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FICPA Ethics


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    Polish Y Ethics

    Protect your integrity and practice with confidence.
    Your professional reputation could be at risk unless you regularly update your ethics training.
    More than ever, professional advisors are scrutinized for their ethics and standards of care.
    As trusted professional advisors, CPAs need to concern themselves with jeopardizing client
    relationships, endangering their employment and suffering the consequences of unethical

    Safeguard your reputation and career.
    The FICPA Ethics course safeguards things that are precious to you — your reputation and
    career. CPAs say the FICPA Ethics course enhances their decision-making ability, raises the
    bar for ethical behavior and provides them with key standards for performance excellence.
    Our first-rate ethics curriculum is filled with national and Florida-mandated ethics principles,
    case studies and frequently asked questions to important ethics matters.

    Ethics: Protecting the Integrity of Florida CPAs (4980)
    Choose a course format that works best for you including:
    • Live Seminars Across the State
    • Local FICPA Chapters
    • Onsite at your firm/company
    • Webcast
    • Self-study :
      ° FICPA Online
      ° Coursehard copy from Gleim, AICPA,
      ° or Surgent McCoy CPE, LLC.
      ° CD-ROM (through AICPA only)
    We know you best. FICPA is dedicated to supporting you as a CPA. We understand
    your professional needs better than all others because we are one of you. FICPA CPE
    Programs are by CPAs, for CPAs.

         For more details on any of the ethics courses above, please call the
           FICPA Member Service Center at (800) 342-3197 (in Florida),
                  (850) 224-2727 or visit www.ficpa.org/ethics.

    Scan this QR code with your Smart phone to be taken to the FICPA website for more information.

2     FICPA Ethics Programs
Why Choose the FICPA
Ethics courses?
1 Convenient.
   The ethics course is available through seminars,
   conferences, chapter programs, accounting
   shows, webcasts, online, self-study, or onsite
   training at your office. The Governmental Ethics
   course is available through webcasts or onsite.

2 Fits your schedule.
   These courses are offered as 4-hour

3 Familiarity.
   As CPAs, we know you best. The FICPA
   ethics course is designed by CPAs for CPAs.

4 You don’t have to travel.
   The FICPA course is available online, in self-
   study, webcast format, or at your firm.

5 Top-notch instructors.
   Individuals selected to teach for the
   FICPA have completed a train-the-trainer
   program specifically for the ethics
   course and have proven instructional

6 Great value.
   We provide this course at a
   reasonable price and it’s
   scaled depending on course

                                                      www.ficpa.org/cpe   3
    Ethics: Protecting the Integrity
    of Florida CPAs (ETH) – 4980
    CPE Credit: 4 Ethics hours                                                 Course Level: Update
    Dates:                                    City:                              Course Number:

    May 4                               Tampa                                                  ETHIC
    May 4                               Ft. Lauderdale                                      ETHICM
    May 10                              Tallahassee Chapter**
    May 11                              Ft. Lauderdale                                      ETH000
    May 13                              Ft. Myers                                           ETH005
    May 16                              Tampa                                                ETH010
    May 19                              Southwest Florida Chapter**
    May 23                              Orlando                                              ETH015
    May 24                              Miami-Dade Chapter**
    May 26                              West Florida Chapter**
    May 31                              Miami                                               ETH020
    June 2                              West Palm Beach                                     ETH025
    June 3                              Jacksonville                                        ETH030
    June 8                              Tampa                                                      FABE
    June 9                              North Central Chapter**
    June 13                             Boca Raton                                          ETH035
    June 16                             Sarasota                                            ETH040
    June 17                             Lakeland                                            ETH045
    June 23                             Miami                                               ETH050
    June 28                             Orlando                                             ETH055
    June 29                             Ft. Lauderdale                                      ETH060
              **For information and to learn how to register for Chapter Meetings, please visit:

    Ethics for Governmental CPAs in Florida
    (ETHG) – 6957
    CPE Credit: 4 Ethics hours                                   Course Level: Update
    Date:                                   City:                                Course Number:
    June 22                             Tallahassee                                         ETHG00

4    FICPA Ethics Programs
Description: Updated with a focus on real-life ethical issues, this course addresses internal
and external issues CPAs face, such as professional standards, ethical conduct, client
communication and independence. The course complies with the ethics requirements for
Florida CPAs as set forth by the Florida Board of Accountancy.

Objective(s): This course is designed to help Florida licensees meet the requirements for
ethics continuing education.

Major topics include:
 • Case studies about ethics and situational analysis
 • Questions and answers for specific issues in ethics
 • Reality applications for ethical rules as pertains to CPAs
 • Relationship of Florida laws and rules to national standards with an
   emphasis on changes
 • Chapter 455, 473 Florida Statutes and 61H1 Florida Administrative Code (FAC) and
   how it relates to ethics with an emphasis on laws and rules changes
 • 61H1 Florida Administrative Code (FAC) and issues affecting integrity and objectivity
 • Ethical impact of commissions, contingencies and communications, and competency in
   public accounting
 • Ethical Florida’s independence rules and implication to public accounting
 • AICPA Interpretation 101-3 on independence and the differences between attest and
   non-attest services for clients
 • Responsibilities of CPAs to their clients on confidentiality and record retention as required
   by AICPA
 • New rules for client data and information in Interpretation 501-1 and FAC 61H1-23 and
   guidelines for advertising, solicitations, use of names and responsibilities for others. Future
   implications of CPAs and ethics

Early Bird Price*: $99                                                                Regular Price: $154
FICPA Ethics Provider ID 3461

*Early Bird Price if you register more than 10 days in advance. Nonmembers of the FICPA must add an additional
$65 per half-day of instruction.

