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					Los Altos High School                                                                               December/January 2009

                                 EAGLE FLIGHTS
                                               Principal’s Message
 The Holidays are here again and with this joyous time
 come celebrations, new beginnings, joy and a lot of
 STRESS. Please take a few extra minutes to check in
 with your children, many of whom are facing                                  DECEMBER/JANUARY CALENDAR
 challenges and are struggling to make good choices.
 Added to this is the pressure of school, jobs, peers,     December
 clubs, sports and family expectations and college               1             Seasons in Song Concert, Main Street Singers,
 applications for seniors. If you notice severe changes                        Methodist Church, Palo Alto, 7pm
 in your child’s attitude, appearance or friends, please             4         LA-MV PTA Council Event – The Internet and
 ask questions. If you feel that you need additional                           Your Student, 7pm
 support, we have CHAC counselors available.                                   Band/Orchestra Concert, Eagle Theatre, 7pm
 Contact Carole Isnard at 960.8824 for more                          5         Jazz Band Concert, Eagle Theatre, 7pm
 information.                                                        8         MVLA Board Meeting, District Office, 7pm
                                                                     11        Acting I Vignettes, Eagle Theatre, 7pm
 Annual Data Report to the Board                                     12        Holiday Fair, LAHS, 7:30am
 In November, the Administrative teams from both                     13        Winter Orchestra Concert, Eagle Theatre, 7pm
 traditional high schools presented our Annual Data                  14        Winter Choral Concert, LAUMC, 7pm
 Review to the School Board. At this meeting, we                     17-19     Finals
 shared data that demonstrates areas needing focus and               20        Main Street Singers Wassail Party, Garden House,
 highlights of our continued successes. Reviewing this                         Shoup Park, 7:30pm
 data enables us to analyze our students’ progress                   22-1/2    Holiday Recess – No school
 meeting the benchmarks that were outlined in our          January
 WASC (Western Accreditation of Schools and                          5         Teacher In-service – No School Students
 Colleges) Action Plan. The following is a brief                     6         Teacher In-service – No School Students
 summary of the information that we shared:                          8         Parent Education Series: Cyberbullying &
                                                                               Relational Aggression,
 Highlights from 2007/08                                            12         MVLA Board Meeting, District Office, 7pm
      Increase in all areas on SAT I scores (Math -                13         PTSA Meeting, Library, 6:45pm
         616, Critical Reading – 583, Writing – 591)                13         Athletic Booster Meeting, Library, 5:30pm
      Increase in the Total # of AP test takers                    19         Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday – No school
         (478)                                                      20         Teacher In-service – No School Students
      Increase is the % of students scoring 3 or                   21         LA-MV PTA Council Event – Psychological
         higher on AP tests (80%)                                              Effects of the Internet
      Increase in the number of Latino students                    23         Social Evening, Grad Night 2009 Fundraiser,
         enrolled in AP/H classes                                              Garden House, Shoup Park, 7pm
      81% of 9th graders enrolled in Biology                       26         MVLA Board Meeting, District Office, 7pm
         received a proficient score on the California
         Standards Tests (CST)
      CAHSEE Passing Rates continue to be strong at the 10th grade census with 92% passing Math and 87% passing ELA on
         their first attempt
      a-g completion rates have increased for all subgroups with 70% of all seniors meeting this requirement
      Activities outside of the classroom that allow students to connect to the school community. (Athletics/Clubs/Visual and
         Performing Arts)
      Various Academic Support which include: Tutorial Center, Opportunity, AVID, Homework Club, Success Hall, Summer
         School, CAHSEE Prep Classes, ELD Tutorial, AVID Test Prep Programs, Mentoring, LSU Peer Mentoring.
 Progress toward WASC Action Plans
      Departments continue to work on both vertical and horizontal alignment in terms of curriculum, assessment and
      Implementation Teams are our cross-departmental groups working on specific areas within the Action Plan
      Staff Development work continues to focus on Instructional Best Practices and Group Work

Los Altos High School                                                                                  December/January 2009

 Data reveals a great deal regarding the academic patterns of our students at Los Altos High School and we take every opportunity
 to use this information to improve our practices. In addition, we continue to develop a climate of mutual respect, academic
 excellence and individual opportunities for everyone.

