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					                                          A Publication of Valparaiso First United Methodist Church

Issue June - 2011

Vacation Bible School
 July 18th – 22nd                                       We are in need of loving, caring individuals to be
What happens when a pack of fun loving panda            part of this year’s experience. Think of the
bears invades our church? A wild celebration of         rewarding experience when you witness a child’s
God’s unconditional love! At PandaMania VBS,            growth in their faith, and relationship with
kids will discover that God has a purpose and a         others. If you are gifted in telling stories, helping
plan for everyone and that he crafted each of us        with crafts, leading a group of children from place
with his own loving hands. No matter what               to place and love children. WE NEED YOU!
activity in which the kids are involved and             Please contact Kidz4Jesus for more information,
exploring, they will hear the daily Bible Point and     or sign up on our website:
experience it in a new way! Each activity is an

important part of the kids’ overall learning
experience. It’s like the pieces of a
puzzle coming together.
                                                          We are in need of teachers for summer Sunday
                                                          School. You can pick your schedule and teach
                                                          as little as once a month during our summer
                                                          session, or teach bi-monthly, or weekly
                                                          whichever you prefer. Remember, Jesus never
                                                          stopped teaching the children and we
                                                          won't either!!

                                                         April 2011 Easter Egg Hunt Happenings
                                               225 Kids, and Adult Kids experienced a fun filled Saturday
                                  with arts, food and an egg hunt. Thank you all for supporting this ministry!
                       Look forward to next year’s activities.
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                                                                                       L to R: Jack, Alex, Shaun, Kate

Getting to know the Staff                                                              Front row: Santa and Jimmie

Kate Shifflett–
     Business Administrator

I was born in Elmhurst, IL, but        within walking distance
grew up in Munster and                 from our apartment. Very
Schererville, IN. I am one of 3        soon after, the September
children to my parents who live in     11th attacks happened. At                                            welcomed
Crown Point. I am the baby of my       the time, I was working in                                          our    3rd
family. I grew up going to church. I   DC and we lived 5 miles
                                       from the Pentagon – we                                                 son,
remember Vacation Bible School,
                                       could see the burning building                                 Jimmie. At
summer camp at LRCA, and my
                                       from our apartment balcony. We         that time, we           had started
parents being very involved in
                                       had always talked about moving at      becoming more involved in the life
committees and study groups.
                                       some point to Indiana to be            here at FUMC and became
Upon graduating from Indiana           closer to my family. After the         members of the church. We had
State      University    with    a     attack, there seemed like no           all 3 of our boys baptized here at
Communications degree from the         better time to seriously consider      FUMC – and Shaun too! In 2005, I
School of Business in the early        it. We gave up a lot, but              became the Assistant to the
90’s, I left Indiana and started       ultimately gained a lot in different   Pastors and in 2006 the Business
working in Washington, DC for          ways. In October 2001, we joined       Administrator. I truly feel God
the Federal National Mortgage          my family here in Indiana and have     brought me here for a reason.
Association (Fannie Mae). This was     been in Valparaiso ever since.         With duties ranging from finances,
before they were in the daily                                                 personnel, facilities, and the
headlines! Over the course of 8        In 2002, we welcomed our son,          running of the office, you’re bound
years, I worked my way up in the       Jack, into the world. In 2003 I met    to find me wearing different hats!
Advertising and Communications         Judy Kittridge, a member here          Even though there have been some
Department. While living in nearby     and our Preschool Director, at         stressful times here over the years,
Virginia, I met my husband, Shaun,     our son Alex’s Cub Scout               I love what I do…really…and
and his 3 year-old son, Alex, in       meeting. She told me about her         there have been many blessings
1996. We were married in 1999          church as well as an open              along the way. My daily prayer is
and in 2001 we received full           position they had in the office.       for God to have me do what He
custody of Alex. This is about the     The rest, they say, “is history.”      will have me do that day. Things
time my husband and I felt it was      When I came here in 2003, I was        never go according to our own
important to “get back to church”      the      Volunteer     Coordinator     plan! God is good…all the time. All
and found a small Christian Church     working only 8 to 10 hours per         the time…God is Good!
                                       week! In 2004, Shaun and I

 Jim Crisman–                                     Jim’s Concert Dates –                July 25

