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                                  Spring/Summer 2009           Volume 19, Issue 2       Complimentary Copy

Home: No Better Place To Be
Lizbeth Hernandez takes                  Funds committed to fixing and          was replaced by a space-saving
pride in the Racine home she             shingling the roof, front porch,       corner model. The back door
purchased for her family in              and repairs to the upper porch         leading to a porch lift (installed
2003. A deaf woman, Lizbeth              were supplemented by a low             with money from a different
wanted to improve life for her           interest loan from the City of         program) was also replaced so
two children. “Moving out of             Racine Housing Program. The            she can easily open, close, and
the small, depressing apart-             combination of these two pro-          lock it. A caring plumber and
ment into this spacious place            grams allowed the necessary            contractor donated some of
was such an important step for           work to be completed.                  their time and Pinkie’s needs
our future,” Lizbeth explained.                                                 were met. Now when the
“I wanted to show them it’s                               ***                   weather is nice, Pinkie uses her
possible to improve your life            Pinkie McNutt has lived in her         little Rascal power wheelchair
and situation.” Society’s Assets         century-old home for the past          to go to church or downtown.
staff helped Lizbeth apply for           42 years. She and her husband          She is proud to be almost 83
and get repair work approved             raised five children there, and        years old and doing everything
through the Movin’ Out Pro-              she plans to live there for the        she does.
gram. Her house would be                 rest of her life. “I’m comfort-
safe and sound.                          able and happy in my home.
                                         I can live better at home than
                                         out there. So if I need a little
                                         help to stay, I’ll get the help I
                                         need. It’s a blessing,” Pinkie said.

                                         Pinkie and her home needed a
                                         little help. In addition to Meals
                                         on Wheels and Lifeline, Pinkie
                                         uses a lift chair and a walker
                                         to deal with diabetes and
                                         peripheral artery disease. She
                                         also receives home care ser-
                                         vices through Society’s Assets.
                                         With the help of the Movin’
                                         Out Program and Society’s              For more information about
Lizbeth Hernandez (center) is hold-      Assets, Pinkie’s bathroom was          the Movin’ Out Program, con-
ing Peanut, the family dog, and she is   renovated for safety and ac-           tact the Independent Living
surrounded by her daughter Selena        cessibility. A walk-in shower          Department at the Society’s
and son Francisco.                       replaced the tub, and the sink         Assets office nearest you.
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Kenosha Aides Recognized
On Wednesday, June 10,                     organized and willing to
the Kenosha County Long                    help out whenever needed.
Term Care Workforce                        Society’s Assets is proud
Alliance held their 19th                   and thankful for the dedica-
annual caregivers’ recogni-                tion of these two wonderful
tion luncheon. Held at the                 caregivers.
Kenosha Country Club, the
event’s theme was Making                   After the group enjoyed a
a Difference. Two caregiv-                 gourmet meal, Ena, Simone,
ers from Society’s Assets,                 and over 70 other caregivers
Ena Oniszczuk and Simone                   from the Kenosha area were
                                                                                   Ena Oniszczuk (seated, right) and
Villarreal, were honored.                  presented with certificates of
                                                                                   Simone Villarreal (standing, left)
According to the Scheduling                appreciation from Kenosha               were recognized for their work as
team in the Kenosha Office,                Mayor Keith Bosman and                  dedicated caregivers. Joining them
Ena is a caring and com-                   Kenosha County Human                    from Society’s Assets were Debra
passionate individual who                  Services Director                       Laitinen, HR Project Manager
is very well liked by her                  John Jansen.                            (seated, left) and Amy Mlot, Home
                                                                                   Health Human Resources and Aide
consumers. Simone is very                                                          Education Manager (standing, right).

 The Independent Living Quarterly               Society’s Assets, Inc.                 Wisconsin Relay System
  is published four times each year          
        by Society’s Assets, Inc.
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 The Independent Living Quarterly
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  (i.e. electronic, audio, large print)       5200 Washington Avenue, 225             8383 Greenway Boulevard, 90
              upon request.                     Racine, Wisconsin 53406                Middleton, Wisconsin 53562
                                                     (262) 637-9128                      (608) 827-0401 V/TTY
     Society’s Assets, Inc.                       (866) 840-9761 TTY                     To Place a Call: 7-1-1 or
      Mission Statement                                                              (800) 947-3529 TTY/VCO/HCO
   To ensure the rights of all persons              5727 6th Avenue                         (800) 947-6644 V
        with disabilities to live and           Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140
      function as independently as
                                                     (262) 657-3999
   possible in the community of their
       choice, through supporting                 (866) 840-9762 TTY                  English: For help in translating or
 individuals’ efforts to achieve control                                           understanding this document, please call
       over their lives and become                 615 E. Geneva Street             the Society’s Assets office nearest you.
   integrated into the community life.          Elkhorn, Wisconsin 53121
                                                      (262) 723-8181                Spanish: Para hayadar a traducir este
       2009 Board Members                                                          documento, por favor llamar a la oficina
       Frank Germinaro, Chair                      (866) 840-9763 TTY
                                                                                      Society’s Assets mas sercana ati.
      John Murphy, Vice-Chair
  John Hawes, Secretary/Treasurer             SAI Home Health Care, Inc.            Hmong: Yog xav tau kev pab txhais lus
    Joel Beck, John Buchaklian,
    HL Denton, Margaret DeZee,                                                      txhais ntawv los sis pab kom muaj kev
   Terri Gilliland, Kevin Kegerreis,          5200 Washington Avenue, 227          totaub txog cov ntaub ntawv no, thov hu
   Dan Krause, Mary Jane Lippert,               Racine, Wisconsin 53406             Society’s Assets lub chaw ua hawj lwm
  James Lochowitz, Gary Nephew,                      (262) 632-5886                            uas nyob ze koj.
           Dennis Reichelt

