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        Volume 30 Summer 2003
                                       DONOR                                                a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization

  On November 25, the San Diego                                                        blood for the San Diego community.
Blood Bank and the San Diego                                                             This year’s Silver Anniversary event
Chargers will celebrate the 25th                                                       will include performances by some of
anniversary of the Chargers Blood                                                      San Diego’s most talented musicians,
Drive presented by the San Diego                                                       as well as player appearances,
County Credit Union at the Town &                                                      autograph signings and the wildly
Country Hotel in Mission Valley.                                                       popular Chargers Family Fashion Show.
  The signature event began 25 years                                                     Once again, one lucky person will
ago when Chargers Hall of Fame                                                         have the opportunity to drive home in
kicker Rolf Benirschke was                                                             a new Ford, this year it’s a spectacular
hospitalized and in need of blood.                                                     2003 Ford Thunderbird. (see entry
Thousands of people turned out to                                                      form on page 8)
donate in his name, prompting the                                                        There are more surprises in store,
organization to make it an annual event.      presented by                             so be sure to keep checking
In the past 24 years, the drive has                                           for
collected over 40,000 pints of                                                         details as the date approaches.

   Ann Secord, M.D., became the San        Director, Dr. Secord serves as the main
Diego Blood Bank’s new Medical             resource for blood donation, processing
Director in late May. Dr. Secord           and transfusion medicine. She works
brings a wealth of experience in           directly with local hospital physicians
transfusion medicine. Most recently,       to make sure their patients are receiving
she was the Medical Director of            the most effective blood products for
Transfusion and Donor Services at          their specific needs. Dr. Secord is also
Naval Medical Center San Diego. She        available to field medical questions
was the Navy Surgeon General               regarding donor requirements                     Ann Secord, M.D., Medical Director,
Subspecialty Leader in transfusion         and test results.                                San Diego Blood Bank
medicine and a medical consultant            In addition, she makes sure that the
to the Navy Blood Program and              blood bank is in accordance with all        donation and transfusion medicine
Armed Services Blood                       federal regulations pertaining to blood     and to make sure the San Diego Blood
Coordinating Committee.                    collection, processing and distribution.    Bank is providing the community
  Dr. Secord is Board Certified in           “I spend a lot of time on the phone,      with the highest quality blood
anatomic and clinical pathology as         whether it’s talking to a doctor who is     products available.”
well as transfusion medicine. She          trying to find the right treatment for a      If you’d like to ask Dr. Secord a
completed her fellowship at                cancer patient or a donor who’s             question, simply go to
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in             concerned about a reactive test result,”, click
Los Angeles.                               said Dr. Secord. “I’m here to educate       on the ‘Contact Us’ section and scroll
  As the blood bank’s Medical              people about the importance of blood        down to Medical Director.

