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                               A Chapter of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York

   FORE & FOREMOST                                                                                 AGNES IS HAVING A PARTY
   3rd WWBA Golf Outing Another Success
                 ll who attended the
                 Third Annual
                 WWBA          Golf
                 Outing on Sep-
                 tember 23 rd will
   take strong exception to Mark
   Twain’s grouse that “golf is a
   lovely walk spoiled.”                                                                               A Message From
         Thanks to the work of the
   golf committee and the support                                                                     The President
   of our sponsors, players net-                                                                        NO: I have not stopped covering
   worked, enjoyed a sumptuous                                                                    my gray hair! I have replaced my photo
   buffet lunch, cocktail party and                                                               on my President’s Message this month
   two snack stations for the mid-                                                                with a photo of my beautiful and vibrant
   game pick me ups, and took advantage of perfect weather. Even without the motivation           “Aunt Agnes,” my grandmother’s
   of the sponsor-donated prizes for skills and raffle contests, our players competed both        younger sister. In 1925, my grand-
   competitively and with good humor. No one argued with the adage: even a bad day of             mother, the eldest of fifteen children,
   golf (at a WWBA annual outing) is better than a good day in the office.                        left her parents and siblings in
         Most players came early to participate in the open range, a short game clinic and a      Ballyhaunis, a small town in the west
   putting contest sponsored by Signature Bank. John Winget also gave free evaluations in         of Ireland, to immigrate to New York.
   his tent, Body Balance for Performance. Players’ goodie bags included a certificate for        Almost eighty years later, as a result of
   a free evaluation for those who couldn’t squeeze out the time to be evaluated at the club.     my grandmother’s strong commitment
         These players went home particularly happy with prizes for their outstanding skills      to her family members on both sides of
   (and/or luck?). Note their names as these are the people you may want to invite next year      the ocean, on October 2, 2004, my Aunt
   to play on your team. Photos of the winners receiving their prizes are on the website.         Bernice, husband, son and I will be in
   Mike Meadow and Gail Boggio won the men’s and women’s prizes at the putting                    Ireland at the Royal Dublin Golf Club,
   contest sponsored Signature Bank. The members of the team with the lowest score (best          celebrating my Aunt Agnes’ 90th birth-
   team), John Hughes, Steven Accinelli, Max Jovine and Paul Cocozza, each won a gift             day, together with over eighty members
   certificate pro shop donated by WWBA. Barbara Lennox and Paul Cocozza won                      of our extended family, including my
                                                                                                  Aunt Agnes’ eight children and many
                                                                          continued on page 4
                                                                                                  of her forty grandchildren and ten great-
                                                                                                  grandchildren. I am devoting my mes-
         General Membership Meeting: November 17, 2004                                            sage this month to her because she is a
     The Ethics and Practice Management Committees will present a panel discussion on             great lady - a “Granddame” from whom
     “Issues at the Intersection of Ethics and Law Practice Management.” Some topics to be        we can all learn many valuable lessons.
     covered include advertising, the use of technology, and protecting yourself at the                 The strength and commitment of
     commencement and termination of the attorney-client relationship. Panel members              my grandmother and her six sisters have
     include Deborah Scalise, Dawn Arnold, Lisa Solomon and Donna Frosco. Regis-
                                                                                                                      continued on page 3
     tration and buffet dinner will start at 5:30pm.

