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					                 The Semaphore
                              Newsletter of the Rochester NY Chapter, NRHS                                   July 2007
                               P.O. Box 23326, Rochester, NY 14692-3326; Published Monthly                   Volume 49, No. 11

      Program for July19:                   Tioga Central Trip a Success                                                 by John Redden

    Enjoying our Railroad!                      On June 30 th, 105 pas-
           Phase II                         sengers enjoyed a nice day
                                            out on the Tioga Central
                                            Railroad, with a bus ride to
                                            Wellsboro, a ride on their
                                            train, and dinner in the
                                            dining cars.
                                                Power for the train was
                                            provided by two ALCO
                                            road switchers, an RS3u,
                                            and an RS-1, belonging to
                                            the Tioga Central. It in-
                                            cluded several coaches and
    Attendees at the June meeting enjoyed
                                            dining cars, as well as the
rides on the Erie C-254 caboose. [Photo
                                            very-popular open air ob-
by Gale Smith]
                                            servation car. Our train de-
                                            parted right on time, as we
  Last month, Chapter members and           headed North from Wells-         Riders await the "All Aboard" before boarding the Tioga
guests "inspected" and enjoyed a year's     boro Jct, toward Hamilton Central dinner train on June 30. [Gale Smith photo]
worth of dedicated work by our volun-       Reservoir. Our host, Dr.
teers on the Chapter's railroad             Jerry Bertoldo went the extra mile for our        More trip photographs on Page 6.
                                            group, both figuratively and literally - our
(Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad),
                                            train traveled the entire line between CP       Winners of the trip raffles
construction of new yard trackage, up-      CORN, and the depot in the village of
grades to the Restoration Building,                                                              Barbara Kelly and Barbara Haller won
                                            Wellsboro. We also staged a photo runby on      the two Tioga Central RR cab rides raffle.
Industry Depot and yard—and the de-         the southward move, and several dozen
monatraation of the Plymouth 'critter'.                                                          Marge Williams won $97.50 in the 50-50
                                            photographers participated.
  The next two meetings will held at the        Dinner was top-notch, in this author’s
Industry Depot on NYS Route 251.            opinion. We had barbecued ribs and chicken,      An Added Bonus
Someone will probably b e on the            as well as scalloped potatoes, string beans          Editor: On the return trip, at about nine
grounds around 6:00; sometime during        with pearl onions, several choices of            o'clock, our bus had to stop in Dansville to
the evening (about 7:30) a short busi-      beverage, and a dessert of strawberry            discharge several passengers. High on the
ness meeting will be held. The rest of      shortcake. Jerry and his son produced some       hill side above I-390, the Dansville citizens
the evening will be spent "inspecting",     very nice placemats and menus for the dining     'welcomed us' with a glorious July 4 th
"browsing, or "riding" various rolling      cars.                                            fireworks display! Our thanks to them for
stock that the Motive Power group               Even the weather cooperated, providing       having it several days early.
assembles for your enjoyment.               sunshine and photogenic clouds all afternoon.
                                            A pleasant ride, with nice company, beautiful
  The attendance at the June Meeting
seemed a little sparse.
                                            scenery, great food, with a very accommo-          Safety & Security
                                            dating railroad staff, made for a very enjoy-                                by Rand Warner
      Guests are welcomed!                  able trip.                                           After many years of relative peace
  This is a good time to recruit new            This trip was planned as a fun day for the     and quiet at our Museum, we have
members to the Chapter!                     group, as well as a fund-raiser for the            suddenly had a spate of incidents;
        One word of CAUTION.                Chapter. We believe that it succeeded in both      including theft, damage and
  Railroad       equipment         is       of these goals.
DANGEROUS!. Children need to be                 Elaine and I wish to thank our Tioga             We can all help: by stopping by the
closely monitored by accompanying           Central host, Dr. Jerry Bertoldo, his volun-
                                                                                               Museum and looking around anytime
                                            teer staff on the train, as well as our trip-
                                                                                               we are in the area - day or night -
                                            planning partners, John and Karen Stewart,
                                            and Don and Flo Wawrzyniak. In addition,           weekday or weekend.