                         Society’s Assets, Inc. is an affirmative action, equal opportunity agency.
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From the Director’s Desk. . .                                         Retiring Board Members
                                                                      Lorna Hennig (In Memory)
                                                                      David Isaacson
         Bruce Nelsen
                                                                      Pat’s Walk Fundraising
                   Society’s Assets. . .                              Awards
                   Annual Banquet Shows What We Can Do                Gina and Richard Anderson
                                                                      Victoria Schulz

                                                                      Exemplary Service to
                                                                      Clients Awards
On May 14th, Society’s          B, tired of hearing the non-          Janet Havel, Kenosha Office
Assets hosted its an-           stop complaining, said,               Kenya McCrackin, Racine Office
                                “Look, if you don’t like              Tracey Olson, Elkhorn Office
nual banquet recognizing
                                peanut butter sandwiches,
many individuals for ac-        tell your wife to make you            Dan Johnson Advocate of
complishments in the past       something else.”                      the Year Award
year. In addition to award                                            Deb Harris
presentations (listed in        Construction worker A
this article), the evening      replied, “You leave my wife
                                                                      Service Awards
                                out of this. I make my own
featured a keynote presen-
                                peanut butter sandwiches.”
tation by Al Swain. With                                              25 Years of Service
his experience as a dis-                                              Bruce Nelsen
                                Mr. Swain explained that
ability rights advocate and     while the above illustra-             20 Years of Service
his delightful storytelling     tion makes an incorrect               Minnie Clay
talents, Mr. Swain encour-      assumption about the role             Doris Johnson
aged those in attendance        of women in the world, it is          Paulette Matalas
                                a great introduction to mak-          Stella Plumb
to engage in self-advocacy.
                                ing your own peanut butter
Since he was a child at the     sandwich and the five Ps in           15 Years of Service
Michigan School for the         self-advocacy.                        Laurie Adamski
Blind, he looked for op-                                              Cynthia Ashton
portunities to make his         1. Participation                      Judith Chandler
world a better place. He           If you want it done right. . . .   Sandra Echoles
                                2. Problem Solving                    Sandra Ferrari
shared this story.
                                   Hmmm, where should I start?        Barbara Gerron
                                3. Preparation                        Jerry Graves
There were two construc-           Do your homework.
tion workers who each day                                             Susan Kloster
                                4. Persistence                        Janet McClenon
brought brown bag lunches          You might not resolve things
to work. During the lunch                                             Cyndi Michaelis
                                   the first time.                    Linda Vogelman
break, construction worker A    5. Personal Contacts
would open his lunch and say,                                         Bonnie Wadlington
                                   Sometimes it is all about who      Sylvia Webster
“Oh no, not another peanut         you know.
butter sandwich! I hate                                               Kathryn Wright
peanut butter sandwiches!”
Finally, construction worker                                                    Continued on Page 4
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From the Director’s Desk. . .
Continued from Page 3   5 Years of Service     Sherry Otto              Robert Salbriter
10 Years of Service     Mabel Acevedo          Theresa Palms            Rika Saliscente
Kathryn Anderson        Juan Aracena           Louisa Patterson         Carrie Schuebel
Francesca Arturi        Sandrews Atkinson      Dwight Person            Laverne Smith
Carolina Barbieri       Karen Bagdasarian      Sandra Person            Sharon Thompson
Timothy Bell            June Baxter            Gina Ramazini-Tetzlaff   Linda Tucker
Dorothy Bizzle          Mary Bitzan            Amanda Redmer            Suzanne Wodicka
Marion Booker           Debra Breckenfeld      Rebecca Rodriguez        Angela Yankech
Casey Bowen             Karen Burgstede        Deborah Rogers           Ruth Ann Zwiefelhofer
Theresa Brisbon         Myron Cauble           Mary Ryan
Ada Candelaria          Jacqueline Christmas
Fernando Centeno        Allison Coleman                                         Employees
Pamela Corrie           Jeanne Corman                                           Honored for
Carole Daley            Suzette Edwards                                         15 Years of
Christine Darr          Ervin Ehnow                                              Service
Wendy Daum              Linda Elitzer-Guido
Evelyn Ehlen            Otilia Gonzalez
Gertrude Ehlen          Norma Guentzel
Paul Etlicher           Tara Hay
Neva Fleming            Zenobia Hicks                                          Accepting the
Mary Giacomin           Callie Hodges                                         Advocate of the
Bernice Gwaltney        James Hoffer                                         Year Award from
Marion Hauser           Regenia Johnson                                      Frank Germinaro,
Marshelle Henningfeld   D’anna Kidd                                           Society’s Assets
Margaret Hoffer         Lillie Kimbrough                                     Board Chairman,
Ruth Hoover-Spaulding   Janice Kosinski                                      (center) were Deb
Penny Jensen            Cheryl Knuth                                         Harris’ parents - -
Betty Kexel                                                                  Nelda and James.
                        Debra Laitinen
Patti Kiepert           Carleen Lampe
Sandra Langenfeld       Tammy Larson
Barbara Lenz            Cui Yan Y Li
Richard Lenz            Angie Lopez                                           Keynote speaker
Maria Maravilla                                                                  Al Swain
                        Julie Lupi
                                                                                (lower left)
Carol Marker            Barbara Lyons
                                                                                meets with
Diana Orosz             Jennifer Lyons                                        Banquet guests.
Cynthia Pugaczewski     Heather Marescalco
Walinda Riley           Joe Michaelis
Maria Ruffolo           Audrey Mills
Jean Smith              Laurie Moore
Pamela Spencer          Kathleen Mortenson
Cindy Strege            Peggy Neau
Glenda Ward             Maria Ocasio
Melissa Wardle          Tracey Olson