              1-800-4MY-SDBB 440 Upas Street, San Diego, CA 92103-4900

                                                                                  LOCAL CREDIT UNIONS
                                                                                      PAY HOMAGE TO
                                                                                      FALLEN HEROES
                                                                                        OF 9/11 WITH
                                                                                  “11 DAYS IN SEPTEMBER
                                                                                       BLOOD DRIVE”
   In remembrance of the terrorist attacks   and organizations that have made major
of September 11, 2001, the San Diego         financial contributions toward the blood
Blood Bank is planning a Second Annual       bank’s lifesaving work. Immediately            The Credit Unions of San Diego
Patriots Day Blood and Bone Marrow           following the breakfast, donors will line    and Imperial Valley are joining
Drive and Memorial Breakfast on              up to give blood on the main floor of        forces to memorialize the upcoming
Thursday, September 11, at the Hall of       the Hall of Champions.                       second anniversary of the September
Champions in Balboa Park. The public           The following sponsors are lending         11th attacks by organizing an 11-day
is invited to the blood drive from 9 a.m.    their generous and visionary support for     blood and fund drive.
to 3 p.m. All donors will be awarded a       the day’s blood drive: Pfizer, Supervisor      The credit unions are urging their
dark blue Patriots T-shirt.                  Greg Cox and the San Diego County            members and staff to make a
  These events were created on the first     Board of Supervisors, NBC 7/39, Wells        financial contribution or donate
anniversary of the attacks as a way for      Fargo Foundation, Barney & Barney,           blood at any San Diego Blood Bank
the community to honor the victims           Body Beautiful and WD-40.                    donor center from September 11
by making positive contributions               For more information about the             to September 21.
to others in need.                           Patriots Day Breakfast, please contact the     To initiate the drive, the Chief
  Patriots Day will open with a              San Diego Blood Bank Foundation              Executive Officers from the
breakfast honoring community leaders         at 1-800-4MY-SDBB ext. 8176.                 various credit unions will attend the
                                                                                          blood bank’s Patriots Day Memorial
                                                                                          Breakfast at the Hall of Champions
                                                                                          in Balboa Park on September 11.
               HORNBLOWER CRUISES HONORS MOM;                                             After breakfast, the executives will
                    BRIGHTENS JUNE GLOOM                                                  donate blood together.
                                                                                            “Many of us are looking for an
       Hornblower Cruises and Events continued its tremendous support                     opportunity to memorialize 9-11,”
     for volunteer blood donations by sponsoring two very successful                      said Bob Heim, CEO of Inland
     events at all San Diego Blood Bank locations this spring.                            Federal Credit Union. “One fitting
       First, just before Mother’s Day, Hornblower offered two-for-one                    way to remember those who died is
     vouchers for donors who wished to “Cruise into Mom’s Heart” with a                   to give the “gift of life” through a
     dinner dance cruise or harbor tour. Some 473 donors turned out for                   blood donation. The credit unions
     this pre-Mother’s Day blood drive.                                                   of San Diego County and Imperial
       Then, when June gloom hit San Diego, Hornblower brightened our                     Valley are very proud to participate
     donors’ days by offering another two-for-one dinner cruise or harbor                 in this event.”
     tour. This time, 548 donors gave blood.
                                                                                            If you’d like to make an
       Since one pint of blood can help up to three patients, these drives
                                                                                          appointment to donate blood in your
     touched the lives of thousands of patients in our community.
                                                                                          credit union’s name during the
       Thank you Hornblower Cruises!
                                                                                          “11 Days in September BloodDrive,”
                                                                                          please call 1-800-4MY-SDBB.
      SOME                                                                          SAN DIEGO
 PROCEEDS OF T.V.                          UPCOMING EVENTS                         BLOOD BANK
  FIREFIGHTERS’                            Monday, Sept. 1 – Tuesday Sept. 30:     NOW TESTING
 BOOK WILL GO TO                                  All Donors Awarded
                                                                                  FOR WEST NILE
                                             “Two-for-One” Admission to
    SAN DIEGO                                Knott’s Soak City Water Park             VIRUS
                                           Buy one full price Adult admission
   BLOOD BANK                                    ticket and receive one
                                                                                   On July 1, the San Diego Blood
   Retired firefighter Richard Yokley           FREE admission ticket.           Bank joined blood centers across
has written the first and only                                                   the nation in an effort to keep the
comprehensive look at the rich and                  Thursday, Sept. 11:          blood supply safe from West Nile
exciting history of firefighters on         Patriots Day Memorial Breakfast
television. A portion of the                                                     Virus (WNV). The blood bank
                                               and Blood & Marrow Drive
proceeds from the sale of the book will             presented by Pfizer          has implemented a screening test
go toward the life-saving efforts of the    Hall of Champions in Balboa Park     to detect the presence of West Nile
San Diego Blood Bank.                             Breakfast presented by
   Yokley                                                                        Virus in donated blood.
                                                     Barney & Barney:
covers                                                8am – 9:15am                 Although most often transmitted
everything                                  Blood/Marrow Drive: 9am – 3pm        by a mosquito bite, WNV can be
from Rescue
                                                                                 spread by an infected donor
8 and                                       Monday, Oct. 27 – Friday, Oct. 31:
Emergency! to                                                                    through blood transfusion as well
                                              KGB Halloween Blood Drive
Third Watch,                                 Presented by San Diego County       as tissue and organ transplantation.
including                                               Credit Union               California was one of the few
Singapore’s                                 25th Annual 101 KGB Blood Drive
Code Red,                                                                        states that had no reported human
                                                 KGB broadcasts live during
Australia’s Fire,                                 this 5-day blood drive         cases of the virus infection last
and England’s                                 at various San Diego County        year, but disease control experts
London’s Burning. Every TV series                Credit Union locations.         are almost certain the state won’t
and mini-series that has ever aired on            Great food and prizes
any network, anywhere in the world,                throughout the day!           be as lucky this summer.
as well as many related                                                            The nucleic acid test (NAT)
documentaries, are mentioned.                      Saturday, Nov. 15:            allows very small amounts of
   TV FIREFIGHTERS is a                             Ten Gallon Gala
fascinating, one-of-a-kind                                                       selected genetic material to be
                                               East County Donor Center
encyclopedia packed with exclusive            680 Fletcher Pkwy., El Cajon       magnified into detectable
interviews and rare photos. It is a                                              levels in only a few hours.
comprehensive source of facts and                        Nov. 25:
trivia for everyone from media scholars                                            The NAT test is very sensitive
                                               Charger Blood Drive XXV
and collectors, to screen writers and        Presented by San Diego County       and can detect infectious agents
aspiring firefighters.                                 Credit Union              before symptoms occur.
   To order a copy: Send $16.95, plus      Town & Country Convention Center        Blood donors who test positive
$3.95 shipping and handling, plus                   in Mission Valley
7.75% sales tax to:                                                              for WNV are not eligible to donate
                                                        9am – 7pm
                                                Fabulous food, prizes and        until they return to have additional
         Black Forest Press                    entertainment, including the      testing performed to make sure
           914 Nolan Way                     Chargers Family Fashion Show!
     Chula Vista, CA 91911-2408                                                  that they are free of the virus.
       or call (888) 808-5440

  Editor’s Note: NASCAR Driver Austin         BLOOD DONORS JOIN NASCAR DRIVER’S
  Cameron is receiving regular blood
  transfusions as part of his treatment for
                                                    FIGHT AGAINST CANCER
  non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Thanks to                                                      growing between my lungs and
  volunteer blood donors and Austin’s                                                   pressing on the trachea and some
  determination, he is not only back to                                                 arteries," he says.
  work, but he’s also spreading the word                                                   "I knew something might be wrong
  about the great need for more people to
                                                                                        three or four weeks before the Las
                                                                                        Vegas accident. I was having
  become blood donors.
                                                                                        shortness of breath. I was
                                                                                        struggling doing some things. But
           “I know firsthand how
                                                                                        I didn't say anything."
       important donating blood is,”                                                       Inoperable, however, does not mean
      Austin says. “Transfusions are                                                    untreatable. On Monday, Cameron
      helping me stay healthy during                                                    began his third four-week cycle of
         my treatment. But, people            Austin Cameron                            chemotherapy.
      shouldn’t wait until something            Two days later, after returning to      "Monday was ‘big dog’ day," he joked,
        happens to them or someone            his El Cajon home, Cameron was            which is Cameron's indomitable style.
      they love. They should get out          still struggling to breathe. His          "That first day knocks me flat. It hits
          there and donate now.”              girlfriend, Rachelle Brown, thinking      about a day later ... runs right over me.
                                              the problem was connected to the          I've been told it's very intensive and
                                              previous weekend's accident,              aggressive treatment."
The following originally appeared in the      convinced Cameron to go to                   It seems to be working, though.
San Diego Union Tribune on June 26, 2003.
It is reprinted with permission.
                                              “Things are going good, the most recent CT-scan I had on
By Bill Center, Staff Writer                  my chest showed the mass is gone. There's no scar tissue.
San Diego Union Tribune
  The irony is not lost on Austin                       I think I've won at least one round.”
Cameron. The crash that could have
killed him, saved his life.                                                               "Things are going good," said
                                              the emergency room.
  It was last spring at Las Vegas Motor                                                 Cameron. "The most recent CT-scan I
                                                 Several days later, Cameron got
Speedway, when Cameron, one of                                                          had on my chest showed the mass is
                                              news he never expected.
Southern California's most promising                                                    gone. There's no scar tissue. I think I've
                                                 "The doctor says, ‘You have
young stock car drivers, had his                                                        won at least one round.
                                              cancer,’ " recalled Cameron. "It didn't
steering "lock up" while going into a                                                     "I think I'm battling back against this
                                              register. Cancer? I'm 26. I'm a stock
corner during a practice run.                                                           monster. But it's getting in its licks, too.
                                              car racer. I've had physicals.
  "I hammered the wall hard,"                                                           I weighed 214 pounds when I started
                                                 "The first thing I asked the doctor
Cameron recalled. "I had bruises                                                        chemo. I went down to 182, and I'm
                                              was, ‘How soon can I go racing?’
everywhere that you can bruise.                                                         back to 206 now. And there's the hair
                                              He looks at me and says, ‘If you
I got lucky. But I was sore."                                                           thing." He doesn't dodge the subject.
                                              crash, you'll probably die.’ And I
  Not sore enough to withdraw. On                                                         "I'm bald," he said. "My friends are
                                              remember saying, ‘Does that mean
April 13, Cameron struggled to a                                                        calling me Mr. Clean. All I need is a
                                              I can't go?’ "
17th-place finish.                                                                      few ear rings. Actually, I have a pretty
                                                 Cameron doesn't have just any
  "It might have been my worst race                                                     good shaped head. Not a lot of bumps.
                                              cancer. He has non-Hodgkins
ever," says the two-time runner- up of                                                  Pretty smooth. It's not a bad look."
                                              precursor T-cell lymphoblastic
NASCAR's Winston West Series. "I                                                          Not only has Cameron kept his
                                              lymphoma. It's very rare.
spent much of the race gasping for air. I                                               well-known sense of humor, he's kept
                                              And it's inoperable.
got penalized for bumping. I wasn't                                                     his drive to drive. He hopes to climb
                                                 "There was this gnarly mass
driving like me."                                                                       back into the cockpit of the NAPA
                                                                                        Chevrolet next month when the
                                                                                        (continued on back page)