                                            Mike Byrne and Jim East provided valuable
                                            advice and assisted in the planning of the
Page 2                                                              July 2007                                                  The Semaphore

     Note the vacancies waiting for                 Track Car Operator's                           Membership Report
 volunteers to fill as operators or guides           Schedule                                                    Jessica Stallone, Chairperson
                                                                               by Harold Russell          
Depot Guides Schedule                                  July 8:       Phil McCabe                      No new activity to report.
                                 by Dave Peet
                                                                     Gary Dettman                                      *****
    We still desperately need depot
                                                       July 15:      Bob Moore                          Chapter & National dues
guides for Sundays! Here’s who has
volunteered so far this year.                                        Ryan Kane                      Regular: $42.00
                                                                     Jay Consadine                  First family member: $11.00
    Please contact Dave Peet (586-8964)
if you are available, even for only part               July 22:      Bob Achilles                   Additional family members: $4.00 each
of the day!                                                          Chris Playford                 Local member: $20.00 (Primary
                                                                                                       membership in another Chapter)
    Rest of July: Open                                               Jerry Doerr
                                                                                                    Subscription to The Semaphore only:
                                                       Operators are still needed for July 1,          $10
Library Report                                      8, 15 and 22. If you can help, call
                  Charles Robinson, Chairman        Harold Russell, 427-9159 or e-mail:            The other 25-year NRHS
    The library staff have completed empty-         haroldrussell                        award ...
ing the 3 double width book cases and
                                                                                                       Several months ago, David Shields re-
boxing up the books and magazines that were
                                                                                                   ceived is 25-year National Railway Historical
on their shelves. These bookcases are a little        Bon Voyage:                                  Society pin. This editor apologies to David
over 6 feet long and two of them have an
upper section with additional shelving. These         Mark Pappalardo                              for this very late acknowledgment. He
                                                                             by Rand Warner        misplaced the original notice and had to
upper shelves have been detached as separate
                                                          To Mark Pappalardo, our Track            contact Jessica Stallone for the information.
moveable units and lower sections have been
unscrewed from the walls. This is a big move          Superintendent this past year. Mark
involving 104 banker’s boxes of books and             has recently relocated to Texas for a            Photos wanted for 2008
magazines. Of these 14 boxes are going to             new job opportunity in his field of                    Calendars
storage and 3 for sale. All this will be a            software engineering.
                                                                                                       We are turning our attention to getting our
challenge, especially up the flight of stairs at          We appreciate Mark’s leadership,         2008 calendar offerings ready to print when
the 40&8, to John Stewart and his crew and            and his many, many years of hard             we can take advantage of some better printing
all should appreciate his efforts in doing this.      work on our main line - replacing ties,      discounts. Typically we have published one
    A very special thanks to Bob Miner, Gale          strengthening curves, and rehabbing          calendar, but with the ability to print small
Smith and Bob Fleck in assisting in the               switches.                                    quantities, we could offer one, two or even
library with the preparations for this move.              Thanks a lot Mark, and please keep       three different calendars for sale.
    Remaining are 2 single width high book-           in touch by electronics.                         For 2008, we would love to be able to
cases and 2 low height bookcases still filled                                                      offer another full-color Rochester Subway
with books that will be moved next. The                                                            calendar. We already have the start of some
preparations for this next move are being                                                          good content for a full-color Greater Roches-
delayed because of so many boxes are
                                                    Future Programs (Subject to change!)
                                                                                                   ter area railroading calendar in the 1950s and
currently in the library. In addition, there is a                     2007                         1960s. And in the past, we have had success
need to empty these filled boxes so they can           July 19: At the Depot, Industry             with a full color Rochester & Genesee Valley
be returned to be used again.                                                                      Railroad calendar.