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                                  By Laws .............................. Dawn Kirby Arnold        Matrimonial ................................. Lonya Gilbert
                                                                             Lisa M. Bluestein                                                 Sylvia Goldschmidt
   OCTOBER, 2004                  Corporate & Commercial ......... Anne Penachio                  Membership ............ Ann M. McNulty, Jody Fay
  Published Monthly by the        Criminal Law ................ Hon. Sandra A. Forster            Networking ......................... Susan W. Kaufman
    Westchester Women’s                                              Cynthia Keefe Dunne          New Lawyers .................... Richard Gruenberger
Bar Association, a Chapter of     Families, Children                                                                                                   Ann Liebowitz
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                                  Grievance/Ethics ........... Hon. Janet M. Difiore                                                                    Lisa Newfield
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                                                                          Deborah A. Scalise      Public Relations ................... Carla D. Glassman
       President                  Judicial Screening ................. Loren I. Glassman          ..................................................... Shari Gordon
                                                                             Margaret H. Tyre     Real Property ......... Jody Fay, Patricia A. Amato
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  Corresponding Secretary         Alternative Dispute                                                                          Christie Derrico
    JULIE S. KATTAN               Resolution ................... Marcia Smithen Cohen             Lawyers in Transition ................ Beth Willensky
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                                                                                                                                                     Donna Frosco
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       JOY S. JOSEPH
                                                                                Dawn Arnold                                           Hon. Carole Princer Levy
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 Women’s Bar Association of       Directory ............................. Nancy R. Schembri                                                    Dawn Kirby Arnold
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     LONYA GILBERT                Domestic Violence ...................... Helga Klessen                              Frances DeThomas, Sylvia Fabriani,
  SUSAN W. KAUFMAN                                                     Kimberly S. Thomsen                       Donna E. Frosco, Kathy N. Rosenthal
   ROBERTA MICHAEL                Elder & Health Law ........... Patricia Bave-Planell
    ANN M. McNULTY                                                                                Westchester County Bar Association Director
                                                                          Jeffrey S. Goldstein    on WCBA Board .................... Linda Markowitz
    SUSAN L. POLLET               Employment Law ............... Susan M. Corcoran
                                                                                                  Westchester County Association Member on
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                                                                                                  WCA Board ........................... Kathleen Donelli
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                                                                           Karen A. Mignone
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President’s Message
from page 1                                                 My grandmother did not return to Ire-         O’Neil also was amazingly loving and kind to
shaped my life. Although I will miss our first gen-   land until 1950, when she could share her suc-      me, even as he would trip over my shoes that I
eral membership meeting on September 29, 2004,        cess by introducing with tremendous pride her       carelessly left by the front door. These won-
I cannot resist traveling to Dublin to celebrate my   two very beautiful grown-up daughters: my           derful men worked hard, as did my “Aunts in
Aunt Agnes’ 90th birthday and to see my               mother and my Aunt Bernice. In 1960, less           Dublin,” who devoted themselves to raising
grandmother’s only other surviving sister: my Aunt    than two years after my father died, I accom-       their families at home.
Patsy, who has always had an abundance of en-         panied my grandmother, mother and Aunt                   Having spent many wonderful times with
ergy, wit and love.                                   Bernice on their second trip “home.” As an          my grandmother and her sisters, I have never
       Irish resistance to British domination be-     only child living in an apartment in N.Y.C.,        understood the tension that sometimes exists
gan in 1169 when feudal lords from England            arriving in Ballyhaunis in 1960 was like waking     today between women who choose to stay
invaded Ireland. In 1916 when my grand-               up in another world: inhabited by aunts,
                                                                                                          home and women who work outside of their
mother was fifteen years old, Irish rebels took       uncles and cousins who were amazingly loving
                                                                                                          homes. Although there were family “disputes”
over the General Post Office in Dublin, declar-       and kind to me. I fell particularly in love with
                                                                                                          and “feuds,” my grandmother and all of her
ing “the right of the people of Ireland to the        my Aunt Brenda who supported her five chil-
                                                      dren by running a guest house in Ballyhaunis        sisters always showed the utmost respect and
ownership of Ireland.” The British troops
defeated the “rebels” and the Irish countryside       and my grandmother’s two sisters whom I             admiration for each other, and never thought
was terrorized by a military force of mercenar-       stayed with in Dublin: my Aunt Agnes and            less of one another for staying home or for
ies, chiefly recruited from British prisons in        Aunt Patsy. For the rest of my childhood, I         working outside of their homes.
exchange for commuted sentences, known as             (often with my grandmother) spent my sum-                As is abundantly apparent in the photo
the “Black and Tans.” I remember listening            mers with my aunts and their warm, wonder-          of my Aunt Agnes, at 90 years old she remains
with horror to my grandmother’s story about           ful families in Ballyhaunis and in Dublin.          confident, beautiful and triumphant, know-
the Black and Tans dismembering young men                   I learned from my grandmother’s and my        ing how much she is admired, appreciated and
and dragging their body parts behind a truck          Aunt Brenda’s examples that women can take          loved for devoting her life to her family. Al-
through Ballyhaunis. The Irish Republican             care of themselves, their children and still have   though my Aunt Agnes’ husband, my Uncle
Army (“IRA”) struck back and in 1921 a com-           an abundance of love, time and resources to         O’Neil, passed away more than twenty-five years
promise was made with England: the six coun-          give to others. From my Aunt Agnes and my           ago, their amazing love story continues.
ties in the north of Ireland would remain un-         Aunt Patsy in Dublin, I learned a different but     Throughout his life, my Uncle O’Neil (who
der the control of the English government and         equally important lesson: the benefits of hav-
                                                                                                          looked like Clark Gable) maintained his youth-
the rest of Ireland would become independent.         ing the emotional and financial support of a
                                                                                                          ful love and passion for his beautiful and in-
This led to civil war between the newly formed        loving and faithful husband.
                                                                                                          domitable wife. I know their undying love for
Irish Free State and the IRA and caused the                 One summer while staying with my Aunt
                                                      Patsy and her dynamic husband, my Uncle             each will fill the room as we celebrate my Aunt
still existing hostilities between the Catholics
and Protestants in the “North of Ireland” that        Luke, a milk bottle ripped my arm open when         Agnes’ 90th birthday and we will hear my Uncle
remained under English control.                       my cousin Liam and I decided to ride our bi-        O’Neil’s voice join in harmony with my Aunt
       Due to the devastating effects of the Irish    cycles to the store with our eyes shut. While       Agnes, as she sings their “signature” duet:
rebellions against the English and civil war, my      staying with me as my arm was being stitched in     Darling, I am growing old
grandmother and her two eldest brothers and           their kitchen, I remember my Uncle Luke turn-       Silver threads among the gold
sisters immigrated to the United States between       ing pale and becoming faint, revealing a con-       Yet, my darling you will be, will be
1924 and 1926: none of them ever saw their            cern for me that I will never forget. My Uncle      Always young and fair to me.
parents again, except for my Aunt Geri who
was able to return “home” while her father
was still alive. Although my grandmother’s                       Making Dates and Getting Published
husband died in 1929 when she was pregnant                   Please schedule all WWBA dates through Julie S. Kattan, Corresponding Secretary
with her second daughter, she refused her               and Editor-in-Chief of the WWBA Newsletter. Please copy or otherwise notify Susan S.
father’s invitation to return “home” to                 Brown, Vice President, with all dates to be included in the WWBA website calendar, at
Ballyhaunis to raise her two daughters. She    or by facsimile at 914-288-9291. Conflicts in scheduling will be
had not come to the U.S. to fail – she came to          assessed on a case by case basis, with priority for early submissions.
succeed. So she worked; raised her two daugh-                The deadline for newsletter submissions (substantive law articles, notes on
ters on her own; wrote daily letters “home”             members, committee notices) to be considered for publication in the newsletter is
and continuously sent her six younger broth-            the twelfth of the month. All notices must be in writing, preferably e-mailed to
ers and sisters and their families who remained Attachments should be sent in Word or WordPerfect format.
in Ireland boxes filled with clothes, linens,
                                                        If you do not have e-mail capability, please mail or fax your submission to Julie at
candy, magazines, comic books, bubble gum
                                                        Glassman & Brown, LLP, 99 Court Street, White Plains, NY 10601, Telephone
and other items difficult to obtain in Ireland
                                                        (914) 686-0108, Fax (914) 288-9291.
at the time.

