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Deke Roar by ert634


									      Spring 2005 Issue

                                           Deke                               Roar
   Spring 2005 Issue         News from Delta Kappa Epsilon-Phi Epsilon Chapter, Northern Deke House Corporation, and
                             Greek community at the University of Minnesota

                             Spring Wrap-up
    Stories Inside:

Northern Deke Notes      2

Phi Epsilon Notes        2   Welcome to the Spring         and the fantastic response     looking forward to the
                             issue of the Deke Roar.       we have been getting. We       summer and the next
Alumni Notes             2   Northern Deke and Phi         have reached out to Deke       academic year.
Dennis Gerber Letter     3   Epsilon have been very        Alumni living in Minnesota
                                                                                          Special thanks to George
                             busy since the last issue.    that did not attend school
Updating Plan            3                                                                Serdar ‘68, Allan Pavek
                             We would like to thank the                                   ‘92, Eric Holland ‘04, Paul
Alumni Search            4   Alumni and Dennis Gerber      We continue to get strong      Hartman ‘97, and Jason
Community News           4   for attending the Northern    support from David             Sorensen ‘93 for their time
                             Deke meeting in February.     Easlick and Dennis             and energy.
Contact Us               5   Most of the discussion        Gerber at DKE
                                                                                          Please continue to send
                             was focused on the Greek      headquarters.
                                                                                          us your updates.
                             Village and its impact on
                                                           We have some work to do
                             the future of Deke and the                                   David Jennings ’06
                                                           with Northern Deke and
                             Greek community.                                             Chapter President
                                                           Phi Epsilon but we are in
                             More information on the       such a great position to be
                             Greek Village is below.       able to capitalize on the      Paul DeBettignies ’95
    Important Dates
                                                           momentum within Deke,          Chapter Advisor
                             In this issue you will find
June 22: Founder’s Day                                     the Greek community and        partner@e-
                             information on our efforts
                                                           the University that we are
June 30: Happy Hour          to reach out to our Alumni
5:30 pm Champp’s
Minnetonka                   Greek Village Meeting and Update
July 18: Northern Deke       At the February Northern      While there were many          and the U of M. George
Meeting, 6 pm, at DKE        Deke meeting we had a         questions regarding            pointed out to the group
Aug 13: 1st Annual Deke      great turnout of Alumni to    financing, legal, and          that while there is some
Poker Tournament             hear the Greek Village        liability issues the           risk in this or any project
1 pm at DKE                  proposal. After hearing the   conversation was               that this may be the time
                             proposal from Eric Kruse,     productive.                    for Northern Deke to make
Sept 23, Alumni Get          Builders Representative,                                     a bold and assertive move
Together, Location TBD                                     A vote was taken at the
                             we were able to ask                                          forward.
                                                           end of the meeting to
                             questions about the
Sept 24, Homecoming                                        continue to participate in     The Greek community is
                                                           the conversations              forming a Greek Village
                             Much of the conversation      regarding the Greek            Work Group with elected
                             with Eric focused on the      Village and also for a         representatives that will
                             financing of the project      letter of support of the       steer this project. A
                             and the selling/leasing of    plan.                          meeting of the 1700 block
                             the parking lot. Questions                                   has been held with future
                                                           George Serdar ’68 made
                             were also asked about the                                    meetings being planned.
                                                           some historical comments
                             Proforma that he had
                                                           regarding the Greek
                             been working.
                                                           community, Phi Epsilon,
                            Deke Roar                                                          Page 2 of 5

                           Northern Deke Notes
                           -At the February meeting       five Alumni. While this is a
                           Brian Cox ’96 was elected      good start we are looking
                           interim Northern Deke          for a venue and time that
                           President.                     will allow more Alumni to
                           -Fire Doors and other
                           mechanical equipment           -Northern Deke has
                           have been installed on         created its own Blog,
                           most of the bedroom and
                           common area doors. We          dke. Weekly updates on
Phi Epsilon Crest
                           have one more round of         the actions of the Board,
                           updating to do.                contact lists, and other
                                                          news can be found here.
                           -First Friday Lunch has
                           been regularly attended
                           by a revolving group of