Jim Crisman began playing organ for Valparaiso First United Methodist Church back in August 1981. He
remembers attending church here as a child in the old church when the sanctuary was on the second floor.
Growing up in Portage, he became interested in music and traveled to the Gary City Methodist Church for
organ lessons. Jim received a Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts degrees from Valparaiso University. Jim
also teaches private music lessons. Since our church purchased the new organ, he has been giving concerts to
the community.
  Kevin Raidy–
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       Pastor of Connection

     Are you feeling connected to God  with  Pastor  Kevin  to  let 
and  others?    Do  you  feel  like  you’ve  him  know  of  already 
found  a  “place”  at  Valparaiso  First  existing  small  groups.  
United Methodist Church, or are you  He  is  looking  forward  to 
still  trying  to  get  rooted  in  this  faith  being  introduced  and 
community?  You  may  have  been  experiencing  all  the 
attending  here  for  15  years,  or  just  possibilities  that  small 
15 days.  No matter how long you’ve  groups                    have        at 
been associated with FUMC, our new  Valparaiso First.   
Pastor  of  Connection  would  love  to                Another  area  of  focus  is     basis.  He 
hear  from  you,  help  you  get                   relating to Valparaiso University    graduated  with  a 
connected,  and  stay  connected.   and  it’s  students.    Pastor  Kevin               Master of Divinity post‐graduate 
Connecting  people  to  God  and  said,  “I  have  very  fond                           degree  in  2007.      He  has  served 
connecting  people  to  people  is  his            memories  of  my  college  days      Whitestown            UMC          and 
passion  and  purpose.    Pastor  Kevin  and  the  faith  impact  that  the             Bloomfield  UMC  for  the  past  7 
has  recently  been  appointed  as  United  Methodist  College                          years. 
Pastor of Connection.  He believes we              Ministry  helped  shape  through          The  journey  into  parish 
are all connected through our Divine  mission  trips  and  local  peer                  ministry  took  over  eleven  years 
Creator.    His  entire  life  has  been  connection.  In fact, our District            through  various  experiences 
about  loving  others,  and  connecting            Superintendent,  Rev.  Cindy         while  Pastor  Kevin  was  a 
them  to  their  Divine  purpose.                                                               Resident  chaplain  in  a 
He  believes  people  are  more              “Life is about relationships. I believe we         nationally              known 
important  than  things,  and                are created for community, and are here            children’s  Level  One 
allows  his  understanding  of  to co-create a world that is loving and just. Trama  Hospital.  Whether 
humanity  to  guide  his                      Anytime I’m able to witness humanity’s            holding  the  hand  of  an 
decision‐making                   and           connectedness, it makes me smile.”              elderly       congregational 
influence.    His  understanding                                                                member  before  surgery, 
of connectedness allows him to assist  Reynolds was my pastor during                    or  consoling  parents  of  an  18‐
others  in  understanding  how  they               my  college  days.    It’s  amazing  month old son who was killed in 
are linked across time, distance, race,  how God and life seem to bring                 a  drunk  driving  accident,  there 
ethnicity,  religion,  economic  levels,  us full circle.”                              were  many  life  changing  and 
languages, or cultures.                                While studying at Ball State     transforming                    sacred 
     His  areas  of  focus  are  University  for  International                         conversations  happening  for 
Assimilation  of  New  Members  Business  and  French,  he                              Pastor  Kevin.    He  states,  “It’s 
through education, small groups and                participated           in        an  amazing how life takes us down 
fellowship.    He  will  facilitate  classes  undergraduate,  cross‐cultural,           various paths; however, I believe 
for  people  exploring  the  United  educational  experience  in  Aix‐                  God  is  present  through  the 
Methodist  faith  and  ministry                    en‐Provence,  France.    He          blessings,  joys,  and  sorrows  of 
opportunities  associated  with  the  experienced                    people       and   life.    I  am  blessed  to  have 
church.    He  will  help  people  get  cultures different than his own.                experienced  the  many  facets  of 
plugged  into  small  groups  either               He then spent over a decade as       life,  and  being  a  Pastor  is  the 
through  a  book‐study,  a  service  an  international  exporter  and                   most  rewarding,  challenging, 
group, or even an affinity group such  manufacturing  agent.  In  the                   and  life  changing  vocation  I’ve 
as sports and recreation. If you are a             summer  of  2000  he  decided  to    had. I believe we are created for 
facilitator of a group, please connect  enter  seminary  on  a  part‐time               relationships,  and  out  of  those 