Congratulations to All!
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Loan Programs                        Gardening with Aches and Pains
                                     This information was             possible for older adults.
This alternative loan program        submitted by Barb Larson,        Here are some ideas.
allows Wisconsin residents with      Horticulture Educator for
a disability to purchase needed      Kenosha County                   -Modify the garden by using
equipment or make necessary          UW-Extension. If you have        raised beds, containers, trel-
modifications to homes to pro-       a gardening question,            lises, table top gardens, and
mote independent living.             e-mail Barb at                   hanging baskets to bring the
Telework                             barbara.larson@ces.uwex.         plants closer to the gardener.
This alternative loan program        edu or call her at
allows Wisconsin residents with                                       -Older gardeners should
                                     (262) 857-1942.
disabilities to purchase comput-                                      stretch before working in the
ers and other equipment need-                                         garden, take breaks every half
ed to work from home or from         As we age, gardening             hour, and change tasks fre-
other remote sites away from         benefits us physically and       quently to avoid injury.
the office.                          psychologically. Garden-
                                     ing meets the Centers            -Wrap the handles of garden
Contact an Independent Living                                         tools with foam pipe insulation
                                     for Disease Control and
Coordinator at Society’s Assets                                       to reduce soreness in hands or
                                     Prevention criteria for          to enhance gripping ability.
about these loan programs.
                                     moderate activity. In addi-
Bicycles Added to                    tion, gardening increases        -Try garden tools endorsed
                                     hand strength, which is          by the Arthritis Foundation
Try-Out Program                      important for people with        or look for ergonomically
A special “Thank You” to our                                          designed tools.
friends at Racine Cyclery (4615
                                     osteoarthritis and similar
Washington Avenue in Racine)         disorders. Spending time         -Creative tools (like a planter
for working with Society’s           outdoors in the natural          you can use while standing up)
Assets to make the bikes afford-     environment brings a             may be helpful.
able through a Wistech Grant.        sense of well-being and
Need information about the           peace. Nurturing plants          -Transition the garden to a
bikes? Call Linda Vogelman in the                                     combination of easy care pe-
Racine Office, (262) 637-9128.
                                     indoors or outdoors is a
                                                                      rennials, bulbs, and dwarf or
                                     great stress reducer. Plants     slow-growing trees and shrubs.
                     The Bermu-      and gardening may in-
                     da 7-speed
                     tandem is       crease social interaction.
                     at the Bong     As a group, gardeners are
                     State Recre-    friendly people who love
                     ational Area.
                                     to talk about their passion
                     The Tristar     for plants. It is hard, if not
                     3-wheeled       impossible, to be lonely in
                     bike is at      a group of gardeners.
                     the Soci-
                     ety’s Assets
                     Kenosha         Adaptations may be
                     Office.         needed to make gardening
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Aides Recognized, Awards Received
Congratulations to the         myself, I am more aware         to college. She had previ-
three aides receiving          of how the consumers deal       ous caregiving experience
awards! Jean Rumachik,         with their disabilities. I’ve   with family members. She
Director of Home Care          discovered that a cheerful      has three consumers at
Services at Society’s          attitude and sense of hu-       this time, and she takes
Assets, applauded their        mor help us to not dwell        fill-in assignments as her
exceptional work.              on the negative side of         schedule allows. Hisako
“Sharonda, Hisako, and         things.” Mindy loves to         said that she’s learned
Mindy provide the best         cook and often babysits for     a lot. “I’ve learned to be
care to their consumers.”      her nephews. She received       patient. I appreciate that
                               associate degrees in po-        my consumers try hard
Society’s Assets      I        lice science and correction
                               science and once worked
                                                               to be the best they can. I
                                                               thought that I go to work
Gold Star - Elkhorn
                               in law enforcement. The         to make them feel better,
Mindy Goodman joined           Elkhorn staff report that       and I found out that they
Society’s Assets as a Cer-     Mindy goes above and            actually make me feel
tified Nursing Assistant       beyond to make sure the         better. My work gives me
(CNA) in August 2007. A        consumer is happy, even         such a rewarding feeling.
former co-worker told her      making special meals            A smile from my consum-
about the agency. Mindy        when requested.                 er makes it all worth it.”
                                                               The staff in the Kenosha
                  provides     Society’s Assets       I        office say that Hisako’s
                                                               consumers speak highly
                  services     Gold Star - Kenosha
                  for six                                      of her. She is a dependable
                  consum-      Hisako Cook started as a        aide that makes certain
                  ers during   Personal Care Worker at         her consumers are safe
                  the course                    Society’s      and comfortable at home.
of her busy days. She
somehow finds a way to
also accept fill-in assign-
                                                Assets in
                                                2007. A
                                                               Society’s Assets
                                                               Gold Star - Racine
ments. Mindy has learned                        friend
ways to be efficient during                     who            Sharonda Parker began
her work day that often                         worked         working as a Home Care
starts at 6:30 a.m. and goes   here told her about the         Aide in September 2001.
until 10:30 p.m. Why does      agency. Hisako was look-        She was familiar with the
she stay so busy? Mindy        ing for a position since        agency as her son received
said, “Helping people          her daughter had gradu-         services. At this time,
gives me such a good feel-     ated from high school
ing. Having a disability       and moved away to go                     Continue on Page 7
                                                                                     Page 7

