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					When you think of personal injury claims, you probably think of car
accidents, accidents in the workplace or slips, trips and falls in public
places. But did you know that there is a whole host of other personal
injuries, accidents, diseases and illnesses which can give rise to
successful personal injury claims, including some cases of food
poisoning? Here, leading claims management company Claim-Easy
( discusses claiming for food poisoning as a
personal injury.      Most of us have suffered from some degree of food
poisoning or other, often from eating out or when eating shellfish. Even
if you only have a mild case of food poisoning, it can cause some nasty
symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach cramps which can make
going about your normal daily routine difficult. In more serious cases,
it can be much worse: severe food poisoning can cause toxicosis, also
know as systematic poisoning. Toxicosis can cause long-term damage to the
digestive system and can be highly dangerous in pregnant women and
potentially life threatening in the old or infirm. Should you be
unfortunate enough to contract food poisoning and it was not your fault,
whether a severe or mild case, you could be eligible for personal injury

  Severe cases of food poisoning can lead to high levels of compensation
in personal injury claims if handled by the right claims management
company. Food poisoning that has led to toxicosis can cause the sufferer
to have serious long-term damage to their personal health, particularly
in the way their digestive system works. A healthy digestive system is
essential for all-round health as it is one of the body's core functions,
breaking down food into energy or waste. Claims for food poisoning will
take this into account when it comes to the amount awarded, and of course
if the sufferer is pregnant, old or infirm and therefore the symptoms
were potentially life-threatening in the most severe of cases, this will
elicit the highest levels of compensation.      Even in milder cases of
food poisoning where the sufferer was not to blame, injury compensation
can be claimed. Because the digestive system is so delicate, a long bout
of mild food poisoning can lead to ongoing but not permanent symptoms
such as vomiting, diarrhoea and fever which could need hospitalisation.
In mild cases where hospitalisation is not required, the sufferer may
still have to take time off work, leading to loss of earnings, which can
again be compensated for in some cases.       In all cases of food
poisoning personal injury claims, the most important factor is being able
to prove on some level that you contracted food poisoning through no
fault of your own. Each case is different; you may have caught it from a
restaurant, a work's canteen or a supermarket product. The first thing
you should do is seek medical advice, even for less severe cases, as this
record is important when making compensation claims. Then you should
contact a reputable, professional and experienced claims management
company such as Claim-Easy to help guide you through the claiming
process. It can be difficult to ascertain blame in cases of food
poisoning, so it's all the more important to use a company you can trust
to put your best case forward and get you the compensation you rightly
deserve.       For more information, visit
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