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        Continued – Pastor of Connection
relationships  we  experience  God,          here  to  co‐create  a  world  that  is    need  to  ‘play’  more  and  exercise.  
and  God  experiences  us.  I  am  a         loving and just.  Anytime I’m able         In fact, I’m getting into yoga, and 
Pastor first and foremost even with          to        witness         humanity’s       I  want  to  learn  Brazilian  Jiu‐Jitsu 
all  the  roles  and  responsibilities  I    connectedness,  it  makes  me              which  is  a  form  of  martial  arts 
have.”                                       smile.  Another thing that makes           and combat sports.” 
Out  of  Pastor  Kevin’s  passion  to        me  smile  is  to  hear  stories  of 
cultivate authentic relationships, he        people  living  out,  or  discovering              He  is  looking  forward  to 
has  founded  a  faith‐based                                                            connecting with more people and 
consulting         company        called             “I am blessed to have              getting to know the congregation    The  Company                 experienced the many facets              better.  He believes in connecting 
exists  to  impact  personal,                  of life, and being a Pastor is           with the people in the community 
organizational  relationships  toward               the most rewarding,                 so,  you  might  find  him  holding 
spiritual  and  transformational               challenging and life changing            community office hours at Panera 
health.  Another passion of his is to           vocation, even with all the             Bread  or  Starbucks.  If  you  don’t 
have God’s people connect to their              roles and responsibilities I            find  him  at  those  locations,  you 
own  story.    Thus,  when  he  is             have, I am a Pastor first, and           can always look for him at church 
counseling  others,  his  gift  of                       foremost.”                     throughout  the  week.    If  you 
hearing  below  the  surface  of  the                                                   would  like  to  talk  with  Pastor 
spoken  word  creates  sacred  space                                                    Kevin  further,  you  can  always 
between  the  individuals.    He  is  in     their  passion.    I’m  humbled  to        email               him              at 
the process of becoming a Certified          listen  to  a  person  who’s  into  or  set  up 
Pastoral  Counselor  in  an  effort  to      discovery and awareness.  May I            an  appointment  by  contacting 
enhance  his  holistic  approach  of         be what is wanted and needed in            Sandi  Pettit  in  the  church  office.  
supporting        connectedness        in    the world.”   In  his  spare  time,        You might get a quicker response 
relationships.    He  states,  “Life  is     Pastor  Kevin  enjoys  reading,            by  bribing  him  with  an  invitation 
about  relationships.    I  believe  we      golfing,  camping  and  is  working        for a cup of coffee! 
are created for community, and are           on two books.  He also states, “I 

                                                                                        “One Man’s Witness”
   Weekly Worship Figures

                                                                                           Preformed at all services
                                                                                           May 29
                                                                                          Paul spent time in Athens, as
                                                                                          recorded in Acts 17:22-31. Why
                                                                                          are there no letters to the
                                                                                          Athenian Church in the New
                                                                                          Testament? Light may be shed
                                                                                          on this question on May 29
                                                                                          with the drama “One Man
                                                                                          Witness” written and directed
                                                                                          by    Marcia    Burbage     and
                                                                                          presented by the FUMC

  Pastor Jacob Williams
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                         came to Valparaiso First United Methodist Church on July 1, 2010.issue, date
 his first six months here, he spent time with congregational members in small groups of 15-20
 meeting in homes, at Valplayso Park, different restaurants, and here at the church. Pastor Williams
 handed out a sheet with 3 questions for those participating to answer. Here are some of the
 responses stating what the majority thought:

  Pastoral Gathering Responses
1. What one thing do                    missions, leadership, committees      pastor and their least
you like best about First               and all areas in the work of the      important choice for work
UMC in Valparaiso?                      church; we have a great youth         of    the  pastor.    The
                                        program and would like to see         following   reflects  the
The camaraderie, love, and              more youth in church with             predominant       thought
mutual       support      of      the   continuing expansion of our youth     throughout the responses:
congregation; the feeling and           activities; we would love to see
concern for one another; Youth          more adult Sunday school classes       Most Important:
ministry & DJ’s passion; members        with greater attendance.
are very warm & friendly;                                                         1. To be a witness for
outreach       beyond        existing   3. If money were no                           Christ – a dedicated
congregation; the community of          object, what one dream                        person.
believers;     many         different   would you like to see                     2. To preach on Sunday
approaches,       concerns       and    come to pass at First                         morning.
priorities, but all involved in         UMC?                                   Least Important:
service     as     praise;      many                                              1. To be available to all
opportunities to challenge my           That laypeople be equipped to
                                                                                     people at all times.
belief and my world view; Church        manifest God’s grace in their             2. To keep the
family; traditionally has had           daily lives and in their outreach;           congregation happy
excellent preaching; congregation       main        kitchen        upgrade;          and busy.
is very friendly and easy to talk       community center w/activities for
with; many different walks of life,     the youth groups and whole            Pastor Jacob wishes to share
very interesting and very open;         congregation gatherings; partner      with you all how much he
the openness of the congregation;       w/other churches to use facilities    appreciates the number of
central     location;      children’s   like the old YMCA; expanded           people who came to the
programs; diversity of thought;         Hilltop ministries; parking garage;   gatherings and the sincerity of
people’s heart for missions;            expanding Nexus and hiring staff      their responses. He wants you
stability; multiple choices for         to support it; more community         to know that we will follow up
participation if desired; people        services for kids; more Disciple      on your ideas. We have new
that I’ve met/know.                     classes that are better advertised
                                                                              attendance binders, and we are
                                        and attended; a place to see
                                                                              working on a bulletin in a new
2. If you could change                  what’s going on all the time
                                                                              format with a brand new look!
one thing about First                   (bulletin board/electronic or
                                                                              These projects will expand our
UMC, what would it be?                  otherwise)
                                                                              communication efforts greatly.
Part of the reason we came to           Pastor Jacob handed out a             Pastor Jacob extends his
FUMC is because we love the             list entitled “The Most               thanks to Cindy Felton and
music but would like more               Important Work of a                   Mary Schlottman for organizing
classical, more enthusiasm, more        Pastor Today Is.” He                  the gatherings as well as the
people involved; we would like          asked that people fill in             many who hosted gatherings in
better communication overall            their   most   important              their homes and elsewhere.
through the Church Council,             choice for work of the

 Mission News
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Africa University Mission Trip                              Haiti Support
                    Oct. 20 – Nov. 9th
                                                           Thanks so much for the
                     Returning to Zimbabwe has been        generosity of all who shared the
                     in the works since the first team     various items needed for the
                     from our church returned in           work in Haiti. Our team of 10
                     August 2000. To be on the             took 1050 pounds of “things”
                                                           to be left behind for the work
                     campus of Africa University
                                                           project and people in Thomas.
                     nestled in the Eastern Highlands
                                                           To build a kitchen, storage area,
                     of     Zimbabwe        cannot    be
                                                           and pit toilets at the back of a
                     described. A small group of           school/church in the village of
                     people will depart from Chicago       Thomas      was     the    focus.
                     on October 20, 2011 for South         Workers were hired to do the
                     Africa where they will visit          actual building of this cement
                     mission sites in and around           block structure. Our team
                     Johannesburg for a few days           worked beside them…lifting the
                     before flying on to Zimbabwe.         buckets of “mud”, carrying
                     There we will spend time at the       rocks for the foundation, and
                     university, explore the work of       sifting the gravel for the
                     two General Board of Global           concrete mix. However it was
                     Ministries missionaries serving in    the school children who gave
                     and around AU, tour other             our team smiles and reasons for
                     mission projects near the             doing it all. Please see the
                     university, set up time to meet       display board (near the donuts)
                     with students who are currently       in Tower Chapel. Thanks for
                     being supported by scholarship        your gifts and prayers. God’s
                     provided by Indiana Conference,       mission was accomplished for
                     have opportunities to meet            now. Listen to God’s call. God
                     graduates of the university, and      may be calling you to partner in
                     do a bit of volunteering on the       some way with the Methodist
                     campus.       Volunteering     may    Church of Haiti.
                     include working in the university
                     library, tutoring non-English         Rays of Hope
                     speaking students in English, and
                     much more. Before coming               Donate your automobile to
                     home on November 8, the team           the church for Rays of Hope.
                     will do a little sight-seeing which    Your used car would be put to
                     will include a game park visit.        good use in helping someone
                     This is an all inclusive tour for      with transportation needs.
                     around $4,000. Airfare alone is        Please contact Henry Koehler
                     over $2,500. If you are                at, or
                     interested, please see Gene or         219-462-4128
                     Bonnie Albert.