Aides Recognized               Board Welcomes New Member
Continued from Page 6          Mary Jane Haugaard               about her interest in this
                               Lippert joined the Board         new role, she said that she
Sharonda provides care                          of Direc-       has already enjoyed more
for one consumer. Sha-                          tors this       than ten years as a mem-
ronda said that the best                        year. She       ber of the agency’s Home
part of her job is getting                      will serve      Health Advisory Commit-
to know the consumers. “I                       a term          tee. She wants to continue
like to make them laugh,                        through         to be involved in helping
brighten their day. I have                      December        people. She also does that
an understanding of what       2010. She is a member of         with the nutrition pro-
they’re going through and      the Board’s Community            gram at Kenosha Area
how I can help.” The flex-     Relations Committee.             Family and Aging Servic-
ibility of her work hours      Ms. Haugaard Lippert, of         es and with food handling
makes this job the best for    Kenosha, is a registered         education at the Kenosha
meeting the needs of her       dietitian. When asked            Achievement Center.
son who has a disability.
The Racine office staff has
fielded consumer com-          Understanding Your Benefits and Rights
ments about Sharonda’s
efforts. She goes above
                               Under Family Care
and beyond, very sensi-        ?Do you need help securing       guardians, and families.
                               the quality and quantity of      If you would like to access
tively caring for her con-
                               services you require?            these free services, contact
                  sumer’s      ?Do you disagree with any        the office nearest you.
                  needs.       changes in your care plan?
                  Sharonda     ?Are you living in the setting      Madison (800) 928-8778
                  has per-     of your choice?                    Milwaukee (800) 708-3034
                  severed      ?Do you need help finding        More information is also
                               meaningful work?                 available at this website.
                               The Family Care Ombudsman
                  tremen-      Program is the place to get
dous personal challenges,      answers.                         Ombudsman services for
maintaining her upbeat                                          consumers ages 60 and older
personality and remain-        Disability Rights Wisconsin      are available from the
ing faithful to her job as a   is now providing ombudsman       Wisconsin Board on Aging
                               (advocate) services to           and Long Term Care.
                               Wisconsin Family Care and                (800) 815-0015
                               Family Care Partnership appli-
                               cants and members ages 18 to
                               59. The organization informs,
                               educates, investigates com-
                               plaints, and resolves issues
                               for applicants, members, their
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Staff News/New Staff
sRacheal Sanders, Person-       Sylvia enjoys getting to       has two children and two
al Care Worker in Racine,       know the consumers and         grandchildren. Sarah en-
has completed training          their families. Her fam-       joys baking, cooking, and
and is now a Certified          ily includes four children,    reading. Prior to working
Nursing Assistant.              seven grandchildren, and       at Society’s Assets, Sarah
sStephanie Gahler, Per-         one great-grandchild.          and Jeanine worked in the
sonal Care Worker in                                           All Saints billing depart-
                                Holly Meade became a           ment.
Racine, passed the exam
                                new scheduler in March.
to become a Certified
                                The focus of her job is to
Nursing Assistant.
                                make sure the consum-
sHope Parker, Sched-            ers have appropriate and
uler in Kenosha, is now a                        adequate
Home Care Supervisor.                            staffing to
sCongratulations to these                        meet their
employees on their new                           needs.
positions.                                       That’s a
Kenosha Office                                   service
                                                                (Left to Right) Jeanine Carroll and
Sylvia Bahling joined the       responsibility that Holly          Sarah Pofahl are the newest
agency in 2008 as an RN         greets each day with a           Coordinators in Payroll/Billing.
Personal Care Supervi-          positive attitude. She
sor. In this position, Sylvia   joined the agency with
oversees the aides’ work        scheduling experience
with consumers, handles         gained at Washington
                  paperwork     Manor.
                  and refer-
                  rals for      Racine Office
                  additional    Jeanine Carroll has
                  services,     worked as a Billing/Pay-
                  and makes     roll Coordinator since
                  initial as-   2008. Sarah Pofahl also
sessment visits with con-       joined the agency last           Sadie Beacham (Center), a student
                                year as a Payroll/Bill-           in the American Sign Language
sumers. Her nursing back-                                      Interpreter Training Program, won a
ground includes 22 years        ing Coordinator. They           free registration for a recent confer-
at a local nursing home         are part of the team that        ence, courtesy of Society’s Assets.
                                keeps records, processes       Ted Trenkamp and Megan Buechner
(with two years as assis-                                         work at Wisconsin Telecommu-
tant director of nursing)       aide payroll, and requests       nications Relay System. Ted is in
as well as hospice work.        reimbursement from             Customer Service, and Megan is the
                                funding sources. Jeanine          Staff Sign Language Interpreter.
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Summer Safety Tips                                                            Benefit Specialists
                                         4. Drink plenty of water and
                                                                              Help Cut Through the
Summer heat waves have
been the biggest weather-                eat lightly.                         Red Tape
                                         Don’t wait for thirst, but instead
related killers in Wiscon-               drink plenty of water throughout     Persons with disabilities
sin for the past 50 years,               the day. Avoid alcohol, caffeine,    and those over age 60 find
far exceeding fatalities                 and carbonated beverages, and        answers to their questions
                                         stay away from hot, heavy meals.
