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Holy Land Studies A Multidisciplinary Journal



      Holy Land Studies: A Multidisciplinary

Founding Editors: Michael Prior (1942-2004) and Nur Masalha

Editor: Professor Nur Masalha
School of Theology, Philosophy and History
St Mary’s University College
Waldegrave Road
Strawberry Hill
Twickenham TW1 4SX

Published Edinburgh University Press (UK)

Editorial Board:
Nur Masalha (London), Ilan Pappé (Exeter), Mary Grey (London), Yasir Suleiman
(Cambridge), Stephanie Cronin (London)

International Advisory Board:
Noam Chomsky (Massachusetts)
Tim Niblock (Exeter)
Dan Rabinowitz (Tel Aviv)
David Burrell (Notre Dame, IN)
Naseer Aruri (Massachusetts)
As‘ad Ghanem (Haifa)
Naim Ateek (Jerusalem)
Elizabeth Barlow (Ann Arbor)
Lynne Scholefield (London)
Donald Wagner (Chicago)
Oren Yiftachel (Beer Sheba)

William Dalrymple (London)
Thomas Mullins (Harvard)
Haim Bresheet (London)
Salim Tamari (Bir Zeit)
Rosemary Radford Ruether (Berkeley, CA)
Bernard Sabella (Bethlehem)
Ismael Abu-Saad (Beer Sheba)
Michael Hayes (London)
Peter du Brul (Bethlehem)
and Thomas L. Thompson (Copenhagen)

Holy Land Studies: A Multidisciplinary Journal is a fully refereed journal. It will publish new
and provocative ideas, paying particular attention to issues that have a contemporary relevance
and a wider public interest. It is aimed at an academic and wider public readership. It will draw
upon expertise from virtually all relevant disciplines (history, culture, politics, religion,
archaeology, sociology and biblical studies). Over time it will deal with a wide range of topics:
‘two nations’ and ‘three faiths’; conflicting Israeli and Palestinian perspectives; social and
economic conditions; Palestine in history and today; ecumenism and interfaith relations;
modernisation, religious revivalisms and fundamentalisms; Zionism and Post-Zionism; the
'new historiography' of Israel and Palestine. Conventionally these diversified discourses are
kept apart. This journal brings them together.

Holy Land Studies: A Multidisciplinary Journal
    •   Encourages reflection upon and analysis of social, cultural and economic conditions
    •   Promotes critical, innovative and sensitive approaches
    •   Considers wider social, political and cultural settings

Free Sample Issue (Volume 5, Number 1, May 2006), is available at:

                       Volume 8 Number 2 (November 2009)

Biblical Archaeology and the Politics of Nation Building
   Thomas L. Thompson
Beyond the Pale? Avigdor Lieberman and Demographic Racism in Israel
   Ahmad H. Sa’di
The Image of the Mother in the Poetry of Mahmoud Darwish
   Hussain Hamzah
The Fallout from Israel’s War on Gaza: A Turning Point in the Israeli-Palestinian
   As‘ad Ghanem
Islamic Resistance in Palestine: Hamas, the Gaza War and the Future of Political
   Seif Da'na
The Swedish Canard – not only Smoke, but also Fire: Letter from Zurich
   Shraga Elam

Book Reviews
  Sam Kuruvilla
  Claire Norton
  Paul Tabar
  Nur Masalha
  Ghaleb Anabseh
  Peter Adamson
                       Volume 8 Number 1 (May 2009)

Of Snake-Catchers and Swamp-Drainers: Palestine and the Palestinians in Central
European Zionist Discourse, 1891-1914
   Susanne Hillman
Zionism and Post-Holocaust Christian Theology: A Jewish Perspective
   Mark Braverman
Reading the Bible with the Eyes of Canaanites: Neo-Zionism, Political Theology and
the Land Traditions of the Bible (1967 to Gaza 2009)
   Nur Masalha
The Palestinian Nakba: Memory, Reality and Beyond
   Mary Grey
When and How Was the Jewish People Invented? Letter from Nazareth
   Jonathan Cook

Book Reviews
  Mary Spongberg
  Claudia Prestel
  Claire Norton
  Sam Kuruvilla
  Chris Burns-Cox
  Tobias Kelly

