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					 SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2002                                                                 

The Moment
By Kim Robertson
There is a pivotal moment for all vegetarians when they       people could actually survive without meat, a new
decide that they do not want to eat animals anymore.          concept to me at the time. I was still a bit insensitive to
Seeds have been planted before, that lead to this             vegetarian sensibilities my first year at the school. I
epiphanous decision. These seeds could be planted             thought I was doing my students a favour when I brought
when meeting and conversing with healthy vegetarians.         them paper Burger King crowns back from the restaurant
They can be sown while reading the newspaper, hearing         after Dave and I had had one of our all too common
about the health risks associated with meat eating on         burger feeding frenzies. As I mentioned, we were trying
T.V., or watching a movie, such as Babe. Living with and      to cut back on red meat, but not really wholeheartedly.
loving a special animal friend has changed many a com-            I was still unaware of how bad animals in factory
mitted meat eater, as well. It usually takes many seeds to    farms were treated. I read an article in the Vancouver
change a person, as we are not creatures who take to
change easily. Once the decision is made, people usually
                                                             “I do wonder if I had I not read
have a few setbacks in their transition. I certainly had a    that newspaper article whether
few of my own.                                                this wonderful change would have
    My transition began several years ago when my
father-in-law had his second open-heart surgery. My
                                                              happened in my life.”
husband, Dave, and I started to see other extensive           Sun that talked about animals being transported to
health problems in our older family members including         slaughter and how it was legal in Canada not to give
what we believed were premature deaths for some of            them food or water for 54 hours. This seemed very cruel
them. We had a vague understanding that red meat and          to me but of course it was only the tip of the iceberg. I
certain fats and cholesterol were bad, so we cut back on      had not yet seen video or read about all the cruelties
certain foods, like steak.                                    involved in standard animal agriculture today. Yet this
    I was fortunate to start work at the Sikh Khalsa          was my moment; I said to myself that I was going to
Elementary School in Vancouver, a vegetarian school, in       become vegetarian! I told my husband and he was also in
principle for religious reasons. I started to realize that    agreement and for Christmas he surprised me with the
                                                              book Becoming Vegetarian.
 Article:   The Moment                           page   1          Living with our cats also opened both our hearts to
 Column:    Letters to the Editor                page   2     the love of an animal and we began to see they were
 Column:    Ask Rosemary                         page   3     little furry Purrrsons. We started to see them as some-
 Article:   AGM and Upcoming Potluck             page   4     thing we wanted to protect from pain and it did not make
 Review:    The Everyday Vegan                   page   5     sense to inflict pain on other innocent creatures, such as
 Article:   EarthSave Top Ten                    page   6     cows and pigs and chickens. Our vet, also a vegetarian,
                                                              would label any medications with the cats first and last
 Review:    The Reef Carribean Restaurant        page   7
                                                              name, such as Squeaky Robertson, Rudy Robertson etc.
 Update:    Upcoming Dine-outs                   page   7
                                                              (We have a few more). This made them even more a part
 Update:    Health Partnership Program           page   8
                                                              of the family and in my heart I knew, of course, that farm

                                                              Please see “Moment” on page 3…
Letters to the Editor
Your feedback about EarthSave Canada or our newsletter                                  original form and intent of the letter. Please send letters
is welcome. While some letters may be edited for space                                  to the address at the bottom of this page or e-mail to
or content reasons, every effort is made to maintain the                      

  To the Editor,                                                                        chairs etc., yet mine was the last table called. Is this
  At the last potluck I attended, I was very hurt and                                   fair? This is why I failed to attend the last potluck and I
  disappointed, as were some others, that table numbers                                 will not attend any more potlucks unless this random
  were pulled out of a hat at random. This was tried
                                                                                        selection process is permanently reversed.
  many months ago at Bonsor and such an outcry was
  made that one of the board members announced that                                                                                  Thanks, Gary Williams
  the board of directors had unanimously decided to
  reverse this random selection process and go back to                                  [ed. note: Rest assured the wheel has not been reinvent-
  a first come first up to the food table process, for all                                ed. What you have seen in terms of the inconsistency of
  time. This announcement resulted in thunderous
                                                                                        format is the result of having no potluck coordinator. We
  applause from almost all present at the time. And here
  we are reinventing the wheel again!!                                                  welcome any new volunteers who would like to train for
      I would like to see a return to that method. I was                                that position. Hope to see you at the October 6th potluck,
  the first person to arrive, I helped set up the tables and                             Gary!]

