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					The Baldy Eagle
The Newsletter of the Mt Baldy Group, Angeles Chapter
Sierra Club, PO Box 906, Claremont CA 91711
Visit our webpage:
           Chair: Robin Ives 909-624-5522                                      January–February 2005
           Editor: Julie Garner 714-335-1579                                          Volume 35, Number 1
           Publisher/Webmaster/Information: Lori Ives 909-621-7148                     $10 for 6 issues

                Mt Baldy Group recycles aluminum cans. Bring them to the meeting. Support our Group!

                   HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
               The public is welcome. Come and enjoy good fellowship, conservation updates, refreshments.

       Tuesday, January 25, 2005                                          Tuesday, February 22, 2005
   7:30 pm, Harvey Mudd College — Fourth Tuesday                       7:30 pm, Harvey Mudd College — Fourth Tuesday

 The Sublime Sahara — Camping                                                     Kilimanjaro Quest
  in Southern Algeria and Niger
                                                                 DAVE NORMAN will share the conditions he experienced
                                                                 during the almost week long climb up this famous Tanzania
BOB IHSEN, the travel photographer with 100,000 slides
                                                                 mountain and the friendship and respect engendered by spending
and countless miles, traveled to far away places with strange
                                                                 time with the Masai tribe. Dave Norman, a retired educator, has
sounding names. Join us as he presents his adventures with
                                                                 been climbing mountains since his childhood in southwest
                                                                 Montana. He attended college in New York, then came to
                                                                 Southern California to attend USC where he earned his Masters
The boundaries of the Sahara are the Atlantic Ocean on the
                                                                 and Doctorate degrees. He remained here because of our beautiful
west, the Atlas Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea on the
north, the Red Sea and Egypt on the east, and the Sudan and
the Valley of the Niger River on the south. The Sahara is
                                                                 Kilimanjaro is the largest of an east-west belt of about 20
divided into western Sahara, the central Ahaggar Mountains,
                                                                 volcanos near the southern end of the east African Rift Valley.
the Tibesti massif (a region of desert mountains and high
                                                                 Also prominent in this belt are Ngorongoro Caldera (a superb
plateaus), and the Libyan desert (the most arid region).
                                                                 wildlife refuge), Ol Donyo Lengi (a carbonite volcano), and
                                                                 Meru. Kilimanjaro is a triple volcano with the youngest and
                                                                 central peak of Kibo, being 7.5 to 8.7 miles from Shira to the west
                                                                 and Mawenza to the east. The gentle lower slopes steepen to 30
                                                                 degrees above 13,000 feet elevation.


We meet on the HMC campus at 12th Street and Foothill Blvd. Enter parking lot (north of #27, upper left of map below) from
Foothill Blvd. Enter center door of building #1 from the patio. Go downstairs and follow signs. People with disabilities should call
909-624-5522 in advance to arrange access to an elevator.
Two New Properties Added                                                               Remembering our Friends
to City’s Wilderness Park
The Claremont Wildlands Conservancy is delighted to announce that the
state’s Wildlife Conservation Board has approved a $1.4 million grant to the           Many of us remember PRISCILLA DARBY
City of Claremont to purchase two key properties in the San Gabriel                    with love. For years she was active in our Mt
Mountain foothills above the city. The two parcels total 233 acres and were            Baldy Group, Sierra Club, serving in many areas.
added to the city’s Wilderness Park in October.                                        She was meticulous in her approach to her
                                                                                       projects and always cheerful. In 1984 the
The purchase is part of an ongoing co-operative effort among the Trust for             Angeles Chapter presented her a Special Service
Public Land (TPL), the City of Claremont, and the Claremont Wildlands                  award for her work and devotion to environ-
Conservancy, which submitted the Conceptual Area Protection Plan (CAPP)                mental precepts, and her service to the Mt Baldy
to the Department of Fish and Game and for the WCB board to examine. The               Group..
WCB’s meeting was held August 12.
                                                                                       Born in 1911, Priscilla died on November 10,
“We’re extremely excited and pleased to see this happen,” stated CWC                   2004 — 93 years of a good life. After she retired
charter board member Suzanne Thompson. “Jim Lewis from the city and                    from many years of teaching, she assisted Lori
Brady Moss from TPL have worked exceedingly hard on this and deserve a                 Ives in the Ives Community Office.. She
lot of credit, and our conservancy has played an important role, as well......”        volunteered for the Sierra Club, the League of
                                                                                       Women Voters and the Historical Society of
Founded in January 2000, the Claremont Wildlands Conservancy has been                  Claremont and the local ACLU.
working closely with the Trust for Public Land and the City of Claremont
over the past four years in an attempt to preserve undeveloped hillside land           Her memory is dear to us.
in Claremont.

