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					                           The Knight Light
                                Father Thomas A. Judge Council 6893
                                                 “We Are Family”
                                PO Box 1151, East Northport, NY 11731

        The Grand Knight’s Message
Grand Knight                                                                                     July August, 2010
John E. Piropato                                                                                    (631) 499-7138
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Columbianism,
I would like to thank the membership of Father Judge Council for giving me the honor of being
elected your Grand Knight and will do my best to represent the Council in all of its endeavors. We
find the Council in good shape and I would like to thank Ed Schnepf for his two years of service.
Summer is a time for family and we encourage the                   As in the past, July and August will have only one meeting
membership to spend time with their families. So, take             per month. Meetings will be held on the third Monday of
advantage of the events that Fr. Judge has in store for you.       each month. On July 21st Fr. Judge will be holding its annual
Some of the activities are especially geared toward family fun.    blood drive at Fr. Judge Hall. Please contribute if you can
July 18th at Crab Meadow Beach is our Annual Family Picnic         and try to promote this drive to your neighbors and friends.
at 12:00 noon (setup is around 8:30AM). This activity is free      Blood saves lives and there is always a need. A special
to our members and their families as our way of saying             Thank you to Rich Ronde for running the annual blood drive.
“Thank You” for all the work that has been done during the         September brings us back to our regular schedule of two
year (we may ask you to buy a raffle). Please bring your           meetings a month (first and third Mondays). Please attend as
family and enjoy the day with us. BBQ food and beverages           many meetings as you can. I have a big job ahead of me and
will be provided. Bring your own snacks and any special            will be asking many of you to help by serving on a committee
dietary foods.                                                     or helping with an activity. Find something that interests you
The second family activity is Yankee-Met Family night at the       and assist as best that you can. Remember, Charity is our first
Hall on Friday, Aug. 6th at 6:30 PM. Wear your uniforms,           principle.
hats and enjoy watching the Met and Yankee games while      Be proud to be a member of Father Judge Council, and share
eating hot-dogs, popcorn, peanuts and ice cream. There will your pride and enthusiasm with your neighbors and friends.
be a raffle for Mets and Ducks tickets. The cost of admission
                                                            Tell them about all the good that we do in the Community, the
is $5.00 per person.                                        Church and for each other. Father Judge Council is one of
Sunday Aug 1 (rain date Aug 8 ) finds Father Judge running the premier councils on Long Island and one of the finest in
              st                th

the second annual car show at St. Anthony HS in Huntington. the state.
The Car Show will benefit St. Anthony’s High School and Fr. Fraternally,
Thomas A. Judge Council. Special Thanks go to Dr. Ray
Mascolo and PGK John Hnath for chairing this event.
Fr. Judge sponsored our 19th annual Feast and Festival during
                                                                                John E Piropato
the month of June. The Feast was a great success and I would                       Grand Knight
like to thank all the members and parishioners who helped. A
special “Thanks” goes to Fred Leonardo who runs the Feast.                    Inside the Knight Light
This is a huge undertaking and involves lots of hard work!               Announcements                              Page 2
Bingo training will be held on July 12th at 7:00PM in the                Calendar                                 Page 4,5
lower Church. If you have never worked bingo and would
like to learn about how you can help out, please attend. Bingo           Upcoming events                            Page 6
helps to support Father Judge Council, our charitable activities         Golf Classic                               Page 6
and Saint Anthony of Padua Parish.
                                                                         Car Show                                   Page 7
                                                            Page 1
Chaplain: Father Larry O'Leary ............................................................... 231-6155                        Come to Knights of
Deputy Grand Knight: John Ronald Smith (Maryanne) ........................ 269-4575
Chancellor: Thomas O’Donnell (Mary) ................................................... 368-2851
                                                                                                                               Columbus Bingo
Warden: Carl Finke (Debbie) ................................................................... 261 1358                       Every Saturday
Knight Light Editor: Bob Spera (Joanne) ............................................... 499-1544                        night in Saint Anthony’s
Council Hall ............................................................................................... 262-1891   Bingo Hall below
Financial Secretary: Michael Norton (Thea)
                 2 Loret Lane, E. Northport, NY. .................................... 754-1472                          the church.
Insurance Agent: John Ciangetti............................................................. 626-0210

