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					                                                                                                                     Spring 2004
                                               SOCIETY OF ST. VINCENT DE PAUL
                                                                                                                Volume 34, Issue 1
                                               IN THE ARCHDIOCESE OF DETROIT

                                  The Detroit Vincentian
                                  A Warm Welcome to Our New Camp Director
                                  Barb Koster, Camp Committee Chair

    St. Vincent de Paul                       Please join us in
                                    welcoming Teresa Jex as the
                                    new Director of Camp
                                    Operations. She is moving
                                    here from Valparaiso, Indiana                                             The Jex Family —
Inside this issue:                  where she created and
                                    directed various innovative                                              Teresa, Sara, Brian &
                                    programs for youth through                                                    Samantha
                                    work with Beyond Boundaries
More from Moore               2
                                    Experiential Therapy, Portage
Vision and Mission            2     Parks and Recreation
                                    Department, Boys & Girls          agencies and programs to            days, campfires, worship
On Gratiot Avenue             3     Clubs of Porter County,           meet the needs of children          services, special programs
                                    Portage Schools Safe Haven        and teens.                          and cultural awareness
From the President            4     LINKS program and the                       “I believe that this is   activities while still providing
                                    YMCA over the past nine           what Christ has called me to        gender and age specific
From the Mideast              4     years.                            do,” Jex says as she                activities to best serve each
Region Chair                                  Teresa earned her       discusses her plans to provide      camper.
                                    master’s degree in therapeutic    and promote a Christian                        Camp Stapleton will
Camp Program                  7                                       camping atmosphere where            now be made available for
                                    recreation at the University of
                                    Indiana at Bloomington. Her       each child will have the            group rentals all summer,
Development Report            8                                       opportunity to realize new          which will assist in covering
                                    expertise is in experiential
                                    learning and her passion is       personal potential—both at          operating costs and providing
                                    camp and youth ministry.          camp and beyond.                    income for planned capital
                                    Teresa is also a mom. She                   As Teresa unpacks         improvements.
                                    and her husband Brian—a           her boxes and gets to know                     Among her many
    Special Points of               special         education         the staff and volunteers of         camp preparations, Teresa is
                                                                      SVDP Detroit, there is little       hiring camp staff and getting
        Interest                    administrator for a public
                                                                      time to waste as she puts           camper enrollment underway
                                    school system in Indiana and
  • Saying Goodbye to a             a veteran camp staffer            plans in place to lead our          from the Central Office.
                                    himself—are the parents of        camping program in an               Reach       her there         at
    Friend on Page 3
                                    Sara, 4½, and Samantha, 2½.       exciting new direction for the      313.972.3100 ext. 104 or via
  • Upcoming Bundle                           Teresa has logged       summer of 2004.                     email: tjex@svdpdet.org.
                                    over 10 seasons working                     In an effort to           Please plan on visiting camp.
    Sundays on Page 5
                                    summer camps in Michigan,         expand our ability to serve the     There is an open door all
  • It makes a lot of ¢ents         California and Indiana before     community year-round at both        summer for you to visit; just
                                    entering the profession of        Camp Stapleton and Camp             make sure to reserve a space
    Page 9
                                    Therapeutic Recreation. Most      Ozanam, the organization has        in the lodge. You are
                                    recently, she initiated a         decided to move the girls’          especially invited to our
                                    collaborative effort between      program to the facilities at        annual Vincentian Day,
                                    several organizations in          Camp Ozanam for at least            scheduled this summer on
                                                                      one season. Camp Ozanam’s           Saturday, July 17, to meet
    Attention!                      creating STEPS to Adventure
                                    camp for 13-14 yr. old boys &
                                    girls in Northwest Indiana who
                                                                      layout is suitable for this
                                                                      arrangement; the natural,
                                                                                                          Teresa and her family and see
                                                                                                          camp in full swing.
Our Donor Call Center               are labeled “at risk.”            wooded ravine will divide the                  St. Vincent de Paul
has moved. To make a                          Our      Society’s      boys’ cabins on the north side      is fortunate to have Teresa
                                    mission of serving the            and the girls’ cabins on the        and       her     boundless
donation, please call                                                 south.                              enthusiasm, tireless energy,
                                    ‘neediest of the needy’ was a
1.800.788.4623     or               particular draw for Teresa,                 The camp theme,           and high hopes as she
                                                                      “Celebrating Diversity,” will       reinvigorates our 80-year
313.972.3100.                       who has made a career of
                                                                      continue by bringing the boys       tradition of summer camping.
                                    using her talents and
                                    resources to coordinate           and girls together for field        Welcome Aboard!
                                The Detroit Vincentian                                                Volume 34, Issue 1
Page 2