       SAN DIEGO                                                               CAMERON FAMILY TO HELP
    METROPOLITAN                                                                SAN DIEGO BLOOD BANK
     CREDIT UNION                                                                LASSO NEW DONORS AT
     SPONSORS NEW                                                                    NOVEMBER’S
    PUBLIC SERVICE                                                                 TEN GALLON GALA
                                                                           Austin Cameron’s family has agreed to take a leadership role in the
                                                                          inaugural Ten Gallon Gala fundraiser to benefit the blood bank. The
  Thanks to the sponsorship of the San Diego
                                                                          goal of the event is to raise $100,000 for the purchase of a
County Metropolitan Credit Union, a new
                                                                          three-bed mini-bloodmobile.
public service announcement featuring
                                                                            The mini-bloodmobile will allow the blood bank to increase the
NASCAR driver Austin Cameron is airing
                                                                          number of blood drives conducted at mid-size companies (100-200
on NBC 7/39. Austin was diagnosed with
                                                                          employees) throughout San Diego County.
lymphoma this year and needs regular blood
                                                                            The Ten Gallon Gala will take place on Saturday,
transfusions to keep him healthy.
                                                                          November 15, at the San Diego Blood Bank’s East County Donor
  The San Diego Blood Bank salutes the
                                                                          Center, 680 Fletcher Parkway, El Cajon.
San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union for it’s
                                                                            On that evening the donor center will be transformed into a
ongoing help in spreading the word about
                                                                          town out of the Old West.
the need for blood.
                                                                            There will be live entertainment and silent and live auctions.
                                                                              For more information on the event in the coming weeks, go to:

               WANTED                                                If you would like to make
                                                                             reservations, donate an auction item or help sponsor this event,
           Auction Items for our Ten Gallon Gala
                                                                             please contact the San Diego Blood Bank Foundation
         If you’re harboring any gift certificates,
                                                                              office at 1-800-4MY-SDBB
                plane tickets, rounds of golf,
                   vacation getaways, etc.,
                   we want and need them.
          Anyone who turns in any Auction Items
                                                                                                You are cordially invited to attend the
                 will be duly noted, thanked
                                                                                                       TEN GALLON GALA
        and rewarded by the San Diego Blood Bank.
                                                                                              SAN DIEGO BLOOD BANK BENEFIT
             Please contact the Foundation with                                                     Saturday, November 15, 2003
            any information you may have on the                                          San Diego Blood Bank - East County Donor Center
              whereabouts of any Auction items                                                    680 Fletcher Parkway, El Cajon
                    that are on the loose.                                            Entertainment, Silent & Live Auction, Live Band, Dancing

                    REWARD                                                                          Reservations $75 per person
                                                                                   Elegant Dinner Hors d’oevres                          Cocktail Attire
       The good feeling of knowing that you have helped to save a life.
                                                                                   RSVP to the San Diego Blood Bank Foundation at 619-400-8176

