Different Types of Eye Doctors by anamaulida


									Are you looking for a professional eye doctor who can help you with your
eye problems? Finding an experienced eye doctor Staten Island is easy.
Contrary to what many people think, there are different types of eye
doctors who can treat different eye disorders. You should thus choose an
eye doctor that can treat your particular problem. Some of the different
types of eye doctors are as follows:Different types of eye doctors in
Staten IslandOptometristsThey are the general doctors in the field of eye
healthcare. Optometrists are also licensed and have the necessary
accreditation. They are extensively trained to diagnose and treat vision
related defects. They prescribe eye glasses or contact lenses which can
treat the following problems:1.Nearsightedness 2.Farsightedness
3.Astigmatism They can also diagnose different eye conditions or common
retinal diseases like cataracts. However, they treat such diseases with
non-surgical methods. They hold a degree of Doctor of Optometry.
OphthalmologistsThey are commonly referred to as oculists.
Ophthalmologists treat vision related disorders with surgical treatments.
They hold a degree in the doctor of medicine. In addition, they are
licensed by the state ophthalmology regulatory board. Some of the other
services offered by them are as follows:1.Routine eye exams 2.Prescribing
prescription glasses 3.Removing any ocular tumors Usually,
ophthalmologists specialize in specific areas like cornea and refractive
ophthalmology. Opticians An optician is an eye -care professional who
checks the prescriptions specified by eye doctors. They can also treat
vision related problems by:1.Replacing prescription glasses 2.Replacing
any corrective eyewear 3.Fixing low vision aids Opticians have to
graduate from an accredited training program. They cannot operate until
and unless they are licensed by the state. OrthopistsThey are better
described as eye care specialists that treat eye defects, solely related
to eye movement and alignment. Orthopists usually treat children below
the age of 15 years.

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