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									Accreditation and Licensing of Private Higher Education Providers

Kosova Government has requested by the British Council for Accreditation to
develop the accreditation project of the Private Higher Education, by taking into
consideration the Kosova Law, International Standards and Bologna Process

British Council for Accreditation (BCA) is created in 1984 and is accredited by the
British Office for the Education Standards (OFSTED) which gives the
accreditation of the independent higher education institutions and the superior.

It’s a member of the International Accreditation Agencies for the Evaluation of
Higher Education Quality, which is the main body in the world for the international
consultancy in the field of higher education accreditation.

Private Higher Education Providers who applied for the accreditation and
re-licensing are:
1. The Academy “Evolucion”
2. The Academy of Arts
3. The European Academy “Teuta”
4. The Academy of Theatre, Film, TV & Radio
5. The Academy for the University Advanced Studies “ASAU”
6. American University of Kosova
7. Faculty of Ecology “Ekoman”
8. Faculty of Pharmacy
9. The institute “Katana”
10 The institute “Nic-Holding”
11. College for Sport Education “Eurosport”
12. University Collage “Ameri-kos”
13. University Collage “Fama”
14. University Collage “Tempulli”
15. University Collage “Universum”
16. University Collage “Victory”
17. University Collage “Vizioni Evropian”
18. University Collage “Biznesi”
19. University Collage i Ferizajit “KUF”
20. University Collage i Gjilanit
21. School of Design “Design Factory”
22. University “AAB” (Contemporary Education Area)
23. University “Dardania”
24. University “Iliria”
25. University “Pjetër Budi”
26. University “Riinvest”
27. European University in Kosova
28. University of Prizren
29. University of Medical Sciences “Rezonanca”
30. International Prishtina University
31. University for Business and Technology “UBT”

British Council for Accreditation (BCA) has made the inspection of the buildings,
interviewing the managerial staff and analyzed a great number of the materials
which are submitted by these institutions.

Based on the facts supported by these materials, the private higher education
institutions (except the American University in Kosova) don’t meet the criteria to
be accredited or licensed for giving the academic titles. The team also has noted
that the institutions applied with the nomenclature as Academy, Faculty, Institute,
etc, they can not be recommended for accreditation as such.
BCA concerns about:
• the dependency of these institutions to one or more key persons;
• high proportion of the teaching staff in part time;
And the influence of this proportion and their commitment for the stability of the
institution, and
• Unconsolidated system for the quality insurance.
BCA inspectors also have noticed that: they have applied:
• Bountiful attitudes in issuing the academic titles;
• study programs being over focused on the profiles of Law and Economy, which is not
responding to the Labor Market needs in Kosova;
• Poor testing and evaluation of the quality;
• The low scale is not necessarily treated for the graduation of studies.

Except the general recommendations, the BCA report contains even the
individual reports for each PHEP. Individual reports present the general summary
on the state of PHEP, based on the inspection of the institutions and strongly
supported by the documents analysis as presented by the institutions
Based on the recommendations of BCA, neither of the Private Higher Education
Providers (PHEP) meets the conditions for accreditation and licensing,
The Kosova Government brought the decision that neither of this Private Higher
Education Providers (PHEP) can be accredited nor licensed. Principally its
decided that non of these universities shall register new students until the second
accreditation is made (as predicted for the academic coming year).
This doesn’t mean that from these institutions is required that they should be
closed as a whole. The inspectors team found valid programs in the respect of
specializations and geographic extend and has recommended the creation of the
Kosovar Council for the Academic Titles
(KCAT), which can issue diplomas, certificates and academic titles based on
teaching and evaluation of PHEP.
This report also recommends that the Kosova Government should work with the
Private Higher Education Institutions and KCAT in order to develop the adequate
managerial forms for improving the education quality provided by these
institutions in the favor of society.
Further, the recommendations in this report are made to improve the regulation
of higher education, technique and vocational education in Kosova with the aim
to provide a private sector of a higher class and quality for the following years.
MEST will work with the PHEP to provide a secure process towards the valid
qualifications and centrally respected qualifications. This will enable that better
institutions should work towards their autonomous status in the following years.

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