general meeting minutes as printed is the
newsletter by Cliff Shafer, 2nd by Bob Mock Motion was passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: James Sundstrond III presented the profit & loss statement for January. A motion was made to accept by
Orvis Kline, 2nd by Joseph Reustle and passed unanimously.

Correspondence In: GPLA received 3 new applications for membership and was turned over to Robert Schuetrumpf. Several
price quotes for GPLA insurance where received to be reviewed by the board. A check for $165.00 was received from ALOA for
the convention and given to the Treasurer.

Correspondence Out: Invoices were mailed out to Dave Wetzel, Kevin Savoy, and Frank Valese our newest GPLA members for
dues. A letter was mailed to Jerry Buckley thanking him for administering the oath of office.

President’s Report: Sven Hellwig received an e-mail from a customer who was almost scammed when the price went to almost
1000 dollars. The customer ended up calling GPLA member Dan MacFarlane and wanted to thank him for doing a great
professional job. Sven is working on a program to educate the public and is asking members to forward any info about scammer’s
to him. Sven was also contacted by James Watt who is looking for locksmiths to interview for a reality show. Anyone interested
can email him at

Health & Welfare: Bill Neff is having some leg pain and will need an operation. Bob Mock asked if anyone has any info on
health and welfare to forward it to him.

Newsletter: Anyone wishing to receive the newsletter electronically please send Cliff Shafer an e-mail. Also, if anyone would
like to send an article to be posted in the newsletter forward them as well.

Membership Committee: Keith Campagna and Alexander Test were voted on and accepted as new GPLA apprentice members.
Membership plaques where handed out to members John Daviny and Joe Degevini.

Building Committee: Spring Cleanup is around the corner, there will be a cookout for anyone who comes to help out. There will
be more info in the next newsletter.

Legislation: The PA has a bill requiring anyone working on access control to have a license has stalled. At the time it will have to
wait till after the elections before it is brought up again.

Convention Committee: Sven Hellwig reported this year’s theme will be “High Security - The Locksmith’s Edge” and the
honorary chairmen will be Gail Johnson from Locksmith Ledger. Cliff Shafer will be stepping into the role of education chairman.

By-laws: Orvis Kline encourages the members to read the by-laws and if anything is out of date and or needs changed to let him
know. You can now read them on the GPLA web site at

Holiday Party: John Williams is working on a date for the 2010 party. More on this will be announced at the next meeting.

Unfinished Business: None.

New Business: None.

Good of the Association: Bob Mock reported that the new by-law changes for ALOA were voted on and passed by its members.
These new by-laws changes are set up to remove anyone who engages in dishonest or deceptive practices in their business.
Keyways, a publication in Great Britton congratulated GPLA on our 60th anniversary. The president of Keyways and the members
of the European locksmith association look forward to attending our convention this year. This year’s ALOA convention will be in
Orlando, Florida. Barry Wilensky reported that Segal is making their slam lock again. Cliff Shafer reported that ILA has several
classes coming up: April 17 there will be a Blueprint and Hardware reading and is NJ CEU certified. In May there will be a
combination lock class. R2 hinge will be setting up a class in May worth 3 NJ CEU’s. For more information, look on GPLA’s
website, or ILA’s website. John Williams reported on NASTEF. This is a service set up to get codes for cars. You can go through
ALOA’s website for more information. Orvis Kline reported that Justcars is having classes May 6th and 7th in Newburg, New
York. There will be a European automotive class in Manchester, England November 5th to the 7th. You can get more information at Ed Fitzgerald handed out a plaque to Anthony Buenaflor for helping out on the exhibit committee.
50/50: The 50/50 was worth $63.00 and won by Ed Miller, congratulations. Various other prizes were provided by 1st in
Hardware, Independent Hardware, IDN Hardware, Fried Brothers, and Mains Lock Company.

A Motion to adjourn was made by Cliff Shafer, 2nd by Bob Mock and was carried unanimously at 9:23 pm.