“The strong support in Claremont for saving the hillsides is paying off,”              Long time member of the Mt Baldy Group, Heidi
Thompson continued. “So many people in Claremont have stepped forward                  Tschirren, has moved to Claremont Manor,
to help save Claremont’s hillsides by donating money, helping at our events,           Room 321, 650 West Harrison Ave, Claremont.
and attending meetings. People who have hiked or biked in the foothills                We wish her long, happy tenure in her new
realize what an enormous loss it would be for Claremont if the hillsides were          home. We miss her cheerful face and helpful
developed. It is heartening to see these efforts make a difference.”                   hands, especially around our table collating our
The two properties just approved for purchase include a 104-acre property
which is adjacent to Sycamore Canyon and the Thompson Creek Trail, and
a 129-acre property which abuts the southwest corner of the current Wilder-            While talking to Heidi, we heard that FRANK
ness Park (see map on page 3).                                                         GOODYKOONTZ, another long time member
                                                                                       of the Mt Baldy Group, died on January 1, 2005
The TPL, which assists local groups nationwide in gathering money to pur-              at the Claremont Manor. Frank, an avid hiker,
chase and save land, secured options to purchase the properties for fair               finished the Hundred Peaks List 9 times, leading
market value over a year ago. The money that the WCB allocated last week               them 4 times. He was a legend in his own time.
comes from the state’s Proposition 50, which was approved by voters in
March 2002 and made $750 million available to acquire and restore                      A memorial service was held at the Claremont
watershed areas adjacent to urban areas in California.                                 Manor on Friday, January 7 in the morning.

The larger of the two properties is just north of Johnson’s Pasture, which the
CWC considers the crown jewel of Claremont’s hillsides. The area is popular            In our next
with nature lovers, hikers, bike riders, and equestrian riders. The hillsides are      Baldy Eagle
filled with a wide variety of plant life. In addition the area is prime habitat for    we will
deer, bobcats, mountain lions, rabbits, and many varieties of birds.                   devote more
                                                                                       space to the
“While we’re delighted that these two beautiful properties will now be owned           lives of these
by the city, our work isn’t complete,” continued Thompson. “We are still               special Mt
working to save numerous other hillside properties from development. Our               Baldy Group
efforts to preserve the hillsides will continue.”                                      members.

                                      Baldy Eagle, Volume 35, Number 1, January-February 2005 — Page 2
                             Claremont’s Hillsides — December 2004
            from The Post, December 2004, Newsletter of the Claremont Wildlands Conservancy (CWC)

                      CWC to Host Celebration for Two New Properties
On February 27, 2005 the Claremont Wildlands Conservancy will host, from 1-4 pm, a celebration of the two new property
additions to the Claremont Wilderness Park. The celebration will take place at La Casita on the Girl Scouts headquarters located
on the west end of Pomello. Please join us in celebrating this significant addition to open space!

The Claremont Wildlands Conservancy is committed to preserving Claremont’s hillsides. It is a non-profit, grass roots
organization dedicated to keeping the foothills wild and free for all.

You are invited to join by sending a contribution, payable to Claremont Wildlands Conservancy. Mail it to Claremont
Wildlands Conservancy, 459 Baughman Ave, Claremont CA 91711.

More information may be obtained from Suzanne Thompson at

                                  Baldy Eagle, Volume 35, Number 1, January-February 2005 — Page 3
Not One Damn Dime Day —
January 20, 2005                                                                       Nature Nibble
                                                                                Look here for a quote you can chew on!
received from many sources on the Internet
                                                                 Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed
Since our religious leaders will not speak out
                                                                 citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that
against the war in Iraq, since our political leaders
                                                                 ever has.
don't have the moral courage to oppose it,
                                                                        Margaret Mead
Inauguration Day, Thursday, January 20, 2005 is
"Not One Damn Dime Day" in America.

