Cold Sore Remedies - How to Treat Cold Sores with Natural Remedies by anamaulida


									When it comes to seasonal sickness, the cold sore is one of them and so
many people are suffering with these cold sores every year. To resolve
this issue, so many people are using remedies to get the cure. However,
there are so many remedies are available in the present market. One way
to treat is natural remedies for cold sores. Cold sores, also known as
oral herpes, are a common problem. The herpes virus that causes it can
easily be spread, which is how most people catch it. These natural
treatments not only help to treat the cold sore's remedies, they also
help to prevent future cold sore breakouts.

Here are some of the important instructions to get rid of cold sores.

Eat more yogurts. Many yogurts contain bacteria known as acidophilus that
helps to counter the herpes virus. It's suggested you eat about 2 cups a
day to treat, and prevent, breakouts. Eat more Lysine. Lysine helps to
treat the cold sore, but mostly should be used to prevent future
outbreaks. It works best for those with chronic cold sores. Lysine can be
found in foods like eggs and avocado, but it's usually easiest to take it
in supplemental form. Take Astralagus daily. Astralagus is an herb that
works by boosting the immune system and also helps to kill viruses. It
can be taken in the supplemental form and should be used at the first
sign of cold sores.

And also Vitamins and Herbs are treated as remedies for cold sores. Be
sure will do all the above to take your vitamins. Vitamin C, E, and Zinc
can help tremendously. Apply vitamin E topically and this can provide
pain relief and Zinc applied topically can reduce the duration of the
cold sore. Also, take three to four acidophilus capsules a day. Take the
capsules with milk because it will activate culture medium of bacilli.
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