Types of depression by anamaulida


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        <p>Nowadays depression is very common among people. It is the
psychological disorder. It is characterized by hopelessness,
worthlessness and sadness. A person with depression finds himself
pessimist and guilt and has inability to concentrate on thing and to make
decisions. Some Common symptoms of depression are lack of energy; lose of
appetite or weight or weight gain, difficulty in sleeping and slow moment
and speech. Many people don't know the types of depression, as it not
taken serious. A high rate of suicide is closely associated with
<p>There are four kinds of depression which are as fellows</p>
<li>Major depression. It is the most common form of depression among
people. A person with major depression finds a lack of interest in sexual
activities and loses of weight and appetite. He does not show any
interest in regular activities and consider that this kind of situation
wills last forever he is unable to come out of it.</li>
<li>Atypical depression. A typical depression is a little different from
major depression. It includes oversleeping, fatigued, overeating and
weight gain. People with atypical depression believe that their mood is
controlled by outside events. Episodes of atypical depression may last
for a month or forever. </li>
<li>Psychotic depression. People with psychotic depression experience to
hear and see imaginary, voices, sounds and visual that don't exist in
real. This is known as hallucinations. The sufferer of psychotic
depression gets afraid and imagines negative sounds and images.</li>
<li>Mania depression. It refers to emotional disorder that is
characterized by change in mood and sometime a shift take place from
depression to mania with rapidly. A high rate of suicide can be seen in
people with mania depression.</li>
<li>Dysthymia. It is characterized by sad, depressed and melancholic.
Most of the people are not aware to dysthmia as they don't feel any
interest in thing and have the feelings of unimportance, dissatisfaction
and fear. Mediation can be helpful to diminish dysthymia. </li>
<p>Such kinds of depression can be beneficial to comprehend the phenomena
of depression and we can originate the way to cope with them. A person
with depression cannot play an effective role in his life and he feels
difficulty to tackle with his routine matter. Unfortunately depression
does not gain much attention and it is considered a normal in life. Some
time the intensity of depression may leads to suicide.</p>        <!--

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