On "Not One Damn Dime Day" those who
oppose what is happening in our name in Iraq can
                                                        Sierra Club Endorsement for City Councils
                                                        March 8 is the election day for City Councils in Los Angeles County.
speak up with a 24-hour national boycott of all
forms of consumer spending.
                                                        In Claremont, the Sierra Club has endorsed Sam Pedroza who has an extended
                                                        record of working on Sierra Club projects, including the restoration of the San
During "Not One Damn Dime Day" don't spend
                                                        Gabriel River.
money. Not one damn dime for gasoline, for
necessities or for impulse purchases. Not one
                                                        As we go to press, the Mt Baldy Group has also endorsed Ellen Taylor; the
damn dime for anything for 24 hours.
                                                        Angeles Chapter is expected to support that recommendation. Ellen served a
                                                        number of years on the Claremont Resource Conservation Committee. The
On "Not One Damn Dime Day," please boycott
                                                        Committee recommended that the City purchase electric vehicles and now the
Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target... Please don't go to the
                                                        City owns several. While Ellen was on the Committee, Claremont adopted
mall or the local convenience store. Please don't
                                                        separate trash collections for trash, recycled materials, and vegetative wastes.
buy any fast food (or any groceries at all for that
matter). For 24 hours, please do what you can to
                                                        In San Dimas, the Sierra Club has endorsed Denis Bertone for City Council.
shut the retail economy down.
                                                        Denis is a long-time environmental activist. There was a long campaign to
                                                        preserve Bonelli Park from commercial development. In that fight Denis was
The object is simple. Remind the people in power
                                                        chair of the Committee to Preserve Bonelli Park.
that the war in Iraq is immoral and illegal; that
they are responsible for starting it and that it is
their responsibility to stop it.
                                                        Sophie Radowick to be Honored
"Not One Damn Dime Day" is to remind them,
too, that they work for the people of the United        On May 1, the Angeles Chapter will hold its Annual Awards Banquet. Mt
States of America, not for the international            Baldy Group’s Sophie Radowick will receive a major Chapter award for her
corporations and K Street lobbyists who                 volunteer work in the Angeles Chapter office.
represent the corporations and funnel cash into
American politics.                                      The Banquet will be held at its usual location for the past few years — the
                                                        Brookside Country Club near the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Tickets are $30 -
"Not One Damn Dime Day" is about supporting             More details will be forthcoming in the next BaldyEagle.
the troops. The politicians put the troops in
harm's way. Now 1,200 brave young Americans
and (some estimate) 100,000 Iraqis have died.           How can we protect nature if we don't understand it? When it comes to the
The politicians owe our troops a plan — a way to        ocean, we know practically nothing. In fact, we know more about the backside
come home.                                              of the moon and the seas on Mars. Unfortunately we're still using the oceans
                                                        as a garbage can, a universal sewer operating under the theory of “out of
There's no rally to attend. No marching to do. No       sight, out of mind.”
left or right wing agenda to rant about. On "Not
One Damn Dime Day" you take action by doing             Jean-Michel Cousteau, explorer and environmentalist, recently found trash
nothing. You open your mouth by keeping your            dumped 20-30 years ago on some of the most remote islands in the world. He
wallet closed. For 24 hours, nothing gets spent,        spoke August 2 on behalf of the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, on the
not one damn dime, to remind our religious              island, which is located off the Massachusetts coast. He is the son of the late
leaders and our politicians of their moral              ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau.
responsibility to end the war in Iraq and give
America back to the people

                                     Baldy Eagle, Volume 35, Number 1, January-February 2005 — Page 4
                                                   It Was Greek to Me
                                              —But I was able to understand quite a bit