More from Moore
Thomas P. Moore II, Executive Director and CEO

                                       opportunity to bring joy to many         some disappointments, but all in all it
                                       underprivileged children with the        has been very rewarding. I would like to
                                       toys Les Stanford employees              thank our Board of Trustees and staff
                                       bought and donated. (See photos at       members for all their help and
                                       right.)                                  understanding.
                                                I understand many food and                  As we look around we must
                                       gift boxes were packed for the           again be thankful to have what we need
                                       holidays by our Conferences. Thank       and perhaps some extras, but let us
                                       you and congratulations for your         never forget our mission, helping those
                                       sheer goodness.                          in need. I wish you and your families all
                                                Recently I have had the         of God’s blessings as we work together
         Greetings to all. Thank       opportunity to speak at the              to fulfill that mission.
you for your generous support          Birmingham Retired Businessmen’s
through our annual appeal and
                                       Luncheon and at the Kiwanis Club
other contributions to our             #I. (The Detroit Club was the first
programs. This has been a              Kiwanis Club formed.) At that time I
particularly challenging year for
                                       was delighted to accept a check
everyone, but the Society was          from Kiwanis for $7,500 toward our
fortunate to have so many caring       camp renovation. I would be
                                       honored to act as a speaker for any
         Special thanks to our         of your civic organizations to          L-R: Fr. Jack Baker, Gary Stanford, Paul Stanford,
long-time friends at Les Stanford      enhance the knowledge of the            Fr. Zbigniew Grankowski, and Thomas P. Moore II.
Chevrolet. Gary Kilar, Sales and       Society’s works.                                    Photos by Kathleen Moore
Leasing Consultant, had a                       I recently attended the mid-
Christmas toy fund drive within the    year SVDP meeting held in Wash-
Les Stanford Chevy and Cadillac        ington,     D.C., where I had the op-
dealerships, with the full             portunity to meet many Vincentians
participation of 150 employees.        from other parts of the country. I
Again this year, Gary and Paul         found them to be quite an
Stanford matched their employee        enthusiastic crowd with many
dollars, raising $19,000. As one of    interesting discussion topics.
four selected charities, the Society            The past seven months
of St. Vincent de Paul had the         have been full of surprises and

                             Vision and Mission
                             Fr. John H. West, Archdiocesan Spiritual Advisor

                                     As    we    move       loved the liturgical year, and     Serving in Hope, a great
                             through     these    most      have been present for the          way to deepen our
                             important seasons of our       special celebrations of the        spirituality through ongoing
                             faith journey, the Forty       dying and rising of Christ.        adult faith formation. Also in
                             Days of Lent, the Great                In the coming year,        the coming months, there
                             Three Days of the Easter       we have two special                will be opportunities to grow
                             Triduum, and the Fifty         projects for us to grow in our     in our awareness and
                             Days of Easter, we indeed      Vincentian        vocation.        knowledge of the Rule of
                             celebrate the mysteries by     Conferences and District           the Society. Please find and
                             which we are born and          Councils are beginning to          make the time to grow in the
                             reborn      in   Christ.       take time during meetings to       Lord and in the mission of
                             Vincentians have always        become acquainted with             our Society.
The Detroit Vincentian                                                  Volume 34, Issue 1

