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									                               NEWS        F RO M T H E   M   ASTER O F     P U B L I C H E A LT H   D E G R E E P RO G R A M
                                                  V olume 1          Spring 2001               Number 3

Department recognized as Outstanding Program
T    he Department of Preventive
     Medicine at the University of
Kansas School of Medicine (Kansas
                                                          AIDS Education Project
                                                          (elective), Clinical
                                                          Epidemiology and
City and Wichita) was recognized as                       Preventive Medicine
the Outstanding Program of the Year at                    (year 2), the Community
the 59th Annual Association of                            Health         Project
Teachers of Preventive Medicine                           (elective), and Health
(ATPM) meeting April 4-6, in                              of the Public (year 4).
Savannah, Ga.                                                "The number of
   The Outstanding Program of the                         students taking our
Year Award recognizes an innovative                       electives is rather
program, department or school of med-                     unusual. It is much
icine for its involvement in advancing                    higher      than   most
undergraduate medical education in                        departments           of
preventive medicine and public health.                    Preventive Medicine,"
   "This is an honor because ATPM                         said Dismuke. "Also,
is the primary organization that                          there are very few
represents academic preventive medi-                      departments           of
cine," said S. Edwards Dismuke, M.D.,                     Preventive Medicine
                                                                                   S. Edwards Dismuke, M.D., M.S.P.H., left, accepts the Outstanding
M.S.P.H., Distinguished Professor in                      that have a one-month
                                                                                   Program of the Year award from ATPM president Bill Greaves,
Public Health and chairman.                               required clerkship in M.D., M.P.H., April 6. KU's Department of Preventive Medicine was
   The Department of Preventive                           Preventive Medicine." cited for its multiple educational programs for medical students.
Medicine at KU was given the                                 Almost all of the 31
award on the basis of its multiple                        Masters of Public Health faculty              educate young people about AIDS.
educational programs for medical                          members within the department                 Last year, the DAEP performed in front
students. Four particular medical                         contribute to the courses taught to           of more than 8,000 youth in the
school courses taught by Preventive                       medical students.                             Kansas City area.
                                                                                                           "We found through our evaluations
Medicine faculty were highlighted.                           "This is definitely the faculty's          that this format is more effective than
These courses included: The Dramatic                      award," Dismuke said.                         that of typical lectures," said Christine
                                                             One elective that was highlighted,
                                                                                                        Moranetz, Ph.D., clinical associate
         Inside this edition                              the Dramatic AIDS Education Project
                                                          (DAEP), is a unique AIDS prevention           professor and co-director of DAEP.
Message from the director ........ page 2                 program presented by medical                     Clinical       Epidemiology             and
                                                          students from KU Medical Center and           Preventive Medicine (CEP) is a
Online Courses .......................... page 3          professional actors from The Coterie          required course that provides an
                                                          Theatre. Initiated in the fall of 1993,       introduction to epidemiology, a basic
MPH Faculty ...................... pages 4 - 5
                                                          the DAEP has proven to be an                  science of clinical and preventive med-
Student Studies in Africa .......... page 6               innovative and effective way to bring         icine,      biostatistics        and       the
                                                          the message of AIDS prevention to             quantitative foundation of clinical and
News Briefs................................ page 7        schools and community centers. Each           preventive medicine. The focus of
                                                          year, 15-to-20 medical students are           CEP is to demonstrate the
Grants ........................................ page 8    trained to become peer educators and
                                                          are sent out into the community to                        See MPH recognition, page 2
Message from the director . . .
T     he need for strong prevention
      and public health programs has
never been greater. According to
                                            and neurological disorders is rare, the
                                            need for prevention is acute. As
                                            public health professionals, we need
WHO, the global disease burden is           to begin dealing with the next areas of
projected to be changing once again.        prevention for the populations we
In the next 20 years, depression is         currently serve.
expected to become the second lead-             On a side note, I'd like to give a
ing cause of disability. Mental and         special congratulations to Dr. S.
neurological disorders will account for     Edwards Dismuke and the faculty of
one-sixth of the world's disease burden.    the Department of Preventive
     Five of the 10 leading causes          Medicine for recently being awarded
of disability are mental problems, with     the ATPM Outstanding Program of the
depression        as    number      four,   Year. A faculty member in particular                Craig A. Molgaard
schizophrenia as number five and            who played a major role in developing     MPH director in Kansas City on
manic-depression as number six,             the curriculum that warranted this        April 23. We will miss Chris and her
followed       by    alcoholism      and    award is Dr. Christine Moranetz. She      unique strengths, humor and sage
obsessive-compulsive disorders.             has served as the interim MPH             advice in future meetings of the
     New and flexible public health         director on the Kansas City campus        Steering Committee for the MPH
curricula are needed to begin               for more than a year and a half.          program.
addressing the prevention issues of             Dr.    Simon     Choi,     recently
this trend, especially in Third World       recruited from Mercer University,
countries, where treatment for mental       will take over as the permanent