related to tornadoes,                                                         about public or private
severe thunderstorm                      5. Wear lightweight,                 benefits when they meet
winds, flash flooding,                   loose-fitting, light colored         with the Benefit Specialist
and lightning. Wisconsin                 clothing.                            in their Wisconsin county.
                                         Add a hat or umbrella to keep
Emergency Management                     your head cool. . . and don’t
                                                                              Help topics include Medi-
and the National Weather                 forget sunscreen.                    care, prescriptions, Social
Service offer these tips to                                                   Security, Disability ben-
keep safe in hot weather.                                                     efits, Medical Assistance,
                                                                              Food Share, housing, pen-
                                                                              sions, and other legal or
                                                                              benefit problems. There is
                                                                              no charge for these ser-
                                                                              vices, but donations are
                                                                              appreciated. The program
                                                                              is funded by State Benefit
                                                                              Assistance and the Federal
                                                                              Older Americans Act.
1. Never leave children,
disabled persons, or pets in
a parked car - - even briefly.
Temperatures in a car can                6. Don’t stop taking medica-          In Kenosha County, call the
become life threatening within           tion unless your doctor says         Aging and Disability Resource
minutes. In fact, it can be 30 to        you should.                             Center at (800) 472-8008.
40 degrees warmer in a vehicle           Take extra care to stay cool.
on a sunny day.                          Keep in mind that some medi-           In Racine County, call the
                                         cations prevent your body from       Aging and Disability Resource
2. Keep your living space cool.          sweating and therefore cooling          Center at (262) 638-6688.
Cover windows to keep the sun            down. Consult your doctor about
from shining in. If you don’t have       your medication and ask for any        In Walworth County, call
an air conditioner, open windows         special heat advice.                 Health and Human Services at
to let air circulate. When it’s hotter                                                (262) 741-3200.
than 95 degrees, use fans to blow        7. Taking a cool shower or
hot air out of the window, rather        bath will cool you down.             In Rock County, call the Coun-
than blowing hot air on your body.       In fact, you will cool down faster    cil on Aging at (608) 757-5414.
                                         in a cool shower or bath than you
3. Slow down and limit                   will in an air-conditioned room.      In Jefferson County, call the
physical activity.                       Also, applying cold wet rags to      Aging and Disability Resource
Plan outings or activity for the         the neck, head, and limbs will          Center at (866) 740-2372.
early morning or after dark.             cool down the body quickly.
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Thank You St. Lucy                                         Advocacy in Action
Catholic Church                        “People with disabilities           Insurance and living will details
Society’s Assets consumers             want to be in the community         had to be taken care of.
were the recipients of Easter          helping others,” said Steve
generosity from members at             Spradlin of Kenosha. “The           Steve was worried about find-
St. Lucy Catholic Church in            programs offered by Society’s       ing all the answers until some-
Racine. Bags of food included          Assets are needed, and the          one suggested he contact
all the menu items for an              people there have the train-        Society’s Assets for help.
Easter dinner and staples to           ing that can assist people          “I felt lost until I walked into
stock the cupboard. On behalf          with disabilities.” This is the     the Kenosha Society’s
of our consumers, thank you            message Steve shared with           Assets office. Linda (Vogel-
members of St. Lucy.                   Wisconsin State Legislators         man, Assistant Director of
                                       during a recent public hear-        Independent Living Services)
                                       ing about funding cuts.                                    has been
                                                                                                  with us
                                       Steve Spradlin came to the                                 every step
                                       Kenosha area more than 15                                  of the way.
                                       years ago to make a home                                   If it wasn’t
                                       for himself and his wife Deb.                              for her, I
                                       She was ill with congestive                                don’t think I
                                       heart failure. Finding a doctor                            would have
                                       was critical. Medical insur-        had a chance. She’s answered
                                       ance paperwork was complex.         all my questions and supported
                                       They were looking for sub-          me through the death of my
                                       sidized housing, but the ap-        wife and even the funeral. She
                                       plication process was not an        helped me get rebalanced. I
                                       easy one. Steve needed help         may be different than other
                                       understanding written material      people, but I thank the Lord for
Deb Laitinen (left) and Michelle       since he didn’t read or spell       that. Speaking from my heart, I
McGee, Human Resources staff at        very well. He also needed help      want people to understand that
Society’s Assets, picked up the food   organizing paperwork, writing       Society’s Assets is very valuable
donated by St. Lucy Catholic Church                                        to the community. Without this
                                       letters, and filling out applica-
members.                                                                   program, what would people with
                                       tions. Legal issues surfaced
                                                                           disabilities do?”
                                       after several car accidents.