                            Announcements                                                 New Officers
Upcoming Events - Mark your calendar                          Congratulations to the following Brothers elected on June 7.
• Summer Picnic               July 18             th
                                          Crab Meadow Beach      Grand Knight                 John E. Piropato
See page 6 for all significant events through Sept 30.           Deputy Grand Knight          Ronald Smith
                                                                 Chancellor                   Thomas O’Donnell
Nocturnal Adoration                                              Warden                       Carl Finke
The Adoration schedule is displayed below. Father Judge          Recorder                     Frank Courten
Council at Saint Anthony's Parish continues to cover two         Treasurer                    Richard Ronde
bands There are two one–hour Adoration periods for the first     Advocate                     Frank Collins, PGK
Friday of every month. Call Bob Slingo at 631 486-2875 for       Inside Guard                 Dominic J. D’Amico
more information.                                                Outside Guard                Dennis Ryan
           BAND SCHEDULE for July – Dec 2010                     Outside Guard                Alfred McDonald
                                                                 Trustee (3 yr)               Edward Schnepf
BANDS     Jul 2-3   AUG 6-7   SEP 3-4  OCT 1-2  NOV 5-6 DEC 3

              11:00        12:00         1:00          2:00        3:00        Meet       Yankees and Mets Family Night
               PM           MID          AM            AM          AM          img
                                                                One of the first family nights that we're running this summer
              12:00         1:00         2:00          3:00        4:00        9:00
                                                                is "Yankee Met night" Even though they're not playing each
               MID          AM           AM            AM          AM           PM
                                                                other on that evening, we will be showing both games. It's
Knight Light Mailing and emailing                               being held at the Knights hall in East Northport and we're
If you want the Knight Light mailed to you, please notify       welcoming all to attend. Email the Grand Knight at
Mike Norton. His address and phone number are in the upper with any questions
left corner of this page. If you are not on email distribution, or pass the word on to anyone you may know who might be
please email Mike Norton at               interested.
Bingo Training                                                  Message from the Financial Secretary
We look for ways to improve our Bingo program by allowing
volunteers to learn all of Bingo Processes. Training will be held on                      Thomas A. Judge Council has certainly helped further the
Monday, July 12 in our Bingo Hall below the Church. Do not go to                          principles of our Order and Council – Charity, Unity,
Father Judge Hall.                                                                        Fraternity, and Patriotism. As we look to the new Columbian
We always need workers and this is a way any Brother can help our                         year we must be mindful that a sound financial base is
Council raise money for our good works.                                                   essential in order for our Council to improve and grow in its
If you can volunteer, call Deputy Grand Knight Smith. His number                          works of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism.
is the upper left corner of this page, page 2.                                                                             (Continued on opposite page, page 3)
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around the world. 516-622-1430                                Fred J. Leonardo, President                                                    Monitored and
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                at all grade levels.

                                                                                    Page 2
Membership dues for the Columbian Year July 1, 2010 to June      If the payment of your dues would cause undo hardships or
30, 2011 will be due as of July 1, 2010. Our dues remain at      they can not be paid for any other reasons, please do not
$40.00 per year, Honorary and Students’ dues are $10.00.         hesitate to contact me so that other arrangements may be
Please mail your check, payable to Father Thomas A. Judge        made. These discussions and requests are held in the strictest
Council #6893, in the amount of $40.00, to the address below.    confidence.
          Michael G. Norton                                      If you are not required to pay annual dues because of your
          2 Loret Lane                                           membership status but would like to make a contribution to
          East Northport, NY 11731-1612                          your Council, please send your related contribution to the
                                                                 address listed at left.
Your membership card will be distributed at the next business
meeting or mailed to you upon receipt of payment (the new     Grand Knight John Piropato
cards will be available after 7/1/10).                                           The Father Thomas A. Judge Council
                                                                                 of the Knights of Columbus would
The prompt payment of your dues would be greatly                                 like to welcome John E. Piropato as
appreciated. In addition, it will also benefit the Council by                    its new Grand Knight. John is a
helping to keep administrative costs (postage and stationery)                    family man and a retired teacher. He
to a minimum by reducing the need to mail individual bills to                    has been an active member since
each member. Individual Member Bills will be mailed to all
                                                                                 1998. Both John and his wife,
Brothers who have not paid their Columbian Year July 1, 2010
                                                                                 Agatha, are active in the parish and
to June 30, 2011dues by 7/15/10.
                                                                                 the community. Let’s all give give our
Your help in paying your dues in a timely fashion is greatly                     support to John and his endeavors as
appreciated.                                                                     our newest Grand Knight
                                                                                                                     (Announcements continued on page 6)

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                                                            Page 3
                                                July, 2010
  Sunday           Monday          Tuesday            Wednesday                Thursday               Friday           Saturday
June 27 - Feast   6/28 Feast           June 29              June 30                   1                  2                3
Magic Illusion                                                                                      Nocturnal         NO BINGO
   ———————        Down 8:00                                                                         Adoration
ROMEOS Horn                                                                                         See page 6
& Drum Ensemble
      4                5                 6                      7                     8                  9                 10
Independence                                                                                                           Bingo team
    Day                                                                                                                   three

