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What is the Cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


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         <p>Before you start to solve the riddle of Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome it is crucial to know what is the cause of CFS. There are many
possible explanations and I´m sure you´ve heard about a lot of them, so
I am not going to go into all the different things that are thought to be
the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Rather, I suggest you use your
intuition at this point. What do you <strong>know</strong> to be true
about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Have you ever had an idea why you have
CFS? Of course you cannot know for sure that the cause you ascribed CFS
to is THE cause, until you have recovered. In this post I am going to
share an excerpt from my book that addresses this basic question:
<p>It was at the end of 2005 that I felt that I had come to the crux of
the problem. I finally understood that my bodymind was trying to tell me
that I was low in self-confidence and was not living my life the way I
wanted to. In retrospect it has become clear that this lack of self-
confidence and everything it involved had in its core extremely fearful
feelings and beliefs about life and the world around me. It was these
feelings and beliefs that needed to be healed and replaced by healthier
ones for full recovery to happen. The healing journey meant a lot of
inner work – I had to delve into the areas of my mind and life that I
didn't feel comfortable about; I had to see things I didn't want to see
and had been ignoring, and I had to radically change how I relate to
myself, other people and life in general. Healing meant a complete
turnaround for me – from being stuck in emotional suffering to feeling
good and being happy. The healing force that drove me through the process
of recovery continues up to this day to heal the emotions and the body,
bringing more peace, joy and happiness into the experience of life. The
same force is available to you if you choose it.</p>
<p>Â </p>
<p>Like the father of Western medicine, Hippocrates once wrote:</p>
<p><em>"</em><em>The natural healing force within each one of us is the
greatest force in getting well."</em></p>
<p>Â </p>
<p>The news cannot be any better – there is a healing force that is way
more powerful than anything we can accomplish by effort, and it's free
and always available. This is valuable knowledge that helps you to get
well if you keep it in your mind and heart. The well-known example of
placebo effect confirms this as well. We have the ability to heal
ourselves naturally, without any outside force and by belief alone. The
healing force inside of you is waiting to be tapped into – you just
have to be ready for healing and transformation.</p>
<p>But what, then, is stopping you from recovery? This is the question to
ask and one of the main things my book addresses. When I was rewriting
the manuscript, I tried to sum up the process of recovery in one simple
sentence and came up with the following: removing all obstacles to
feeling good. It is not to be taken superficially, e.g. "Positive
thinking and changing my attitude will make me feel better." Those things
have their role in healing, but it is necessary to go deeper than that.
Healing means transformation not only on the mental level but also (and
mainly) on emotional and energetic levels. If something happened to you
– a physical assault, emotionally difficult relationship or something
else that affected you strongly, it did not only affect your thinking
mind, but the whole bodymind organism, including emotions. And that is
where the issues are stored – in your body and energy system. The
events of our life and the emotions they brought about are often very
deep-seated and need more than just positive thinking or small changes in
behavior to be cleared. Luckily, there are techniques that help us deal
with even the most persistent and deep-seated problems relatively easily
and painlessly. Once the emotional/energetic imbalances are corrected,
healing happens naturally. Or to put it another way: healing <em>means
</em>correcting the emotional/energetic imbalances and dealing with
negative emotions and attitudes. Also, there may be unconscious beliefs
like "I cannot get well" or even "I don't want to get well." These have
to be dealt with, too. There may be many obstacles to healing, but there
is nothing that cannot be overcome. If you make up your mind and really
decide to restore your health, healing will come about.</p>
<p>You might ask how does emotional healing cure a condition like Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome, which is physical, not psychological? The answer is
simple: mind and body are one. In other words they are one whole (the
term "holistic" refers to this). If you affect one aspect of the whole,
the other one will change as well. The idea of mind-body medicine is
based on the fact that our energies, thoughts, emotions and beliefs are
connected and have a direct physiological effect on our bodies. The
Chinese have known it from ancient times and there has never been a
mind/body dichotomy in Chinese medicine. It's all connected. Psychology,
physiology, biology and biography are all one integrated realm. Mind-body
medicine is an art of healing that views human beings as naturally
healthy. It's just the obstacles to being healthy (our natural condition)
that have to be removed. The important thing to understand is that
psychological and emotional work has a lot of impact on how we feel on
the physical level. In fact, what we call "physical level" is a
manifestation of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions – the things that
go on in our minds reflected in our everyday experience, including our
physical wellbeing.</p>
<p><em>"The mind is everything. What you think you become." </em></p>
<p>-Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â The Buddha</p>
<p>Working on the emotional issues from our past (biography) changes our
thoughts and emotions (psychology) so that there is no more stuckness
("energetic disruption" or "energy blocks") around the events and
consequently no physical discomfort (resulting from these events) in our
bodies. Or we can reverse it by saying: working on the physical issues in
our body we get in touch with our biography, and by healing it and making
peace with it we let the healing happen. Hopefully you will have a first-
hand experience of it very soon.</p>
<p>Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a real challenge, but it is possible to
overcome. If you felt any truth in the above, I suggest you try what I
did. You can start by reading my book "A Manual for Dealing with CFS,"
which is available on my website.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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