MPH recognition (continued from page 1)
interrelationships between                  The student interns achieve this          Medical School (1999), and
epidemiology, biostatistics, preventive     through exposure to individuals with      Northeastern Ohio Universities
research and public health policy.          diverse social and health related needs   College of Medicine, Division of
   The philosophy of CEP is to              who are from diverse cultural and         Community Health Services (1998).
combine theory and application in a         socioeconomic backgrounds.                   In addition to winning the award,
manner that will enable the medical         Established in 1992, the CHP has had      several individual faculty members
student to interpret the scientific         over 50 students per year serve in over   played a key role in ensuring the
literature with understanding and to        30 community service agencies across      overall success of the conference.
approach clinical practice with an          the state of Kansas.                      Moranetz served as the conference
emphasis on prevention.             The       Health of the Public (HOP) is a one-    chair while three KU faculty members
biostatistical    and    epidemiologic      month required senior clerkship. Now      gave talks during conference
concepts introduced in CEP are              in its third year, HOP emphasizes the     sessions.
further utilized throughout clinical        community dimensions of health care          James Early, M.D., clinical associate
clerkships.                                 and the organization and financing of
                                                                                      professor, KU School Of Medicine-
   The Community Health Project             medicine and health care. Population-
                                                                                      Wichita spoke on the topic of
(CHP) is a unique educational               based approaches to health care are
                                                                                      "Obesity: An American Epidemic."
experience that partners physicians-in-     the foundation of HOP. In addition to
                                                                                      Zita J. Surprenant, M.D., M.P.H.,
training and masters of public health       lectures and hands-on learning
students with public health and social      experiences, students spend half their    clinical     associate       professor,
service agencies. The goal of CHP is        time completing population-based          Preventive Medicine, KU Medical
for agencies to benefit from the            projects.      Upon completion, the       Center, presented "Intimate Partner
contributions of students who give their    projects are presented to faculty         Violence: Integrating Prevention in
time and talents to enhance                 members and displayed throughout          the Health Care Setting."
programs and services. The CHP              the medical school.                          Finally, Giulia Bonaminio, Ph.D.,
strives to influence future physicians        Past winners of this ATPM award         assistant dean for Medical Education
and other health professionals to           include: Homeless & Indigent              and assistant professor, Family
become more compassionate, caring           Population Health Outreach Project,       Medicine, KU Medical Center,
and sensitive to the needs of the           University of Medicine & Dentistry of     presented "Faculty Development and
community, as well as their patients.       New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson           Leadership: Curriculum Design."

                                              MPH COURSES
Breaking distance barriers: Curriculum now online
F     or students living outside of
      Wichita, there are new directions
on how to get to the classroom at the
                                               "Just because a
                                          student does not see
                                          his or her classmates            MPH courses available online
KU School of Medicine-Wichita.            doesn't mean there               Spring 2001
Forget the turnpike. All you have to do   aren't     ways      to           Children's Environmental Health
is cruise along the Information           socialize       in    a           Public Health Administration
Superhighway.                             distance format,"                Summer 2001
     Faculty in the Department of         Molgaard said. "The               Reproductive Epidemiology

Preventive Medicine in Wichita have       software for these               Fall 2001
transformed more than half of the         courses are very user-            Social and Behavioral Aspects of
                                                                               Public Health
36-credit hour Masters of Public          friendly and allow the            Principles of Epidemiology
Health curriculum into a Web-based        students        several           Health Communication
format. Seven courses are now             options to keep an                Public Health and Obesity