 LAHS One Dollar for Life (ODFL) Wins Mountain View Mayor’s Award
 Congratulations to ODFL for receiving the 2008 Mayor’s Award for Social Programs – Youth Development. Robert Freeman,
 Lisa Bolton and a group of dedicated students have worked very hard to create opportunities for students to help others.
 CONGRATULATIONS we are so proud of the accomplishments of this group!

 Holiday Break
 When we changed our school calendar to have the semester end before the Holiday Break, teachers committed to assigning “no
 homework” during the break. Some teachers do assign homework that is due when students return from the break, but these
 teachers provide enough lead time that students can complete the assignment prior to the break if the student chooses. Again,
 students are not required to do school work over the break. The first week of Holiday Break (December 22 – 28) is the week that
 athletes will have off. Please check with your student’s winter coach to find out more details. Since league season starts at the
 beginning of January, coaches and athletes find that they do need some practice over the two-week period. If you have a conflict,
 please speak directly to the coach or to Kim Cave, Athletic Director at (650) 960-8857.

 Final Exam Schedule
 It is very important that students be at school during final exams. The end of the semester is very stressful so please make sure that
 your students are getting enough sleep, exercise and are eating well. (I know that this is very difficult with teenagers, but little
 reminders never hurt!) The finals schedule is as follows:

          Wednesday, December 17              Periods 5, 6 & 7
          Thursday, December 20               Periods 3, 4, & 0
          Friday, December 21                 Periods 1 & 2

 For exact times, please visit the website at

 2nd Semester
 Second semester begins on Wednesday, January 7, 2000. Monday, January 5 and Tuesday, January 6 are teacher in-service
 days. Also, there will be no school on Monday, January 19 in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Tuesday, January 20 for
 another Teacher In-Service.

 I hope you enjoy a safe and peaceful Holiday Season!

                                                      Eagle Library News!

        October in the Eagle Library was a lot more fun with our Halloween decorations! Mrs. Zele's class added a realistic
     touch of horror with their dioramas depicting disasters. A huge hairy spider with red eyes presided over the circulation
     desk, and spent the month accosting everyone who checked out a book. We managed to control the cobwebs, though!
     There weren't many cobwebs in the sharp minds of the LAHS students, multitudes of whom arrived on the Big Day in
     splendid and horrific array. The cooler weather has brought more students in from the cold, and more readers as well. The
     students are enjoying the new furniture in the Study Rooms, which provide a quiet place to meet with a small group or sit
     alone with homework or a novel. Interest in college research is especially high, now that students are working on
     applications and polishing their essays. Midterm testing went well, as did a variety of research projects.

         The magazines are getting lots of use! Thanks to the PTSA for providing these. The kids love them. If you are doing
     fall cleaning, we can use colorful magazines for projects and collages. Also newish paperbacks in good shape will fit
     right in.

        Please come in for a visit!
        Cheers, Doc Waite, your Library Media Teacher.

Los Altos High School                                                                                       December/January 2009

                                     COLLEGE/CAREER CENTER UPDATE!

           Seniors, now that the application process is almost over, you and your parents should be thinking about how to pay for
 that college education!! The main form necessary for need-based financial aid for all public and private universities, as well as
 community colleges and vocational schools, is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is available
 to download in paper form from the website but I highly recommend completing the form online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. (DO NOT
 go to fafsa.com or fafsa.net as those sites charge for their services.) The FAFSA On The Web Worksheet is available in the
 College/Career Center. The FAFSA is available in English and Spanish both online and in paper form. A pin number for an
 electronic signature is necessary for both students and parents to complete the FAFSA online or make changes to the hardcopy
 version. This website is www.pin.ed.gov . I strongly encourage all families to fill out the FAFSA since a change in family
 income, a change in the number of family members, a change in the number of siblings in college, a job layoff or a medical
 emergency can affect the types and amounts of financial aid a student is offered.