Fore & Foremost
from page 1                             eating and open bar) was the fash-        Securities, Glassman & Brown,          Meadow; gift certificate for din-
men’s and women’s prizes for clos-      ion show organized and orches-            LLP, Hudson Valley Bank, Joseph        ner for 2, donated by Shula’s
est to the line. Their gifts certifi-   trated by Claire Meadow. Model-           Fiorentino, Old Republic Title         Steak House; a basket of cheer,
cates to Hay Day Country Market         ing the beautiful Tegna Golf golf         Company, Judicial Title Insur-         donated by the Soundshore Li-
were donated by Hay Day Coun-           fashions were our own run-a-way           ance, McCarthy Fingar, LLP,            quor Pantry; two overflowing
try Market. Closest to the pin win-     models Gail Boggio, Claire                Rakow Commercial Realty                baskets of fine delicacies, donated
ners, Nancy Chincar and John            Meadow, Michael Silva, Kim-               Group, Inc., Robison Oil & En-         by Hay Day Country Market; as-
Hughes, respectively won gift cer-      berly Thomson, and Andrea                 ergy, Sleepy Hollow Bank, Tyre         sorted golf accessories, donated by
tificates to Tegna Golf (designer       Danziger and Audrey Schwabe               & DeThomas, Welby Brady &              Old Republic National Title
of women’s golf clothes) donated        from Thomson-West.                        Greenblatt, LLP, and Worby             Company; four tickets to Toxic
by Allstate Legal and a American              The outing would not be pos-        Groner Edelman.                        Audio Loud Mouth, donated Eric
Express gift certificate donated by     sible without the financial support             Lucky attendees won these        Krebs Productions; a gift certifi-
Old Republic National Title In-         of the following people and com-          raffle prizes - which will be drunk,   cate to Nordstroms, donated by
surance Company. The longest            panies: Thomson-West and Reli-            munched, viewed and played with:       Lynn Sperandeo, Smith Barney
drive champs were Debra                 able Title Agency & Claire                an evaluation for body balance,        in White Plains; two Giants tick-
Levinson who won a gift certifi-        Meadow, Esq., who sponsored               donated by John Winget; a cer-         ets donated by Joerg Schwarze;
cate donated by the WWBA and            the cocktail reception; Blaustein         tificate for club gripping, donated    gold jewelry donated, by Vicki
Howard Chun, who won an                 & Co., LLP, , Crabtree’s Kittle           by Pro Golf in Elmsford; video         Lutz; and two twosomes for a day
Adams Driver donated by                 House, Manhattan Mortgage                 instruction & 2 buckets of balls,      of golf at the lovely Somers Pointe
Docuserve. Unfortunately, no            Company, and PFC Abstract,                donated by Allison Kotes/              Golf Club.
one sank a hole-in-one to win the       who sponsored the snack stations;         Fairview Golf Center; a large can-          Even the WWBA Founda-
BMW Convertible donated by              and the sponsors of the tee boxes:        vas bag stuffed with assorted golf     tion did well thanks to all of the
Westchester BMW.                        Citibank, NA, Larchmont, Dale             stuff donated by Citibank in           insecure (and generous) golfers
      One of the highlights of the      Siegel, Circle Mortgage, Finan-           Larchmont; a basket of beauty          who purchased mulligans (do-
cocktail buffet (in addition to the     cial Strategies Group/ Wachovia           products, donated by Claire                            continued on page 7

                                                                                  WBNASNY’s Committee on
                                                                                  Women’s Rights
                                                                                  Mary Beth Morrissey, Esq.              Nations 2000 Millennium
                                                                                       The         International         Summit, but also the tenth
                                                                                  Women’s Rights Committee of            anniversary of the 1995 Beijing
                                                                                  WBASNY, chaired by Fay Parris          World Women’s Conference.
                                                                                  of Queens and Pamela Elisofon          Education and advocacy events
                                                                                  of Brooklyn, held its first meet-      sponsored by the Committee
                                                                                  ing on Saturday, September             will target a broad range of is-
                                                                                  18th, to set the agenda for the        sues and concerns including
                                                                                  upcoming year. Fay Parris in-          women’s health, gender equal-
                                                                                  formed the Committee mem-              ity, women’s literacy and anti-
                                                                                  bers that WBASNY may engage            trafficking. The Committee
                                                                                  in independent fact-finding on         also plans to focus on educat-
                                                                                  international women’s rights           ing the public about the Con-
                                                                                  issues by virtue of its NGO sta-       vention on Elimination of Dis-
                                                                                  tus. The Committee’s charge            crimination against Women
                                                                                  in 2004-2005 is to examine the         (CEDAW) and its initiatives.
                                                                                  Millennium Development                 The Committee will be draft-
                                                                                  Goals (MDGs) established at            ing a policy statement on
                                                                                  the Millennium Summit in               MDGs and CEDAW in the
                                                                                  2000 and develop workshops             near future. Please contact Fay
                                                                                  and symposia at various state          Parris, Pamela Elisofon or Mary
                                                                                  chapters on the MDGs. The              Beth Morrissey, WWBA repre-
                                                                                  year 2005 marks not only the           sentative to the Committee, for
                                                                                  fifth anniversary of the United        more information.