                    Volume 7 Number 2 (November 2008)
Remembering the Palestinian Nakba: Commemoration, Oral History and Narratives
of Memory
   Nur Masalha
Salafi Formations in Palestine and the Limits of a De-Palestinised Milieu
   Khaled Hroub
Are There Any Shi’ite Muslims in Israel?
   Khalid Sindawi
The State of Israel and the Apartheid Regime of South Africa in Comparative
   Bernard Regan

On Israel’s Ethnogenesis and Historical Method: Review Article
  Emanuel Pfoh
Terror and Toleration, East and West; Despotic and Free: Dichotomous Narratives
and Representations of Islam: Review Article
  Claire Norton

Book Reviews
  Joel Beinin
  Mary Grey (Reading the Bible in Jerusalem)
  Michelle Obeid
  Mary Grey (A Palestinian Woman Speaks)
  Linita Manu’atu

Documentary Film Reviews
  Mazin Qumsiyeh
  Maryam Masalha

                       Volume 7 Number 1 (May 2008)
The Politics of Reading the Bible in Israel
  Thomas L. Thompson
Present Absentees: The Arab School Curriculum in Israel as a Tool for De-educating
Indigenous Palestinians
  Ismael Abu-Saad
The War on the Mixed Cities: The Depopulation of Arab Tiberias and the
Destruction of its Old, ‘Sacred’ City (1948-1949)
  Mustafa Abbasi
The Unitary, Democratic State and the Struggle against Apartheid in Palestine-Israel
  Rumy Hasan
Debating Theologies of Liberation and the Challenge of Ecofeminist Spirituality
  Vincent Manning and Mary Grey
The Cross and the Star of David: Review Essay
  Samuel J Kuruvilla

Book Reviews
  Mary Grey
  Yasir Suleiman
  Claire Norton
  Gregory Baum

                    Volume 6 Number 2 (November 2007)

Remembering the Nakba in Hebrew: Return Visits as the Performance of a
Binational Future
    Alain Epp Weaver
Michael Prior, the Bible and Anti-Semitism
    Duncan Macpherson
Memory and Remembrance in Patriarchal Traditions
Bernardo Gandulla
Debating Israeli Ethnocracy and the Challenge of Secular Democracy
I. A Critique of Oren Yiftachel
    Oren Ben-Dor
II. From Ethnocracy to Peace Through Gradual Bi-Nationalism:
A Response to Oren Ben-Dor

   Oren Yiftachel
Interim Report: Workshop on ‘The Politics of Elections and the Struggle for
Democracy in the Middle East: Perspectives from within and Below’
   Stephanie Cronin, Nur Masalha and Helga Baumgarten

Review Essay: Chronicling the Crusades
  Claire Norton

Book Reviews
  Yasir Suleiman
  Isabelle Humphries
  Claire Norton
  Ofer Livne-Kafri
  Jeff Handmaker
  Daniel Newman
  Robert Trust

                         Volume 6 Number 1 (May 2007)
From Grotto to Ghetto: Holy Land Diary, November 2006
   Mary Grey
Missouri Zion, Missouri Intifada: Mormonism, Zionism and the
Palestine Conflict
   Graham St. John Stott
A Leader on Both Sides of the Border: The Amir Fa‘our al-Fa‘our Between
Syria and Mandatory Palestine
   Mustafa ‘Abbasi and Yair Seltenreich
The Palestinians in Israel and the 2006 Knesset Elections: Political and
Ideological Implications of Election Boycott
   As'ad Ghanem and Muhannad Mustafa
Challenging Core Immorality in Palestine: Philosophical Reflections on the
Anti-Apartheid Struggle and the Current ‘Boycott of Israel’ Debate
   Oren Ben-Dor

Review Essay: An Émigré Consciousness
  Ned Curthoy

Review Essay: States of Denial
  Sue Blackwell

                      Volume 5 Number 2 (November 2006)

What the Pope Should Have Said to the Islamic World
   Rosemary Radford Ruether
British Communists and the Palestine Conflict, 1929 -1948
   Paul Kelemen
Imperialism and Evangelisation: Scottish Missionary Methods in Late 19th and Early
20th Century Palestine
   Michael Marten
The Sanctity of the City of 'Asqalan' in the 'Merits Literature' of Palestine: An
Examination of Mamluk and Ottoman Sources