          Senior parents mark Tuesday, December 2nd on your calendar. There will be an evening workshop on How to Fill out
 the FAFSA. Paul Wrubel will provide tips and will walk through the FAFSA step by step. Anyone who is interested in financial
 aid, grants or student loans will need to fill out a FAFSA. Paul will also go over the CSS Profile form requested by some private
 colleges. The workshop will be held at 7:00 pm in Eagle Theater.

           Currently, every graduating California high school senior who has at least a 2.0 GPA, who meets the financial and
 eligibility requirements, and applies on time is guaranteed a Cal Grant to attend a California college. Students must complete the
 FAFSA and the Cal Grant GPA Verification forms between January 1, 2009 and March 2, 2009 to qualify. The GPA Verification
 forms must be downloaded from the California Student Aid Commission at www.csac.ca.gov. (Click on the link “Cal Grant GPA
 Forms” on the right side and then click on “GPA Verification Form”.) These forms can be verified by me or your student’s
 academic counselor. NOTE: Due to the continuing state budget crisis, there may be limits or restrictions placed on Cal Grants by
 the legislature that we are currently unaware of.

          Local scholarships are beginning to arrive. The majority of scholarships are for seniors only, but I have a few for juniors
 and some essay contests for all students. Available scholarships are listed on Family Connection. If a scholarship has an
 application website, it is listed along with scholarship information. The College/Career Center has the hard copy applications if
 those are required. Some scholarships also ask that a FAFSA be filed.

           PSAT test results should be available by mid-December. (The College Board returns those to us later each year.) We
 will let you know through Wynne’s Words and e-lists how those results will be distributed.

          Sophomore and Junior students and parents who are beginning to think about the college process should attend our
 evening program, entitled Starting Your College Search, on Wednesday, January 21st, at 7 pm in Eagle Theater. It is a program
 geared towards starting the process of searching for colleges and some advice on the procedure from an outside speaker.

         Please feel free to call me, Kristin Joseph, Coordinator, with any questions you may have or just stop by room 103
 between 7:30 and 3:00 pm. My number is 960-8836 or send an email to Kristin.joseph@mvla.net.

                                                The Mountain View Los Altos High School
                                                Foundation… would like to thank the many who have
                                                already donated to the MVLA High School Foundation.
                                Your dollars have already been put to use in classrooms, libraries,
                                tutorial centers, and college/career centers at our local high schools
                                to the benefit of all our students. If you haven’t contributed yet, there
                                is still time to make a difference in your student’s education. Please
                                visit our website, www.mvla.net/foundation, for more information.
                                Donate today to take advantage of a tax credit for this year.

Los Altos High School                                                                                   December/January 2009

                                     WELCOME TO THE COUNSELING DEPARTMENT!

           The end of the fall semester is rapidly approaching. Junior individual appointments are coming to an end in mid-
 December, and final exams are around the corner. After the holiday recess, counselors will be meeting with all 9th grade students
 individually from January 26th – March 13th. Students will choose courses for next year and discuss college and career goals.
 Meetings for all 10th graders will take place shortly thereafter between March 19th – May 8th. (Counselors will be visiting
 sophomore English classes in late January for next year’s course selections.) Individual appointment times will be mailed home to
 families, and parents are invited to attend. In anticipation of their grade level meetings, students should begin thinking about their
 course selections for next year. There is no one right answer for all students when it comes to deciding on a course load; the most
 important piece of advice that counselors can give families when choosing classes is balance. It is extremely important to consider
 factors in the student’s life such as:
       Extracurricular activities (athletics, performing arts, volunteer work, etc.)
       Family commitments
       Personal health
       Part-time job

     These types of activities often require a substantial time commitment on the student’s part. When choosing courses for the next
 school year, the key to minimizing academic stress is to evaluate all aspects of one’s life realistically. The counseling department
 strongly encourages students and parents to investigate a prospective course by talking with teachers currently teaching the course
 or with students who have taken it. For students interested in taking AP/Honors courses, it is particularly important to take these
 considerations very seriously. Counselors, students, parents, and teachers will work together to build a challenging, yet
 manageable schedule for each student. There will be an informational AP/Honors meeting for parents on February 5th, as well as a
 student panel during Tutorial on February 10th for students.