offered online.                           active        dialogue
     "Within another year we'd like to    flowing."        Tw o
make the entire curriculum available      more core classes
online," said MPH Kansas director         are currently being
Craig Molgaard, Ph.D., M.P.H.             offered online for
     The first phase of the project       the Spring
began in the Fall 2000 semester when      2001
Molgaard made one of the five core
classes in the program, PRVM 818:         semester - PRVM 827: Public Health                   The roster of those currently
Social and Behavioral Aspects of          Administration, and PRVM 837:                   enrolled in online courses includes
Public Health, completely Web-based.      Children's Environmental Health, a              students from Philadelphia, Pa.,
     Another core class, PRVM 800:        new alternative core class to fulfill the       Galveston, Texas, and Garden City,
Principles of Epidemiology, was taught    Environmental Health competency.                Kan.
using a Web/classroom hybrid mix-              "Because online courses can                     "This has really allowed us to fulfill
ture. Students attended class, but        use an asynchronous format,                     the mission of MPH Kansas, which is
logged onto the password-protected        people are able to post messages                to provide opportunities for health care
course Web site to take quizzes and       and assignments at their conven-                providers and researchers to develop
access lecture notes.                     ience," said Linda Frazier, M.D.,               and apply individual and population-
     "We basically used these courses     M.P.H., associate professor and                 based approaches to improving the
as an experiment to incorporate as        instructor         of    Children's             public's health in Kansas, the region
many traditional classroom functions      Environmental Health. "That's the               and the nation," said Molgaard.
as possible into the Web-based            wonderful thing about this format.                    "When you can break down the
format to test for effectiveness,"
                                          People       aren't    confined        to       distance barriers, it opens a whole
Molgaard said. "We received such
                                          rearrange their work schedule to                new world of possibilities."
positive feedback that we decided to
                                          sit in a classroom for three hours.                  All online courses are structured
move forwar d, putting more
                                          If their only free time is at 10 p.m.,          in the same format as traditional
curriculum online."
     Using as the online        then that is when they log on."                 classroom instruction. That means
course software, the department is             Frazier will also offer a Web-             students follow a syllabus with
able to add many interactive              based MPH elective this summer,                 readings and weekly assignments and
components into the courses.              PRVM        838:         Reproductive           must complete the course by the end
Students can discuss topics in chat       Epidemiology. In addition, she will             of the academic semester they are
rooms, take part in live chat sessions    offer an entirely Web-based section of          enrolled in.
with the instructor and classmates and    Principles of Epidemiology in the fall,              For more information about online
also post comments on discussion          along with a new elective, Health               courses, please contact Becky Gruhn,
threads. Faculty members are current-     Communication. James Early, M.D.,               MPH Coordinator, KU School of
ly looking at ways to add streaming       clinical associate professor, will also         Medicine-Wichita, at 316-293-2606, or
video and possibly even audio lec-        offer an online elective focusing on            e-mail
tures into the courses as well.           the epidemiology obesity.

                                                 MPH FACULTY
Fredrickson focuses on children's health issues
I    mproving child immunization risk
     benefit communication is the goal
Doren Fredrickson, M.D., Ph.D.,
                                             perception of what parents
                                             needed to know, and actual provider
                                             vaccine risk-benefit communication
                                                                                         Award given at the University of
                                                                                         Kansas, is also actively working as a
                                                                                         co-investigator on the Kansas
associate        professor,    Preventive    practices.                                  HealthWave Evaluation Project, a
Medicine, has set in his latest study.           "This is a very practical issue as it   three-year evaluation of HealthWave,
      Fredrickson is the                                relates to patient/doctor        Kansas' State Children's Health
principal investigator of a                             communication,"                  Insurance Program (SCHIP) for low-
grant through the Health                                Fredrickson said.                income children.
Resources and Services                                         Through           the         H e a l t h Wa v e w a s l a u n c h e d
Administration        (HRSA)                            information collected from       January 1999, in an effort to provide
titled           "Cooperative                           focus groups, Fredrickson        health insurance to uninsured children
Agreement              Project                          has helped develop new           whose family's income was too high to
Improving Vaccine Risk-                                 materials in consultation        qualify for Medicaid, but does not
Benefit Communication                                   with 25 federal and              exceed 200% of poverty.
With an Immunization                                    professional organizations.          Fredrickson is now conducting the
Educational Package In                                  He and Davis will continue       special population impact portion of the
Public Health Settings." He                             to test the new materials in     study.
is collaborating with Terry       Doren Fredrickson     Kansas and Louisiana.                "We're following 96 families
Davis, Ph.D., professor of medicine              "I've always been interested in         forward after they first enrolled in
and pediatrics, Health Sciences              literacy and education," said               HealthWave,"         Fredrickson      said.
Center, Louisiana State University-          Fredrickson, who received a B.A. in         "These families are grouped into four
Shreveport, who serves as                    education from the University of            categories: from rural/frontier counties,
co-investigator.                             Kansas before pursuing medical              urban African Americans, Spanish-
      In this study, Fredrickson is          school. "I found Terry Davis who has        speaking Hispanics and income-
conducting health department-based           similar interests, and we've been           matched state employees."
trials of new immunization risk benefit      working together for 10 years."                 In between research projects,
communication          materials.     This                                               Fredrickson still finds time to fulfill
initiative is based on a previous study by   HealthWave activities                       obligations as a clinician, seeing
Fredrickson and Davis in which their             The MPH Kansas faculty member,          patients roughly 10 hours a week, and
findings suggested that there may be a       who has been honored in the past with       also currently teaches an MPH
mismatch between legal mandates for          the    prestigious     W.T.     Kemper      elective, "Management of Public
risk-benefit communication, providers'       Fellowship for Teaching Excellence          Health Data," for the spring semester.