                                                       Aug. 16: At the Depot, Industry
    After the above cases and their content                                                            Have photos in the categories above?
are moved, there are 4 file cabinets, the              Sept. 20: Buffalo Central Terminal
                                                                                                   Have an idea that you think would have a
historian’s bookcase, the slide carousels in        by Bill Bigler                                 market and have the photos to back it up? We
the back room and miscellaneous boxes lying            Oct. 18: Keys, Locks and Lanterns           would love to hear from you. Since our
around of the library to go through the             by Jeremy Tuke                                 calendars are done digitally, any film images
moving and storage process. Perhaps by then                                                        you might want to contribute will be scanned
we will have most of the job done.                                                                 and quickly returned to you. We also wel-
                                                                 Chapter Library
    Library volunteers, including myself, go                                                       come digital images, however, they need to
                                                       11 May Street, Webster (by OMID Tracks)
on lengthy vacation trips and this threatens to                                                    be high quality, 4-megapixel or better images.
slow up the moving process this summer.              CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER                              If you have something to contribute,
After that, winter is coming and that brings               NOTICE                                  please         contact       Chris       Hauf
the failing library furnace into question. This                                                    ( 585-381-8583) before
problem makes it compelling to empty the                                                           sending your images in to insure we can use
                                                       Contributors to this issue: Harold
building well before the end of the year.                                                          them. Your help is greatly appreciated as our
                                                    Crouch, Jim East, Chris Hauf, Elaine
Hopeful when the library staff calls members                                                       calendars are very popular, helps to raise
                                                    Redden, John Redden, Harold Russell, Jes-
for help they will understand our problems in                                                      funds for the Chapter, and helps to carry out
                                                    sica Stallone, John Stewart, and Rand
getting out before the end of December 2007                                                        our mission.
                                                    Warner and various publications as
The Semaphore                                                        July 2007                                                                Page 3

                                                     Managers:            Railroad: (Motive, Rolling stock, MOW, ROW)
                                                                            Chris Hauf: 381-8583;
                                                                          Infrastructure: (Buildings, grounds, shops, construction,
                                                                            communications, signals & power, heavy equipment)
                                                                            Dave Luca: 288-0318;

                                                   installation crew included Jeff Carpenter,          north end of the restoration building. The
                                                   Norm Shaddick, Dan Waterstraat, Luther              following Thursday during the chapter meet-
                                                   Brefo, John Redden, Dave Luca, and others.          ing the Plymouth proudly powered itself out
                                                       Subsequent to the battery installation, we      of the restoration building. Now we can
                                                   gave the loco its annual spring inspection,         begin testing out the Plymouth by operating
                                                   lubrication, and start-up. A team that in-          it over longer distances and with some loads.
Motive Power                                       cluded Luther Brefo, Norm Shaddick, Jim             Checking the work log, we find that the
                          by John Redden           Johnson, and John Redden, inspected rotating        Plymouth entered the restoration building in
   The Motive Power Department had a               electrical gear, pre-lubricated the engine,         early February of 2001 and was able to leave
very productive month, so we have a great          barred it over, and started it up. Its testing      in June of 2007, just a little over six years
deal to report.                                    included moving down the hill to pick up            later.
                                                   NKP79, to tow it up to the Restoration                  Restoration work on the locomotive con-
Diesel locomotives
                                                   Building for battery changeout and start-up.        tinued through June. Fabrication and installa-
    1843 is back on line! Our big diesel           June was a very good month for 1843.                tion of one half of the cab roof is complete.
accomplishment this month, was the replace-                                                            Several trim pieces that install over the cab
                                                       In other diesel news: We had a very
ment of the batteries in our Fairbanks-Morse                                                           side sheets have been fabricated and
                                                   generous donation of a Nathan air chime
H12-44, number 1843. Last Fall, our mem-                                                               installed. Both cab side sheets are now
                                                   horn for locomotive 1654. Many thanks to
bers very generously donated enough money                                                              installed; the rest of the roof sheet metal
                                                   President Tuke’s second cousin, Ian Murray,
to replace the entire set of batteries on this                                                         should be installed within a few weeks. Final
                                                   we now have a beautiful-sounding horn for
unit, and these batteries were delivered to us                                                         installation of the drive chain oiler systems is
                                                   this unit. It was installed for the first time by
in April. As you may know, Fairbanks                                                                   also complete.