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2 Canada EarthSaver • September / October 2002
“Moment” continued from page 1…
 animals were intelligent, had personalities, and wanted
                                                              Ask Rosemary
 to live free from pain and discomfort, too.                  Our Office Manager,
    Of course it still took a few months to make the          Rosemary Wilson, Answers
 switch. I stopped buying meat, but at our favourite          Questions from Readers
 Japanese place, free chicken wing appetizers were rou-
                                                              Dear Rosemary,
 tinely given and I always had a hard time turning them
                                                              I would like to include soy yogurt in
 down. Dave kept pointing out to me, on many occasions,
                                                              my diet but one of the ingredients on
 that chickens lived in concentration camp conditions.
                                                              the label is “bacterial culture.” Does that mean that this
 His conscience became mine until finally the wings
 became not only undesirable, but simply disgusting, as       is not a vegan product?

 all meat now is and has been for a couple years.             Anna
    After reading John Robbin’s new book, The Food
 Revolution, last summer I realized that my journey had       If you consider bacteria an animal, rather than just a low
 not ended. I learned about the horrors cows experience       form of life, one could argue that soy yogurt isn’t vegan.
 in modern largescale dairy operations. I learned about       The other question would be whether or not it’s a vegan
 how egg-laying hens suffer horrible atrocities. I knew I     animal. Bacteria is cultured in a lab and is possibly grown
 needed to become vegan and, of course, my kind-hearted       on any medium that permits growth. Whether the bacteria
 husband also agreed. Getting rid of most dairy products      in the soy yogurt was grown on a vegan medium, remains
 and eggs was easy, but, I must admit, I struggled for        a mystery. Philosophically, bacteria that “eats” animal
 months with my cheese addiction, especially on pizza.        products isn’t vegan. What about plants that are fertilized
 When we really started to think about how cows get           by the droppings of wild animals that are not vegan. Are
 painful udder infections from being hooked up to             those plants now not vegan? This is a gnarly debate, but
 machines, and how calves are taken from their mothers        really, I think we’re splitting hairs. When soy yogurt is
 almost immediately so we can continue our parasitic          being made, a minute amount of bacterial culture is intro-
 relationship with dairy, and how dairy cows are ground       duced. Bacteria is everywhere, therefore, following this
 up to make hamburgers for others, well, I just started to    argument to its extreme logical conclusion, breathing might
 look at cheese in the same way I look at meat. I may
                                                              not be vegan.
 always miss cheese pizza, but compared to the suffering
                                                                 At this point, I’ll take the liberty of giving an unsolicited
 cows experience my craving seems small in comparison.
                                                              opinion. I think what you’re experiencing is a common
    Reading The Food Revolution also encouraged us to
                                                              phenomenon is new vegans — the striving for perfection. I
 buy organic food. I became more active in educating
                                                              think it’s good to keep things in perspective. Just consider
 others and this year my whole grade 4 class decided to
                                                              all the meat you used to eat and how the animal products
 become vegetarian. Many have started switching dairy
                                                              you now might be inadvertently consuming are insignifi-
 products for vegan alternatives. My students have
                                                              cant in comparison. You don’t have to be perfect all the
 become active, too, talking about what they have
 learned about factory farming on Animal Voices and           time to make a tangible difference. Could the energy
 getting involved in the Taste of Health. The ripple effect   expended at trying to be the perfect vegan be put to use
 from my own pivotal moment has been more widespread          elsewhere? How about volunteering for the Earthsave
 than I ever imagined. I do wonder if I had I not read that   Office? The snacks we provide on Thursday nights are
 newspaper article whether this wonderful change would        guaranteed to be vegan.