                                                                                     NBC 7/39 SUMMER
                                                                                      BLOOD DRIVE
                                                                                      HUNDREDS OF
  The 2nd Annual Gift of Life
5K Run/Walk was a big success in
                                                                                      DONORS WITH
June, bringing in more than                                                          SURF AND SKATE
$60,000 to the San Diego Blood
Bank Foundation.                                                                          THEME
  La Salsa spiced things up this                                                       Over 200 donors turned out on July
year, providing a fabulous spread                                                   11th to give blood at NBC 7/39’s
of fresh, Mexican cuisine for the                                                   Summer Blood Drive on Horton
nearly 600 participants at the                                                      Square. This was the 14th blood
Embarcadero Marina Park.                                                            drive for the station and a
  Other sponsors included Union                                                     particularly important one as it
Bank of California, ClearChannel      Gift of Life 5K Run/Walk winner Ciro
                                                                                    happened during a time when there
Radio, Henry’s Marketplace,           Melendez crossing the finish line in 16:33.   was less than a half-day’s supply of
NBC 7/39, PennySaver, Hunter                                                        blood at the San Diego Blood Bank.
Industries, Hitachi Home                                                              The theme of the event this year
Electronics, La Mesa RV, San                                                        was surf & skate with Sun Diego
Diego Ford Dealers, Sammy’s                                                         donating a top of the line surfboard
Woodfired Pizza, IBEW, Lexus                                                        and skateboard.
Carlsbad and Toyota Carlsbad, and                                                     Anyone who donated blood could
San Diego Firefighters Local #145.                                                  enter their name in the drawing.
  The sun glistened off San Diego                                                     Veteran surfer Bruce Colyer won the
Bay as the Marine Corp Band                                                         surfboard and U.S. Grant Sous
kicked off the race with a rousing                                                  Chef Nathaniel Bell took home
medley of patriotic songs.                                                          the skateboard.
  The top male runner and overall                                                      Consuelo Cousins won a $50 gift
winner, Ciro Melendez, finished the   First for the women with a time of 17:57      certificate donated by Napa Valley
5K race in an impressive 16:33.       was Kimberly Fagan                            Grille and Melissa Porras won a $25
Kimberly Fagan took top honors                                                      gift card to the Panda Inn.
in the women’s category finishing     finishers in each age group. There was           Donors were treated to entertainment
in 17:57.                             a tie this year for the largest team,         by the Dee Rays who performed as
  After the race, many of the         which meant both groups won a team            part of NBC 7/39’s Friday Concerts
runners and walkers saved enough      party at Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza.             on the Square. Later in the day pro
energy to come on stage with Wally    Prizes were also given to the top             surfers from the Lost Surf Team
of Wally’s World Karaoke for a        fundraisers, with the highest winning a       signed autographs.
very inspiring rendition of “We Are   big screen TV courtesy of Hitachi.              There was also plenty of great food
The Champions.”                         To view a photo scrapbook of the            like Claudia’s Cinnamon Rolls in the
  NBC 7/39’s Bill Menish served       Gift of Life 5K Run/Walk, visit the           morning and hot, fresh Domino’s Pizza
as the M/C of the event and helped    San Diego Blood Bank Web site at              in the afternoon. Baja Fresh, Sarku
present the medals to the top                    (continued next page)
                                                      SAN DIEGO BLOOD BANK
                                                   VEHICLE DONATION PROGRAM A
                                                   DRIVING FORCE IN FUNDRAISING

                                                                                    Diego Blood Bank, bringing in
                                                                                    more than $100,000.
                                                                                      In order to get the word out, the
                                                                                    blood bank teamed up with
                                                                                    long-time partner NBC 7/39 to
                                                                                    produce a 10, 15 and 30-second
                                                                                    commercial. These commercials star
                                                  The San Diego Blood Bank          blood recipient Maya Walden and
                                                Foundation launched its Vehicle     San Diego Blood Bank Super
                                                Donation Program in December of Donor D. Candis Paule.
                                                2002. The program allows people       Donating a vehicle is easy. In most
                                                to make a financial contribution to cases it takes just one phone call to the
                                                the blood bank by donating their    San Diego Blood Bank Foundation
                                                car, truck, motor home, boat –      office. The majority of vehicles are
                                                basically anything.                 picked up within two working days.
                                                  The program has been hugely         For more information about
                                                successful, drawing enthusiastic    the various ways to give the gift
                                                responses from individuals and      of life, visit our Web site:
                                                businesses from all over San Diego. ( or call
                                                Since its inception, 183 vehicles   the San Diego Blood Bank Foundation
Mira Mesa resident Bruce Colyer was the         have been donated to the San        at 1-800-4MY-SDBB, ext. 8176.
lucky winner of a surfboard donated by
Sun Diego for the NBC 7/39 Summer
Blood Drive. Bruce just happens to be an
avid surfer, along with being a regular blood                   NEW BLOODMOBILE TO
donor, and was very excited to win                          HIT THE STREETS IN NOVEMBER
something he says he will use
“every weekend.”
                                                   The San Diego Blood Bank is adding a new bloodmobile to
                                                its fleet in November. Thanks to financial donations from the
Japan and Hot Dog On A Stick                    Ford Dealers of San Diego County, the Parker Foundation, and
donated coupons for donors,                     hundreds of individual donors, the blood bank was able to
Vitaminwater provided refreshments,
                                                purchase the $185,000 vehicle in late July.
while 24 Hour Fitness, the American
                                                   “This bloodmobile couldn’t come at a better time,” said blood
Heart Association and the Diabetes
Association offered consultations.              bank Chief Executive Officer Ramona Walker. “Blood
   Westfield Shoppingtown Horton                donations have seriously declined over the summer months.
Plaza was generous enough to validate           We’ll need to boost our supply in the fall in preparation for the
parking for the blood donors.                   holidays and this vehicle will help us do just that.”
  The next NBC 7/39 Blood Drive                    The new bloodmobile is expected to bring in another 8,580
will take place Friday, January 9.              pints of blood per year for area hospital patients. This will be
Until then, be sure to watch NBC 7/39           the eighth sef-contained bloodmobile in the blood bank’s fleet.
for weekly blood level updates.

   The San Diego Blood Bank is constantly
challenged with balancing the needs of
hospital patients and the ever-shrinking
supply of volunteer blood donors. In order
to meet the demand for blood, our donor
recruitment associates are always looking
for new ways to reach potential donors.
   One source of excellent blood donors is
the high school blood drive.
   Last year the San Diego Blood Bank
held drives at 28 local high schools,
collecting more than 2,000 pints of blood.
   Students not only provide a strong
first-time donor base, they are often the
organizers of the blood drives.
                                                                                          Donated by the San Diego County Ford Dealers
   Many clubs and organizations within                                           Proceeds benefit the lifesaving programs of the San Diego Blood Bank
the schools encourage community service.                               To Enter: Mail this coupon with your check or credit card number to:
                                                                                     The San Diego Blood Bank Foundation,
These groups help with the setup of the                                       P.O. Box 639011, San Diego, California 92163-9011
blood drive, recruit donors, schedule                            Enclosed is my check made payable to The San Diego Blood Bank Foundation
appointments, promote the event, and                             I would like to pay by credit card: American Express                               Visa        MasterCard
work with the blood bank's staff to make            Card No:____________________________Exp.________Signature____________________________________
                                                                          Suggested Donation:
sure everything runs smoothly on the                                                                                     Address:________________________________________
                                                            $5 for 6 entries $10 for 12 entries
day of the drive.                                                     $20 for 24 entries
                                                          $50 for 60 entries $100 for 120 entries                        State:____________________________Zip:___________
   By helping with blood drives, students                                   Other
                                                       Amount enclosed: $_________for______entries
are able to fulfill their community service
                                                     For further information, please call the San Diego Blood Bank Foundation at 1-800-4MY-SDBB ext. 8176
requirement and know that they have made               Nine semi-finalists will be chosen at random two weeks prior to the Chargers Blood Drive XXV. Entries for one wild-card position will be
                                                     accepted the day of the Chargers Blood Drive from 9:00am - 4:00pm at the Town & Country Convention Center, San Diego, November 2003.
a difference in their communities.                  Final drawing will be held at Chargers Blood Drive XXV. Must be 18 years of age to enter. No purchase or donation necessary to enter drawing.
                                                     Winner is liable for all taxes, license and registration fees. All prizes are subject to income tax withholding. Amounts contributed for drawing
   The San Diego Blood Bank commends                          entries are not tax-deductible. Employees of the San Diego Blood Bank and their immediate families are not eligible to win.