                                                   Daniel Tuke, and has been “tested” numerous
engines have a reputation for being difficult
                                                   times since then.                                   Steam Team
to maintain. This seems to apply to the
battery boxes as well. They are long, narrow           In an effort that was led by Chris Hauf,            The front coupler has been re-installed on
boxes that are located on the deck of the          with help from Luther and Dave Luca, the            the Heisler Fireless locomotive. A custom-
locomotive, and can only be accessed from          EK-9 had a great deal of preventative               made oak coupler block had been made by
above. Further complicating this work, the         maintenance done in June. Towards the end           our shop, and all related parts had been
Army added tall hand rails along the battery       of the month, it was pre-lubed, and fired up        primed and properly caulked to protect
boxes. This makes the job of lifting the old       for the first time this year. So we have            against the weather. Our freshly-rebuilt Ford
batteries out, and new ones in, a crane-only       another big engine back on the active roster,       forklift, with its boom extension, came in
job. Kevin Klees designed a lifting rig that       in time for Summer. Thanks to Dave Luca             handy for lifting the heavier parts into place.
we were able to make up with inexpensive           for offering to have new traction motor ducts           Ron Amberger is leading an effort to
components, and the rig worked perfectly.          built for this unit.                                inspect the pressure vessel on the Vulcan 0-
Dan Waterstraat did a wonderful job with the           1941 continues to get care from Luther          4-0T, Number 12. Ron, Pete Gores, and Joel
Ford Forklift (plus boom attachment), that         Brefo, Joe Nugent, and Super Dave. Thanks           Shaw have been doing ultrasonic thickness
allowed us to safely remove all of the old         to some wonderful track work in the                 testing and dye-penetrant crack checking all
batteries, and later insert all of the new ones.   Building, spearheaded by Dave Luca, we              over the boiler. Various other visual inspec-
The floor of each box was composed of a            anticipate placing the 1941 inside for some         tions have been made both inside and
double layer of thick pine boards over the         more work on its number one prime mover,            outside. Ron is in the process of preparing a
steel deck. These boards showed the effects        as well as its cab interior, and other related      report that will be used to obtain quotations
of many years of sulfuric acid, and most of        work. Luther and Joe have also been investi-        for repairs to the boiler. Dave Chapus
them were replaced. Don Pohler attacked the        gating various options for muffler replace-         continued paint stripping work on the cab of
corroded steel floor on the engineer’s side        ment on this unit.                                  number 12 this month. Thanks, Dave.
box, and in a couple of hours had it cleaned           The air brake parts for the 211, which              Thanks to all of our Motive Power
up, and primed. Luther Brefo, Norm                 were removed for cleaning and repair at our         donors and volunteers, and also to Chris,
Shaddick, and John Redden fabricated new           AAR certified brake shop, have returned, for        Ron, Norm, Luther, Joe and Kevin, for their
floorboards out of 3/4” pressure treated           re-installation. These will be installed            input to this article.
plywood. Jim Johnson re-worked the vendor-         shortly.
supplied battery cables, and installed them on
                                                   Plymouth Gasoline Locomotive
the fresh batteries. The work on the floor and
floorboards resulted in a much-improved                The biggest news from June is the report
area, in which to place the batteries. This not    that the Plymouth is now once again on live
likely to be seen by very many of us now           railroad track! On Tuesday June 19th a team
that the batteries have been re-installed, so      including Rand Warner, Dan Waterstraat,
we want to make sure that everybody knows          Dave Luca, Dale Hartnett and others rolled
how nice it looks down there. The battery          the Plymouth onto the new Track #8 at the
Page 4                                                            July 2007                                                   The Semaphore

Doctor Display                                   NYC Wood Caboose                                  Electrical Department
                             by Rand Warner                                    by Rand Warner                                   by Rand Warner
    Chris Hauf has recently completed a great       Charlie Marks ahs completed the new                Jim Johnson & Co. have set up a new
new display of regional New York Central         roof on the NYC caboose, with help from           battery bench in the southeast corner of the
photos inn our DL&W baggage car.                 son Jesse - just in time to weather our recent    Restoration Building. All our batteries on
    Now he is working on a computer kiosk        sever storm.                                      chare will be kept here.
interactive display station. Watch and see          Now Charlie is working on rehab and                Jim has also erected a Project Bulletin
what happened with this one!                     replacement of deteriorated wood areas            Board to show the status of all projects and
                                                 around the cupola. Thanks for a great save!       equipment in the Restoration Building. This
Doctor Drainage                                                                                    should be of greet value to our volunteers.
