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					                 Road Trip USA: Our Ginormous Carnival Issue!

                                   The Case Middle School
    Volume 4                                                                                            February
     Issue 3                                                                                              2008
  Produced by the Students of Punahou School, 1601 Punahou Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

The Josephine                                  By Colby Sameshima                           However, after the builders
                                                                                         went through the list and turned
Flanders Dance                                  T   he new Josephine Flanders
                                                    Dance Pavilion has just
                                                                                         the building over to Punahou, a
                                                                                         small problem was discovered
Pavilion Debuts                                finished construction and is big,
                                               beautiful, and ready for dance
                                                                                         once they did a sound check.
                                                                                            Mrs. Charlys Ing, Punahou
                                               classes.                                  Dance School Director, said that
                                                  But before signing the con-            when they did the sound check
                                                    struction over to Punahou,           and played the music in just one
                                                    the builders had to go               room, it was so loud that instruc-
                                                    through a punch list with            tors could barely talk over it.
                                                    Punahou, according to Char-             To reduce the problem, some
                                                    lotte Kamikawa, Punahou’s            padding was added on all the
                                                    Project Manager.                     walls; there is a possibility that
                                                       A “punch list” is a listing       further soundproofing may be
                                                    of items that the owner or           done later on.
                                                    owner’s representative wants            The debut of this new dance
                                                    fixed. These are items that          space was on Fri., Jan. 18, as
                                                    are under the contractor’s           students enjoyed the freshly fur-
                                                    contract.                            nished building.
                                                       They can be as small                 According to Ms. Charlotte Ka-
                                                    as repainting or repairing           mikawa, this new dance pavilion
The new dance pavilion.                             scratches in a wall, or even         is 3,100 square feet larger than
                     Photo by C. Sameshima     something bigger like replacing a         the old one, and there will now
                                               damaged window.                                          …continued on page 4

See You Later,                                 By Loren Dowd                             knew the campus inside and out,
                                                                                         having grown up right on the
Curriculum Day...                               W      ith Carnival this weekend,
                                                       everybody is putting all of
                                                                                         grounds and following his father
                                                                                         around on the job and at the Car-
Hello, Piper’s Day!                            their effort into making it just as
                                               great, if not better, than our previ-
                                                                                         nival too.
                                                                                            He is now living in Oregon and
                                               ous Carnivals.                            is coming back to the islands for
                                                  The PFA is working hard to get         Carnival 2008: Road Trip USA.
                                               everything done and students are             In honor of his service and
                                               cramming to finish work before the        leadership at Punahou, the idea
                                               big weekend. We all need a little         to change the day to Piper’s Day
                                               break to relax and rest up before         came from Mr. Mike Walker, Ju-
                                               we have to jump back into the             nior School Principal. Mr. Walker
                                               stress of school again.                   worked closely with Mr. Piper on
                                                  We’re used to having a Monday          Case Middle School, as well as
                                               holiday after Carnival weekend,           other projects. He thought that it
                                               usually called Curriculum Day. This       would be a nice way this year to
                                               holiday is normally a student-only        thank Mr. Piper for all he’d done
                                               holiday, meaning that teachers still      for our school and the Carnival.
                                               have to come to school.                      Next year, the day will be re-
                                                  This year, however, the holi-          named “Punahou Recovery Day.”
                                               day was put into the calendar as             This post-Carnival holiday was
                                               “Piper’s Day.” It was named after         put into place by Mr. Piper himself
                                               Steve Piper ’68, former Director of       in order to give work crews a safe,
                                               Physical Plant and son of Leo Piper,      clear environment to take down
                                               the man for whom Piper’s Pali is          tents, wash roads, dismantle rides
                                               named. In 1982, Steve Piper be-           and so forth. They needed one
                                               came Assistant Director, then later,      day where nobody was on campus
                                               Director, and so the job of Physical      so that they could work without
                                               Plant Director was handed down            getting in the way of passing stu-
                                               from father to son.                       dents, teachers and faculty.
                                                   Wanting to make his father               Back when the holiday was Cur-
                                               proud, Mr. Piper threw himself into       riculum Day, they still didn’t have
                                               the job, not only doing the work          the guarantee that teachers and
                                               that was required of him for the          staff wouldn’t be in the way of the
                                               Physical Plant, but he also orga-         disassembly of Carnival.
Mr. Steve Piper at his last Carnival.          nized everything that had to do              Now, teachers will have an extra
               Photo courtesy of   with the Punahou Carnival.                day of rest to catch up on family
                                                  “His wisdom and expertise were         and excess work.
                                               critical to the logistics of Carnival,”      So, as you sit in front of a TV
                                               says Karen Lovell, Administrative         or computer screen this Monday,
                                               Supervisor for Physical Plant.            thank Mr. Piper for one less day
                                                  At the end of last year, Mr. Piper     of school... as well as for the
                                               retired after 25 years of hard work       successes of Carnival these past
                                               and dedication to this school. He         25 years.
  February 2008                     The CMS Courier                                                        Page 2

The History                                By Lena Ketterling                       December 26th and ended on “Fat
                                                                                    Tuesday” more commonly known
of Carnivals                                M    any of us think of Carnival as
                                                 a big festival, a place where
                                           you can stuff your face with cotton
                                                                                    as Mardi Gras. Everyone wore
                                                                                    masks and no one knew who each
                                                                                    other was so it allowed people to
                                           candy, eat jams and jellies, and         mingle more free. The common
                                           ride on a Ferris wheel. But do you       costume was a black silk hood, a
                                           really know where all of this comes      lace cape, a voluminous cloak (the
                                           from?                                    tabarro), and a three-cornered hat
                                                                    Hundreds of     and a white mask that completely
                                                                 years ago, in      covered the wearer’s face.
                                                                 Italy, because         You may wonder how the Ferris
                                                                 of the Catholic    wheel became apart of the car-
                                                                 religion, there    nival. The first Ferris wheel was
                                                                 was a tradition    designed by George W. Ferris.
                                                                 of a wild cos-     He built the wheel for the 1893
                                                                 tume festival      World’s Fair in Chicago (the same
                                                                 before the first   World’s Fair that our sixth graders
                                                                 day of Lent.       recreate each year.)
                                                                 They called            He created it to compete with
                                                                 their tradition    the Eiffel tower which was made
                                                                 carnevale –        for the Paris world fair in 1889.
                                                                 which means to     The original Ferris Wheel was de-
                                                                 put away the       stroyed in 1906, but he started a
                                                                 meat because       trend, and soon after Ferris wheels
                                                                 during Lent        were at theme parks and carnivals
                                                                 Catholics are      all over the world.
                                                                 not supposed           African traditions have a big
Carnival at night.                                              to eat meat.        influence on carnivals. In costumes
                       Photo by Sterling      The carnival continues to be a        and masks they would parade
                                           celebration of life that is found not    while moving in circles through
                                           only in America but many other           villages. Circling villages was be-
                                           countries around the world. For          lieved to bring good fortune, and
                                           instance, the carnival was intro-        to heal problems. Feathers were
                                           duced to Trinidad around 1785.           frequently used by Africans in on
                                           Fancy balls were held where the          their masks and headdresses as
                                           people would put on masks, wigs,         a symbol of the humans ability to
                                           and beautiful dresses as they            rise above problems. Now we use
                                           danced long into the night.              feathers on our masks to make
                                              The first carnival began on           them look pretty and to add color.

The History of                             By Mia Masuda                                In 1936, the Parent Association
                                                                                    joined forces with the Juniors.
Our Carnival                                S    ome may wonder, when was
                                                 the first Punahou Carnival?
                                           Did it have a theme? And where
                                                                                        Together they introduced the
                                                                                    first Carnival rides, the merry-go-
                                                                                    round and the Ferris wheel, rented
                                           was it?                                  from E.K. Fernandez.
                                              Well, Punahou Carnival began              Though there were no rides
                                           1914 when Punahou was still              between 1942 and 1946, the Car-
                                           called “Oahu College.”                   nival was expanded to a two-day
                                                                   A carnival       event in 1947.
                                                                week was held           Five-cent scrip, a sound booth,
                                                                where parents       and five new rides were intro-
                                                                and boarding        duced.
                                                                students could          By the mid-1950s, the Carnival
                                                                rent rooms on       had outgrown Middle Field and
                                                                campus for a        was moved to its location now on
                                                                small sum of        Lower Field.
                                                                money.                  Students in grades 9 - 12 were
                                                                   But it wasn’t    encouraged to try out for the
                                                                until 1932 that     Variety Show, a medley of singing,
                                                                Punahou Car-        dancing, and musical comedy.
                                                                nival became            The show later became the job
                                                                an all-school       of the senior class.
                                                                event.                  Although at least two earlier
                                                                   The reason       carnivals carried “themes,” this
                                                                they started        kicked into gear in 1968, and by
Carnival has always brought lots of                            it was to raise      the early 1970s, Carnival “fabric”
smiles to kids’ faces.                     money for the Oahuan—the Acad-           was added to the tradition.
                       Photo by Sterling   emy yearbook.                                Punahou Carnival is the major
                                              The Carnival was held on Middle       scholarship fundraising event.
                                           Field and sold hot dogs, soda, and           What begins as fun for lower
                                           ice cream.                               school students grows into class
                                              Events included a shooting            and community bonding and
                                           gallery, a bowling green, fortune        school spirit building.
                                           telling, a swordsman, a pie-eating           Carnival has always been a
                                           contest, horseshoe contests, and         great way for kids one to one hun-
                                           tub races in the swimming pool,          dred to have fun.
                                           and dancing for a nickel!                    Info from:epunahou.punahou.
                                              This carnival was very successful     edu carnival history, and Ms. Kylie
                                           and raised $240 for the yearbook.        Omo, Punahou Archivist.
  February 2008                     The CMS Courier                                                       Page 3

Malasadas!                                 By Julia Lau                            milk. All these simple ingredients
                                                                                   are jammed into these delicious

                                            W     hat is a Punahou Carnival
                                                  without the famous Punahou
                                           Malasadas! These sugar-coated
                                                                                      Every year, an estimated
                                                                                   320,000 are sold, hand-made by
                                           light doughnuts have been a hit at      Punahou alumni in just two days.
                                           the Punahou Carnival ever since         Lines stretch across the campus
                                           the first Carnival in 1932.             for these delicious treats.
                                              The malasada, or Portuguese             There are also different versions
                                           doughnut, was introduced to Ha-         of the “malasada.”
                                           waii from Portugal in 1878, when           There are the French beignets,
                                           immigrant workers came from             Okinawan andagi, Italian fritole,
                                           Portugal bringing their wonderful       Mexican buñuelos, Kazahkstan
                                           recipes.                                baursaki, South African koeksis-
                                              Since then, malasadas have be-       ters, German krapfen, Hungarian
                                           come a hit in the islands and many      langos, and so many more!
                                           think the Punahou ones are some            Malasadas come in different
                                           of the best in Hawaii.                  forms all over the world and the
                                              The recipe includes yeast, sugar,    Punahou version is just one of
                                           water, flour, salt, butter, eggs, and   them—and only cost 2 scrip each.

The Great                                  By Chloe Nobuhara                       and Siam would capture white ele-
                                                                                   phants and adorn the animals with
White Elephant                              M    ost students have never been
                                                 to or know about “The White
                                           Elephant.” And for the majority of
                                                                                   diamonds and gold. If the white
                                                                                   elephant died, it meant misfortune
                                                                                   to the country.
                                           the people who haven’t been to             If it ever existed, the fabled
                                           the White Elephant, it’s a room at      white elephant is long gone.
                                           the Punahou Carnival that sells do-        In reality, the “white elephant”
                                           nated items and other things that       booth at Carnival is a great way
                                             were lost and never claimed.          to buy second-hand things of both
                                                Other than the White Elephant      good quality and price.
                                            being a successful booth at the           You can buy barely used and
                                           Punahou Carnival, it is a legend in     new-looking accessories, furnish-
                                           Asia dating back to the 1800s.          ings, hats, clothes and more.
                                              During the 1800s to 1900s in            So if you get tired of the rides
                                           certain parts of Asia, a species of     and need a new necklace, you
                                           white elephant was considered to        know where to go.
                                           be a lucky animal that would bring         Head on over to visit the White
                                           good news to the country.               Elephant to buy something nice, or
                                              Kings of countries like Burma        just buy back that hat you lost.

The Buzz on                                By Leigh Omizo, Kathy Lau,
                                           Ariel McKenzie, & Paulina Reyes
                                                                                      Two other Courier reporters
                                                                                   checked with both 6th and 7th
Punahou Carnival                                                                   graders, surveying 40 students, 20

                                            E   veryone at Punahou knows
                                                that the carnival is the biggest
                                           thing of the year, right?
                                                                                   from 6th and 20 from 7th.
                                                                                      In this survey, for 6th grade,
                                                                                   the most popular ride was Pha-
                                              There’s lots of games, rides, and    raoh’s Fury with nine 6th grade
                                           good food: the type that will prob-     boys and seven girls choosing it as
                                           ably kill your arteries but leave       their favorite ride.
                                           you in a brief moment of greasy            The remaining four 6th graders
                                           deep fried heaven.                      voted for Spin Out.
                                              Two Courier reporters checked           The 7th graders, however, chose
                                           the scene with some 6th and 7th         differently. For them, the best ride
                                           graders. In 6th, the students of Mr.    was almost a tie between the In-
                                           Agena and Mrs. Yamamoto who             verter and the Zipper, but by three
                                           responded had some preference           votes, Zipper was named the best
                                           for food and rides.                     ride.
                                                                                      Five girls and six boys voted for
                                              Rides                                the Zipper and four girls and four
                                              Zipper: 4                            boys said that the Inverter was the
                                              Pharaoh’s Fury: 1                    best.
                                              Spinout: 5                              One 7th grade boy voted for
                                              Swings: 1                            Spin Out.
                                              Bumper cars: 1                          Overall, for both grades, the
                                              Music Express: 1                     percentages, out of 40, were:
                                              Cliffhanger: 1                          Pharoah’s Fury, 40%
                                                                                      Zipper, 27.5%
                                              Food                                    Inverter, 20%
                                              Malasada: 7                             Spin Out, 12.5%
                                              Icee: 1                                 So, if you are planning to go
                                              Taco Salad: 1                        on either Pharaoh’s Fury, Spin
Which ride do you prefer?                     Portuguese Bean Soup: 1              Out, Inverter, or the Zipper, be
                       Photo by Sterling      Terri Burgers: 3                     prepared to wait in a long line, be-
                                              Cotton Candy: 3                      cause those are the most popular
                                              Fried Saimin: 1                      carnival rides.
  February 2008                        The CMS Courier                                                      Page 4

Carnival’s                                    By Bret Armstrong                        7 - 8 • Manoa DNA
                                                                                       8 - 9 • Sammy Solatorio and
Hawaiian Plate                                 T   he event every Punahou
                                                   student has anxiously been
                                                                                       9 - 10 • The Kapakahi Band
Entertainment                                 waiting for is coming up in just a
                                              few days.                                Sat., Feb. 2, 2008
                                                IT’S CARNIVAL TIME!!                   12 - 1 • Punahou Jazz Band
                                                The time to go on thrilling rides,     1 - 2 • Punahou Alumni Glee
                                              win big prizes, and eat delicious                 Club
                                                                  malasadas—           2 - 3 • Na Kama
                                                                  YUM!                 3 - 4 • Hapa Folk
                                                                     While you’re      4 - 5 • The Keawe Ohana
                                                                  there, you           5 - 6 • George Kuo, Aaron Mahi
                                                                  should also                   & Keith Cockett
                                                                  watch this car-      6 - 7 • Makaha Sons
                                                                  nival’s exciting     7 - 8 • Leo Kane & Friends
                                                                  Hawaiian Plate       8:30 - 9:30 • Opihi Pickers
                                                                  entertainment.       10 - 11 • Kaipo
                                                                     The Hawai-
                                                                  ian Plate up at        Carnival has had Hawaiian
                                                                  the Cafeteria is   Plate Entertainment for at least 20
                                                                  going to have      years now and is organized by Lyle
                                                                  some great         Hosada.
                                                                  shows this            Mr. Hosoda has also done pe-
                                                                  year like Puna     formances in the Hawaiian Plate
                                                                  Rock, the Opihi    entertainment since 1984.
                                                                  Pickers, Danny        Many groups have a connection
                                                                  Carvalho,          to Punahou like students, alumni,
                                                                  Punahou’s jazz     and friends.
                                                                  band, plus the        Even though most of these
                                                                  Makaha Sons        talented peformers have to give up
Mr. Smart & Puna Rock in action at            and lots of other great talent.        their time because they don’t get
last year’s Hawaiian Plate.                                                          paid
                Photo courtesy of Mr. Smart     This is the full schedule:              “It is a time were we in the
                                                                                     Punahou can all come together
                                                Fri., Feb. 1, 2008                   and kind of be like kids again” says
                                                12 - 1 • Punahou Jazz Band           Lyle Hosada.
                                                1 - 2 • Young & Crazy                   Punahou Carnival is going to
                                                2 - 3 • Steve Mai‘i and Steve        have great rides and games and
                                                         Brown                       some delicious food but every once
                                                3 - 4 • Hoku Zuttermeister and       in a while take a break and come
                                                         Friends                     down to the Hawaiian Plate Enter-
                                                4 - 5 • I Ku Mau Mau                 tainment to watch great entertain-
                                                5 - 6 • Danny Carvalho               ing shows and hear some awe-
                                                6 - 7 • Puna Rock                    some music.