                                                                                                Page 3
On Gratiot Avenue
Patrick Adamcik, Director of Properties and Facilities                                           Saying
        The Society’s Thrift    clients to these programs     Detroit residents to assist
Store has been busy with        by having them call           women in decisions              to a Friend…
both sales and referrals.       313.567.7462.                 affecting the lives of their
Clothing referrals have                  T w o      n e w     unborn babies.
increased from about 50 a       Partners are moving into               Food      Depots:
month to around 100. The        the Center this spring. J     The Society’s three
store has been rearranged       & C’s INC, a faith-based      depots have increased
the past several months         nonprofit seeking to serve    their services in recent
through the efforts of          various needs of children     months because of the
District Manager John           and families, arrived in      lack of work for those
Hitchcock and Store             March. Initially it will be   who have been laid off
Manager Bertha Calhoun.         offering          “Baby       and those who are trying
A new large sign in the         Phonemic,” an innovative      to find full-time or
front of the building           program that will provide     better-paying jobs. We
advertises “Thrift Store”       training, family education,   need both volunteers and
prominently and is lit up all   support groups and refer-     food      drives      from
night.                          ral services to families      parishes and businesses
        The Health Center       who      suspect     their    to continue assisting              October 2, 1940—
and Dental Clinic have          children have a speech        those who are struggling           December 3, 2003
been quite busy serving         and language develop-         financially.    For further
adults who lack health          mental delay.                 information please call                  The Food Depot at
insurance. Appointment                   Coming in April      Patrick Adamcik at             the Port Huron Thrift Store
times are backed up             will be Right to Life of      313.393.2931 or Bertha         lost its “foundation” when
because of the number of        Michigan.           This      at 313.393.2920.               Cynthia Kay Hall, manager
people seeking help.            well-known organization                                      for 20 years, died
Vincentians may refer           will provide services to                                     December 3, 2003.
                                                                                             Cynthia battled cancer for
                                                                                             several months. Cynthia’s
                                                                                             dedication to the people
                At Christmas Time ...                                                        she served and those she
                                                                                             worked with was evident at
                                                                                             the      reception      the
                                                                                             community hosted for her
                                                                                             three days prior to her
                                                                                             death, and of course at her
                                                                                             funeral.      Hundreds of
                                                                                             people came from all over
                                                                                             to share their affection for
                                                                                             her as a thanks for all the
                                                                                             good she had done in her
  Travonne Young and Ricky Edwards         Teachers and students of the                                The Society is
        pack holiday baskets.              Southeast Head Start Program                      blessed to have Cynthia’s
                                                     perform.                                daughter. Sandra Hall
                                                                                             continues in her footsteps
        Our Head Start Program in the VanElslander Center provided holiday                   by running the food depot
entertainment for parents and relatives of the children in our daily program.                along with her father
Each of the four classrooms of these pre-school children did a song and                      Willie’s assistance. Willie
dance number that delighted their audience. After the entertainment food                     was always there helping
baskets were distributed to those families that were in need of help,                        his wife by picking up tons
compliments of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s Central Office staff.                    of food for the depot and
                                                                                             ultimately the people we
                                         The Detroit Vincentian                                                     Volume 34, Issue 1
Page 4

                                        From the President
                                        Bartholomew Seymour III, Chairman of the Archdiocesan Board

                                        formation. Both these             co-chaired by our Spiritual         Voice of the Poor
                                        programs were unveiled to         Advisor, Fr. John West,             Committee. The Society
                                        the Board of Trustees and         and Nancy Panther studied           has developed position
                                        committee members at a            the Rule in detail and              statements on non-
                                        session in January.               developed a presentation            partisan issues. To learn
                                                   First, Serving in      to convey the key points to         more,       visit    the
                                        Hope is a spiritual               Vincentians. The Rule sets          www.voiceofthepoor.org
                                        formation           program       forth the principles by             website. To get involved,
                                        developed by our National         which Vincentians meet,             call Renée Deroche at the
                                        Council. Participants have        live, and help the poor.            Central Office.
                                        given rave reviews for the        This fabulous presentation                  I am humbled yet
              “Spirituality first       professional quality of the       is scheduled to occur at            proud to be part of this
and foremost.” This is an               video and the booklet. Your       each of the District                great institution. The
often-quoted Vincentian                 D e tro it     Arc hd ioce s an   Councils during the course          Society does great work
saying. Many organizations              Council has decided to            of the year.                        every day. Together, we
help the poor. Only the                 provide all these materials                On a separate              accomplish so much more
Society of St. Vincent de               to every Conference at no         topic, the poor need our            than we do as individuals.
Paul combines spiritual                 cost. Please contact our          help in many ways.                  The Archdiocesan Council
and physical sustenance in              new          Conference           Significantly, the poor             exists to serve the
such a way that both the                Coordinator,            Renée     sometimes lack the ability          Conferences. Please take
person in need and the                  Deroche,          with    any     or     opportunity        to        time to learn about all the
Vincentian benefit. In line             questions.                        communicate their needs             wonderful resources that
with our National Strategic                        Second, the Task       effectively. Vincentians are        are available. The Society
Plan, we are very pleased               Force on Conference Life          in a position to help by            is moving forward and
to announce two important               a nd     th e     R u le   ha s   serving as a “Voice of the          accomplishing       great
i n i ti a ti ve s   to    a s s is t   completed its work. A very        Poor.” I am privileged to sit       things.
Vincentian             spiritual        dedicated group of people         on the Society’s national

                                        From the Chair
                                        Nancy Panther, Mideast Region Chairperson,
                                        and Archdiocesan Council Disaster Representative

