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  Engage with the World of Social Media
  22-23 September, Suntec, Singapore
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                                       Two days of interactive & engaging conference featuring leading
                                       key figure keynotes, brand case studies, topical Q&A and debates,
                                       exhibition hall, workshops and networking.

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         socialmedia                                                                                   Speakers include
         worldforum Asia

                     Blake Chandlee                                                                    Pooja Arora
                     VP & Commercial Director,                                                         Brand Manager,
                     EMEA, Facebook                                                                    P&G

Blake is responsible for the commercial sales and support teams designed          Pooja’s work with P&G spans brand management, new brand development
to expand Facebook’s EMEA presence and relevance within the overall               and channel marketing. Currently she is responsible for Pampers in South
marketing community.                                                              East Asia.

                     Thomas Crampton                                                                   Reynold D’Silva
                     Asia-Pacific Director, 360 Digital Influence,                                     Global Brand Marketing Manager,
                     Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide                                                 Unilever

Thomas heads a team stretching across 23 cities in 15 Asian territories that      Reynold is responsible for global brand strategy, innovation, advertising and
helps companies conceive, develop and execute strategies in Social Media.         communication development for the core product range of Pond’s – Unilever’s
                                                                                  leading beauty & face care brand.

                     Kyle (Young Eul) Kim                                                              Lito S. German
                     Head of Open Platform/ Director,                                                  Marketing Director,
                     SK Communications - Cyworld                                                       BMW Group Asia

Kyle has played a significant part in developing Cyworld as a more social         Lito’s scope of responsibility spans 12 countries within the region, and
platform and is very interested in Social Media, Social Networking, product       covers Advertising, Events Management, CRM, Product and Price Planning,
management and collaboration.                                                     and Training and Development.

                     Laurel Papworth                                                                   Argha Sen
                     Social Networks Strategist                                                        Head of Marketing & CRM,
                                                                                                       Toys R Us

Laurel’s blog has made her the #5 blogger in Australia         Argha is responsible for managing Toys R Us marketing programs across
(B&T Magazine). She has been creating and managing online communities             8 countries, spanning more than 100 retail stores. He also directs the
for over 20 years, including IRC, Usenet, Ultima Online forums and inworld        multi-country Toys“R”Us Star Card CRM program.
game moderator management.

                     Jeremy Khoo                                                                       Brian Solis
                     Deputy Director, Marketing Communication                                          Principal at FutureWorks PR and Blogger at PR
                     and loyalty,                                                                      2.0 &
                     NTUC Fairprice

Jeremy is currently spearheading FairPrice’s Social Media strategy and launched   Brian Solis is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought
Singapore’s first ever supermarket Facebook page in 2009.                         leaders and published authors in new media. A digital analyst, sociologist,
                                                                                  and futurist, Solis has influenced the effects of emerging media on the
                                                                                  convergence of marketing, communications, and publishing.
Programme Day One
                                                                                                                               worldforum Asia

SOCIAL MEDIA BRAND BUILDING & MONITORING                                                                                                      Conference Key

