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                               Volume 1, Number 1
                                         April 2011

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                        LAPOA News & Information
         Spring Comes to Lake Arrowhead                  by Larry Paz
     Spring, the season of nature’s birth   tion. We plan to provide you with the       will evolve as we gain more experience
and the birth of our new communica-         latest plans and the most recent events     with the electronic version of the maga-
tion format. Join us as we celebrate our    affecting you. This is just the begin-      zine.
mountain lake lifestyle.                    ning. We encourage you to go to www.             Please let us know how we are do-
     We look back on an interesting and and check out the         ing. If you have ideas that will make the
challenging winter. We had our share of     electronic version of Lake Arrowhead        magazine a better information and en-
snow and ice. Most of us were able to       Environs. There you will find links to       tertainment resource for the communi-
weather the storms. The Property Man-       additional information you can use to       ty, please send them to James Hatcher,
agement, Lake Arrowhead Security,           enhance the Lake Arrowhead lifestyle.       LAPOA Vice President of Information
Citizens Emergency Response Team,           Occasionally, you will also see other ar-   and Planning for consideration.
Cherokee County Fire and Emergency          ticles that were either abstracted or not        Enjoy your Spring and come join us
Services, and the Lake Arrowhead Vol-       published in the magazine. This process     in our community activities.
unteer Fire Department are to be com-
mended for working as a team during
these significant events.
     Our property security and main-
tenance staffs kept our primary roads
open and provided us with up to the
minute reports on road conditions.
Many volunteers helped people over-
come whatever challenges they faced.
This clearly demonstrated that we have
a community team who believes in
helping one another.
     So it is time to get pleasure from
springtime in our great mountain lake
community, boasting what may be the
most definitive micro-climate in the
state. We also certainly hope you will
enjoy our new magazine. Why Envi-
rons? We want a name that will be all
inclusive. Environs means surroundings
and we are surrounded by an extraordi-
nary environment consisting of many
forms of nature. Also, our community
is more than a lake and golf community.
We are a community of clubs, activi-
ties, games, sports, and volunteers - all
working to help maintain this wonder-
ful lifestyle. Lake Arrowhead’s heritage
goes back to the Cherokee Indians who
grew directional trees that helped blaze
trails throughout our neighborhoods.
They are constant reminders that we
have an obligation to take care of our
piece of heaven on earth while we take
pleasure in using it for our enjoyment.
     You will see a focused and ex-
panded addition in the LAPOA sec-                                                          Cherokee Indian Directional Tree
                                                                                          April 2011 |                  | Page 3
                                       LAPOA News & Information
                                                                                                          Election of LAPOA Board Members
  LAKE ARROWHEAD                                                                                              The Lake Arrowhead Board is an advisory board that rep-
                                                                                                          resents property owners to management. Members serve two
                                                                                                          year terms and are elected during an annual Property Owners
                                                                                                          Association Meeting in September. To ensure a transition of
                                                                                                          leadership, three members are elected in odd-numbered years
                                Published Monthly By:                                                     and four members are elected in even-numbered years. This
   The Board of Directors of the Lake Arrowhead                                                           September, the two-year terms of Robert Chambers, Venette
      Property Owners Association (LAPOA)                                                                 Williams, and James Hatcher will expire.
                486 Arrowridge Dr. • Waleska, GA 30183

  Editorial Staff:
  LAPOA-Managing Editor ........ James Hatcher .............. 770-881-7549
  Magazine Editor ....................... Nyle Srok ..................... 770-479-2094
  Copy and Photo Editor ............. Byron Tindall ............... 678-493-6609
                                                                                                                Lake Arrowhead
  Graphics Editor ......................... Roger Dimsdale............ 678-493-2475
                                                                                                                Property Owners
  Lake Arrowhead Property Owners Association:
  President ................................... Lawrence W. Paz .......... 678-493-2112
  Executive Vice President .......... Johnny DeLoach .......... 770-345-8096
                                                                                                              Association (LAPOA)
  Secretary Treasurer ................... Venette Williams .......... 770-479-3466
  VP, Information & Planning ..... James Hatcher .............. 770-881-7549
  VP, Operations .......................... Curtis Ranum ............... 770-853-9492
  VP, Quality Control .................. Robert Chambers.......... 678-493-7866
  VP, Environment....................... Richard Wright ............. 770-479-8801

  Community Services:
  Crafters and Artisans ................ Person Needed................----------------
  Chapel ....................................... Debbie Johnston ........... 770-479-6090
  Fire Department ........................ Don Woodward ............ 404-274-4075

  Men’s Golf ................................ James Hatcher .............. 770-881-7549
       .......................................... Jack Quigley ................. 678-493-0116
  Women’s Golf ........................... Mervyn Paz .................. 678-493-2112
                                                                                                              Saturday, April 30, 2011
  Tennis ........................................ Alexander Mayr ........... 239-213-8322
  Pickle Ball................................. Don Wehe ..................... 770-345-9343                          10:30 AM
  Boating ...................................... Capt. Rob James........... 770-887-7966

                                                                                                              Lake Arrowhead Chapel
  Aging Issues.............................. Carolyn Burkholder...... 770-479-8336
  Dining Out ................................ George Mayer............... 770-704-8051
  Fitness ....................................... Jane Doss ...................... 770-479-3791
  Gardening ................................. Tom Walston................. 770-479-5689
  Real Estate ................................ Becky Babcock ............ 770-851-5595
                                                                                                                   The meeting will focus on
  Tapehead Reviews .................... Bob Baker..................... 770-704-6638
                                                                                                                    LA clubs, activities, and
  Lake Arrowhead Yacht & Country Club:
  General Manager ...................... Shane Newton .............. 770-721-7900                                       other interests.
  Director/Property Operations ... Dotty Bonds ................. 770-721-7900
  Golf Pro Shop ........................... Orion Binns .................. 770-721-7900
       .......................................... Brittny Makohn ............ 770-721-7900
  Restaurant ................................. Chef Dan Banister ........ 770-721-7904
  Security ..................................... Lee New ....................... 770-721-7911

  The Board of Directors of the Lake Arrowhead Property Owners Association (LAPOA) is
                                                                                                                                  Cover photo provided by
  responsible for publishing the Lake Arrowhead environs to provide information and general
  knowledge concerning the affairs and activities of the community. The Board of Directors shall
                                                                                                                                     Becky Babcock
  have the right to select the editor who shall serve at the pleasure of the Board. The Board re-
  serves the right to establish policies concerning the content (news, stories, articles, etc.) and the
  right to reject any advertising deemed inappropriate.

Page 4 |                                   | April 2011
                          LAPOA News & Information
LAPOA Volunteers                                Covenant Focus Group                     Restaurant Committee
    We are grateful to those of you             Johnny DeLoach, Board Liaison            James Hatcher, Board Liaison
have volunteered to help our commu-             Mike McGuire, Chair                      John Conradsen, Chair
nity become better. Each of you will            Susan Skarbeck, Tony Rogowski,           Vee Johnson, Nell Miller,
add value to the Lake Arrowhead ex-             Gary Moser, Esq., Mike Cahill            Sandy Reynolds, Linda Reynolds
perience. If you are reading this and
haven’t yet volunteered we encourage            Infrastructure Focus Group               Lake Committee
you to do so. Please contact the Board          Curtis Ranum, Board Liaison
                                                                                         Bob Chambers, Board Liaison
Liaison responsible for your area of            Tish Herrick, Vic Ritter, Mike Rogers,
                                                                                         Bill Hess, Physical Chair
interest. Have another area we should           Ed Garreau, Steve Majors, Brenda Daly
                                                                                         Richard Wright, Streams Chair
consider? Let Johnny DeLoach know                                                        Pat Whiting, Chickasaw Lake Chair
of your interest.
                                                Communications Focus Group
                                                James Hatcher, Board Liaison             Hal Benson, Jack Hurley, Gary Strobl,
                                                                                         Courtesy Patrol,Venette Williams,
Focus Groups                                    Larry Paz, Board Liaison
                                                Nyle Srok, Roger Dimsdale,               Rob James, Dale Sommer,
     A focus group reports to the               Annette Schimmelman, John Chastain,      Barbara Deaton
LAPOA Board and includes people                 Don Wehe, Todd Tyler, Byron Tindall
who are asked to give their perceptions,                                                 Social Committee
opinions, beliefs, and attitudes toward                                                  Bob Chambers, Board Liaison
a target service, concept, or idea. They
investigate the why and how of decision         Committees                               Venette Wiliams, Board Liaison
                                                                                         Garrett & Rebecca Strobl, Co-Chairs
making, not just what, where, when.                 A committee is a small assembly of
                                                individuals that report to the LAPOA     Vicki Rogers, Mary McLellan
Questions and ideas are explored in
an interactive group setting where par-         Board. Committees serve several dif-
ticipants are encouraged to interact as         ferent functions: including decision     Architectural Review
a team. Focus Groups convene to ad-             making, advisory, project management     Committee
dress a specific issue and disband once          and coordination depending on the        Richard Wright, Board Liaison
the objective is achieved. On occasion,         needs of the board and management.       Bill Hess, Richard Wallsinger,
the issue or goal becomes long-term                                                      Daniel Johnson
and the group becomes a committee.              Golf Committee
Bylaw Focus Group                               James Hatcher, Board Liaison             In the following issues, we will
Johnny DeLoach, Board Liaison                   Dale Sommer, Dolores Bennett,            recognize a specific committee
Jerry Snyder, Chair                             Mervyn Paz                               or focus group and update you
Dave Logel, Charles Burgess,                                                             on their efforts.
Frank Saggese
HAIR Etc. . .

                Voted “Best Hair Salon”

                         2 008 ∙ 20 09 ∙ 20 10
                        AroundAbout - Canton Magazine
   R t

                      H AIR Etc . . .