      The holidays can be a wonderful, yet sometimes difficult time for families. If your family is in need of support, there are a
 number of community services available for assistance. Each counselor has a complete list of resources, including local private
 therapists. In addition to on-campus student counseling, the Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC) provides services at
 their Mountain View office including:
       Individual, family, group, and crisis counseling
       Sliding scale fee
       Bilingual services are available
       For information on specific programs, please consult CHAC’s website (www.chacmv.org) or call 650-965-2020
 For emergency assistance with food, clothing, employment, housing, and financial needs, families may contact Community
 Services Agency (CSA). They can be reached at 650-968-0836.

      Our last topic this issue is to highlight another out-of-state public university – University of Connecticut, or UConn. This
 large (approximately 20,000 undergrads) research intensive university is located in Storrs, Connecticut, a thirty minute drive from
 Hartford and about an hour and a half from Boston. This is a beautiful part of New England year round. UConn has been ranked
 one of the top public universities in New England for the past eight years. While many may know UConn through its highly
 competitive athletic programs, the university houses ten schools and colleges on the main campus. In addition, this university has
 Combined Special Programs in medicine, dental medicine, and law. Applicants to these highly selective programs are admitted as
 freshman and earn undergraduate degrees before moving on to UConn’s medical, dental, or law schools. Students in the law
 program are automatically enrolled in the honors program, as well. The medical and dental programs are the only programs of
 their kind offered by a public university in New England. A unique First Year Program offers freshmen special classes, academic
 support, and peer education; students learn the smart approach to academic and personal challenges. The majority of classes at
 UConn are under thirty students and housing is guaranteed for freshmen. In fact, UConn boasts the highest percentage of students
 living on campus of any public institution in the nation. If you are looking to travel to the East Coast for college and would like an
 outstanding education in a public university setting, please check out UConn. Your application will receive a holistic review and
 you will be warmly welcomed if you decide to attend UConn.

                     We wish all of the families in the Los Altos High School community a happy, healthy,
                                                     and peaceful holiday season.

Los Altos High School                                                                                   December/January 2009

                                                          PTSA NEWS

    Happy Holidays from the PTSA! It is never too late to join and make a generous donation to the PTSA by sending a check to
 Los Altos High School, in care of the PTSA Treasurer, Los Altos High School, 201 Almond Avenue, Los Altos, CA 94022. Your
 donation will go directly to programs that benefit your student. Your PTSA membership will include a student directory.
 Additional directories are also for sale for $8 at the LAHS Bookkeeper’s Office.
    The PTSA would like to recognize Ron Nelson for the tremendous job he has done to ensure our students’ safety on
 campus. He created the emergency preparedness program at the high school. Thanks to Mr. Nelson’s efforts (and your
 generosity), the school now has emergency supplies in each classroom. He suggests several websites for advice on how to keep our
 students as safe at home as they are at school: City of Los Altos Emergency Preparedness
 http://www.ci.los-altos.ca.us/police/eprep/eprep.html , Los Altos Hills Emergency Communications Committee
 http://www.losaltoshills.ca.gov/volunteer/ecc.html , City of Mountain View OES
 http://www.ci.mtnview.ca.us/city_hall/fire/programs_n_services/disaster_preparedness_n_cert.asp, Red Cross Santa Clara County
 http://www.scv-redcross.org/openrosters/view_homepage.asp?orgkey=1463, FEMA Are You Ready Guide
    We would like to sincerely thank Ron Nelson for his many years of service to our high school community and wish him well on
 his move to the East Coast. He will be greatly missed!
    PTSA meetings are a good way to find out what is really going on at LAHS. Superintendent Barry Groves, Principal Wynne
 Satterwhite, ASB President Nima Emami, Committee Chairs from Athletic Boosters, Band, Writer’s Week, Science and Tech
 Week, Lunch Cart and other important groups update members on what is happening on campus. At the October 29 PTSA
 meeting, Danielle Paige and her student and ASB member, Ricky Lopez, updated us on the high school’s award winning
 Yearbook, and Julie Cates outlined the plans for the Science and Tech Week to be held March 9-13. Roma Hammel will update
 the PTSA on the AVID program at the next PTSA meeting on January 13 at 6:45 PM in the Los Altos High School library.