      11               12                13                     14                  15                   16                17
                     Bingo                                                                                             Bingo team
                    Training                                                                                              four
                  Lower Church
                   7:00 PM
     18                19                20                     21                  22                   23                24
Annual Picnic,      Council                             KofC Blood                                                   Bingo team one
Crab Meadow         meeting                           Drive at Fr Judge
    Park            8:00 PM                                 Hall
      25              26                 27                    28                   29                   30                31
                                                            Officers’                                                  Bingo team
                                                            Meeting                                                       two
                                                            7:30 PM

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                                                                          Uptown           East Northport, NY 11731
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                                                                     Call 462-1717
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                                                            Page 4
                                           August, 2010
   Sunday             Monday            Tuesday        Wednesday           Thursday             Friday          Saturday
      1                    2               3                   4                  5             6 - Family            7
                                                                                                Baseball        Bingo team
Car Show @ St                                                                                    Night
 Anthony HS

                                                                                               See page 6

       8                   9              10                   11               12                 13                14

  Rain date for                                                                                                 Bingo team
 Car Show @St                                                                                                      four
  Anthony HS

       15                16               17                   18               19                 20                21
                      Council                                                                   Chapter       Bingo team one
                      meeting                                                                  meeting
                      8:00 PM                                                                  Fr. Judge

       22                 23              24                   25               26                 27                28
                                                                                                                Bingo team

       29                30               31                 Sept 1            Sept 2            Sept 3             Sept 4
                      Officers’                                                                                 Bingo team
                      Meeting                                                                                      three
                      7:30 PM

                                                                                        Russo Brothers Service Center, Inc.
       Loudon's Minuteman Press                             Stock & Carr                         4019 Jericho Tpke.
      “Publisher of the Knight Light”
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        East Northport, NY 11731                      6500 Jericho Tpke.                             http://
              631-757-4447                  (516) 747-2478    Commack, NY 11725

Suffolk Chapter Activities                                                      The Suffolk County Knights of Columbus
              For details, go to the Chapter Website:                           car donation program is back in full swing.
                                                                                To make a donation, with proceeds going to                                       Suffolk Chapter Knights of Columbus
The Chapter has programs for Fraternal Assistance and Catholic Activities.      Charities, simply fax the following
For details on these and other Chapter activities, read the Suffolk Chapter     information to (631) 941-1734
Light or call the persons indicated below:
• Alaska cruises July 16-23 and July 12-23. Call Donald at 631-567-0025
• Chapter Dialysis - The Chapter collects can tabs to send children who are     MODEL________YEAR_________
  under dialysis to summer camp. Please bring tabs to our Council on any        VIN#__________________________
  activity nights or meeting nights. Father Judge Council leads the             YOUR NAME__________________
  Chapter in this activity.                                                     ADDRESS_____________________
• For eyeglass donations; call Fred at 631 369 1633.                            PHONE_______________________
• For the Charity Drive; call James at 631 888 7994.                                    ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX
• If you can donate your automobile to the Suffolk Chapter, cut out the form                 DEDUCTIBLE
  at right and follow the faxing instructions that are on the form.