                                               Second part in a series by Julie Garner

We boarded the plane in New York at 5:30 pm for an overnight           sweet and served in a small cup with grounds in the bottom.
flight to Athens. After about 10 hours of trying unsuccessfully        None of us liked Greek coffee. Brad and Carol, the two addicts,
to sleep on the completely full plane, we began to see dots of         were jonesing until they found a Starbucks once we got to
land in the sea below. Brad and I, through bleary eyes, tried to       Athens.
figure out which islands we were flying over, and if we could
see Thira (Santorini to you non-Greeks), our first Greek Island        We decided that the way to see Thira would be on vespas. Since
destination.                                                           most of us knew how to ride motorcycles or dirt-bikes, we
                                                                       didn’t foresee any problems. We rented 3 motorbikes for the
Upon arrival in the Athens airport we had a short flight to look       five of us. I rode behind Brad, Helen rode behind Carol and
forward to – after a five hour wait. Despite being jet lagged, we      Ann Marie had her own bike.
quickly found the kiosk where we picked up our vouchers for
our Greek Island holiday package.                                      A glitch arose almost immediately. The motorbike Carol was
                                                                       driving didn’t accelerate very well and she didn’t feel
Helen, my resourceful sister, checked the departing flights and        comfortable having a passenger. Helen tried driving and
noticed an earlier one, which would require only an hour-long          decided it would be all right. Traffic was moderate and drivers
wait. The woman at the Aegean airline counter took pity on us          were not overly patient with slow tourists, so staying together
and we were able to catch the next flight to Thira.                    was somewhat difficult.

Flying over a half-submerged caldera is an awesome                     We took advantage of several photo opportunities and I have
experience. Spending two days exploring the unsubmerged part           quite a few pictures of the Cyclades as described in Lonely
is even better.                                                        Planet “…the quintessential Greek islands – rugged outcrops of
                                                                       rock dotted with brilliant-white buildings offset by vividly
The prop plane with its 40-some passengers landed at the small         painted balconies and bright-blue church domes, all bathed in
airport on Santorini. After a rigorous security check, (actually       dazzling light and fringed with golden beaches lapped by
non-existent; I guess terrorists aren’t interested in an island in     aquamarine seas.” Yes, I live a truly rough life!
the middle of the Aegean that has already been half destroyed
by volcanic activity several centuries ago), our group of five,        As we got closer to Fira, the main town, the traffic got worse.
with luggage to last us several weeks, piled into the hotel van.       We stopped at the side of the road to decide where the most
                                                                       likely spot would be to find safe parking for the three bikes.
Suffering from jetlag and being less than fully alert was              Brad was able to pull back onto the road at a break in the traffic
probably a good thing on the zippy van ride along the rim of the       and find several parking spots together a few blocks further, but
caldera. Between the road and the approximately 2000 foot              the others who were behind us never arrived.
drop to the sea below, there was a wall – about a foot high. But
I like thrill rides; besides, plunging to my death in the Aegean       While I waited, Brad went the few blocks back to find the
Sea would be so much more romantic than dying in a car crash           others….and I waited…I decided to go back also to see what
on the Southern California freeway (a much more likely fate).          happened. Just as I was nearing a hospital, I saw Brad turn into
                                                                       the parking lot with Helen on the back of his motorbike. Going
We arrived safely at our hotel on the back-side of the island, at      to a hospital at the start of a vacation is not an auspicious
Perissa Beach. Despite our tiredness, all of us decided to go for      beginning.
a swim. The beach was populated, but not over-run with people.
The coarse gray sand was pretty, and hot. The water was clear          …………………
and in the 70s, cool enough to feel good after running across the
hot sand.                                                              Do you want to know what happened to Helen? Was she able
                                                                       to continue her vacation? Or did we all decide to turn around
After spending some time on the beach, I made the mistake of           and head home? I guess you’ll just have to read the next Baldy
lying down for a short nap before dinner – so my next meal             Eagle to find out! (I know you’re concerned and I will tell you
ended up being the next morning. Greek breakfast is usually            that she wasn’t badly injured, and that later her injuries worked
along the lines of a continental breakfast. The standard               to her advantage.)
breakfast consisted of bread (with rare exceptions, the bread in
Greece was always very good), coffee, a Tang-like orange               ...This journey is to be continued.
drink, and sometimes a hardboiled egg. Greek coffee is very

