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					Billy?s Blender Tips
Billy is the internet name I‟ll use for my 11 year old son. He‟s an aspiring chef and (I
hope) raw foods preparer. He‟s amazing in the kitchen already which is awesome
because I eat much better than cook…and have the extra padding to prove it.

Billy has been making my green smoothies lately, and I really appreciate it. He‟s been
using my Vita-Mix to make the most amazingly smooth and delicious concoction. As
Mike Myers‟ character from “Coffee Talk” would say, they go down “like buttah.”

My wee one, who I am so proud of by the way, has a few blender tips that I think are
fantastic which is why I‟m gonna share „em with you now.

1) Cut your materials into bite-sized chunks even if using the Vita-Mix. It‟ll keep
your blender in tip-top shape and ensure a smoother, more even smoothie.

2) Put the juiciest fruit or veggies in first. Similar to juicing – especially with a high
speed blender like ours – this process will unlock the water and give you the most
nutrition for you buck.

3) Start the blender on the slowest setting and move up gradually. This prevents
spillage and over-blending. (Yes, there is such a thing.)

4) Taste and adjust. Always taste your smoothie before you serve it. Make sure that
the consistency, temperature, sweetness and so forth are the way you want it. You can
add water in to make things thinner, more fruit or veggies for thickness, stevia or
agave nectar for sweetness and/or salt and other herbs for savory flavors.

With these tips, you‟ll be blending up winning raw smoothies and soups in no time
flat. They‟re so simple … even a middle schooler can do it!

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