  Youth News
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                                                                         Believe Conference
                                                                       Our middle school students traveled to
                                                                       Holland, MI to attend the Believe
                                                                        Conference. Believe was an incredible
                                                                        weekend full of worship and teaching. The
                                                                         focus of the weekend was on the book of
                                                                          Esther. Students were challenged to find the
                                                                          thing that God is calling them do and to
                                                                           pursue it despite their fears. Our teens got
                                                                           an opportunity to write their concerns for
                                                                            their schools on a giant wall. The students
                                                                            were then challenged to commit to praying
                                                                   for their schools daily and our students went up
                                               and wrote their names on the wall to commit to their school in
                            prayer. God is still doing great things through this trip's influence.

                                                                                    Fusion Conference
                                                                                    Our high school students
                                                                                    attended the Fusion Youth
                                                                                    Conference        in    April. We
                                                                                    experienced an incredible time of
                                                                                    worship and teaching with over
                                                                                    900 students. During the Friday
                                                                                    night rally all of our students
                                                                                    made a commitment to deepen
                                                                                    their faith and refocus on God.

                                  Senior recognition
                                   Sunday June 5th
                                         Celebrate with us as we
                                     honor our High School Graduates.

                               Confirmation Sunday, June 12.
                                        Come celebrate with us as we
                                      welcome our confirmands from our
                                          Faith Formation process.

                                       Keep your eyes on the youth web sites for
                                 all the exciting things youth are doing this summer.
     Summer Calendar 2011

Going Green
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        United Methodist Women Ecology Follow-up
                                                                              The Shop
                                                                                 If you haven't been
                                                                                 over to the United
                     During       the    and correct old habits. Earth’s
                                                                                Methodist Women's
                     month         of    resources are truly gifts from
                                                                              resale shop lately, you
                     March,       the    God.
                                                                                are in for a surprise!
                                         Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every        Last year we did a
                                         organization here at FUMC                little remodel and
                                         would choose a project that             added some bright
                     encouraged us
                                         could have a positive effect on      colors and new racks.
                     to look at
                                         the environment? We could              We have had a very
                     ways we could
                                         become a more “GREEN”                talented woman from
                     be         more
                                         church, not only in our attitudes,       our congregation,
                     efficient      in
                                         but in our actions, too. Once         painting scripture on
caring for the Earth entrusted to
                                         again, we could become an            some of the walls. She
our care. As stewards of God’s
                                         example through our practices         just finished with the
creation, we all have fallen short of
                                         and     demonstrate      Christian     last of our requests.
the desired “mark” at one time or
                                         responsibility in our community.            We asked for
another. We all have thrown away
                                         Our youth group has already               scripture and she
materials that we could have
                                         made some strides in this             blessed us with some
reused or given to somebody.
                                         direction. (They could probably          beautiful artwork.
Occasionally, we are all guilty of
                                         give us some good advice!)              Come check it out.
using more water, electricity, and                                             And while you are at
fuel than necessary. Perhaps as we       UMW has done some calculating
                                         on what else we could do. What        it, check out the new
move forward in 2011, we can find                                                signs on the doors.
ways within our church to change         project will your group consider
                                         doing this year that could make a          Compliments of
attitudes about ecology. It is never                                              another generous
too late to repent of past faults        difference?