                                              be three classrooms as opposed         commodate the ADA wheelchair
                                              to just two, like the old one.         ramp, especially because of the
  4Dance Pavilion                                Also, the building is now made      doubled size.
     …continued from page 1                   “slab on grade”, which is concrete,       While the new pavilion is 3,100
                                              while the old one was built “post-     square feet larger than the old
                                              on-piers”, which is wooden.            one and concrete, it’s also very
                                                 The only challenge in building      sustainable.
The new pavilion is cooled by many            the new dance pavilion and the            Rather than air conditioning,
windows and large fans.                       design phase was trying to ac-         huge ceiling fans, 8 feet in diam-
                   Photo by C. Sameshima                                             eter, cool each room.
                                                                                        Also, the walls are insulated,
                                                                                     and the windows, which are Low-
                                                                                     E Double Paned glass (the same
                                                                                     ones as in Case Middle School),
                                                                                     will help keep the building cooler.
                                                                                        Besides the three classrooms,
                                                                                     the new pavilion also consists of
                                                                                     two changing rooms, an office,
                                                                                     two rest rooms, a private rest
                                                                                     room with a janitor’s closet, and
                                                                                     an exterior seating area that will
                                                                                     soon hold some benches.
                                                                                        The building was dedicated to
                                                                                     the memory of Josephine Flan-
                                                                                     ders, founder of the Punahou
                                                                                     Dance School, who also taught
                                                                                     there for 30 years.
                                                                                        So in the words of Chaplain
                                                                                     Medeiros at the Dance Pavilion
                                                                                     Blessing, quoting from Ecclesias-
                                                                                     tes 3:1 in the Old Testament:
                                                                                        “For everything there is a sea-
                                                                                     son, and a time for every purpose
                                                                                     under heaven — a time to mourn,
                                                                                     and a time to dance.”
  February 2008                           The CMS Courier                                                          Page 5

And the Oscar                                    By Maile Blume

Goes to...                                        O      kay, I lied, they didn’t win
                                                         the Oscars...but they did win
Makana and Leigh!                                the Punahou Carnival 2008 PSA Ad
                                                 Contest! (Wow, that’s a mouthful!)
                                                     Makana Williams and Leigh
                                                 Omizo, two sixth graders in Mr.
                                                 Agena’s class, had originally
                                                                     collaborated to
                                                                     work on a science
                                                                        “Making the
                                                                     movie was a lot of     the phone. It was very funny.”
                                                                     fun and Leigh and         When not making winning vid-
                                                                     I thought it would     eos, Leigh likes to play with her
                                                                     be really cool if we   golden retriever, Kalu, loves play-
                                                                     made a PSA for         ing tennis, making crafts, watching
                                                                     the carniva,” said     TV, and listening to music.
                                                                     Makana.                   But did you know she also plays
                                                                        When asked          music? “I play the flute and piano,”
                                                                     how long the com-      said the eager sixth grader.
                                                                     mercial took to           Makana also plays piano, but
                                                                     film, Leigh told us    instead of flute, she plays viola.
                                                                     that it had taken      She too loves to listen to music
                                                                     two days of filming    and watch TV. Her little brothers
                                                                     and three days of      enjoy soccer.
                                                                     editing by Makana.        So someday when you’re watch-
                                                                        Of course the       ing the Oscars, you might just find
Here are three screen shots of the               girls had the assistance of family!        these two getting an award for
winning video.                                       Makana’s father was the camera         directing...or their little brothers
                                                 man and an assistant editor, and           for acting!
                                                 the three boys you see in the car
                                                 and other scenes are Makana’s
                                                 adorable brothers, Micah, Noah,
                                                 and Matthew.
                                                     And Makana’s neighbors also
                                                 played a part in acting in the com-
                                                     When they found out they won,
                                                 the girls, like any girls, went bal-
                                                     Makana said, “Leigh and I were
                                                 really excited. I called her that
                                                 night and we were screaming into

Punahou Students                                 By Caldwell Marchant                       of the team and an actress in the
Win Video Contest                                 T   eam Kaizen of Punahou school
                                                      place in the top five best vid-
                                                                                               Ryan said that they had consid-
                                                                                            ered a number of different ideas at
on Innovation                                    eos submitted to answer one ques-
                                                 tion: “How can you improve your
                                                                                            the start.
                                                                                               “We had a couple ideas actu-
                                                 world through innovation?”                 ally,” he said. “One of them was
                                                    Team Kaizen, consisting of              based on a rolling backpack.”
                                                 current freshmen Ryan Catalani,               After some talking, the team
                                                                      Kevin Lee,            came up with the idea to show
                                                                      Jonathan San-         multiple ways to show innovation,
                                                                      tiago, and Ash-       such as record players vs. iPods,
                                                                      ley Nabeshima         and walking vs. cars.
                                                                      was one of               The team’s video was then se-
                                                                      many differ-          lected as one of the top five videos
                                                                      ent teams that        on innovation.
                                                                      put together             They each received over $1600
                                                                      a video on In-        worth of prizes: an iPod nano,
                                                                      novation.             iWork, and iLife software, and Final
                                                                          The team          Cut Studio Pro 2 video editing
                                                                      found out             software. The Studio Pro software
                                                                      about this con-       itself is worth $1300 and the total
                                                                      test from one         worth of all their prizes came up to
                                                                      of their former       around $6400.
                                                                      teachers.                But what is the team working
                                                                          They be-          on now? What will the world throw
                                                                      came inter-           at them next? Team Kaizen is now
                                                                      ested in this         working on a 10-minute video
                                                                      fun topic and         about the effects of “evil” music
                                                                      started brain-        on high school students, due on
                                                                      storming soon         March 21st.
Team Kaizen, l. to r.: Ryan Cata-                                    after.                    Their winning video, Innovation:
lani, Kevin Lee, Jonathan Santiago,                 “It took about a week to make,          Technology Through Time, can be
and Ashley Nabeshima.                            sometimes it was fun, and some-            seen at
               Photo courtesy of Iris Catalani
                                                 times it wasn’t” said Ashley, one          com/innovation/contest.php.
  February 2008                      The CMS Courier                                                       Page 6

Mrs. Saito:                                 By Harrison Oshiro & Justin Lee        the many aspects of the Hawaiian
The New Face                                 “S    tudents don’t care what you
                                                   know, until they know you
                                                                                      Q. Do you have any goals for
                                                                                   the students at Punahou?
of Social Studies                           care.”
                                               This is one of Mrs. Saito’s
                                                                                      A. I want my students to de-
                                                                                   velop critical thinking skills and
                                            favorite quotes that she lived by      become lifelong learners.
                                            while teaching as the 7th grade           Q. How do you like Punahou
                                            Social Studies teacher for Punahou     and the facilities?
                                            School for Team 7Y.                       A. I love working at Punahou.
                                               The Courier was given an op-        The facilities and unlimited re-
                                            portunity to interview Mrs. Saito to   sources provide the ideal working
                                            ask her questions about her teach-     and learning environment.
                                            ing career and her personal life.         Q. Did you always want to be-
                                               Here is what she had to tell us.    come a teacher? If not, what?
                                                                                      A. I originally wanted to be-
                                               Q. What schools did you work at     come an accountant and follow in
                                            before you came to Punahou?            my father’s footsteps.
                                               A. I taught at Waianae High            Q. Can you tell me about your
                                            School and Mililani Middle School      family?
                                            as a P.E. and Social Studies              A. Well, my husband, Reid, is an
                                            teacher.                               optometrist and a 1990 graduate
                                               Q. What do you consider to be       of Punahou. My daughter, Chloe,
                                            your achievements?                     is a student at Central Union Pre-
                                               A. I was a state resource           school.
                                            teacher that assisted brand new           Q. Do you have any interests
                                            special education teachers at Wai-     or hobbies you would like to share
                                            anae coast schools. But overall,       with us?
                                            my biggest achievement is teach-          A. I paddled the Moloka‘i Chan-
                                            ing at Punahou.                        nel last September. I dance the
                                               Q. Why do you like to teach         hula and have gone to the Merrie
Mrs. Lorelei Saito                          social studies?                        Monarch three times, in ‘96, ‘97,
                       Photo by H. Oshiro      A. I like to teach social stud-     and ‘98. Also, I love to read his-
                                            ies because I always thought that      torical fiction books; my favorite is
                                            history was interesting and I enjoy    Rena’s Promise.

The Founder of                              By Courtney Kosaka & Rebecca Henry        The new paper was xeroxed on
                                                                                   legal-sized paper.
a Middle School                              D    o you like reading the CMS
                                                  Courier? Well, if you do, give
                                                                                      Each issue ran about 14-20
                                                                                   pages and about 375 newspapers
Newspaper                                   thanks to Mrs. Fujioka, the English
                                            teacher on Team 7X.
                                                                                   were printed.
                                                                                      This was all before digital pho-
                                               Mrs. Fujioka has taught at          tography, and the Ka Leo o Pihopa
                                            Punahou since 1980. She first               was all black and white. After
                                            taught English to grades                        Mrs. Fujioka left Punahou,
                                            7 and 8 up until 1984.                            Mr. Wagenseller took
                                            Then she went to the                                over the class.
                                            Academy and taught                                       When the Case
                                            English there until                                    Middle School was
                                            1990, after which                                      built, middle school-
                                            she returned to                                         ers were taught in
                                            the Junior School,                                      these new buildings.
                                            teaching English                                            Now that middle
                                            again to grades 7                                        schoolers moved
                                            and 8.                                                   to the Case Middle
                                               In 2000, Mrs. Fu-                                     School, their news-
                                            jioka left Punahou.                                      paper name was
                                            She thought she                                         changes to The CMS
                                            was going to come                                       Courier.
                                            back the next year,                                       Other than teach-
                                            but she had adopted                                   ing English and creat-
Above, l. to r. Mrs. Fujioka and            a child in Japan, so she                             ing the newspaper and
Speech Team 7 members Maiya                 was very busy.                                     elective, Mrs. Fujioka
Smith, Kelly Langeslay, Maile                  Mrs. Fujioka finally                          also was the advisor for
Blume, and Olivia Barahal.                  came back to teach Eng-                        many clubs.
At right, Mrs. Fujioka.                     lish again at Punahou this year,             She advised the Yearbook
                       Photos by R. Henry   replacing Mrs. Otsuka who retired      Club for Junior School and Acad-
                                            last year.                             emy students, and other clubs
                                               Mrs. Fujioka came up with the       focusing on community service, po-
                                            idea of a newspaper for the middle     ems and stories, and debate. This
                                            school because the school needed       year, Mrs. Fujioka is guiding the 7th
                                            more electives.                        grade speech club.
                                               In 1992 she gathered a group           Mrs. Fujioka also has some
                                            of kids and formed the elective        amazing relatives. One of her
                                            now called News Journalism. At         sisters, Mrs. McLaren, also teaches
                                            that time, only the Academy had a      here at Punahou School in the
                                            newspaper, named Ka Punahou.           fourth grade.
                                               When the newspaper for middle          Their father, Dr. Richard Mamiya,
                                            schoolers was finally published, it    was a famous doctor in town and
                                            was called Ka Leo o Pihopa (The        the Science Center in the Academy
                                            Voice of Bishop).                      was named in honor of her parents.
  February 2008                         The CMS Courier                                                          Page 7

Barack Obama...                                By Lauren Stollar & Kara Tsuzaki        and rarely keep in touch. The last
                                                                                       time Mr. Kusunoki spoke to Barry
Former Oahuan,                                  B   arack Obama... a name many
                                                    of us have heard from the
                                                                                       was two years ago, when he came
                                                                                       to speak at a chapel.
Our Next President?                            news and at school.
                                                  He has become a “hot topic” to
                                                                                           At that meeting, the two long-
                                                                                       time friends reminisced on past
                                               talk about. He has even appeared        times when Mr. Kusunoki brought
                                               on YouTube in a song and video          out the “Old Maroon Scrapbook”
                                               starring “Obama Girl.”                  filled with pictures from Mr.
                                                                       Almost ev-      Obama’s high school year.
                                                                    eryone in the          Students of Punahou, be kind to
                                                                    USA knows he       all your classmates, for you never
                                                                    is running for could be sitting next to
                                                                    president, but     America’s future President.
                                                                    did you know
                                                                    he use to go
                                                                    to Punahou
                                                                    School? And
                                                                    that some of
                                                                    his old teachers
                                                                    are still teach-
                                                                    ing today?
                                                                       Mr. Eric
                                                                    a dedicated
                                                                    study hall advi-
                                                                    sor, keyboard-
                                                                    ing mentor,
                                                                    football and
                                                                    baseball coach
                                                                    at Punahou
                                                                    was Mr.
                                                                    Obama’s advi-
                                                                    sor during the
                                               four years “Barry” spent in high
Blast from the past. Bottom row,               school.
l. to r., Eric Kusunoki, Amy Board-               So we got the scoop on Barry’s
man, Brian Wright. Top, Vernette               early years.
Ferreira, Billy Stoner, Whitney Ka-               Mr. Kusunoki described him
hoohanohano, Byron Ho, and Barry               as a very positive, outgoing, and
Obama. At right, Barry Obama                   respectful man.
scoring high, playing for the                     As far as Mr. Kusunoki knows,
Punahou Basketball team...1979.                Mr. Obama was a good student,
             Photos provided by Mr. Kusunoki   he never received any interims,
                                               and had a very close knit group of
                                                  They all shared a favorite past
                                               time, basketball, and truly enjoyed
                                               the sport, though like most people,
                                               they forget people from their past

World of                                       By Jordan McCreary                      campaigns, and with World of War-
                                                                                       craft’s over 9 million subscribers,
Ron-Paul Craft?                                 P   residential candidate Ron
                                                    Paul is planning to use the
                                               MMORPG (Mas-
                                                                                       it’s not such a bad idea.
                                                                                           World of Warcraft was made by
                                                                                                           Blizzard Entertain-
                                               sively Multiplayer                                          ment Inc. The
                                               Online Role-Playing                                         game was made
                                               Game) World of                                              for players to step
                                               Warcraft to acquire                                         away from reality
                                               more supporters                                             for a while, and
                                               for his presidential                                        some say that poli-
                                               campaign.                                                   tics doesn’t belong
                                                  He is using fo-                                          there.
                                               rums and a simple                                              “Real world poli-
                                               web site to orga-                                          tics should stay out
                                               nize a “World of Warcraft” march in     of the game,” wrote Gamespy’s Al-
                                               support of his campaign.                len Rausch. Gamespy is a web site
                                                  The website is “www.ronpaulfo-       that reviews and tracks games.
                                     ”                                   “We play World of Warcraft to get
                                                  A group of players in a “guild”      away from the real world, though,”
                                               will march from Ironforge to Strom-     Rausch wrote. “So whether you’re a
                                               wind (two cities) spreading the         Republican or Democrat, blue-stater
                                               message.                                or red-stater, liberal or conserva-
                                                  But this isn’t the only time poli-   tive, let’s leave the sloganeering and
                                               tics have intertwined with World of     yelling on Rush Limbaugh’s show
                                               Warcraft.                               and in Michael Moore movies where
                                                  Already Barack Obama, Mitt           they belong. In World of Warcraft,
                                               Romney, John McCain, John Ed-           we should all come together for just
                                               wards, and Fred Thompson have all       one political purpose—beating the
                                               used the game to advertise their        snot out of the gnomes.”
 February 2008       The CMS Courier                                                        Page 8