Life of a biostatistician: More than just crunching numbers
M       atthew Mayo's phone number
        is well-known around the
University of Kansas Medical Center
                                            experiments to test their hypotheses.
                                            By using statistical methods, he helps
                                            a researcher determine the most
                                                                                         overshadowed in research centers.
                                                                                         Part of this is due to the common
                                                                                         misconception people hold that statis-
in Kansas City.                             effective way to test a scientific           ticians are merely number crunchers.
     As a biostatistician, Mayo is the      hypothesis.                                       "Statistics is more about designs
person people consult before, during             "Many software packages can             and theories, models and functions,"
and after tackling a research project.      spit out answers, but the procedures         said Mayo. "It's more about
     "About 80-85% of my time deals         chosen may not always be the best,"          relationships than numbers.
with meeting with other researchers to      Mayo said.                                   Numbers are just a byproduct."
help them design projects and doing              "Each test has assumptions and               "On the whole in medical centers,
final analysis," Mayo said.                 those need to be validated statistically.    most quality researchers understand
     Mayo, an assistant professor in        We can bring experience and look at          the need for statisticians and those
the Department of Preventive                the data from a different perspective        that don't sometimes get lucky."
Medicine and also the director of           that can change the way results are               Mayo received his Ph.D. in
Biostatistics and director of the           viewed and even possibly generate            applied statistics from the University
Clinical Trials Office for the Kansas       future research hypotheses."                 of Alabama in 1995. He joined the
Cancer Institute, helps researchers              Although Mayo's position is of          Department of Preventive Medicine in
throughout the Medical Center design        great importance, it is one that is often    1998.

