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					Clinically, constipation is defined as irregular bowel movements or the
passing of either small amounts of stool or dry and hard stool. This can
be caused by lack of fibre or hydration, a sedentary lifestyle, side
effects from medications, or as the result of certain conditions. When
periodic bouts of constipation do occur, there are herbal remedies for
constipation that can help alleviate this uncomfortable condition.The
principle behind herbal remedies for constipation is that a natural, non-
chemical approach to relieving constipation is the gentlest way. The
closer to nature the remedy, the better. That is not to say that herbal
remedies for constipation should not be taken seriously and carefully,
however. Natural does not automatically equal safe, so be sure to do your
research.Almond oilMix some almond oil into a glass of milk (which can be
warmed if desired) and sip on the drink before bed. By morning, you
should be able to effectively void your bowels.Carrot juiceAnother of the
easiest-to-prepare home remedies is carrot juice. You can purchase carrot
juice, but even more effective is to make your own. Get a juicer and
start juicing! You can mix your carrot juice with other vegetable juices
for a one-two punch of constipation relief, such as spinach juice. (No,
really, it's delicious!)LicoriceWe aren't talking about the kind you can
buy in overpriced, giant-sized packages at the movie theatre. When it
comes to herbal remedies for constipation, licorice tea is the way to go.
This herb can be very useful in helping your digestive tract get back to
its normal functioning in just a few days. Brew a cup of licorice tea a
couple (up to three or four) times daily and sip at leisure.BuckthornAlso
known as Cascara Sagrada, buckthorn (or California buckthorn) can help
stimulate the colon to contract which can help encourage bowel movements.
This herbal remedy can be purchased in capsules, as a liquid, and as a
dried bark.TamarindPopular in some Asian cuisines, tamarind pulp can be
used as one of the herbal remedies for constipation. Take the pulp on its
own before bed or, as an alternative, add it to food. There are many
recipes out there that contain tamarind. A simple Internet search will
provide many options.GingerGinger is used as an herbal remedy for many
kinds of intestinal upset, including constipation. Try brewing a
tablespoon of fresh ginger (grated) in a couple of cups of water. Steep
for about 10-15 minutes and drink throughout the day until the problem is
resolved. To up the ante even more, you can add some ground flax seeds to
this infusion.Milk thistleFor one of the mildest herbal laxatives for
constipation, try milk thistle. Available as a pill, a tincture, or a tea
that can be sipped, milk thistle can help encourage the bowels to
void.When constipation happens, try one of these herbal remedies for
constipation. These are better choices to relieve constipation over
traditional, chemical laxatives because they are easier on the body,
offer fewer adverse side effects, and offer many options in terms of
their formulations. If constipation does not subside after trying some of
these herbal remedies for constipation, consult your health care
provider.While these herbal remedies for constipation are proven to bring
about favorable treatment outcomes, nothing can beat the practice of
proper diet and lifestyle modification to prevent frequent bout of
constipation. This is especially true if constipation is most of the time
caused by a sedentary lifestyle and insufficient fiber and fluid intake.
Herbal remedies for constipation are preferable than using laxatives in
chemical formulations. As always, natural is still the best option so as
to prevent encountering negative side effects.Michele has been writing
articles for health research for the past several years now. Not only
does she specialize in well known areas of health, such as diet and
fitness, but she also spends time writing about alternative health
remedies for all kinds of medical conditions. You can check out her
latest articles on Home Remedies For Constipation that you can apply in
the privacy of your own home to treat such an aggravating condition.

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