                                                I have a challenge        Holiness.” That is exactly          pantry,       their     free
                                        to present to you: June 10-       what is happening in the            distribution center, and
                                        12, 2004 is the date of our       Society today. We have              their beggars for the poor
                                        Mideast Region Meeting. I         gone      from     r e a c t i ve   program. We will be
                                        hope that many of you             response to a proactive             presenting Module II of
                                        Conference Presidents, as         outlook in all we do. As our        Serving in Hope and have
                                        well as all District Council      prayer constantly reminds           a great plenary session on
                                        Presidents, will take the         us, the challenge from              “Conference Life and the
                                        time to attend this               Jesus is to “reach out and          Rule.” We plan to have
                                        important meeting.                serve the lonely, the poor          Roger Playwin with us to
                                                This       year’s         and the forgotten.” When            present a workshop on
                                        meeting will be held in           was the last time you               governance.
  “ When was the last                   Indianapolis, which is only       reached out to touch the                     Please consider
  time you reached                      about a six-hour drive from       skin of Jesus?                      joining us for this meeting.
                                        here. The theme of the                     Indianapolis has
  out to touch the                      meeting is “Serving in            many special and unique
                                        Hope and Growing in               works: their free choice
  skin of Jesus?”
The Detroit Vincentian                                               Volume 34, Issue 1

                                                                                                  Page 5
                                                        Schedule of Events
       How Can We help?                                                                           Upcoming Bundle
        Staff Contact List                                                                    April 17 & 18
                                                        • Apr 23-25—Starbucks Clean-up
                                                          Weekend at Camp Ozanam              St. Joseph—Trenton
                                                                                              St. Paschal—Taylor
Central Office                      313.972.3100        • May 14-15—Grand Re-Opening          St. Regis—Bloomfield Hills
Thomas P. Moore II-Executive Director Ext. 106            of Pontiac Thrift Store             St. Ephrem—Sterling Heights
Theresa Sigler-Executive Assistant      Ext. 102        • June 7—13th Annual Golf
                                                          Outing at Moravian Hills            April 24 & 25
Alana Franklin-Camp Enroller            Ext. 103                                              St. Sylvester—Warren
                                                          Country Club
Teresa Jex-Camp Director                Ext. 104                                              St. Mary Magdalen—Brighton
Sandra Bell-Payroll                     Ext. 107        • June 26—Camp Ozanam Kick-           St. William—Walled Lake
                                                          Off (All Vincentians welcome!)      Our Lady of Good Counsel—
Travonne Young-Accounts Payable         Ext. 108                                                    Plymouth
Cynthia Pollard-CF & PO                 Ext. 109        • June 28-Jul 3—Camp Session
Renee Deroche-Conference Support        Ext. 110                                              May 1 & 2
Patrick Fisher-Router/Bundle Sundays Ext. 111           • July 5-10—Camp Session Two          St. Mary of the Hills-Rochester
Adam Martin-Schwarze-Bookkeeper         Ext. 112        • July 12-17—Camp         Session
                                                                                              St. Alfred—Taylor
Nicole Johnson-Special Events Asst.     Ext. 113          Three
                                                                                              St. Thomas More—Troy
Gussie McGee-Donor Call Operator        Ext. 114        • July    17—Vincentian   Visiting    St. Matthias-Sterling Heights
Louise Vaughn-Car Donation              Ext. 115          Day
                                                                                              May 8 & 9
Patricia Lewis-Administrative Assistant Ext. 116        • July 19-24—Camp         Session
                                                                                              St. Mary—Milford
Linda Okonkowski-Car Donation           Ext. 118          Four
                                                                                              St. Andrew—Rochester
Cassandra Collins-Donor Call Operator Ext. 119          • July     26-31—Camp     Session
Resource Assistance                     Ext. 120          Five                                May 15 & 16
                                                                                              Our Lady of Fatima—Oak Park
Tamika Weems-Human Resources            Ext. 122        • Aug 2-7—Camp Session Six            St. Edmund—Warren
Cleo Walker-Donor Call Operator         Ext. 123          (Special Adventure Session)         St. Lawrence—Utica
Renee Burke-Donor Call Operator         Ext. 124                                              Our Lady of Sorrows—
Suzanne O’Donnell-Special Events Mgr Ext. 128                                                      Farmington

                                                                                              May 22 & 23
VanElslander Family Center      313.393.2930                                                  St. Michael—Sterling Heights
Patrick Adamcik-Facilities Mgr      393.2931                                                  Our Lady of the Woods—
Jo Monaghan-Dir of Major Campaigns 393.2689                                                        Woodhaven
                                                                                              St. Veronica—Eastpointe
Bill Palazzolo-Assistant            393.2685                                                  St. Gerald—Farmington

                                                                                              May 29 & 30
                                                                                              St. Louise—Warren
Car Donation Program                                                                          St. Michael—Monroe
                                                                                              St. Mary Mystical Rose—
Linda Okonkowski, Manager                                                                          Armada