                         Seasons Plaza
                5439 Reinhardt College Pkwy. (Hwy 140)

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                                                                                           April 2011 |               | Page 5
                          LAPOA News & Information
                         Meeting Report • Infrastructure Focus Group
                             January 27 and February 17, 2011
                                                          by Curtis Ranum
    Focus Group Purpose: To enhance the infrastructure of                   County Fire Department personnel on the Lake
the Lake Arrowhead Community through increased knowl-                       Arrowhead residential water system and waste water
edge and appreciation of the myriad components which                        treatment facility. They also obtained and reviewed
comprise the infrastructure and by making improvement rec-                  information about recent efforts to improve fire
ommendations to Lake Arrowhead Yacht and Country Club                       hydrant maintenance. A February 18th meeting was
(LAYCC) management.                                                         scheduled with George Sullivan of the Lake
                                                                            Arrowhead Utility Company.
    The January 27th meeting began at 7:00 pm and ended at            •     The group discussed and agreed to pursue a project
9:10 pm. Persons in attendance were: Curtis Ranum, Brenda                   to develop a new, more legible residential road map.
Daly, Ed Garreau, Tish Herrick, Vic Ritter, and Mike Rogers.
The February 17th meeting began at 4:00 pm and ended at               •     The group agreed to contact Amicalola Power
6:00 pm. Persons in attendance were Curtis Ranum, Brenda                    Cooperative to determine what information they are
Daly, Ed Garreau, Vic Ritter, and Mike Rogers.                              willing to provide about the existing electrical
                                                                            service and to see if they would be willing to make a
Meeting Topics:                                                             presentation at Lake Arrowhead.
  • Residential street and road signage project.                      •     The group agreed to pursue a suggestion that the
   •       ID Road Hazards community-wide (mark on map).                    Forrestry Service be invited to discuss Forest Fire
                                                                            Safety at Lake Arrowhead.
   •       Work on obtaining infrastructure component
           information (e.g. water/sewer/hydrant systems)             •     The group reviewed the idea of developing
                                                                            consistent 911 signage throughout Lake Arrowhead.
   •       Initiate project to make a new, more legible                     This would provide house address identification for
           community road map.                                              emergency responders and could be a good fund
   •       Invite Amicalola Power Cooperative to make a                     raising project. The idea has been previously
           presentation at LA.                                              discussed with LAVFD staff.
   •       Invite Forestry Service to discuss Forest Fire Safety      •     The group discussed the rationale for discontinuing
   •       911 signage                                                      the Lake Arrowhead News and moving to the new
                                                                            magazine format. March 15th is the deadline for
   •       New LA Magazine update (March 15 deadline)                       residents to provide event notices and articles for the
   •       Home buyer directions at the gate.                               first edition of the magazine.
                                                                      •     In response to some concerns, it was determined that
Open Discussion:                                                            potential buyers are being directed from the North
   • The group concluded that there is a need for new                       gate to the South gate because its is less complicated
      residential street signs and unanimously agreed to                    than having them navigate through Lake Arrowhead
      pursue a project that would rely on experienced Lake                  to the Sales Office. In addition, seeing the lake as
      Arrowhead volunteers (with specialized equipment)                     they cross the dam is, in itself, a sales incentive.
      to make the signs. This has been discussed with
      LAYCC management but not yet approved. A                     New Topics:
      decision is expected in the near future.                        • Road markings and any anticipated starting date.
   •       The group agreed to work on a project to develop           •     Determining if “Community Garden Plots” might be
           a community-wide street map that would identify                  made available for interested residents.
           locations that are potential hazards or that need new
           street signs and/or some type of repair.                   •     The possibility of installing solar panels on or around
   •       The group discussed the need to know more about
           the major aspects of Lake Arrowhead’s                      •     Is there a Cherokee County development plan?
           infrastructure (e.g., water/sewer/fire hydrants). The       •     What infrastructure projects does LAYCC have
           group reviewed a video produced by Cherokee                      planned for 2011?

Page 6 |                     | April 2011
                        LAPOA News & Information
                         Meeting Report • Restaurant Committee
                                                     by John Conradsen
    On February 28th, the LAPOA Restaurant Committee                •    Pursue efforts with LAYCC management to get the
met with Chef Dan Banister to discuss Highlands Grill opera-             fireplace in the Dining Room in working order.
tions and to pass along suggestions received from the Lake          •    Provide some type of music for the Dining Room
Arrowhead residents. Present at the meeting were Chef Dan                and Grill.
Banister, Linda & Sandy Reynolds, Nell Miller, Vee Johnson          •    Because pizza is a popular item, modify the menu
and John Conradsen (Committee Chairman). Some of the                     to show available toppings.
suggestions passed along were to:                                   •    Have more wine tasting events.
    • Advertise Restaurant activities and specials in
        subdivisions close to Lake Arrowhead.                        Chef Dan thanked the Committee for their suggestions
    • Make sure that Restaurant special events (e.g.,            and said that he would pursue them with Club management.
        Valentines and St. Patrick Day Dinners) are              Chef Dan also told the Committee that he would be staying
        advertised in plenty of time to attract a larger group   at the Restaurant, which was good news. Under his lead-
        of participants.                                         ership, restaurant operations and food quality have steadily
    • Help build the Restaurant’s clientele by having one        improved and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.
        special event dinner each month.
    • Promote the Restaurant by creating a Highlands Grill           If anyone has suggestions relative to the operations of
        account on Facebook.                                     the Highlands Grill please contact John Conradsen (danko@
    • Have a “Game Night” each Tuesday night that would or any of the other LAPOA committee mem-
        include dinner and a new game each week (bingo,          bers mentioned above.
        trivia, dominos, scattergories, etc.).

                                         Cherokee Stone Center
                                         All types of stones, hardscapes, and landscape supplies



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                                                         Holly Springs, Georgia 30115
                                                      Tel: (770)213-4790 |Fax: (770)213-4789
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                                                                                        April 2011 |                 | Page 7
                             Lake Arrowhead Chapel
                                   Pastoral Transition     by Larry Paz
    The community welcomes Lee and Shannon Powell, our newest residents, to our community. Lee will assume the duties
of Senior Pastor at the Lake Arrowhead Chapel in April.
    If you will permit me a personal note, it is with sincere gratitude we acknowledge the efforts of Pastor Jerry Johnson
who during his tenure as Senior Pastor of the chapel fostered a strong sense of community spirit. His wise counsel was well
intentioned and on target.

     Pastor Johnson Retires From Chapel                  by Jerry Snyder
      According to Chapel Immediate past Chairman of the
Board, Todd Tyler, “An unconditional love for Christ and his
fellow man pretty much sums up Dr. Jerry Johnson.” After
serving as Pastor of the Lake Arrowhead Chapel since 2003,
Jerry and Lauree Johnson are retreating to Gilmer County.
     Jerry is not retiring completely as he retains his full time
position as Chaplain of Georgia Mountains Hospice and most
recently became the “interim” Executive Director of this great
organization located in Jasper. Nothing like retiring from one
position and then doubling your responsibilities in another.
He, like the many families he serves, is convinced that Hos-
pice provides positive spiritual experiences for the dying.
     While his retirement was formally effective the end of
2010, Jerry stayed on through February 6th and will be serv-
ing from time to time until new full time Pastor Lee Powell
begins in April. Actually Dr. Johnson worked a little over-
time on Feb. 6th as he stayed after services to join this writer
and his bride, Laura, in wedlock.
     To further quote Todd Tyler, who was succeeded by new          ministered to patients at Milledgeville Central State Hospi-
Chair Debbie Johnston in January 2011, “Having spent a ma-          tal as a nursing/psychiatric aide, an experience I know that
jority of his lifetime introducing others to God, Jerry walks       helped him here at Lake Arrowhead with several of my close
alongside and inspires all the lives he has touched, especially     friends. Lauree later earned her Masters Degree in Early
in the love arena.”                                                 Childhood Education at West Georgia.
     This retirement culminates a pastoral ministry that be-            As a result of this new direction in their lives, Jerry and
gan at the age of 15 when he was granted a license to preach        Lauree will have more time to spend with their two daugh-
by Mt. Olivet Missionary Baptist Church thus becoming the           ters’ families (four grandchildren) and their three cats amid
Paulding County Youth Preacher. At 18, he was ordained by           the beauty of North Georgia. Since settling in Gilmer County,
his home church, a Free Will Baptist Church, to become pas-         they have both been ministering to people struggling in differ-
tor of a small Southern Baptist Church located in Temple, Ga.       ent ways. Lauree worked with the Family Art Therapy Center
     The Rev. Marvin Cochran was very instrumental in Jer-          in Clayton through a contract with DFACS. Her efforts are
ry’s direction and recommended that he further his education        devoted to parents who have lost their children to foster care
at Mercer University in Macon. At Southern Baptist Theo-            or who are in danger of losing them. She taught life skills as
logical Seminary in Kentucky, Jerry received his Masters of         well as ministering to the needs of the children themselves.
Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees. The Rev. Cochran           She has now retired from social work and teaching.
inspired Jerry with the words “A call to preach is a call to            Without the travel time to Lake Arrowhead, the Johnson’s
prepare”.                                                           contributions to North Georgia will undoubtedly grow, but
     Lauree met Jerry when both were students at Mercer Uni-        their contributions to Lake Arrowhead Chapel and the com-
versity. While at Mercer, Jerry pastored two churches and           munity are indelibly etched into the minds and hearts of many.

