Ulcerative Colitis vs Crohn's Disease by anamaulida


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        <p>Inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD, is a condition in which
the tissues of the digestive system become inflamed in a way that is very
difficult to treat and prevent. IBD describes several different
conditions that can all result in debilitating gastrointestinal problems,
and two especially painful types of IBD are ulcerative colitis and
Crohn's disease. <br><br>First, doctors are not positive about the exact
cause of either ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease. They believe that
the immune system may play a role, perhaps suffering an autoimmune
failure that causes the immune system to attack the intestines rather
than an actual pathogen. Additionally, some people are more prone to
these disorders, which leads doctors to also speculate that they could
have a genetic link. <br><br>Next, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease
differ in that they attack different areas of your intestines. Ulcerative
colitis is primarily located in the large intestine, where it occurs in
one continuous portion of your color and rectum. The inflammation
typically also occurs shallowly. On the other hand, Crohn's disease can
occur in patches throughout your intestines, whether small or large.
Additionally, the affected tissue is usually deeper than that of
ulcerative colitis, which can lead to serious problems such as fistulas.
<br><br>Lastly, the outlook for both inflammatory bowel diseases is
different. Although both can be debilitating if left untreated,
ulcerative colitis is normally handled better than Crohn's. In fact,
although ulcerative colitis is incurable, people with this disorder can
actually go into long-term remission if treated correctly. Contrastingly,
it is very difficult to send a Crohn's patient into remission. 3 out of 4
Crohn's sufferers require surgery at some point in their lives in order
to remove a completely damaged portion of the intestines.
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