                              by Rand Warner                                                           The remote start/stoop capability for the
                                                 Traction Action                                   trolley power substation at NYMT has now
    Matt Glugowski never stops working on                                      by Rand Warner
                                                                                                   been completed by Jim, Dick Holbert, and
our drainage system. He is just out there all        Bob Achilles and Charlie Lowe of              Charles Harshbarger. The system is now
the time - rain or shine. Our drainage system    NYMT are erecting overhead structure for          operational and in use for regular trolley
is vital to the health of our track structure,   extension of the NYMT trolley line.               operations. This is great step forward in
roadways and building. Thanks a lot Matt!
                                                     Using the Chapter’s bucket truck assigned     convenience and operational labor saving for
                                                 to NYMT, they have now erected at leas six        NYMT.
LA&L Installs Crossing                           or seven bracket arms on poles already set,
 Gates                                           and a set of span wires where the pole line       Track Department
                                                 crosses the right-of-way at a curve south of                                    by Rand Warner
    Recently, the Livonia Avon and Lakeville
                                                 the Loop Switch.                                       Rebuilt Switch #4 is now in regular
Railroad replaced the cantilever crossing
lights with gates and flashers. The length of        After bracket arms and span wires are         operational use by track cars and trains,
the arms on the gates extend across both         erected on all existing poles, they can install   thanks to a lot of hard work by a lot of hard
lanes of the roadway so that vehicles can not    down guys toe the already set down guy            working volunteers.
go round.                                        anchors.                                               Our new yard tracks installed north of the
    It may not be obvious from this photo,           Then we can begin installation of the         Restoration Building are in use for storage of
but there is a flasher unit aimed towards our    contact copper wire.                              cars and locomotives and for staging of trains
parking area on the west side of LA&L.               Meanwhile, we have to extend the rail         and repair work. They were invaluable for
                                                 return double bonds from Gile Crossing to         the recent changeout of batteries in Army
                                                 the Loop Stitch.                                  #1843.
                                                     The new overhead, when operational, will           New Track #8 has been extended into the
                                                 double the length of active trolley line!!        Restoration Building and connected with the
                                                                                                   stub track inside the building, under Dave
                                                 Hats off to ...                                   Luca’s direction. A large crew assisted,
                                                                              by Rand Warner       including Jeff Carpenter, Luther Befro, Rand
                                                                                                   Warner, Dave Chapis, Dan Waterstraat, Jer-
                                                     Jim East and his faithful
                                                    ...                                            emy Tuke, Joe Nugent, Don Pohler, John
                                                 partner, Diane, for their long term               Stewart, Kevin Klees. Included in that effort
                                                 promotion and operation of our very success-      was the task of relocating the stub track in
                                                 ful Amtrak excursion trips. Their regional        the building, with the Plymouth engine
                                                 and cross-country trips have been a continu-      sitting on it!
                                                 ous income stream to our Chapter for many,             Main line trackage and yard trackage
                                                 many years - especially important these           needs to have the weeds sprayed at
                                                 recent years when we have been unable to          R&GVRM and NYMT.
                                                 operate our Excursion car set on local
                                                     The quality of their trip package is high                    Wanted
                                                 and therefore well known. They have a loyal           Rotary Index table for milling machine
                                                 following and their trips sell out early.         in our machine shop.
                                                     Thanks for a great job promoting our
                                                 Chapter and providing our Chapter with a
                                                 vehicle and predicable income stream year                   Steam Team Meets
                                                 after year. Well Done!                                This team meets the first Saturday of
                                                                                                   each month. Anyone interested in 'steamers'
                                                                                                   is invited to attend. For information, contact
                                                 Thanks to ..                                      John Redden at
                                                    Jerry Leidertheil for milk can cart and
                                                 Ford ignition coil.
