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									                            University Textbooks Options
Students now have options when it comes to their textbooks: buying new, buying used or renting.
If cost is the only factor, renting is usually the least expensive. Buying a brand new book is usually
the most expensive. Using the internet to help you shop may save you money whichever way you
choose. Some points to consider prior to choosing are:

       Do you want to deal with previous highlights/comments?
       Do you have time to wait for the text to be shipped?
       How are returns handled if an error is made?
       Is the text used for multiple quarters?
       Will the text be needed to study for comprehensive exams?
       Would the text be a great reference in your future professional library?

Textbooks can be purchased from your university’s bookstore, may be sold at Everett Community
College’s bookstore or from the sites listed below. Whatever you decide, good luck with your

Book Buying by University:
WWU goes through EvCC bookstore. Students can also use online vendors – see below.

Students can buy their textbooks online at the CWU Bookstore:
( or from online vendors– see below.

Hope, click on the bookstore link in the "current students" tab, click on "textbooks". Students
may also purchase their books at any bookstore. Make sure it is the same title, author and edition.

Textbook Rentals
This service is provided by the EvCC bookstore and includes free shipping to and from your address and
is usually less expensive than buying a “used” book. Remember to verify that you have the correct ISBN
(author, edition, publisher, etc.)

Other Ideas: “AddAll” ( This is a book search/cost comparison tool
where you type in the ISBN of the book you want, and your location, and it will tell you all the
vendors who have the book available, cost (including shipping), and expected delivery time.
This is a very quick, very easy way for the student to make an informed decision on their book

Other Sites:       

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