                                                MPH FACULTY
Kansas Cancer Registry remains important prevention tool
C     ancer is the second leading
      cause of death in the United
States. In fact, an estimated 13 million
                                                The demographic information
                                           within the database includes patient
                                           name, sex, race, marital status, place of
                                                                                               awarded $214,000 from the CDC to
                                                                                               study prostate cancer in the medically
                                                                                               underserved. A third major grant from
people were newly diagnosed with           birth, occupation and birth date. It also           the CDC, through the Association of
cancer in the 1990s. So how does an        contains clinical                                   Teachers of Preventive Medicine
agency, such as the American Cancer        information, such                                   (ATPM), provided the KCR with an
Society, come up with this data? They      as date of                                          additional $450,000 over three years to
look to database registries like the       diagnosis, type of                                  study pesticides and the risk of cancer
Kansas Cancer Registry (KCR).              cancer, stage at                                    using      Geographical      Information
     Led by Sue-Min Lai, Ph.D.,            diagnosis,                                          Systems (GIS) mapping.
associate professor, Preventive            course            of                                     In addition to national funding, the
Medicine, University of Kansas Medical     treatment and                                       KCR has also received national
Center, the KCR maintains and updates      condition at                   Sue-Min Lai          recognition. The KCR received official
a database of more than 300,000 cases      follow-up.                                          certification from the North American
of diagnosed cancer. Records include            T h e i n f o r m a t i o n is used for a      Association of Central Cancer
anyone who has been diagnosed with         variety of reasons. It has been used to
                                                                                               Registries (NAACCR). NAACCR is
or treated for cancer in the state of      evaluate treatments, and develop
Kansas since 1968.                                                                             an organization for cancer registries,
                                           preventive screening measures, as
     "This information in the Kansas       well as analyze cancer clusterings.                 governmental agencies, professional
Cancer Registry is primarily for cancer    It has also been used for such                      associations and private groups in
surveillance at the statewide level,"      statewide initiatives as Kansas Healthy             North America that sets the registration
said Lai.                                  People 2000 and 2010. One of the                    standards for cancer registries across
     Lai, an MPH faculty member, has       more common uses of the KCR                         the continent. In 1998, KCR data
used the registry to train MPH             database is to present health care                  reached the Gold Standard according
students. Theses such as "Estimating       providers with information about where              to NAACCR requirements in the areas
the Expected Number of Cancer              a cancer treatment center is                        of "completeness, timeliness and data
Cases from a Hospital," and "Urban         appropriate and necessary. The data is              quality."
and Rural Incidence of Prostate            also used for Midwest regional cancer                    "The KCR is truly population
Cancer in Kansas 1995" have come           prevention and control planning                     based," said Lai. "The coverage truly
out of the registry.                       issues.                                             covers the state of Kansas and has
     In order to create the most                Even though the KCR provides                   improved from a 45% ascertainment
comprehensive database possible, the       cancer information about Kansans, the               rate to a 95% ascertainment rate."
KCR collects a wide range of               registry receives support at both the                    Lai believes that now that the infor-
information.                               state and national level. The Centers               mation is nationally certified, health
     "We collect demographics; we          for Disease Control and Prevention                  care          professionals           can
collect clinical characteristics and       (CDC) awarded the KCR $2.5 million                  confidently and accurately use the
treatment information," said Lai. "We      to ascertain all types of cancer within             KCR data for prevention and cancer
also have some follow-up information."     Kansas. The KCR was recently                        control initiatives across the state.

Researcher receives mentoring award from national society
J   asjit S. Ahluwalia, M.D., vice-chair, director of research
    and associate professor of Preventive Medicine,
received the inaugural "Distinguished Research Mentor
                                                                    mentoring both junior faculty and students. In their
                                                                    nominating letter, Kimber Richter, Ph.D. and Kari Jo Harris,
                                                                    Ph.D., M.P.H., both of Preventive Medicine, talked about Dr.
Award" at the Society for Behavioral Medicine's annual              Ahluwalia's deep commitment to mentoring.
meeting in Seattle last month.                                           "Dr. Ahluwalia is an inspirational researcher, leader and
     Dr. Ahluwalia was nominated by 21 colleagues,                  mentor, making significant contributions to the careers of
including Deborah Powell, M.D., executive dean and vice             many students and faculty," wrote Richter and Harris.
chancellor for Clinical Affairs, and S. Edwards Dismuke,                 Dr. Ahluwalia's research and clinical interests are in
M.D., M.S.P.H., chair of the department of Preventive               pharmacotherapy and behavior change for chronic disease,
Medicine.                                                           including nicotine addiction, obesity and hypertension.
     All praised Dr. Ahluwalia's talent and enthusiasm for                          (This article was reprinted with permission from KU In the Center)