 have happened in my life. Maybe it was inevitable, and
 maybe I would have taken another route to that impor-        [ed. note: This is an authentic question sent to our office
 tant decision. Maybe this article will lead to someone       manager by email. Send your questions to Rosemary at
 else’s pivotal moment.                             ]
                                                                                        Canada EarthSaver • September / October 2002 3
AGM & Upcoming Potluck featuring Ruth Heidrich
Annual General Meeting (AGM)                                  gold medals in the 1997 Senior Olympics, held in Las
The next annual general meeting will be held at St.           Vegas, Nevada. Ruth is also a Councillor for the
Augustine’s Parish Hall, 8680 Hudson St. (Oak and 70th        Vegetarian Union of North America (VUNA):
area in Marpole) on Sunday, October 6th at 6 P.M. This is
your chance, as a member, to have your voice heard by             We are so fortunate to have her come and address us
the board. What issues would you like to see addressed        at our upcoming potluck on October 6th, where her
in the coming year?                                           topic will be ‘A Race For Life.’ Don’t miss this inspiring
    More importantly, the AGM is your chance to put           talk!
yourself forward as an Earthsave board member. The
Earthsave office is always in need of volunteer help with      WHAT TO EXPECT AT A POTLUCK
general office duties. But if you were looking to get more
                                                              You will be greeted at the door and asked to register
involved and have a greater role in shaping the organiza-
                                                              your dish on a list in the appropriate category of appe-
tion, joining the board of directors is the way to do it.
                                                              tizer, entree or dessert. You will then be asked to write
We currently have openings for a membership director, a
                                                              the number from the list on an ingredient list and place
potluck coordinator and a volunteer coordinator. These
                                                              it and your dish on the food table. If you don’t have a
positions usually require between a 30 minute to 5 hour
                                                              dish (chips or juice don’t count, but store bought food is
commitment per week, depending on events. Board
                                                              perfectly acceptable), you’ll be asked to pay $12. Food
meetings are held usually on Thursday evenings, once a
                                                              must contain no animal products, fish, eggs, gelatin,
                                                              casein... in order that everyone can partake. Fruit salad
                                                              is an easy option for the culinary challenged.
UPCOMING POTLUCK                                                  You can sit anywhere. Don’t be shy to pull up a chair
Dr. Ruth Heidrich of Hawaii makes no attempt to hide
                                                              next to people you don’t know. There are many new peo-
her age. She feels that at 63 years old, as a vegan for
                                                              ple each time who don’t know anyone either. Expect that
over 15 years, a female, a competitive athlete and a
                                                              others in attendance will have a wide range of diets. Not
cancer survivor, she serves as a role model for a large
                                                              everyone who attends is vegan or even vegetarian. Many
constituency who need someone to identify with who is
                                                              people attend potlucks as a way to learn more about eat-
like them. Ruth feels that young people need information
                                                              ing lower on the food chain and to meet other concerned
to counteract the myths vegetarians and vegans must
deal with at all levels, at home, in the schools, and
                                                                  Newcomers are often asked to be food judges. Being
among peers. She also has a desire to reach out to her
                                                              a food judge involves going to the food table before
own generation, particularly pre-menopausal women,
                                                              everyone else to take a small taste test of each item in
who have to deal with a confusing flood of advice and, in
                                                              one of the three categories. You write down your prefer-
some cases, outright misinformation on such issues as
osteoporosis.                                                 ences, consult with your co-judge, and hand them to the
    Ruth received her Ph.D in Health Management in            coordinator.