For the Class of 2013,   By Claire Feeley & Casey Matsumoto         hind with the percentage of 30%
                                                                    in Iowa and 17% in New Hamp-
Who Will Be Your Prez     S    ome of us at Punahou (fac-
                               ulty, staff, and administra-
                                                                    shire. He had a similar 17% in
                                                                    his home state of South Carolina.
the Next Four Years?     tors) are legally eligible
                         to vote at our state
                                                                              Edwards has since aban-
                                                                               doned his bid.
                         polls for the presiden-                                  On the Republican
                         tial candidates that will                             side, John McCain was
                         represent their party for                             leading. In New Hamp-
                         the main presidential                                 shire, he received 13%
                         elections.                                            of the votes in Iowa and
                            The main candidates                                in New Hampshire 37%.
                         from the Republican                                   In South Carolina, he
                         party were:                                           had 33% of the vote.
                             • Mike Huckabee                                      Mike Huckabee won
                             • Mitt Romney                                     Iowa with a stunning
                             • Rudy Giuliani                                   34% of the votes. In
                             • John McCain                          New Hampshire he only received
                            The main Democratic candidates          11% of the votes but in South
                         were:                                      Carolina he came in second with
                             • Hillary Clinton                      almost 30%.
                             • Barack Obama                            Mitt Romney came second in
                             • John Edwards                         both Iowa with 25% and in New
                            Obama, as we all know, is a             Hampshire with 32%. He won
                         previous graduate of our beloved           Nevada, but was fourth in South
                         school. He won the Iowa Caucus             Carolina.
                         with 38% of the population and lost           Rudy Giuliani received 4% of
                         the New Hampshire Primary with             the votes Iowa, 9% in New Hamp-
                         37% of votes. He just took South           shire and did poorly in Florida. He
                         Carolina with 56% of the vote.             dropped out on Jan. 30.
                            Hillary Clinton lost Iowa with             The Democratic National Con-
                         29% of the votes and won New               vention with be held in Denver,
                         Hampshire at 39%. She had just             Aug. 25-28.
                         over 26% in South Carolina.                   The Republicans will meet in
                            John Edwards is trailing far be-        Minneapolis-St.Paul, Sept. 1-4

Webkinz:                 By Jackie Emley                               Yes, because I come on at dif-
                                                                    ferent times to win prizes. - Tai
Furry Friends or          W     ebkinz are plush toys you
                                buy at a store and then
                                                                       No, because my account is
Fluffy Fiends?           bring home.
                            Around the neck or the paw of a
                                                                    about to expire. – Makana ’14
                                                                       Yes. – Lauren ’14
                         Webkinz is a tag with a secret code           I used to be addicted to it but
                         inside that unlocks a virtual world.       now I am not. – Jamie ’14
                            Here you can take care of your
                         pet, you can shop, play games,                Do you think webkinz are
                         and decorate your room.                    too expensive?
                            Though it is harmless, it is time-         No, considering how popular
                         consuming and addictive.                   they are it is a pretty reasonable
                            Webkinz are also expensive:             price. – Bethany ’14
                         they cost from $12 to $14.                    Webkinz are too expensive. –
                            The Lil’ Kinz, (the smaller ver-        Megan ’14
                         sion of Webkinz) are $8 to $12.               Yeah, 12 dollars is too much! -
                            We asked some people who                Jasmine ’14
                         have Webkinz a few questions.                 Yes, they’re too expensive. –
                                                                    Lauren ’14
                              Do you think Webkinz is                  Stores label their products dif-
                            safe enough?                            ferently so it depends on which
                                  I think that Webkinz isn’t the    store you got to. – Erika ’14
                                safest website. – Makana ’14
                                     Yes. It is a safe website. –      What is your favorite thing
                                  Bethany ’14                       about Webkinz?
                                      Yes, they are safe be-           I like to shop and design my
                                   cause they have a limit on       room it makes me feel like a de-
                                   what you can say. - Jas-         signer! – Bethany ’14
                                   mine ’14                            Playing games with other
                                      Webkinz is a program          people. – Megan ’14
                                  that does not let you actual-        The W shop. - Jasmine ’14
                                 ly talk to someone. You can’t         They are fuzzy and cute. – Erika
                                say “meet me here,” you can         14’
                            only say things like “hi.” So yes,         Mostly everything!!! - Tai ’11
                         it is safe. – Erika ’14
                             Yes, because you can’t type in            What is your least favorite
                         whatever you want. - Tai ’11               thing about Webkinz?
                                                                       That you have to buy certain
                           Are you ever addicted to                 stuff to go places. - Jasmine ’14
                         Webkinz?                                      How you only get a little kin-
                           Yes, I am a webkinz addict. –            zcash money from playing games.
                         Bethany ’14                                – Lauren ’14
                           I think I go on too often. – Me-            I don’t like that it can take a
                         gan ’14                                    long time to load. – Makana ’14
  February 2008                            The CMS Courier                                                          Page 9

From 3,850                                        By Shanni Yamaki                             The Courier interviewed two
                                                                                            of the students. Readers should
Miles Away                                         Walking down を はなしますか。
                                                                    the hall recently,
                                                        you might have heard a stu-
                                                  dent say: “にほんご                  ”
                                                                                            understand that these students are
                                                                                            currently studying English and are
                                                                                            not yet proficient.
                                                      For those that can’t speak or            Q. What is your name?
                                                  understand Japanese that phrase              A. Hikaru Hayakawa
                                                  means, “Do you speak Japanese?”              Q. Who was your host?
                                                      Japan is about 3,850 miles away          A. Joel Albus
                                                  from Hawaii. Students from Japan             Q. What do you think of
                                                  took a plane overseas to visit us         Punahou?
                                                  for an exchange trip. Their school,          A. I like.
                                                  Tamagawa, is our “sister school.”            Q. What was the most enjoyable
                                                  Tamagawa goes from Kindergarten           thing you have done here?
                                                  to graduate school.                          A. Hiking.
                                                      The exchange trip goes two               Q. What is your name?
                                                  ways: Tamagawa to Punahou and                A. Takiro.
                                                  Punahou to Tamagawa. The first               Q. Who was your host?
                                                  trip is usually held when the 8th            A. Nishikawa Michael.
                                                  graders go to camp but this year,            Q. Why did you choose to come
                                                  it got held back. This year, the visit    to Hawaii?
The students from Tamagawa dur-                   was from Jan. 4 - 9.                         A. Because I want to go to
ing their January visit.                              On their first day here, the visi-    Hawaii.
       Picture from   tors had a campus tour. After that           The exchange program is open
                                                  they met up with their host fami-         to 7th & 8th graders and they
                                                  lies. The Tamagawa students were          don’t have to be taking Japanese.
                                                  Hikaru Hayakawa, Hirotada Utsu-           About ten students come here and
                                                  mi, Keijiro Ishii, Takahiro Yamada,       ten Punahou students go to Japan.
                                                  Kaoru Mikami, Kei Kumonaka, and           The Punahou students will leave on
                                                  Aiko Monoi.                               Feb. 1, Carnival Day.

Teachers’ Pets                                    By Jessica Chang & Ella Ito               named Poseidon. Poseidon was a
                                                                                            predator and enjoyed eating other,
and Pests,                                         W      hen we think of our teach-
                                                          ers we probably think of
                                                                                            smaller fish. Eventually Poseidon
                                                                                            grew too big for his aquarium and
the Most Extreme                                  responsible people with rulers and
                                                  pencils. But if we reconsider, it may
                                                                                            was returned to the stream where
                                                                                            he was found.
                                                  occur to us that these adults have           And now we come to the three
                                                  lives outside of school. They have        finalists: Mrs. Lyman-Mersereau,
                                                  houses and maybe even pets.               Mr. Young-Kingsbury, and Mrs.
                                                      And now, we present Teachers’         Robinson.
                                                  Planet, the Most Extreme Pets and            Eighth grade teacher Ms. Lyman-
                                                  Pests.                                    Mersereau had a squirrel monkey,
                                                      Mr. Gaudiano and Mrs. Kawano-         Menehune. Menehune lived in a
                                                  Ching tie for tenth place. Mr. Gau-       cage with his pet rabbit. Everyday,
                                                  diano owns a faithful dog named           he liked to cruise neighbors’ yards
                                                  Lucy. Mrs. Kawano-Ching also has a        and their fruit trees. He also “was
                                                  dog by the name of Emi.                   very fond of sipping from my moth-
                                                      Ninth place is Mrs. Chang, sixth      er’s martinis and eating the green
                                                  grade, who has three cats and one         olive—he’d spit out the pimento,”
                                                  dog. Two of the cats and the dog          Ms. L-M said.
                                                  have medical problems that require           Mr. Young-Kingsbury, eighth
                                                  daily medicine and care. The other        grade, had a boa constrictor named
                                                  cat is described as, “fine, just loud     Rodney. Rodney was adopted when
                                                  and bossy.”                               he was only eight inches long. He
                                                      Number eight is Mrs. Jamile,          grew fast—too fast—over six feet.
                                                  eighth grade, a cat lover. Her            His diet consisted of live mice and
                                                  current cat, Sally, is all black and      rats.
                                                  trusts no one. According to Mrs.             Mrs. Robinson is a seventh grade
                                                  Jamile, Sally is a definite pest.         teacher. In high school, she ex-
                                                      Coming in seventh is, coinci-         perimented with fruit flies. When
                                                  dently, a seventh grade teacher, Mr.      she was teaching in Australia, she
                                                  White. He has three mice— stinky          had numerous pets and pests in
                                                  but are pets none the less.               her biology classroom, including
                                                      Next, in sixth place, is Mrs.         a parakeet, a blue-tongued lizard
                                                  Saito, a new seventh grade teacher,       and tadpoles. She raised a migiro
                                                  with a fish, a cat and a dog. Her         (rice bird) while she was teaching
                                                  fish is named “the Saito Fish” and        biology in the Academy. But what
                                                  is described as a “suicidal hopping       takes the prize is her axolotyl, a
                                                  fish.” Her cat is “the Saito Cat” and     carnivorous juvenile salamander.
                                                  can you guess what the dog’s name            So folks, who do you think is the
                                                  is? That’s right: it’s “the Saito Dog.”   most extreme?
                                                      Fifth place is a tie: Mrs. Kano          In third place, Ms. L-M and her
                                                  and Mr. Tuttle. Mrs. Kano, sixth          squirrel monkey, Menehune. In
                                                  grade, has chinchillas and “five          second place comes Mr. Kings with
                                                  irritating yappy dogs.” Mr. Tuttle,       his boa constrictor, Rodney.
                                                  eighth grade, has a cat named                And last, in first place (drumroll
Top, an axolotyl; middle, a boa;                  Indiana.                                  please) is Mrs. Robinson with her
bottom, a squirrel monkey.                            At number four comes Mr. Earle,       nameless axolotyl.
                Photos courtesy of the Internet   seventh grade. He used to have a             Thank you to all the teachers
                                                  classroom fish—a small-mouth bass         who entered your pets/pests!
  February 2008                    The CMS Courier                                                        Page 10

Ryan Higa:                                By Kika Masunaga, Nicole Kim,
                                          & Liana Lau
                                                                                    the near future. With their videos,
                                                                                    they have connected with their
A Local Celebrity                                                                   viewers through humor.

                                           I   f you happen to hear the name
                                               Ryan Higa, most likely you will
                                          recognize it. Ryan Higa, a.k.a.
                                                                                       They have become well known,
                                                                                    especially here at Punahou. If you
                                                                                    haven’t seen any of his videos,
                                          “Nigahiga,” has become one of the         we highly recommend you watch
                                          most popular YouTube video stars.         some. Just go on
                                              Best known for his “How to be         and search Nigahiga. You will soon
                                          Ninja,” “How to be Gangster,” and         be laughing your head off. Be
                                          his one of his most recent videos,        advised that some content may
                                          “How to be Emo,” his videos have          not be suitable for your younger
                                          become so popular mostly be-              brothers and sisters.
                                          cause of the incredibly hysterical           For more information about
                                          lines and actions.                        their sponsorship, you can go to
                                              Along with his friend, Sean 
                                          Fujiyoshi, who has appeared in a             We were able to contact Ryan
                                          few videos with him, Ryan Higa            and asked him a few questions:
                                          actually is currently living right
                                          here in the state of Hawaii, in Hilo         When and why did you start
                                          on the Big Island.                        making your first videos/ what
                                              He is a 17-year-old student at        gave you the inspiration?
                                          Waiakea High School.                         I first started making videos
                                              Ryan’s hobby is creating videos,      to entertain friends and family. I
                                          because he loves making people            think my inspiration would be the
                                          laugh. The 5’ 8’’ Junior gets his         slow paced / boring life style of
                                          ideas whenever something pops             the Big Island. By that I mean,
                                          into his head.                            there’s nothing fun to do here, so
                                              He says that he just writes it        I decided to make videos to keep
                                          down and expands or they just             myself occupied.
                                          come up with ideas on the spot.
                                              We wondered if his parents               Tell us about your how you
                                          knew about his videos.                    were sponsored and what
                                              Ryan replied, “Yes, my parents        does it mean to you?
                                          know about my videos but they                As our subscriptions and views
                                          never film around them.”                  began to grow, more and more
                                              He currently now has 38 fun-          offers were sent to us. People
                                          filled videos on YouTube, and be-         wanted to use our popularity to
                                          cause of them, they were recently         advertise their companies. We de-
                                          sponsored by The KayTee Group,            cided to go with The Kaytee Group
                                          an advertising and marketing              because they are located on the
                                          group.                                    Big Island and I found them to
                                              The purpose of The KayTee             be more trustworthy. To me, I
                                          Group is to help smaller busi-            believe that being sponsored for
                                          nesses to grow and prosper. They          YouTube is pretty unheard of and
                                          “provide dynamic solutions toward         cool. However, I don’t make a big
Top Picture: Ryan Higa; Below:            the progress and prosperity of            deal out of it. It doesn’t affect the
Ryan and his friend Sean in a             your business.”                           quality or quantity of our video
video.                                        Ryan and Sean plan to keep            production.
                     Photo from YouTube   creating more of their videos in                         …continued on page 13

Frank De Lima:                            By Alison Nichols & Sarah Hasselman       is “hearing the laughter,” says the
Big Talent,                                F    rank De Lima, one of Hawaii’s
                                                most popular comedians, came
                                                                                       As a Hawaiian, he has been
                                                                                    closely watching the Warrior foot-
Big Heart                                 to Punahou Chapel recently to talk
                                          about responsibility. He has been a
                                                                                    ball team this season. When we
                                                                                    asked him how he felt about our
                                          comedian for 32 years, doing what         final battle at the Sugar Bowl, he
                                          he loves by making people laugh.          said, “[I feel] disappointed but
                                              One of his specialties is translat-   proud for our Warrior team for a
                                          ing present issues into makeovers         great season.”
                                          of hit songs such as “Bad Day”               Frank De Lima enjoys coming
                                          where he talks about the 40 days          to schools and talking to students
                                          of rain and the power outage.             because he enjoys “being able to
                                          “What June Jones, You Going Leave         share my gift that God gave me to
                                          Us Now?” is about June Jones leav-        help make life a bit better for stu-
                                          ing Hawaii.                               dents in a very challenging world.”
                                              A few other songs that he has            He does this as part of an en-
                                          redone are Beethoven’s Fifth, Lu-         richment program to help Hawaii’s
                                          cille, Johnny Angel, The Greatest         children understand the importance
                                          Love of All, Gilligan’s Island, Battle    of reading, studying, family, and of
                                          Hymn of the Republic, and I Love          course, laughing. This program also
                                          it, I Like It.                            helps students through hard emo-
                                              His sidekick singing duo are Da-      tional times and life transitions.
                                          vid Kauahikaua and Bobby Nishida,            De Lima visits over three-hun-
                                          who help create his parodies.             dred and fifty schools every two
                                              Frank De Lima gets his inspira-       years, and Punahou is one of them.
                                          tions from everyday life, what’s on          Frank De Lima will continue
                                          the news, and the jokes he hears in       to visit Punahou and many other
                                          circulation.                              schools, to make the people in
                                              His favorite part of telling jokes    Hawaii laugh.
 February 2008                      The CMS Courier                                                     Page 11

Mr. Tsujimoto:                             By Leilani Riahi & Aubrey Thomas       passion for writing, it was a painful
Reaching for                                “I    t’s a great feeling when you
                                                  can be of service to people
                                                                                     “Writing can be painful,” he
                                                                                  said. “It is like opening your veins
the Heights                                through your stories.”
                                               This is how eighth grade teacher
                                                                                  and letting the blood pour over
                                                                                  your paper.”
                                           Mr. Tsujimoto described the feeling       Nevertheless, he has finished
                                           of connecting with a wide range of     this book, and it is expected to do
                                           individuals through his writing.       very well on the shelves.
                                               Mr. Tsujimoto has recently fin-       About future book sales for
                                           ished writing a collection of short    Morningside Heights, Mr. Tsujimoto
                                           stories titled Morningside Heights:    said that even though he’d like
                                           New York Stories, which will be        the sales to be high, “the return is
                                           released sometime in Mid-April.        modest for the human investment.”
                                               This book is about an Japanese-       This collection of short stories
                                           American boy named Kenji grow-         is recommended for ninth graders
                                           ing up in New York City during the     and up, due to its strong language,
                                           50s and 60s.                           violence, and sexual content.
                                               When talking about this book,         Through years of effort, Mr. Tsu-
                                           Mr. Tsujimoto admits that Morn-        jimoto has created an entertaining,
                                           ingside Heights was inspired by his    deep, and compelling novel about
                                           life, although most of the stories     growing up, finding yourself, and
                                           are fictitious. For twenty years,      dealing with the problems along
                                           Mr. Tsujimoto has been stringing       the way.
                                           together this collection of short         In another 20 years, we hope
                                           stories, while following through       that Mr. Tsujimoto releases yet
       Above, Mr. Tsujimoto in             with the same main character.          another book, so that his strong
       a good mood.                            After finally completing Morn-     legacy of writing, entertainment,
                     Photo by CMS staff    ingside Heights, Mr. Tsujimoto         and passion will continue for ages
                                           realized that even though he has a     to come.

