Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake by wpr1947


									Cascadia Subduction Zone

     By: Dustin Wolanski
• This is the Cascadia Subduction Zone.
• Stretches from northern California to up into Canada.
• Here is a 3D model of the Cascadia Subduction Zone.
• Here it shows that magma is pushing the plates apart.
• This is a picture of what happened as a result of the 8.8
  earthquake in Chile. This building was basically split in
• This is what could possibly happen to us if a major
  earthquake strikes.
Some things you can do to prepare
• Buy a medical
  backpack filled with
  all the supplies you
  would need from the
  most basic cuts to
  deep wounds.
• Make sure this
  backpack contains
  cleansers, gauze
  pads, bandages, and
  elastic wrap.

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