Eye Disorders, Please Clap Your Hands 1 by anamaulida


									A new therapy comes to people's eyes, and it is the gospel to people all
around the world. This modern technique is called Laser eye surgery, and
it receives more and more people's welcome.
Most of eye disorders are tired of wearing glasses all day long or are
bothered with seeing nothing without glasses. They have to wear special
glasses when doing sports and they are considered as being impolite for
not saying hello to friends. These are all the troubles encountered by
the eye disorders. Now these problems can all be settled with the
appearance of Laser eye surgery. No matter how deep the degree of your
glasses, you can do this surgery.

Laser eye surgery mainly has two types - LASIK and LASEK. The latter is
more suitable for those with thin or flat corneas while the case of LASIK
is the opposite.

Though the eye surgery is popular among the eye disorders, there is still
something the surgery can't deal with. So you must know the details about
the surgery before going to do the operation.

The laser used in the surgery must have been strictly tested. Only those
which can cut 0.25 microns of tissue per pulse can be applied to
correcting eyesight. Furthermore, you should make sure which area of the
cornea is fit for being reshaped.

Not everyone suits for the Laser eye surgery actually. Only the problems
of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can be corrected well. So if you are
in these cases, Laser eye surgery is the best choice, I promise.

You need not to worry about the food that you eat in daily life will
affect the result of the surgery, so you can enjoy your food as usual.
Ophthalmologist will drip some anesthetic on your eyes before operation,
so you will certainly run out of being hurt. However, if you wear contact
lenses, you should take them off a week before operation in case the
cornea is misshaped. Moreover, people who have the problem of gas
permeability need to take off contacts up to four weeks.

Laser eye surgery can be finished within half an hour, and it hardly
hurts patient. Nevertheless, it's not permitted that you drive home alone
right after the surgery. So ask someone to company with you to take you
home safely.

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