                           Phi Epsilon Notes
                           -4 men were initiated in       success as our parents         -New Chapter web site,
                           April                          came from all parts of the
“Phi Epsilon raised
                                                          region to have lunch with
$400 for the U of M        -Crush Week was another                                       -New Chapter Blog,
                                                          us. The chapter house
Caner Hospital during      success as we crowned                               
                                                          sparkled as usual and
its Crush Week.”           Gina Rozinka, Alpha Phi,
                                                          many comments were
                           our Crush Queen.
                                                          made on how the house
                           We raised $400 for the U       looks better every year.
                           of M Cancer Hospital and
                                                          -Dave Jennings was
                           will continue to donate our
                                                          admitted into Order of
                           time to working with kids
                                                          Omega, Greek honor
                           -Parents Day was another       society

                           Alumni Notes
                           -Tim and Kelly Holdgrafer      -Eric Holland ‘04 has been     An invitation has been
                           ’90 had a baby boy on          working on new ceiling         sent to all Dekes with
                           June 13. Ashton is the first   tiles in the basement.         current email addresses.
                           member of the Fall 2023                                       At this point more than
                                                          -Paul DeBettignies ’95 has
                           pledge class.                                                 230 Dekes have signed
                                                          been working with David
                                                                                         up on the LinkedIn site.
                           -James Rosso ‘97 has           Easlick, Executive
                                                                                         For more information
                           been working on photo          Director of DKE, to form a
                                                                                         email Paul.
                           and picture archives from      networking group for Deke
                           1990’s.                        Alumni around the world.
     Ashton Holdgrafer,
    youngest Phi Epsilon
Page 3 of 5                                                          Deke Roar

Message From Dennis Gerber, DKE Consultant
Greetings Alumni of Phi        and was just as excited        We put together a broad
Epsilon. My name is            when I left. Your chapter at   recruitment plan for the
Dennis Gerber and I am         the U of M is in a great       next year.
the DKE Consultant for 29      place at the moment. The
                                                              The Greek Village looks to
chapters including             students are working and
                                                              be a sound housing
Minnesota.                     studying hard, Northern
                                                              project and while there are
                               Deke has been very easy                                           Dennis Gerber, DKE
I have made two trips to                                      sure to be many hurdles
                               to work with and is                                             Consultant, has visited
Minnesota this academic                                       along the way the end
                               supportive of the chapter
year. The first was in                                        product will surely be a        Phi Epsilon twice during
                               and DKE, and your
September, which actually                                     positive for your group.      the recent academic year
                               university is very
was my first trip for DKE.                                                                           with another trip
                               supportive of the Greek        Plans are in the works for
After making a stop in the                                    me to be back next August
                               community.                                                      scheduled for this Fall.
Chicago area to visit our                                     and/or September to
chapters there I made the      In February I made a           continue working with
drive to Minneapolis.          return trip to Minneapolis.    recruitment of new
                               The focus was on               members for Phi Epsilon.
Prior to my visit I had been
                               recruitment and to
in touch with Paul
                               participate in the Greek       I look forward to working
DeBettignies, Chapter
                               Village conversation.          with Dave, Paul, and Brian
Advisor, and had been
prepped on the state of the    During the week I met with     Cox this next year and we
chapter, Greek                 Paul, Dave Jennings the        at DKE are very excited
community, and relations       new chapter President,         about the direction you are
with the University.           and Chad Ellsworth the         going in.
                               universities Greek Advisor.
I was excited to get there

Chapter House Updating and Financial Plan
At the February meeting        Tau Omega for more than        on the Northern Deke
Brian Cox and Paul             a year.                        Blog and comments are
DeBettignies were asked                                       being taken.
                               Bob has walked through
to make a list of                                                                           Northern Deke has
                               the Chapter house two
improvements that were
                               times and a list of items                                    been working with a
needed to the Chapter
                               has been created.                                            property manager to
house, prioritize them,
begin getting estimates on     Brian and Paul have been                                     assess updates needed
potential costs and            working on a Northern                                        to the Chapter house.
develop a plan to fund the     Deke Financial Plan that
project(s).                    includes a prioritized list
                               all of the updates needed
Brian and Paul have been
                               for the house, financial
meeting with Bob Shiff,
                               statements, ideas for
Zeta Beta Tau from the
                               future fundraising, and a
60’s, who is a property
manager has been
working on behalf of Alpha     The plan has been placed
                           Deke Roar                                                             Page 4 of 5