The Semaphore                                                                     July 2007                                                           Page 5

               Shows, etc.                                   Test your knowledge on these                        2007 National NRHS
    Aug. 8-11: Pageant of Steam. About                        railroad questions.                                 Convention
five miles east of Canadaigua on Gehan                           1. What railroad laid the first steel rail in       "Chattanooga Rails 2007", the 2007 Na-
Road, Hopewell, off of Routes 5 & 20. Note                   the U.S.?                                           tional NRHS Convention, is August 21-25 in
an extra day has been added, BUT no
                                                                 2. What is the wheel arrangement of the         Chattanooga, TN. Consullt your October
Sunday hours. Hours are 8 am to 8 pm.
                                                             Allegheny?                                          issue of NRHS News for information.
Features: antique tractors, steam traction and
stationery engines, sawmill, threshing, flea                     3. The "pigpen" was?                                  Dues increase on agenda
market. Visit www.pageantof                           4. What is scale mile in"G" gauge; 230             The National is proposing increasing the
    Oct. 20: Fall trip on Amtrak and Adiron-                 feet or 235 feet?                                   yearly dues to $33.00. This is beyond what
dack Railroad scheduled for Saturday, Oct.                       5. A steam engine built with a "shotgun"        the individual chapters will access their
20 [The Green Block, March 2007]                             smoke stack used as its normal fuel?                membership.
    Sept. 21, 22 & 23: Finger Lakes Live                         6. Name a type of steam engine valve
Steamers Open House. Exit at Exit 42 on the                  gear other than the Walchaerts and Baker?
                                                                                                                 "Warrior River" damaged
Thruway to NYS Route 318 East. Just as                           [From Gondola Gazette, July 2007, news-
you pass the Outlet Mall, turn north on                                                                              Warrior River, the former Southern Pull-
                                                             letter of Collis P. Huntington Railroad His-
Whiskey Hill Road for about five miles.                                                                          man now owned by Promontory Chapter,
                                                             torical Society, Inc.] (Answers on Page 7)
                                                                                                                 NRHS, was badly damaged in a derailment in
                                                                                                                 Alabama. The Chapter uses this car in rental
                                                                                          NYC #1987 that         service. It is frequently used by ATK to
                                                                                      was used on the local      house the crew that accompanies the train
                                                                                      Genesee Falls Railroad     hauling the solid fuel booster rockets used in
                                                                                      that served Genesee        the space program. In May, this train, with
                                                                                      Brewing Co. plus oth-      two UP diesels was crossing a low trestle on
                                                                                      ers located on the rim     the Meridian and Bigbee Railroad (a subsid-
                                                                                      of the gorge below         iary of Genesee & Wyoming) that was under
                                                                                      High       Falls    in     repair. It was thought safe for use after
                                                                                      Rochester. [John Stew-     inspection and a test train had crossed it.
                                                                                      art collection]                As the ATK train was crossing the trestle
                                                                                                                 at 2 mph, it collapsed sending the two diesels
                                                                                                                 and the Pullman on their sides into the creek
                                                                                                                 bed. The rest of the cars remained upright.
NYC Shays                                                                                                        Those containing the boosters will be re-
                                                                                by John Stewart                  turned to Idaho for inspection and repair.
    In November of 1923 Lima built five Shay geared locomotives for the New York Central                             Fortunately there were no fatalities. One
Railroad. Initially the Shay’s were used in New York City at the St. Johns Park Freight                          of the Chapter members traveling with the
Terminal.                                                                                                        train was badly injured.
    At least one, # 1897, was relocated to Rochester, NY and used in switching service. They                         According to the Chapter's newsletter, the
proved very useful negotiating the tight curves of the old “Genesee Falls Railroad”. Another, #                  Pullman will never run in revenue service
1899 is known to have been used in the Auburn, NY yards. Two of the Shays made their way                         again, and will require considerably repair
to the Marcellus & Otisco Lake RR in Central New York. Number 7185 (1896) went first, but                        before it can be moved over the rails.
was returned to the NYC with a broken frame after falling into a turntable pit. A replacement
                                                                                                                     At this time, what insurance will cover is
locomotive, number # 7187 (1898) was acquired on 4/26/1943. Number 7187 was sold to the
                                                                                                                 being explored.
Hurwitz Bros. of Syracuse NY for scrap in 1947.
