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					Diarrhea in puppies is an indication of serious health disorder. For most
dog health experts, it is more of a symptom rather than a sickness.
Diarrhea symptoms in humans and puppies are almost the same. These
symptoms are characterized by frequent, irregular bowel movements. If not
taken seriously, this can cause a puppy's life. A diarrhea outbreak may
last two to three days depending on its cause. Owners should consult a
veterinarian for an advice as soon as possible if their puppy's condition
last longer than normal. Diarrhea in puppies is caused by different
factors. Stress, for example, can cause diarrhea in puppies. Stress
related diarrhea, however, is not that serious compare to other cases of
diarrhea. Little dogs are sensitive to their environment. Even a small
change in their surroundings can make them feel anxious and stress.Wrong
diet is also considered one of the main factors causing diarrhea in
little dogs. If a puppy is fed incorrectly or is overfed, he can
experience mild diarrhea outbreaks. Giving a puppy a new set of meal is
good. But owners should also remember that he may be sensitive to the
ingredients of some foods too. Puppy vaccinations can cause diarrhea in
little pups as well. If a puppy shows diarrhea symptoms or vomiting after
getting a vaccine shot, he may be experiencing vaccinosis. This is a
condition wherein a puppy experiences adverse reaction to the shot given
to him. But you don't have to worry since this can easily be solve by
giving him a dose of homeopathic remedy two hours after he gets the
injection.Aside from the factors mentioned above, severe cases of
diarrhea in little canines are caused by parasites, worms and other viral
infections. Coccidias are parasites known for causing diarrhea outbreaks
in little dogs as well. Caronavirus and Parvovirus are leading viruses
that are considered to cause the most chronic diarrhea outbreaks in
little dogs. Roundworms inherited by pups from their mother can be a
reason for infestation of the puppy's digestive system.Preventing
dehydration is the most important treatment for diarrhea in little dogs.
Since frequent irregular bowel movements can cause loss of too much water
in the puppy's body, providing him with plenty amount of water or
electrolyte supplement can help prevent loss of too much water in his
body. Fasting is another treatment for mild diarrhea. But you must not
fast your puppy for more than twenty-four hours. Also, do not fast
newborns or a puppy that is less than seven weeks old. There are also
medications available for diarrhea treatment.Diarrhea in puppies should
be taken care of immediately to prevent it from causing serious effects
on your puppy's health. Remember to contact your puppy's veterinarian if
any unusual problems arise.

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