Chronic Fatigue vs Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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					Fatigue is an ongoing part of life for many individuals today. Lack of
sleep for busy parents, students, and others trying to find ways to fit
all of their -œto do's-• into one twenty four hour period is simply
something that modern man learns to deal with. However, for some people,
fatigue cannot be remedied by a good night's sleep.      Chronic fatigue
can be an early warning sign that something has gone awry with one or
more bodily systems. Diseases and disorders such as depression,
diabetes, hypothyroidism, and even certain cancers count fatigue as a
primary symptom. For individuals who suffer from one of these diseases,
fatigue is a result of the disease or disorder - fatigue is caused by the
disease. For an even smaller group of individuals, chronic fatigue is an
illness unto itself.

  Unlike Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) IS the illness,
not merely a symptom. Although characterized by, and having extreme
fatigue as its hallmark symptom, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome includes many
other frustrating symptoms. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers find that
they can include multiple mysterious symptoms such as flu-like symptoms
and unexplained brain fog among their woes. For some individuals, the
symptoms become incredibly disabling. Many individuals cannot function
normally - at least for a period of time.      Because the symptoms of
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are non-specific, medical professionals have
difficulty diagnosing the illness. Even more frustrating for sufferers,
many medical professionals continue to hold the belief that Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome is not a valid illness, but is a psychosomatic disorder
instead. Even with this built in prejudice, it is still wise for an
individual who believes he or she suffers from CFS to undergo a complete
medical examination to rule out one of the underlying medical conditions
mentioned above before receiving treatment for CFS.        Individuals
who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are not merely depressed,
overtired, or crazy. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a valid medical
illness. Research into the causes, and ultimately cure, of CFS is still
in its infancy, but medical professionals have determined that CFS does
in fact exist and that sufferers may be able to find relief - if not yet
a cure. With continued research and medical intervention, CFS sufferers
may one day realize a life without symptoms.      Steve Matthews owns
Chronic Fatigue Advice website. Please visit the site for more
information on chronic fatigue syndrome causes, symptoms, treatments and

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