Student puts public health training to use overseas
I   nfectious diseases jeopardize
    public health all across the
continent of Africa. Lolem Ngong,
                                             The study took both a qualitative
                                       and a quantitative look at AIDS/HIV to
                                       see how it impacted the community.
                                                                                          "My passion has
                                                                                     always been to return to
MPH student and research assistant,    The study also looked at interven-            Cameroon and be part of
Preventive Medicine, KU School of      tion and prevention programs, their              the workforce that
Medicine-Wichita, was recently given   utilization and the sources of AIDS             prevents infectious
the opportunity to study a major       education for youth.
epidemic in her home country of              Ten Cameroonian anthropology
Cameroon, Africa, and use her MPH      students worked under Ngong
                                                                                         This experience was not the first
education to help improve the health   collecting data. A total of 3,500
                                                                                    time Ngong chose to study AIDS in
of the public.                         people were surveyed in eight
                                                                                    her native country.
     Ngong, who will graduate          different cities. The cities were a               "It was kind of a coincidence, but
this May, spent seven weeks in         mixture of both rural and urban              this study was very similar to my
Cameroon doing a baseline study on     populations. The main goal of the            thesis," said Ngong.
reproductive health and contraceptive  GTC was to find out where more                    Ngong's MPH thesis also deals
use. The study, which gathered data    intervention programs were needed            with AIDS and youth. Her thesis
about opinions, attitudes and beliefs  for AIDS/HIV and unwanted                    "HIV/AIDS-related knowledge,
surrounding AIDS/HIV in                pregnancies.                                 attitudes, beliefs and sexual practices
Cameroonian youth, was sponsored             "Their main focus for the past         of Cameroonian youth: A pilot
b y t h e G e r m a n Te c h n i c a l three-to-four years has been reducing        project" was done on a previous trip
Corporation's (GTC) division of        AIDS/HIV in Cameroon," said Ngong.           to Cameroon and included 60 people.
                                                                                         "I chose AIDS because the entire
sanitation and health.                       The study wanted to see what
                                                                                    continent of Africa is a red zone for
                                             kinds          of      intervention
                                                                                    AIDS," said Ngong. Ngong chose
Continuing                                   programs w o r k e d , w h a t n e w   youth because that group has typically
the Legacy                                   k i n d s o f intervention programs    been neglected in the past. Most of
    L o l e m                                were n e e d e d a n d w h a t         the studies and prevention initiatives
Ngong is not                                 k i n d s o f programs were not        in Cameroon focus on adult
alone in her                                 effective at all. The study also       populations, primarily prostitutes.
quest to build                               collected slang terms for AIDS in      Cameroon is just starting its youth
prevention and                               order to make new brochures that       intervention programs.
                                             would be more appealing to                  "No one has really put any money
                                             youth.                                 into studying youth," said Ngong.
centers across
                                                   "A majority of the youths were        Ngong is still making plans for
Cameroon.                                                                           after graduation.        She will be
Ngong's mother,         Lolem Ngong          already aware of all the
                                                                                    attending the Minority Medical
                                             prevention programs that were
Beri Ngong, M.D., M.Sc., is in the                                                  Education program at Duke University
                                             available to them," said Ngong.
process of building an eye care                                                     this summer. After that, she will be
                                                   The study ultimately resulted    shopping for medical schools for fall
center in a remote city in Cameroon.
                                             in two quantitative reports and        2002 admission.
Dr. Ngong, an ophthalmologist by
                                             two qualitative reports. All of             After medical school, her plans
trade, has done all the fundraising
                                             these reports are still in the         include returning to Cameroon and
efforts for this center and has even
                                             process of being merged into one       hopefully building prevention and
negotiated the donation of some                                                     treatment facilities across the country.
                                             report. After the final report has
land.                                        been written, the next step will be         "My passion has always been to
    "I am very proud of my mother," said     to create interventions in             return to Cameroon and be part of the
Ngong. "I really want to continue her        collaboration with other               workforce that prevents infectious
legacy."                                     organizations in Cameroon.             diseases."

                            NEWS BRIEFS                                                UPCOMING EVENTS
NPR personality                              Check out new health                                      May
visits Wichita                               career web site                           2      Last day for May 2001
                                                                                              master's candidates to file
                                                  Looking for a career
     National public radio personality                                                        theses and other materials
                                             in Health Care? Do you
Zorba Paster, M.D., met with faculty and                                                      in their KU graduate
                                             know which colleges
staff in the Department of Preventive        and universities in                              divisions' offices. No
Medicine at the KU School of Medicine-       Kansas offer programs                            extensions by Graduate
Wichita on March 28. Dr. Paster has a        in health care? Then check                       Divisions.
nationally syndicated radio call-in show     out a new web site at
                                                                                       3-4    26th Annual Women's
called "On Your Health," and is the
                                                                                              Health Care Symposium
medical advisor for the health promotion          This site lists schools
                                                                                              (Kansas City, Mo.)
newsletter Top Health.                       in Kansas that offer
     Dr. Paster discussed health             programs in various health careers        6      National Nurses' Day
communication with faculty and staff         and for each career lists: educational
                                             requirements, salary ranges, job          6-12   National Nurses' Week
and talked about ways in which
                                             outlook, careers in health care, health
educators can take health messages                                                     7      Last day of classes at KU
                                             care job market, programs for minority
to the media.                                students, programs for Kansas
     On air, Dr. Paster emphasizes                                                     8      World Red Cross Day
                                             students and visiting the KU School of
prevention - diet, exercise and lifestyle    Medicine-Wichita.                         9-16   FINALS week at KU
changes - as well as treatments and               Information regarding public
cures, encouraging listeners to become       health careers in Kansas can be           17     "A Public Health Response
informed consumers and take an active        found on this web site along with                 to Asthma" A Public Health
role in communicating with their doctors     links to national public health                  Training Network Satellite
and health care providers.                   organizations.                                   Broadcast