1993, is the author of A Race For Life and The Race For           After the judges have finished sampling, tables are
Life Cookbook. She is a certified fitness trainer and holds     called up to eat. Following the food, there is a talk from a
the world record for fitness for her age group at the          guest speaker. Raffle prizes and prizes for the top dishes
renowned Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas. She still actively   in each category are awarded following the speech.
competes in marathons and triathlons, having won more             Potlucks have moved from our old Burnaby location
than 600 trophies and medals since her diagnosis of           at Bonsor Rec. Centre to a new venue in Vancouver at
breast cancer in 1982 at the age of 47. With Terry            St. Augustine’s Parish Hall, 8680 Hudson St. This smaller,
Shintani, M.D., she cohosts the radio show “Nutrition &       less expensive venue makes socializing much easier.
You” on KWAI-AM in Hawaii.                                    Seating is, however, more limited, so coming early is
    Ruth is president of the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii     advised. If you haven’t been to a potluck, don’t be shy.
and the Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club. She won four            Come and give it a try.
4 Canada EarthSaver • September / October 2002
Book Review: The Everyday Vegan
Book by Local Author Dreena Burton (Arsenal Pulp Press); Review by Stacey Foley

I picked up a copy of the Everyday Vegan at my local            4. Roasted Veggie Feast: I did-
bookstore about 8 months ago when I was first learning           n’t have all of the ingredients
to cook Vegan. As someone who loves to cook (and eat!)          this recipe called for, but it
I was eager to find a good vegan cookbook that could             did inspire me to play around
assist me with my family’s recent lifestyle change. As I        and come up some wonderful
leafed through the many books in the Vegetarian Section,        variations. A roasted veggie
I was drawn to Dreena’s book for a couple of reasons:           feast makes for a nice and
1. As someone with a notorious sweet tooth, I was drawn         simple meal on those cold
instantly to the last chapter where she features a great        winter nights. I like to add lots of potatoes, squash and
selection of wonderful desserts. 2. Her introduction,           yams so I get my comfort food quotient in. Don’t be
menu plans, and review of ingredients are excellent for         afraid to make extra, as leftover roasted veggies are great
someone like me who is just starting out in “re-outfitting”      the next day in salads and sandwiches.
their kitchen. 3. And finally, in my belief of “shop locally,”
I was proud to be supporting a local author, from White         5. Sweet ’n Sour Neat Balls: I haven’t actually made this
Rock, BC (my hometown)!                                         recipe but a few of my fellow vegan friends have tried this
    Listed below are some of Dreena’s creations, which I        one out and have told me that this is definitely a
have sampled over the past few months. I must confess           winner!
right here and now that I have tended to make more of
the recipes from the dessert section, but I will try to         Now on to the desserts! Here are some definite winners
highlight some of the recepies from each section.               which were fairly easy to make and have turned out fabu-
                                                                lous. I have to admit that some vegan cookbooks feature
1. Divine Tofu Spread/Dip: Having many non-veg friends, I       dessert recepies that seem quite complicated, or have
always try to bring along an appy or dish when invited          bizarre ingredients. Furthermore, some of the recepies I
out to a social gathering, as my non-veg friends are            have tried out either online or from other cookbooks
always quite stressed out as to what to make for the            have had terrible results! All of Dreena’s desserts consis-
“veguns.” I brought this tofu dip to a friend’s birthday        tently have turned out how they should be — delicious,
party and no one even guessed it was tofu! (We all know         without the heaviness, chewiness, or strange aftertaste
how strange some people can get over tofu!). The trick          that some of my previous failed vegan dessert recipes
with this dip as with most, is to make it a day before so       have had.
                                                                    The sweet tooth winners are (in no particular order):
the flavors have a chance to meld together. I didn’t bake
                                                                Maple Banana Loaf, Blueberry Ice Cream, Bill-Friendly
this one, but give it a try as Dreena suggests, as I am sure
                                                                Cookies, Marie’s More-ish Brownies and la pièce de résis-
it would turn out even tastier!