  Ghaleb Anabseh
Whither Palestine-Israel? Political Reflections on Citizenship, Bi-Nationalism and the
One-State Solution
    Uri Davis
Palestinian Church Leaders' Statement on Christian Zionism
i. 'We Stand for Justice: We Can Do No Other'
Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah and Other Heads of Churches in Jerusalem
ii. Comment: The Jerusalem Declaration on Christian Zionism
    Stephen Sizer

Review Essay
Mediating Feminist Homes and Exiles: Gendering Racial Formations during the Al-Aqsa
   Smadar Lavie

Book Reviews
  Mohamed-Salah Omri
  Terry M. Rempel
  Ana Fund Patron de Smith
  Isabelle Humphries

                         Volume 5 Number 1 (May 2006)
Liberating Jewish History from its Zionist Stranglehold: Rediscovering Abram
   John Rose
Palestinian Education in Israel: The Legacy of the Military Government
   Ismael Abu-Saad
‘Re-Islamising’ Palestinian Society ‘From Below’: Hamas and Higher Education
in Gaza
   Michael Irving Jensen
The Armageddon Lobby: Dispensationalist Christian Zionism and the Shaping of
US Policy Towards Israel-Palestine
   Rammy M. Haija
Research Notes: A Comparative Study of Jewish, Christian and Islamic
Fundamentalist Perspectives on Jerusalem: Implications for Inter-faith Relations
   Nur Masalha and Michael Hayes
Cosmopolitan Conversations: Settler Societies, Education and Decolonisation:

Review Article
  John Docker

Book Reviews
  Mike Berry
  Jonathan Cook
  Michael Marten

                     Volume 4 Number 2 (November 2005)
In Memoriam: Samih K. Farsoun (1937–2005)
   Naseer Aruri
The Politics of ‘Collaboration’: Israel’s Control of a National Minority and

Indigenous Resistance
   Ahmad H. Sa’di
Palestinian Christians: Religion, Conflict and the Struggle for Just Peace
   Saliba Sarsar
Swedish Support for Zionism and the Palestinian Refugees: The ‘Swedish-Israel
Aid’ and Kfar Achim/Qastina
   Ulf Carmesund
Re-‘Femminising’ Diaspora: Contemporary Jewish Cultural Studies and Post-
   John Docker

Zionist Historiography, Old and New: Review Article
   Ilan Pappe

Book Reviews
  Gabriel Piterberg
  Jamil Hilal
  Francis P McHugh
  Bernardo Gandulla
  Stephen Sizer
  Terry Rempel
  Michael Martin
  As‘ad Ghanem

                        Volume 4 Number 1 (May 2005)
Remembering Hisham Sharabi (1927-2005)
   Michael C. Hudson
Cultural Struggle and Memory: Palestine-Israel, South Africa and Northern
Ireland in Historical Perspective
   Tom Paulin
A House is Not a Home: Permanent Impermanence of Habitant for Palestinian
Expellees in Lebanon
   Rosemary Sayigh
St Jerome’s Images of Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the Mount of Olives: A Critical
Investigation of Epistula 108
   Rodney Aist
Rewriting the History of 1948: The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Question
   Rosemarie M. Esber
The Use and Misuse of Religious Language: Zionism and the Palestinians
   David Wetherell
Disaster for Dialogue: Anti-Zionism, Anti-Semitism and Racism
   Michael Prior

                      Volume 3 Number 2 (November 2004)
Michael Prior (1942-2004) Liberation Theologian and Peace Activist
  Duncan Macpherson
Professor Michael Prior and the Biblical Academy
  Peter J. Miano

Michael Prior and the Struggle for Justice
  Ilan Pappé
Breaking the Silence: Michael Prior in the US
  Betsy Barlow
The State of Israel and Jerusalem in the Jewish-Christian Dialogue: A
Monologue in Two Voices
  Michael Prior
Historical Truth, Modern Historiography, and Ethical Obligations: The
Challenge of the Tantura Case
  Ilan Pappé
Orwellianism and the Kafkaesque in the Israeli-Palestinian Discourse
  Lawrence Davidson
Palestinian Internal Refugees in the Galilee: From the Struggle to Survive to the
New Narrative of Return (1948-2005)
  Isabelle Humphries
Prophetic Preaching, Liberation Theology and the Holy Land
  Duncan Macpherson