                                   CLASSIFIED SECTION PREVIEW

                   Kenosha Area Loan Closet                                Wheelchair Recyling Program
    The Kenosha Area Loan Closet lends out free durable                    Donate your old wheelchairs
   medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, bath                    and other equipment or find
 chairs, reachers, and other similar items to anyone in need.              the equipment you need at a
   If you are interested in donating items that are in good                        reduced cost.
   condition, or know of someone who may need medical                       Call (262) 439-8248 or visit
  equipment, please call (262) 605-6646 or (800) 472-8008.                    the program’s website.
   Donors will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.              
                                                                                                                   Page 11

                  CLASSIFIED SECTION
                                        10. Scooter Lift, Bruno Curb                   15. Hoyer Lift, Invacare
 Equipment for Sale                     Sider, $400, AND Power Wheel-                  Reliant, electric, good condition,
                                        chair, Pronto M71 Sure Step,                   two batteries with charger, best
1. Walker, with wheels, $19        or   $400, call Tom (262) 654-4630 or               offer AND Hospital Bed,
best offer, call Milla (262)            (262) 515-6920.                                Invacare, semi-adjustable, low
697-9758.                               11. Power Wheelchair, Invacare                 air loss mattress, with pump and
2. Scooter, Bruno, 4 wheels, 300        portable, used less than 12 hours,             filters, best offer AND Porch Lift,
pound rating, many adjustable           mint condition, rechargeable bat-              by AccessAbility, new in 2006,
features, with charger and basket,      tery, removable seat and battery,              asking $2500 or best offer,
includes ramps, disassembles for        $800, call Carol (414) 778-2206.               includes installation at new
transport, used very little, very       12. Scooter, Buzz Light, used                  location, call Stacy (414) 764-0560
good condition, $3600 or best           twice, like brand new, purchased               or cell (414) 610-2616.
offer, call Walter (262) 763-2322.      for $1700, asking $850 or best of-
3. Power Wheelchair, Quantum            fer, call Dotti (262) 878-4666.
                                        13. Power Wheelchair, Merits,
                                                                                          Donation Needed
600, with head rest and tilt seat,
elevating legs, wide seat, barely       with two batteries AND Walk-
                                                                                       1. Scooter or Power Wheelchair,
used, 7 months old, $2500 or best       ers, four-prong (5) AND Canes
                                                                                       call Dortha (262) 456-4325.
offer, call Betty (608) 756-4682.       (5), metal and wood, some with
4.Basketball Wheelchair, A4             seat AND Pull-up Briefs, large
Action, excellent, 5 years old,         and regular AND Wheelchair,
                                        manual AND Electric Bed, no
                                                                                           Vehicles for Sale
purple, J-cushion, $3500 new,
asking $300 AND T.E.N.S. Unit,          mattress, call William                         1. Dodge Van, 1998, with Ricon
with electrodes and conductive          (262) 822-6700.                                lift, hand controls, power seat for
gels, was $3500, asking $150, call      14. Wheelchair, manual, Tracker                easy wheelchair transfer, runs
Michele (262) 632-1740.                 EX AND Wheelchair, adjustable                  good, call Ed (262) 605-5335.
5. Hospital Bed, Verlo, electric,       headrest, reclining AND Hoyer                  2. Chrysler Van, 2006, Town and
adjustable head and feet, X-long        Lift AND Wheelchair, Tracker                   Country Limited Edition, 19,000
twin, with remote control, new          SX, adjustable AND Hand Splint,                miles, three accessible spaces, in-
$1800, $500 or best offer, call         left/right, anti-spasmatic AND                 floor ramp, side entrance, higher
Virginia, (262) 697-6148.               Bath Bench AND Hand/Arm                        ceiling, more, excellent condition,
6. Air Mattress, Microair MA55,         Brace, Invacare, left/right AND                selling for $28,000, call Stacy (414)
preventing pressure sores, twin,        Wheelchair, Breeze, adjustable                 764-0560 or cell (414) 610-2616.
brand new $1100, will take $600,        AND Cane, four-prong AND
call Martha (414) 570-5174.             Foot Brace AND Walker, Inva-                        Check This Out
7. Power Wheelchair, $1000 AND          care, with larger wheels AND
Power Wheelchair, $500 AND              Bed Rails, one long set, one short             If you are an individual who re-
Hospital Bed, with pressure             set AND Lift Chair, light brown                quires the use of a wheelchair for
mattress AND Wheelchair, man-           AND Suctioning Machines                        your daily activities, register to
ual, items to be sold in memory         AND Soft Medical Supplies,                     win an accessible van in a con-
of Terry Carpenter, call Bobbi          respiratory, catheters, tube feed-             test sponsored by BraunAbility,
(262) 764-0704 or (262) 412-4679.       ing, call for prices or information            Toyota, Great Clips, and Braun
8. Walker, Guardian, 4 wheeled,         on any of these “like new” items,              Racing. http://www.fanvan
blue, hand brakes, seat, good,          call Andrew (262) 654-2098.          
$50, call Joyce (262) 203-0147.
9. Wheelchair, manual, $125                The Society’s Assets newsletter provides this Classified Section as a service for its
AND Commode, $40, call Vernon            readers. Items are listed at no charge in up to two consecutive issues. The agency does
(262) 359-0777.                              not guarantee any of the items. To list an item, call (262) 637-9128, ext. 221.
 Page 12

News Briefs
Stroke Support Group               Tips Offered for Family             the Fox Chain of Lakes. For
Meets                              Caregivers                          more information or reserva-
The Stroke Support Group           The University of Wisconsin         tions, contact Joe Serrano,
sponsored by Aurora Health         Extension has created a new         Chapter chairperson, at
Care provides emotional sup-       online resource for family          (847) 671-6919 or
port through opportunities to      caregivers. Do you live with a
interact with others who have      family member who needs
experienced stroke. Informa-       in-home care? Are you               For general information about
tional programs will also be       reminding an older relative         Fishing has no boundaries,
provided on topics related         to take medication? Do you          contact their office at (800)
to stroke/brain attack. This       shop or run errands for             243-3462 or
group welcomes both indi-          others? You will be interested
viduals newly diagnosed and        in topics like finances, employ-    Opening the World of
those with a history of stroke.    ment, changing relationships        Paddling to People of All
Family, friends, and caregivers    between caregivers and care         Abilities
are also encouraged to join.       receivers, healthy eating, grief,   Rutabaga Outdoor Programs
                                   and loss. Check out this web-       in Madison, Wisconsin has
Meetings are held on the 4th       site for information and            shown many people with dis-
Monday of every month, from        answers to your questions.          abilities how to enjoy canoe-
10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the                  ing and kayaking. Adaptive
Aurora Medical Center in           family+caregiving                   equipment and gear, as well
Kenosha, 10400 75th Street.                                            as accessible locations make it
For more information, call         Fishing has no                      possible. For more information,
Jill Wilson at (262) 321-3228      boundaries                          contact Nancy at (608) 223-
or Tammy Albelo at                                                     9300, ext. 225 or at nancys@
                                   Events Planned for
(262) 948-5821.                                              
                                   Anglers with Disabilities
                                   The Milwaukee Chapter’s first       Buying Groceries Helps
Here’s a Way to Help
                                   event will be on Saturday,
The Senior Companion Pro-
                                   September 12, 2009 at Lake
                                                                       Society’s Assets
gram in Racine is looking for                                          Society’s Assets participates
                                   Shore State Park. The local
volunteers who have a few                                              in the Pick ‘n Save WE CARE
                                   yacht club hosts participants
hours each month to spend                                              Program. When you show
                                   who will have the
visiting or calling an older                                           your Saver’s Club card at the
                                   opportunity to catch lake trout,
person who is homebound.                                               register, a percentage of the
                                   salmon, and more on Lake
The Program’s mission is to                                            dollars you spend will be do-
                                   Michigan. For more informa-
enhance the quality of life for                                        nated to Society’s Assets. All
                                   tion or reservations, contact
older adults through friend-                                           you have to do is have the
                                   David Turiciano, event chair-
ship, socialization, and advoca-                                       Society’s Assets number on
                                   man, at (414) 224-0600 or
cy. If you would like to become                                        your Saver’s Club application
a visitor, or know someone                                             form. Here is the number.
who would benefit from the
                                   Another fishing event in our
Program, please call the office
                                   area is taking place in Antioch,
at (262) 639-4100, ext. 1299.                                          Stop at the service counter to
                                   Illinois on September 12 and
Your free time can be a                                                sign up next time you do the
                                   13, 2009. Volunteers will host
priceless gift to someone.                                             grocery shopping.
                                   participants on Grass Lake on
                                                                                         Page 13