Westchester County Department of Senior Programs and
Services Launches Pre-White House Conference on Aging
Colette Phipps and Dozene Guishard      Conference on Aging 2004-2005              solutions to various challenges and       ❑ Employment
of Westchester County Department        Mini Series, with financial and in-        etching out the implications of           ❑ Financial Security
of Senior Programs and Services, and
Mary Beth Morrissey, Esq.               kind support from the Westchester          their findings for policy makers at       ❑ Health & Wellness
                                        Public/Private Partnership for             all levels to assist in resolving those   ❑ Housing Options
      The impact of the demo-           Aging Services.                            challenges.                               ❑ Intergovernmental Policy Issues
graphics of aging is amply evident           The grass roots initiative pre-             Leaders from businesses, com-       ❑ Intergenerational Relationships
in Westchester County as legisla-       cedes the formal White House               munity and faith-based organiza-          Issues
tors, policy makers and govern-         Conference on Aging scheduled to           tions, government and educational         ❑ Long Term Care Benefits,
ment officials grapple with plan-       take place in October of 2005. Its         institutions collectively ranked is-      Services & Financing
ning for the burgeoning needs of        goal is to set the stage for a new         sues affecting the health, economic       ❑ Mental Health
a rapidly aging population in the       national agenda when the official          and social well being of seniors and      ❑ Seniors Outstationed to Seniors
county. Baby boomers are getting        event is convened. The Pre-White           their families. These issues and ra-      ❑ Transportation
older, longevity is now a common-       House Conference on Aging is al-           tionales can be found in a recently       ❑ Women
ality, and individuals are struggling   ready getting lots of attention            released Caucus Priority Issues                 Since the first White House
to age with independence and dig-       across the nation and the county           Report - our “tool kit” for improv-       Conference on Aging in 1961,
nity while maintaining control over     with activities in which the               ing quality of life. Caucus issues        which led to the passage of the
the kinds of services they receive.     Westchester County community is            are as follows:                           Older Americans Act, Medicaid
With this in mind, Westchester          engaged, aimed at identifying the          ❑ Caregiving                              and Medicare in 1965, this decen-
County, under the leadership of         future needs of today’s seniors and        ❑ Diversity (Blacks of African and        nial event has produced landmark
County Executive Andrew J.              tomorrow’s baby boomers. Key               Caribbean Origin, Asian and Pa-           programs such as the formation
Spano and Mae Carpenter, Com-           findings are being discussed in cau-       cific Islanders, Hispanic, Disabled,      of Area Agencies on Aging and the
missioner of the Department of          cuses formed to examine major              Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,                   National Caregiver Support Pro-
Senior Programs and Services,           issues causing barriers to indepen-        Transgender)                              gram, a national nutritional pro-
launched the Pre-White House            dence. These caucuses are seeking          ❑ Elder Abuse                                           continued on page 11

   VOCATIONAL CONSULTING GROUP                                                          AMICUS CONSULTING, Inc.
       “When ability to earn is at issue”
                                                                                     Law office technology consultants since 1990

               Charles A. Kincaid, PhD                                                  LEGAL SOFTWARE SALES, TRAINING, CUSTOMIZING
                        and                                                                Your local resource for expert,
                  Rona Wexler, MA                                                      vendor-certified software consulting in:

     • Determining Worker Employability                                                       Timeslips® time and billing
            & Earnings Capacity                                                             Time Matters® case management
   • Expert Witness Testimony in Divorce                                                   Amicus Attorney® case management
       and Personal Injury matters.                                                         Abacus Law® case management
                                                                                            Worldox® document management
                    410 West 53rd, Suite 106                                                   QuickBooks® accounting
                      New York, N.Y. 10019
                                                                                             Call Andrea Prigot (914) 738-9148
                 Phone Number: 212-245-0071
                  Fax Number: 973-564-8182
                                                                                           or email
                                                                                              for information on consulting and
                                                                                            training services for your practice.