Women’s Shelter
                                           There is a certain amount of
The      Emergency     Women’s
                                           embarrassment and fear that
Overnight Shelter opened on
                                           comes with being homeless.
March 6th, 2011 and ended April
                                           We pray that these women
15th, 2011. Housing for the
                                           are finding shelter somewhere.
women is in seven area
churches, much like the housing
                                           The goal is to reopen the
that exists for the men. The
                                           shelter from October 2011
shelter had one guest, who                                                           Donations of
                                           until April 2011. There is
stayed for four nights. She was                                                   stamps, get well or
                                           always work being done to pen
able to move on to a better                                                      sympathy cards are
                                           a women's daycenter. We
situation.                                                                       needed. Please put
                                           want to thank everyone who
                                                                                   your donation at
                                           has given their time and
Even though the shelter had only                                                 the Front Welcome
                                           donations to this ministry. We
one     guest,    they’ve     had                                                       Desk.
                                           received enough donations to
numerous calls about homeless
                                           purchase 70 sleeping mats. If
women in the area. There are
                                           you wish to volunteer, or find
probably many reasons why they
                                           out more information, contact
are not seeing them at this time.
                                           Peggy @ 531-1505.
 Church Leadership
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Dear Friends in Christ,                engaged, I invite you to join a       our neighbors, near and far.
         What do you see in your       committee or group that matches               Also, we as Church
future? Love, joy, fulfillment? I      your interests. The members of        Leadership        are    exploring
hope so, because the future tends      your Church Council and their         different avenues to help
to align with our expectations. A      leadership roles are listed below;    communicate           to         the
positive outlook helps us overcome     feel free to contact any of them.     congregation how God is
problems, disappointments, and                  The activities of our        working through our church to
even grief; and gives us the           church are too numerous and rich      touch people’s lives. We are
perspective to claim the abundant      to be adequately celebrated in        also looking at how to share the
life Jesus promised.                   Sunday worship. But we do want        various Committee meeting
         As a church, too, we need     to celebrate them; so Church          minutes and information. It is
to expect love, joy, and fulfillment   Council meetings this year will       our hope that together, we can
— excitement.        We are richly     each feature a different area of      all    take     responsibility     in
blessed with members who have          ministry.                             understanding       our      various
these qualities, and we are sharing             This past meeting, we        ministries, and the movement
our individual and collective          featured our many mission             and       direction     of       our
abundance through our many             initiatives. I've recently attended   congregation.
ministries. I am energized by what     meetings of both the Local Mission
is already going on here, and          and National/International Mission    Blessings,
excited about our future. I think      committees, and I think you'll be
                                                                             Mike Yohe – Chair, Church Council
you will be, too.                      energized by our church's role in
         If you are not now actively   extending God's love and grace to

Church Council Officers: Chairperson Mike Yohe, Secretary Joyce McMurtrey, Lay Leader Helen
Mundell, Lay Member of Annual Conf. & United Methodist Women Bonnie Albert, Finance Chair Dick
Wathen, Trustees Chair Chris Ehrman, Staff Parish Chair Allison Thomas, Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jacob
Williams (no vote)* Associate Pastor Rev. Kevin Raidy (no vote)* Associate Pastor Rev. Dennis Deeter (no
vote)* Business Administrator Kate Shifflett (no vote)* Treasurer Jim Reed, Children's Ministries Chair Lani
Fisher (no vote)* United Methodist Men President Bill Reilly *Staff members

Church Council Members at Large: Ruth Vance, Robin Harlow, Kevin Zeck, Sue Cain, Gaylene
Rhoda,     Mary Spruitenburg, Kay Morris, Margie Miller, Permanent Endowment Chairs Morrie Sunkel,
Memorial Committee Chair Bob Simmons, METS Team Chairs Wayne & Joanne Weaver, Missions Council
TBD, Local Missions Chair Tom Neff/Susan Gleason, Education Chair Sarah Black, Rays of Hope Chairs Jim &
Judy Henderson, Hilltop Ministry Chair Carol Stoner, Prayer Ministry Team Chair Lowell Black, National/Int'l
Missions Chair Bob Stoner

Building Committee: Dick Wathen-Chairperson, Jeff Wolf, Julie Gannon, Buzz Bowen Ruth Vance, Joyce
McMurtrey, Arch Krsek Della Bozarth, DJ Murvine, Mary Alice Koehler

Trustees: Chris Ehrman Chairperson Sherman Ososki, Larry Dankoff, Bill Blake, Bill Reilly, David Pera, Bob
Simmons, Sara Miner, Don Pettit, Staff Representative

Staff Parish: Allison Thomas – Chairperson, Chris Kraft, John Reid, Gaylene Rhoda, Laura Van Houten,
David Holub, Dave Stilwell, Jack Shearer

Finance Committee: Dick Wathen-Chairperson Greg Fisher, Roger Kneeland, Scott Mundell, Brad
White, Jim Reed Dave Stilwell, Jeff Palin, Dick Wathen

Nominating Committee: Helen Mundell, Lay Leader Dick Wathen, Building & Finance Chris Ehrman,
Trustees Allison Thomas, Staff Parish Mike Yohe, Church Council
  New Members
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Our church family has grown over the last month! If you see any of them in worship, or at church, please get
to know them as they get to know you.