Paul J. Kline
Recording Secretary

                                  Minutes of April 2010 G.P.L.A. General Membership Meeting

Meeting was held at GPLA Headquarters on April 19, 2010 and was called to order at 7:38 pm by Sven Hellwig.

A demonstration about business coaching was held by Bill Silverman from AdviCoach.

Reading of the previous meeting minutes: The minutes for the General membership meeting were read by Paul Kline. A motion
was made to accept by Barry Wilensky, 2nd by Nelson Dayton and was passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: James Sundstrond III presented the profit & loss statement for January. A motion was made to accept by
Barry Wilensky, 2nd by Cliff Shafer and was passed unanimously.

Correspondence In: 1st in Hardware sent notification that Edward Korenge is no longer employed with them. They also will not
be responsible for any orders placed with Mr. Korenge after 4/5/2010. Any questions direct them to John Edwards. Bob Mock
reported that he received a thank you card from the Nimmo’s.

Correspondence Out: Two invoices were mailed out to new members, Keith Campagna and Alexander M. Test for dues

President’s Report: Sven Hellwig reported that due to personal reasons, Robert Schuetrumpf will be stepping down as Vice
President. Robert Mock was nominated and will be replacing Schuetrumpf as Vice President. Robert Thomas will be taking
Robert Mock’s place on the Board of Directors. Sven asked if any members were interested in being an alternate on the Board of
Directors to let him know. Next meetings program will be on the heart cam from the University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

Health & Welfare: Condolences to Michael Nimmo and family for their loss. A card was sent to Bill Neff.

Newsletter: If any member has anything they would like to add to the newsletter please forward them to Cliff.

Membership Committee: Brent Franklin member number 204, Jesse Hicks member number 257, and Ed Sellers member number
256 will be removed from the GPLA roster for not paying dues.

Building Committee: June’s spring clean up meeting will have a cook out/barbeque.

Legislation: Martin Arnold reported that new bill in New Jersey was introduced to lower the alarm installation credits to 18 CEUs
instead of the 36 CEUs. There is nothing in the works for Locksmiths. Bob Mock reported that if you would like to see the
proposed bill in PA, or any other legislation pertaining to locksmiths, to check them out on ALOA’s website.

Holiday Party: John Williams reported that the holiday party is set for Friday December 17, 2010 and will at the same hall as last

Unfinished Business: None.

New Business: Sven Hellwig reported there are 2 holes in the outside wall of the GPLA headquarters. The Landlord will be
contacted to fix these.

Good of the Association: A closer was donated to GPLA from ADA EZ. A class will be held on how to install it. South Jersey
Locksmith Association will have a class on low voltage locksmith class and worth 6 CEU’s. This class will be held at Winslow
Family Diner, 491 Williamstown Road in Sicklerville, NJ 08081on June 3rd. Contact Jim Sundstrond at 856-854-5200 for more
info. There is a R2 hinge class at Abundant Life Fellowship Church at 4151 Rte. 130 S, Edgewater Park, NJ on May 22. This
class will be worth 3 CEU’s. Contact Cliff Shafer at 609-352-6426 for more info. Bob mock reported this year’s ALOA
convention is in Orlando Florida Aug 1st to the 8th. The next four convention sites in order will be Nashville, TN; Las Vegas, NV;
Baltimore, MD; and New Orleans, LA. ALOA has a scholarship foundation for locksmith training, anyone interested see Bob
Mock. Robert Wagner reported on the website This site will help consumers get more info about scammers and how to
hire a reputable locksmith. You can also access the site from the GPLA website.
Orvis Kline reported that Just Cars classes are May 6th and 7th in Newburg, New York. If anyone sees a falsely used BBB symbol
in an ad, forward it to him and he will make sure the appropriate BBB rep gets it. Sven Hellwig reported that the Postmaster
General is in the Philadelphia area looking into the locksmith scammers. John Williams reported that his NASTF access is a life
saver if you do cars.