                                                                                              June 5 & 6
         The Society’s car     build up a positive               day of spring was March      Our Lady of Mt Carmel—
 program is driving in a       program by increasing             20. It’s time to clean up    St. Constance—Taylor
 new direction.                our use of a very valuable        our yards. If you have a     St. Ronald—Clinton
         Have you seen         tool—advertising. We will         vehicle     just   sitting   St. Dennis—Royal Oak
 our new billboards?           be seeing and hearing             around, one you no
                                                                                              June 12 & 13
 Aware that St. Vincent        more on the Society’s car         longer need but haven’t      St. Isaac Jogues—St. Clair
 and Frederic Ozanam           program in the future.            found time to sell, why            Shores
 ministered to families in     And as more cars are              not donate it to the         Sacred Heart—Auburn Hills
 need, we are expanding        donated, our program will         Society and receive a
                                                                                              June 26 & 27
 the car program to            provide an opportunity to         2004 tax deduction. To       St. Mary Magdalen—Hazel Park
 enhance our ability to        assist more people who            donate your vehicle call
 help others.                  need a vehicle to get             Linda at 1.800.309.2886.
         The Society of        back and forth to work.
 St. Vincent de Paul is        Wheels for up and out of
 working with George Fink      poverty!
 of G & K Enterprises to                The official first
                                      The Detroit Vincentian                                                   Volume 34, Issue 1
Page 6

                                   Conference News
                                   Renée Deroche, Conference Coordinator

                                      thin, consider recruiting new    you have completed all six         currently taking a four-hour
                                      members by using the             modules, please forward            shift as a Telephone
                                      Invitation to Serve model        those names to me at the           Resource Assistant here at
                                      program from the National        Central Office. Certificates       the Central Office (along
                                      Office that has produced         will be issued to members          with an active role in her
                                      excellent results for several    completing the modules.            parish Conference). We
                                      of our Conferences in the        Excellent      information         currently have several
                                      Archdiocese of Detroit. All      regarding the Task Force on        openings for Resource
                                      materials are supplied for       Conference Life and the            Assistants; the phone lines
                                      you—you just choose your         Rule was also presented,           are always ringing with
                                      schedule. Call me for more       and plans call for this to be      people seeking help for a
            Greetings to all          information.                     shared with all District           variety of needs. Our
 Vincentian friends … familiar                 In January 2004 Fr.     Councils by fall 2004.             volunteers serve as a vital
 and new! I’m very pleased to         John West and Nancy                        A     note       of      link between those needs
 be talking with many friends         Panther rolled out the           congratulations goes out to        and the resources to which
 again, while at the same             Serving in Hope video            Joan Carr of Ss. Simon and         we can direct them. For
 time         making        the       assisted program developed       Jude Conference who was            those who prefer a more
 acquaintance of new                  for the spiritual formation of   nominated for a Heart of           “hands on” approach and
 members. My job (and                 new and experienced              Gold Award this past year.         would like to volunteer some
 please remember that I’m             Vincentians. This six-module     She received a Certificate         time at any of our thrift
 still learning many aspects          series began with Module I,      of     Appreciation for her        stores, Ray Minton and
 of it!) is to provide services       Our Vincentian Vocation,         innovative Red Wagon               those managing our stores
 to our Conferences and               and involves one video per       program that was featured in       would be VERY happy to
 District Councils. If there are      Conference and o ne              the Detroit Vincentian Fall/       explain some of the flexible
 any Vincentian program               workbook per member for          Winter 2003 edition.               volunteer positions within
 supplies you need (i.e. thank        each module. Module II, Our                For those of you         their department. Did you
 you note cards, SVDP pins,           Vincentian Spirituality, is      wondering what Valerie             know that volunteers are
 Manual, prayer cards or              now available as well. It was    Guenther is up to these            some of the happiest people
 books etc.) please call me at        stressed that this program       days, I am happy to report         I meet?
 the Central Office 313.              must be done as a group,         that, true to her Vincentian
 972.3100 ext. 110.                   NOT individually. All            volunteer nature, she is
            If your Conference        Conferences or District
 members are finding                  Councils are asked to keep
 themselves stretched a little        attendance records. When              Reminder! April 25 is Ozanam Sunday.
                                                                       Celebrate with your parish through a bulletin article; host