Review Article: Speaking the Truth in God’s World
Michelle Strausbaugh

Book Reviews
  Kais M. Firro
  Michelle Strausbaugh

                         Volume 3 Number 1 (May 2004)
Is the Bible Historical? The Challenge of ‘Minimalism’ for Biblical Scholars and
    Thomas L. Thompson
Jewish Fundamentalism and the ‘Sacred Geography’ of Jerusalem in
Comparative Perspective (1967-2004): Implications for Inter-faith Relations
    Nur Masalha
Political Islam in an Ethnic Jewish State: Its Historical Evolution, Contemporary
Challenges and Future Prospects
    Nohad ‘Ali
The Philistines as Scapegoats: Narratives and Myths in the Invention of Ancient
Israel and in Modern Critical Theory
    John McDonagh

Review Article: Perceptions and Realities of the Modern Holy Land
  Michael Marten

Book Reviews
  Isabelle Humphries
  Lorie M. Graham
  Burke O. Long
  Michelle Strausbaugh

                         Volume 2 Number 2 (March 2004)

Edward W. Said (1935-2003)
Palestine and Truth, Culture and Imperialism: The Legacy of Edward W Said
   Ilan Pappé
Professor Edward W Said, Scholar-Activist
   Naseer H. Aruri
Edward Said: Prophet of Justice
   Naim S. Ateek
The Israel–Palestine Peace Process: Proposals towards Justice
   Naseer H. Aruri
The Alliance between Fundamentalist Christians and the Pro-Israel Lobby
   Donald E Wagner
From Propaganda to Scholarship: Dr Joseph Schechtman and the Origins of
Israeli Polemics on the Palestinian Refugees
   Nur Masalha
The Palestinian Refugee Camps in Jordan: Between National Identity and Socioeconomic
   Ala Al-Hamarneh
Statehood and Jerusalem in Ancient Israel: Myths and Realities
   H Eberhard von Waldow

Review Article: Scholarship in the Service of the States
  Stephanie Cronin

Book Reviews
  Thomas E. Phillips

                       Volume 2 Number 1 (September 2003)
Israeli ‘Development’ and Education Policies and their Impact on the Negev
Palestinian Bedouin: Historical Experience and Future Prospects
   Ismael Abu-Saad
9/11 and Armageddon: The Christian Right and George W. Bush
   Göran Gunner
The Palestinians in Lebanon: New Restrictions on Property Ownership
   Souheil El-Natour
Competing Narratives: Philosophical Reflections on the Palestinian–Israeli
   David B. Burrell
Postcolonial Theory, Multiculturalism and the Israeli Left: A Critique of Post-
   Nada Matta
Palestinian Life and Politics as Feature-length Cinema: A Review of Divine
   Thomas E. Phillips

Review Article: Discourse and Counter-Discourse: Silence and Speech on
  Stephanie Cronin

                        Volume 1 Number 2 (March 2003)

Roots of the American Anti-Terrorism Crusade
   Samih Farsoun
Ethnocratic Policies and Indigenous Resistance: Bedouin Arabs and the Israeli
Settler State
   Oren Yiftachel
The State of the Art: Biblical Scholarship and the Holy Land
   Michael Prior
Diary of an Invasion: Ramallah, April 2002
   Jamil Hilal

Review Articles
Refugees from Reality and the Reality of Refugees
  Stephanie Cronin

The Imperial Goliath and the Dysfunctional David
  Ilan Pappé

                     Volume 1 Number 1 (September 2002)

Introducing the Journal
   Michael Prior and Nur Masalha
The Post-Zionist Discourse in Israel: 1990-2001
   Ilan Pappé
Ethnic Cleansing and the Bible: A Moral Critique
   Michael Prior
The Binational Idea in Palestine and Israel: Historical Roots and Contemporary
   As'ad Ghanem
Reinventing Maimonides: From Universal Philosopher to Religious
Fundamentalist (1967-2002)
   Nur Masalha

Review Article: Jerusalem: An Islamic City
  Stephanie Cronin

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