0800   Registration & Networking
0900   Chairman’s Introduction                                                             Case Study Startup    Open        Social     Interactive Speaker     Sitback
       Michael Netzley, Society for New Communications Research                                       Zone       Question    Debate     Panel       Interview   & Tweet
                                                                                                                 & Answer               Dicussions
0910   Speed Networking
       •	 10 minutes to find out a bit more about the people around you
                                                                                            BUILDING A BRAND USING SOCIAL MEDIA
0920   Opening Keynote:
         Blake Chandlee, VP & Commercial Director, EMEA, Facebook                   1430    Case Study - Social Media Marketing @ Toys R Us: THE INTEGRATION
0950   Open Q&A                                                                             •	 How	Social	Media	fits	into	the	Marketing	Mix	at	Toys	R	Us
                                                                                            •	 	ntegrating	Mass	Media,	Events,	PR,	CRM,	Digital	Marketing	and	Social		
                                                                                               Media to create the Toys R Us magic
       EXAMINING THE CURRENT STATE OF THE ASIAN SOCIAL MEDIA                                   C
                                                                                            •	 	 ase	Studies	-	Transformers	Revenge	of	The	Fallen	and	Lan	Kwai	Fong	
       MARKET                                                                                  Carnival: Taking Social Media to the Streets
                                                                                            •	 The	Good,	The	Bad,	the	Ugly
1000   The State Of Social Media in Asia Today – A Year On                                  •	 What	Next:	The	Future	is	Here
       •	 Local	Social	Media	platforms	-	What	they	are	and	who	they	target?                    Argha Sen, Head of Marketing & CRM, Toys R Us
       •	 	 ow	popular	are	these	local	platforms	in	terms	of	number	of	users	and	
          user growth over the past 12 months                                       1450    Case Study - BMW: Fishing where the fish are
       •	 The	new	challenges	brought	about	by	growth	and	other	factors                      •	 Social Media: An Ocean of Possibilities
          Thomas Crampton, Asia-Pacific Director, 360 Digital Influence,                    •	 Managing the Message Before Someone Else Does
          Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Hong Kong                                      •	 Case Study: and BMW Asia Insider on Facebook
                                                                                            •	 Using Social Media as a Magnifier
1020   The Social Media landscape in China: a dead end or a land of opportunities           •	 Case Study: BMW JOY in 3D Project
          Gang Lu, Co-Founder, MOBINODE.TV                                                     Lito S. German, Marketing Director, BMW
1030   The rise of Indonesia in the global Social Media culture                     1510    Sit	back	and	Tweet	panel	–	Your	questions	debated
          Enda Nasution, Digital Marketing Strategist, INMARK:DIGITAL                           A
                                                                                            •	 	 	panel	of	Marketers	across	global	brands	taking	questions	tweeted	in	
1040   Open Q&A                                                                                 on	the	day	by	delegates,	and	those	questions	from	delegates	pre-event.
                                                                                                Reynold D’Silva, Global Brand Marketing Manager, Skin Care,
                                                                                                Lawrence Law, Regional Marketing Manager, Diageo
1045   Tech zone – 45 minutes covering key emerging social technologies which                   Liva Judic, Media Reputation Strategist
       look to be taking the Social Media world by storm                                        Laurel Papworth, Social Network Strategist
       •	 	 hree	10	minute	speeches,	which	give	delegates	an	overview	of	how	
          these technologies, can help them with their Social Media Marketing.      1540    AFTERNOON BREAK & EXHIBITION
       •	 	 hat	does	Foursquare	mean	for	Marketeers?                                        SOCIAL GAMES, VIRTUAL CURRENCY & LIVE SOCIAL DEBATE
          Ryan Lim Founder & Business Director, Blugrapes
       •	 Social Media Indian market overview:                                      1610    The rise (and rise) of social gaming across Asia
          Mahesh Murthy, Founder & CEO, Pinstorm,                                           •	 Why social gaming in Asia Pacific is increasing how brands can engage
       •	 Social Search                                                                         with these audiences
       •	 Social Shopping                                                                   •	 Who	is	playing	these	social	games?	You	may	be	surprised
                                                                                                Robbie Hills, General Manager - Asia Pacific, RockYou
                                                                                    1630    Panel: Monetizing social games & virtual currency
       MONITORING, MEASURING & COMMUNITY BUILDING                                              T
                                                                                            •	 	 he	world	online	gaming	market	/	the	Asian	online	gaming	market:	
1200   Afternoon Keynote - Social Media 2013: An Asia Perspective                              specificities & similarities
       •	 What will be different, what’s the same, and what trends should we be             •	 What	is	the	market	for	virtual	goods	and	services?
           watching out for as marketers.                                                      C
                                                                                            •	 	 hallenges	of	monetizing	games	–	delivering	revenues	from	virtual	
           Freddie Laker, Director of Digital Strategy, SapientNitro                           currency
                                                                                            •	 What	opportunities	exist	for	brands	within	social	gaming?
1230   Case-Study                                                                              T
                                                                                            •	 	 he	importance	of	engagement	and	personalization	–	understanding	
                                                                                               users motivations
                                                                                               Chair: Nicholas Aaron Khoo, Singapore Tech Blogger, Thinker
                                                                                               and Learner
1250   Interactive Panel session - Integrating Social Media into traditional
                                                                                               Kyle (Young Eul) Kim, Head of Open Platform/Director, SK
       marketing strategy
                                                                                               Communications - Cyworld
       •	 Engaging	new	customers	while	maintaining	existing	image
                                                                                               Robbie Hills, General Manager - Asia Pacific, RockYou
       •	 Using	Social	Media	to	offer	valuable	information
       •	 How	to	successfully	target	new	audiences	online                           1700    Social Media needs Cloud Computing
           Derek Yeo, Head of Corporate Marketing & Ancillary Finance,                          W
                                                                                            •	 	 hat	is	Cloud	Computing?	How	are	companies	using	it?
           Tiger Aviation                                                                   •	 Why	is	cloud	computing	important	for	social	gaming?
           Christina Lim,Deputy Director – Brand & Marketing, NTUC                          •	 Cloud elasticity handling social media traffic spikes
           FairPrice                                                                            Simone Brunozzi, Technology Evangelist, Amazon Web Services
           Pooja Arora, Brand Manager, P&G                                                      APAC
           Derrick Koh, ASEAN Regional Marketing Manager, Lenovo
           Jeremy Woolf, Senior Vice President, Text 100                            1730    SUMMARY	&	CLOSE