                                                                tance— the Triple Layer Chocolate Cream Cake! Now
                                                                don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that the other dessert
2. Eggless Sandwich Filling: This has quickly become an
                                                                recipes are not winners, I just haven’t tried them yet!
excellent standby for quick lunches! Make ahead and
                                                                    All in all, I would definitely recommend picking up a
keep handy in the fridge. Don’t be afraid to test out
                                                                copy of The Everyday Vegan. Her recipes are easy to
                                                                follow, well explained, and offer great suggestions and
                                                                variations on the side panels. This is a must have if you
3. Roasted Red Pepper Sauce: This is a delicious pasta
                                                                like to entertain as her recipes are easily presented to
sauce. I love it with rotini and some lightly sautéed
                                                                look and taste great on any dinner table! Check out
vegetables and olives! This is a great recipe for this time
                                                                Dreena’s website at for more
of year when red peppers are bountiful and relatively
                                                                information about her book. You can even drop her a line
inexpensive at the farm markets. Add a little firm tofu
                                                                and ask questions. Now I’m just waiting for her to come
and seasonings to any leftover pasta sauce, and voila you
                                                                out with another book!
have an excellent dip for fresh veggies!
                                                                                         Canada EarthSaver • September / October 2002 5
EarthSave Top 10
Our EarthSave President Answers Your Top Ten Questions About The ES Board of Directors
1. Do you have to be a vegan to be on the board of                               6. Where do board members meet?
directors?                                                                       The location varies, but I can tell you that it is always in
After you pass the initial blood, urine test and cavity
                                                                                 Vancouver, except once a year when we are required by
search, and provide us with a tissue sample, we pretty
                                                                                 law to hold a meeting off grid, on Lasqueti Island, in a
much operate on the honour system.
2. Will I still have time for a social life if I join the
board?                                                                           7. I notice one of your board members is called
Yes, but you will have 12 new friends to spend all your                          Veggieboy. Is there a Veggiegirl?
free time with! And board meetings can really be a good
                                                                                 Unfortunately, no, but Veggieboy is currently accepting
time, especially when we break out the hummus and
start singing Cumbayah.                                                          applications.

3. If I joined the board, what exactly would I have to do?                       8. Is it true that Ex-President Willy Laurie has mysteri-
Duties vary. The exact nature of your individual role                            ously disappeared never to be seen again?
would be imparted to you only after a secret initiation
                                                                                 Of course not. Just spoke with him yesterday. Okay,
ritual, involving soy beans, a tasty rice pilaf and other
undisclosed items. I can tell you, though, that several of                       that’s not true. But if he had disappeared, there would
the board members cars need a good wash.                                         be police reports. People don’t just disappear. Anyway,
                                                                                 what are you implying? You just might want to watch it
4. What is the significance of the fact that there always                         with those conspiracy theories.
seem to be thirteen board members?
Unfortunately, we had to let a few board members go,
since the table we use for meetings only seats 8. But if                         9. When do board members meet?
we can get ahold of a card table, we hope to have thir-                          Whenever Veggieboy’s mom lets him stay up late.
teen, due to the mystical significance of the number,
which as we all know, dates back to freemasonry and the                          10. Have any Earthsave board members achieved one-
founding of the illuminati.
                                                                                 ness with the universe?
                                                                                 Look, this is not the Natural Law Party. Aside from a bit
5. Is it true that board members are just in it for the
money?                                                                           of astral projection, seeing auras and practising Reiki, we
Yes. And the hummus.                                                             are a serious environmental group.

    You Can Earn Money For EarthSave!!!
   Whether buying or selling your next home, hire me as your agent                                            “Please Support
          & put my 14 years experience to work for you!                                                    A Cruelty-Free World”

           For each sale I'll donate $500 to $1000 to EarthSave Canada                                          Laura-Leah Shaw, realtor
                                                                                                                 Sutton Heritage West
                   (Amount dependent on dollar value of sale. One sale has already been made                         (604) 551-9297
                                    and a donation issued to EarthSave.)                                  

