The Origin of HIV and the Start of AIDS

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					Today all of us are aware of the terms HIV and AIDS. The disease has
killed millions of people worldwide and it is estimated that 40 million
people are HIV infected. But we were unaware of the HIV and AIDS till
early 1980. Nobody knows from where the virus came. It is all assumptions
that scientists and researchers can make. Researchers have their view on
the origin of HIV and start of AIDS. But how exactly one can state cannot
be said. There are many theories about the origin of the HIV virus but
none of them have them proved.     No record of HIV virus exists in
history and it has been said that it started in central Africa and from
there it started spreading slowly and slowly.      HIV was identified in
1983.Earlier the researchers found that chimps acquired the disease from
eating one of their favorite preys: monkeys.

   -œChimps are 98 percent genetically the same as humans, and they don't
get sick from SIV. This is an especially important clue for developing an
HIV vaccine, the researchers said. Understanding what prevents chimps
from getting sick would help scientists duplicate resistance to AIDS
symptoms in humans.-•      Researchers say, -œChimps likely picked up
viruses from both types of monkeys, and eventually a hybrid formed, the
researchers said. That probably happened tens of thousands of years ago,
which may have given chimps an opportunity to evolve resistance to an
AIDS-like disease.-•      Some researchers say that virus related to HIV
is found in monkeys in Africa. Many scientists believe that the first
humans got the HIV virus from monkeys by eating them as food or being
scratched or bitten by them. It is possible that during preparation of
the food or butchering the meat the infected blood could have entered the
human body through a cut.      A Canadian flight attendant, nicknamed
"patient zero" dies of AIDS he had sexual connection with several of the
first victims of AIDS. It is believed that he is responsible for
introducing the virus into the general population. By 1984 there are
almost 8000 confirmed cases in the US, with 3700 confirmed deaths (CDC
surveillance report, Dec. 1984).      It is also said that the AIDS virus
was first discovered by Robert Gallo at the National Cancer Institute in
April 1984. Soon after him Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute in
Paris claimed that he (and not Gallo) was the first to discover the AIDS
virus. The two 'co-discoverers' of HIV continue to disagree about the
origin of HIV and the birthplace of AIDS till date.      In the middle
1980s the Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) was identified by French
and American scientists as virus that leads to AIDS.      During Mid -
late 1990s there was significant increase in HIV in drug users due to
injection of drug, Aboriginal peoples, women, and street-involved youth.
Today, after so much of research and studies about the origin of HIV and
start of AIDS the main goal of the scientists is to reduce and eradicate
the HIV virus that causes the incurable AIDS.      Find more information
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