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									                                   THE JOURNEY
                               Vietnam Veterans of America Inc. Chapter 227
                                   The Dean K. Phillips Memorial Chapter
                            Sri V t a s n te o m nt n ot r i na
                               n    e                      y
                           “ ev g e rn a dh C m u i i N r enVrii   h      g ”

                        N vr gi h l
                               n   l
                       “ ee A a S a One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another”                                   January 2011

                                                             HOLIDAY PARTY!
                                                                                t i h H o!
                                                              Darn, Charlie Didn’Rd T e od
                                                               Bill, Cheryl, and Joey (son) Dumsick hosted the Holiday Party on
                                                          December 11, 2009. The gala menu included great food and drink, vet-
                                                          eran camaraderie, and holiday spirit. A special note goes to the entire
                                                          Dumsick family for their home decorations which immensely contri-
                                                           u d o h a ysu l c.
                                                             e        e t        ba
                                                          bt t t pr ’j ine The holiday decorations rivaled a Ma-
                                                           yst e
                                                          c’s r  o.
                                                               A special holiday salute to Lew Watson for his spirited attendance
                                                          and homemade chili despite his current medical treatment.
                                                               Byron Sheldon, chapter president, gave a very warming welcome
                                                          and prayer with a special acknowledgement to our spouses who made
Charlie Klein and Jonathan Olson (l to r) prepare to        i l ie                 i
                                                           h a os l y hr g s i h hp r nevr
                                                          t s lps b b sa n u wt t cat ’edaosh e         es             .
                            s                  s
load over 60 plus children’gifts and children’winter           The only flaw was that there was still room at the inn for more
clothing for delivery to the Sullivan House family        member attendance. For those who did not attend, you missed another
shelter. Photo by Len Ignaowski                           great opportunity to meet your fellow veterans and their spouses.
                                                               The party fulfilled our community commitment by supplying child-
ren’gifts and winter clothing to the Sullivan House, a family shelter in Arlington County for over twenty years. Unfortunately,
 u gnr i d o flp oa a’cr o hre
          ot d            l         h       ,        l
or ee sy i nti u Jnt ns a s C a iKlein got to ride in the car for at least another year.

       h 21 V t a D y S i fr e r ” a pi h n l
                    en               t        en            g t l
     T e 00 e r s a “u so V t as cm a n ia a-time high of $7,600 including new contributors from the
                              e r A m n t t ns
                                en          ir i
federal employees at the V t as d i sao’Technology Acquisition Center in New Jersey of $690 and the VFW Post
8241 Ladies Auxiliary of McLean, Virginia of $500. The VA federal e p ye’       o
                                                                           m l esparticipation is the result of the MITRE em-
ployees who work at the center. Our Fairfax City Fair cookie jar also received $87 in donation. The Northern Virginia Senior
Softball League, under the direction of Arthur Steiger, continued program support with a $ 600 donation. Current and retired MI-
TRE employees contributed the balance of $1277. The program serves patients at Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval Hospitals.
     In addition to the purchase of $500 gift certificates at the Jos. A. Bank clothing store, $25 and $50 Target gift certificates will
be given for the purchase of personal clothing items. Ms. Jeannie Lebowicz, the Walter Reed Hospital coordinator, requested the
Target gift certificates to fill a program need.
      A special note to the Jos. A. Bank tailors in their exceptional effort to custom fit the clothing to the special physical needs of
      on ys
our cut ’new veterans and to Mr. Boudi Hayek, Reston store manager, for his continuous support and generous discounts.
Thank you Jos. A. Bank for your support.
     The used clothing program for family members whose emotional travel plans did not include a suit or dress should be clean
and in excellent condition. The chapter will pay for the dry cleaning of exceptional quality donated clothing to insure an adequate
selection. Donated clothing that does not measure up to the program standard is given to the VVA household goods donation pro-
gram. Members are strongly encouraged to dry clean their donated items to avoid this unnecessary expense. Men’ties, sports
jackets, slacks, and dress shirts and women’dresses, slacks, blouses, and business suits are acceptable, providing they are clean
and in excellent condition.
                                                 hp res
     A special thanks to Chuck Harris as the cat ’coordinator and for his numerous personal trips to pick up donated clothing,
and to the MITRE Corporation Committee of Chuck Harris, Doug Hoff, Rick Micker, Gary Pinder, Theda Parrish, and Tom Tier-
ney for their time and effort.
     Since 2004, the Suits for Veterans program has donated more than $ 53,000 to outfit 89 veterans who are embarking on a new
civilian career or college, and assisted more than 150 family caregivers with small purchases and clothing donations while helping
during the veteran rehab. All participants should be proud of this joint venture between the chapter, private industry, and recrea-
tional entity in helping our injured heroes embark on their new life chapters with the proper attire.
THE JOURNEY                                                                                                       January 2011
Vietnam Veterans of AmericaInc. Chapter 227                                                                            Page 2

                                  VETERAN SERVICE FLAG PIN
The Veteran Service Flag pin is available for purchase at chapter meetings and by mail order. The pin cost is $5.00 and mail-
ing cost is $2.00 for up to three pins. For mail order and payment, address your request to VVA Chapter 227, 2408 Oak Vale
Court, NW, Vienna, Virginia. Check payable to VVA Chapter 227.

