Effective Home Remedies for Common Cold by anamaulida


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        <p>If the aspirations constant sneezing and runny nose in your
office what you crave the sterility of a glass bubble? If you are self-
medication with vitamin C and Echinacea so that two tablets away from
diarrhea? Or, do you wish there was a more natural way to protect
yourself from catching a cold?<br><br>Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Ginger
extracts several times a day is an excellent home remedy for common cold
and to treat coughs that accompany common colds.<br><br>Treatment for the
common cold is through the use of prescription medicines. There are many
nasal and throat sprays, lozenges and cough syrups that are sold in the
medical market. You can also take the tablets and capsules to help with
this condition, especially if the cold is accompanied by muscle aches,
headaches and fever.<br><br>Like other diseases that human beings are
subject, a cold is the result of inadequate nutrition. Is the natural way
to expel toxins from the body fluids. We must attack the evil at its
source and is the mater of putrefaction in the gut. The patient should
fast until the cold is gone - not take more than two days, and take a hot
water enema followed by a cup of warm water after every two
hours.<br><br>homemade tea is a wonderful cure for the cold if you add
some spice to it. Add a few slices of ginger, cloves, bay leaf and a
pinch of pepper. For some, this formulation might be too spicy, so
instead try drinking ginger tea. Ginger has been known to help cure a
cold. To make ginger tea, simply add a few slices of ginger along with
tea in a pot of boiling water. Once prepared, add milk and sugar and
drink hot.<br><br>Hot tea bag compress. Apply a hot tea bag for 10
minutes every hour during the stages of tingling can also accelerate the
healing process. Certain foods can prolong the presence of cold sores,
while some may cause a recurrence. Limit your intake of processed foods,
as they are more likely to trigger an outbreak.<br><br>Just as you feel a
cold that is when the ringing of a clove of garlic and chew. Many people
do not like the idea of ??chewing the garlic, but there is nothing like
it to ward off a cold. If you can not eat standing up the row then add
the crushed garlic to your favorite tea together and simmer for a few
minutes and drink sweetened with honey.<br><br>There are still many herbs
that can help with cold treatments. Consider looking into the healing
properties of herbs like licorice root, lemon balm, yarrow, Niaouli oil,
ginger oil, eucalyptus and peppermint oil. All recent herbs have been
used in the treatment of colds and have proved extremely successful in
reducing the symptoms of a possible experience.</p>         <!--

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