A Chat with                                By Dakota Anderson                     and cunning, like the animal.
                                                                                     But I also wanted to get across
Montmorency Author,                         I  n the book Montmorency, a
                                               common thief is transformed
                                                                                  the idea that he was a bit of a
                                                                                  gambler—a chancer.
Eleanor Updale                             into a gentleman with a filthy
                                           double-life when he falls though a
                                                                                     About that time we moved
                                                                                  house, and the next road to ours
                                           window in Victorian London.            is called Selwyn Avenue. I thought
                                              After his release from prison       at once that the name Selwyn was
                                           and using knowledge gained from        a good one for George’s character,
                                           prison and in scientific lectures      and hyphenating the two worked
                                           where he was shown off as a tro-       well.
                                           phy, Montmorency becomes both             When I came to write the second
                                           the rich gentleman “Montmorency”       book, I gave George a bigger role,
                                           and his thieving servant, Scrapper.    looking after Montmorency, and
                                              This book is a must read. The       in a way acting as his conscience,
                                           twists and turns of the plot make it   even though he still has an endear-
                                           a gripping tale.                       ing, funny side of his own.
                                              The author of the Montmorency          By the time Book Three came
                                           series is Eleanor Updale. She has      along, I really loved him. I was
                                           been writing the series since 2001     as devastated as anyone to see
                                           of which Montmorency is the first      him die, but I had to kill him off
                                           of four books.                         because of a flip remark I made
                                              Montmorency started out as a        towards the end of Book One.
                                           bedtime story Mrs. Updale told to         Q: When you wrote the book,
       Renowned author                     her children. Later, as she worked     where did you find the time to
       Eleanor Updale.                     on her degree, she wrote it as a       write?
          Photo courtesy of the Internet   book.                                     A: I have always worked at
                                              The Courier garnered an exclu-      funny times. The first draft of Book
                                           sive interview with Mrs. Updale.       One was finished when we were
                                                                                  on a family holiday in Crete, and I
                                              Q: Where did you get the inspi-     stayed up late most nights, when
                                           ration for Lord George Fox-Selwyn,     it was cool, using my husband’s
                                           Montmorency’s friend?                  laptop. He had just written a book
                                              A: When I first thought of          (a non-fiction book, about Tony
                                           George, he was much more of a          Blair and Gordon Brown) and I was
                                           stereotype figure than he becomes      very jealous of him.
                                           in later books—he was more of             I finished that draft on my
                                           an upper-class buffoon than he         knees in the departure lounge at
                                           becomes later, only really giving      the airport on the way home.
                                           a hint of his inner depths and his        My husband goes out to work at
                                           concern for the welfare of the na-     night, and I do a lot of my writ-
                                           tion towards the end of Book One.      ing then. It’s much easier to work
                                              I never expected him to be part     when the phone doesn’t ring, and
                                           of more than a few scenes—but he       the family doesn’t demand atten-
                                           grew on me.                            tion.
                                              When I first named him, I gave         Until this year, I was also work-
                                           him a fairly straightforward name      ing on my Ph.D. (now finished)
                                           (I can’t remember what it was),        and so I had to fit the fiction in
                                           which I then changed to Fox, be-       when I could.
                                           cause I thought he was quite sharp                    …continued on page 12
 February 2008                       The CMS Courier                                                      Page 12

A Long                                      Review by Keli‘i Ke                     the Rebellion hits the Capital of
                                                                                    Sierra Leone.
Way Gone...                                  A    book that I recommend for
                                                  the students of Punahou is A
                                            Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy
                                                                                       Now 17, Ishmael flees to the
                                                                                    United States.
                                                                                       When he flees, he loses contact
                                            Soldier by Ishmael Beah.                with his siblings who are presumed
                                               This outstanding and life chang-     dead.
                                            ing book tells about the devastat-         The following excerpt is a short
                                            ing conflict in Sierra Leone be-        part of the book when Ishmael is
                                            tween the Government, and the           already in America in 1998.
                                            Revolutionary United Front.
                                               It also tells how both sides use        New York City, 1998
                                            child soldiers as their forces by          My high school friends have be-
                                            brainwashing children with drugs,       gun to suspect I haven’t told them
                                            power, and fear.                        the full story of my life.
                                               The author, Ishmael Beah, used          “Why did you leave Sierra Le-
                                            to be a child soldier himself, until    one?”
                                            he left the country. This story is         “Because there is a war.”
                                            a dark chapter in the conflict of          “Did you witness some of the
                                            Sierra Leone.                           fighting?”
                                               I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.      “Everyone in the country did.”
                                               In his biography, Beah was 12           “You mean you saw people run-
                                            years old when his village was de-      ning around with guns and shoot-
                                            stroyed by rebels in Sierra Leone.      ing each other?”
                                            Now a refugee with his brothers,           “Yes, all the time.”
                                            they become enlisted in the army           “Cool.”
          Photo courtesy of   for three years.                           I smile a little.
                                               Later, he runs into a UNICEF            “You should tell us about it
                                            Rehabilitation center.                  sometime.”
                                               Things get more serious when            “Yes, sometime.”

The Nene Award                              By Anna Winnicki                        computers to create a digital arts
                                                                                    project. There is also a poster
Book Contest                                 E    very year, children in elemen-
                                                  tary schools vote for their
                                            favorite fiction book, through the
                                                                                    contest as well as one for the per-
                                                                                    forming arts
                                                                                        There is a 2008 recommended
                                            Nene Award Book contest.                book list. One of the books is
                                                Children from grades 4-6 can        called The City of Embers. It is
                                            vote for the books. The Nene            about two people in the city of
                                            Award contest generates read-           Embers who are told to discover
                                            ing. Kids vote during January or        the secret to this mysterious
                                            February, and the ceremony takes        land. Another is called The High
                                            place during May.                       Power Of Lucky. It is about a girl
                                                The University Elementary Lab       who wants to run away. There
                                            School started the contest. The         are many awesome books. Just
                                            children submit nominees. Usually,      search the Nene Award, and click
                                            when a nominated book does not          Nene award booklist.
                                            win one year, it is again put on the        If you want to find out more
                                            list the next year. Students can go     about the contest, ask the librar-
                                            to the Julia Ing Library to ask Mrs.    ian, Mrs. Johnstone. Usually, she
                                            Johnstone if you can vote.              will tell the class about the rec-
                                                Last year, the book Boy at War      ommended list, and will greatly
                                            won the contest.                        encourage the class to all vote.
                                                Children can write essays               There is also a poster in the
                                            about what they thought about           Ing Library about the books.
                                            the book, what the book inspired            Students can go to the library
                                            them to do, and about what the          and get a sheet of paper to vote;
                                            book taught them, and enter the         it’s really simple. To enter any
                                            Nene Award Essay Contest.               contest, just ask Mrs. Johnstone.
                                                Also, they can enter the digi-          The contest is supported by the
                                            tal arts contest, where they use        libraries.

                                                The academic work introduced        show that I can do other things
                                            me to the joy of working in refer-      first. There’s a little book coming
 4Updale & Montmorency                      ence libraries, and I still do that.    out in Britain this year. It’s set in
   …continued from page 11                  I’ve just spent the whole of today      the present day and is about a boy
                                            sitting in the library working on       who has to challenge his parents’
                                            my next book, and loving every          ideas to save his sister’s life.
                                            minute of it.                               The book I’m writing at the mo-
                                                Q: Will you be publishing any       ment is set in England between the
                                            more books after Montmorency’s          two world wars. I also have some
                                            Revenge?                                short stories coming out in collec-
                                                A: The next book to be pub-         tions which will published in Britain.
                                            lished will not be a Montmorency            (Note: the BLC has two of the
                                            book. I’m dying to write the next       four Montmorency books, the 1st
                                            episode, and have lots of ideas for     and the 3rd. The 2nd has not yet
                                            it, but my publishers want me to        been ordered. )
 February 2008               The CMS Courier                                               Page 13

Multiply Your                 By Sijing Qiu                           greater reason for why math is
                                                                      essential: finding patterns. Find-
Resources by Adding            I   f you’ve ever made fun of
                                   math geeks...YOU SHOULD BE
                                                                      ing patterns in life is an absolute
                                                                      necessity because it help makes
to Your Knowledge             SO ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!
                                 After all, a math geek might
                                                                      sense out of basic chaos.
                                                                         It’s the process of learning
                              eventually become a teacher, and        how to do math that is more
                              teachers help students just like        important, the study habits, and
                              us expand our reach on our edu-         the way you apply what you’ve
                              cation by providing us with more        learned to not only your work but
                              resources—and that includes             your life, which makes life easier
                              clubs like Math Club.                   and clearer.
                                 The thought that’s probably             Math helps you balance logic
                              killing you inside is, what is the      with creativity, and works not
                              purpose of Math Club?                   only the left side of your brain,
                                 Team 7X’s very own math              but the right side of your brain as
                              teacher, Mr. Heffernan, has been        well.
                              ever so kind as to talk about              While everything in Math Club
                              Math Club from his point of view.       seems so great and dandy, there
                                 The purpose of Math Club is          is a down side: those people who
                              simply to create an environment         make fun of the people in Math
                              where those who enjoy math or           Club. In Mr. Heffernan’s eyes, it’s
                              those who want a greater chal-          simply a 7th and 8th grade matu-
                              lenge in math all come together.        rity social mechanism.
                                 The Math Club explores items            Since when is being smart,
                              not taught in class, and does           trying hard, and doing your best
                              problems that are more difficult.       become uncool?
                              They also play games and can get           You should remain humble in
                              more math help if needed.               the greatest of times, even while
                                 The warm-ups that are done in        people try to tear you down be-
                              Math Club are the tools for Math        cause it seems “uncool.”
                              Team which competes in competi-            Math Club is for those who
                              tions against other schools.            want to go more further in math
                                 It’s just a great place to make      by using their resources. It is
                              friends sharing a common inter-         very admirable.
                              est.                                       You should give Math Club
                                 Mr. Heffernan has been teach-        a try—try something new, you
                              ing full time for six years in Case     might like it one day, and you
                              Middle School, and three years in       might not like it another.
                              the academy for Summer School.             Use all your resources, and
                                 In Mr. Heffernan’s opinion,          keep on learning.
                              knowing how to do math is con-             Whether you want to just hang
                              sidered an essential ability in life.   out, or expand your knowledge,
                              Of course you will need to know         try Math Club, and it’ll be an
                              how to do 1+1=2, but there’s a          awesome experience.

                                 Besides making videos,               entire process I’d say would prob-
                              what other hobbies do you               ably take about 8-12 hours total.
 4Ryan Higa                   have/ what else do you like to
   …continued from page 10    do? (sports, community ser-                Out of all your videos, which
                              vice, chores, etc.)                     one do you like the best or
                                 Other hobbies I do would be          which one was the most fun to
                              wrestling and judo. I also volun-       create? Why?
                              teer at the Hilo Medical Center            Out of all the videos I think our
                              in the radiology dept and like          most recent video was the most
                              any other kid, I have chores like       fun to make because it our own
                              cutting the grass, taking out the       song. I wrote the lyrics to “Asian
                              trash, cleaning my room, “you           Boy...” and Sean and I sang it
                              know the drill”.                        together. It was pretty cool how it
                                                                      actually sounded like a real song
                                 What are you thinking of             (although not a very good one).
                              making your next video on?
                              Could you give us a synopsis               You are getting a lot of at-
                              of the steps you take in mak-           tention from your videos: in
                              ing one?                                what ways has this affected
                                 I’m not quite sure what my           your life?
                              next video is going to be at this          Well a lot of people recognize
                              current moment. Usually an idea         me wherever I go. I’ve had people
                              just pops up in my head out of no       give me Christmas gifts, pay for
                              where and I just write it down on       my Starbucks, take pictures of
                              a piece of paper. From there, I         me, or just approach me and I’ve
                              brainstorm and expand my idea.          never met them in my life. At
                              After I create the basic idea or        times it can be bit scary, I don’t
                              script, I let Sean know what I          want people treating me like I’m
                              want to do and we plan a day to         some kind of celebrity.
                              film.                                      I’m just another average kid
                                 While we film, we don’t always       from Hawaii who has chores,
                              follow the exact script, we like to     homework, and sports like ev-
                              improvise or make it up as we go        eryone else, but in my free time,
                              along. After that, we just edit the     instead of going to the movies,
                              video to the way we want it. This       I’m creating movies.
 February 2008     The CMS Courier                                                Page 14

Dress Code          By Aubrey Thomas                        code was almost an 180º flip, from
                                                            the “very conservative” style of the
through the Ages     I  t is followed by many, and bro-
                        ken by quite a few. It’s often
                    viewed as unreasonable, unfair,
                                                            mid 1800’s.
                                                               Now female students were al-
                                                            lowed to wear “appropriate Ber-
                    and just plain annoying.                muda shorts” and no longer were
                       That “it” can only be one            they confined to the stifling hot
                    thing...Dress Code!                     apparel of the conservative age.
                       Many students have broken               Even to this day students are
                    dress code more than once, but          expected to follow the enforced
                    what about students from previ-         attire policy. According to Ms. Omo
                    ous years? Years in which students      “Punahou always had a standard
                    wore pleated skirts, bell bottom        expectation for how they dressed
                    pants, and the infamous poodle          for school.”
                    skirt.                                     She also said “this is a learn-
                       From the time Punahou began          ing environment. Punahou was
                    admitting both male and female          and still is a business for learning.”
                    students, there was a dress code        Much like a business, there are
                    in place to help the students as        stringent rules students and teach-
                    well as teachers.                       ers must follow.
                       Yes. Even teachers had a dress          However a survey taken from
                    code, and they still do.                the Ka Punahou newspaper (circa.
                       Years ago, boys were only al-        1974) revealed that most students
                    lowed to wear “long pants and           from those times (for the most
                    long sleeved shirts” and girls          part) thought that the dress code
                    were only permitted to wear long        should remain “as is”—an attitude
                    non-form-fitting dresses, which         almost foreign to today’s times.
                    covered them from neck to feet.            So what brought on this newer,
                    Girls couldn’t wear anything that       more strict dress code?
                    showed their ankles, wrists, or col-       The new dress code that be-
                    larbones.                               came prominent a few years ago
                       According to Ms. Kylie Omo, ar-      resulted from a progression of
                    chivist for Cooke Library, “religion    years of ideas, meetings, and col-
                    influenced the dress code greatly.      laborative thoughts from students,
                    Since Punahou was a school estab-       teachers and faculty alike.
                    lished for missionary children, they       Some might say there is even
                    were greatly influenced, in every       a link between how a student
                    aspect of their lives, including        dresses and behavior and academ-
                    dress and attire.”                      ic success. So it actually helps you
                       Almost 120 years later, dress        in the long run with school.

