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VOL. XXVIII . . . No. 28                             FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                                       Price in UK - FREE

                     STEINWAY RECITAL

        Sub Editor

As the warm chords of
Bach’s “French Suite no.5
                                                                                                    Android App
in G major” filled the packed
great hall, we knew that
something rather special was
happening. The lady playing                                                                            today
was Joanna MacGregor, a
professional concert pianist,                                                                         By THEO COSTAIN 4C
and she was extracting the
most and best out of the new                                                                        After many problems and
Steinway “Model D” Concert                                                                          errors the Citizen android
Grand Piano that now                                                                                app is here! And soon it will
sits in the great hall. After                                                                       be the way pupils at CLS
having sat for three months,
                                                                                                    will read The Citizen.
the piano was belting out
wonderful music, controlled
by a true professional.                                                                             The instructions for getting
                                                                                                    the app are not the easiest,
Joanna      MacGregor      is                                                                       as due to recent google
no stranger to beautiful                                                                            security issues they are not
music; directing the Bath                                                                           accepting any new apps to
International Music Festival                                                                        the market, so for now the
every year since 2006 and                                                                           app needs to be installed
debuting as a conductor in                                                                          using installer software
2002, she has travelled the                                                                         freely available off the
world playing with various                                                                          android market.
orchestras including the
London Symphony, New                                                                                            (cont. on back page)
York Philharmonic and even
noted composers such as                                                                                DOS SANTOS JOINS
Brian Eno. Aside from this,                                                                            BARBICAN PLAYERS
Joanna is also a successful                                                                         Over the Easter holidays,
childrens’ author, writing                                                                          Robert Dos Santos 2R
PianoWorld     to    critical                                                                       received the good news that
acclaim and on Wednesday                                                                            he has been accepted to
night she showed us just                                                                            perform with the Barbican
                                 melody and bass.                   The evening really showed
how good a piano can sound.
                                                                    off Joanna, the Steinway and    Young Orchestra on Sunday
                                 Sitting gleaming black, the        the school and many thanks      3rd July, under Edward
Playing     Bach,     Chopin,
                                 second star of the show was        must go to all involved,        Gardner, Musical Director of
Barber and Piazzola isn’t
                                 the piano itself. Towards          with special thanks to Mr       the English National Opera.
easy, especially in front of
                                 the end of 2010 Messrs.            Harrison, Mr Levin and all
the serried ranks of teachers,
                                 Harrison,        Everett     and   who attended. Of course,        Amongst others, the
students      and     assorted
                                 Hayburn descended on the           high praise is to be given      programme will include
glitterati, but MacGregor
                                 Steinway Hall to test the          to the stars of the show,       Mozart’s Overture to the
made it look effortless,
                                 Grands on offer. In the end,       Joanna MacGregor and the        Impresario, Pamina’s
twinkling the ivories with
                                 they settled on the “Model D       Steinway.
ease and showing off the                                                                            Aria from the Magic Flute,
                                 Concert Grand” which they
great diversity of music that                                                                       Blonde’s Aria from Seraglio
                                 favoured for its “remarkable       An enjoyable evening was
the new piano can take.                                                                             and Tchaikovsky’s Romeo &
                                 touch and warm tone”. It           made even better by the
Particular mention must                                                                             Juliet Fantasy Overture.
                                 took eight specialist movers       support shown to the school’s
go to the French Suite,
                                 and a representative from          charity appeal for 2011, the
which showed off tight                                                                              This is a terrific achievement
                                 Steinway to hoist the piano        Teenage Cancer Trust, and
keys juxtaposed with loose,                                                                         and Robert should be very
                                 up from the Embankment             the school was shown off in
simple, elegant melodies and                                                                        pleased. He now has a good
                                 and after being delivered          the most elegant, musical
rousing, graceful crescendos.
                                 on the 26th January, this          fashion    imaginable.     A    number of rehearsals to
“Loure”, played sixth, was
                                 recital proved to be a fitting     stunning night of twinkling     balance with revision for his
in particular noted for its
                                 start to its life at school.       music.                          end of year exams.
complex interweaving of
Page 2                                     THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                               SCHOOL NEWS
         EDITORIAL                wrangling continued and                                           garden hose too.
                                  Lizzy got wet (which should
By CHARLES FILLINGHAM             not really have surprised her,                                    We laughed and laughed
                                  but she is still only two) and                                    and laughed. I am no
Last   Saturday    afternoon      began to cry. Next, John went                                     psychologist, but there is
was sunny and warm and            into a sulk because no-one                                        definitely   a   therapeutic
the whole family found itself     wanted to play, so I decided                                      quality to laughter and the
in the back garden. Despite       to roll up my trousers and                                        rest of Saturday afternoon
the weather my son had the        set the example by stepping                                       passed off peaceably.
grumps and he was bickering       into the icy water. My wife
with my daughter. Our             cheerily put her feet in too     However, my fears were           On a more serious note, may
response was to get out the       as we tried to persuade the      gradually allayed as the whole   I bring to your attention that
paddling pool and to fill it up   children that this was going     Fillingham family descended      the Teenage Forum takes
with water.                       to be enormous fun. Lizzy        into an enormous water fight     place on Monday at CLSG
                                  kept on crying and when          involving the whole contents     (see p 13). It will take up the
Unfortunately, even with          John splashed her I feared       of the paddling pool and         serious issue of cyberbullying
swimming costumes on the          the worst.                       plenty of squirting from the     and I commend it to you.