the following high schools for their efforts:

       Chaparral High School-40 Pints              Mission Bay High School-71 Pints
                                                                                                                                                   In the Spring Edition of
       Clairemont High School-42 Pints             Monte Vista High School-146 Pints
       El Cajon Valley High School-53 Pints        Morse High School-97 Pints                                                                    The Donor, the San Diego
       El Capitan High School-28 Pints             Mt. Miguel High School-51 Pints                                                               Blood Bank’s Top male
       Fallbrook High School-119 Pints             Patrick Henry High School-81 Pints                                                            Super Donor’s name,
       Francis Parker School-25 Pints              Point Loma High School-67 Pints
                                                   Rancho Buena Vista H.S.-119 Pints
                                                                                                                                                 Ronald Fisher, was spelled
       Granite Hills High School-209 Pints
       Grossmont High School-46 Pints              St. Augustine High School-69 Pints                                                            incorrectly. Fisher was one
       Helix High School-113 Pints                 Santana High School-53 Pints                                                                  of some 350 donors who
       Kearny High School-43 Pints                 Sweetwater High School-33 Pints                                                               were recognized for
       La Costa Canyon High School-80 Pints        University City High School-47 Pints
       La Jolla Country Day High School-27 Pints   Valhalla High School-40 Pints                                                                 having given more than
       La Jolla High School-103 Pints              Vista High School-120 Pints                                                                   10 gallons of blood during
       Mira Mesa High School-90 Pints              West Hills High School-35 Pints                                                               the blood bank’s 2002 Top
                                                                                                                                                 Donor Recognition Party.


                                                                                             SAN DIEGO CHARGERS
7th ANNUAL PADRES/NEWSRADIO 600                                                           AND SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
                                                                                             CARTOONISTS SOCIETY
KOGO BLOOD AND MARROW DRIVE                                                              BOTH SELECTED TO RECEIVE
                                                                                            NATIONAL AWARDS FROM
    ATTRACTS OVER 400 DONORS                                                                AMERICAN ASSOCIATION
  For the 7th year the San Diego           Hedgecock broadcast live from                        OF BLOOD BANKS
Padres/KOGO NewsRadio 600                  the drive and gave away prizes                   In an unprecedented vote, the
                                                                                      American Association of Blood Banks
Blood Drive brought caring San             for those who took part in a
                                                                                     (AABB) has named both the San Diego
Diegans out to the Qualcomm                “fast pitch” competition.
                                                                                      Chargers and the Southern California
Stadium parking lot on                       All participants were awarded
                                                                                      Cartoonists Society (SCCS) to receive
Friday, June 20.                           two ticket vouchers to a Padres
                                                                                     national awards for each group’s years
  More than 400 people came to             game; a San Diego Blood Bank
                                                                                   of successful blood drives with the San
donate blood and/or sign up to join        Fearless T-shirt; hot, fresh Domino’s
the National Marrow Donor                  Pizza and Sparkletts Water.             Diego Blood Bank. Both organizations
Program registry to help patients            The Pad Squad, Padres pitcher         will be honored at a banquet during the
with life-threatening illnesses.           Jake Peavy, former Padres pitcher       group’s 2003 AABB Gala on Tuesday,
  A total of 303 pints of blood were       Randy Jones and sportscasters           November 4, at the San Diego
donated and 190 potential donors           Ted Leitner and Jerry Coleman           Convention Center, Downtown.
joined the bone marrow registry.           stopped by to visit with fans              The San Diego Blood Bank’s Lynn
  KOGO NewsRadio 600’s Roger               throughout the day.                     Stedd nominated both organizations, in
                                                                                   different categories. The Chargers won
                                                                                   in the “Business” category and the SCCS
                                                                                   won in the “Other Media” category.
                                                                                      The AABB awards groups that make
                                                                                   significant contributions to promoting and
                                                                                   supporting voluntary blood donations.
                                                                                      “It’s rare for any group to hold
                                                                                   consistently successful blood drives
                                                                                   for more than 10 years,” Stedd said.
                                                                                   “The Chargers Blood Drive which totals
                                                                                   1,500 to 2,000 pints each year, will
                                                                                   celebrate its 25th anniversary this year,
                                                                                   and the SCCS, which averages over
                                                                                   400 pints each year, just held its 16th
                                                                                   drive in April.”
                                                                                      The American Association of Blood
                                                                                   Banks was established in 1947. It is a
                                                                                   professional society of more than 2,400
                                                                                   blood banks and transfusion services.
                                                                                   It also represents more than 9,000
                                                                                   individual members engaged in blood
 Enjoying the festivities at the 7th Annual Padres/NewsRadio 600 KOGO Blood        bank and transfusion medicine.
 and Bone Marrow Drive along with the Pad Squad (l-r back row ) Kenna Hurd,
                                                                                      The AABB sets standards, inspects
 Annika Visser and Misti Boutwell are (front l-r) Diane Nares, whose son Emilio
 lost his battle with leukemia in 2000, and leukemia patient Mel Laurent, who is   and accredits blood collection and
 searching for a matching marrow donor.                                            transfusion facilities, and provides
                                                                                   continuing education and information.