                                     Baldy Eagle, Volume 35, Number 1, January-February 2005 — Page 5
Happy 10th Anniversary,                                               PENTAGON TO JETTISON
California Desert Protection Act!                                ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES
by Vicky Hoover                                                      New Policy Drops Public Health, Cleanup and Resource
                                                                                     Conservation Duties
Ten years ago, on October 31, 1994, President Clinton
signed the California desert bill. All of us who were in            Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
some way involved in the campaign for its passage will                 For Immediate Release: Tuesday, December 14, 2004
always remember exactly where we were that day.
Elden Hughes, Judy Anderson, and Jim Dodson, the               Washington, DC - The Pentagon is moving to sharply reduce its
Sierra Club leaders of the long effort, and others, were       environmental duties, according to a draft directive released today by
deservedly in Washington DC, witnessing the presi-             Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). The
dential signing ceremony. I was in the Sierra Club's Los       proposed policy excludes anti-pollution work that does not directly
Angeles office, along with a mob of southern CA                "sustain the national defense mission."
activists, then-Club president Robbie Cox, a lot of
reporters and camera people, and Senator Dianne                This new "Department of Defense Directive" would replace a
Feinstein. Why wasn't Senator Feinstein, chief Con-            Clinton-era directive on "Environmental Security." The new directive
gressional sponsor of the bill, at the president's side        trims a listing of Pentagon policy elements by eliminating provisions
too? Because she was then running for reelection to the        for
Senate, and with the election only days away, she              •    Reducing risk to human health and the environment by
anticipated getting better media coverage of the bill's             identifying, evaluating, and where necessary, remediating con-
enactment for herself here in California, where the                 tamination resulting from past DoD activities;
votes were. In the absence of the volunteer leaders of         •    Protecting, preserving, and, when required, restoring, and
the campaign, I as a next-echelon activist was allowed              enhancing the quality of the environment; and
to present to Senator Feinstein the Sierra Club's award        •    Conserving, and restoring where necessary, the natural and
for her leadership. It was a memorable occasion indeed,             cultural heritage represented on DoD installations within the
and the concept of the wide wild expanses of our desert             United States.
protected from development remains a thrilling one.
                                                               "The Pentagon is transforming itself into an entity concerned only
But the work to protect the desert goes on. It's not over,     about its own logistics and facility management - and the public be
it will never be over. We constantly need to support the       damned," stated PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch, pointing to the
land management agencies when they do well, and urge           Pentagon's recent efforts to exempt itself from an array of
them to do better if they falter. Since they lack enough       environmental laws. "Under this new policy, who will protect
staff to monitor activities and conditions in the new          America's waters, air and soil from the Pentagon?"
wilderness areas all the time, we can help out on our
trips to the desert. We are the ones who know these            The new policy would also significantly cut Pentagon compliance with
areas. None of us can oversee them all, but all of us can      anti-pollution rules by dropping requirements that it obey "regulations,
take a trip to the desert once in a while and keep our         Executive orders, binding international agreements" and other federal
eyes open, take pictures. The CNRCC Desert Com-                "environmental, safety, occupational health, explosives safety, fire and
mittee has a monitoring program and encourages such            emergency services, and pest management policies." In its place, the
involvement.                                                   Pentagon would pledge to only abide by "applicable law and DoD
                                                               policy." In stripping away promises to improve or protect the
Every spring the SF Bay Chapter working with the               environment, the new directive instead says that the Pentagon "will
regional wilderness committee does a service trip to the       evaluate all activities...and make prudent investments in initiatives that
Old Woman Mts, Turtle Mts or Whipple Mts, some of              support mission accomplishment, enhance readiness, reduce future
the new wildernesses managed by the BLM's Needles              funding needs, prevent pollution, ensure cost effective compliance, and
office. The BLM decides what project they most need            maximize the existing resource capability."
help on, and we provide the bodies; this last spring we
did it jointly with the San Gorgonio Chapter's Mojave          "The Pentagon is preparing this self-serving shift without public debate
Group, (which also leads other service trips) and we           or Congressional review," added Ruch. "Under the new directive, the
hope to repeat the process next spring. Stay tuned.            Pentagon answers only to itself."