     In response to a request for flag pins to be presented to visiting veterans from the Lyons VAMC staff, the chapter is present-
ing the very unique Veteran Service flag pin to each visitor at The Wall. The initial presentation was at the October visit. The
 i a ir u d f r e B cl ’w l m t i u sh cnwe e eth our
  n e si e t                          e        c       a cd e                    d
p s r d tbt a e B n uk ys e o ehtnl e t ako l gm nt t new veterans are marching in step     a
starting with our brothers from Valley Forge. The pin presentation is intended to unite our new veteran brothers and sisters into
our ranks. The initial reaction has been overwhelming with the veterans placing the pin on their clothing.
     In addition, a pin is being given to our guest speaker if he or she is a veteran.
                                                                          at fe o i hr vt a gop
                                                                                       s      h en
     A special thanks to Bill Shugarts who introduced the pin to the chp rrmh cuc’ e r s ru. Also, Bill, who
joined from the At-Large state roster, is the official photographer and a host for the visiting PTSD patients to The Wall and is
also a volunteer at The Wall. Thanks, Bill.

   NEWSLETTER HELPS VVA NATIONAL:                    un n u hr V ’H ueo od Dr t ,
                                                        i c ,                     d
                                                    Q et B t e V A s oshl G os i c r           eo
                 h hp r e s trs ir u d o h edr t f
                  e       e       ee      si e e s a,
    reports that t cat nw lt id tbt t t vno’s f especially the telephone solicitors to inform them on
    how their effort is helping veterans.
   SHARED HOLIDAY SPIRIT: Bryon Sheldon and his wife, Diane, and Len Ignatowski and his wife, Diane,
    and Paul Stancliff and his wife, Cyndi, attended VVA Chapter 1019’Holiday Party on December 15th in Winchester. The
    event provided the opportunity for our two chapters to build our friendship. Byron introduced himself to every Marine vet-
    eran, while Len shared chapter lessons learned with Ron Hafey and Arnie Evesen while building great camaraderie with the
     hp r pue ad e br The party included holiday spirit and centered on the yug hp r outstanding accom-
    cat ’soss n m m e .            s                                                        on cat ’  es
    plishments. Congratulations to Chapter 1019 for their success in helping veterans in the Winchester area and nearby West
   “ GREEN”
     GO     PROGRAM THRIVES: T e hpe’“ oGre” rga cniusora f aca
                              h cat s G
                                    r          m   n       n
                                         en por ot e t ep i nil
    benefits and protects our environment. The Staples recycling program provides a $2 rebate for each printer ink cartridge. A
    special thanks to John Runyon and Charlie Klein for their continual donations, while special kudos go to Roger Stevens do-
    nation of seventeen ink cartridges. Roger is a member of Chapter 710 and the state council webmaster.
          h “ o r ” rga n u s ue bo por
                      e          m cd
         T e G G en por i l e a sd ok rga w oe rcesuprt Vne                                e c
                                                              m hs poed spoth i Kaspar Excellence in the
    Arts program, a chapter community program that recognizes the artistic and poetic talents of local high school students.
 NEW BOARD MEETING LOCATION: Due to the traffic congestion from the highway and Metro
    construction at Tysons Corner, the board meeting location has been moved to American Legion Post 180 in Vienna, Va. un-
    til further notice. Thanks to Bob Hatter, chapter member and Post 180 commander, for providing the meeting room.
     (Continued Pg. 3)
THE JOURNEY                                                                                                       January 2011
Vietnam Veterans of AmericaInc. Chapter 227                                                                            Page 3

       h cat ’ m i n e n l to m n aos eie a gn i e t nlh k t Gl r l, m m e
                es       l um             r
     T e hp r e a Mi t a Ae cm ui t n vh lhs oen raoat nso i e Wesa e br
                                                     ci         c                tn i         a           bt l
who lives in Portugal. Gilbert apparently distributes the Minuteman Alert to fellow retirees in Europe, and one, who happens to
be a friend of Bob Dadiomoff, chapter member. He received a Minuteman Alert regarding a student interview request from his
                                            a’i e t nl a o i e
                                              l tn i
friend in Italy, and Bob traced down the em isn raoaptt Gl r    h        bt
     Distribution of Minuteman Alert appeals is strongly encouraged if it fulfills our founding principle of helping all veterans.
The alerts are distributed to local American Legion and VFW posts too.