Page 8 |                   | April 2011
                             Lake Arrowhead Chapel
        LA Chapel Names Full Time Pastor
                                Powells Moving From Budapest
                                                          by Jerry Snyder
     April 10th begins a new era for the Lake Arrowhead Cha-
pel as Lee Powell preaches his first sermon to the members
of his congregation. With the retirement of Part Time Pastor
Jerry Johnson, the 113 member church community decided
to pursue the first full time pastor in its’ thirty plus year exis-
     The search committee, made up of Roger Jenkins, Mike
Miller, Paul Reidinger, Shona Roberts, Teri Sommer and
Todd Tyler, reviewed over 100 resumes in the search process
before Pastor Powell was invited to visit, meet and preach
to the membership on December 5th, 2010. In his first meet
and greet week and discovery tour of our community, Lee
got to ride on the fire truck with Santa and enjoy our annual
Christmas parade sponsored by the Chapel and the LAVFD.
The week after that successful visit, the congregation voted
unanimously to issue a call to pastor the flock and Lee Powell
and his family accepted.
     Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? With Lee and Shannon
Powell, the process started April 12, 2010 while on a walk
through Margit Island in the middle of the mighty Danube
River in Budapest, Hungary. Lee and Shannon watched as
their daughter Aden, 12, and son Asa, 3, skipped along and               “On October 1, 2010 I received the thing I desired most,”
out of nowhere Shannon asked Lee if they would ever leave            Lee said. “LAC sent an e-mail saying they believed we were,
Budapest or be there forever. They had been at the helm of           indeed, the right choice for their church. For me it was a
the International Baptist Church of Budapest for 8 1/2 years         huge relief that I had, in fact, heard from the Lord. It was
and things were good. The English speaking interdenomina-            time to move ahead”.
tional church, named Baptist because of Hungarian law, was               Now it was Shannon’s turn to visit and the first of Febru-
growing and doing great.                                             ary she toured and met with her new church family here at
     According to Lee, he stuttered and hesitatingly said, “I        Lake Arrowhead. During her visit she had the opportunity to
think I would be willing to consider a move, but no one is           visit with her sister and father-in-law, 35 year Sheriff Powell
seeking us so it is purely speculation.” Four hours later, after     of Thomas County, Georgia where Lee grew up.
putting the kids in bed, Lee checked his e-mail and he had a             Pastor Powell graduated from the University of Geor-
note from a former member in Budapest who wanted to sub-             gia and moved on to Mid-America Theological Seminary
mit him to the LA Chapel search committee. Lee responded             in Memphis and there he met Shannon Crone. He left with
to the note saying “I just said for the first time I would con-       a Masters of Divinity and his lovely wife of now 17 years.
sider leaving, but there are no offers and now here is an op-        Prior to his leadership as Senior Pastor of the 20+ nationality
portunity before me.”                                                church in Budapest, he founded and pastored an interdenomi-
     After many exchanges, Lee remained unsure but while             national church in Thomasville, Ga. on the “purpose-driven
preparing for a series at IBCB, Paul’s words “I am sending           church” model. He also has been senior pastor for churches
him – who is My very heart – back to you”, hit him. “I knew          in Tennessee and Mississippi.
then,” Lee said, “God’s plan was being birthed.” The next                LA Chapel Chairman of the Board, Debbie Johnston,
day he began in Dueteronomy with “You have stayed at the             speaking for the congregation said, “We are really excited to
mountain long enough.” Without looking, it became evident            have the Powell family join us and we look forward to a pe-
a door was opening. Lee shared with Shannon what God had             riod of growth with Pastor Lee and Shannon leading us. We
shared and one night, after talking with the search committee        hope everyone at Lake Arrowhead will visit us and feel the
at the Chapel, it happened. What began with a thought, then          Spirit as we move into this new and exciting chapter of the
a seed, had matured. They were ready to move forward.                Lake Arrowhead Chapel.”
                                                                                             April 2011 |                  | Page 9
                 Lake Arrowhead Chapel

  Easter Events for Kids!
                               LA Chapel / LAVFD
                                   Breakfast with the Easter Bunny
                                      Saturday, April 16 • 9AM
                                            at the Chapel
                                          Join us for Breakfast and have your
                                          picture taken with the Easter Bunny.

                                     5th Annual Easter Egg Hunt
                                      Saturday, April 16 • 11AM
                                         in Great Festival Park
                                                The Egg Hunt Plus...
                                           Games, Prizes, Face Painting, etc.

            Please Join Us Easter Sunday • April 24th, 2011
                 7:00 AM - Sunrise Service • 8:00 AM - Breakfast
             9:15 AM - Sunday School • 10:30 AM - Worship Service

                                                   Spring BBQ Fundraiser
                                                    Waleska United Methodist Church will be hosting its
                                       2nd Annual Spring BBQ Fundraiser on Saturday April 16 2011 From 11am to 3pm
                                                       All proceeds will go to Wallace Family Ministry.
                                                    Tickets can be purchased for $5.00 Per Plate Pre-Sale
                                                                or $6.00 Per Plate Day of BBQ.
                                               Price includes BBQ Pork,Bread,Coleslaw,Baked Beans & Dessert
                                                                   For Dine in or Carry Out.
                                                     7340 Reinhardt College Pkwy • Waleska GA 30183
Page 10 |       | April 2011

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                              Laurel Canyon   Laurel Canyon

Brenda Laird: 770-377-7714                                               CHANGE YOUR CHILDS LIFE!
Cindy Sutton: 770-324-1340                                                Doesn’t seem to listen
                               176 Ilex Drive    20 Mtn View CT                                           Can’t sit still and
                                 $134,900           $825/MO               & interrupts others?            is easily distracted?
  Ask about our                Holly Springs     Lake Arrowhead
Many Available Lots!                                                                          Has trouble
                                                                                              taking turns?
We provide a home                                                             Our non-drug, computer-assisted treatments have
 warranty on all of                                                           helped children and parents regain a normal life.
                               113 Ermine CT 134 Little Coyote Loop
   our listings!                 $349,900         $199,900
                              Lake Arrowhead Lake Arrowhead                   Dr. LaCretia Munroe, D.C. • 770.720.0865                                      
                                                                                                                                                  April 2011 |                                                                                           | Page 11
                              Lake Arrowhead Sports
Valentine’s Day                                         Lake Arrowhead Golf
Scramble                                                Spring Kick-Off Event
Submitted by Nyle Srok
                                                                            by James Hatcher
    The weather broke for a fun            On Monday, February 28th, about 80 Golf Club Members and other interested resi-
nine hole golf scramble tourna-       dents attended a special event to kick-off the 2011 golf season. Sponsored by Club man-
ment for Valentine’s Day. The         agement, the event was an opportunity for management—in an informal, social setting—
format was a bit different than       to identify plans for the upcoming golf season and create some excitement about golf at
usual; all players played from        Lake Arrowhead.
the Red tees. Sixteen two person           Shane Newton, the Lake Arrowhead General Manager, started the event by introduc-
teams participated.                   ing Orion Binns and Brittny Makohn, the Club golf professionals. He then spoke briefly
    A couple of the interesting       about efforts to maintain and improve the golf course and club house and introduced a
rules for the tournament were         number of golf tournaments and other special events planned for 2011. Key among these
only drivers and #4 irons could       events is a series of interclub competitions between Lake Arrowhead male golfers and
be used off the tee boxes. Also,      those from the Bridge Mill Athletic Club, Town Lake Hills Golf Course, and Callahan
each team was awarded three           Golf Links, all of which are managed by HMS. The winner of the competitions will be
mulligans, to be used as desired.     awarded the HMS Cup. The tentative schedule is:
The mulligans had to be activat-          TENTATIVE DATE             FORMAT           LOCATION
ed with a kiss!
                                          Saturday, April 2          Scramble         Lake Arrowhead-Highlands Course
    Winners of the tournament
                                          Saturday, June 18          Best Ball        Bridge Mill Athletic Club
were newlyweds Bobby and Ju-
lie Pyles. Jim and Dolores Ben-           Saturday, August 6         Alternate Shot   Callahan Golf Links
nett were in the unique position          Saturday, October 22       Stroke Play      Town Lake Hills Golf Course
of getting the most shots for their
entry fee.                            The Club has also scheduled a full slate of other golf events for the remainder of the year:
    A great time was had by all.          DATE           NAME                         FORMAT
Be sure to support all the future         March 19       St. Patrick’s Day Scramble   Four-person scramble with each
golf events available.                                                                player limited to 3 clubs plus a putter
                                          April 9        Masters Tournament           Stroke play-combined score of players and
                                                                                      PGA Professionals at the Masters
                                          May 13-14      Member-Guest                 Alternate shot/best ball
                                          June 19        Father’s Day Scramble        Four-person scramble
                                          July 16-17     Member-Member                Alternate shot/best ball
                                          August 20-21 Highlands Cub                  Team play—Ryder Cup Format
                                          September 17 LAYCC Points Championship Tournament to determine the winner
                                                                                 between the top 10 points leaders for the year
                                          October 8-9    Club Championship            Stroke Play to determine Club champion
                                          November 19 Turkey Shoot                    Two-person scramble—6 holes best ball,
                                                                                      6 holes scramble, and 6 holes alternate shot
                                          December 17 3 Kings Scramble                Three-person scramble

                                          Because details and dates may change, Shane pointed out that “blasts” from the Club
                                      will be sent out to all residents as the date of the event approaches. Also notices will be
                                      posted in the Club House and included in the LAYCC “Around the Lake” Newsletter.

                                         The remainder of the Kick-Off event was spent enjoying refreshments, appetizers,
            Julie and Bobby Pyles     good company, and putting for club discounts. See photos on the next page of all our fun!
Page 12 |                  | April 2011
Lake Arrowhead Sports

                  April 2011 |   | Page 13
                             Lake Arrowhead Sports
  The Hidden Values of the Short Game         by Dick Laing, Teaching Professional
   The short game is just about any shot that does not require a full swing. You know the ones:
      • the chip shot 15 to 20 feet off the green,
      • the green side bunker shot, and
      • the 20 to 30 yard pitch shots that you need to hit nice and high over water or a bunker or
        thick rough.

    They are the ones you’re not quite sure how hard to hit. As a result, you often mis-judge, flub, chunk, or skull shots
that can cost you 6 or 8 shots per rounds, maybe more.
    The obvious benefit of improving your short game is saving those strokes. To do this, the first step is understanding
the necessary parts of a good short game: good grip, correct ball and hand positions, and proper stance. But tempo is the
key! The right tempo, coupled with the other fundamentals, will produce more solidly struck shots, consistently getting
your ball on the green with the first shot.
    But there is also a not so obvious, hidden value to improving your short game. Imagine you’re 130 to 180 yards
from the green. How much easier is this shot going to be, knowing that if you don’t hit it perfectly, you can still get it
up and down with your short game? Even bunkers become less scary! This hidden value can also reduce the pressure
to hit your tee shot in the fairway or closer to the green.
    So if you really want to improve your whole game, remember that the short game is the key!