   For the most current FICPA ethics information, please visit www.ficpa.org/ethics.
  Register online for Seminars, Conferences, or Accounting Shows at www.ficpa.org/cpe.

                                                                                          www.ficpa.org/cpe       5
    FICPA Ethics Programs
    Ethics Self-Study Courses
    CPE Credit: 4 Ethics hours                                           Course Level: Update
    The FICPA Ethics Course is available online.
    This course is available 24/7 and contains video, audio and links to all the latest laws and
    rules in Florida. You can take this online course at your own pace. Spend just a few minutes a
    night working on it, or complete the course in one sitting. Once you finish and pass the exam,
    you receive your certificate of completion.
    The FICPA and our partners AICPA, Gleim Publications and Surgent McCoay CPE, LLC all
    have ethics self-study courses available which meet the Florida Board of Accountancy ethics
    There are a variety of formats to choose from: hardcopy, CD-Rom, online or downloadable.
    For more information please visit: www.ficpa.org/ficpa/CPE/SelfStudy

    Ethics Webcasts
    CPE Credit: 4 Ethics hours                              Course Level: Update
    The Florida Institute of CPAs is proud to offer DBPR-approved ethics in webcast format online!
    The FICPA has partnered with the Accounting CPE Network to bring you ethics CPE from the
    convenience of your own desk.
    These online CPE courses (commonly called “webcasts”) are broadcast live, comply with
    NASBA CPE standards, feature a video of the speaker, slides of their presentation to follow
    along, links to download any written materials, and a forum to post questions and comments.
    For more information please visit http://www.ficpa.org/Content/CPE/Webcasts.aspx

    Ethics: Protecting the Integrity of Florida CPAs (4980)
    Date:    May 2, 2011         Webcast Live
             May 25, 2011        Webcast Replay
             June 20, 2011       Webcast Replay
             June 27, 2011       Webcast Replay
    Member Price: $80                                                Non Member Price: $125

    Please note that the login and signup process for webcasts are separate from your FICPA
    website login. Webcast secure login and signup is done through ACPEN and their support

6    FICPA Ethics Programs
             Registration                                                      ways to register for FICPA CPE Programs
  Internet registration can be placed at www.ficpa.org/cpe.
  Fax a completed registration form with credit card information to the FICPA at (850) 681-2433.
  Call the FICPA Member Service Center at (800) 342-3197 (in Florida), or (850) 224-2727 to place a
  credit card order.
  Mail a completed registration form to: Continuing Professional Education, FICPA, P.O. Box 5437,
  Tallahassee, FL 32314-5437.

Contact Information
Name ____________________________________                                 FICPA Member No. ____________________________
Firm ____________________________________________________________________________________
Address ___________________________________                               City/State/ZIP ________________________________
Telephone (________) ________________________                             E-Mail ______________________________________
    Check here if registration reflects an address change.                      In accordance with ADA requirements, if you are disabled
                                                                               and require special services, please check here. Someone
                                                                               from our office will contact you.

                Ethics: Protecting the Integrity of Florida CPAs 4980 (Live Presentation)
              Ethics for Governmental CPAs in Florida (ETHG) – 6957 (Live Presentation)
                                                                Member Price                                         Nonmember Price
 Early Bird Price*                                                     $99                                                     $164
 Regular Price                                                        $154                                                     $219

Date: _____________________ City: ____________________ Course Number: ______________
*Early Bird Price if you register more than 10 days in advance. Nonmembers of the FICPA
must add $65 per half-day of instruction.
                                                                                                  Subtotal $ ___________________
**For more information and to learn how to register for Chapter Meetings, please visit
www.ficpa.org/Content/Members/Communities/Chapters/Meetings.aspx.                                        Total $ _____________________

Method of Payment
    Check enclosed in the amount of $ ___________.                         VISA           MasterCard              American Express         Discover
    Please charge my company-issued credit card:
    Please charge my personal credit card:
                                                                                          Card Validation Code:
                                                                                          (3 or 4 digit code located on the credit card)

Cardholder Name _________________________________________________________________________
Signature ______________________________________ Exp. Date __________________________________

To register, visit www.ficpa.org/cpe or call (800) 342-3197 (in Florida) or (850) 224-2727.

 CPE Policies You May Need To Know
 A list of CPE policies may be found on our website at www.ficpa.org/cpe/policies, or on the registration
 confirmation correspondence sent upon completion of registration.
 Nonmembers of the FICPA must pay an additional fee based upon the delivery format. Save money and apply this
 fee to your FICPA membership dues! For more details and an application visit www.ficpa.org/cpe
                                                                                        www.ficpa.org/cpe  7
www.ficpa.org/cpe                                 (800) 342-3197 (in Florida)               (850) 224-2727

                                             Have you earned your Ethics CPE credit yet?          STANDARD
                                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                Tallahassee, FL
P.O. Box 5437 • Tallahassee, Florida 32314                                                      Permit No. 144

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