                           C o m m i t t e e                                    A c t i v i t i e s
Trusts and Estates                                    Gender Dynamics                                  Matrimonial
     At an evening meeting to be held on                   The Pace Women’s Justice Center, the              At an evening meeting to be held on
Monday, October 25, at 5:30 p.m. to 8:00              Gender Fairness Committee of the Ninth           Tuesday, October 26, the Matrimonial
p.m., the Trusts & Estates Committees of the          Judicial District and the Westchester            Committee of the Westchester Women’s Bar
Westchester Women’s Bar Association and               Women’s Bar Association are co-sponsoring        Association will sponsor a program pre-
the Westchester County Bar Association,               a program on Wednesday, October 27,              sented by Steven Gassman. Mr. Gassman is a
together with the Private Bank of Bank of             2004 from 6:00-8:30 p.m., at the Judicial        renowned matrimonial trial attorney who
America will sponsor a program entitled,              Institute (Omni Room, Room 206) in               has been practicing for almost thirty years,
“Integrating Retirement Benefits into an              White Plains, New York for CLE credit. It is     and has generated a nationwide reputation
Estate Plan”. The program will be held at             entitled, “Domestic Violence and Respon-         as a leader in the field of matrimonial
Sam’s of Gedney Way, 52 Gedney Way,                   sible Mediation: A Critical Look at Screen-      attorneys. Pending WBASNY approval, two
White Plains, New York. The speakers will             ing and Safety.” The speakers are the Hon.       and a half (2 ½) transitional credits for
include, Marvin R. Rotenberg, the National            Joan O. Cooney, the Hon. Daniel Angiolillo       professional practice will be given for
Director of Retirement Services at the                and Daniel M. Weitz, Esq., State ADR             attendance at this program.
Private Bank at Bank of America and                   Coordinator. The moderator is Susan L.                 The meeting will be held at the Bank of
Richard James, Director of Tax Planning,              Pollet, Esq., Executive Director of the Pace     New York, 123 Main St., White Plains, NY
Wealth Strategies at the Private Bank of              Women’s Justice Center. This program will        10601. A light supper will be served.
Bank of America.                                      explore the realities of domestic violence and   Registration and dinner begins at 5:30; the
     Mr. Rotenberg, who is widely recognized          the importance of screening for the presence     program will promptly begin at 6:00 p.m.
for his expertise on qualified retirement plan        of domestic violence in mediation.                     Please RSVP to Evelyn at Goldschmidt
distributions, has authored several articles                                                           and Genovese at (914) 345-5800. The cost
appearing in the CPA Journal and The Journal          Ethics and Practice                              for the program is $15.00, plus $5.00 for
of Retirement Planning. He has also been                                                               the CLE credit.
quoted in numerous financial publications
including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes,            At the November 17 general membership
Time, Fortune, Newsweek, Money Magazine,              meeting, the Ethics and Practice Manage-
                                                                                                       Miller Commission
and others. He has also appeared on CNN’s             ment Committees will present a panel             There will be a WWBA Matrimonial
“Your Money” and on public radio. He is               discussion on “Issues at the Intersection of     Committee meeting to discuss the Miller
listed in the International Who’s Who Among           Ethics and Law Practice Management.”             Commission on November 15, 2004 at 5:30
Professionals.                                        Some topics to be covered include advertis-      p.m. at McCarthy Fingar in White Plains.
     Two CLE credits will be given for                ing, the use of technology, and protecting        Susan Bender, who is the Co Chair of the
attendance at this program.                           yourself at the commencement and termina-        WBASNY’s Matrimonial Committee & who
                                                      tion of the attorney-client relationship.        is also a member of the Miller Commission,
                                                      Panel members include Ethics Committee co-       will attend. RSVP to Lisa Palmesi at 946-
                                                      chair Deborah Scalise, Practice Management       3700.
                                                      Committee co-chairs Dawn Arnold and Lisa
                                                      Solomon and Technology Committee co-
                                                      chair Donna Frosco. Registration and
                                                      buffet dinner will start at 5:30 p.m. and the
                                                      program will start promptly at 6:00 p.m.
                                                      We anticipate offering 2 CLE credits in
                                                      ethics for this program.

Full and partial scholarships for all WWBA CLE
programs, based on financial need, are available.
For information on the guidelines and procedures
for applying, please contact Kathy Rosenthal, Esq.,
CLE liaison for the WWBA at 347-1292. All
requests are confidential.

from page 4                       Lynch Global / Private Client          Thawl and Ken Jackman, who            had the able and very patient
overs) to better their scores.    Group, Lisa Solomon, Esq.,             did double duty watching the play-    assistance of the WWBA’s ex-
All mulligan proceeds were        Tegna Golf, Thompson West,             ers and the hole.                     ecutive director, Linda Surace,
donated directly to Founda-       Westchester          Magazine,              The golf outing is a monu-       who quietly and capably made
tion so it can continue its im-   WBASNY and John Winget.                mental job, performed with love       my organizational skills look
portant work in the commu-              The photographer, Ken            and the efforts of the entire         very good.
nity.                             Jackman, has taken photos of our       WWBA golf committee: Lisa M.               Please check out our
      All players walked away     play and players. Check out all        Bluestein, Dale Siegel, Gail M.       website,, for
with something special. The       the photos on the website, which       Boggio, Jeffrey S. Goldstein,         all the photos, and other
following people and compa-       also includes information on how       Kimberly S. Thomsen, Mike             WWBA news and activities. In
nies contributed to our goodie    to purchase them. As always, the       Meadow, Irene Sandford,               particular check the calendar
bags: Allied Domeq, Bank of       Hampshire Country Club staff           Michele A. Silva, and Richard         for news about next year’s Golf
New York, Dalco Reporting,        was attentive and gracious. We         Gruenberger. Thank you all and        Outing!!
Inc., Docuserve, Dorson En-       look forward to playing in their       most especially, my co-chair Claire
                                  renovated facilities next year.        Meadow, the driving force behind      Kathy (“the Clutch”) Rosenthal
vironmental, Landamerica                                                                                       Kathy Rosenthal is a Partner at Rosenthal
Commonwealth Title Insur-         Thanks also to our spotters,           so many of the day’s activities and   & Markowitz in Elmsford, and is the
ance, PGG Group Merrill           Rabbi Mickey Stanger, Larry            donations. Last, but never least, I   immediate Past President of the WWBA.

                                     Some of those who spoiled a
                                        lovely walk with golf?

                 A Chapter of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York
                            Matrimonial Committee is exceedingly pleased to announce that

                                   STEVEN GASSMAN, ESQ.
               will be conducting a CLE class on October 26, 2004 on
                      Evidence in Matrimonial Trials
Steven Gassman is a renowned matrimonial trial attorney who has been practicing for almost thirty years,
       and has generated a nationwide reputation as a leader in the field of matrimonial attorneys.

    The meeting will be held at the Bank of New York • 123 Main Street • White Plains, NY 10601
                Registration and dinner begins at 5:30; the program will promptly begin at 6:00.
                                         A light supper will be served.
  Pending WBASNY approval, two and a half (2 ½) transitional credits* for professional practice will be given for attendance at this program.
      Please RSVP to Evelyn at Goldschmidt and Genovese at (914) 345-5800. The cost for the program is $15.00, plus $5.00 for the CLE credit.
                                                    WBASNY is an accredited CLE provider.
                       Financial Hardship: Full and partial scholarships for this program, based on financial need, are available.
                         For further information, contact Lonya Gilbert, Esq. at (914) 833-5297. All requests are confidential.