 Masters Golf Tournament
  at Lake Arrowhead's Highlands Golf Course
                           • When you check in for the tournament,
                           select a PGA Professional playing on
                           Saturday in the Masters.
                           • Play an 18-hole round, stroke play with
                           handicap (must have a valid USGA
                                                                                                      Ryan Bacon
                           • Combine your score with the Saturday
                           score of your selected PGA Professional      Painting?                          Owner
                           - lowest combined score wins!
                           • After the round, join your fellow              Repairs?
                           competitors in the Grill (for specials) to
                           cheer on you selected PGA partner.
                           • Awards will be given out at the end of
                           Saturday’s play.                                    Whatever your project...
                           • HAVE FUN!                                  Call me for a FREE quote today!
                                                                        15 Years Residential/Commercial Experience
     Saturday, April 9th                                                     Neighborhood References Available
  Sign-up at the Club House
    Or Call 770-721-7900
                                                                                Your Neighborhood Contractor
            (Members and Non-Members Welcome)                               for All Your Home Improvement Needs!
Page 14 |                  | April 2011
Custom Granite & Marble Countertops

“Our Integrity is Built On Solid Rock”
   We are family owned and operated.
          10 years in business

   2033 Baker Court Kennesaw GA 30144
     Phone 770-975-0075 Fax 770-975-9747

Smiles are a gift
    in any language!

        “We Create Smiles”
               D.D.S., P.C.
     Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

   218 Riverstone Drive • Canton, GA 30114
Ph: 770.479.3846 •
               April 2011 |                | Page 15
                            Lake Arrowhead Sports
 The Best Deal in
 Lake Arrowhead
             by Jennifer Hatcher

    Do you want to feel better, look better,
meet cool people and have a good time? Try
the fitness classes held in the basement of
the Lake Arrowhead chapel. The classes are
budget friendly, priced at $3 per session or
$32 per month for unlimited visits. An ever
increasing number of residents are enjoying
the following programs:

Cardio/ Yoga (Mondays 11:15-12:15):            Beginning the Yoga warm-up                     Alfred Lakos is a
a half hour of aerobics to increase metabo-          with the “Prayer” pose                  Yoga class regular
lism and burn calories and a half hour of
yoga to stretch and increase strength, bal-
ance and inner peace.

Cardio/Strength Training
(Tuesdays 10:15-11:15):
an hour of low impact aerobics for heart
health and increased metabolic burn and
light weight and stability ball routines to
build muscle and bone health.

Yoga Dance (Thursdays 10:15-11:15):
a popular new discipline to Lake Arrowhead                                    Warming up with a “Warrior” pose
fitness options, Yoga Dance provides medi-
tation, cardio, and total body movement,

Yoga (Fridays 10:15-11:15):
an hour of learning and perfecting Yoga
moves that increase strength, balance, flex-
ibility, and toning.

     Any day is a great day
     to do something good
          for yourself!

     Call Linda Bobin @
             for directions or
            more information.                                    “Exalted Warrior” is a more advanced Yoga pose
Page 16 |                 | April 2011
                             Lake Arrowhead Sports
             Pickleball Comes to Lake Arrowhead          by Bill Hess
    Imagine playing a game named after someone’s dog. Welcome to Pickleball.
    Pickleball is a combination of tennis, ping pong, and badminton played on a hard surface the size of a badminton
court with a baseball sized wiffle ball and oversized ping pong paddle. The game was the idea of a father looking for a
something to keep his children busy during their summer vacation.
    Last spring several Lake Arrowhead residents started playing Pickleball by chalking off a Pickleball court on one
of the tennis courts at our tennis facility. They then invited others to join and the group of four quickly become over 25
    Pickleball has become a very popular game nationally with active seniors. It is a great game for someone who is
looking for something that is not as strenuous as tennis and easier to become proficient enough to enjoy playing. De-
velopments such as The Villages in Florida have over 100 Pickleball courts with more being planned.
    Here at Lake Arrowhead a group plays every Sunday afternoon at the Red Cloud Tennis Facility. If you are inter-
ested in learning more about the game feel free to come and join them. Make sure you have your tennis shoes on because
there is always an extra paddle so you can get out on the court and see what it is all about.
                    For information please contact Bill & Carole Hess • or
                                  Don & Merri Wehe •

               Tom Heppel, John Chastain, Merri Wehe and Bill Marshal play on Sunday evening on court 1 while,
                  Bill Newman, Hector Rivera and others play on court 2 watched by Julia Marshall, Pat Whiting,
                                  Carolyn Neuman, and Lana Chadwick waiting their turn to get onto the courts.

                                    Mary Jean and Lee Dunn, Evelyn Lakos, and Dolores Bennett along with others
                            play on courts 3 and 4 plus an additional court marked off at the back of the two courts
                                                                                    April 2011 |                | Page 17
                                                          Lake Arrowhead Sports
                                                           Lake Arrowhead Tennis by Alexander Mayr
    A sudden “gong” ripped me out of a sleepy daydream                                    courts lies in front of us. To me it was a long winter break
state as I sat on a gymnastic matt in a Munich/Germany                                    with lots of cookies in front of the fire place and an alarm-
sports and racket club. I glanced at the clock hanging above                              ing lack of exercise.
the double door glass entrance to the work-out room. It                                       Let’s learn the importance of proper preparation,
was 8:00 AM, when a somewhat familiar looking redhead                                     warm-up, and cool-down from the pros! Let’s be physical-
giant walked through the door and sat down on the empty                                   ly prepared this season to avoid the little aches and pains
matt right next to me.                                                                    which kept so many of us from enjoying tennis last year!
    “Are you a professional athlete?” the redhead man said.                                   Join my wife Tina Marie and me for a short introduc-
“I observed you through the glass door for a while; you are                               tion class on ways to properly warm up, cool down, and
doing the same routines my former British fitness coach                                    stay fit for the season with just some minimal efforts.
taught me after my first victory in Wimbledon. My man-                                     Make these short and easy exercises your daily routine be-
ager hired him to prevent me from getting injured again                                   fore you hit the courts. Your body will pay you back not
after being forced to take an 8-week break from practicing.                               only with an improved figure, but more importantly with
He was the coach of the British decathlon world record                                    many joyful hours on the courts. You might even find that
holder Dailey Thompson.”                                                                  committing to these little efforts will improve your game
    My face turned red. “Not really” I stuttered, stunned                                 and your coordination on the courts.
from being approached by tennis ‘Wunderkind’ Boris                                            My lovely wife, Tina Marie, is known to Lake Arrow-
Becker. “Well, I was educated during an engagement with                                   head residents from many years ago when she started an
the German track team as a teenager and later I played in                                 alternative healing clinic in the old lake community center.
the German tennis league for a while.”                                                    She later thrived in an office in Canton. Let’s all profit
    My conversation with Boris Becker went on as he                                       from her many years of experience to learn the proper way
described how he starts his 6-8 hour practice days with                                   to prepare our bodies for tennis.
warm-up, stretching, strengthening, and coordination ex-                                      We will meet 30 minutes before our weekly tennis
ercises. He also ends his days with the same exercises but                                rounds to conduct free classes. We are looking forward
in reverse order. This allows him to cool down and stay                                   seeing you.
fresh so that he can endure the same procedures all over
again the next day. Actual playtime on the courts is only                                        We are looking forward seeing you.
2-3 hours.
    Dear Lake Arrowhead tennis and sport enthusiasts,                                     Tina Marie is as also founder of the fast growing Chero-
a new sunny season on our beautiful nature-surrounded                                     kee-MOTS, a mom’s meet-up group for ‘mothers of tots’.

                                              JUNKTIQUES                                             Marie’s Cleaning Service

                                                  706-253-2295                                          We Don’t Cut Corners, We CLEAN Them!
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                                           Environmentally Friendly!         your assets. GUARANTEED!
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                                      Of The Cost Of Replacement!            Call me for your free consultation today
                                                                             to review ALL your options.
                                     Licensed & Insured
     FREE  s
                                       References Upon Request                                                           Sabrina Spurlock
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                                                                            Enjoy the outside this summer...

    GREENER                                                              Without M squit es
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     GRASS                      Full Lawn Maintenance
                                                                                          The more homes in your community that sign up,
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                                                                        Check out our volume pricing!
                                                                        10 treatments from April to October.
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                                                                                   October 1984
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                                       (770) 790-4317 •
                                                                                                                  April 2011 |              | Page 19
                  Club and Community Activities
                                      by John Conradsen
                                           The Grill was filled to capacity on February 26th, which is typical when karaoke is on
                                      the calendar. There was hardly room to breathe when Mike Johnson led off the singing
                                      with ‘You Got It’. Then, one after another, people came to the microphone. The singers
                                      were all great and some were outstanding. Erin Wilson gave a great version of ‘Over the
                                      Rainbow’ and Don Rakestraw followed shortly thereafter with a great performance of ‘My
                                      Woman, My Wife’.
                                           Ron Davis sang an Elvis song and when he later sang ‘Achy Breaky Heart’, many sang

