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					After I saw the MRI of my uterine fibroids, I could not believe how many
there were and how big they were. How long had I had them? What were the
options for getting rid of them. I wondered about this because having
uterine fibroids is not a result of systemic or hormonal balance. The
space they took up is where other organs are supposed to be. I had heard
that if there are many of them and/or they are large, that they can put
pressure on the bladder, kidneys, and colon. That would interfere with
the function of those organs. That was a scary thought. Of course I went
to my gynecologist who put first put me on progesterone to control the
excessive menstrual bleeding. I didn`t like how they made me feel so then
I started taking low dose estrogen birth control pills.       A lot of
research has been done which reveals that hormonal imbalances made worse
by taking synthetic hormones, causes so many physical and emotional
difficulties. It`s the approach of Western medicine to target the
symptoms of a disorder and not to find out what the cause is. I chose not
to take any of that stuff anymore because I could feel it making me feel
worse than the initial symptoms.

  It became my quest to find out what information there was beyond the
scope of the mainstream approach to dealing with these fibroids and the
physical problems they were causing. Oh, the periods that would never
end, feeling weak, bloated, and crampy! I just had to find out. And I
did. In Japan a scientist had isolated an enzyme from cultured soybeans
called nattokinase. The research showed that this enzyme had fibrolinic
properties. What that means is that it is capable of breaking down the
fibers and strands that these fibroids are made up of. That`s an amazing
breakthrough. The more I delved, the more useful information I came up
with.       Of course, no doctor in this country would know about this,
much less support it. There`s no money in it for physicians since they
make a profit from diagnostic and surgical procedures. The pharmaceutical
companies would loose their shirts if people got wise to this way of
addressing the causes of the hormonal imbalances and the problems that it
causes. If patients stopped filling prescriptions for these
medicines(which only mask the symptoms and make the condition even
worse), there would be such an uproar.      In India they practice
Ayurveda which is the science of being in harmony with nature and it
includes a highly developed practice of herbal medicine. Many of the
herbs they use are believed to contain healing properties and help
people achieve health and well being. That sounded pretty good to me. So
I looked into that. I found an herb that they use to strengthen the
endometrial lining and to help stop uterine bleeding. This herb from the
ashoka bark was amazing. I took it for about a month (I still take it and
love the results) and the next time I got my period, it was much lighter
and stopped on a dime after 4 days. It worked like a shut off valve and
that was that. I figured that certain nutrients and herbs work like an
overall tonic to heal what is weak. The nutrients and systemic enzymes
that I researched work together to not only break down the fibroids and
actually shrink them, but they have restorative functions as well. The
idea is to get the whole body to be highly functional in tissue repair,
circulation, cell regeneration, and food absorption.      The result?
Eights months after putting all this into practice, my stomach is flat,
there is no cramping, and no heavy, longer than normal periods. I can`t
discern the presence of the "squatters" in my abdomen and I feel so much
better. I wish I knew about this so long ago. I have shared this highly
effective natural alternative to surgery for fibroids in forum devoted to
providing all the knowledge any woman needs to get the better of this
condition. I invite you to visit the forum presented in the bio box (see
below).        Louise Green is a freelance writer and professional
researcher specializing in topics that pertain to health issues. This
particular topic became the incentive for many months of in depth
research because of having to deal with this condition herself resulting
in the presentation of

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