                       DEDICATED TO SERVING
                       THE LEGAL PROFESSION

                                Joseph A. Ruhl, Sr. Vice President
                                         (914) 768-6860
                                 William D. Popoli, Vice President
                                         (914) 768-6867

Survivor’s Law Project
     The Survivor’s Law Project, a joint part-     WWBA have served as mentors assisting                   cases and 1 employment case.
nership between the Westchester Women’s            Northern Westchester Shelter’s legal staff on                On October 19, 2004, from 6:00-8:00
Bar Association, Victim Assistance Services        cases ranging from housing to immigration.              p.m., an advanced training will be held
and the Northern Westchester Shelter, pro-               The project has been a resounding suc-            by WWBA at Victim Assistance Services
vides comprehensive civil legal services to vic-   cess. From January 1 – June 30th this year 115          in Elmsford. The speakers will include
tims of domestic violence victims. Funded by       clients received representation. A myriad of            the Hon. James Montagnino who will
a federal Violence Against Women Act grant,        cases were handled by attorneys who work for            address equitable distribution, and the
the Westchester Women’s Bar Association last       the Northern Westchester Shelter and the                Hon. Esther Furman who will speak on
year sponsored legal training for attorneys        WWBA’s pro bono panel. Statistics for this              child support. Attorneys interested in at-
who agreed to take a pro bono matrimonial          six month period include 28 protective orders,          tending this training, and who will agree
case in exchange for CLE credit. As a result       51 divorce matters, 44 custody/visitation mat-          to accept a case from the panel should
of this training, 22 attorneys were recruited      ters, 2 paternity cases, 40 child and spousal           contact Beth Feder, Esq. at (914) 747-0828
to serve on the panel. Other members of the        support issues, 7 housing cases, 5 immigration          at the Northern Westchester Shelter.

 Practice Management Tips
 Defeating Procrastination
      If procrastination is a prob-    ____ You are not really commit-          worse than we would feel if we ac-      do something else. Compare
 lem for you, it is important that     ted to the matter.                       tually did the action we are refrain-   what works in handling others
 you learn tools to handle your        ____ You choose to do other              ing from because of the fear.           matters.
 procrastination. Procrastina-         things. You are saying “yes” to               You have choices when fear is      ____ Periodically fire clients.
 tion occurs when we are faced         other things.                            present, one choice is to simply go     ____ Say “no” to something
 with too many decisions and are       ____ You have some belief that           through the fear and do what you        else (e.g., interruptions or work
 unable to complete matters of         is getting in the way. (I can’t do       want or need to do in order to          you don’t like).
 importance. “Procrastination is       this.)                                   accomplish the matter. And of           ____ Do the thing you want
 putting off until tomorrow what       ____ You are afraid you will fail.       course the other choice is continue     to do first.
 needs to be done today.” Know-        Raise your consciousness about           to let the fear stop you.               ____ Do the thing you least
 ing the reasons we are putting        your fears.                                   Once you have thought about        want to do first.
 off doing something can have                                                   what causes you to procrastinate,       ____ Schedule or block out
                                       Notice Underlying Fear                   then consider these structures for      time in your calendar.
 the effect of resolving the matter
 or changing our behavior so we             Tick-off any of the following       defeating or managing procrasti-        ____ Take a deep breath and
 complete the outstanding mat-         that might apply to stop you from        nation. The following ideas may         start.
 ter.                                  completing or starting a matter.         help you take action on what you        ____ Set deadlines that you
      Answer these questions:          You are afraid because you might:        have been procrastinating:              share with someone and ask
 What is the real reason behind                                                                                         them to hold you accountable.
                                       ____ Make a mistake                      ____ Break the objective down
 your procrastination? What is                                                                                          ____ Be realistic (don’t let per-
                                       ____ Lose respect                        into small steps.
 stopping you?                                                                                                          fectionism get in your way).
                                       ____ Be rejected                         ____ Do the background re-
                                                                                                                        ____ Compare the matter to
 Consider whether any of these         ____ Be embarrassed                      search. Find out what you need
                                                                                                                        your values. (Is something about
 reasons are the reasons you pro-      ____ Make a bad decision                 to know.
                                                                                                                        this matter not in alignment with
 crastinate. Tick all that apply       ____ Need to change the way you          ____ Maybe you don’t want to
                                                                                                                        your values?)
 and think about their impact on       comfortably do things                    do this thing at all. Remove it
                                                                                                                        ____ Will doing this support
 you:                                  ____ Not know enough                     from your “to do list.”
                                                                                                                        your goals?
                                                                                ____ Delegate the matter to
                                       ____ Look desperate                                                              ____ Give yourself rewards or
 ____ You are trying to do too                                                  someone else.
                                       ____ Not be able to find out                                                     penalties.
 much.                                                                          ____ Hire someone to handle
                                       what you need to know                                                            Write down what you notice
 ____ You don’t know what to                                                    the matter.
                                       ____ Miss something important                                                    about the reasons you procras-
 do or how. This usually means                                                  ____ Choose the first easy step
 you need to do some research.         ____ Not be able to do this mat-         you can take and get started. Ac-       tinate. Come up with your plan
 ____ Your standard is too             ter                                      tion leads to further action.           to defeat procrastination.
 high. Perfectionism is holding              People in general experience       ____ Do the hard thing first.           This month’s practice management tip
 you back.                             fear, some more than others. It is       ____ Notice the critical self-talk.     was provided by professional development
                                                                                                                        coach Irene Leonard who can be reached
 ____ You are not convinced of         important to appreciate that             How much energy is being wasted?        at or at
 the benefits of doing the matter.     thinking about fear makes us feel        ____ If one way is not working          (206) 723-9900.

