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        <p>COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and this
is the disease of the lungs. When a patient suffers from COPD, the
airways on the lungs of the patient become narrowed. The narrowing of the
airways on the lungs will limit the flow of air to lungs and in the
process causing shortness of breathing on the part of the patient. COPD
is much worse than asthma since the limitation of airflow can't readily
be reversed and this can get worse over time. <br>
This disease has many names in the medical field, and others refer to
this disease as the chronic obstructive lung disease, the chronic
obstructive airway disease, the chronic airflow limitation and the
chronic obstructive respiratory disease. The COPD is one dangerous
disease. In fact based on records and available data, COPD is ranked
sixth as the leading cause of death in the world for the year 1990. And
based on these figures, it has been projected that this lung disease is
expected to be the third leading cause of death worldwide in the year
2020. <br>
The sudden risk caused by COPD is due to the increase in people who smoke
and the demographic changes in many countries. In the US, COPD is
considered as the fourth leading cause of death. In economic terms the
cost of the disease to the US economy in 2007 is pegged at $42.6 billion
in terms of health care costs and loss in productivity. <br>
This disease is usually caused by the noxious particles and the gases
that can be traced to smoking. These particles and the smoke from
cigarettes are the ones that can trigger abnormal inflammatory response
in the lungs of the person. If the inflammation response happens at the
larger part of the airways, then that is called as chronic bronchitis.
Emphysema happens if the tissues of the lungs are destroyed due to the
inflammatory response. In order for this lung disease to be properly
diagnosed, the patient is required to undergo some lung function tests.
Treatment For COPD<br>
And when the disease has been verified, then proper treatment procedures
are conducted. A person who has COPD should adopt a number of strategies
in order to manage and to combat this lung disease. Some of these
important strategies include saying no to smoking, vaccinations,
rehabilitation and drug therapy. Drug therapies can be done thru the use
of inhalers. Other patients who have COPD are made to undergo long term
oxygen therapy or lung transplant. <br>
The inhalers that are suggested help dilate the airways and the
theophylline. Most of the time, the inhaled steroids can be used to
contain lung inflammation and can suppress flare-ups. Usually antibiotics
are also used during the flare-ups of the symptoms of COPD. In some
cases, surgery is suggested for COPD. Surgery calls for the removal of
some parts of the lung and based on some surgeries and research, this has
been proven to be effective. Lung rehabilitation can be effective as
well. For severe cases of COPD, lung transplant may be recommended.</p>

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