Chinese             By Malia Staab                          Monkey, Rooster, Dog and last the
                                                            Boar or Pig.
New Year             D     id you know that the Chinese
                           New Year is not on January
                    1st? It isn’t even on the same day
                                                                Therefore those of us who are
                                                            Rats have lived through a whole
                                                            zodiac cycle of twelve years, the
                    each year.                              next time it is a rat year, we will be
                       Last year it was on February         twenty-four!
                    18th and this year it is on Febru-          Rats are said to be imagina-
                    ary 7th.                                tive, charming and generous to
                             The Chinese New Year and       the ones they love. They are also
                         their calendar are different       said to be forthright, honest and
                         from ours. It follows the cycles   easy to get along with. They are
                         of the moon, therefore some        supposed to have sharp mental
                         times called the Lunar New         powers, but can be self-absorbed
                         Year.                              too. They are good writers, critics
                             Our year follows the move-     and publicists.
                         ment of the sun.                       The month leading up the Chi-
                             Chinese New Year is the big-   nese New Year is a very busy time
                         gest Chinese celebration. They     of the year, with families leaving
                         do not celebrate Christmas,        the big cities where they work
                         which is a normal school day       back to the countryside to see
                         to them. They don’t celebrate      their family.
                         our New Year much, but on              Some of them left their children
                         their New Years they go all out    with other family members when
                         with fireworks on every corner.    they work in the cities, or haven’t
                             They start to celebrate        seen their children for almost a
                         with firecrackers early in the     year! Since most stores and busi-
                         day and there is no school all     nesses are closed for a month,
                         around China and giant fire-       many families also use this time to
                        crackers go off all around you.     travel, to see important sights.
                       This Feb. 7th starts the Year            Chinese New Year’s Eve is even
                    of the Rat, and for most students       noisier than ours; there is much
                    in sixth grade it will be their 12th    more smoke and since the air is
                    birthday this year, and they are        already polluted in the cities, the
                    rats.                                   air is just awful.
                       The Year of the Rat is the first         The fireworks are splendid
                    in the twelve-year cycle of the Chi-    though and very close; colors
                    nese zodiac, followed by the Year       shooting everywhere and people
                    of the Ox and then Tiger, Rabbit,       visiting each other with presents.
                    Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep,            It is a magical time of the year.
  February 2008                  The CMS Courier                                                 Page 15

Wacky                             By Joylen Nakagawa                           Basically, this is a day to dress
                                                                           up your pet. Don’t try this on your
Holidays                           M    ost people only know about a
                                        few holidays in January.
                                     For instance, there’s Martin
                                                                           goldfish; a goldfish is really hard
                                                                           to dress up!
                                                                               January 17th • Ditch Your New
                                  Luther King, Jr. Day on the 21st.        Year’s Resolutions Day
                                  And of course, there’s always New            That’s self-explanatory. What
                                  Year’s Day (New Year’s Eve is in         took you so long?
                                  December of the prior year.)                 January 20th • Penguin
                                     The ones that do not appear           Awareness Day
                                  on calendars do not become very              To celebrate Penguin Awareness
                                  famous. But if you do know about         Day, why not watch one of the
                                  them, you know that these are not        recent penguin movies, like Surf’s
                                  your ordinary holidays.                  Up, Happy Feet, or March of the
                                     Here are a few:                       Penguins. Also, you should dress
                                     January 2nd • Run up the              up in black & white.
                                  Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes           January 21st • Squirrel Appre-
                                  Day                                      ciation Day
                                     This day is for being creative            Why should penguins have all
                                  and finding new ideas and con-           the fun? Get a little squirrelly!
                                  cepts to test out. The phrase itself         January 27th • Chocolate Cake
                                  is an expression often used in           Day
                                  advertising.                                 We don’t know the origin of this
                                     January 9th • Play God Day            holiday, but we don’t care. We
                                     No one seems to know what             should eat cake!
                                  this day is about, but you can do            January 28th • Fun at Work
Did you dress up your puppy on    something that will help someone.        Day
Jan. 14?                             January 11th • Step in a Pud-             It’s a day, not only to get your
                                  dle and Splash Your Friends Day          work done, but to have fun doing
                                     This must be a day that people        it. So don’t cry over your home-
                                  who live in warmer climates, like        work today; instead, you should
                                  Hawaii, have to celebrate. In the        go back to eating chocolate cake!
                                  North, there’s probably more ice             Do not worry these holidays are
                                  than puddles.                            completely real. You can find out
                                     January 12th • Feast of Fabu-         more by going to www.holidayin-
                                  lous Wild Men Day              
                                     We don’t want to know what            htm.
                                  this day is about!                           So remember, the holidays on
                                     January 14th • Dress Up Your          your calendar are not the only
                                  Pet Day                                  ones you can celebrate.

Valentine’s Day                   By Megan Lau                             in the United States.
                                                                              It has been customary to give
                                   T    here are many different histo-
                                        ries of Valentine’s Day.
                                     My favorite one tells of when St.
                                                                           flowers on Valentine’s Day. Flowers
                                                                           are the most popular gift given on
                                                                           Valentine’s Day.
                                  Valentine was waiting in jail to be         The most common flower given
                                  executed.                                on Valentine’s Day is roses, espe-
                                     Valentine started talking to his      cially pink or red. Roses are the
                                  jailer, Asterius, and found that he      symbol of love since the Victorian
                                  had blind daughter.                      times. Roses stared becoming
                                       Valentine asked if he could         popular because red roses were
                                          heal his daughter. Luckily,      Venus the Roman goddess of love
                                             he did.                       favorite flower.
                                                  Before he was execut-       There are many different kinds
                                                ed, he asked if he could   of roses, each meaning something
                                                 write a farewell letter   else. White roses mean truth, in-
                                                 to her and signed it      nocence, and silence. White roses
                                                 “From Your Valentine.”    are meant to say “I Miss You.”
                                                    From then on every-    White roses are used in weddings
                                                 one signed letters just   and also in funerals.
                                                like he did.                  Yellow roses mean friendship,
                                                   Another story about     joy, and hope. Sometimes they are
                                              Valentine’s Day is that      used to say “Let’s Be Friends.” If
                                            it came because young          you want to have a long roman-
                                          Roman boys and girls were        tic relationship, don’t send yellow
                                       kept separated. But, one of the     roses.
                                  customs was that on the festival of         Pink roses are also used a lot in
                                  Lupercalia, the names of the girls       Valentine’s Day. There also used to
                                  were written down and the put in         say “Thank You,” “You’re So Kind.”
                                  a jar.                                      On Valentine’s Day peach roses
                                     Then the boys would go around         convey a message of excitement.
                                  and pick a name out of the jar.          Sometimes they are used to ex-
                                  They would spend one full year           press appreciation, gratitude, or
                                  with the girls and then marry            sympathy.
                                  them.                                       Lilac Roses show that the
                                     Here are some statics on Val-         sender has had love at first sight.
                                  entine’s Day: 188 million cards          Coral roses show desire with their
                                  are exchanged, 1,241 of locations        passionate color.
                                  producing chocolate and cocoa               Dead roses clearly convey, “It’s
                                  products, and 28,772 jewelry store       Over!”
 February 2008         The CMS Courier                                                   Page 16

Be Green:               By Nina Oishi                              able plastic containers and don’t
                                                                   throw them away—that way, at
It’s Easier              E   verywhere you look these
                             days, you see things
                                                                   home, you can wash the contain-
                                                                   ers and use them again and again.
than It Seems           that remind you of Punahou’s
                        Sustainability goal. From the post-
                                                                      Don’t throw away those empty
                                                                   water bottles. There are many
                        ers to Buff + Blue = Green banner          water fountains all over campus,
                        outside Punahou’s main gates to            so instead of throwing your bottle
                                the eco-friendly design of         away you can instead fill it up
                                Case Middle School, you            there instead.
                                can see that our school is            Another great, easy way to
                                trying its best to be envi-        help the environment is carpool-
                                ronmentally friendly.              ing. If you have a friend who lives
                                   But even though the             nearby, you can go to school in the
                                school is making a big             same car... and your parents will
                                difference in trying to be         love the fact they have to pay less
                                green, as students we              for gas and you get to talk with
                                need to help too. It may           your friend all the way to school.
                                seem like a huge job to               Plus, make sure your teacher
                                change the world’s condi-          turns off the lights when your class
                                tions, but there are so            leaves the classrooms...this saves
                                many small things that you         energy, too.
                                can do... it’s easier than it         But even if you already know
                                seems.                             about all these ways to be greener,
                                   Take a look around the          don’t forget to tell your friends.
                                cafeteria: it’s a great place      Imagine how much less trash and
                                to begin. For starters,            energy Punahou will be having or
                                instead of using paper or          using if everyone tries their best to
                                plastic bags to carry your         be more environmentally friendly.
                                home lunch, use reusable              And while you’re at it, look
                                cloth bags. You can buy            around. Maybe you’ll be the one
                                stylish insulated lunch bags       to pioneer a brand-new green
                                at stores—much better              scheme that makes your world
                                than brown paper.                  a better place. Remember, being
                                   Put your lunch in reus-         green is easier than it seems.

The Wii: Fun Game or    By Scout Shutter & Kenny Yamashita         PS3 may be catching up.
                                                                       But still remains our question:
Dangerous Weapon?        T   he Wii is the new interactive
                             video game that has been out
                        since Nov. 19, 2006.
                                                                   is the Wii a fun game or dangerous
                                                                       Let’s turn to the experts for this
                           By Dec. 16, 2007, before Christ-        one. Some say that soon Nintendo
                        mas last year, Nintendo sold over          will be sued for the Wii being too
                        981,000 copies of the Wii making           dangerous.
                        it nearly impossible to get as a               Here is a story that was posted
                        Christmas present.                         on a forum. A gamer claimed that
                           Since its release it has also           when he and his friends were play-
                           broken many TVs, lights, fans,          ing the Wii, they played it almost
                             and walls.                            nonstop for 24 hours.
                                  Is it a fun game or dan-             Then, while playing a game of
                                gerous weapon?                     bowling on Wii Sports, the gamer’s
                                     Without using the wrist       friend wound up to roll his ball
                                   strap, the Wii remote can       and felt the controller slip from his
                                    easily fly off your wrist      hands. Instead of the strap pre-
                                      and hit a TV, light, wall.   venting the controller from flying,
                                          It can also injure       it snapped.
                                       the user or the user’s          After this story, some gamers
                                       partner.                    responded saying that this would
                                          Games like “Wii          be the end of the Wii and that
                                      Sports” and “Cooking         Nintendo had take these accidents
                                      Mama” are the most           into consideration.
                                     deadly.                           One expert on
                                       Analysts say that           responded to this accident saying
                                   the interactive Wii is so       that Nintendo didn’t make their
                                   popular because it allows       products fool-proof and the Wii
                                   players to get up and           remote didn’t break the TV, the
                                  right into the action of the     friend did. He believes that this
                                 game.                             issue will have no effect on Wii
                                    As you might know              sales. Nintendo can’t be held liable
                        already, the Wii remote lets you           over game actions.
                        control the moves of your charac-              So there we have it, the Wii
                        ter on screen in real-time.                found to be a fun game and not a
                           The Wii also lets you create            dangerous weapon. But next time
                        your own character or “Mii” to look        when playing with your friend,
                        like yourself in the game. You edit        make sure you wear the wrist
                        everything about your Mii from             strap before you find yourself buy-
                        the color of the hair to the type of       ing them a new TV.
                        eyebrows.                                      Check out some of the videos
                           The Nintendo Wii remains the            online (PDF version only):
                        leader of the next generation gam-             Video 1
                        ing console sales, while the Sony              Video 2
 February 2008   The CMS Courier                                                  Page 17

The iBook and     By Carole Kau & Joanna Lee                    iTunes also includes a shuffle
                                                            feature where you can shuffle
Its Features       O      n the 21st of July in the year
                          1999, the Apple Computer
                  company (now just Apple) brought
                                                            all your songs into a completely
                                                            random order, so the order of the
                                                            songs can be changed whenever
                  forth a new kind of invention. Their      you want.
                  idea of a better, smaller, and more           Despite all these cool and useful
                  efficient laptop was brought to life.     laptop programs, the one program
                      Laptop users all around the           suite used constantly by students
                  world were given even more fea-           is Microsoft Office.
                  tures than before.                            Microsoft Office comes with a
                      It was the iBook.                     bunch of different programs for
                      With its 50 watt-hour-rated six       students to make their projects.
                  lithium-ion cells, the iBook pro-             One is Microsoft PowerPoint.
                  vided up to six hours of operation.       This is where you can make slide
                  And its built-in microphone was           shows and presentations.
                  useful for recording. But these are           And don’t forget Microsoft
                  not the only features the iBook           Entourage: great for email and
                  has, there are much more.                 calendars and appointments and
                       People all around the world love     practically everything you need.
                   the iBook and its great features.            Another one is Microsoft Excel.
                   Many even prefer the iBook to            This one lets you organize your
                   the HP laptop from the Hewlett-          information, which is most useful
                   Packard company that also sells          for making tables and graphs.
                   computers.                                   Another one, and the most
                                                   Here     used program of Microsoft Office is
                                                 we have    Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is
                                                 a quote    great for writing documents, book
                                                 from a     reports, stories, and much more.
                                              blog and          Punahou pays a special fee to
                           the person’s opinion about       Microsoft that allows Office to be
                  the iBook                                 used on all machines at the school.
                      From “PassTheLoot”: I would               As you can see, the iBook
                  sell my hp laptop and throw in            has proven to be very popular
                  a scanner/printer and a ton of            in some schools, and it just so
                  software for one. Anyone want to          happens that Punahou School
                  trade ???                                 started using iBooks as learn-
                      Literally, that mostly says it all.   ing tools for students in the year
                      The iBook is also very popular        2000 for its 4th grade pilot lap-
                  with schools as learning tools for        top program.
                  students. Not only is it useful for           Here we have a few words from
                  finding information for research,         Mr. Tedd Landgraf as he expresses
                  but the laptop’s programs can be          his opinion of the iBook as a learn-
                  used for student projects. These          ing tool.
                  include Safari, GarageBand and                “I believe the laptop is a won-
                  iTunes. These programs are also           derful learning tool for students
                  the most popular, and the most            because it connects students to in-
                  used by student laptop users.             formation, helps them process and
                      Let’s talk about them, shall we?      understand it, and gives them the
                      Safari on the iBook became the        ability to demonstrate their knowl-
                  most used internet browser next           edge and facilitate the creative
                  to the Internet Explorer some time        process through multimedia,” Mr.
                  ago. It has an search field in its        Landgraf said.
                  window’s upper right-hand corner              As you can see, the iBook is a
                  that lets you look for information        great laptop with cool features and
                  straight from Google.                     tons of cool things to do on it. But
                      You just type what you want,          wait until you see the greater in-
                  and it automatically searches it.         vention that came after the iBook
                      And another feature of Safari is      in our next part of our article.
                  its bookmarks folder. It’s great for          Five years after the iBook was
                  organizing and placing sites that         brought into the world, a new type
                  you want to save so you can refer         of invention was made.
                  to it again for homework.                     In the year 2006, the MacBook,
                      GarageBand is another one             and later, its brother, the MacBook
                  of Apple’s ingenious inventions.          Pro, was introduced to all laptop
                  Its great feature lets you record         users around the world. This new
                  your voice, music, or whatever            laptop was flatter, longer, wider,
                  you want to record. And you can           and with even more upgraded
                  modify the recorded sound with            features that left everyone flabber-
                  the “vocal transformer.” This lets        gasted. It overwhelms us with its
                  you change your voice to whatever         new technology.
                  you desire.                                   Let’s talk about these new fea-
                      You can even change your voice        tures, shall we?
                  to a male or female voice.                    Top of the list: a new 13.3
                      GarageBand is great for mak-          inch glossy screen, plus a built in
                  ing podcasts and other cool school        camera to take pictures of yourself
                  projects.                                 wherever you may be.
                      And let’s not forget iTunes. It           It has a new, powerful, 250GB
                  became, without a doubt, the              hard drive. It is powerful, with an
                  greatest and most popular com-            Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a
                  puter music player of all times.          speed 2.2GHz. Every computer has
                      It lets you copy your music from      a performance of 4MB and shared
                  your CDs onto your computer. And          L2 cache.
                  it also lets you shop on the iTunes           In addition to this, every Mac-
                  store for only a dollar a song.                          …continued on page 18
  February 2008                 The CMS Courier                                                   Page 18