                                                  W W B A                    N e w s
YWCA IN WHITE                                     Notes on Members
                                                        Kathy N.Rosenthal has been named to the Board of the Westchester Public/Private
PLAINS CELEBRATES                                 Partnership for Aging Services as Secretary.
75 YEARS OF SERVICE                                     Linda Markowitz has been appointed an Adjunct Professor of Law at Pace Law School to
      The YWCA of White Plains and Cen-           teach Family Law for the Fall Semester.
tral Westchester has been serving the commu-            Julie S. Kattan, Esq. and Eileen Songer McCarthy, Esq. were sworn in as Officers of the
nity for 75 years and is marking the occasion     New Rochelle Bar Association on September 22, 2004. The Honorable Francis Nicolai per-
with an Anniversary Gala Saturday, Novem-         formed the swearing in ceremony at a dinner that he and Hon. Vincent Rippa prepared for the
ber 13, 2004 at the Surf Club in New Roch-        Bar Association.
elle.                                                   Denyse Fecteau, Esq. a new WWBA member and with the firm Beck, Liebman & Petrone
      Honorable Jeanine Pirro, District At-       in White Plains, has won the new member raffle. The prize, courtesy of Attorney’s Title Insur-
torney of Westchester County will serve as        ance Agency, is a $150 Gift Certificate to Mulino’s Restaurant. The raffle comprised new
Honorary Chairwoman and special guest for         members who joined the WWBA from May 31st through August 31st.
the evening will be Gloria Steinem - a devoted          Dale Siegel, Esq. is a graduate of Pace Law School (1986). She is the owner of Circle
activist, writer, and one of the most impor-      Mortgage Group in White Plains, NY and is a sustaining member of the WWBA. Dale has
tant voices of the modern feminist movement.      fifteen years experience in the real estate industry and is an adjunct professor at Baruch College
Ms. Steinem’s name is synonymous with the         in New York City, and a regular lecturer at the Learning Annex. Dale is an active supporter of
advancement of women’s social equality in         groups dedicated to the advancement of women. Dale can be reached at Circle Mortgage, 5
America and throughout the world. Acting          Waller Ave Suite 303, White Plains, NY 10601, Tel.: 914 422-0810 Fax:914 422 -2994.
as Event Chair is Mary Gleason Akerfelds,               Kathleen Duffett, RN, JD, is pleased to report that she has started her own legal and
founder and CEO of Group 3 Designs, and           health care consulting practice. The practice focuses primarily on regulatory compliance issues
CEO of The Exeter Brands Group, a Nike            that are unique to health care organizations and providers, such as HIPAA. Kathleen can be
subsidiary.                                       reached at or at (845)265-3965.
      As part of the event, the YWCA plans to           Heather Flanagan, Esq. is pleased to announce the opening of her law firm dedicated to
acknowledge 75 women who have been hon-           the general practice of law with Charles Sant’Elia, Esq., of counsel. 948 North Broadway, Suite
ored over the past 75 years and are premier       305, Yonkers, NY Tel/Fax: 914-674-6004. N
examples of the YWCA’s mission to empower
women and eliminate racism. Kathleen
Donelli, President of the WWBA, will be one
                                                  Employment Opportunity
                                                       Melville, Long Island office of a major national labor and employment law firm seeks highly
of the women honored by the YWCA at this
                                                  motivated associate with 3 - 4 years experience in employment law and related litigation. Can-
                                                  didate must possess strong verbal and written communications skills and have a superior aca-
      The YWCA is an important part of the
community and has been a significant resource     demic record. Litigation experience and admission to practice in New York are required. We
for many women and families. The YW Resi-         offer a comprehensive benefits package and salary commensurate with experience. Applicants
dence has provided counseling support ser-        only. Either e-mail or fax resume and salary requirements indicating job code LI-ASSOC. E-
vices and safe, affordable housing for women      Mail: Fax: (631)247-0417. N
since 1929. The YWCA offers a significant
number of social programs and services in-        Pace Women’s Justice Center Dinner
cluding: Early Childhood Development;
Childcare and After School Programs; Sum-         October 6, 2004
mer Camps; County Courthouse Childcare                 The Pace Women’s Justice Center cordially invites you to attend the seventh annual benefit
the G.E.M.S. program servicing youth at risk;     dinner and silent auction on Wednesday, October 6, 2004 at Abigail Kirsch at Tappan Hill,
and Women’s Health Initiatives such as Breast     Tarrytown, New York. The cocktails and silent auction are from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The
Cancer Screening.                                 dinner and presentations commence at 7:00 p.m. Susan L. Pollet, the new Executive Director of
      The YWCA is committed to the physical       PWJC, and former President of the WWBA, will be the Master of Ceremonies. The honorees
well being of our community, offering a wide      are Victoria L. Lutz, Esq., former Executive Director of PWJC, the Hon. Suzi Oppenheimer,
range of athletic programs including: fitness,    and Cristina Torre, of the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation. The Pace Women’s Justice
gymnastics and aquatics. The YWCA National        Center is dedicated to eradicating domestic violence and furthering the legal rights of women,
Champion Middies includes nationally              children and the elderly through the skillful and innovative use of the law. The Center’s goal is
ranked swimmers and Olympic Trial Quali-          to give those who represent battered women, the elderly, women with low incomes, victims of
fiers.                                            sexual assault, and children the education and legal tools they need to stop violence against
      For information about the event or to       women, seek economic justice, empower the underrepresented and save lives. The PWJC is a
purchase tickets or journal advertising, please   501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization which relies on public and private contributions to sus-
call the YWCA Development Office at 914-          tain the many programs that serve its clients. For further information about the dinner, please
949-6227. N                                       contact Helene Norton-Russell at 914-422-4069. N