Power to the Students. . . .                                                  Flu Facts
To High School Students with Disabilities That Is                     In addition to the seasonal
                                                                      flu this year, the H1N1 flu
In 2004, U. S. Senator Herb       from Noon until 1:30 p.m.           virus has been causing ill-
Kohl paved the way to find        High school students with           ness. Symptoms are similar
funding from the Department       a disability are invited to         and include fever, cough,
of Education to begin a pilot     the meeting which includes          sore throat, runny or stuffy
                                  an informal pizza lunch.            nose, body aches, headache,
program supporting students
                                  Peer Power helps students           chills, and fatigue. The H1N1
with disabilities transitioning                                       flu is also known to cause
from high school. The pilots      become better prepared to
                                  transition to adult life by         diarrhea and vomiting.
were so successful that Peer
                                  giving them an opportunity
Power became a statewide ini-                                         If you think you have these
                                  to meet other youth who
tiative. Peer Power is designed   are going through the same          symptoms, stay home and
to provide knowledge, skills,     things. By sharing knowl-           avoid contact with other
and support to high school        edge, skills, and support,          persons, except to seek
students with all types of        a Peer Power group gives            medical care if symptoms
disabilities so they are better   students the time needed to         become worse or you are
                                                                      at high risk for complica-
prepared to transition to adult   absorb information and to
                                                                      tions. Complications may
life.                             practice skills.
                                                                      occur in people age 65 years
Society’s Assets has received                                         and older, children younger
                                  For more information, or to         than 5 years old, pregnant
a grant from the Independent      register for the orientation,
Living Council of Wisconsin                                           women, people of any age
                                  contact Linda Vogelman or           with chronic medical condi-
to develop Peer Power groups      Pauline Lorenz at Society’s         tions, and people who are
in the Kenosha area. Funding      Assets in Kenosha, (262) 657-       immunosuppressed. Seek
is provided by the Board for      3999. Parents and guardians         emergency medical care in
People with Developmental         are welcome to join us at this      these situations.
Disabilities.                     meeting. Additional student-        !Trouble breathing
                                  only meetings will be planned       !Bluish or Gray Skin Color
The first meeting of the
                                                                      !Severe or Persistent Vomiting
group will be held at the         in the future. An American
                                                                      !Sudden Dizziness
Southwest Library in Keno-        Sign Language interpreter will      !Confusion, Not Interacting
sha on Friday, July 17, 2009,     be available.                       !Pain or Pressure in the
                                            Cheryl Schlitz, Peer        Chest or Abdomen
                                            Power Coordinator         !Symptoms Returning with
                                            with the Independent        Fever and Worse Cough
                                            Living Council of
                                            Wisconsin, (left)         Protect yourself and your
                                            presents the program      family. Cover your nose and
                                            grant to Society’s        mouth with a tissue when
                                            Assets representat-       you cough or sneeze. Wash
                                            tives Bruce Nelsen,       your hands often. Avoid
                                            Executive Director, and   touching your eyes, nose,
                                            Karen Olufs, Director     or mouth. Try to avoid close
                                            of Independent Living     contact with sick people. If
                                            Services.                 you have questions, contact
                                                                      your supervisor at Society’s
                                                                      Assets or your physician or
                                                                      health care professional.
 Page 14