     A hallmark of the chapter is our guest speaker feature at the monthly membership meetings. The speakers provide an edu-
cational and informative source that is unique among all VVA chapters and other veteran service organizations. Here is the ten-
tative schedule for the next few months, so mark your calendar now! Plus, bring a friend and your spouse too!
       h Jna 0 et g pae iMa y aa w o i i ush C i r n inm a
                y h         i
     T e aur 2t m en sekrs r L zr h wld cs t “ h de i Ve a ” program that assists disad-
                                               t                 ls        e   l n         t
vantaged Vietnamese children by providing food, medicine, housing, and education. An American businessman founded the
organization in 1998. Come early and enjoy a great meal and meet your fellow members.
                                            E gn T n “ i fn r y n e T a n h inm r ,
                                                         , e                  p             e t
     Scheduled speakers are: February 17: uee oi Lfo a A m S i r emit Ve a Wa ”March 17: Doug              .
  t nr So n al i u,
    r , l             r s
Se e “t e V o”s eApril 21: rT mB re V A s             g,
                                         D . o e r V ’PTSD expert, and May 19: Vince Kaspar Excellence in the
Arts Awards. A speaker is needed for the June 16th meeting. Any suggestions, call Len Funk at 703-820-8118.

     Len Funk, Chapter Director, represented the chapter at the South Korean Vietnam War Veterans Association Holiday Party.
  h cat ’ V A ot i u see l ot oe am vt a w o e d n
          es               e cd
T e hp r A V rs rnl e svr S u K r n r y e r s h sre ithe Vietnam War. The evening event
                                             a      h     a         en            v
included a traditional Korean meal, singing of traditional Korean songs, and an American musical practice, the karaoke. Len
contributed to the international flavor by singing two Vietnamese national songs. Len served two tours as a MACV advisor and
learned fluent Vietnamese.
     The chapter looks forward to our long time association with our fellow brothers in arms which started with Won Ho Kim,
who has passed away, but provided many a pleasant memory of his attendance at chapter events. Thanks, Len, for doing this
honor for the chapter.

      h S I opr i a g e a 50 ga t spoth hp r e r rga . h er ga it or er
                        tn         v               n
     T e A CC roao hs i n $00 r to uprt cat vt a por s T iya s r tsh fut ya
                                                                  e     e en           m       s ’ n              e      h
of their support, which started with a $1000 grant. In addition, WalMart Community Grant program also awarded $500 in sup-
 ot fh hp r rga . h sh it ero Wa t spot
          e       e       m        s er                    Ma ’          .
pro t cat por s T iit fsya fr l rs upr Thank you letters have been sent to both companies.
     The two grants will be programmed into the 2011 budget. We are looking for opportunities to assist veterans and active
duty personnel. If you see a need, contact Byron Sheldon, Chapter President, at 703-850-3498. Plus, if you have email, get on
the Minuteman Alert to learn how you can assist.

CHAPTER BRIEFS (Continued from Page 2)
   CHRISTMAS TREE AT THE WALL:                              Paul Stancliff, who serves as a Vietnam Veteran Memorial Fund
    (VVMF) volunteer at The Wall, was featured in a Washington Post article on the Christmas Tree program at The Wall.
    Photographs show Paul carrying the tree to The Wall and hanging tree decorations and personal notes on the tree. A special
    thanks to Paul and chapter VVMF volunteers, Bill Shugarts and Dan Kirby, for performing this vital service to The Wall
   VVA CAR DONATION PROGRAM: If you plan on donating a used car, consider the new VVA Car
                                            V ’veteran service of e s
    Donation program. The proceeds support V A s                 i ’
                                                                fcr program in administrating veteran benefit
    claims. Call 1-800-435-7838.
   AVVA DOLL COLLECTION FEEDBACK:                                                   s V Adoll collection as part of St.
                                                                       The chapter’A V
       r s a oc
         k       hi
    Ma ’C t l Church project to provide dolls for needy girls in the Dominican Republic, was so successful that dolls
    were also shipped to American military units in Iraq and Afghanistan for distribution to local children as part of the unit
    civil affairs program. Again, thanks to all members who contributed a doll to this AVVA community outreach project.
THE JOURNEY                                                                                                                 January 2010
Vietnam Veterans of AmericaInc. Chapter 227                                                                                        Page 4

                           2010 –ANOTHER GREAT YEAR

           25 Years of Service
                                                        We o e o e Polamation deli-
                                                       “ l m H m ” rc                                 Virginia VVA Chapter of the Year for
                                                       very from Delegate David Bulova and                         2009-10
                                                       Senator Chap Peterson (l to r)

          Memorial Day Wreath Laying at The Wall                              Ben Buckley (l) welcomes veterans of the Lyons VAMC PTSD
         Remembering Our Fallen Brothers and Sisters                          Class to The Wall and to the family of veterans.