                                                                                                                     [Promontory Chapter's The Golden Spike,
    Builders Order L-401
                                                                                                                 July-August 2007]
Number      Renumber S/N                Built           Notes:
1896        7185    3235               11/1923          Sold 4/48 to Lima Works # 4
                                                                                                                 Returnable cans can help Steam Fund
1897        7186    3236               11/1923          Retired 12/42, Scrapped 3/44
1898        7187    3237               11/1923          Sold 4/43 M&OL # 7187, Scrapped 1947.                        You can help turn returnable cans into
                                                                                                                 cash for our steam fund by donating them to
1899        7188    3238               11/1923          Retired 12/42, Scrapped 5/44
                                                                                                                 the Chapter any time. There is a receptacle
1900        7189    3239               11/1923          Retired 12/42, Scrapped 5/44
                                                                                                                 in the Baggage Room at the Museum.
   Shay Locomotive Specifications:
   Number of trucks....................................2.
   Tractive force............................................27,320 lb.                                          Visit our Websites for color!
   Drivers, diameter.....................................36 in.                                                       Our webmasters put current and
                                                                                                                 past photos, in color, on the Chapter's
   Cylinders, diameter and stroke..............12 in. x 12 in.
                                                                                                                  two websites: www., or
   Weight on Drivers....................................139,400 lb.                                               
   Total weight of engine.............................39,400 lb.
                                                                                                                      Past and current issues of The
   Steam Pressure..........................................200 lb.
                                                                                                                   Semaphore are on <>
   Tender capacity..........................................2,2000 gal., 2-1/2 tons
Page 6                  July 2007                                                 The Semaphore

                            Photo credits:
                            Chris Hauf: 3
                            and 7.
                            Elaine Redden:
                            4, 5 & 6.
                            Gale Smith: 1
                            and 2.

            1. John Redden, Trip Coordinator confers with Dr. Gerald Bertoldo, TC Conductor of the
            2. Another view of hungry patrons waiting to board the Tioga Central Dinner Train.
            3. "Your table is waiting". Specially printed menus were at each place.
            4. Chris Hausler digs in; Gale Smith takes a break for the photographer (can't he smile?)
            5. Note the lighted drum head lettered for the Rochester Chapter, NRHS on the rear of the
         open observation car.
            6. Passengers, after diner, enjoy the gentle breeze in this open car.
            7. After the run-by, the train heads back to Waynesboro Junction.
The Semaphore                                                  July 2007                                                            Page 7

 A Slippery Situation                           FALL FOLIAGE TOUR BY RAIL TO LANCASTER PA &
          by Harold Crouch                    THE AMISH COUNTRY
  One time New York Central’s Col-              Departs FRIDAY MORNING OCTOBER 19 Returns MONDAY EVENING
linwood (Cleveland) Ohio yard had a           OCTOBER 22, 2007. (4 Days, 3 Nights)
bad epidemic of “Hot Boxes” in freight          DOUBLE OCCUPANCY PER PERSON: $845.00,
trains leaving the yard. This upset the         TRIPLE OCCUPANCY $790.00
General Manager to the extent that he           and single space $1017.00.
ordered every journal box in the year           Departing Rochester NY Amtrak Station, Friday morning October 19, 2007 at
filled with car journal oil! The excess oil   5:47AM on Amtrak train #280 The Mohawk. We are scheduled to arrive in New
ran out of the back of the journal boxes,     York City at 12:25PM and transfer to Amtrak train #647 departing at 2:11PM and
down the wheel plate, and soon Col-           arriving in Lancaster at 4:51PM. We will transfer by bus to Good n’ Plenty
linwood Yard was so slippery that yard        Restaurant for their famous family style dinner included in trip. We will then transfer
engines had difficulty getting cut of cars    by transfer bus the short distance to the Hawthorne Inn and Suites where we will
started, and once stared, stopped!            spend 3 nights. Breakfast buffet is included each morning at the Hawthorne Inn and
Obviously, something had to be done to        Suites, an AAA 3-diamond property.
clean up this mess; manual methods              Saturday we will depart the hotel at 9:00AM for our tour of the Amish country side
bring impractical!                            and farmlands. A local professional tour guide will be with our group on Saturday and
  So the Collinwood Research Labora-          Sunday during the day. We will be stopping at the Amish Quilt and Craft Shop.