The Boat
                                      along. When Mike Johnson followed-up with ‘You Are My Sunshine’ everybody joined
                                      in. Teri Sommer loaned her beautiful voice to several songs and then it was Bob Johnston’s
House                                 turn to entertain. He sang a couple of solo numbers and then it was Bob and the Boys in
                                      ‘I Heard It Through the Grapevine’. Not to be outdone Bob and the Girls sang ‘Sweet
By Captain Rob James                  Caroline’ and ‘Margaritaville’. Bob looked very happy surrounded by a group of smiling
    By popular request the Boat            Hannah and Becca, from the Highlands Grill, had taken good care of the many cus-
House now has Kayaks. We are          tomers all evening but as things slowed down, the two sisters got to the microphone and
forming a Kayak club that will        entertained us with a song that showed that ‘Earl’ was not a friend of theirs! Nicely done!
enjoy special rental privileges. It        Karaoke has turned into one of the more popular events in the clubhouse so it is impor-
features a special club member        tant to make advance reservations to guarantee a seat. The acoustics in the Grill is not the
rental rate and easy access to the    best, particularly when it is filled with people having fun, but even that cannot dampen the
kayaks during the month.              spirit. Everywhere we looked, we saw smiling faces and many people singing softly along
    The Boat House now has a          on the popular songs.
24/7 reservation system online at          While karaoke is great inside, This           it cannot match the ambiance
allows anyone to book and hold        and scenery of karaoke under a
                                      blue sky or under the stars. Once
a boat 24 hours a day/7 days a
                                      the weather has turned warmer
week. It has pictures and prices
                                      around late April and early May
of our rental fleet plus monthly       there will be karaoke outside.
event information. You can still      I can hardly wait for it to take
call us at 770-887-7966 for phone     place whether it is at the pavilion,
reservations, Monday-Sunday 1         on the deck at the lake, or on our
PM to 5 PM. During this time          beautiful lake. I personally vote
of year, weather permitting, we       for all the places!                                                   Bob and the boys
open with a paid reservation.
Why buy a boat, when you can
rent one!
    Snack foods are now avail-
able at the Marina on weekends

                                                                                          There was hardly room to breath
Page 20 |                  | April 2011
                  Club and Community Activities
         Winter Fun for Lake Arrowhead Women         by Jennifer Hatcher

    Have you joined the Women’s Activity Club? If not you are missing some good times that warm the chilly winter months.
The longstanding tradition, Game Day, was held in February at the home of Diane Scheu. Members enjoyed two tables of Bridge,
one table of Mexican Train Dominos and a huge, raucous table of Scattegories. Wonderful food added to the event. Diane served
a delicious Brunswick Stew and Cornbread Muffins followed by brownies, cupcakes and cookies.
    Three fun events will follow the March fashion show. The April 13 event will be a Wine and Dessert Party hosted by Nell
Miller, Barbara Barnes and Carolyn Neuman. On May11 we will travel to The Swan House for lunch and a tour, and if time al-
lows, a stop by the Atlanta History Center. On June 8 we will close the program year with the annual Pontoon Party. It is always
a beautiful day on the lake filled with swimming, lunching on the boats and sharing plans for summer in our beautiful lake com-

                                       Interested? All of the women who live in
                                          Lake Arrowhead are welcome to join.
                                          Send a check for $10 to Janik Leman,
                                     117 Pinebrook Dr. # 1185, Waleska, GA 30183.
                                For more information call Sara Forthun @ (678) 493-3331
                                         or Jennifer Hatcher @ (770) 881-7549

                   Millie Massengale, Elizabeth Freytag,                                   Camile Hegg, Delene Hamrick,
                                      & Carolyn Mayer                                      Sarah Caster, & Sidney Center

                                                                                          Pat Hollander, Venette Williams,
                            Dottie Hobbs & Diane Scheu                                     Patricia Davis, & Terri Shannon
                                                                                        April 2011 |                  | Page 21
                   Club and Community Activities
Highlands Club Site of WAC Spring Fashion Show
by Jennifer Hatcher
     It didn’t just rain, it poured
on March 9, but the spirit inside
the Highlands Club, filled with 64
                                                     Fashion Show Models
guests and models, was as warm
as a sunny day. Feeling Good and
Looking Good for Spring in Lake
Arrowhead was the theme of the
second fashion show and luncheon
presented by the Women’s Activity
Club. Sara Forthun and Jennifer
Hatcher, co-chairpersons for the
2010-11 WAC program year, led
guests through a program that en-
gaged everyone in the room.
     The highlight of the day was
the fashion show sponsored by
Belk. Rebecca Padgett described
25 spring ensembles modeled by
13 of the newest WAC members.
The models, wearing make-up
done by a Belk Estee Lauder repre-                              Front row: Christina Horne, Lydia Loboy, Sara Bland, Carol Fuller.
sentative, made each of the outfits            Second Row: Camille Duncan, Sandy Capps, Barbara Kelly, Pauline Ranum, Susan
special because the clothes were a        Brimmer, and Beth Hood. Third Row: Diane O’Pry, Polly Durden, and Tommy Simmons.
reflection of individual personality
and style. Chef Dan Banister and staff provided three entrees that
were complimented by all. Chicken Picatta with Lemon Caper
Sauce seemed to be the favorite but the other two, Grilled Turkey
Wrap and Spinach Salad got good reviews as well. Raspberry
Sorbet with Fresh Mint and Sugar Cookie was the perfect sweet
treat to end the meal.
     During the meal Shane Newton, LAYCC General Manager,
warmly welcomed the WAC guests and shared some of the up-
coming events to look forward to in the restaurant and on the golf
course. Shane and his staff made every effort to keep the group
dry and happy, including standing watch at the door with umbrel-
las to escort guests from the parking lot. All of the staff should                                                 Sara Forthun
be commended for the courteous effort provided to keep the rain
                                                                                                               and Janik Leman
from spoiling the show.
     In keeping with the Feeling Good and Looking Good theme,
Sara and Jennifer led guests through some nutrition and fitness
related activities. Lovely fashions are nice but our members al-
ways look good when they feel good.
     The program was closed with drawings for door prizes from
the Highlands Grill restaurant and Belk. The lucky winners will
be returning to the restaurant and Belk soon to use their gift cer-
tificates, but those who didn’t win will be making reservations to
enjoy the food and ambience of the Highlands Grill and travel-
ing to the Canton Belk to shop for new spring fashions too. The
women of the WAC will be “Feeling Good and Looking Good
for Spring in Lake Arrowhead”.                                                               Dottie Hobbs and Pat Hilderbrand
Page 22 |                   | April 2011
        Club and Community Activities
Lake Arrowhead Kid’s Corner
by Tina Marie Mayr, MOTS (Mothers of Tots) Director

     With spring upon us and weather improving, it is the perfect
time for our Lake Arrowhead children to participate in activities
centered with a sense of community service and environmental
awareness. Planting flowers in a nearby park to beautify, or en-
joying an activity that includes beginning vegetable plants from
a seed to later transplant are some ideas to place on our calendar   service club meetings differ slightly as we welcome both gen-
prior to June.                                                       ders together to assist in raising responsible children with social
     We are excited to announce that Modern Woodman, a finan-         awareness. Other special programs will include visiting a nurs-
cial planning organization, has reached out in financial sponsor-     ing home sometime in May, planting a tree on Arbor Day, April
ship to fund activities that are “service” and educational orient-   29th, and reaching out to the local community with fundraising,
ed for our Lake Arrowhead based mom’s group called MOTS              etc. Our first meeting will be on safety in early April which will
(www. If you have children that           include a fundraising project to benefit a local foster home with
are between the ages of 2-5, these activities will be available to   donations before Easter. If you would like to participate, feel free
you now within our community. An hour meeting once a month           to visit the MOTS’ website to join in!
will cover themes like safety, fitness, the environment, and more.         Also, we are looking for another Lake Arrowhead leader for
These youth service club meetings will be held at the Lake Ar-       ages 6-12 so that we have all ages included within our communi-
rowhead Chapel and available to view via the Chapel calendar         ty prior to high school. If you have a passion to lead a children’s
and/or the MOTS’ calendar (see website above).                       group between ages 6-12, you may contact me for the details at
     Similar to the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts in structure, youth

Trudy Cathy White
Valentine Luncheon
By Jane Doss
     It was a great lun-
cheon - good food, a
big crowd, a won-
derful speaker and
no ice or snow. Our
                                                                                            Over 30 Years Experience
chef, Dan Banister,
and his crew, outdid
themselves as they served a delicious luncheon to all. More
than 80 ladies and gentlemen gathered at the Highlands Grill
for a time of fellowship and food that certainly got us into the
spirit of a Valentine celebration. Our guest speaker, Trudy
Cathy White, shared a message of inspirational stories about
Chick-fil-A, her family and her life. Trudy’s mother, Jeanette,
a daughter, Angela, and another friend, Mallory, accompanied
her. It was a special treat to have these members of her family
join us. She brought everyone gifts of free Chick-fil-A meal
tickets and “eat mor chikin” cow dolls.
     With the help of many people who assisted with publicity,
our community was well informed about this unique event.
Dotty Bonds and Kelly Rich, members of the LAYCC staff,
helped with the logistics and welcoming of guests, making
sure that non-residents were informed about Lake Arrowhead.
     It was an extra-special affair, a once-in-a-lifetime expe-
rience. Those in attendance would agree that this Valentine
                                                                                    W W W. G W B R U N O C O N S T. C O M
Luncheon was a rare treat long to be remembered.
                                                                                             April 2011 |                     | Page 23
                   Club and Community Activities
   Calling all Convertibles and     2011 LAPOA
 Scooters for the April Rides Event Annual Yard
             April 30, 2011 at Lake Arrowhead’s Great Festival Park                         By Helen Bondie
                                    2 to 4 pm

    Convertibles and Scooters are being featured but all unique or interesting Rides
(classic, antique, new models, sports cars, trucks, & motorcycles) are welcome.
Year, make, model, color, condition, or mileage does not matter. The only require-
ment is a thorough washing & a good cleaning.