6 Canada EarthSaver • September / October 2002
Restaurant Review: Jazz at the Sugar Refinery
1155 Granville St., Vancouver 604-683-2004 Week hours: 12 - 11 P.M. Weekend hours: 12 P.M.-2 P.M.
By Dave Way
On a balmy evening on July 11th, 20 of us met at the Sugar       was a coconut chickpea curry with dill and lime. Poached
Refinery, a small arty music lounge upstairs on Granville         pears with a sorbet were dessert. All this for $10 per per-
St. Since our outing was planned to include the live jazz        son total! An amazing deal, and live music as well. My hat
that night, our dinner didn’t begin until 9:30. We started       is off to Gabriel and the crew there who enthusiastically
with a spinach salad with a delicious balsamic vinaigrette       planned this dinner for us. I hope to arrange more outings
dressing along with a healthful kamut/barley salad with          there in future. And any time you’re downtown late with
soy dressing. Next was a choice of minestrone soup or a          time on your hands, go by and check who’s playing, or
thick and very spicy yam-chili-lime soup. Our main dish          just have a bite to eat. It’s always a vegetarian kitchen!

Upcoming Dine-outs
Come eat at a local restaurant with other environmentally        Sangka (Indonesian, Fraser St.), Reef (Caribbean, Main
and health conscious diners, through Earthsave’s Dine-out        St.), the Sugar Refinery (V, Granville St.), The Jungle Café
program. This is a great way to discover new restaurants         (Mexican, W.41st Ave) and Thai Away Home (Commercial
and, at the same time, sample great vegan food. Some of          Drive).
the events are at fully vegetarian operations (indicated             The usual format is a set menu of appetizers, soup or
with a V below), but one of the benefits of arranging a set       salad, entrée and sometimes dessert. All for usually $10-
menu dinner for many people is that sometimes we can             15, tax and tip included. They are commonly limited to 20
experience a cuisine which, to the individual diner, would       spots and fill up fast, so call early to book a seat. Prices
not be particularly veg-friendly. Some restaurants have          advertised are always for non-members; there is a $2 dis-
really gone out of their way to ensure there are no animal       count for members. In the coming months, in addition to
products in any item we are served. This is a good dining        the regular evening dine-out (usually the third week of
opportunity for us and simultaneously encourages these           the month), we will also have some Sunday brunches at
venues to consider whether their menu serves vegetari-           unusual venues, and other special events on occasion.
ans adequately.                                                  If you have suggestions or would like to be involved in
    Since January we have visited Public Lounge (V, Main         the planning or hosting of these events, email Dave at
St.), Delhi Darbar (Main St.), Olive Café (V, Turkish, on Make sure to check the office
Commercial Drive), Bodhi Choi Heung (V, Fraser St.), Tak         answering machine for updates: 604-731-5885.

 Here is our tentative fall schedule:                            Saturday Oct. 19: Raw
                                                                 1849 W. 1st (7 P.M.)
 Sunday Sept. 15: Dim Sum at Bo Kong Vegetarian                  This bistro-style venue prepares a variety of dishes, none
 Restaurant 3068 Main St. (near 14th) (11 A.M.)                  cooked past the temperature where enzymes would break
 Dim sum is a different Chinese dining experience with bamboo    down. Think fresh! Price TBA ($12-16)
 steamers and other containers of rolls, buns and other finger
 food. $14 per person                                            Sunday Nov. 3: A la carte vegan brunch at The
                                                                 Foundation (Main St. & 7th) (11 A.M.)