Pre-White House Conference on Aging                                                              Pace Law School Anniversary
                                                                                                 Alumni Leadership Awards
                                                                                                 Dinner to be Held at Rye
     “Since the first White House Conference on Aging in 1961, which                             Town Hilton
       led to the passage of the Older Americans Act, Medicaid and                                     On Thursday, October 28, 2004, at
      Medicare in 1965, this decennial event has produced landmark                               6:00pm, Pace Law School will hold its Tenth
                                                                                                 Anniversary Alumni Leadership Awards Din-
        programs such as the formation of Area Agencies on Aging                                 ner at the Rye Town Hilton in Rye Brook, New
             and the National Caregiver Support Program . . .”                                   York. This year marks a milestone for Pace
                                                                                                 Law School, as it is their tenth anniversary din-
                                                                                                 ner. Net proceeds from the event will directly
from page 5                                       mittee comprised of seventeen members will     benefit Pace Law School’s many student and
gram.                                             make policy recommendations to the President   faculty programs. More than $1 million dol-
     The distinct characteristics of aging baby   and Congress.                                  lars has been raised from the previous dinners.
boomers will demand the design, development            For those who wish to learn more about          This year’s award recipients are David R.
and implementation of additional important        the growing aging phenomenon in Westchester    Andrews and Alfred E. Donnellan. Mr.
programs. It is the job of the Westchester        County and the goals of the Pre-White House    Andrews is Senior Vice President, Government
County Pre-White House Conference on Ag-          Conference on Aging Mini Series, Commis-       Affairs, General Counsel, and Secretary for
ing 2004-2005 Mini Series to make sure that       sioner Mae Carpenter will be presenting the    PepsiCo, Inc. Mr. Donnellan is Managing Part-
happens.                                          keynote address at “The Westchester Myth:      ner at DelBello Donnellan Weingarten
     Health and Human Services Secretary          Prosperity for Women, Families, Caregivers”    Tartaglia Wise & Wiederkehr, LLP.
Tommy G. Thompson announced the ap-               Luncheon Program of Visiting Nurse Services          For more information regarding the din-
pointment of Ann McGee, Ed.D., former Vir-        in Westchester on Thursday, October 21st at    ner, please contact Antoinette D’Orazio, As-
ginia Department on Aging Commissioner, as        Abigail Kirsch’s Tappan Hill in Tarrytown.     sistant Director of Development and Alumni
the Executive Director of the 2005 White          Please contact Mary Beth Morrissey for more    Relations for Pace Law School, at (914) 422-
House Conference on Aging. A policy com-          information.                                   4079 or

              WWBA                      Schedule                               of         Upcoming                                 Events
    COMMITTEE                       DATE/TIME                            PLACE                               TOPIC                                 RSVP
WWBA Board                      10/13/04                     The Bank of New York                 Board Meeting                       Lisa Palmesi at
Meetin                          Light Supper &               123 Main Street                                                          914-946-3700 if you are
                                Meetin                       White Plains, NY                                                         unable to attend
                                5:30-8:00 pm

                                Next Mtg:11/3/04

Survivor Law Project            10/19/04                     Victim Assistance                    Advanced Training                   For Info Contact:
                                6:00-8:00 p.m.               Services                                                                 Beth Feder, Esq.
                                                             Elmsford, NY                                                             (914) 747-0828
Trust & Estate and              10/25/04                     Sam’s of Gedney Way                  “Integrating Retirements            Glassman & Brow
Elder Law                       5:30 p.m.                    White Plains, New York               Benefits into an Estate             (914) 686-0108
Committees                      $15/pp (+ $5-CLE)                                                 Plan”
WWBA General                    11/17/04                     Graziella’s                          “”Issues at the                     RSVP
Membership Meeting              5:30 pm                      White Plains, NY                     Intersection of Ethics
                                                                                                  and Law Practice
Matrimonial                     10/26/04                     The Bank of New York                 Presentation by Steven              Evelyn at Goldschmidt and
Committee                       5:30 pm                      123 Main Street                      Gassman, Esq.                       Genovese
                                $15/pp (+ $5-CLE)            White Plains, NY                                                         914-345-5800

                                      Other                     Important                                 Events
       SPONSOR                      DATE/TIME                           PLACE                                TOPIC                                 RSVP
WBASNY Board                    11/13/04                     Proskauer Rose                      WBASNY                               Linda Chiaverini
Meetin                                                       1585 Broadway                                                            Fax (212) 721-1620
                                                             New York, NY
Miller Commission               11/15/04                     McCarthy Fingar                     Miller Commission on                 RSVP Lisa Palmesi
                                                                                                 Divorce in NYS                       914-946-3700
Pace Women’s                    10/6/04                      Abigail Kirsch at Tappan            Seventh Annual Benefit               For info. Contact Helene
Justice Center                  6:00 p.m.                    Hill, Tarrytown, NY                 Dinner and Silent Auction            Norton-Russell at (914)
Pace School of Law              10/28/04                     Rye Town Hilton                     Tenth Anniversary                    For info. Contact
Alumni Leadership               6:00 p.m.                    Rye Brook, NY                       Alumni Leadership                    Antointte D’Orazio
Awards Dinner                                                                                    Awards Dinner                        (914)422-4079 or

WWBA is a chapter of WBASNY which is an approved provider of CLE credit. Full and partial scholarships for CLE programs based on financial need are available.
For information on the guidelines and procedures for applying, please contact the person running the program. All requests are strictly confidential. All programs are for
                                                         transitional credit unless the program states otherwise.

                                                                      REMEMBER, YOU CAN FIND THE WBASNY WEB PAGE AT WWW.WBASNY.ORG.

                                                                                                            Elmsford, New York 10523
                                                                                                          45 Knollwood Road, 3rd Floor
                                                                                                               Bar Association
                                                                                                           Westchester Women’s

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