But today, CELEBRATE 10 years.                                 Department of Defense directives define the agency's mission and
                                                               responsibilities. By its terms, this directive covers all "DoD operations,
                                                               activities, and installations worldwide, including Government-owned/
                                                               contractor-operated facilities."

                                     Baldy Eagle, Volume 35, Number 1, January-February 2005 — Page 6
                                                      SIERRA CLUB ACTIVITIES
Mt Baldy Group, PO Box 906, Claremont 91711 — 909-621-7148; fax 909-624-7983
http://angeles.sierraclub .org/m tbaldy/ — mb@ angeles.sierraclub.o rg — Email Eagle articles to <avtrix@>
The gene ral pub lic is welco me o n almo st all outings. Sierra Club mem bership not required, but is certainly encouraged.
See the Angeles Chapter Schedule of A ctivities for mo re activities in Los Angeles and O range Counties. Call leader for info
mi rt = miles round trip, SASE = self-addressed, stamped (37¢) envelope.
The Sierra Club encourages ridesharing. Participants make their own arrangements and should reimburse the driver.
La Ca nad a R ideshare Point: A ngeles Crest H wy (H wy 2) just north of Foothill Fw y, (I-210). Park on Angeles Crest H wy on ly.
M t Baldy Rideshare Point: Pomona First Federal Bank & Trust north parking lot, NE corner Indian Hill and Foothill Blvds.
     Take T owne exit from I-21 0, south to Fo othill Blvd east to Indian Hill. We ekends on ly.

‘04 MT BAL DY MG MT COM M *voting                                         Sat Feb 5 Altadena to M illard Ca nyo n Falls: 6 mi rt, 1000 ' gain going in, 500'
(All 909 unless otherwise indicated)                                      going out, coming o ut via El Trieto Canyon. Visit Owen B rown’s grave on
Ch/Cons/Co-Prog/XRep *Robin Ives . . . . . . . . . 624-5522               hilltop. Discuss history of John Brown. Meet 9 am, La Canada rideshare pt (see
Vice Chair/Co-Prog *Jean Jackson . . . . . . . . . 596-1938               above). Bring boots, water, plate, cup, utensils, potluck serving for 8 — keep
Secy/XAlt/Co-Out/Publicity *Sophie Radowick 626-5658                      perishable food ice cold. Lea ders: John D ePo y (714-826-4007), William
Treasurer Peggy Zappen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 626-335-3528       Gaskill.
Baldy E agle Editor *Julie Garner . . . . . . . . . 714-335-1579
Publisher/Circ/Web/Mb rshp *Lori Ives . . . . . . . 621-7148              Sat Feb 12 Sunset Pea k (57 96'): 7 mi, 1500' gain, 3 hours round trip on dirt
Co-Outings *Flora Johnson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 626-6980        road. From the summit of Sunset P eak are spectacular views of M t Bald y and
Co-Programs *Ellen Elliott . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 625-4630       on a clear day, the Pacific Ocean and the summit of Santiago and Mod jeska
Outreach Jan Overton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 599-9915   Peaks, the high p oints of Orange C ounty, m ay be se en in the distance. K-9s
Hospitality Connie Layne . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 624-6115     welcome, but leashed during lunch. Meet 9 am , Cow Cyn Sadd le. Bring lunch,
Audio/Visual Ken Horner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 626-0336        lugsoles, water. Leader: Olivia Hermand ez (818-890 -9175). Assts: Cathy
                                                                          Kissinger, John Yard.
 7:30 pm, 2 64 E Green St, C laremont                                     Sat Feb 19 W inter Creek Loop: 6 mi rt, 500' gain. A slow pace d hike to
2N D T UE : EAGLE MAILING                                                 Hoegee Camp. Visit Sturtevant Falls and site of Muir Lodge. Meet 9 am at
 7:30 pm, 2 64 E Green St, C laremont                                     trailhead (from 210 Freeway in Arcadia, take Santa Anita Ave 6 miles north to
 odd months: Jan, M ar, M ay, Jul, Se p, Nov.                             Chantry Flat). B ring bo ots, water, plate, cup, utensils, potluck serving for 8.
4T H T UE : MON TH LY PR OG RAM:                                          Lead ers: John D ePo y (714 -826 -400 7), W illiam G askill.
 See pg 1, 7:30 pm (dark Aug, Dec)
                                                                          Sun Feb 20 Plant Walk/Evey Cyn, San Gabriel M ountains: Slow pace d, 3
                                                                          hour plant walk to identify plants and learn about fire ecology in a fire-
Sun Jan 16 Vetter M tn from Charlton Flat: Moderate, 4                    recovered canyon with botanist Bo b M uns and N aturalist Liana Argento. Meet
mi, 500' gain hike to historic fire loo kout with panoram ic              10 am trailhead on Mt Baldy Road (½ mile north of San Antonio Dam—from
view of snow capped, front range peaks. O ptional hike to                 210 Freeway, take Baseline Rd exit, go west on Baseline Rd a short distance,
Devils Peak (40 0' gain) after lunch. M eet 9 am, La Canada               turn north onto Padua Ave to the Mt Baldy Rd. Continue N up Mt Baldy Rd 3
rideshare point (see above) with water, lunch, lugsoles. Heavy            mi to trailhead on left side of road). Bring water, lunch, hand lens. Adventure
rain/snow cancels. Lead ers: David Czamanske, Bob Meade,                  Pass required. Optional: bring $1 for plant list, $1 for hand lens. Ra in cancels.
Elizabeth Pomeroy (626 -791-7660).                                        Lead ers: Liana Argento (3 10-3 70-2 950 ), Bo b M uns.

