Healthy tips for those annoying fibroids

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					I am so sick of people asking me if I am pregnant. Every time I look down
at my stomach I just shake my head and think back to how my stomach use
to be when I was in college nice and flat. I had no problems putting on a
bikini or wearing a belly shirt. When I discovered I had fibroids I
started to become self conscious about my stomach. When I went to the
doctor I could not understand why me. I did not have any children, and
did not fit the profile of having fiords so I thought.      I soon found
out that fibroids are not only found in women who had babies but in women
who has never had children. My doctor told me that it was due to high
levels of estrogen in my body and that they are non benign so I did not
have to worry about them being cancerous. With a side a relief, I ask the
doctor, how do I get rid of them, and he said he was not sure I was stuck
with them unless I wanted to get surgery. Since I was newly married and
wanted children I decided to stick with them for now until we were ready.
It looked a little weird that I was 130 pounds nice and lean with a belly
so I decided that if I was going to live with these things for awhile,
they are going to have to take a back seat when it came to me being
fashionable. So here are some of the things that I did.

  1. dress around them- I started wearing shirts that I can wear a belt
around my waist to cover them up. The belts really cover the stomach area
where it looks like you have a great waist and a small stomach.      2.
Started eating healthy- One of the causes of fibroids is high levels of
estrogen. Since our body carries good and bad estrogen, I decided to eat
foods that will balance my diet and regulate my hormonal levels. So I cut
out the junk and started eating more fruits and vegetables in every meal.
When I got a sweet tooth, I would eat a peace of fruit or nibble on dry
fruits that contained natural sugars      3. Exercise regularly- One of
the major things that regulates your estrogen levels is exercise. I
signed up for a gym membership and starting working out 3 times a week
taking aerobics classes and strength training to build up my metabolism
and muscle      4. Meditation and Person Development- I was having the
hardest time dealing with the change of my body. With me being a newlywed
and not sure if my husband and I would be able to have children, I had to
deal with my self-esteem. I would read my affirmations everyday and
mediate for 30 minutes.       So there you have it! Having fibroids
should not put you in the dumps when it comes to your physical appearance
or your mental state. Always find positive strength in every situation.
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