 Whether you make a financial contribution or literally give your life’s blood, you are an indispensable link
  in the chain of life. Thank you to the following contributors to the San Diego Blood Bank Foundation.
          Your support allowed us to maintain and enhance our lifesaving programs and services.
     $50,000 - $99,999.99                     Time Warner Cable                     Anthony R. Carr
     The Parker Foundation                    WD-40 Company                         Hector Casillas
                                              Wells Fargo Foundation                Robert L. Chappelle
     $25,000 - $49,999.99                                                           Lew Cunningham
     Bone Marrow Foundation of San Diego      $1,000-$2,499.99                      David T. Dickson
     ClearChannel                             The Alphonse A. Burnand Medical &     James M. Dort
     Grossmont Healthcare District              Education Fund                      East Coast Deli Cafe Company
     La Salsa                                 Walter A. Andersen                    Dr. Charles C. & Sue K. Edwards
     Metabolife Foundation                    Ben & Mildred Hunter Endowment Fund     Foundation
     Pfizer                                   BFG Rohr Employee's Will-Share Club   Lisa Ehrlichman
     Pyxis Corporation                        Barbara E. Biewener                   The Epler Company
     San Diego County Credit Union            W. J. Brehm                           Richard D. Farrar
     Wells Fargo                              Mary Cook                             GAMBRO BCT
                                              Sid Craig                             Garcia Landscape Services
     $10,000-$24,999.99                       Ferne E. Cruse                        Frank J. Gaughan
     The Bravo Foundation                     Charles D. Dineen                     Richard Grihalva
     Callaway Golf Company Foundation         Dr. Seuss Foundation                  Haemonetics Corporation
     Directed Electronics, Inc.               Miriam H. Elliott                     Elaine Hanson
     Walter R. Panowitz                       Richard A. Erley                      Thomas M. Henry
     PennySaver                               Edwin L. Glazener                     HomeTown Buffet
     San Diego City Fire Fighters Local 145   God's Gift Charitable Foundation      Clyde W. Jones
     Jessie Sodos                             Paul Goldenberg                       Theo B. Lamb
     Union Bank of California                 Marcia K. Hall                        John Lederwood
     United Way Campaigns                     Henry's                               Lipinsky Family Foundation
     Weingart-Price Fund                      I. B. E. W. Local 569                 Jeffrey B. Morse
                                              Roy A. Kaplan                         Douglas J. Morton
     $5,000-$9,999.99                         Frederick W. Kasch                    Naked Food Juice
     Albertsons                               Las Primeras                          Derek J. Nelson
     Astec Power                              LSU Alumni of San Diego               Charlotte W. Nielsen
     James S. Copley Foundation               Doug & Betsy Manchester               John C. Olivarria
     Cubic Corporation                        James McLain                          Penasquitos Lutheran Church
     D. A. V. Industries                      Glenn Napierski                       John G. Pitcairn
     The Heller Foundation of San Diego       Orthodox Presbyterian Church          Ada May Powers
     Hitachi                                  QUALCOMM Incorporated                 Todd Preston
     Hunter Industries                        Ronald R. Reinhardt                   Rozendal Associates, Inc.
     Leeland M. Lovaas                        The Ruth Lane Charitable Foundation   Russell L. Schnapp
     John Stacy Lyons Memorial Foundation     San Diego City Schools                John Schroeder
     Arthur P. Rowsell                        SDG&E Employees' Contrib Club         Sharp Healthcare Foundation
     SDG&E                                    Tracy B. Shaw                         Thomas Shiftan
     James P. Starck                          Donald Shiley                         Irene Shinsato
     Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Group          Tenet Healthcare Foundation           King L. Tan
                                              TRW                                   Time Warner Telecom
     $2,500-$4,999.99                         Valley Independent Bank               Robert C. Traylor
     BAE Systems                              VitaminWater                          United Way of San Diego County
     Barney & Barney                          Kaye Woltman                          Thomas Vander Veen
     Beyster Family Foundation                                                      Ramona L. Walker
     Ron W. Ferguson                          $500 - $999.99                        Charles & Randi Wax Family Fund
     Graphic Printing                         A-Star Staffing                       James M. Whisenand
     Home Bank of California                  Abbott Laboratories                   Gary J. Wilcox
     La Mesa RV                               Beauchamp Family Commercial           John K. Wingfield
     Merrill Lynch Matching Gifts Program     Blood Systems, Inc.                   Women of St. James-By-The-Sea
     National Electric Works, Inc.            Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison           Donald D. Woolley
     Patricia R. Noll                         Keith Bromley                         World Reach, Inc.
     Rich Paul                                Ronald J. Carlson

                                                                               Labor/Benefits               $13,907,776
                                                                               Testing & Supplies            $9,126,300
                                                                               Facilities                    $2,844,423
                                                                               Donor Recognition              $352,947
                                                                               General & Administrative       $341,246


Blood Services                        $22,837,795 Blood Services                      86.0%
Lab Services and Tests                   $787,555 Lab Services and Tests               3.0%
Plasma for Fractionation & Derivitives $1,907,207 Plasma for Fractionation/Derivitives 7.2%
Stem Cell/Bone Marrow Program            $600,769 Stem Cell/Bone Marrow Program 2.3%
Contributions/Other Income              $416,364  Contributions/Other Income           1.6%
                                     $26,549,690                                    100.0%

                       DONOR ACTIVITY - FISCAL YEAR 2003

                                                                                           “PLASMA BOY”
                                                                                           HAT DISPLAYED
                                                                                            AT DEL MAR
                                                                                             The San Diego Blood Bank was
                                                                                           invited by NBC 7/39’s Bill
                                                                                           Menish to design a hat for the
                                                                                           Del Mar Thoroughbred Club’s
                                                                                           Celebrity Chapeau Auction this
                                                                                           year. The hat features blood bank
                                                                                           mascot, “Plasma Boy,” atop one
                                                                                           of our famous “Ten Gallon”
                                                                                           cowboy hats, normally reserved
                                                                                           for top blood donors.
                                                                                             The hat was designed by blood
Father/daughter blood donors, Alice Tout and Daniel Stephens.                              bank Graphic DesignerTherese
                                                                                           Mitchell and was on display
 WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND                                                             at the Del Mar Racetrack in late
                                                                                           July and early August. The lovely,
  “What goes around, comes around.”             Daniel is anemic and requires              yet slightly cumbersome,
The old adage definitely rings true for       monthly transfusions. Although Alice         headpiece was auctioned on
Alice Tout and her 85 year old father         isn’t able to provide all the blood for      eBay for over $100. Proceeds
Daniel Stephens. When Alice was born          her father’s treatment, she gives as         from the sale of the hat will
in 1948 she required an exchange              much as she can – every 56 days.             benefit the lifesaving programs of
transfusion because her blood type was        “I’m happy to be able to give back           the San Diego Blood Bank.
Rh positive and her mother’s was Rh           some of what he gave me,” said Alice.
negative. Rh positive means your blood           But this isn’t the first time Alice has

