Rosehip Oil Cure for the Common Cold by anamaulida


									I, Nancy Evans, am a Nutritionist and Rosehip Oil Specialist and have
used my expertise in these areas to found Organic Rosehip Skincare. I
have been manufacturing organic skin care products of over two decades
and have produced fresh, healthy products you can feel confident using
daily. Throughout past years, one of the most common questions I have
been asked as a nutritionist is, "what are your cures for the common
cold?" Through my research, I have made up a formulation, which is
contained from organic rosehip granules. These granules are a good source
of Vitamin C. It is a known fact that Vitamin C and sources rich in
Vitamin C, like rosehip oil, contribute to strengthening your immune
system. It is also a healthy source for your bones, fiber, kidneys and
bladder. In order to put together my mixture, I put two and half
teaspoons of the granule tea, a squeezed lemon, and freshly crushed
ginger into boiling water. Stir it up in order to mix the ingredients.
Let this mixture rest for a few minutes and then add a teaspoon of Manuka
honey, or other local honey's to your area, re-stir the mixture and enjoy
all of these fibers together. Drinking three cups a day will boost your
immune system. Help heal and balance your body. It is the best antibiotic
I've ever had! Believe it or not, rosehip oil is not just an amazing cure
for the common cold, but also a great skincare and makeup solution. It
helps clear up any blemishes, scarring reduces wrinkles, sun damaged and
dry skin, spots, and other impurities that you may have, all while
leaving your skin looking vibrant and healthy. Its effects will help
counteract the damage caused by stuffy, dry office environments and
polluted air. With its use, it will promote a youthful look, benefit aged
skin and is even suitable for those with sensitive skin, like babies!

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