                                           Jeff (not pictured) & Allison Wieser with
                                                        Ashbey & Addison

    Matt & Kasey Ringenburg with
          Abraham & Kaya

                                                                                       David & Amy Mulcahy with Emma,
                                                                                                Adian and Ava

                                            Jackie Spencer Bullock

  Dean & Nicole Lanter and 6 month old
         Lauren (not pictured)

                                            George & Gloria Fjeld                        Marge Blum

                    July 31st

                 12:30-3:00 pm

                                                                        Saturday, July 10th 1-6pm
    Church wide picnic at Butterfield Pavillion                      Church wide Family Fun Day at Deep
      corner of Evans & Calumet Avenue                                        River Waterpark

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 Our Littlest Angels Preschool
      Judy Kittridge, Director
 We are quickly coming to the        from Lucky the Leprechaun while         part was our learning about
 end of the school year and are      we were out of our classroom.           why we celebrate Easter and
 gearing up for our Preschool        He left a note that told us he hid      then we had our own
 Program and Graduation on May       pots of gold for each student to        celebration with    an Easter
 25. What a joyous event this is     find. Some of the coins were            Party.
 each year as the children sing      chocolate....YUMMY!
 songs for their families and                                                On a side note, there are still a
 receive      their   preschool      In April we learned about spring        few openings available for the
 certificates               and      and things that go with it. We          fall classes. If you or someone
 diplomas. Afterward we enjoy        learned about plants and even           you know may be interested
 refreshments prepared by the        plant some seeds and watched            please have them contact me.
 parents.                            them grow in our classroom.             477-6575                      or
                                     We learned about things that            our.littlest.angels.preschool@g
 We had a busy March learning        come from eggs like birds and 
 about the weather and practiced     frogs. We explored how we can
 a tornado drill, healthy eating,    help       our     Earth      by        His Servant,
 dinosaurs (a favorite) and St.      recycling, reusing  things   and
 Patrick's Day. On St. Patrick's     reducing our trash. But the best        Judy Kittridge
 Day we had a surprise visit

   The Lost Road of Innocence: A True Story of a Cambodian
                                                                             Musicians Needed
                            This book will be the UMW’s next
                            discussion book beginning August 24th, in        How do we praise God in our
                            the parlor, 6-7:30 pm. This is a powerful,       sanctuary? With our voices and
                            un-putdownable book which you will read          with instruments! If you sing or
                            with a lump in your throat--an inspiring         play an instrument (brass, strings,
                            autobiography, personal, raw, recounting         woodwinds, piano, guitar, bass,
                            her own courageous fight to lift herself out     drums) OR you know someone
                            of the well of terror she suffered when sold     who does, please contact Esta
                            into sexual slavery as a teenager, then how      Rosario, Director of Music ,
                            she went on to save several thousands of, or
                            other young women and children. Mark             465-1661
                            your calendars, get the book from the
                                                                                   “Praise the Lord! Praise God in his
                            public library or our church/UMW library,        sanctuary…let everything that breathes praise
                            read, and then come to join our discussion.                 the Lord!” from Ps 150

                                       health kits, 19,000 school kits,      of them. Kits also went to
                                       504 cleaning buckets, 17000           Afghanistan,         Guatemala,
                                       birthing kits, and hundreds of        Cameroon, Haiti, Mexico, and
                                       layette, sewing, and bedding kits     Israel. You can also contribute
   During the first quarter of         were shipped within and far           toward the purchase of relief
   2011, by means of all seven         beyond      the     network      in   supplies and 100% of your gift
   relief-supply depots in the         response to needs. The people         to Material Resources Ministry,
   UMCOR             Relief-Supply     of Zimbabwe were a major              UMCOR Advance #901440, will
   Network, more than 50,000           recipient of birthing kits--15,000    be used for this purpose.

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                                                                                  Non Profit Organization

                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE PAID

      103 Franklin Street
                                                                                      Valparaiso, IN
      Valparaiso, IN 46383
                                                                                     Permit No. 220

   Address Service Requested

                             August 2-5th            You have 4 ways to hear our relevant and inspiring
                                                                  messages on a weekly basis.

                   Coming late this summer photo             Listen to the message live at any of our
  sessions for our church-wide directory. We                  Sunday morning worship experiences.
  want every active church participant and member
  to be photographed. Everyone will receive a free
  8x10 portrait photo and an option to purchase
  more. Buy your Christmas Photo Cards in time
  for December delivery.                             2        Visit the website
                                                                     to listen to them on line

                                                                             Subscribe to us on iTunes.
                                                                            Search for Valparaiso FUMC
                                                                            and add the PodCast to your
                                                                                   media library.

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