One Way or                          By Mahina Husain                         as rich as people in Hawaii. There,
                                                                             it is not unusual to have servants.
Another of                           I  was recently in Pakistan so
                                        these differences and similari-
                                                                                 Also, instead of having grocery
                                                                             stores like Star Market, Safeway
Pakistan                            ties are fresh on my mind.
                                       I was also there when Benazir
                                                                             and Times, they have people on
                                                                             the streets selling things when
                                    Bhutto got assassinated. For me it       people stop at traffic lights. They
                                    was two days spent hiding in the         have other grocery stores that
                                    house and watching TV.                   don’t have fresh food.
                                       For others         it was time            Also, here there are no camels
                                    to go out                  and start     roaming around the beach but
                                    riots.                                   there are camels roaming around
                                       Living                                the beaches in Pakistan. If you go
                                    there, you notice                        to the beach, you will see camels
                                    many differences.                        and horses that you can ride.
                                       For instance, if you                      Now that you know the dif-
                                    wanted to catch a bus here               ferences you should think of the
                                    in Hawaii, you go to the bus             similarities.
                                    stop. To get off, you ring the bell.         Both Pakistan and the U.S.
                                       In Pakistan, if you want to get       have presidents. The president of
                                    on a bus, you wave your hand             Pakistan is President Musharraf.
                                    in the middle of the road, jump              In Pakistan President Mushar-
                                    on the bus and hand a guy your           raf is now unpopular and in the
                                    money. When you want to get of           U.S. President Bush is relatively
                                    you wait until the bus has slowed        unpopular according to Google.
                                    down and you jump.                           Another thing that is the same
The differences between Pakistan       Some other differences are the        is that both places have social
and Hawaii are numerous, size       people who live in your house.           clubs.
included. Pakistan is 880,940 km2   Here most people have just family            If you have ever been to the
while Hawaii’s land area is just    or maybe a nanny or a renter.            Pacific Club or the Honolulu Club,
29,311 km2.                            But in Pakistan, you would have       you would know kind of club the
                                    a cook, sweeper, duster, driver          Sind Club is like.
                                    and if you have an older person in           The Sind Club has a pool, fit-
                                    your house, you would probably           ness center, tennis and squash
                                    have two or three people to take         courts. Like most social clubs in
                                    care of him or her.                      Hawaii, you must be a member to
                                       We would probably think people        come in.
                                    in Pakistan must be very rich to             So here are some similarities
                                    have all those servants. Well there      and differences. I hope you got a
                                    are not that many people who are         look into Pakistan and its culture.

                                    Book comes with “iLife ‘08.” As we       MacBook just as much?
                                    talked about earlier in the article,         “I love it.” said Mr. Tedd
  4The iBook and its features       Apple’s programs are amazing by          Landgraf, Tech Resource Teacher.
     …continued from page 17        themselves. But what happens             “It’s an even faster computer than
                                    when you twist them, and shape           the iBook that allows me to do
                                    them to something else?                  whatever I need or want to do bet-
                                       The new feature in iPhoto?            ter and faster.”
                                    Making calendars, and cards, out             The MacBook and iBook are
                                    of your photos. You can also show        identical on the outside, all except
                                              off your pictures in a slide   for the wider screen on the Mac-
                                               show.                         Book, which is also thinner. But,
                                                   This cool new upgrade     just like with people, you have to
                                                can even organize your       look inside to find the difference.
                                                photos depending on          The MacBook is made out of a
                                              what day you took them.        more advanced material than the
                                          Last but not least on our          iBook.
                                     favorite news on iLife, iMovie. You         In the future, we hope to type
                                    have ten new animated themes. If         by speaking, rather than using our
                                            you haven’t used these           fingers. For instance, you could
                                             before, you’ll be sur-          say words, and they could appear
                                             prised how much they            on the screen as you type.
                                             add. They’ve made iMovie            As of now, a modern keyboard
                                        respond faster to every click,       hinders laptop redesign, as without
                                      and made your DVDs hold more           it, we could probably make tiny
                                    quality.                                 little laptops.
                                       GarageBand has also been                  Right now however, we look for-
                                    given a new look. You can now see        ward to seeing more of the Mac-
                                    the instruments play on a virtual        Book, as it’s been predicted to stay
                                    stage.Another mind-boggling new          around to the future.
                                    feature takes picture taking to a            The MacBook itself costs $1099
                                    new level. Featuring: Photo Booth.       dollars. The MacBook Pro comes
                                       With its tons of cool picture ef-     with everything above and more,
                                    fects, it makes picture taking fun-      but costs $2000 dollars.
                                    nier than ever. And it’s also easy to        Expensive? Maybe. But was it
                                    operate so anyone can use it, even       worthwhile? The people at Apple
                                    without an instruction guide.            think so.
                                       Our friends have often spent              If you want one of these tech-
                                    half an hour sitting in front of our     nological wonders, you’ll have to
                                    laptop, making funny faces. We           wait. Only the new students get
                                    enjoyed it, but do others enjoy the      them.
 February 2008                               The CMS Courier                                                        Page 19

BaKawk!                                             By Maile Blume                            only get chicken pox once in their
                                                                                              lives, it is possible to get it twice.
The Chicken                                          M     ust...not...itch! Voices of kids
                                                           everywhere repeat the say-
                                                                                                 Chicken pox is much worse to
                                                                                              get if you are an adult bringing
Pox Returns!                                        ing, though resisting the itchy red
                                                    bumps that are the chicken pox is
                                                                                              another disease called shingles.
                                                                                                 Shingles starts with red bumps,
                                                    very difficult.                           but unlike chicken pox, it doesn’t
                                                       This virus has been going              stop there.
                                                        around Punahou lately, and               Bumps become blisters that
                                                        though it is hard to track down       can burn, and these blisters form
                                                       where someone may have got-            rashes all over your body.
                                                        ten it, there are ways to ease           The rashes go away in about a
                                                          the itch.                           week, but the pain can last for up
                                                             1. Calamine lotion—this          to 3 months.
                                                      lotion not only eases your itch, it        The good news is that you can
                                                            makes the bumps crest             only get it if you are over 50 years
                                                              faster and therefore stops      old (or bad news, if you’re old!)
                                                               them in their tracks.             If you are recovering from
                                                                  2. A baking soda or         chicken pox, you should not return
                                                               oatmeal bath—though            to school no matter how much you
                                                              this sounds rather odd,         are dying to, unless your bumps
                                                                   it really does soothe      have crested or they are starting
                                                                    your skin.                to go away.
                                                                       3. Benadryl—a pill        Be patient with yourself, your
                                                                 that helps you become        pox will soon be disappearing.
                                                                 less itchy, very helpful     Keep yourself clean and don’t
                                                               when trying to sleep.          share food or drinks with anyone.
                                                                  Chicken pox can be a           Chicken pox has a reputation for
                                    Graphic from    pain, but it usually only lasts a         being extremely contagious, you   week. And although most people            know!

Trivia Facts and                                    By Jackie Thomas                          dren in Mali spend only two years
                                                                                              in school. Sadly more than half of
Interesting Statistics                               T   rivia is popular all over the
                                                         world. People somehow enjoy
                                                    being tested on random facts in a
                                                                                              them start working between the
                                                                                              ages of 10 and 14.
                                                                                                 Money: A dime has 118 ridges
                                                    short amount of time. Trivia is a         on it. Dollar bills are made out
                                                    great way to learn something new          of cotton not paper, (that’s why
                                                    and test the far regions of your          money doesn’t dissolve when it’s
                                                    memory.                                   in your jeans in the washing ma-
                                                                 Interesting facts can        chine.)
                                                              be a good “uncomfort-              Russia and the USA: Russia
                                                              able silence filler” when       has about twice as many judges
                                                              you have nothing to say.        and magistrates as the USA. Sur-
                                                              Random facts can come in        prisingly though the United States
                                                              handy anytime anywhere.         has eight times as much crime.
                                                                  Expand your repertoire         Sharks: All of you ocean people
                                                              of knowledge and test           should pay attention to this one.
                                                              your memory with the            It turns out that besides a sharp
                                                              interesting facts below.        sense of smell, sharks also have
                                                                  Six degrees of Sepa-        extremely good hearing. Sharks
                                                              ration: It turns out            can detect sounds a lot lower than
                                                              that it really is a small       humans can. Some sharks can
                                                              world after all. Not many       hear sounds more than 700 feet
                                                              people know of the Six          away. Some scientist believes that
                                                              Degrees of Separation           hearing is the first sense a shark
                                                              theory. In that theory          uses when detecting its prey. (So
                                                              every single person on          basically don’t be splashing a lot in
                                                              our planet is connected         the water.)
                                                    by no more than six people. For              Paper: When you recycle one
                                                    example, if your sister’s friend’s        ton of paper you save: 17 trees,
                                                    cousin’s teacher knows the Queen          6,953 gallons of water, 463 gallons
                                                    of England then you are only four         of oil, 587 pounds of air pollution,
                                                    “degrees” away from knowing the           3.06 cubic yards of landfill space,
                                                    Queen of England.                         and 4077 kilowatt hours of energy.
                                                       Love: Sometimes you see                Its pretty amazing what a little bit
                                                    couples that look a lot like each         of recycling can do.
                                                    other, almost looking like brother           Memory: When your teachers
                                                    and sister. Scientists at the Uni-        tell you review materials as often
                                                    versity of Liverpool have done test       as possible, the truth is that helps
                                                    on why this is. Participants in an        nothing. The truth is frequent
                                                    experiment were given a number            repetition of learning materials is
                                                    of digitally altered images of hu-        a waste of time; it also keeps you
                                                    man faces, 200 of them were more          from getting an effectively strong
                                                    attracted to the faces with the           memory. The best way to memo-
                                                    features they found most like their       rize and build long-term memory is
                                                    own or their family members.              to review your material in a certain
                                                       Education: Sometimes we re-            determined moments of time.
                                                    ally take advantage of our learning          In conclusion, I suppose the
                                                    opportunity. Before you judge your        saying is true, you learn some-
                                                    own situation compare it…the chil-        thing new everyday.
 February 2008   The CMS Courier                                              Page 20

Horsing           Review by Kenneth Li                       He found the egg on the ground
                                                         and some animal had escaped
Around             H    ave any of you people seen
                        this movie? Well, I think it
                  was a good movie and you should
                                                         the egg. He looked around and
                                                         saw a little figure running around
                                                         the place breaking many jars and
                  try to see it.                         bottles along the way.
                     The strange story begins in             He went outside where it was
                  Scotland with an old man telling a     raining and saw the creature.
                  boy and girl a story. The real story       It was a small creature that was
                  begins back in WWII Scotland with      bluish gray and had something on
                  a young boy named Angus Mac-           its head like horns, ears, or anten-
                  Morrow on a beach.                     nas.
                     Angus was a boy who was fas-            He went to the main house to
                  cinated by the sea, though he was      fetch a potato and chopped up the
                  always afraid of the water, thinking   potato to feed to the creature. At
                  that he would drown.                   first the creature was wary but it
                     Angus loved collecting seashells    gave in and ate the potato.
                  as he remembered his father who            As it turned, Angus noticed a
                  told him that in the seashells,        cut on its back and went to give it
                  there was power.                       a band-aid.
                     Unknown to Angus at that time,          There still is a lot more but to
                  his father had died in a shipwreck,    get to interesting parts, we have
                  as his father was a soldier.           to skip ahead.
                     Angus then found a “rock” that          After Angus names the creature
                  was covered with seaweed and           Crusoe, he meets Lewis, the new
                  moss.                                  servant who tells Angus that Cru-
                     Angus brought the rock home         soe is a “bloody water horse” and
                  into his father’s workshop and         tells Angus a legend about a past
                  he washed the “rock” and found         water horse, how only one could
                  something blue covered in the          exist at a time, and how it could
                  moss and seaweed so he got a           grow 12 feet a day.
                  knife and pried off the moss and           After Crusoe grows too big, they
                  found a blue egg. He left the egg      release “him” (it’s actually male
                  on a counter and left to help his      and female) into the loch.
                  mom.                                       Then when military bombed the
                     He then noticed military arriv-     loch as a test run, things changed.
                  ing and had wondered if his dad            Will Crusoe survive?
                  was there. The military apparently         What will happen to Angus, and
                  needed to secure the loch from         who is the old man telling this
                  German submarines. They chose          story?
                  to stay in Angus’ house, as his            This movie is rated PG and
                  house was actually a mansion.          it’s great to watch with family,
                     After helping the soldiers, he      just make sure that the young-
                  went to sleep until he remembered      est person can stand mildly scary
                  the egg.                               features.

Harry Potter      Review by Byeong Yun Kim               for Harry to hold his meetings of
                                                         Dumbledore’s Army. But in the
on DVD             O    ne of the awesome mov-
                        ies that came out last year,
                  Harry Potter and the Order of the
                                                         movie, Neville finds the Room of
                                                            Also, when Harry was battling
                  Phoenix, came to theaters in July      the Death Eaters, Dumbledore
                  13, 2007. There are many reasons       came and fought Voldemort. He
                  why people liked this movie, and       wrapped a giant fire snake of
                  they are written below.                Voldemort’s in a circling globe of
                                       The first         water and made a shield to protect
                                    reason is that       Harry from Voldemort’s spells.
                                    the book of this        But in the book, it said that
                                    movie was well       while Dumbledore was rescuing
                                    written. This        Harry from Voldemort’s spells,
                                    book was better      Voldemort cast a killing spell on
                                    than other Harry     Dumbledore and Dumbledore’s
                                    Potter books and     phoenix, Fawkes, sacrificed itself
                                    this made the        for Dumbledore. Since Fawkes is a
                                    movie fun and        phoenix, it’s immortal.
                                    fantastic.              So this is where the producers
                                       The producers     did a good job in replacing some
                                    also did a good      scenes from the book with the
                                    job on not mak-      ones in the movie.
                                    ing the movie           Another reason is that the com-
                                    too long. This is    puter graphics and the music were
                                    because the book     really awesome.
                                    was the longest         The spells that the people cast
                                    book in the Harry    in the movies were of superior
                                    Potter series        quality of graphics. There were
                                    (870 pages).         various colors of spell ranging from
                     But some of the things that         red to green.
                  were taken out were important.            Also, the Patronus charm that
                  For example, in the book a house       the students were practicing in
                  elf name Dobby finds a place           the Room of Requirement was way
                  called the Room of Requirement                        …continued on page 24
 February 2008            The CMS Courier                                               Page 21

The Right Rat              Review by Kyra Ing & Kc Lee            Paris and when he was looking
                                                                  around, he had found Gusteau’s
at the Right Time           O    n June 29, 2007, the cutest
                                 rat movie ever was released
                           in theaters.
                                                                  restaurant. There, he meets a gar-
                                                                  bage boy named Linguini.

