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Is There A Cure For Gonorrhea


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        <p>Is There A Cure For Gonorrhea? The answer is yes. Antibiotics
such as cefpodoxime, ceftriaxone and fluoroquinolones kill Gonorrhea.
Pregnant women and those under the age of 18 should not be given
fluoroquinolones.</p> <p>In many cases gonorrhea has no symptoms at all.
Up to 80% of women and 10 percent of men with gonorrhea show no symptoms.
Many are not aware that they are even infected until the condition starts
to generate symptoms after a long period of time.</p> <p>When symptoms do
occur, they may begin one to 14 days after infection but in many cases
weeks or even months later.</p> <p>When women have Gonorrhea the
symptoms they experience include:</p> <ul> <li>abdominal pain </li>
<li>bleeding between menstrual cycles </li> <li>fever </li> <li>menstrual
irregularities </li> <li>painful intercourse </li> <li>painful urination
</li> <li>swelling or tenderness of the vulva </li> <li>the urge to
urinate more than usual </li> <li>vomiting </li> <li>yellowish or yellow-
green vaginal discharge </li> </ul> <p>When men have Gonorrhea the
symptoms they experience include:</p> <ul> <li>pus-like discharge from
the penis </li> <li>pain or burning feeling while urinating </li>
<li>more frequent urination than usual </li> </ul> <p>The Symptoms of
gonorrhea in both sexes are known as gonococcal urethritis. In many ways
they are like those of Chlamydia. As the symptoms in men only usually
appear early in the day and are mild in nature, men don’t realise the
danger or even suspect that they have Gonorrhea.</p> <p>The condition is
spread by vaginal, anal, and oral intercourse. Gonorrhea is also passed
from mother to fetus in many cases.</p> <p>Gonorrhea is spread by people
who don’t use condoms, those who have a number of different partners
and those whose partners have other partners.</p> <p>Both men and women
fail to consult their doctor even when they suspect they may have a
problem simply because of the stigma of having a STD. This is a big
mistake as long term Gonorrhea can have serious effects on both men and
women.</p> <p>Home tests are now available to detect the condition which
cut out the embarrassment of visiting a doctor. If the test proves
positive you should visit your doctor immediately.</p>        <!--

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