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									“The Hollow Men”
      by TS Eliot

 The poem’s allusions
             “The Hollow Men”
• Nobel Prize winning poet TS
• Published in 1925
• Commentary on post-war
• Loaded with allusion
• Eliot claimed the title came
  from combining "The Hollow
  Land", the title of a romance
  by William Morris with
  Kipling's title, "The Broken
  Men"                            TS Eliot (1888-1965)
“But hollow men, like horses hot at hand,
Make gallant show and promise of their mettle;
But when they should endure the bloody spur,
They fall their crests, and, like deceitful jades,
Sink in trial.”
                      - Julius Caesar VI.ii

          Cassius and Brutus
        The Gunpowder Plot
                           • A conspiracy arising from
                             English Catholics' resentment
                             of King James I
                           • Kill the king and his ministers
                             at the State Opening of
                             Parliament on Nov. 5, 1605
                           • Co-conspirator Francis
                             Tresham told his brother-in-
                             law, Lord Monteagle, to stay
                             away from the opening
                           • Monteagle informed the Lord
                             Chancellor, who in turn told the

King James I (1566-1625)
                  Guy Fawkes
• Guy Fawkes arrested on
  Nov. 4 in the cellars of
  the House of Lords,
  standing guard over two
  tons of gunpowder
• Tortured until he revealed
  the names of his co-
  conspirators, who, if they
  hadn't yet fled the
  country, were soon
                               Guy Fawkes mask as seen in
                                     V for Vendetta
Guy Fawkes Night, aka Bonfire Night

                               • Today, the British
                                 celebrate Nov. 5 with
                                 bonfires, fireworks, and
                                 by burning effigies of Guy
                               • They are celebrating the
                                 execution of a traitor
                               • Or are they celebrating of
                                 the near death of the
  “A penny for the old guy!”     monarchy?
   Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
• Also features a violent
  conspiracy of men blinded by
  their cause
• Cassius recruits Brutus, a
  leading Roman citizen, to help
  assassinate Caesar
• Cassius motivated by
  ambition, envy, and malice
• He persuades Brutus that
  Caesar is a tyrant who will
  destroy the Roman Republic
• Cassius plays on Brutus's
  fame as champion for the
  public good
• Brutus is blind to the evil
  nature of the conspiracy
                                   The death of Julius Caesar
 Dante’s The Divine Comedy
                                   • Classic story in which, Dante
                                     becomes a pilgrim traveling
                                     through the three kingdoms of the
                                       – Hell (The Inferno)
                                       – Purgatory (Purgtorio)
                                       – Heaven (Paradiso)
                                   • He is lead through the first two by
                                     the poet Virgil
                                   • Pilgrimage arranged by his late
                                     love Beatrice in an attempt to
                                     redeem his soul and convince
                                     him to change his life
                                   • Seeing her in heaven will inspire
                                     him to join her there again after
                                     his own death

Dante & Virgil enter The Inferno
    Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
• Next to Dante, Joseph
  Conrad’s Heart of
  Darkness (1902) was the
  most important and
  influential literary
  experience in Eliot's
• It is a story full of hollow
  men, empty of
   –   faith
   –   personality
   –   moral strength
   –   humanity
       “Mistah Kurtz – he dead”
                                    • Marlow tells of his journey into
                                      the heart of Africa
                                    • A dark world populated by
                                      morally empty men living only
                                      for ivory and the money and
                                      power that it brings
                                    • Deep in the interior, he meets
                                      Kurtz, the most depraved man
                                      of them all
                                    • Kurtz, on his deathbed, seems
                                      to realize the true horror of
                                      what he and humanity as he
Col. Kurtz reads “The Hollow Men”     knows it is and does
       in Apocalypse Now            • “The horror, the horror…”

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