Battling Depression Self-help Tips by anamaulida


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        <p>Depression can hit anyone at any age. Depression is not
something people make up. The symptoms of depression can be at a low
level or be very severe. You may feel nearly paralyzed in everyday life
and unable to function normally.</p> <p>Depression can cause a multitude
of symptoms and be derived from various factors. If you are experiencing
depression, your appetite may be affected, either decreasing or
increasing. You may lose interest in things you once loved to do or lack
energy to do anything. You may sleep much more than usual, suffer from
insomnia or even have suicidal thoughts.</p> <p>Even though you may be
receiving guidance and treatment from your doctor, there are methods you
can utilize to help yourself win the battle.</p> <p><strong>Self-help
tips for battling depression:</strong></p> <p>* Some medications can
cause a state of depression. It's important to discuss this with your
doctor. If you are taking any type of medication, ask your doctor about
the side effects you are experiencing. A change in medication may
alleviate the depression.</p> <p>* Recognize your negative thoughts.
These negative thoughts contribute to depression. It's like pouring fuel
onto the fire. Negative thoughts go hand-in-hand with depression. It's
important to do your best to alleviate those negative thoughts. Take
notice of your accomplishments, no matter how small. Everyone has purpose
and something to offer in this life. Recognize your value and place that
value on yourself so that you have a more positive mind set.</p> <p>*
Don't be so hard on yourself that your expectations are too high. This
puts a lot of pressure on, unnecessarily. Concentrate on the areas of
life you can control. You need to let go of what you absolutely can do
nothing about. A strong focus on what you have no control over is a waste
of energy and can cause a sense of failure.</p> <p>* When you are
depressed, your appetite may be nearly non-existent. It's important to
eat healthy foods. The right nutrients can help with your overall well-
being and help you battle stress and depression. Even drinking something
like Ensure will provide you with nutrients you need.</p> <p>* Exercise
is a great stress reducer. Depression can cause a great loss of energy
and make you feel unable to exercise. It's important to do your best and
try to do at least a little exercise daily. Exercise in small steps if
you need to. Enlist an exercise buddy that will help you stay
motivated.</p> <p>* Surround yourself in nature. Nature has a way of
creating a soothing atmosphere, which can be healing to the body and
mind. Even sitting on your porch in the sunshine a few minutes a day, is
better than isolating yourself inside so much. Depression often causes us
to want to close ourselves off from the world, but getting out just a
little each day can be beneficial.</p> <p>* Everyday tasks can seem
overwhelming when you are under the spell of depression. Prioritize the
necessities. Break down what you need to do into small steps. Do one step
at a time and feel a sense of accomplishment with each completed task.
Knowing you need to do something and not getting it done, can add to
stress and depression.</p> <p>* Involve your mind. Keeping your mind
active with positive activities can help ward off any negatives that try
to get in. An inactive mind can be a stomping ground for destructive
thoughts to take over. If you enjoy reading, read only books that are
inspirational and uplifting. Do crossword puzzles or anything that
exercises your mind in a positive and constructive way.</p> <p>* When you
are depressed, you may feel the world has turned against you. This isn't
true. Don't isolate yourself. Turn to others for support. Allow your
voice to be heard. Your feelings and thoughts are as important as anyone
else's. Don't hold secret what you are going through. That only makes the
battle tougher.</p> <p>* Surround yourself with positive people.
Surrounding yourself with negative people will cause you to feel more
depressed. I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "laughter is contagious". So
is positive energy from positive people.</p> <p>* Even at our lowest
point, we can find a way to help others. Reaching out to others and
feeling a sense of purpose is uplifting and helps us take a break from
our own problems. When we see what others are going through, it gives us
perspective. We are helping someone else and feel less alone in our
struggle.</p> <p>* Above all else, turn to God. When we increase our
spiritual growth, our overall well-being is benefited.</p>
<p><strong>Important:</strong> If you are having suicidal thoughts, seek
help immediately.</p> <p>Don't allow depression to steal your happiness
and possibly your life!<br><br></p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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