 Thursday Sept. 26: Afghan Horsemen
 445 W. Broadway (near Cambie) (7 P.M.)
                                                                 This funky nearly-vegan eatery serves tasty and creative dish-
 This is Dave’s favourite restaurant in Vancouver, based on      es. We will dine a la carte for this one. Cool art and music.
 atmosphere (low tables and cushions, with rugs on the walls     Great view of the mountains. $8-15 (depending on personal
 and ceiling) and delicious food which is a cross between        choices)
 Middle Eastern and Indian (cardamom tea, hummus made with
 lentils instead of chick peas, eggplant with unusual spices).   Friday Nov. 15 ______TBA__________
 $22 per person
                                                                 Sunday Dec. 8: Bombay brunch at Delhi Darbar (Main St.)

                                                                                            Canada EarthSaver • September / October 2002 7
                                                                                                          Shiatsu Therapy with Colin Vankeith, RST                                                        604-682-7339
                                                                                                          Simply Vegetarian Restaurant                    135–8291 Ackroyd, Richmond                      604-278-0852
                                                                                                          Small Potatoes Urban Delivery                                                                   604-215-7783
                                                                                                           (no percentage discount; $15 off first order)
                                                                                                          Smith, Penny—Reiki Practitioner                 Granville Island location                       604-731-7396
                                                                                                          Sweet Cherubim (Restaurant Only)                1107 Commercial Drive, Vancouver                604-253-0969
                                                                                                          Thai Body Work by Bernard Dalziel               332 E. 4th Ave., North Vancouver                604-984-1260
                                                                                                          Unique Nutrition Health Centre                  2–555 W. 12th Avenue, Vancouver                 604-872-8647
                                                                                                          Urban Monks Vegetarian Restaurant               328 Nelson St., Vancouver                       604-669-1311
                                                                                                           (90% Vegan)
                                                                                                          Vadhwana, Gita                                  7437 Willard Street, Burnaby                    604-522-1413
                                                                                                           Ayurvedic Cooking Instructor
B.C. — LOWER MAINLAND                                                                                     The Vitamin Connection                          2929 Barnet Hwy, Coquitlam                      604-464-2723
Ashifa Bellydance Performers                                                              604-922-2629     (Coquitlam Centre outlet—15%)
Aurasense Botanical Products                 PO Box 29525, Maple Ridge                    604-467-1111    Wang, Dr. David, Naturopath                     2nd Flr., 1962 W. Broadway, Vancouver           604-733-0266
                                                                                     or 1-888-922-4111    West Coast Yoga                                                                                 604-224-3505
BC Gelati                                     1102 W. Broadway, Vancouver                 604-733-2979    West Pointe Organic Produce                     2839 W. Broadway, Vancouver                     604-736-2839
Best Bread Co.                                Tri-City Area and Maple Ridge               604-468-2504    West Wood Organic Produce                       2183 West 41st, Vancouver                       604-261-4363
(No Discount — No delivery fee for first order)                             
Bo Kong (5%)                                  80–8100 Ackroyd, Richmond                   604-278-1992
                                                                                                          OUTSIDE LOWER MAINLAND LOCATIONS
                                              3068 Main Street, Vancouver                 604-876-3088
Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant                137 East Pender St. Vancouver               604-683-8816    Cafe Ambrosia                                   2501 Fairview Ave. East                      Tel: 206-325-7111
Elanta—Reiki Master/Teacher                                                               604-318-3218                                                    Seattle, Washington, 98102                  Fax: 206-325-2827
Empowering People                             101–2145 W. Broadway, Vancouver             604-323-6669    Canadian Wilderness Ecotours                    923 Catherine St., Victoria                       250-595-1835
