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					Kitchen Essentials: 5 Things You Must Consider
A perfect kitchen involves a lot of pre-planning. There is more than just picking all
the right appliances. Your tiles, countertops, flooring, lights, fittings the right
workbench- all play an important role, and need to be picked with great care too. A
few things you may like to consider before you start working on your dream kitchen

Floor tiles

Kitchen flooring needs to be very carefully picked, because there will always be
chances of spilling, staining, or just water falling on your floor. Wooden tiles are a not
preferred by many people (for obvious reasons). Also, since carpets and rugs don’t
normally adorn kitchen floors, you have to make sure that the tiles are not too hard.
You can pick from granite, vitrified, ceramic, metallic, stainless steel, vinyl, or quarry
tiles. Depending on how comfortable, durable, water-resistant, and clean-friendly you
want your tiles to be, you can choose from all these options. Your budget will also
play a decisive role. The colour of your tiles also needs to be considered. Darker and
earthier tones are ideal so they don’t look dirty even if you spill something.


Lighting in the kitchen should never be too harsh or bright. Softer lighting like bulbs
should be perfect as they are enough for cooking and look warm and inviting. You
can look at pendant lightings if that is what you are looking for. Even if you do like to
entertain in the kitchen, these will work perfectly well. The important thing to
remember is that your lighting should be in strategic places like ceiling lights for the
cooking area, sink, area near the fridge etc. Floor lamps, and other lighting fixtures,
though not essential, will be ornamental and will add the extra edge to your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are like the wardrobes in your bedrooms. Not only do they provide
the much-required storage space but also, if chosen with care, enhance the overall
look of your kitchen. Modular cabinets are ideal if you require a lot of storage space
with plenty of shelves, drawers and cupboards. Wooden or laminated are the most
popular styles used for cabinets. Even within these you have the option of choosing
from a wide range of different kinds of woods and lamination depending on the
colours you want, the look, durability of the material, how easy it is to clean and of
course your budget.


Washing is just as important in the kitchen as the cooking is. Copper, acrylic, antique,
stone, steel are some of the options you have in terms of the look, and the materials
used. Double sinks are also popular in kitchens today. Depending on how much
dishwasher and sink you use, you can decide on a double or single sink.

The kitchen counter-tops come in direct contact with your food and the appliances
you use, so deserve your utmost attention, as they are more than just embellishments.
While you can choose from steel, tiles, wooden, glass, granite, laminated etc. you
have to keep many factors in mind before you take your pick. It should be easy to
clean, should be high on durability and resistance as it is almost always in use,
whenever you are in the kitchen, and also it must go with your kitchen décor.

It is important to decide on a theme before you pick these essentials of your kitchen so
that everything is well coordinated. Whether it is the décor and look that is important
to you, or the functionality, there are a lot of options you have to choose from.

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