                              A little rat named
                           Remy loves to cook
                           and becoming a
                           famous chef is his life
                           long dream.
                              Unfortunately, his
                           father is the leader of
   “You must not let       their clan and once
                           he found out that
                           Remy had a highly
   anyone define you       developed sense of
                           taste and smell, he
   no matter where         wanted his son to
                           have the job of poi-
                           son inspector.
   you come from.             But even though
                           he knew his father
   Your only limit         wouldn’t approve and
                           knowing that he is
   is your soul”           only a rat, didn’t hold
                           Remy back from ac-
                           complishing his goal.                     While Remy was fixing one of
       —Auguste Gusteau       Remy’s idol, chef Auguste           the soups in the kitchen, Linguini
                           Gusteau, keeps Remy’s hopes up         found him and discovers Remy’s
                           high with his famous quote, “You       special talent, cooking.
                           must not let anyone define you no         Together, they figure out a way
                           matter where you come from. Your       Remy can control Linguini to cook
                           only limit is your soul. What I say    Remy’s dishes and together they
                           is true. Anyone can cook. Only the     create some of the best dishes Au-
                           fearless can be great.”                guste’s restaurant has ever had.
                              With the inspiration of Auguste        Kyra and I have learned that,
                           Gusteau, every day Remy secretly       with a big dream, a lot of believing,
                           goes into the kitchen of an elderly    and a little of luck you just might
                           lady’s home and grabs ingredient       get what you’ve always wished for.
                           to make his food tastier.                 Ratatouille is on DVD, and in
                              But Remy was soon separated         stores now! Buy it and see that
                           from his family, when he was care-     anyone can become a chef.
                           less and was seen by the elderly          The DVD has deleted scenes,
                           lady.                                  a small animated show of “Your
                              He was lost in the drains of        Friend The Rat” and much more.

Movie Reviews:             Reviews by Natalie Moore
                           & Juleen Wong
                                                                  action, but the actors were just as
National Treasure 2                                                   J: Would you recommend this

and Enchanted               N    icholas Cage entertained
                                 audiences all over the country
                           with his stunning performance in
                                                                  movie to others?
                                                                      N: I would recommend this
                                                                  movie to other people, especially
                           National Treasure.                     anyone who has seen the first
                              He just came back to the big        National Treasure movie. It was
                           screen to film a sequel, National      a great sequel, and it kept me on
                                         Treasure 2: Book of      the edge of my seat the whole
                                         Secrets. Juleen inter-   time.
                                         viewed Natalie about         Natalie then interviewed Juleen
                                         the movie:               about Enchanted:
                                             J: How would you         N: What did you think about the
                                         describe the movie?      movie?
                                             N: I would say           J: It was pretty good. It was
                                         that it was very good.   funny, too. It was interesting to
                                         There were several       see how they turned a fairy-tale to
                                         suspenseful moments      real life.
                                         throughout the               N: Was it like a standard fairy-
                                         movie. Also, it was      tale, with a happy ending and all?
                                         very interesting to          J: No, because it was in real
                                         see how all the clues    life, modern day situations. It still
                                         fit together, and to     had a few fairy-tale elements, like
                                         watch the characters     a beautiful princess and a hand-
                                         decipher them.           some prince. And, of course, a
                                             J: Can you make a    “bad guy.”
                                         quick comparison of          N: Would you recommend it to
                           the original?                          other people?
                              N: Well, in the first movie we          J: Yes, because it is very funny
                           were learning about the charac-        and it’s great to watch. It’s like
                           ters. It was a good lead-off to the    a twisted fairy-tale. It was also a
                           sequel, in which we are introduced     good story, and it was pretty inter-
                           to Ben’s mother, and his great-        esting. I think most people would
                           great-grandfather. It had more         like it.
  February 2008                     The CMS Courier                                                   Page 22

A Frightful Scare for                Review by Jamie Chan
                                     & Selena Montania
                                                                               airborne and contact strains.
                                                                                  As the plague spreads, the gov-
Every Movie Lover                                                              ernment orders Manhattan to be

                                      T    he movie I am Legend, on the
                                           whole, was a great thriller. The
                                     effects of the movie were outstand-
                                                                               locked down, with only the unin-
                                                                               fected being allowed to leave.
                                                                                  There is an air of panic as the
                                     ing, but the plot was a bit of a          uninfected try to evacuate, Robert
                                     disappointment.                           Neville being one of them, attempt-
                                         The setting takes place in New        ing to lead his family to safety out
                                             York City, in 2012. Actor Will    of the city, but eventually, everyone
                                             Smith portrays the main char-     that he knows will be dead.
                                             acter, Doctor Robert Neville.        So in 2012, after all of this has
                                                 In the movie, Robert          happened, Robert Neville is deter-
                                             Neville gets up every morn-       mined to find a cure for the man
                                             ing, eats breakfast, exercises,   made virus. The charm and bravery
                                             listens to music, and also        that Smith carries around with his
                                             takes his dog Sam out to a        character throughout the movie,
                                             walk while he gathers supplies    draws the audience in every detail
                                             for living conditions.            of every scene.
                                                 As far as Robert knows,          Robert knows that he is immune
                                             himself and Sam, a German         to the virus, although he doesn’t
                                             Shepherd, are the only living     know why.
                                             beings on the planet. This           He has a lab in the basement
                                             knowledge implies that Smith      of his house where he tests vari-
                                             will have a tough time acting     ous strains, which, by the way is a
Man’s best friend is his dog, for
                                     alone, that maybe the movie isn’t         breed, stock, or variety of an animal
Will Smith in the thriller, I Am
                                     what we thought it to be, but Smith       or plant developed by breeding, and
                                     does a great job anyway as a one          also tests solutions of his blood on
                                     stage man.                                infected rats.
                                         At night, strange mutated crea-          He only hopes he can start test-
                                     tures surround Sam and Smith, the         ing on humans, to move one-step
                                     infected’s regular routine being to       closer to curing the mutants…
                                     come out of barren buildings and             Although we did not like this
                                     search for victims. He and Sam are        movie very much, you might have
                                     the only survivors left in Manhattan,     a different say. The movie didn’t
                                     and have been living alone now for        have a real plot to it, but gave us a
                                     three years.                              frequent scare every now and then.
                                         In the beginning of the movie,           The effects of the movie were
                                     a clip or recording from 2009 runs,       great, and very realistic. Overall, for
                                     showing a scientist named Dr. Krip-       those who like Sci-Fi-Action-Thriller
                                     per (Emma Thompson) discovering           movies, then we would definitely
                                     a cure for cancer. But, instead of        recommend this movie to you.
                                     curing people, the virus has effect to       But for those who are easily
                                     mutate humans into a strange form,        scared, you might just want to stick
                                     killing off millions of people with its   to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

The Lovable                          Review by Sienna Aczon
                                     & Katherine Lee
                                                                                   Right out of the blue, a breath-
                                                                               takingly horrible thing happened; a
P.S. I Love You                                                                death that will never be forgotten.

                                      A    re you a sucker for love sto-
                                           ries, sad stories, or romanc-
                                     es? If you love excitement, riveting
                                                                                   Holly’s husband Gerry passed
                                                                               away. He was a perfectly fine man,
                                                                               until his brain tumor came… His
                                     suspense, and a happy ending, go          life, and Holly’s, went downhill
                                     and see P.S. I Love You!                  from there.
                                        It’s a heart-warming, mixed-               Gerry knew that his death was
                                              up love story that starts        not a punishment for bad behavior
                                              with a twist, but ends with      but the start of an adventure for
                                              wonders of life, and the         his wife and her two best friends,
                                              ultimate question… “What         Denise Hennessey (Lisa Kudrow),
                                              are you doing with your          and Sharon McCarthy (Gina Ger-
                                              own life?”                       shon).
                                                  Are you living life to the       Many months after Gerry’s
                                              fullest or scared to be free?    death, Holly still found herself
                                              This movie will share with       sulking over the fact that her hus-
                                              you the ups and downs of         band was gone.
                                              a relationship.                      On the day of her 30th birthday,
                                                  The movie starts out         a surprise arrives, one that no one
                                              as a romance between             would have ever suspected.
                                              two lovers, Holly Kennedy            At first, Holly, dumbfounded and
                                              (Hilary Swank) and Gerry         speechless, thought that it was
                                              Kennedy (Gerard Butler).         a set-up from one of her friends.
                                                  Everyone knew them as        Holly didn’t know that this present
Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank in    the ultimate couple with love and         would change her life forever…
P.S. I Love You.                     passion.                                      The movie concludes with an
                                        Sometimes they fought, what            unexpected twist that would shock
                                     kind of couple doesn’t? But they          anyone.
                                     resolved their problems over hav-             All in all, it was a tremendous
                                     ing children, buying a new home           movie filled with love, adventure,
                                     and more worries that couldn’t            and may leave you in tears. This is
                                     break the love that they had for          a perfect date movie for you and
                                     each other.                               your loved one.
   February 2008                               The CMS Courier                                                      Page 23

Book Review:                                          Review by Damon Clark                      The contest started, and both
                                                                                              boys dashed off.
On My Honor                                            I  am doing a book review on the
                                                          Newbery award book called On
                                                      My Honor by Marian Dane Bower.
                                                                                                 Joel did pretty well for the first
                                                                                              half while Tony was grunting and
                                                                                              struggling. The rest of the time
                                                         It’s about two boys named Joel       Joel didn’t see Tony at all; he
                                                      and Tony. They were going to go         planned to apologize to him when
                                                      to a park about 10 miles away, on       the race was over.
                                                      bikes, and Joel promised his dad           Joel reached for the sandbar, “I
                                                      they will go nowhere else.              Win!” He looked back for Tony but
                                                         But Tony, being outgoing and         saw no one. He screamed for Tony
                                                      daring, as usual, decided to go         but saw nothing. Tony, he thought
                                                      down to a river near the path           was playing a prank.
                                                      when it got hot. (Tony actually            Joel yelled “TONY!!!! If you
                                                      planned to free-climb Starved Rock      mess with my clothes…!”
                                                      Cliff, which was in the park.)             But Joel saw his clothes right
                                                         But it was the Vermillion River.     where he had dropped them. No
                                                      It was known for its flash floods,      cars were on the road: everyone
                                                      raging waters, whirlpools and sink      knew that the Vermillion River was
                                                      holes. It was a dangerous rushing       forbidden. Nothing and no one
                                                      void even for pro swimmers, and         was allowed in the river. Joel got
                                                      they were just two kids.                out and looked for Tony… nothing.
                                                         Joel tried to stop Tony but he       Then he found Tony’s clothes right
                                                      dashed downhill for the river. He       where they’d been left.
                                                      even left Joel’s bike on the open          Even Tony, the prankster that
                                                      road. Joel carefully hid Tony’s         he was, would never play a prank
                                                      bike—Tony had switched bikes            without his clothes on.
                                                      with him, because Joel’s was more          Then Joel got worried. He dived
                                                      flashy. (Tony had a gray, hand-me-      in for Tony, searched everywhere
                                                      down bike).                             for him. He went past the sandbar,
                                                         Joel, knowing that there was no      his lungs bursting … nothing.
                                                      way to talk Tony out of it, decided        He inhaled the sweet oxygen, as
                                                      to join him.                            he came onto shore.
                                                         Joel got into the bloody red wa-        Tony had drowned in the river.
                                                      ter with Tony.                          Joel threw up, and tried to think…
                                                         After a bit of fighting, yelling     he threw up again.
                                                      and something about Tony’s mom             Joel tried to get dressed and
                                                      being useless, Joel proposed a          threw up.
                                                      downstream race to a sandbar               After he got dressed, he walked
                                                      about a hundred feet away.              up the hill to possible help.

The Honolulu                                          By Kelly Langeslay & Olivia Barahal     had its triumphs for Barahal.
                                                                                                  “My favorite years were prob-
Marathon: An Interview                                 O    n December 11th, on the eve
                                                            of the legendary Honolulu
                                                                                              ably in the 80s when I was training
                                                                                              with Ibrahim Hussein. We ran and
with the President                                    Marathon, the CMS Courier inter-        trained together and he broke the
                                                      viewed Honolulu Marathon Asso-          course record back when he was
                                                      ciation president, Dr. Jim Barahal.     running the marathon, with 2:15,”
                                                         Dr. Barahal has been president       Barahal said. “Also, one of my
                                                      of the Marathon for 20 years, and       memorable experiences was my
                                                                   in that time the Mara-     first year at the Marathon. No one
                                                                   thon has tripled in size   thought I could do it but it ended
                                                                   and earned over 1          up very successful.”
                                                                   billion dollars for the        The morning after the interview,
                                                                   state’s economy.           at Kapiolani Park, the first finishers
                                                                       Two years ago, he      were coming in.
                                                                   was inducted into the          People crossing the finish line
                                                                   Marathon Hall of Fame.     were greeted by their family and
                                                                       When we asked him      friends.
                                                                   how he made it into the        Some people crossing the finish
                                                                   Hall of Fame he replied    line were even in costumes.
                                                                   with a wink, “I’m the          Wheel-chair contestants, too,
                                                                   president. I can induct    rolled across the finish line.
                                                                   myself into it if I
                                                                   want to.”
                                                                       We also asked
                                                                   Barahal about his
                                                                   worst Marathon
                                                                       “It was 1987,”
                                                                   he replied, “and
                                                                   hundreds of
Above, Dr. Jim Barahal, center,                                   runners got food
with reporters Olivia, left, and                      poisoning at the pre-race
Kelly, right. At right, some runners                  dinner and were unable to
pose for a shaka shot.                                run. It had also rained tre-
Photos courtesy of Dr. Barahal and AIMS Association   mendous amounts that year
                                                      and the wheel-chair race
                                                      had to be cancelled.”
                                                         Despite bad luck that
                                                      year, the Marathon has also
 February 2008                     The CMS Courier                                                      Page 24

Jessica Oda, Our                          By Leilani Riahi                       learn,” says Jessica.
                                                                                     To prepare for this competi-
Own Judo Champ                             “I     felt excited and happy when
                                                  I won, because I knew that
                                          all of my training partners and my
                                                                                 tion, Jessica went to Judo practice
                                                                                 every day, and all of her hard work
                                                                                 finally paid off when she finally
                                          teachers helped me train and com-      got to journey to Peru, which was
                                          pete at my best ability.” —Jessica     the greatest benefit of the Judo
                                          Oda, sixth grader at Punahou                 competition.
                                          School.                                             Jessica also enjoyed this
                                              During the Jita Kyoei                           competition not only
                                          Cuo in Lima, Peru                                     because she won, but
                                          on Nov. 3, 2007,                                        because she got to
    “A value that I                       Jessica, a Judo
                                          competitor, earned
                                                                                                   train with the U.S.
                                                                                                    Judo Team, getting
                                          a gold metal in                                            to visit Machu Pic-
   learned is that if                     her 12 and under                                            chu, and meet-
                                                                                                      ing a lot of new
   you train or practice                      While develop-
                                          ing as a person
                                                                                                      friends in Peru.
                                                                                                         The real impor-
                                          and a Judo master,                                         tance of this life-
   really hard and put                    Jessica felt like                                         changing adventure
                                          this journey, and                                        was that it changed
   in 110%, something                     Judo altogether, has
                                          altered her life.
                                                                                                  Jessica Oda’s per-
                                                                                                spective on life.
   great will happen.”                        Jessica has been
                                          practicing Judo since she
                                                                                                 “My experience in
                                                                                          Peru changed my perspec-
                                          was six years old, influenced              tive on life because I’m more
           —Jessica Oda                   by her older brother, Ryan Oda, to     thankful for where I live and
                                          start training.                        how lucky I am to go to a great
                                              Ever since then, Judo has been     school!” Jessica Oda said.
                                          her passion, because of not only           After all of her efforts, Jes-
           At right, Jessica Oda.         learning about this ancient art, but   sica Oda finally came back to the
                     Photo by CMS staff   making a lot of friends as well.       United States with a gold trophy,
                                              While learning something new       a smile pasted onto her face, and
                                          four times a week, Jessica is de-      knowledge about Judo, sportsman-
                                          veloping and coming further and        ship, and Peru.
                                          further throughout this sport.             “A value that I learned is that
                                              “I can see how far I’ve come       if you train or practice really hard
                                          over the six years I’ve been doing     and put in 110%, something great
                                          judo, and there is still so much to    will happen,” Jessica said.

Martial Arts                              By Jacquelyn Ho                        he named it Martial Arts. Today,
                                                                                 many forms of Siddhartha Gau-

                                           K   ung-fu, Judo, Capoeira, and
                                               Karate, are all Martial Arts,
                                          but found in different parts of the
                                                                                 tama’s way of combat are taught
                                                                                 to people around the world.
                                                                                    Some Martial Arts are uncom-
                                          world.                                 mon but known in other parts of
                                             Martial Arts are sports using       the world: Capoeira (Brazil), Pekiti-
                                          various skills. Usually, you use       Tirsia Kali, (Philippines) or the
                                          Martial Arts for defense.              Krav Maga.
                                             Siddhartha Gautama, a prince           Although there are probably
                                          that was brought up at Nepal,          many lesser-known Martial Arts,
                                          Lumbini. He was taught the ways        you can learn all the well-known
                                          of a warrior so he could grow up to    ones. There are even classes at
                                          be a strong and powerful king. He      Punahou that teach Martial Arts.
                                          eventually became the Buddha.             There are many professors or
                                             Siddhartha needed some form         instructors that are masters at the
                                          of excises to keep him in shape        Art. Learning exercises that keep
                                          and defend himself in open combat      you in shape but at the same time
                                          with no weapons. When he de-           teach you how to defend yourself
                                          veloped this new way of combat,        is a wonderful pass-time activity.