                                                             Page 5
                       Father Judge Council Three month event Schedule
     Day                 Date                     Time                                       Event
Saturday                 3-Jul                                                          Bingo Team 2
Saturday                10-Jul                                                          Bingo Team 3
Monday                  12-Jul                   7:00PM                         Bingo Training-Lower Church
Saturday                17-Jul                                                          Bingo Team 4
Sunday                  18-Jul                                                    9:00AM KC Picnic Setup
                                                                             12:00Noon-KC Picnic Crab Meadow
Monday                  19-Jul                                                         Regular Meeting
Wednesday               21-Jul              2:30-8:30PM                       KofC Blood Drive at Fr Judge Hall
Saturday                24-Jul                                                          Bingo Team 1
Wednesday               28-Jul                    7:30                          Officers’ Meeting-all welcome
Friday                  30-Jul                                                              Squires
Saturday                31-Jul                                                          Bingo Team 2
Sunday                  1-Aug                    7:00AM                          Car Show at St Anthony HS
Friday                  6-Aug                    6:30PM                             Baseball Family Night
Saturday                7-Aug                                                           Bingo Team 3
Sunday                  8-Aug                    7:00AM                     Rain Date-Car Show at St Anthony HS
Saturday               14-Aug                                                           Bingo Team 4
Sunday                 15-Aug                                                      Feast of the Assumption
Monday                 16-Aug                    8:00PM                                  Reg Meeting
Friday                 20-Aug                    7:00PM                          Chapter Meeting at Fr Judge
Saturday               21-Aug                                                           Bingo Team 1
Saturday               28-Aug                                                           Bingo Team 2
Monday                 30-Aug                    7:30PM                          Officer Meeting-all welcome
Saturday                4-Sep                                                           Bingo Team 3
Tuesday                 7-Sep                    8:00PM                                Regular Meeting
                          11                                                            Bingo Team 4
Saturday               18-Sep                                                           Bingo Team 1
Monday                 20-Sep                    8:00PM                  Regular Meeting-Collect food-Parish Outreach
                                                                                    Installation of Officers
Saturday                25-Sep                                                          Bingo Team 2
Monday                  27-Sep                   7:30PM                          Officer Meeting-all welcome
Annual Golf Classic                                                  Details on the 15th Annual Sam Russo Golf Classic follow:
It is time for all Brothers to support the 15 Annual Sam             • DATE: Monday, October 4, 2010
Russo Golf Classic. The Classic has two fund-raising                 • PLACE: Crab Meadow Golf Club, Northport
components, sponsorships and participants.                           • PHONE for Club: 631-757-8800
With this distribution of the email version of the Knight Light,     • LUNCH AT GOLF COURSE: 11:30 am
you also getting two separate documents:                             • TEE OFF TIME: 1:00 pm/Shotgun Start
         1. Foursome application                                     • ACCOMODATION: Free roving Beverage Cart
         2. Sponsorship application.                                 • COCKTAILS and DINNER at 6:30 PM at FR. Judge Council
Please print a few copies of these applications and hit the             Knights of Columbus Hall East Northport
streets. Sell! Sell! Sell! Remember to tell potential sponsors       • ENTRY FEE: $140.00 ($150 after August 15th)
that any full tee sponsorship entitles the sponsor to a free ad in   • FEE INCLUDES GREEN FEES – DRIVING RANGE – CART
the Knight Light and a page on our website. If you have any            and FOOD
questions on participants or sponsors, please call Bob Slingo,       • FREE DRAWING FOR GolfLogix GPS by Garmin
our Golf Classic Chairman at 631 486-2875 . Good Luck and            • **** $10,000 Hole-in-One Contest **** Sponsored by Dr. Ray
Sell, Sell, Sell!                                                      Mascolo, DDS

                                                               Page 6
       Police Surgeons Benevolent Car Show
                                                             Sponsored By
                             Fr. Thomas A. Judge, Knights of Columbus,
                                    St. Anthony’s High School and
                         the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America, L.I. Region

                August 1st 2010 (Rain Date- August 8th)
             ALL SHOW PROCEEDS go to St. Anthony’s High School and the Knights of Columbus charities

MUSCLE CARS AND ANTIQUES.                                        First 300 Cars only!
Show Starts at 9:00 AM. Vehicles must be on the Show Field by 12:00 PM. to be judged.
                          KIDS UNDER 6 FREE Adults $5.00

Address: St. Anthony’s High School - 275 Wolf Hill Road
         South Huntington NY 11747
Directions: Northern State Park EXIT 41-Wolf Hill rd. WEST (towards Dix Hills/
South Huntington)., travel ¼ mile and turn RIGHT onto Pigeon Hill Rd. -- Car
Show is in the School Parking Lot on the LEFT.
                PHONE for information - Mike Peperno (631-786-3089) or
                Ray Mascolo (631-368-8617) or John Hnath (516-526-6558)
                For more information, visit the web site at

 NAME: (Please Print)_________________________________________________________________________________________
 VEHICLE – YEAR/MAKE/MODEL:__________________________________
     Registration Fee: $15.00 (received prior to July 25, 2010___-____$20.00 (day of show)
 I do herby release St. Anthony’s H.S., Fr. Thomas A. Judge Knights of Columbus, the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America, L.I. Region,
 the Police Surgeons Benevolent Assoc., Sponsors, Officers and Officials from any responsibilities while my vehicle is on display at show.
 Entrants Signature:____________________________________ Date: _____/ _____, 2010
                All vehicles must have fire extinguishers
   Mail To: Father Thomas A. Judge P.O. Box 1151 East Northport, NY 11731
                               ( make checks payable to Fr. Judge Knights Of Columbus)

                                                                 Page 7
                                                                Raymond A. Mascolo, DDS
                                                              General and Cosmetic Dentistry
                                                                Zoom!      1 hour teeth whitening
                                                                 Digital X-rays for less radiation
                                                                     240 Clay Pitts Road
                                                                  East Northport, NY 11731

                                                              Nolan & Taylor-Howe

                                        Give Blood July 21
                                                               Funeral Home Inc.
                                                                    5 Laurel Ave.

Page 8
                                                              Northport, NY 11768-3166
                                                              Phone: (631) 754-
                                                             Brueggemann Funeral
                                                                   of East Northport

         Father Thomas A. Judge
         Council 6893
         P.O. Box 1151
         East Northport, NY 11731
                                                                  522 Larkfield Road
                                                               East Northport, NY 11731
                                                               (631) 368-1235

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