    Looking forward to seeing you then!
    Sherry Auerbach and Cameron Bilger, Co-Presidents

                             Congratulations to Sherry Auerbach who has won the 2008 Joint
                           Community Volunteer Service Award for her dedication and commitment
                                                 to Los Altos High School!!!!

                                                       Yearbook News!
                The deadline to purchase a 2008-2009 yearbook is January 31, 2009. They can be ordered online at
                            www.yearbooksonsale.com or through the school bookkeeper on campus.


                   Happy Holiday Season and warmest wishes from the Tutorial Center!

         Essay Day #4, our last essay day of the season, is on Tuesday, December 16 from 8AM to 4:30PM, at the
         Tutorial Center. It’s a special day to help our college applicants to get those essays proof read and polished.
         Students can sign up early to secure a one-on-one time slot with our volunteer professionals or drop in. The
         Tutorial Center’s one-on-one SAT/ACT/CAHSEE prep sessions are also underway. Enrollment is open year
         round. Besides all of these, the Tutorial Center team continues to provide tutorial assistance to the students in all
         of the school subjects at all levels.

         To sign up or for further information, please see Mrs. Nguyen, the Tutorial Center Coordinator at her desk or
         contact her at 650-960-8474 or quyen.nguyen@mvla.net. The Tutorial Center is located next to the LAHS
         Library, open Monday through Friday, 8AM to 4:30PM.

         The Tutorial Center is funded by the MVLA Foundation and all of its services are free to the students.

Los Altos High School                                                                                    December/January 2009

                                                    ATHLETIC BOOSTERS

   First, we’d like to send out a heartfelt “Thanks!” to all the LAHS families, staff, and community members who contributed
   to our annual Pumpkin Patch and the Oktober FanFest fundraisers. Both were great successes, with the Pumpkin Patch
   alone netting over $9,000! 100% of these proceeds go directly to our LAHS athletics programs.

   Good luck to all LAHS fall sports as they go through CCS and league playoffs. LAHS winter sports (Basketball, Soccer and
   Wrestling) are just beginning their pre-season play. Check the LAHS website (www.mvla.net/lahs/athletics) for rosters and
   schedules. Remember, your Athletic Booster membership includes a pass to all home, non-tournament games. You can join
   the Boosters anytime - membership forms are available online.

   Join us at a Booster meeting! Winter coaches will be attending our Nov 18th meeting. Following the holidays, our next
   meeting is Tues, Jan 13th at 5:30pm in the library. The LAHS spring sports coaches will be at that meeting to give a season
   overview, as well as answer any questions you may have. Our meeting dates for the remainder of this year are 11/18, 1/13,
   2/10, 3/17, 4/21 and 5/19.

   Also, you know you need a sweatshirt (or blanket or stadium seat) to get you through the winter sports months ahead. Or
   maybe you need the perfect holiday gift for your favorite Eagles fan? If so, now’s the time to get a LAHS signature item
   from our collection of Boosters merchandise. An order form is available online on the Boosters web page. Check the
   Athletic Boosters website often for details and updates (www.mvla.net/lahs/athletics/athletic%20boosters.)

                                            Happy Holidays and Go Eagles!
                      Brigit Grimm (hockeybrigit@comcast.net) and Mary Donahue (mary@i2ii.com)

                                                          Save the Date!

                                         Please Join Senior Parents and Friends for a

                                                     Social Evening Event
                                                           to benefit
                                        Los Altos High School Senior Grad Night 2009!