             Pre-registration, which opens on April 4th, is requested
          but not required—it gets you a printed placard for your Ride
 (to pre-register call 770-479-7910 or send an e-mail to                Hey, it’s that time again to clean
                                                                                            out your attic & garage. We’ll be host-
            Register on the day of the event between 1:30 and 2:00 PM                       ing the 2011 Annual Yard Sale, located
                                                                                            outside the North Gate on May 14th
                        Free to all entrants and spectators                                 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cleanup by 6
                        Cool music prepared by Toni Acres                                   p.m. Space is available at $15.00 each
                                   50/50 drawing                                            on a first requested, first placed basis.
                                                                                                Bethany Place (a non-profit organi-
For additional registration requirements and other information on the event,                zation) is interested in picking up any
  see Lee Dunn’s complete article on                      charitable donations from 3:30 to 4pm.
                                                                                                We plan to have hot dogs & ham-
             Other questions? Call 770-479-7910 or cell 404-217-5893                        burgers and bake goods for your enjoy-
  Note: In the event of inclement weather the event will be cancelled and not rescheduled            Please contact me at
                                                                                                       or 770-720-2938.
                                                                                                   Checks made payable to:
                                                                                                   LAPOA can be mailed or
                                                                                              dropped off at 230 Hillside Drive
                                                                                                          by May 9th.
                                                                                                         See you there.

                                                                          Clarence Lieb’s
                                                                                            Lake Arrowhead
         Clay Dalton’s 1998                                      1940 Ford Pickup Custom    Real Estate
      Honda Valkyrie 1500cc
Charlotte Duggan’s
1970 Jaguar XKE Roadster                                                                       Homes:
                                                                                               Active Listings: 61
                                                                                               Under Contract: 9
                                                                                               Sold in 2011: 12
                                       Craig Hoffman’s
                                       1956 Chevrolet                                          Lots:
                                               Bel Air                                         Active Listings: 70
                                           Convertible                                         Under Contract: 0
                                                                                               Sold in 2011: 0
Page 24 |                     | April 2011
                  Club and Community Activities
Learn to Play Mah Jongg or Mah Jong
By Ellen Reagan

     As several people have ex-
pressed a desire to learn how to
play Mah Jongg, we are offering
an opportunity at the club house
on the second and fourth Thurs-
days in April and May (April 14
and 28, May 12 and 26). You
must call (770-345-8944, 770-
713-2332, or 770-714-1032 –
Roy Rice and Ellen Reagan) to
reserve a spot or we will not be
there. We will have the required
number of sets to use depending on response.
     Our group plays on Fridays from 10 AM-2 PM. We enjoy buying lunch
which usually includes a tasty special of the day . Our Friday group is for ex-
perienced players only. Although a number of variations of Mah Jongg exist,
we play by Wright Patterson rules.
     Mah Jongg is an ancient game similar to rummy played with oriental style
tiles using sets and/or sequences (runs) of the same suit which has been adapt-
ed in various ways in countries around the world. According to Wikipedia,
a free encyclopedia, Mahjong (Chinese; pinyin) is a game that originated in
China, commonly played by four players (with some three-player variations
found in Korea and Japan). The four player table version should not be confused with the popular western single player (tile
matching) computer game (Mahjong solitaire) which is a recent invention and completely different from the table game.
Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy and calculation and involves a certain degree of chance. In Asia, mahjong is also popu-
larly played as a gambling game (though it may just as easily be played recreationally). Note: we simply have a dollar pool
and the winner of the day takes the pot.
  If you have any questions, you may call or email Ellen Reagan - 770-345-8944, 770-714-1032 or

Sewrifics Make Quilts for Wounded Soldiers
By Sheri Torch

   The Sewrifics of Cherokee, a neighborhood group of The American Sewing Guild, recently made quilts for wounded
                                                       soldiers who are conveyed from Iraq and Afghanistan. The
                                                       quilts are 4 feet by 6 ½ feet, large enough to cover the gurneys
                                                       and stretchers, when the wounded are transported onto con-
                                                       verted cargo planes with little or no heat. The quilts are also
                                                       used in the Intensive Care Units, over the thin military blan-
                                                       kets, providing warmth and brightening the hospital rooms.
                                                            The Sewrifics of Cherokee are sewers of many items, not
                                                       just quilts. They are involved in numerous charity sewing proj-
                                                       ects for the community, as well as sewing for themselves and
                                                       family members.

                                                                    If you are interested in further information,
                                                                   contact Lake Arrowhead resident Sheri Torch,
                                                                                     April 2011 |                 | Page 25
                                     Community Interest
911 Ready                                                    Tech Talk -
by Rebecca Strobl
     Most of us hope that we never have to call 911 for
                                                             Legal Notices in Georgia
                                                             by Becky Babcock
ourselves or our loved ones to address a medical emer-
gency. The purpose of this article is to provide the read-        If you have ever been curious about foreclosures, tax sales,
er with information to better prepare you if and when        sheriff’s sales, probate notices or other legal announcements, there
the call needs to be made.                                   is a great website that allows you to search all 159 counties in Geor-
     There are key pieces of information that can be pro-    gia for this free public information. The website is a compilation
vided to responding EMTs and Paramedics which will           of the newspaper legal sections from across the state. Visit www.
assist them in treating you or your loved one. These to check it out.
pieces of information include: patient’s name, age, cur-          According to the website, the Acts of the First Session of the
rent medical conditions (examples: diabetes, high blood      First Congress in 1789 required that all bills, orders, resolutions and
pressure, history of strokes, asthma..ect), recent surger-   congressional votes be published in at least three publicly available
ies, current list of medications (including medication       newspapers. An informed citizenry has always been a basic tenet of
name, purpose and dosage), allergies, physician name /       our country and as fewer people continue to read newspapers, it is
phone number, emergency contact names / phone num-           especially important that this information be made available online.
bers, medical insurance coverage information (provide        The official legal organ for Cherokee County is The Cherokee Tri-
card to EMTs and Paramedics) and Advanced medical            bune newspaper. It includes legal notices from the Judge of Probate
directive documentation. It is very helpful to have all      Court, Sheriff, and Clerk of Superior Court.
this information already written out on paper and quick-
                                                                  In Georgia, we are fortunate that newspapers go a step further by
ly accessible to provide the emergency medical profes-
                                                             posting the legal notices online, in a free searchable database. Other
sionals. An idea would be to place the paper on your
                                                             states that participate in making the printed legal notices available
refrigerator. Another thing that will assist the EMTs /
                                                             online may be found at
Paramedics responding to your call is having the medi-
                                                                  If you have questions about technology or ideas to share in fu-
cations currently being taken in a bag ready to go with
                                                             ture columns, send them to me at
you or your loved one to the hospital.
     There are also some things you can do to make it
easier to those responding to your medical emergency         AARP Driver Safety Training
                                                             Course Offered
to locate you or your loved ones. Please have your out-
side house lights on at night and make sure your house
number is clearly visible (day or night). Please make        by Skip Lyman
sure your four legged friends are put in a separate room
so that the responding professionals do not have to wor-         The Lodge at Bridge Mill in Canton, located at 10451 Bells
ry about your furry friends interfering with providing       Ferry Road will sponsor the AARP Driver Safety Class on April 7,
you or your loved one care. Also, if possible clear a path   2011 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
between the patient and the door to make it easier for an        Participants will receive a certificate of completion to give to
ambulance crew to bring the stretcher into the house.        their insurance company so they may receive a discount on their car
     Finally, make sure your loved ones and your neigh-      insurance. The cost is $ 12 for AARP members and $ 14 for non-
bors know this key information so that in an emergency       members.
situation those responding to your call can help you the         Automobile insurance discounts, dependent on each driver re-
most. It is important that those around you know if you      cord, are given after completion of the course and are in effect for
have a medical condition that could deteriorate rapidly      a three-year period. Drivers should check directly with their car in-
which may leave you or loved one unable to provide           surance companies to determine eligibility and the amount of their
this necessary information. Some of these conditions         discount.
could include: severe asthma, allergies that could quick-        The course is classroom only with no driving involved. The
ly progress into life threating shock, diabetes or history   course is designed to extend participants driving lives, providing
of falls.                                                    strategies to help make safe driving choices.
     Thank you for taking the time to help the respond-          The class is open to all ages and due to limited class size, pre-
ing emergency medical teams more efficiently assist           registration is required. Contact AARP Driver Safety Instructor
you or your loved ones in your time of need.                 Skip Lyman at 770-720-7411 to register.
Page 26 |                    | April 2011
                                  Community Interest
                                              Healthy Habits
 What are your numbers And what do they mean?
                                                 by Dr. Craig Hoffman, M.D.
    Past articles by Linda have dealt with issues of the Hab- bile salts. Cholesterol is not found in vegetables and fruits.
its of Health. This article presents specific laboratory pe- Therefore, eating animal products could increase cholesterol
rimeters which physicians and health professionals use as a levels above normal levels (150-200). This could result in
guide to your stat of health. Most, but not all of these num- cholesterol accumulation that results in gall bladder stones
bers have been around for a long time. Several are very new and arteriosclerotic plaques in blood vessels, and you know
and many physicians may not be aware of them.                   what that means. It may be assumed that elevated choles-
    We first start with the body mass index or BMI. This is a terol is responsible for the majority of heart attacks! Right?
ratio between your height and your weight. Ideally, it should No wrong! No more than 40% of myocardial infarctions are
be 24 or less. If your ratio is above 30, it indicates obe- due to high cholesterol. By far the majority of heart attacks
sity and above 40 indicates extreme obesity. Google “ body and heart failure are due to hyper-tension (elevated blood
mass index” and see where your BMI score appears. People pressure).
who score above 30 are at a very high risk for developing           The final number for this article is your blood pressure.
metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart For an adult, it should be below 135/85. However, 130/80 or
and vascular disease.                                           less is a much better blood pressure reading. The causes of
    The next number is waist circumference. In the 1950’s, high blood pressure are numerous and could fill a textbook.
a French physician noted that individuals with enlarged The two major causes are obesity and stress. Unfortunately,
waists had an increase chance of developing high blood the people with high blood pressure are not well controlled
pressure and diabetes. He solicited hundreds of physicians even with medication. This often results in tragedy. If you
to measure the waists of their patients who had these medical have elevated blood pressure, get your own blood pressure
problems and send him the information. After correlating monitor cuff. Monitor your blood pressure frequently (at
this information and putting it on a graph, using the results least twice a day and vary the times of day you are check-
of 180,000 patients, those males with a waist size greater ing). If it is not consistently below 135/85 you are not well
than 38 inches and females with a waist size of 34 inches controlled and you are at risk for a stroke or a heart attack.
or larger had a greater chance of developing diabetes and Get your weight under control, decrease salt intake and get
hypertension than the general population. The accuracy rate more rest. Also, don’t sweat the small stuff. Next month’s
of this study was greater than 90%. The waist is measured as article will continue with more numbers and information
that area below the last rib and above the highest point of the that reflects the status of your health.
pelvic bone which usually crosses the belly button, but not
always.                                                             If you have any ideas, comments, or questions for fu-
    Cholesterol is a chemical that is made in the liver. And ture articles for my health and wellness column, feel free to
also, it is ingested by eating animal products. It is essential contact me at: or LindaH1708@
for production of cell membranes, numerous steroids, and or call 770-345-4432.