                          Phi Epsilon Alumni Search
                          Work has been underway         We received messages           The following hand written
                          for about three months to      from the following Alumni:     message was also
                          reach out to our fellow                                       received,
                                                         Brad Reid ’99
                          Alumni. Our email list has
                          been growing steadily and      Brian Basler ’89               “Thanks for the email and
                          we are finding updated                                        the work for the Deke
“Many Phi Epsilon                                        John Kinney’88
                          addresses for those we                                        Brothers. I am from an old
Alumni have sent                                         Don Johnson ’01                vintage, 1940.” The
                          temporarily lost.
messages of support in                                                                  message was from Dr. Ed
                          In April we received from      Brett Lundeen ’86              Lechner ’42 and he
recent months,
                          DKE headquarters their         Tad Shaw ’54                   included his summer
including Ed Lechner
                          list of Phi Epsilon and also                                  address and phone
‘42”                      those Dekes from other         John Gosz ’90                  number in Mendota
                          chapters that are living in    Allan Pavek ’92                Heights.
                                                         Hugh Arey ’50                  Ed was a member of the
                          Many more email                                               1940 and 1941 National
                                                         Evan Larson ’81
                          addresses were found and                                      Champion Gopher
                          including those Brothers       Earl Wettstein ’53             Football teams. Ed was a
“Please send us your      from other chapters our                                       lineman at the U of M,
                                                         John Roemer ’89
mailing address for the   email list is nearly 200.                                     played a partial season for
                                                         John Haag ’86                  the New York Giants, and
summer mailing.”          After sending the Deke
                                                         Gary Sodahl ’69                had a dental practice for
                          Roar and adding our
                                                                                        many years in St. Paul.
                          Brothers from other            Harvey Spelkoman ’75
                          chapters we received                                          The work being done by
                          many, many messages            Wade Prozeller of Miami
                                                         ’70                            Northern Deke and the
                          form Alumni sending their                                     Phi Epsilon chapter is
                          best wishes, wondering         Ross Kramer of                 reaching far and wide and
                          how to get involved, and       Washington ’63                 we will continue to reach
                          asking about Brothers                                         out to our Brothers. This
                          from their era.                Jay Garey of Wisconsin
                                                                                        summer we plan on doing
                                                         ’97.                           a postal service mailing to
                                                                                        continue this process.

                          Greek & University Community News
                          -In the previous issue         projects to all of the         opportunities for Alumni.
                          there was an item titled       groups.
                                                                                        On their web site,
                          Minnesota Greek Alumni
                                                         MGAP has been working
                          Partnership (MGAP) and
                                                         with the recruitment chairs    m, MGAP has started a
                          there were questions
                                                         of the IFC and PHC and         job/internship posting
                          about how the group
                                                         participating in their round   board for students, recent
                                                         tables.                        graduates, and Alumni.
                          Basically MGAP is an
                                                         MGAP is partnering with        Northern Deke and Phi
                          umbrella group for the
                                                         the universities Alumni        Epsilon are members of
                          Alum groups, men’s and
                                                         association to plan social     MGAP.
                          women’s, and work on
                                                         and networking
                          over arching or common                                          (Continued on Page 5)
                                Greek & University Community News (continued)
 Delta Kappa Epsilon            For more information you      community and the              ornamental banners.
 Phi Epsilon Chapter            can also check out their      University.
                                                                                             The University is raising
                                new Blog, which is
                                                              -University Ave                funds and believes it can
                                updated weekly on news
1711 University Ave SE                                        Streetscape project. The       do this project without
                                for the Greek community,
Minneapolis, MN 55414                                         University is proposing a      property owners receiving
                                                              project along both sides of    a special assessment.
        PHONE:                                                University Ave between         The project may be
                                -The Greek Action Council     35W and Oak Street.            completed by Fall of 2006.
     (612) 623-0427
                                is changing its focus and
                                                              University Ave serves as
                                its name to the University
                                                              the gateway to the U of M.
                                Greek Partnership Board.
                                                              Plans call for burying of
                                The focus of the group will
   Dave Jennings ‘06                                          utility lines; adding trees,
                                be the implementation of
   Chapter President                                          bushes, and hedge rows;
                                the Partnership Statement                                         new lighting; and
                                between the Greek
     Brian Cox ‘96
Northern Deke President

 Paul DeBettignies ‘95
   Chapter Advisor

  We’re on the Web!
         See us at:

   Phi Epsilon Chapter
 1711 University Ave SE
 Minneapolis, MN 55114

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