Sat Jan 22 Altadena to W aterfalls Hike: 6 mi rt, 500' gain.              Tue Feb 22 Mt Baldy Group M eeting (see page 1)
The trail follows the Arro yo Seco to a waterfall. Meet 9 am,
La Canada rideshare pt (see above). Bring boots, water, plate,            Sun Feb 27 Santa Rosa Plateau Loop: Hike the gree n and golden hills of this
cup, utensils, potluck serving for 8 — keep perishable food               classic California landscape of wind-rippled grasses, statuesque oaks, trickling
ice cold. Leaders: John DePoy (714-826-4007), Al Moggia.                  streams, and nearly 500 different native plants. Moderately paced, 8 mi rt, 700'
                                                                          gain hike through Englemann oak woodlands to the vernal pool trail. W e will
Tue Jan 25 Mt Baldy Group M eeting (see page 1)                           follow the Pu nta M esa T rail to V ista Grande Trail for views of the snow dusted
                                                                          peaks of the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountains. Possible early spring
Sun Jan 23 Chino Hills State Park: Join us for an 8 mi, 700'              flowers in bloo m. 1 hr ride to San ta Ro sa from meeting po int. Meet 8 am at the
gain, loop hike through this local state park. We will follow             north Orange County rideshare point (Park-N-Ride, east side Tustin Ave, just
the South Ridge trail to the cutoff, where we will charge up              south of Lincoln Ave, Orange). Bring 3 quarts of water, lugsoles, sun protection,
San Juan Hill (on the Lo wer P eaks L ist). Following this                lunch, $4 p arking. Rain cancels. To arrange a m eeting place at the Sa nta Rosa
challenge (it is pretty easy—really), we will proceed to 4                Plateau, call Leader: Virginia Lucas (949-859-3558). Co-Leader: Dea Denton
Corners and b ack via Telegrap h Cyn. Meet 9 am, Orange
County entrance on Rim Crest in Yorba Linda. Bring water,
lunch, lugsoles. Rain c ancels. Lead er: Ro n Schrantz                    M ark your calendars for Sunday, M ay 1, for the annual Awards Banquet at
(714-995-82 40). Asst: Gabriele Rau.                                      Brookside Country Club near the Ro se Bowl. W e will have more details about
                                                                          this event in our M arch/A pril Eagle. Come cheer S ophie!!

                                             Baldy Eagle, Volume 35, Number 1, January-February 2005 — Page 7
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BALDY EAGLE, VOL 35, No 1 — January-February, 2005
January 25, 2005 — The Sublime Sahara — Camping in Southern Algeria and Niger with BOB IHSEN.
February 22, 2005 — Kilimanjaro Quest with DAVE NORMAN

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