                                                                                       19     MPH Kansas Hooding
 KPHA looking for contest submissions                                                         Ceremony (Kansas City)

       The Health Promotion/Health                Entries will be accepted in the                    June
  Education section of the Kansas            following categories: Printed             1      35th National Immunization
  Public Health Association (KPHA) is        materials (e.g. brochure, newsletter,            Conference (Atlanta, Ga.)
  soliciting your best health education,     poster, flyer, tailored message, comic
  promotion and communication materi-        book); Audio/video material (e.g. edu-    5      Summer classes begin
  als for the second annual materials        cational videotape, radio PSA, TV
  competition. Deadline for submission       PSA); Electronic materials (e.g. Web                    July
  of materials to the contest is May 31.     site, CD-ROM, computer program,           4      Independence Day
       This contest provides a forum to      video game); Promotional materials
                                                                                       10     Last day for August 2001
  showcase your materials during the         (e.g. key chain, t-shirt, button,
                                             bracelet, magnet).                               master's candidates to take
  Kansas Public Health Conference
                                                  Persons wishing to partici-                 final examinations.
  annual meeting and to be recognized
  for your hard work. All submissions will   pate in the contest must be               20     Last day for August 2001
  be displayed at the annual meeting         members of KPHA. Membership
                                                                                              master's candidates to file
  and six awards will be given: best         information can be found at
                                                                                              theses and other materials
  entry submitted by a student,    
                                                                                              in their graduate divisions'
  "people's choice" based on                 or by calling the office at
                                             785-233-3103. For more information               offices.
  conference attendees' votes, and the
  best in each of the four categories.       regarding the contest, please contact     28     Last day of classes
  Those submitting materials judged as       Kari Harris, Ph.D., M.P.H., research
  "best" in each category by an expert       assistant professor, Preventive                    September
  panel will provide a brief verbal          Medicine, at 913-588-2747 or e-mail       27-28 Kansas Public Health
  presentation at this year's conference,                              Annual Meeting (Lawrence,
  Sept. 27-28, in Lawrence, Kan.                                                             Kan.)

             Kansas City faculty members awarded new grants
     A pair of assistant professors in       This study will use palm computer             Kari Harris, Ph.D., M.P.H.,
the Department of Preventive                 devices to manipulate controllability     research    assistant    professor,
Medicine at the University of Kansas         while smokers are engaged in their        Preventive Medicine, KU Medical
Medical Center in Kansas City were           usual daily activities.                   Center, was awarded a five-year
recently notified by the National                 "Smokers will initially smoke for    grant from the National Cancer
Institute on Drug Abuse that their           three days as they usually do ("ad lib"   Institute: Preventing transition to
grant proposal had been funded.              or controllable smoking) but use the      regular smoking in college students
     Delwyn Catley, Ph.D., and               palm device to record each time a         (KO7 CA88714-01; $611,000).
Michael Mosier, Ph.D., submitted a           cigarette is smoked," explained
grant entitled "Role of controllability in   Catley. "A week later (the same three
scheduled smoking reduction," along          week days) they will smoke only when          The MPH Kansas newsletter is
with a colleague from the Department         the palm tells them to smoke (uncon-      published by the University of Kansas
                                                                                       School of Medicine-Wichita, Department
of Psychology, Dr. James Grobe.              trollable smoking) - in fact the palm     of Preventive Medicine.
     According to Catley, this project is    will be 'replaying' their own smoking
designed to examine the feasibility of       pattern to them. This way the pattern     Phone 316-293-2627; Fax 316-293-2695
a method to study the effects of             and number of cigarettes is held
                                                                                                Editor: Becky Gruhn
manipulating smokers' control over           constant while controllability alone is            (
their smoking in the natural                 manipulated."                              Assistant Editor: Melissa Armstrong
environment. It builds on laboratory              The purpose of this study is                 (
research conducted by Dr. Grobe that         primarily to develop the feasibility of
                                                                                           This newsletter and past editions
has indicated that the reward value of       this method and only secondarily to
                                                                                       may be accessed on the Web at
cigarette smoking is reduced when            test the effects of manipulating
smokers do not control their smoking.        controllability.

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