; Chlamydia symptoms - Chlamydia symptoms and treatment
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Chlamydia symptoms - Chlamydia symptoms and treatment


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									Chlamydia symptoms include genital inflammation, vaginal or urethal
discharge, difficulty in urinating, a burning sensation during urination,
painful intercourse, and itching around the inflamed area. The symptoms
appear within one to three weeks of contact with an infected partner.
These symptoms can appear in both men and women. However, as many as
50percent of the men and 75percent of the women who have Chlamydia
experience no symptoms at all, or symptoms so mild that they do not seek
treatment. This is unfortunate, as untreated chlamydial infection in
women leads to sterility in an estimated 30percent of cases. Pelvic
inflammatory disease and irreparable damage to the reproductive system
can occur and hysterectomy may be required. Also, women who have been
infected with Chlamydia may have three to five times the risk of becoming
infected with HIV if they are exposed to it. Babies born to mothers with
Chlamydia may suffer from pneumonia or conjunctivitis (an eye infection).
Both of those ailments require treatment with antibiotics.
Chlamydia symptoms and treatment    In males, prostatitis and
inflammation of the seminal vesicles may be caused by Chlamydia. Symptoms
of prostatitis include pain when urinating and a watery mucous discharge
from the penis. Men may also notice pain and swelling in the testicles.
Diagnosis of Chlamydia infection is made on the basis of bacteriologic
examination of urine or vaginal or urethal discharge. There are also a
number of tests available today that can supplement or even replace the
traditional culture.

    More on Chlamydia symptoms and treatment    Antibiotics, such as
azithromycin or doxycycline, will be prescribed and should be taken for
the full term. Antibiotics will be administered to both sexual partners
for genital Chlamydia. Only one partner may exhibit symptoms, but both
must be treated. For natural treatment, Drink only steam distilled water,
sugar free juices and herbal teas. Approximately one third of all
chickens sold in this country contain pathogenic bacteria such
salmonella. Eat a diet consisting mainly of fresh vegetables and fruits,
plus brown rice, raw seeds and nuts, turkey, white fish and whole grains.
If you have symptoms of Chlamydia infection, do not delay seeking
treatment. The danger of complications increases as time passes. Take
acidophilus to replenish the friendly bacteria destroyed by antibiotics.
Avoid highly processed, fried, and junk foods, as well as chicken. For
complete alternative treatment and prevention refer to the article
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