1320   LUNCH	&	NETWORKING                                                           2000    FACEBOOK	HELIPAD	PARTY

       socialmedia                                                                              Programme Day Two
       worldforum Asia


0800   Registration & Networking                                                    1420   Online Crisis Management in the Digital Age using Social Media
                                                                                           •	 Understanding crisis management and the role social media play
0910   Chairman’s Introduction
                                                                                           •	 Create an effective online crisis management plan using social media
          Shalabh Pandey, Author and Founder, Chasingthestorm
                                                                                           •	 Case Studies - United Airlines, Ford Motor Company, Domino’s Pizza,
0920   Opening Keynote                                                                         Procter & Gamble (Pampers), Nestle
       Ganesh Kumar Bangah, CEO, Friendster                                                •	 Prevent crisis before it happens
                                                                                               Roderick Low, Principal Trainer, Adonai Training LLP
0950   Marketing to an audience with an audience
       •	 	 xplore	the	evolution	of	social	networking	into	contextual	networking	   1440   Social Media – First For Breaking News
          and how brands can earn mind share and in turn, market share.                    •	 The changing news-cycle
          Brian Solis, Principal at FutureWorks PR and Blogger at PR 2.0 &                 •	 The time difference between stories on that break on Twitter v
                                                                       traditional news outlets
                                                                                              Julio Romo, PR and Communications Consultant, Twofourseven
1010   Panel: Selecting Your Social Media Agency
       •	 How	should	you	go	about	selecting	your	Social	Media	agency?               1500   Interactive Panel Discussion – The role of PR in developing and monitoring
       •	 Traditional	agency	versus	Social	Media	specialist                                trends	in	your	industry?
       •	 What	are	the	skillsets	you	should	be	looking	for?                                    S
                                                                                           •	 	 ocial	Media	monitoring	–	examining	the	impact	of	your	brand	in	a	
       •	 	 hat	degree	of	integration	should	your	Social	Media	agency	have	                    social media environment
          within your business                                                             •	 News	optimization	–	delivering	Social	Media	enabled	press	releases
       •	 PR	/	or	Social	Media	agency	for	crisis	management	issues?                            Lars Voedisch, Regional Head - Media Intelligence, Asia Pacific,
       •	 How	to	integrate	Social	Media	within	your	organization	structure                     Dow Jones & Co.
          Ranjeet Shandu, Digital Project Manager, Ogilvy One, Singapore                       Julio Romo, PR and Communications Consultant, Twofourseven
          Nicholas Tay, Digital Group Head, Zenith Optimedia Group,                            Anshul Jain, CEO, ThoughtBuzz
          (Publicis)                                                                           Stephen Dolan, Commercial Director, Facebook
          Ed Mapa, Jr, Managing Director, Media Contacts Philippines
                                                                                    1530   AFTERNOON BREAK & EXHIBITION
          Lito S. German, Marketing Director, BMW
                                                                                           SOCIAL MEDIA, SOCIAL TV AND MOBILE APPS
1050   Social Media and PR
       MONITISING SOCIAL MEDIA & SOCIAL CRM                                         1600   Interactive Panel: What impact will Social TV have on the media industry
                                                                                           as	a	whole?
1110   Monetizing Social Media & Social Networks                                           •	 The	impact	of	social	networks	moving	into	the	TV	business
       •	 22	different	monetization	models                                                     H
                                                                                           •	 	 ow	Pay	TV	operators	can	harness	Social	Networks	and	web	2.0	within	
       •	 Peer	to	peer	banking	and	investment                                                  a	multiplatform	strategy?
       •	 Social	entrepreneurship                                                              W
                                                                                           •	 	 ill	Social	Networks	take	on	the	role	of	content	aggregators	or	
       •	 	 ase	studies	of	how	business	bloggers,	Twitterers	and	Facebookers	are	              producers?
          using social networks to increase revenue.                                           H
                                                                                           •	 	 ow	production	companies	can	use	Social	Networks	as	a	way	to	
          Laurel Papworth, Social Network Strategist                                           develop new ideas and new talen
                                                                                               Airin Zainul, General Manager, ntv7, Media
1130   Open Q&A
                                                                                               Fotini Paraskakis, Director of Production, FremantleMedia Asia
                                                                                               James Ross, Regional Director Asia, ITV Studios Global
1140   MORNING BREAK & EXHIBITION                                                              Manish Singhal, Head-Usage development & Retention –
                                                                                               digitalTV at Bharti Airtel Limited
1210   Interactive Panel Discussion - Increasing customer intimacy and                         Senior representative from NDS
       empowerment through Social CRM
       •	 	 ext	generation	CRM	-	new	products	and	services	on	offer	to	increase	    1620   Mobile Social Media
           social engagement                                                               •	 Why the time is right for Social Networks to engage in the mobile web
       •	 	 efining	the	new	social	customer	–	who	they	are,	how	they	interact	
           D                                                                               •	 Why it is not right to focus only on the iPhone
           and how companies can engage with them.                                         •	 How	to	build	sites	quickly	and	efficiently
       •	 	 ow	to	personalize	and	even	“hyper-target”	your	sales	and	marketing	
           H                                                                               •	 Various Showcases
           communications                                                                     Jörg Krahnert, APAC MD, Netbiscuits
           Nik Ong, Regional Digital & Social Media Strategist, MRM
                                                                                    1640   The role of key technologies in delivering social TV via traditional TV
                                                                                           platforms – security of content, middleware and widget development
           Damien Cummings, SMB Online Director - Asia Pacific & Japan,
           Dell | Consumer & SMB                                                    1700   Interactive Panel: Geotagging: location is no game - the new dimension of
           Eddie Chau, CEO & Founder of Brandtology Pte Ltd                                marketing
                                                                                           •	 The	landscape	of	existing	Apps:	who,	how	many	users,	how	old	etc
1230   Social CRM + Gaming Science: Building Thriving Communities That Impact
                                                                                           •	 How	apps	are	integrated	into	marketing	and	what	they	bring	etc
       Your	Bottom	Line
                                                                                           •	 Any	such	local	dedicated	apps	in	Asia?
       •	 Gaming science is the key in developing and motivating online
                                                                                           •	 Predicting	behaviour	through	geotagging	and	marketing	from	it
           advocates and influencers of your brand,
                                                                                               Bernard Leong, Partner, Thymos Capital
       •	 	ncubate	“superusers”,	which	promote	products,	retain	users	and	
                                                                                               Winston Goh, Product Marketing Manager, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd
           increase sales on your site
                                                                                               Stephen Dolan, Commercial Director, Facebook
       •	 Fostering goodwill and brand activity throughout the internet at large.
           Greg Joy, VP New Markets, Lithium                                        1730   Open Q&A
                                                                                    1745   Event	wrap	up	-	What’s	next?	Looking	beyond	Facebook	&	Twitter	in	Asian	
1400   Living	in	the	age	of	instant	judgment	                                              Social Media
       •	 Future	predictions	for	the	PR	industry	in	a	Social	Media	world                       K
                                                                                           •	 	 ey	bloggers	and	journalists	review	their	findings	over	the	2	days,	
            Andy Oliver, SVP, APAC, LEWIS PR                                                   asking attendees their thoughts and give their views on what’s coming
                                                                                               next	within	the	Asian	Social	Media	market!
                                                                                    1800   SUMMARY	&	CLOSE
                                                                                                                              worldforum Asia

