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                             Volume X, Issue 10                                                            March 7, 011

                                                     PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE
                            Literacy Workshop for Parents of Pre-school thru 1st grade Students
                          Are you curious how to help your pre-school through 1st grade student become
                          a successful reader? Have you found that the only strategy in your “basket of
                          tricks” is to tell your child to “sound it out?”
                          Come to Sycamore Canyon’s Literacy Workshop to learn why
                          the “sound it out” method is ineffective.  Parents will leave
                          this hour long workshop with a basket filled with strategies
                          that are effective.
                          For the parents of younger children, many ideas will be
                          shared to help you help your child be ready for the
   Mon, March 14
                          pre-reading skills needed for kindergarten.
Literacy Workshop
                          Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to better help your child be the best
   Wed, March 16          reader he/she can be!
   PTA Meeting            The workshop will be held on Monday, March 14th at 6pm in the Media
                          Center. Child care will be provided.
   Fri, March 25
   ACE Awards             Mrs. Simpson
                          Sycamore Canyon School
  Thur, April 17
                          (619) 956-5400
 Sycamore K Reg

    Fri, May 27th
50 Year Celebration
    Open House                         GET COUGAR CHAT          VIA    E-MAIL      AND THE     INTERNET
     Book Fair
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                                                    Please send an e-mail to and type
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                                           And check it out on-line at the Sycamore Canyon the website:
                                 Once there, go to the Parents link, select PTA, and then Cougar Chat on the left.
                                         Be sure to also check out the Upcoming Events section, as well!

                                                               Principal: Debra Simpson               Sycamore Canyon PTA
                   Show your School Spirit and
                                                              PTA President: Hala Totah               Tierra Del Col Council
              wear GREEN on Fridays!                Cougar Chat: Renee O’Malley—      Ninth District, INC.

              10201 Settle Road, Santee, CA 92071 - Office: (619)956-5400 - Attendance: (619)258-2205
Page 2                                                                                             Volume X, Issue 10

                                       Birthday Greetings

    March 12: Happy Birthday Joshua Simpson!                        March 26: Happy Birthday Luke!
                  Love Mom and Dad                                    Love Mom, Dad and Morgan

    March 31: Happy 7th Birthday Matthew Jones!                     April 6: Happy Birthday Haydo!
         We   U, Dad, Mom, Jake, Tim and Sarah                  Mom, Dad, Gage, Aubree and Keegan

     March 20: Happy Birthday Ashleigh Paschal!
       We love you, Love Mom & your sisters!

A HUGE thank you to Kris Drake for her creativity and talents to make Sycamore a star at the
District Art Show.
Under her direction, Kindergarten, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students made three gorgeous art
pieces. The Art Show was a delightful success.
Shala Lamboy

                          Feb. 28th - March 18th - The idea of this program is to raise money for the Leuke-
                          mia and Lymphoma Society so they can fight against cancer. Please encourage your
                          students to bring in their coin boxes each day filled with money.
                          The top student who brings in the most money from each class will win a tour of the
                          armored car and a picture with one of the guards. The top class will win a lunch from
                          the Olive Garden. We will be having a box decorating contest on March 10th, so
                          please make sure your box is completely done by recess of that day.
                          The primary and intermediate class winners will receive gift certificates to the student
                          store. If we meet our school goal this year-$2,500, Mrs. Tracy will dye her hair
                          green to show her school spirit!

Wed., March 8th - In support of Pasta for Pennies, students get one piece of duct tape for one
dollar and they get to try and stick Mrs. Tracy on the wall. We will do it once during primary
lunch and once during intermediate lunch.
Volume X, Issue 10                                                                                       Page 3

Sycamore Canyon Yearbook committee is offering a full color, 76 page yearbook for 2010-2011.
Yearbook pre-orders are taking place now through April 29, 2011. Order your yearbook for
After April 29th, the price increases to $25.00. Put this paper and check or cash into an envelope marked Year-
book. Drop it off in the office PTA box. For any further questions contact Heather at


Student name:           _____________________________________________________________

Teacher:                _____________________________________________________________

Number of yearbooks:                 _________

Parent name and phone number:               ______________________________________________


Surprise your son or daughter with a special birthday message in the Cougar Chat!
Starting in late February, you can purchase a birthday announcement for your child for
only $1.00!
You are limited to two lines, with no more than 30 characters per line.
Please fill out the form below and turn in to the office, along with $1.00, by Friday,
March 15th for March and April Birthdays.

                                        COUGAR CHAT BIRTHDAY ANNOUNCEMENT

                                 BIRTHDAY: _________________________       (MM/DD   ONLY)

                     FIRST   LINE:     ___________________________________________________

                     SECOND    LINE:   ___________________________________________________
Page 4                                                                                                 Volume X, Issue 10


                            The Sycamore Canyon PTA is excited to announce our first year registering for the
                            “Doodle 4 Google” contest. It is a competition where K-12 students are invited to
                            use their artistic talents to think big and redesign Google’s homepage logo for
                            millions to see! Google believes that dreaming about future possibilities leads to
                            tomorrow’s leaders and inventors, so this year they are inviting U.S. kids to exer-
                            cise their creative imaginations around the theme, “What I’d like to do someday... “
                            Whether students want to find a cure for cancer or take a trip to the moon, it all
                            starts with art supplies and some 8.5" x 11" paper. And, one lucky student artist
                            will take home a $15,000 college scholarship and $25,000 technology grant for
                            their school, among many other prizes.

                            Entry forms and parent consent forms were sent home. Extra forms are available in
                            the office. All drawings with forms must be turned into the office no later
                            than Monday, March 14.

                            For questions, contact Lisa Murdoch at (619) 249-4786. Thank you.

As 6th grade students you have two special opportunities to be in the yearbook this year. They are as follows:

1. A baby photo. This is free and will be scanned in my home, so you can be sure you will get
   it back; it won’t be sent to the plant. For best results it should be no larger than 4X6. I will
   be picking up these photos on March 12th. The pictures will be returned by Spring Break.

2. Buying a collage page for $20. You put together a collage of your photos on a regular size
   sheet of paper. There are only 20 spaces available, if requests exceed this amount then I
   will ask you to share a page with a friend. If you would like a page then have your parent
   contact Heather Stiles at 401-0755/ I will be collecting collages with
   payment on April 1st.

Write a message to your student and have it published in the yearbook for $5.00. Just fill            We Peggy
                                                                                                         ’re       Sue
                                                                                                             so        -
                                                                                                       Lov      pr
out a 3.5X5 note card, turn it in with payment into the PTA box in the office. Please use an               e, M oud o
                                                                                                                om     fy
                                                                                                                   &D     ou!
envelope and be sure to seal it. The deadline for Love Lines is April 1st.                                           ad

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