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Using Eczema Lotion To Help With Your Itchy Rashes

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					An eczema lotion is useful in lessening skin itching associated with
eczema rashes. It is one of the many eczema remedies aimed at alleviating
the discomfort brought about by eczema. However, not all eczema lotions
are effective in relieving the itching. There are also a few people that
react negatively to some eczema lotions and end up with rashes that are
even worse than before they used any. That is why when finding an eczema
lotion, you need to be open to the possibility that it may or may not be
an effective relief.

When considering to purchase a treatment, be aware that an eczema lotion
is not an over the counter treatment like OTC eczema creams and
ointments. Eczema lotions do not have the same elements as these OTC
eczema treatments. Therefore, they can't do anything to decrease the
severity of eczema which eczema treatments can do. However, eczema
lotions aren't useless either because they can decrease the itch that
accompanies eczema rashes. This intended purpose of an eczema lotion then
classifies it as an eczema remedy and not a treatment.

While the ultimate goal of eczema lotions is to provide relief from
itching, they work in three ways. One is that they moisturize, second is
that they soothe, and third is that they can prevent any further skin
irritation. These differences in how they work depend on the ingredients
that comprise it.

Eczema lotions that act as moisturizers for dry skin contain ingredients
that are capable of moisturizing the skin and sealing that moisture in.
But eczema lotions are not anything near ordinary moisturizing lotions
because they are specifically formulated against eczema. Also, eczema
lotions are generally hypoallergenic which means they are least likely to
irritate the skin because they are milder. Eczema lotions such as these
relieve itching by removing skin dryness which leads the skin to be
itchy. These are most effective against seborrheic eczema, xerotic
eczema, and dermatitis atopica which is also a type of eczema.

Other eczema lotions don not have as much moisturizer. These eczema
lotions usually have skin soothing ingredients as their main component.
These ingredients soothe the skin itching by acting on the irritated
nerve endings found on the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin. This
type of eczema lotion is best used by people suffering from non dry
eczema rashes. Finally, a lotion may also contain both soothing as well
as moisturizing properties. Practically anyone with eczema can use these
lotions since they contain two distinct components.

However, not all eczema lotions are effective in relieving the itchiness
of eczema rashes. There are times that they don't have any effect at all.
Sometimes, they can even make body rashes and itching worse altogether.
To find an one that is particularly helpful in providing relief, you must
initially try out different brands. Base your choices on how your eczema
rash appears. With dry rashes, start with eczema lotions that are meant
to moisturize dry skin. Or you can also explore lotions that contain
soothing as well as moisturizing ingredients. With red itching bumps, try
eczema lotions that contain Aloe Vera, Blueberry leaves, or Green Tea
extract. Lotions which contain additional moisturizing ingredients can
also be useful in preventing dry skin which can worsen your eczema and
the itching.

You will know if a lotion is effective if you feel immediate relief from
itching. You may notice that your eczema rashes are no longer itchy or
that they're not as itchy as they used to be. But if you experience no
significant relief or if your body rashes and itching only got worse,
then that particular one which you used is not effective and you should
try another brand.


Charles Perkins is a professional fo skin care. For more information
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