Golfers and Sponsors Support Scholarship Fund
The 16th annual Society’s     LaCrosse to Study Economics      Olivia wrote that she has ex-
                              or Music Production              perienced severe hearing loss
Assets Open golf out-
                              -In his application essay,       since she was three years old.
ing wrapped up with a         Shane wrote about his love of    While her
delicious dinner and five     music and athletics. He quar-    disability
scholarship presentations.    terbacked in football until he   has created
                              broke the growth plate in his    challenges,
As each student received      right hand and was diagnosed     she will
his or her award, the         with Type I diabetes.            never stop
nearly 100 people in at-                                       working to
tendance heard about the      Kelly McGraw                     achieve her
                              -Delavan                         goals in the
challenges and achieve-       -Graduate of Elkhorn Area        community and in academic
ments in the lives of these   High School                      endeavors.
young adults. Society’s       -3.760 Grade Point
                              Average                          Anthony Sabel
Assets was pleased to
                              -Soccer, Basketball, Freshman    -Whitewater
present $6000 in scholar-     Mentor, Random Acts of Kind-     -Graduate of Campbellsport
ships to reward these stu-    ness group                       High School
dents and to make their       -Enrolled                        -Junior at University of
                              at Carroll                       Wisconsin - Whitewater
higher education possible.    University to                    -Studying Social Work
                              Study Edu-                       -Dean’s List, Resident As-
We appreciate the support     cation and                       sistant, Peer Mentor, Dis-
of the Open participants      History                          ability Advocacy Awareness
                              -In her appli-                   Coalition,
and sponsors for making       cation essay,                    Whitewater
the scholarship awards        Kelly wrote                      City Focus
possible for this the 12th    about her goal of becoming       Group, Nurs-
                              a history teacher and athletic   ing Home
year. (A complete sponsor
                              coach. She looks forward to      Volunteer
listing follows on the next   being able to educate young      -In his
page.) Meet the five schol-   minds and teach them sports-     applica-
arship recipients.            manship and determination.       tion essay,
                              Those are qualities that Kelly   Anthony
                              knows about since her disabil-   emphasized his commitment
Shane Baumann
                              ity makes balance difficult.     to life-long learning. His goal
                                                               in the field of social work is
-Graduate of Elkhorn Area
                              Olivia Ramoino                   to be a transition worker in
High School
                              -Janesville                      a medical setting for those
-3.597 Grade
                              -Graduate of Craig High School   individuals who have encoun-
                              -3.944 Grade Point Average       tered changes in their lives. He
                              -Key Club, Volleyball, Blue      has been through a physical
                              Ribbon of Promise Club, Tutor,   change of walking and liv-
                              Church Youth Group, Sierra       ing independently to getting
                              Student Coalition                around with a wheelchair and
Show, Tutor
                              -Enrolled at Arizona State       needing attendant care.
-Enrolled at
                              University, Studying at the
University of
                              School of Sustainability                  Continued on Page 15
                              -In her application essay,
                                                                                    Page 15

Golfers and Sponsors Support Scholarship Fund
Continued from Page 14             Lunch Sponsor                 Warren Industries
                                   Accurate Printing Co., Inc.   Z & Z Machine Products (2)
Jake Trottier
                                   Kenosha                       Donations to Scholarship Fund
-Graduate of St. Catherine’s                                     Wednesday Optimists (2)
                                   Hole-in-One Sponsors
High School                        Dan Krause, Fort Atkinson        Pictures from the Links
-3.55 Grade Point Average          WRJN AM 1400 and
-Manager of the Football Team,
                                    WEZY 92.1 FM, Racine
Walk with Purpose, YMCA
Volunteer, Boy Scouts - -          Raffle Sponsor
Eagle Rank                         Warren Industries, Racine
-Enrolled at Carroll University
to Study Actuarial Science         Golf Towel Sponsor
-In his application essay, Jake    Radisson Hotel Racine
wrote that although he was          Harbourwalk
not able to play football (due
to his disability), he was team    Prize Sponsor
manager.                           Gentile Automotive Group
The play-
ers always                         Hole Sponsors
treated him                        AM Community Credit Union
like a team-                       American Legion Post 21
mate. Jake                         CC&W Services
believes                             Home Improvement
that people                        CRB Insurance
should                             Century 21 - Savaglio/Cape,
continue to                          Ted Hart & Erv Nelsen
learn their entire lives, either   Renee Messing -
through academic pursuits or         Clifton Gunderson
other personal interests.          Delta Dental
                                   Educators Credit Union
                                   Express Employment
  Congratulations and                Professionals
    Good Luck to our               Jenkins and Vojtisek, SC
 Scholarship Recipients!           Bert Jenson & Sons
                                   Jim’s Garage Door Service
                                   S.C. Johnson (2)
                                   KCB Holdings, LLC
Special thanks to our              Lakeview Investment, LLC
sponsors for their gener-          Lakeview Pharmacy
                                   Landmark Title
ous contributions.                 Debbie Rudan -
                                     Lee Hecht Harrison
Silver Sponsor                     Racine Founders Rotary
                                   Fred Kaske -
CNH, Racine
                                     The Journal Times
                                   Seidel, Brownell, Graham,
Dinner Sponsors
M & I Bank, Racine                 E.C. Styberg (2)
M & I Trust Co., Milwaukee         Ultra Industries
                                                                                                    Permit No. 1057
                                                                                                      Racine, WI
5200 Washington Avenue, Suite 225
Racine, Wisconsin 53406
(262) 637-9128 (866) 840-9761 TTY

With Offices in Kenosha and Elkhorn

 Kenosha Aides Recognized 2

  From The Director’s Desk 3

  Summer Safety Tips                      9

  Advocacy in Action                     10

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 Page 16

Opportunities To Show Your Support
tSociety’s Assets will host                         walk or roll the route. The   tSave The Date!
a fundraising event on                              more the merrier! This is     Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Saturday, September 26,                             an activity for the whole     The Fun ‘n Fit event will
2009. The 24th annual Pat’s                         family. You can be a door     be held at the Callahan
Walk will raise money for                           prize sponsor ($50) or a      Branch YMCA in Kenosha
the Transportation Fund.                            pledge prize sponsor ($75).   from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
This fund pays for special-                         Be a lunch sponsor ($100)     This resource fair for peo-
ized transportation and                             or contribute the amount      ple with disabilities will
attendant care expenses.                            of your choosing.             feature the UW-Whitewater
Without the Fund, many                                                            wheelchair basketball
of the agency’s consum-                             For more information,         team, accessible rock climb-
ers would not be able to                            contact the Community         ing, and much more. For
join in the fun and learn-                          Outreach Coordinator at       more information about
ing on agency-sponsored                             the Society’s Assets office   this free, public event call
field trips. There are many                         in Racine, (262) 637-9128,    the Kenosha County Aging
                                                                                  and Disability Resource
ways to support this ef-                            ext. 221.
                                                                                  Center, (262) 605-6646.
fort. You can sign up to