                                          better than the Patronus charms in     movie when the situations became
                                          the third movie.                       desperate or bad for Harry was
 4Harry Potter DVD                           The shapes of the animals that      awe-inspiring.
   …continued from page 20                the charms took were clearer than         Although some of the music
                                          in the third movie.                    sounded like a ghost might pop
                                             And the headquarters of the         out, it was still fine.
                                          Order of the Phoenix coming out of        So all of these elements made
                                          an apartment was cool and funny        this movie, now on DVD, almost as
                                          in some ways.                          great as the book.
                                             The firecrackers and the listen-       But in general, people should
                                          ing ear that Fred and George used      read the books first before watch-
                                          were very nice ideas from the          ing the movies.
                                          producers.                                However, it depends on what
                                             The music that came from the        you want to do first!
  February 2008                          The CMS Courier                                                      Page 25

Aloha Nui Loa,                                  By Maddie Wilson & Gracie Kimura        have concerned me. None of those
                                                                                        things that concerned me were ad-
June Jones                                       O    n January 7th, a beloved
                                                      football coach left O‘ahu
                                                                heading for the lone
                                                                                        dressed in this offer....
                                                                                           “I guess all I can say is that the
                                                                                        way my contract talks have been
                                                                star state (Texas),     handled, is kind of the reason I am
                                                                leaving many disap-     tired and why I just need to go.
                                                                pointed sad and         He says it is a generous offer. But,
                                                                even angry friends      it would have meant a lot to me,
                                                                and fans behind.        had this offer come after the bowl
                                                                   Although SMU is      game last year or even before the
                                                                giving June Jones       season—or had it come to me as
                                                                the equivalent of ten   late as the Washington game, it
                                                                million dollars over    would have said to me ‘Thanks,
                                                                a five-year span of     June, for a job well done’.
                                                                time, Coach Jones          “There would have been no
                                                                claims to be leav-      negotiating. I probably would have
                                                                ing because of the      signed it and never let it get to
                                                                inadequate working      this point.
                                                                conditions at the          “Hawaii will always have my
                                                                University of Hawaii.   heart and that is why this is so
                                                                   “There’s abso-       hard for me but just the fact I am
                                                                lutely no compari-      going to get on that plane to Dal-
                                                                son,” Jones said in     las says it all.
June Jones and his Warrior team                                 a joking tone, when        “I do not want to go—believe
did pretty well this year.                      asked by the Star-Bulletin about        me but it is time to go.
            Photo or graphic credit goes here
                                                why he was leaving. “In Hawaii,            “Mahalo, June.”
                                                the office that I sat in was the           Most people blamed Herman
                                                same office that Dick Tomey used        Frazier for Jones leaving but Artie
                                                in 1986. Even the carpet was the        Wilson, one of Jones’ best friends,
                                                same.”                                  responded to the letter.
                                                   Although things at UH weren’t           “(The letter’s) gotten out now
                                                great, June Jones did love Hawaii.      and people are using it for their
                                                   In a letter written to the Univer-   own benefit as a ‘Get Herman’
                                                sity, Coach Jones expressed how         thing,” Wilson said. “The worst
                                                hard it really was for him to decide    part is that it doesn’t help us to
                                                to leave Hawaii.                        keep June.”
                                                   Here is part of what the letter         Although it seems Hawaii War-
                                                said about Herman Frazier and the       riors finally got to the top, now
                                                University:                             they have to start over with new
                                                   “It is been very hard the last       coach Greg McMackin on hand
                                                few days thinking about the deci-       and ready to keep UH going
                                                sion to leave a place that I love       strong.
                                                greatly—but you and I have talked          All we say now is “Mahalo, June
                                                many times about things that            Jones.”

The Rise and Fall                               Analysis by Ryan Reyes                  or also known as Southern Meth-
                                                                                        odist University he will be getting
of the UH Warriors                               J  ust last year our Hawaii War-
                                                    riors went 11-3 throughout the
                                                                                        paid $2,000,000.
                                                                                           However, I think that June Jones
Dynasty                                         season.
                                                   This year we went 12-1 while
                                                                                        left UH mostly because of the bud-
                                                                                        get that he has to recruit players.
                                                playing in the Sugar Bowl against          I think that, because if he
                                                the Georgia Bulldogs.                   doesn’t have enough money to
                                                   In the 2008 Sugar Bowl, Geor-        recruit good players, he wouldn’t
                                                gia romped over Hawaii 10-41 at         have a good team.
                                                the end of the game.                       In one of his quotes, he clearly
                                                   It left Colt Brennan with tears in                         stated that
                                                his eyes.                                                      his future is
                                                   Some people                                                at Southern
                                                say that the                                                  Methodist
                                                Warriors were                                                 University.
                                                mismatched                                                       Ever since
                                                with a better                                                June Jones
                                                team, others say                                              decided to
                                                that Colt Brennan                                              leave Hawaii
                                                wasn’t on his game.                                            to go to SMU,
                                                   But was this why June Jones left     a lot of the good players have also
                                                the UH Warriors?                        left the state.
                                                   One reason why June Jones               Davone Bess left to go to the
                                                could have left the Warriors is be-     NFL because he heard that he was
                                                cause our facilities.                   going to be a second round draft
                                                   Another reason why he left           pick.
                                                is because of the low recruiting           Ryan Grice Mullins also left the
                                                budget that UH has to attract good      Warriors and CJ Hawthorne and
                                                players.                                Jason Rivers had to leave because
                                                   The last reason why June Jones       they were seniors.
                                                could have left is because of the          Even though our four best re-
                                                amount he is getting paid now.          ceivers left UH we still hope that
                                                   Last year he was only getting        our Warriors will go undefeated
                                                paid $800,000 a year. But at SMU        next year.
  February 2008                           The CMS Courier                                                       Page 26

UH Football:                                     By Josh Jamile, Casey Mark,
                                                 & A. J. Muth
                                                                                           Brennan, along with his receiv-
                                                                                        ers Jason Rivers, Davone Bess,
Bitter or Sweet?                                                                        C.J. Hawthorne, and Ryan Grice

                                                  O    utput on this season and the
                                                       next: bitter or sweet?
                                                    Many of you recall UH’s season,
                                                                                        Mullen, created one of the best
                                                                                           Unfortunately all of those re-
                                                 how they won game after game to        ceivers are leaving.
                                                 achieve the perfect season.               Another loss is that of Coach
                                                    Many supporters of other foot-      June Jones; he recently signed a
                                                 ball programs argue that the per-      five-year contract with SMU.
                                                 fect season was because of their          June Jones led UH to a perfect
                                                 weak schedule.                         regular season. After he left, the
                                                    What they don’t realize is that     hunt was on for a new coach.
                                                 every game brings a risk of losing        There were over 30 applications
                                                 that perfect season. Colt Brennan      for new head coach, five of those
                                                 was the leader of the football team    who were recommended by June
                                                 and was the one who led them to        Jones on his departure.
                                                 the UH’s first perfect season.            In the end, Warrior Defensive
                                                    What about next season              Coordinator, Greg McMackin, was
                                                 though?                                named the new head coach.

LSU Tigers                                       By Michael Dearden                         The BCS started in 1869 but was
                                                                                        not called the Bowl Championship
2007 NCAA                                         C   ongratulations to the LSU
                                                      Tigers for winning the 2007
                                                                                        Series. It was first called The Retro-
                                                                                        active Poll Championship. So far in
Champions                                        NCAA BCS Championship.
                                                    They are the first team to win
                                                                                        college football history there have
                                                                                        been four names for the BCS. The
                                                 twice in five years.Their opponent,    others have been APNC (AP Nation-
                                                 the Ohio State Buckeyes, have lost     al Champions), CNC (Consensus
                                                 twice in two years despite being       National Championship), and BCS
                                                 ranked number one in the nation.       (Bowl National Championship).
                                                    Last year, the #2 Florida Ga-           In 1869, Princeton won the
                                                 tors beat Ohio 41-14. This year        first NCAA football title. Despite
                                                 LSU won 38-24, even though Ohio        winning the next three titles in
                                                 State was the favored team.            1870-72-73 (no winner in 1871),
                                                    They were anything but favored      they do not hold the record for
                                                 as the game was held in New            most championship wins.
                                                 Orleans, Louisiana. LSU is in New          That title is held by Norte Dame
                                                 Orleans so more LSU fans filled up     with 17 Championships won.
                                                 the Superdome, giving Ohio State           Who do you think will be the
                                                 a disadvantage with the crowd.         next record holder?

School Spirits                                   Essay by Jessica Chang                     The two kinds of Punahou Spirit
                                                                                        shirts are the blue shirt with tiny
Rock Punahou                                      B
                                                      uff and Blue! GO PUNS GO!
                                                      Every Friday is School Spirit
                                                                                        yellow and blue (buff and blue)
                                                                                        words that form a bigger buff and
                                                                                        blue, and another dark blue buff
                                                     But not just on Fridays. Ev-       and blue shirt with bold blue and
                                                 ery time there is a game, like a       yellow words.
                                                 football game, soccer game, or             Cheerleaders are selling shirts
                                                 volleyball game, people get in the     and pom-poms to get the entire
                                                 spirit too.                            school in Punahou spirit.
                                                     We sing the Punahou                               Their shirt is white with
                                                 alma mater and other                              a cheerleader cheering on
                                                 cheerful jingles. Punahou                         the front and back.
                                                 students chant the                                    At the games, these
                                                 Punahou chant over and                            cheerleaders wear out-
                                                 over again.                                       fits that depict how much
                                                     Be in the Punahou spirit                      cheering spirit they put in
                                                 all day long. See it, hear                        for the team.
                                                 it, smell it, taste it, and                           Carnival is a big part of
                                                 feel it.                                          school spirit events. The
                                                     The banner above                              face painting booth turns
                                                 the main gates presents                           into a spirit art designer
                                                 Buff+Blue=Green, as we celebrate       booth every time.
                                                 Sustainability.                            The lights, the Variety show, the
                                                     The spirit inside Punahou School   games, and the rides—all contrib-
                                                 wants to get out and celebrate.        ute to the good spirits.
                                                 Every student in Punahou repre-            Join in on the Punahou School
                                                 sents the Punahou spirit.              cheer at pep rallies all through-
                                                     Students are in Punahou t-shirts   out the year. Attending a school
                                                 and colors: yellow and blue or bet-    pep rally will surely get you in a
                                                 ter known as buff and blue.            Punahou mood.
Students at a pep rally.                             These are signature shirts that        When Punahou shows its spirit,
        Photo courtesy of Mrs. Maureen MacLeod   are worn whenever practically pos-     it shows its power as a school.
                                                 sible; perhaps a person wears one          If you’re part of Punahou, show
                                                 everyday.                              that you’re part of Punahou.
  February 2008                         The CMS Courier                                                      Page 27

16 - 0 !                                       By Brian Kim                           to face the 5-0 Cowboys. People
                                                                                      expected a close game, but sur-

                                                I  f you are kind of person who
                                                   likes watching American foot-
                                               ball, than you know what the New
                                                                                      prisingly, the Patriots were able to
                                                                                      beat the Cowboys easily in a 48-27
                                               England Patriots did this year.           The seventh game was with
                                               They were 16-0, undefeated, for        the 0-6 Dolphins, and the Patri-
                                               the first time since 1972 when         ots cruised passed the Dolphins
                                               the Dolphins were 18-0 (including      48-29. Eighth week was not a
                                                                    playoffs).        challenge either, as they went past
                                                                       When news      the Redskins 52-7.
                                                                    reporters asked      Later, the Patriots faced another
                                                                    Tom Brady, the    unbeaten team in their ninth win.
                                                                    Patriots’ quar-   They were to face the 7-0 Colts.
                                                                    terback, about    The Colts were the team that had
                                                                    how he feels,     beaten the Patriots in 2006 play-
                                                                    he said, “It is   offs, shattering many Patriot fans’
                                                                    great, being      hearts. It was a hard victory, but
                                                                    18-0, but we      they managed to win it 24-20 in
                                                                    should always     the fourth quarter comeback.
                                                                    concentrate          After this, the Patriots got a
                                                                    on the next       well-deserved week off, and then
                                                                    game.”            the next week, they beat the Bills
                                                                       The Patriots   56-10. The 11th and 12th games
                                                                    started their     were hard also, as the Patriots
                                                                    season with       won both by only 3 points, both
                                                                    New York Jets,    time in fourth quarter comebacks.
                                                                    just rallying     (Eagles: 31-28, Ravens: 27-24)
                                                                    over them on         However, after those two hard
                                                                    38-14 win.        games, they cruised through the
                                                                       Then they      Steelers 34-13. The Jets’ game
He’s the man of the hour, Mr. Tom                                   went on to beat   (20-10 win) and the Dolphin’s
Brady of the New England Patriots.             the San Diego Chargers 38-14           game (28-7) game was easy,
              Photo courtesy of the Internet   again in the second week.              but the last game, with the Jets,
                                                  In their third game with the        seemed to be challenging, as they
                                               Bills, they won, of course, 38-7. In   won just by 3, final score of 38-35,
                                               fact, they scored 38 points in all     again in fourth quarter comeback.
                                               three games.                              In this game, Brady had a
                                                  The fourth game was played          record-breaking 50 touchdown
                                               on Monday with the Bengals, and        pass, and Randy Moss had record-
                                               the Patriots again crushed them in     breaking 23 touchdown catches.
                                               34-13 victory.                            The Patriots also had a great
                                                  After beating the Browns on         post-season, leading them to the
                                               34-17 victory, the Patriots met a      Superbowl where they will face the
                                               big challenge. The 5-0 Patriots had    Giants from neighboring New York.

The Top Ten                                    By Nathan Higa                         be in the BCS bowl game.
                                                                                         However, after a convincing win
of Next Year                                    T   he new AP Football Polls are
                                                    out, and our beloved UH War-
                                               riors went down eight spots.
                                                                                      over Darren McFadden’s Arkansas
                                                                                      squad (38-7), this bumped Mis-
                                                                                      souri ahead of Kansas.
                                                  The devastating loss in the Sug-       However, Kansas made a name
                                               ar Bowl dropped Hawaii to number       for itself in the Fed Ex Orange
                                               19 in the polls. On the other hand     Bowl. Number eight Kansas de-
                                               Sugar Bowl opponent Georgia rose       feated number 3 Virginia Tech (9
                                               to number 2 in the                        in polls).
                                               polls.                                            Runner up in the National
                                                  Number 1                                      Championship, Ohio State
                                               in the polls is                                    is now 5th after another
                                               now National                                         loss in the National
                                               Champions, the                                        Championship game,
                                               LSU Tigers, after                                      this time to LSU.
                                               defeating the Ohio                                         Pat White’s West
                                               State Buckeyes in                                        Virginia squad
                                               the National Champi-                                         is Number 6
                                               onship game (38-24).                                             after defeat-
                                                  The USC Trojans, an-                                            ing now
                                               other BCS bowl team, is 3rd                                          number
                                               after a convincing win over Illinois                                  8 Okla-
                                               (49-17).                                                               homa in
                                                  The Trojans were number 1 at                                        the the
                                               the beginning of the year, but after                                   Fiesta
                                               a heart-breaking loss to unranked                                      Bowl
                                               Stanford, ended the hopes for a                                (48-28).
                                               National Championship.                    To round out the Top Ten is
                                                  Number 4 in the polls is Chase      Texas. Texas defeated ASU in their
                                               Daniel’s Missouri team.                bowl game in convincing fashion
                                                  Missouri was the highest ranked     (52-34).
                                               team not in the BCS.                      That rounds up the end of this
                                                  This created a big argument on      wacky upset season. Maybe there
                                               whether Kansas or Missouri should      will be more upsets to come.

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