                                                                                     April 2011 |                 | Page 27
                                           Community Interest
Amicalola                             Gardening in April
EMC Members                           by Tom Walston, Master Gardener

“ROUND-UP”                                First, I must give credit to Walter
                                      Reeves and Don Hastings for many of the
                                                                                         There is never a wrong time to lime
                                                                                     your lawn. Forty pounds per 1000 square
for Charity                           tips I will pass on to you.
                                          With the warm weather, many of the
                                                                                     feet is about enough, but a soil test is best.
                                                                                     Your extension agent can secure it for you
by Stacey Fields                      spring blossoms are already here. But,         through UGA services.
                                      as I write this in March, I fear there will        For best results with roses, plant only
     Are you looking for an inex-     be more frost. None the less, let’s talk of    container grown plants this month. Prune
pensive yet effective way to help     April.                                         back the dead to the live buds. Begin your
needy individuals and charities?          Balled & Burlap and container grown        six to eight week rose fertilizer program.
Why not join the thousands of         shade and flowering trees can be planted        Use Funginax on an every two week pro-
Amicalola EMC members who             this month. Prune dead, broken, or dam-        gram to control black spot.
“round up” their power bills for      aged tree limbs as soon as the flower petals        In the flower area, there are really not
charity?                              have fallen. Fertilize Magnolia and Cherry     many that cannot be planted. Marigold,
     Average member donations         Laurel if you haven’t already done it: also,   cosmos, zinnia, celosia, foxglove, pinks,
are just pennies a month, yet add     those spring flowering trees mentioned          sweet William, and (the deer’s favorite)
up to thousands of dollars each       above. Control scale on all trees with         Shasta daisies, impatiens, and petunias to
quarter. Last month, the Opera-       Orthene. Mulch newly planted trees, but        mention a few.
tion Roundup board members            remember not to get too close to the trunk.        Back to veggies; plant tomatoes, egg-
                                      Replenish mulch around older plants.           plant and peppers deeper than they were
gave back over $19 thousand dol-
                                          Plant seeds of vines, like Morn-           growing in the pot. Place stakes before
lars to individuals and charities.
                                      ing Glory, Moonflower, Scarlet Runner           you set plants so as to not damage the
Contributions since inception         Beans, and Passion Flower, after the last      roots. The last week of April you can plant
(January 1999) are over $1.4 mil-     frost, which is usually April 15. Plant        corn, beans, and pea seeds.
lion.                                 dahlias, elephant ear, gladiolus, and cala-        Now is the time to get your mower
     January’s payouts gave needy     diums now.                                     plade sharpened if you have not done it
individuals assistance with rent,         The second week it is safe to plant to-    already. Don’t cut your grass too short –
propane, food, medication, shel-      matoes, peppers, and eggplant in the gar-      Kentucky Fescue should be 3 – 3 ½ inches
ter, clothing, and medical bills.     den. Remove withered flowers from florist        and St. Augustine and Zoysia should be 2
     Funding for area charities       azaleas to prolong their blooming. Move        inches. Aerate and dethatch once a year.
included Boy Scout Troop 836,         house plants outdoors gradually. Never             Remember, great helps in any garden-
Boys & Girls Club of North Geor-      place them in full sunshine; filtered shade     ing area are available from the local exten-
gia, CARES, Inc., Coalition for       is best.                                       sion office.
Resiliency in Children, GA Lions
Lighthouse Foundation, Gilmer
High School, Good Samaritan
Health & Wellness Center, and
St. Vincent de Paul Society.
     You can help so much by do-
nating so little. Call Member Ser-
vices today at 706-253-5200 and
“round-up” for those in need.

Amicalola EMC provides elec-
tricity and related services to
over 45,000 locations in Bartow,
Cherokee, Dawson, Fannin, For-
syth, Gilmer, Gordon, Lumpkin,
Murray and Pickens counties.

Page 28 |                   | April 2011
                                       Community Interest
Cherokee County Animal Shelter (CCAS)
by Ann Keizer • Pictures by Lori and Kat Kekel
     Look what the CCAS has to offer! You can even get a sneak         in all shapes, sizes, and personalities.
peak online at            There’s one or more waiting just for
Keep in mind that new animals are brought to the shelter every-        you!
day.                                                                   Please care for your pet by spaying and
     All animals are given a thorough medical exam and are eval-       neutering.
uated for potential adoption. And, adoption fees include the first          Respect your neighborhood and keep
set of required shots, spaying or neutering, and ID Microchip.         your pet safe by observing leash laws.
     The CCAS does its best to help these homeless animals to
be adopted by holding events and assisting in their training and              THERE ARE MORE
seeing that all the shelter animals are mingled with adults, chil-           UNWANTED ANIMALS
dren, and other pets. Go online at:
departments/department.cfm?departmentid=66 for news and
                                                                               THAN HOMES!
events that you can have fun participating in.                              I am not affiliated with the CCAS. I submit these articles volun-
     Volunteers are needed to help with dog walking and training       tarily in order to bring about awareness of the many abandoned animals
                                                                       in need of a home. If you have any questions, please contact the shelter
or just to sit and play with the dogs and/or cats.
                                                                       or their affiliates.
     Monetary donations are appreciated. You decide if you             Cherokee County Animal Shelter • 1015 Univeter Rd
would like your tax deductible gift to go towards the purchase         Canton, GA 30115 • Adoptions: 770-345-7270
of animal beds, spaying and neutering programs, veterinary sup-        Cherokee County Marshal’s Office and Animal Control:
plies, etc. Contact the CCAS to see how you can help. Also, drop       Report strays, cruelty, and neglect: 678-493-6200.
off your newspapers there for recycling.                     
     There’s a large selection of dogs and cats of all ages and

                           Now is the time to sweep your chimney!
                                                                            A LOVE
                                  Mountain                                 OF TRAVEL
                                Super Sweep                                  Worldwide Vacations
                                                                                20+ Years Experience
                               Chimney Service                               Destination Specialists
                                      Richard Fairless                    Great Values, Service, & Amenities
                                      Master Sweep
     S                                                                         Open 7 days ‘till 9:00 PM
                                                                         Marci Zied
   (exp August   )                                                       770-345-8687

                                                                                                                Call for information
                                                                                                                      or a tour!

                                50 Cagle Mill Road South, Jasper, GA

                                                       » 30 Private Suites with Handicap Accessible Baths
                                                       » Lovely, Upscale Environment
                                                       » 6 Acres Of Green Space
                                                       » Scratch Cooking with Daily Homemade Bread
                                                       » 24 Hour Personal Care
                                                       » Engaging Activities
                                                       » Suite Housekeeping & Maintenance
                                                                                                 April 2011 |                       | Page 29
                                   Community Interest
How Do You Fool A Fool?
Hey Ray,
    Seems like it would be foolish to try to fool someone on April Fools’ Day wouldn’t it? We all know it is the day for
pranks and we won’t fall for any of that nonsense. Ole Billy Bob has had some of the best over the years and it got me won-
derin about some of the best ever April Fool pranks. His cake tree took the cake, but these were great.
    The Swiss spaghetti harvest was blasted over the BBC news show “Panorama” as a great victory due to the very mild
winter and the virtual elimination of the dreaded spaghetti weevil. It showed Swiss peasants pulling strands of spaghetti
down from the spaghetti trees. People everywhere wanted to know how to grow their own spaghetti trees and the BBC re-
sponded with “place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best”.
    In 1962 there was only one tv station in Sweden and it was in black and white. The stations technology expert appeared
on the news to announce that everyone could convert their set to color by pulling a nylon stocking over it. He went on to
demonstrate on a tv at the station and sure enough…color tv appeared. People everywhere were taken in as the station con-
verted to color on April 1.
    Taco Bell shook up the nation in 1996 when it announced it had bought the Liberty Bell and was changing the name to
the Taco Liberty Bell. People went ballistic and stormed the Park in Philadelphia. Then Press Secretary Mike McCurry was
asked about it at a White House press conference and he added that the Lincoln Memorial was also sold and would be known
as the Ford Lincoln Mercury Memorial. They name stadiums for big bucks. Maybe we could cut the deficit with a little
marketing imagination.
    NPR shook things up in 1992 with the announcement that Nixon was going to re-run for President and use the slogan , ”I
didn’t do anything wrong, and I won’t do it again”. They even had comedian Rich Little do a speech by Nixon making the
announcement. Listeners lit up the phone lines in protest. It wasn’t until the second half of the show that they said it was a
    Burger King had us bite big time with the announcement
through a full page in “USA Today” that it had added a new            New Homes, Basement Finishes,
item to its’ menu in the form of a Left-handed Whopper. It             Screened Porches, & Remodels
was especially designed for the 32 million lefties in America.
It was essentially the same as the original except the condi-
ments were all rotated 180 degrees. Many people went in to
try it, but others protested that they wanted their own right-
handed version.
    My cookie tree is in full bloom by the way, but for some
reason my chocolate chip bushes aren’t producing. Got any


                                                                          Ken McGarry Homes
                                                                       Woodstock, GA * 678-758-9240