Evergreen Vegetarian Foods                    4166 Main St., Vancouver                    604-879-3380    Bar None Cafe                                   244 4th Street, Courtenay                         250-334-3112
Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary                 2672 W. Broadway, Vancouver                 604-734-4372    Black Sea Health Foods                          7054 Pioneer Ave., Agassiz                        604-796-3677
Green V Organics                              2936 West 4th Ave., Vancouver               604-730-1808    Cell Tech—Super Blue Green Algae                Andrea Kober,                                    250-386-ALGA
Greens & Gourmet                              2681 W. Broadway, Vancouver                 604-737-7373                                                    Independent Distributor
 Vegetarian Restaurant                                                                                    D & A Natural Health Services                   757 Wardlaw Ave, Kelowna                          250-762-5538
Happy Veggie World                            205–12882 85 Ave., Surrey                   604-501-4878    Green Cuisine                                   Market Square, 560 Johnson St., Victoria          250-385-1809
Health is Wealth (5%)                         4455 E. Hastings, Burnaby                   604-298-0595    Hoodoo Ranch Organic Fruit                      Box 155, Spences Bridge, BC                       604-980-2217
Healthy Green Wheatgrass                      Home Delivery Service                       604-879-2280    Inspirit Consulting Services                    5145 Lark St., Kelowna, BC                        250-764-7699
HOC Health Centre                             112-250 Schoolhouse St, Coquitlam           604-520-6867    Johnstone, Stacy—Reiki Practitioner             845 Birch Ave., Kelowna                           250-763-4033
Kitsilano Hemp Company                        2918 West 4th, Vancouver                    604-730-1865    Kober, Andrea                                   Victoria, BC                                      250-514-6223
Krishna Pure Vegetarian                       1726 Davie St., Vancouver                   604-688-9400     Interlude-Bodymind Practitioner                                          
 Restaurant                                                                                               The Juicy Carrot                                254 Ellis St., Penticton                          250-493-4399
Levin, Tony—Massage Practitioner ($5 off)     Vancouver                                   604-879-7776    Lotus Pond Restaurant                           617 Johnson St. Victoria, BC                      250-380-9228
Life Time Organics                            2099 152nd Avenue, White Rock               604-541-0933    Mandy & Me Trailriding                          174 Bear Creek Rd, Kelowna, BC                    250-769-5735
 (10% on vitamins only, 5% on food)                                                                       Organic Express                                 Okanagan Home Delivery Service                    250-862-2266
May 3rd Enterprises,                          2023B Hyannis Dr., North Vancouver           604-929-0694                                                   (Vernon-Kelowna-Penticton)
 Electrolysis & Ear Candling                                                  Ortho-Bionomy Int.                              2483 Pandosy Street, Kelowna                      250-868-0823
Nordic Living Water Systems                   904 Leovista Ave., North Vancouver           604-990-5462   Potpourri Farm                                  (20% at farm location)
                                                                                      or 1-888-644-7754    Hack House Organic Orchard:                    29686 Hwy. 97 S, Oliver                           250-495-3226
Nyala Restaurant                             2930 West 4th Ave., Vancouver                 604-731-7899    City office:                                    200–328 W. Hastings St., Vancouver                604-688-1688
Ocean Park Health Foods                      12907 16th Ave., South Surrey                 604-531-7011   The Soap Exchange                               1393A Hillside Ave., Victoria                     250-475-0033
Pacific Institute of Reflexology               535 West 10th Ave., Vancouver                 604-875-8818                                                                                                     250-475-0077
Planet Veg Restaurant                        1941 Cornwall St., Vancouver                  604-734-1001   Torontow, Michael                               #201-1040 Rockland Ave., Victoria                 250-480-7733
Rainbow Vegetarian Restaurant                2–8095 Park Road, Richmond                    604-273-7311    Registered JSD Acupressure Therapist
Rainforest Reptile Refuge Society            1395 176th St., Surrey                        604-538-1711   Towards Freedom                                 PO Box 13, Shawnigan Lake, BC                   877-833-8383
Raith, Dr. S. – Ayurvedic Consultant (20%)                                       Cruelty-Free and Eco-Friendly Products
Sea Spray (Kelp Growth Supplement)           300–1497 Marine Dr., West Vancouver           604-926-3352   Tree House Health Foods                         100 Fort St., Hope                              604-869-5545
Semperviva Natural Health Food Stores        2608 West Broadway, Vancouver                 604-739-1958   * Bold=New Addition

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