tory had Ashtabula Reclamation plant          Lunch will be available at the Kitchen Kettle Village. We will arrive at 2:00PM at the
take a scrap box car and cut the sides        Strasburg Railroad for our tourist train ride and a visit to the train museum. We will
down to three feet high. At one end of        return to our hotel at 5:00PM to relax before departing for the Dutch Apple Dinner
the car an insulated platform was applied     Theatre at 6:30PM for dinner & the show “Cabaret” which are included in the tour.
on top of which a Vapor Corp. steam           After the show we will return to our hotel. Sunday after our breakfast buffet we will
generator was mounted. In the center of       depart for Hershey PA and the chocolate town trolley tour. We are scheduled to be
the car another insulated platform was        Founders Hall at 10:00AM. Lunch will be available at Chocolate World. After lunch
applied on top of which a large coil of       we will visit the Antique Automobile Club of America before returning to our hotel at
2-inch diameter stainless steel tubing        4:00PM. We are scheduled for a family style dinner at Harvest View Family
was mounted, the bottom outlet going to       Restaurant at 6:00PM included in the tour. After dinner we will return to our hotel.
two nozzles, one over reach rail. Steam       Monday morning after breakfast, we will depart the hotel at 8:30AM for our 9:33AM
came in at the top. The length of this        departure of Amtrak train #644 arriving in NYC at 12:19PM. We will transfer in New
coil had an electrical resistance was         York Penn Station to train #285 departing at 1:45PM & arriving in Rochester’s
equal to that of four diesel locomotive       Amtrak Station at 8:25PM. Our group will be in a reserved section of an Amtrak
traction motors.                              coach on all trains.
  A retired Fairbanks-Morse passenger           The escorted trip includes round trip Rochester-Lancaster-Rochester in a reserved
locomotive was temporarily put back in        section of an Amtrak coach. 3 nights in the Hawthorne Inn and Suites, Amtrak rail
service. The output of the main genera-       fare, 3 buffet breakfasts, 2 dinners, Dinner and Cabaret Show, tourist railway trip,
tor being placed across the stainless steel   guide and motor coach drivers tip, tours in Hershey PA, baggage handling and taxes,
coil. With the locomotive’s main genera-        INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS CALL: 585-377-5389
tor at full load and steam from the steam
generator flowing, we had super super-        Buffalo area trips                               CSX to Transfer 300 Jacksonville Jobs
heated steam!! One pass over a track              On July 21st, the Cornell Railroad His-          Over a two year period, these jobs will
and the top of the rail was surgically        torical Society will be hosting a trip from      move to existing offices in Baltimore;
                                              Ithaca to Buffalo. Plans are a 2-hour tour of    Nashville; Huntington, W. Va.; Cincinnati;
clean!! However, the noise generated
                                              the historic waterfront from the excursion       Florence, S.C. and Atlanta. When completed
was almost unbearable!                        boat Miss Buffalo II. [American Rail Link        in August 2009, the Jacksonville operation
  By now, the “Hot Box situation had          Issue 312].                                      will employ about 54 train dispatchers.
calmed down and so the general man-
                                                                                                   Since 1988 most dispatchers have been
ager lifted his order. The yard tracks                                                         concentrated in Jacksonville. Currently CSX
                                              G&W to Liquidate Mexican Road
were all cleaned up and the unit shut                                                          has four dispatch centers located in the
                                                  Genesee & Wyoming stated it has started
down - to everyone’s relief!                                                                   Midwest and East Coast.
                                              liquidating its Mexican hurricane-damaged
                                              Chiapas rail line. Besides the damage, the           About 25 local signalmen would also see
Answers on Quiz on Page 6.                                                                     their jobs moved; they are responsible for
                                              line was facing deterioration of rail traffic.
  1. Pennsylvania Railroad                    The line has 407 employees. Formal               maintaining dispatching equipment and prob-
  2. 2-6-6-6                                  liquidation is expected by year-end 2007.        lems with railroad crossing signals and gates.
  3. The roundhouse                           [American Rail Link Issue 312].                  [American Rail Link Issue 312].
  4. 235 feet
  5. Coal
  6. Stephenson, Young, Southern, more
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