50/50: The 50/50 was worth $55.00 and won by Ed miller, congratulations. Various other prizes were provided by 1st in
Hardware, Independent Hardware, IDN Hardware, Fried Brothers, Master Lock and Mains lock Company.

A motion to adjourn was made by Nelson Dayton, 2nd by Ed Miller and was carried unanimously at 9:24 pm.

Paul J. Kline
Recording Secretary

Tips and Tricks
Submitted by Robert Wagner
How to remove an “F” series cylinder from a Schlage Orbit Knob
As we know Schlage tells us to push at the bottom of the key broaching to remove the cylinder on a Plymouth knob.
Because the Orbit knob is longer in length then the Plymouth, the cylinder falls into the larger opening. I have found
that if you use a .008 X 3/8” wide 4” long shim to slide in the back of the Orbit knob on top of the spring retainer and
push from the front, the cylinder slides out with ease.

Using a cone point set-screw to transfer a location
When installing entrance handle sets that require a screw to retain the lower portion to the door you can use this
method. I use a 3/8” long cone point set screw by placing the hex driver end into the threads and the point sticking out.
After placing the 2-1/8 portion of the lock set into the door and using a level to straighten the handle vertically, you
just have to tap the bottom and this gives you the exact location to drill the required hole for the handle retaining

                                                    Upcoming Classes

MLANJ has scheduled a 6 CEU Safe Manipulation Class at Accredited Lock Supply in Secaucus, NJ on May 20. The
instructor will be Martin Arnold, CML. Additional information can be found at

A 3 CEU class on Repairing High Traffic Entranceways with the R2 VARYX Hinge is scheduled for May 22. The
instructors will be Kerry Sprick and Cliff Shafer, CPS, CML. Contact Cliff Shafer at or 609-
352-6426 for more information.

SJLA and IDN Philadelphia have scheduled a 6 CEU Low Voltage Locksmithing Class at the Winslow Family Diner
& Restaurant in Sicklerville, NJ on June 3, 2010. The instructor will be Tom Foxwell. Interested locksmiths can
contact Jim Sundstrond at 856-854-5200 for more information.

MLANJ has scheduled an 8 CEU Lock Bypass Class at Accredited Lock Supply in Secaucus, NJ on June 17, 2010.
The instructors will be John D. Truempy, CMIL, CRL and Vernon Kelley, CMIL, CPL. Interested locksmiths can
contact Ryan Weaver at 201-865-5014 or Ken Vitty at 732-232-1008 for more information.
The following advertisers make the publication of this newsletter possible. Please remember them the next time
you need to purchase supplies.

                                        A & B Safe Manufacturing Corporation
                                        Phone: 800-253-1267

                                        Aable Locksmiths
                                        Phone: 203-882-0600

                                        Buckley Sales Company
                                        Jerry Buckley
                                        Phone: 856-983-9165

                                        Doorwares Associates, Inc.
                                        Phone: 215-258-1264

                                        1st in Hardware
                                        Phone: 866-397-9900

                                        Fried Brothers, Inc.
                                        Phone: 800-523-2924

                                        IDN Hardware Sales, Inc.
                                        Phone: 800-233-3355

                                        Independent Hardware, Inc.
                                        Phone: 800-346-9464

                                        LAB Security Systems
                                        Phone: 800-243-8242

                                        Lockmasters, Inc.
                                        Phone: 800-654-0637
                              Next Meeting:
                           Monday, May 17, 2010
                                7:30 PM
            (Light refreshments will be served beginning around 7:00 PM)

                            GPLA Headquarters
                        8015 Craig Street, Philadelphia, PA

                            Scheduled Program:
               Heart Scan from University of Pennsylvania Hospital

The Greater Philadelphia Locksmiths Association
c/o Clifford L. Shafer, CPS, CML
2103 Branch Pike, Unit 5
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077-3044

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