                  Correction                                            a reception; prepare a display; prepare an intention for
                                                                                      the Prayers of the Faithful.
         The FEMA program for the current year will run
from December 1, 2003 to November 30, 2004. NOT                                                 Deceased
from Nov 1 to Oct 31 as was previously indicated in the                                        Vincentians
letter to presidents dated March 3, 2004. We apologize
for the March 3 miscommunication. Our initial
communication from FEMA indicating that we had                         •   Delores Arnoldy, Our Lady of the Woods Conference
received the grant did not inform us of the change in the              •   John Hejza, former President of St. Isaac Jogues Conference
grant year.                                                            •   Homer Humphrey, St. Leo Conference
         In order to assist us with managing this change,              •   Margaret Leaver, St. Mary, New Baltimore Conference
FEMA will accept vouchers and invoices dated in                        •   Joseph Sackerson, Queen of Martyrs Conference
November 2003 as long as the check in payment for the
invoice is dated after December 1, 2003.                               May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed
         Please continue to send in your FEMA                          through the mercy of God rest in peace.
reimbursement requests to Adam Martin-Schwarze at
                                                                       Please notify the Central Office of the death of a Conference
SVDP Central Office, 2929 East Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI                 member so that we may inform one another and pray for the
48202-3131. You can call him with any questions at                     deceased.
313.972.3100 ext. 112.
                                 The Detroit Vincentian                                               Volume 34, Issue 1
Page 7

2004 Summer Dreams/Children First
                                                                            2004 13th Annual
                                                                             Golf Classic at
        For the twelfth year            On Thursday, April       Moravian Hills Country Club
the Society will benefit from   29,   the 2004 Summer
                                         Dreams       Wish
                                         Book will appear
                                         as a section of the
                                         Detroit      Free
                                         Press.    Readers
the combined efforts of the     will have the    opportunity
Detroit Free Press and The      to consider making a dona-
Skillman Foundation, which
help make dreams come
                                tion to a charity close to
                                their hearts. At the end of
                                                                           “Red” Martin &
true for kids who want to       April the Society will send              Msgr. Gerald Martin
attend our summer camp.         out to past donors and
The Skillman Foundation         camp alums a newly de-                         Benefiting our Camp Program
will once again provide         signed brochure with a re-
matching dollars for your       turn envelope to Children                           June 7, 2004
camp donations.

                                                               Golf Shirt Sponsor                            $3,000.00

                                                               Corporate Sponsor
Camp Renovations & Program                                      (four golfers & Tee/Green signage)            $1,500.00
William Kartheiser, Camp Maintenance
   Director                                                    Patron Sponsor
                                                                (two golfers & Tee/Green signage)            $1,000.00

         With the coming of       donation for the number of   Beverage Cart Sponsors                        $ 500.00
 spring, the snow has             hours each volunteer
 melted on the shores of          works to benefit our camp.   Green/Tee Sponsor                             $ 350.00
 Lake Huron and the large         “Camp        Starbucks”
 icebergs floating on the         weekend will be held on      Individual golfer                             $ 225.00
 deep green water are             April 23, 24 and 25.
 gone. I have finished            Everyone is welcome to
 remodeling the kitchen at        come at any time during
 Camp Ozanam with the             that    weekend or for the                 OTHER ACTIVITIES
 help of my talented              entire weekend. This is a
 assistants.          The         great opportunity to come     Facility Use                             $ 100.00
 modernization provides a         together and share our         (to include pools, tennis, game room, & dinner)
 nice-looking and very            vision and hope for camp
 functional space for our         as well as clean-up.          Dinner & Beverages                              $ 55.00
 future campers.                          Thank you so
         Our new Director,        much for your help in the
 Teresa Jex, has been busy        past and we look forward       For registration forms or further information contact:
 scheduling      clean-up         to hearing from you this                  Suzanne or Nicole at 313.972.3100
 weekends including a             spring.      Feel free to
 Community clean up with
                                  contact       Teresa    at
 Starbucks         Coffee
 Company called “Camp             313.790.7454 to schedule
 Starbucks” where their           additional work weekends.
 foundation will make a
                                         The Detroit Vincentian                                                         Volume 34, Issue 1
Page 8