 Homeless veteran outreach goes into top gear        e           n       t
                                                   he oe ui s si frh ucs u “u s
                                                 T r m rbs es u so t sces lS i   e        f      t    Vince Kaspar Excellence in the Arts
 with cash grants and household goods dona-             en            m
                                                  o V t a ” rga o l ci or e e
                                                 fr e r s por franh g u nwvt- u n                     Award presentation: A successful
 tions.                                          erans into new careers or college. Clean, wrapped,   community outreach program.
                                                 tagged, and ready to wear.

                         K 2 1” E T R
CHAPTER 227 DOG TAGS                                                                          January2011
                               OFFICERS                     Meeting
                               AND                          Location
                               BOARD OF
                               OF                                              VIENNA
                               CHAPTER 227

  President: Byron Sheldon –  703-850-3498
  Vice President: Bruce Waxman –    703-323-0269
  Secretary: Ron Ball
  Treasurer: Chuck Harris
  Sergeant at Arms: Jonathan Olson
  Board of Directors: Paul Stancliff, Len Funk, Len Igna-
  towski, Bill Dumsick, Charlie Klein, Joe Celesnik, and           CHAPTER INFORMATION: 703-968-0686
  Tom Stryer.
  AVVA Representative: Diane Ignatowski 703-255-0353                CHAPTER WEB SITE: www.vva227.org
  Newsletter Editor: Len Ignatowski 703-255-0353
  School S ekr P nl Tom Stryer 703-323-9032
           pa e’ a e
                  s      :                                               MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS
  Meeting Guest Speaker: Len Funk 703-820-8118                            g     s     a
                                                                        e h o’ et rn,6D ea L n
                                                                       N i b r R s ua t22 C d r a e
  DMZ To Delta®Dance: Len Ignatowski                                  Vienna, Virginia (Park St. & Cedar Lane)
                                                                       Pre-Meeting Dinner (Optional): 6:45 PM
  Suits for Veterans: Chuck Harris 703-729-5665                 Meeting Time: 7:30 PM             Phone: 703-698-8010

                                CHAPTER OPERATIONS PLAN
01: Happy and safe New Year
06: Board Meeting 7:30 pm: American Legion Post 180, 330 Center Street, North, Vienna, Va.
 0 Me br i en: usS ekr r L zr C i r f inm por h spot network of schools and orphanages
             sp       i
2: m e h Met g G et pae Ma y aa “ h de o Ve a ” rga t tupr a
                                         : t        , l n              t           m a     s
     in Vietnam.
22: DC Veterans Hospital Homeless Veteran Standdown. 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
02: Lyons VAMC PTSD Class Visit: 11:00 am at The Wall
03: Board Meeting 7:30 pm: American Legion Post 180, 330 Center Street, North, Vienna, Va.
 7 Me br i en: usS ekr uee oi Lf fn
             sp       i
1: m e h Met g G et pae E gn T n “ i o a army sniper team dr gh Ve a Wa .
                                         :          , e                              n e t
                                                                                   ui t inm r”
03: Board Meeting: American Legion Post 180, 330 Center Street, North, Vienna, Va.
16 Lyons VAMC PTSD Class Visit: 11:00 am at The Wall
17: Membership Meeting:
26: Virginia State Council Meeting, Galax, Virginia

   V T R NSH T I E 1
    E E A ’ O L N -800-273-8255                             !          MEETING SPEAKERS NEEDED
          24 HOURS/ 7 DAYS A WEEK                                         Call Len Funk       703-820-8118
          O ’ E ITATE! CALL NOW
         D N TH S

                     C ID E F I T A
                    “ H L R NO V E N M”
                   rga o Ve a ee hl e”
                          t       d
            “ aid pormfr in m s ci rn

         E E RS E O U I N
        N W Y A ’ R S L TO

P.O. Box 5653
Arlington, Virginia 22205-0653

Address Service Requested

                                       OUR MISSION
                                 o Sre
                                T “ ev Veterans, Their Families,
                                                   n u C ut
                                   Our Community a dO r o nr”    y

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