 Helipad Party

 In the hip downtown and boasting some of Singapore’s best panoramic views, Facebook’s Helipad party
 will be a great opportunity to meet with other event delegates and network the night away!

 A free bar will run at the start of the evening – the perfect touch for some chilled networking at the
 end of an action packed day.

 Open to delegates, sponsors and exhibitors only.

Advisory Board

Due to the fast moving nature of Social Media we have introduced an advisory board in 2010. It’s a network of industry experts, who have agreed
to advise the Social Media World Forum Asia, giving feedback on the conference agenda, hot topics, new interactive conference formats, submitted
speeches, and who will support us to always provide new and invigorated ideas.

The Social Media World Forum Asia 2010 Advisory Board Members include:
Dr. Bernard Leong, Partner, Thymos Capital
Shalabh Pandey, Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Singapore
Neal Sato, CTO, Mixi
Jamshed Wadia, Account and Co-Marketing Manager, Intel
Tania Chew, Consultant, Communications & Social Media Marketing
Jon Russell, Journalist, blogger & digital media consultant
Derrick Koh, ASEAN Communications Manager, Lenovo
Nicholas Aaron Khoo, Singapore Tech Blogger, Thinker and Learner
Benjamin Koe, Public Relations & Social Media Consultant
For full profiles visit:

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