        “I’ve always been very proud to be my
       father’s little girl, we have always had a
                      definite bond.”
contains a certain blood protein. If a        seen the direct impact of her blood
mother and child’s Rh is different, the       donations; 10 years ago she donated for
mother’s blood could attack the baby’s        her nephew who was battling leukemia.
- with a fatal outcome. This was the          He was eventually able to donate his
case with Alice Tout and her mother.          own stem cells for a transplant and has
   Luckily, Alice’s father was able to        been cancer free for the past decade.
donate blood for his newborn daughter.          While Alice is always willing to help
“I’ve always been very proud to be my         a family member in need, she doesn’t
father’s little girl,” said Alice. “We        stop there. She has continued to donate
have always had a definite bond.”             blood for strangers whose lives may
  Now Alice, who has been a                   depend on it, proving what goes around
regular blood donor since 1978, is            really does come around!
able to repay the favor.


   The gift of time can be the gift of                                                      meeting the blood needs of
life, and no one understands that better                                                    our community.”
than San Diego Blood Bank volunteers.                                                         The San Diego Blood Bank
They give their time throughout the                                                         appreciates the more than 550
year to help make the blood donation                                                        people who volunteered
process easy and enjoyable for donors,                                                      throughout the past year. They
and their efforts were honored during                                                       performed a wide variety of
National Volunteer Appreciation Week,                                                       duties, such as registering donors
April 27 – May 4, 2003.                                                                     at blood drives, handing out
   Volunteers were greeted with goodie        Stephanie Denis and Terry and Connie          refreshments in the donor center
                                              Godshalk at volunteer luncheon.
bags at their assignments throughout                                                        canteens and coordinating
the week and were the guests of honor                                                       activities at special events.
at the Volunteer Appreciation                dozens of bouquets of flowers.                   If you would like more
Luncheon, Sunday, May 4. More                  The party is an annual event and             information about the San Diego
than 100 volunteers, staff and San           just one way our organization is               Blood Bank Volunteer Program,
Diego Blood Bank board members               able to show how much volunteers               please contact Tammy Glenn at
attended the event, which featured a         are appreciated.                               1-800-4MY-SDBB ext. 8202, or
Cinco de Mayo theme.                            “Our volunteers provide an        
   San Diego Catering Concepts               invaluable service to the San Diego              The time commitment is
provided a Mexican inspired buffet.          Blood Bank,” said Judy Deck, Director          flexible. Orientations are held
Dancers from Ballet Folklorico en            of Whole Blood Collection. “They               several times a month at the Upas
Aztlan entertained the guests with           lighten our load and light up the lives        Street Donor Center in Hillcrest
traditional Mexican folk dancing, and        of the blood donors. We are fortunate          and the North County Donor
Mellano and Company donated                  to have such giving people assist us in        Center in Escondido.

                       NEW EXPANDED HOURS ANNOUNCED
  To make donating blood more convenient for San            San Diego Blood Bank              North County Donor Center
Diegans, the San Diego Blood Bank expanded its            440 Upas St., San Diego           1340 W. Valley Pkwy, Escondido
hours at two locations this summer.                     Mon.-Thurs., 9 a.m.-7:30 p.m.           Tues.-Fri., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
  “We conducted a survey of our donors and found          Fri. & Sat., 8 a.m.-4 p.m.               Sat. 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
that later hours at our main location and an extra               Closed Sun.                       Closed Sun., Mon.
day of operation at our Vista center would make it
easier for more people to give the gift of life,” said   East County Donor Center             North Coastal Donor Center
Lynn Stedd of the blood bank.                          680 Fletcher Parkway , El Cajon           161 Thunder Dr., Vista
  The hours at the main location of the blood bank,       Tues.-Fri., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.       Tues.,Thurs., & Sat., 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
440 Upas St., will be 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday             Sat. 8 a.m.-4 p.m.               Wed. 12:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
through Thursday. Saturday hours at all donor                 Closed Sun., Mon.                    Closed Sun., Mon.
centers will be 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  The North Coastal Donor Center, 161 Thunder                                South Bay Donor Center
Dr., Vista, now opens its doors on Thursdays from                          1717 Sweetwater Rd., Ste G
8 a.m. to 4 p.m., as well. Previously this center                                   National City
was closed on Thursdays.                                                       Tues. 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
  The complete schedule of hours of operation of                              Fri., Sat. 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
all the donor centers is as follows:                                     Closed Sun., Mon., Wed., Thurs.

                                                           BLOOD DONORS TREATED
        BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2002-2003                          TO THE GREATEST
     ROBERT KEVANE                ELAINE HANSON, MD           SHOW ON EARTH!
       Vice President             CLYDE W. JONES, M.D.     The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
     BRENDA MAGILL                                       isn’t only interested in dazzling audiences with daring
                                       TED OWEN          trapeze stunts and awe-inspiring animal tricks, it also
         Secretary                                       cares about giving back to the local communities it
     ROBERT TRAYLOR                   BOB ADKINS
                                                         visits throughout the year.
         Treasurer                     JIM BATES           When the 133rd edition of the world famous circus
     DIANE HUCKABEE                                      performed at the San Diego Sports Arena August 6th
                                    JACK BERKMAN         through the 10th, the folks at Ringling Bros. offered
       Past President                                    free ticket vouchers to San Diego Blood Bank donors.
       RICH PAUL                   RONALD CARLSON
                                                           The tickets were awarded at the Upas
                   CHRISTOPHER GLAZENER, MD              Street Center on August 4,
                                                         helping attract 100 blood
                         ELVIA SAUCEDO                   donors and potentially saving
  JAMES R. GRIEGO                                        300 lives.
                      THOMAS SHIFTAN, MD                   Thank You, Ringling Bros.!
                       JOHN K. WINGFIELD

        BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2002-2003

        RON FERGUSON                 KIMBERLY COOK

          Vice President
           DON HALL                   SKIP COOMBER

                                    ANDREA M. KIMBAL
         MONICA ZECH

           Treasurer                    JIM LACKEY

                                       ART ROWSELL
      Chief Executive Officer                              Supervisor Greg Cox, chairman of the County Board of
      San Diego Blood Bank            JEROME STOCKS
                                                         Supervisors and 10 gallon blood donor, posed with San Diego
                                                         Blood Bank CEO Ramona Walker and Board President Bob
       ROBERT KEVANE                                     Kevane after presenting a proclamation commending the San
 President San Diego Blood Bank    MARY LOU WASHATKA
                                                         Diego Blood Bank and proclaiming January as National
                                                         Volunteer Blood Donor Month at the January 28, 2003 Board
                                                         of Supervisors meeting.
  Michael Barletta has been donating             had a very rare blood characteristic
blood for 40 years. In fact, he’s                called PLA 1 negative, which means he
considered one of the blood bank’s               lacks a platelet antigen that most people
Super Donors because he gives                    have. In fact, only 2% percent of the
platelets through an automated process           population is PLA 1 negative.
called apheresis. Michael has given                 If a child is born PLA 1 positive and
platelets 115 times in the past 11 years.        the mother is PLA 1 negative, there is a
The process, which takes Michael about           chance the mother’s antibodies will
70 minutes, allows him to give more              attack the babies platelets and cause
platelets than are collected in eight            hemorrhaging.
regular whole blood donations.                      To boost the baby’s platelet levels,
  Around the blood bank, Michael isn’t           it requires a PLA 1 negative platelet
only considered a Super Donor, he’s              transfusion. That’s when the apheresis
also become a bit of a Super Hero.               staff at the blood bank calls
Several years ago Michael was told he            Michael Barletta.                           Faye and Richard Rycus
                                                    “I’ve been called in at least a half a
                                                 dozen times to help newborn babies in          LONGTIME
                                                 need of a transfusion,” said Michael.
                                                 “It is so rewarding to know that my
                                                 donation is saving a child’s life.”           REMEMBERED
                                                    Michael has received letters from
                                                                                               The San Diego Blood Bank lost
                                                 appreciative new parents who’ve said
                                                                                             a very special volunteer, Richard
                                                 without his platelets their baby would
                                                                                             Rycus, in May. Richard regularly
                                                 have died. “It really helps make a
                                                                                             volunteered in the canteen at the
                                                 connection. I know most people who
                                                                                             North County Donor Center and
                                                 give blood never know who their
                                                                                             at the Chargers Blood Drive. His
                                                 donation really helped. I feel lucky.”
                                                                                             outgoing personality and sense of
                                                    “Michael is always willing to come
                                                                                             humor will be greatly missed.
                                                 in when we need him,” said Janet
                                                 Cabusao, San Diego Blood Bank RN.
                                                 “He really understands how important
                                                 blood donation is.”
                                                    Michael Barletta is a Top Gallon
                                                 Club Member, with 40 gallons, and he
Super Donor Michael Barletta donating
platelets during one of his regular visits to    still donates on a regular basis.
the San Diego Blood Bank.                           Thanks Michael!

                                                In Memory
                                         Sharon Mooney
           The San Diego Blood Bank lost a longtime employee and a beloved
         friend in August. Sharon Mooney spent 30 years at the Blood Bank
         as a Clinical Unit Assistant. She was also a dedicated blood donor,
         giving 12 gallons in her lifetime. Sharon was an inspiration to her friends,
         family and co-workers. She will be deeply missed.

(Austin Cameron continued )                  I can. If not Roseburg, maybe                   HOW MANY
Winston West tour visits Roseburg,           Irwindale (July 31).
Ore. Cameron is the defending                   But Cameron is already active.               CHARGERS
champion of the race.                           He has made several appearances for
  "I came from two laps back to win          the San Diego Blood Bank - helping to
                                                                                            BLOOD DRIVES
and bumped Johnny out of the way,"           kick off blood drives and filming a              HAVE YOU
Cameron says of his friendly rivalry         public service announcement at the
with Ramona's Johnny Borneman.               Cajon Speedway.                                 ATTENDED?
"I think he also wants me to be                 And he talks a lot of racing with            Help the San Diego Blood Bank
back by Roseburg so that he can              fellow hot prospects Borneman and             and the San Diego Chargers
even the score.                              Auggie Vidovich Jr.                           celebrate 25 years of successful
  "I can't say definitely that I'll be          "I know you hear it all the time, but      blood drives by sharing your story
back for Roseburg. But I can say             it comes down to family and friends,"         of participation. Whether you’re a
I'm definitely trying to do everything       said Cameron. "I'm lucky in both areas."      donor who’s faithfully shown up
                                                                                           year after year; a volunteer who’s
                                                                                           helped the event grow or a patient
                                                                                           who has benefited from the blood
                                                                                           donated at the drive; we want to
                                                                                           hear from you!
                                                                                             Share the Chargers Blood Drive
                                                                                           experiences that have inspired you
                                                                                           to give back to your community.
                                                                                           You could be invited to share your
                                                                                           story on-stage at the Chargers
                                                                                           Blood Drive alongside Hall of
                                                                                           Fame kicker Rolf Benirschke,
Celebrating winning with fellow Winston West team mates.                                   who inspired the very first drive
                                                                                           25 years ago.
         The Donor newsletter is published by the Community Relations Department
                   for donors and friends of the San Diego Blood Bank.                       Email your story to:
                        Lynn Stedd, Community Relations Director
                        Mary Walter Brown, Public Affairs Manager
                                                                                           call 1-800-4MY-SDBB, ext. 8283.
                           Therese Mitchell, Graphic Designer

 SDBB E-Mail:    Duplicate Newsletter Hotline Call 1-800-4MY-SDBB

M a k e y o u r n e x t a p p o i n t m e n t o n l i n e : w w w. s a n d i e g o b l o o d b a n k . o r g

                                                                                                                      US POSTAGE
          440 Upas Streeet                                                                                           SAN DIEGO CA
                                                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 1041
  San Diego, California 92103-4900