Page 30 |                  | April 2011
                                                                                                                  Serving Cherokee County since 1992
   Oil & Filter Changes
   Oil                  30K,
                        30K 60K, 90K Service
                         0K                                                                                        » Taxation      » Accounting
                                                                                                                   » Consulting » Payroll
   Batt                 Emissions Testing/Repair
                                                                                                                   » Audit         » Sales Tax
   New Tires
   Neww                 AC & Heating Service
                        AC                                                                                         » Review        » QuickBooks
   Computer Engine
   Com                  Brake
                        Bra Service                                                                                » Business Valuation
     ....And Much More
Check out for full details
                               ASE Certified Technicians                                                                        Certified Public Accountants
     Only                        $40                        10%                                                                George W. Murphy · Rex G. McInvale
 $                                                                                       FREE
   18 95                         OFF                        OFF                     Brake Check
                                                                                           2 Wheel
                                                                                      4 Wheel
                                                                                                                                  Shawn A. Poole · Keith S. Walker
 Oil Lube                   Any 4 Tires                      All                      50 25
                                                                                      $             $
                                                                                    Brake Service Brake Service

 & Filter
                                     OR                    Service                   OFF OFF                       For more information, please visit
   Most Vehicles. No
                              $15 OFF                       Work                      4 Wheel       2 Wheel
                                                                                    Brake Service Brake Service or call 770.479.1667
 other discounts apply.      for 2 Tires
 Oil disposal fee will be   No other discounts apply.   No other discounts apply.    No other discounts apply.
 added. Exp 4-30-11.             Exp 4-30-11.                Exp 4-30-11.                 Exp 4-30-11.

1151 Marietta Hwy • 770-479-7441                                                                                         2205 Riverstone Blvd, Suite 105 Canton, GA 30114
      One Block South of Cherokee High School                                                                                    (Riverstone Professional Building)

                                                            BEL FLOORS
                                                               Certified in Finishing Wood Floors by BONA
                                                                           Licensed and Insured
                                   Installation • Repair • Finishing
                            Refinishing (starting @ $1.40/SF) • Dustless System
     Eddie: 404-516-1094                                                                                                Email:
     Robert: 770-605-7617                                                                                         Website:
                                                                            **REFERENCES AVAILABLE**
                                                                                                                                      April 2011 |                          | Page 31
     Reinhardt University - Concerts at Falany
                                                        By Ric Sanchez
                    For tickets and information, call the Falany Performing Arts Center box office
                           at (770) 720-9167, or go on-line at

George Lucktenberg                          cre.
                                                The Choir will present its spring
                                                                                         Symphony Orchestra
     On Sunday, April 3, 2011, Rein-
hardt College’s Artist-in-Residence Dr.     concert on Tuesday, April 12, at 7:30        Spring Concert
George Lucktenberg will present a con-      p.m. All seats are reserved, and there is         The Reinhardt Symphony Orchestra
cert of music by French composers of        an admission charge of $5.                   will present its spring concert on Mon-
the period known as the Ancien Regime,                                                   day, April 18, at 7:30 PM in the Univer-
                                                                                         sity’s Falany Performing Arts Center.
a period which began in the 15th century    Wind Ensemble Performs                       The Orchestra is led by Dr. Richard Bell.
and lasted until the French Revolution           The seventy-member ensemble, un-
in the late 1700s. Lucktenberg will per-                                                 The evening’s program will feature this
                                            der the direction of Dr. David Gregory,      year’s winner of the Reinhardt Univer-
form selections on the harpsichord dur-     is one of the premier concert organiza-
ing the first half of the program. These                                                  sity concerto competition, Ms. Charity
                                            tions on the Reinhardt College campus        Neese. She will perform Schumann’s
will include works by Louis Couperin,       and presents two formal concerts during
Elizabeth-Claude jacquet de la Guerre                                                    Piano Concerto with the Reinhardt Or-
                                            fall semester, in addition to four consis-   chestra. The orchestra will also perform
and Jean Philippe Rameau.                   tently “sold out” Christmas programs at
     The second part of the program will                                                 Dvořák’s Symphony #8.
                                            the Falany Performing Arts Center.                Seating is by reserved seats and
be performed on piano. Lucktenberg          The highly acclaimed Reinhardt Uni-
will play works by Duphly, Antoine and                                                   there is an admission charge of $5.
                                            versity Wind Ensemble will present its
Jean-Baptiste Forqueray and Balbastre.      formal spring concert of outstanding and
The concert will take place on Sunday,      exciting musical selections on Thursday,     Jazz Ensemble
April 3, 2011, at 3 p.m. Admission to       April 14. The concert is guaranteed to            The Reinhardt University Jazz
the concert is $15 for adults and $12 for   provide audience members with an eve-        Ensemble, under the direction of Dr.
seniors (55 and older) and children (12     ning they will long remember. Musical        Mitchel Henson, has quickly built a rep-
and under). All seats are reserved.         compositions by Percy Grainger and           utation as an exciting and entertaining
                                            Vincent Persichetti, special arrange-        ensemble. The group utilizes the tradi-
Concert Choir                               ments of standard literature as well as
                                            contemporary compositions, music from
                                                                                         tional instrumentation of the classic big
                                                                                         bands with 5 saxophones, 4 trumpets, 4
    The Concert Choir, conducted by
Dr. Dennis McIntire, Dean of Reinhardt      television and motion pictures, and the      trombones, piano, guitar, bass, drums
University’s School of Music, produces      always favorite concert march combine        and vocalists; but uniquely includes
rich and warm tones that evoke a feeling    to provide all in attendance with a musi-    flutes.
of shared emotion that seems to reso-       cal experience to be enjoyed by young             The Jazz Ensemble Concert on
nate among secular and religious vot-       and old alike.                               Thursday, April 21, at 7:30 P.M. will
ers alike. For over 30 years, the Choir          The concert will begin at 7:30 PM in    be a musical trip through time with tra-
has entertained and inspired audiences      the Concert Hall of the Falany Perform-      ditional big band arrangements, special
throughout the southeastern United          ing Arts Center. Seating is by reserved      numbers arranged just for the Reinhardt
States, Carnegie Hall and in several of     seats and there is an admission charge of    Jazz Ensemble, and exciting contem-
the great music halls in Russia.            $5.                                          porary jazz pieces featuring outstanding
    This popular ensemble currently                                                      soloists as well as the various horn sec-
features more than 60 singers. With a                                                    tions. Plus the Jazz Ensemble always
balanced blend of music majors and stu-                                                  provides a few exciting surprises for
dents studying in other programs, the                                                    the audience. Some examples of music
Concert Choir comes together to pro-                                                     included are Just The Way You Look
duce a repertoire that ranges from selec-                                                Tonight, Bewitched, Secret Love, Wil-
tions from the Renaissance to the best of                                                low Weep For Me, Sanctified Blues, and
today’s contemporary anthem and sets                                                     Emergency Stopping Only.
the bar for the standard of excellence.                                                       Admission to the performance is $5,
This spring’s concert will include works                                                 and all seats are reserved
by Palestrina, Brahms and Eric Whita-
Page 32 |                   | April 2011
Beginning to Pump
             Beginning to Breathe
Beginning to Pump & Beginning to              The most common cardiovascular & pulmonary
Breathe are cardiac and pulmonary             conditions treated under our programs are:
therapy programs developed by
the physical therapy team of New              ❤ Lower-risk patients following an acute cardiac event
Beginning Therapeutic Services.               ❤ Post-Op coronary bypass surgery
The program is designed to assist             ❤ Stable angina pectoris
patients with cardiovascular and              ❤ Post-Op transplantation
pulmonary conditions to achieve a
                                              ❤ Coronary angioplasty
better quality of life through exer-
                                              ❤ COPD, asthma or chronic bronchitis
cise and education. The patient will
learn to self manage their overall            ❤ Patient pre or post lung surgery and/or are oxygen

cardiovascular and pulmonary                    dependent
health, with exercise programs and            ❤ Weakness affecting the lung and heart
small class discussions about their           ❤ Diabetes with secondary heart or lung diagnosis.

                                       TREATMENT PROGRAMS
                                       The most common treatment methods used during the
                                       exercise program are:
                                                  ❤ Treadmill                       ❤ Theraband
                                                  ❤ Upper Body Ergometer            ❤ Theraballs
                                                  ❤ Recumbent Bicycle               ❤ TRX
                                                  ❤ Rex Orbital                     ❤ Nu Step
                                                  ❤ Dumbells                        ❤ Total Gym
                                                  ❤ Manual Therapy Techniques       ❤ Education

                                       The program usually last twelve weeks and the patients are seen
                                       two to three times a week for sixty to ninety minute sessions. At the
                                       beginning of the program the patient will be evaluated and the
                                       therapist will determine the appropriate intensity, duration and
                                       frequency of exercises. The patient is monitored before, during and
                                       after the exercise by a physical therapist on our team. Each patient
                                       will attend a small class discussion about identification of risk
                                       factors for cardiovascular and pulmonary disease as well as modifi-
                                       cation of behavior such as nutrition, sedentary life style, and smok-
                                       ing cessation.

We believe that education and safe exercise are the key for a healthy heart and lungs and a better quality
  of life. For more information, please go to our website at or call us at (706) 253-6287.

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                                                                                                                                       Let us know you saw
 More than 4 million helpless dogs & cats are euthanized every year                                                                          this ad in your
 because they couldn’t receive proper care or find a permanent home.                                                                              newsletter!

 Our Mission:
 Build no kill campuses across America to change forever how we care for homeless animals.
 Rescue soon to be euthanized animals from kill shelters. Rehabilitate, vet and Rehome.
 How You Can Help:
 Pay Pal donation on our website
 Foster Home Volunteer
 Visit our website under ‘Volunteer’ for more ways you can help today!
 Our First Campus is in Woodstock, GA!
                                                                                     Green Pets America
                                                                                      Rescuing. Rehabilitating. Rehoming.

 GPA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible & processed through No Kill Nation Foundation. Check website for training seminars!

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