                                    Gourmet Appetizers & Desserts, Silent Auction, Music
                                                    January 23, 2009

                                                       7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

                                                  Garden House, Shoup Park
                                                400 University Avenue, Los Altos

                                                $40 per person (tax deductible)
                                   Please come to this very fun evening to mingle and celebrate
                                                with parents of the Class of 2009!
                               It may be one of the last times for all of us to be together before the
                                                       big graduation day!!

Los Altos High School                                                                December/January 2009

                                                       INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLANT SALE!
                        CHORAL NEWS!
                                                       Decorate for the holidays while supporting LAHS
                 Seasons In Song Concert               Instrumental Music programs! Pretty Poinsettias, festive
            Monday, December 1st, 2008 7 PM            fresh wreaths, beautiful bonsais, delightful dish gardens
         First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto    and more – in both holiday and non-holiday themes –
                     Hamilton at Webster               will be available for sale in front of the Band Room
                                                       on Saturday Dec. 6th and 13th, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
                        Featuring:                     Pre-orders may be placed through the LAHS website or
           Gilroy High School Chamber Singers          by email sent to LAHSholidayplant@aol.com or come to
         Los Altos High School Main Street Singers     the sale and select your favorite plants.
            Monta Vista High School Variations
          Mountain View High School Madrigals          MUSICAL INSTRUMENT ORNAMENTS!
                  Los Altos High School                The LAHS Instrumental Music program is currently
        Choral Music Department Winter Concert         selling beautifully crafted musical instrument ornaments.
             Sunday, December 14th 7 PM                These unique and highly detailed ornaments make a
                Los Altos Methodist Church             special keepsake or gift for any occasion for the
                  Foothill and Magdalena               musician in your life. The ornaments are $10 each and
                                                       are available in 20 different musical motifs, from cellos
                        Featuring:                     to tubas. See the selection and place your order on the
                     Girls Ensemble                    LAHS website or by contacting
                     LAHS Chorale                      LAHSornaments@aol.com, or at any upcoming
                    Varsity Men's Glee                 instrumental music event.
                        Girl's Glee
                      Concert Choir
                    Girls Twenty One
                    Main Street Singers

        Presenting works with professional orchestra           Selpa 1 CAC Parent Education Night
                Dancing Day by John Rutter
              Magnificat by Giacomo Puccini               College for LD/ADHD and ASD students - Jan
           Christmas Cantata by Daniel Pinkham            Johnston-Tyler is a neurodiversity counselor at
                                                          EvoLibri, working with teens and adults in the
                                                          Palo Alto area. She will be talking about the
                  Twenty Fourth Annual
                                                          importance of career counseling and post-
                    Main Street Singers
                                                          secondary planning for neurodiverse teens –
                       Wassail Party
                                                          students with issues such as ASDs, AD/HD,
          Saturday, December 20th - 7:30 PM
                                                          pervasive mood disorders, and learning
           Shoup Park Garden House, Los Altos
                                                          differences. Jan brings a combination of masters-
                                                          level training in counseling psychology and
          Main Street Singers Alumni Concert
                                                          career development, pragmatic solutions, humor,
                 Saturday, December 20th
                                                          and 'been there, done that' as the mom to a
        Concert to begin following the Wassail Party
                                                          neurodiverse teen.
             Mozart Missa Brevis in C Major
                  with professional strings
                                                          Wednesday, Jan 28, 2009 - meeting is 7 to 9pm.
                                                          Hospitality begins at 6:45pm. Covington
               St. Nicolas Catholic Church
                                                          Elementary School Multi, 205 Covington Rd, Los
               473 Lincoln Ave, Los Altos
                                                          Altos 94024.
         Concert Choir Winter Rehearsal Camp
         Friday and Saturday, January 22 & 24             This parent education event is sponsored by the
         YMCA Camp Campbell ~ Boulder Creek               SELPA 1 CAC (www.selpa1cac.org.) All of our
                                                          events are free and open to anyone who feels they
                                                          might benefit. No registration is necessary.

Los Altos High School                                                                  December/January 2009

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