Development Report
Frank D. Stella, Chairman
                                                                                                                Adopt…a chair!
                                                                                                   We are offering you the opportunity to be
                                                                                                   part of the restoration of the St. Anne
                                  As always, I would like to extend a thank you for                Chapel of the Society of St. Vincent de
                         your continuing support.                                                  Paul’s camp by participating in our
                                  Under the chairmanship of Msgr. Anthony                          “Adopt…a chair” campaign. Your gift of
                         Tocco and our Development Committee, we have raised                       $250.00 will allow the Society to
                         thousands of dollars for the renovation of our Camp                       purchase one chapel chair in your name.
                         Ozanam. With one special donor gift we have completed                     The name of your choice will be
                         work on the beautiful St. Anne Chapel at the Ozanam                       inscribed on a nameplate placed on the
                         site.                                                                     chair.
                                  During the Christmas season we received over
                         $150,000 in foundation support. On December 14, Msgr.                     Since 1923, our camping program has
                         Tocco sponsored a donor reception at St. Hugo of the                      allowed over 104,000 youngsters the
                         Hills. Many thanks to Sue Nine and Millie Pastor, who                     opportunity to enjoy a fully-funded camp
                         assisted with decorations and the preparation of the                      experience along the shores of Lake
                         scrumptious edibles. At the reception we gave our                         Huron. Our program provides children
presentation on Camp Ozanam’s renovation needs with photos and a video.                            who are underprivileged with the chance
Special thanks to our new givers!                                                                  to enjoy outdoor activities in a Christian
          The camp renovation in Phase II of the Capital Campaign is moving                        environment. We ask you to consider a
forward. I know that you will join me as we build a future of confidence and                       gift that can keep on giving to the
stability. The Camp Program fund-raising goal is $3 million, plus a $1 million                     children of our future.
endowment. To date we have received $1.5 million in pledges and contributions                          Detach and mail below with your donation
toward our goal.
          As we look forward to the children joining us on the shores of Lake
Huron, we would like to take potential donors up to join in the excitement and
                                                                                                   Yes, I would like to “adopt…a chair” in
see how the camps truly enhance the lives of so many. Anyone interested may                        the refurbished St. Anne Chapel of the
call Johanna Monaghan at 313.393.2689.                                                             Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s Camp.
          We invite you to join us on June 7 at Moravian Hills for our 13th Annual                 Minimum donation $250 per chair.
Golf Classic benefiting the camp program. For information please call Suzanne
at 313.972.3100, extension 128.                                                                    ________________________________
          Again, thank you for caring. May God bless you and your family in all
your summer activities.                                                                            ________________________________
                                                                                                          Name(s) to be placed on nameplate
 Are you planning your estate? Remember SVDP in your plans                                             (24 characters max; periods and space are
                                                                                                                considered characters.)
Your gift can greatly benefit future charitable work. Here are some tips on things you can do
today to leave a legacy.
                                                                                                                   My name is
  • Prepare a will – Only 50 percent of those who pass away have one. Without a will, you
    lose control of the possessions and wealth you worked a lifetime to acquire.                   _________________________________________
  • Leave a gift in your will for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Less than 3 percent of all                    Address
    wills settled contain a charitable provision. Imagine the positive impact on our community
    if everyone made a donation to a favorite non-profit, even a modest gift. In your will,        _________________________________________
    please specify that the donation is to go to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in the                        City, State, Zip
    Archdiocese of Detroit, 2929 E Grand Blvd, Detroit MI 48202.
  • Consider using assets for your charitable gift. These can include but are not limited to       _________________________________________
    stocks, bonds, CD’s, real estate, vehicles, art and jewelry. Such gifts may even provide a
    tax saving to you and your family.
  • Name the Society of St. Vincent de Paul as the beneficiary of your IRA, retirement or                    Seat In Memory/Honor of
    pension plan.
                                                                                                   1 My check payable to: Society of St. Vincent de
  • Purchase a new life insurance policy naming SVDP as the beneficiary.                                Paul is enclosed.
 •   Name SVDP as the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy.                            1 I have enclosed a matching gift form
 •   Remember deceased loved ones with memorial gifts.                                             Please charge: 1 Visa 1 MasterCard
 •   Encourage family members and friends to leave gifts to SVDP in their wills.                                 1 Discover 1 American Express
 •   Ask your financial advisor to include SVDP giving as an option to clients.                    _________________________________________
           An estate gift to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul can make a tremendous              Card #                           Exp. Date
difference in our future work. Thank you for remembering the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in
your planned giving. For more information contact Johanna Monaghan at 313.393.2689. Also,          _________________________________________
attorneys, accountants, insurance professionals or financial advisors can help you make a          Signature
planned gift.
The Detroit Vincentian                                                       Volume 34, Issue 1
                                                                                                                 Page 9

                                      It makes a lot of ¢ents
                                      Suzanne O’Donnell, Special Events Manager
                                       been helping children and         (see    photo).        The                  Fr. Jim Strasz at
                                       families in your own              coordinator, Nancy Eckert,         Notre Dame Preparatory in
                                       neighborhoods to fight            said “Penny Pass will likely       Pontiac promoted the
                                       poverty or give a child an        become an annual event.”           program as a Lenten
                                       opportunity not normally          Astounded by the volume            project, collecting over
                                       available to attend summer        of pennies brought to the
                                                                                                            $1,700 and still counting.
                                       camp.      Children helping       school by their classmates
                                       children is what makes            are the Student Council            Our Lady of Refuge in
   Photo by Kath Usitalo                                                                                    Orchard Lake collected
                                       Pennies for Poverty so            Representatives, Mark
        During the months              unique. The enthusiasm            Karam of Grosse Pointe             $856. Regina High School
of January, February and               grew as schools began             Woods, Leah Stapleton of           in Harper Woods collected
March, children in Catholic            their programs.                   Harper Woods, Student              $578.42. The support from
schools across Southeast                        In January, without      Council President Robert           Pennies for Poverty
Michigan were encouraged               registering with         the      Eckert of Grosse Pointe            through our community
to collect spare change:               Society, the students at          Park, President-Elect              schools will make a
something everyone has                 Our Lady Star of the Sea in       Michael Thomas of St.              difference! Thanks to all
yet nobody misses. By                  Grosse Pointe Woods,              Clair Shores and Christa
                                                                                                            our participants.
pooling pennies during any             grades K-8, went to work          Bertakis of Grosse Pointe
two weeks, students have               and collected over $1,800         (see photo.)

Ryder Cup Tickets Could be Yours!
Suzanne O’Donnell, Special Events Manager

          For the first time in its     how are we, the Society,          chance to win. The Society              members the chance of a
76-year history, the Ryder              going to use these tickets to     chose to participate. We                lifetime.
Cup will be here in Michigan            the maximum?                      have       eight    charities      • Do you have relationships
at Oakland Hills Country Club.                    The Development         involved—ALS of Michigan,               with larger companies/
Some people will ask what               Committee and staff               Inc., Rose Hill, Society of St.         corporations that have
that means to the Society of            discussed options: auction        Vincent de Paul, Birming-               internal email? Can you
St. Vincent de Paul. When the           or raffle?? The raffle idea       ham Optimist Club, Royal                ask them to send our web
PGA of America met with                 had the most potential since      Oak Optimist Club, The                  site to everyone?
Oakland Hills to discuss how            we would reach more               Miracle League, Boys and           • Would you help by
they could be involved with             people. As          Suzanne       Girls Club and Royal Oak                creating a link with every
our communities between the             O’Donnell, Special Events         YMCA.          Income and               email you send out to our
Ryder Cup in 2004 and the               Manager, prepared for this        expenses for this endeavor              web site selling the raffle
PGA Championship to be held             raffle, Executive Director        will be split among all the             tickets?
at Oakland Hills in 2008, they          Tom Moore got wind of an          charities to benefit their                    We are all optimistic
agreed on offering 50                   opportunity we might not be       individual programs.               that this collaboration will be a
charitable organizations a free         able to pass up.                             The web site is         very positive attempt not only
pair of tickets to the event,                     He heard that a         mirydercuptickets.org; you         to raise donor dollars as a
September 14-19, 2004. The              group of charities were           can also reach it through          group, but to maximize this
catch: the tickets must be              getting together to pool their    each charity’s own web site.       once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
used for fundraising purposes.          tickets and create a huge         Or you can call Suzanne
          The Society applied           raffle—a raffle that would        O’Donnell at 313.972.3100
and received notice that we             pull from around the world.       ext. 128, to buy your raffle
had been chosen as one of               The idea is to create a web       ticket or for more information
the 50 charities in Southeast           site where the raffle tickets     on how you can help. Just a
Michigan to receive a pair of           will be available to everyone     couple ideas:
tickets to this biennial match          that has access to the            • If you own a company
between the United States               internet. There are 10,000             and want incentives for
and Europe…the toughest                 tickets available at $100              your staff, buy a couple
tickets in sports to get. Now           each, creating a 1/1,250               tickets to give staff
                                                     Helping Hands
                                            We are looking for volunteers!*
                                            Contact your local store if interested.
    Capac                 Centerline        Detroit           Detroit             Detroit              Flat Rock
    107 S Main            24021 Van Dyke    14922 Kercheval   15725 Grand River   VanElslander         28251 Telegraph
    810.395.7666          586.758.4444      313.331.6992      313.836.2878        Family Center        734.782.1130
                                                                                  3000 Gratiot

    Marysville            Melvindale         Pontiac          Port Huron          St. Clair Shores     Southgate
    501 Gratiot Blvd      25201 W. Outer Dr. 750 N. Perry     1337 24th Street    23746 Greater Mack   12354 Fort St.
    810.364..5480         313.388.3900 x206 248.338.2060      810.984.5392        586.773.0190         734.284.8366

    * Four hours minimum of volunteer time

                                                                                                       NON-PROFIT ORG.
SOCIETY OF ST. VINCENT DE PAUL                                                                           US POSTAGE
IN THE ARCHDIOCESE OF DETROIT                                                                                PAID
                                                                                                         DETROIT MI
2929 E Grand Blvd
                                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 738
Detroit MI 48202
Phone: 313.972.3100
Toll Free: 877.788.4623
Fax: 313.972.3147


The Detroit Vincentian is a publication
of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in
the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Bartholomew A. Seymour III, President
Thomas P. Moore II, Publisher
Suzanne O’Donnell, Editor
Theresa Sigler, Editor