THE DIARY                                                                                 Ms MacDonagh’s
                                                                                          Cookery Corner
                                                                                               By Ms A M MACDONAGH
- GCE Examinations start
- Cricket U13 v Sussex House, Home, 1.00 - 6.00pm                                       Roasted nuts
- Model UN (OG to 6th Forms), Coulson, 12.50pm
- Creative Writing Society, Rm 316, 1.15pm                                              Once you try roasting your own nuts,
- CCF Parade, 4.00pm                                                                    you won’t buy expensive store bought
- Teen Forum ‘Cyberbullying’, CLSG, 6.00 - 8.00pm                                       nuts again. Yum!

TUESDAY 17 MAY                                                                          Ingredients:
- 3rd Form Craft & Design, W1, 12.50pm
                                                                                        1 large baking pan (lined with baking
- Maths Circle, Rm 409, 12.50pm
- Debating, 2nd/3rd Forms,Coulson,12.50pm                                               parchment)
- Cricket - U15 v Latymer Upper, Away, 1.00 - 6.00pm                                    2 cups of a mixed nuts or a nut of your
- Junior Classics Club, Rm 426, 1.00pm                                                  choice.
- Swimming - U11 & U12 London Schools Swimming Prelimiaries, CLS, 4.00 -
6.00pm                                                                                  Method:
- Railway/Warhammer Club, Model Rm/309,4.10-5.00pm                                      1. Move oven rack to middle of oven
- Friends 1st Form/CLSG Year 7 Social, Concourse, 4.45 - 6.45pm                         and pre-heat oven to 180C.
                                                                                        2. Evenly spread nuts around the tray.
                                                                                        3. Roast for 7 minutes exactly. Remove
- 2nd Form Craft and Design Club, W1, 12.50pm
- Debating, OG & 1st Form, Coulson, 12.50pm                                             from oven and stir nuts around. Roast
- Cricket, 1st XI v Alleyn’s, Home, 1.00 - 7.00pm                                       for a further 7 minutes. Be careful with
                                                                                        the time. The nuts can easily burn and
THURSDAY 19 MAY                                                                         become bitter.
- Debating, 4th Form and above, Coulson, 12.50pm                                        4. You can salt the nuts at this time if
- Cricket, U14 v Chigwell Away, 1.00 - 6.00pm                                           you wish.
- Philosophy Society (OG to 3rd Forms), 323, 1.00pm                                     5. Remove from the oven and
- 6th Form Medical Society, Rm 501, 1.10pm                                              thoroughly cool before storing in a
- Aero Society with EW, Rm 507, 4.10pm
- Water Polo, U13 v Highgate, Dulwich College & QE Barnet, Home, 4.00 - 6.30pm
- CCF Red Sea Trip: parents’ and participants’ meeting, Great Hall, 5.30pm
- Parents’ Bursary Committee Annual Reception, Asquith, 6.30pm

- Citizen editorial meeting, Rm 111, 12.50pm
- Barnes-Amis Society, Coulson, 12.50pm
- Christian Society, Rm 110, 12.50pm
- School Parliament Meeting, Science Lecture Room, 1.10 - 1.50pm
- Darts Society, Rm 304, 1.10pm
- Philosophy Society (4th to 6th Forms), Rm 322, 1.15pm
- Railway/Warhammer Club, Model Rm/309, 4.10-5.00pm
SCHOOL NEWS                                 THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                                             Page 3

            City on superb form say Inspectors
                                                                                       lack of bullying’ in our school, and a
The nerve-racking inspection of last
                                                   By ASHMAN MISRA 4C                  warm atmosphere in general, further
week came to an end on Friday, and
                                                                                       praising the excellent standard of
hardly surprising are its results for
                                                                                       management and the fact that the
CLS, which a proud headmaster                course, they had barely scraped the       school maintains close contact with its
announced on a jovial Monday                 surface of our six hundred year-old       pupils’ parents through questionnaires
morning. The inspectors were full            establishment, and were astounded         and the like.
of praise for our actions during the         when examining our extra-curricular
course of the inspection, and went so        activities and their ‘exceptionally       So what can we gain from this
far as to describe us boys as ‘graceful’,    wide range’, from CCF/CSO to the          inspection? What is to be deduced?
a term which Mr. Levin openly                Cheese Appreciation Society and           The answer, of course, is the
dismissed when describing us! Mr.            Charity Appeal. Their comments on the     knowledge of the inevitable: The
Levin, as head of the Headmaster’s           teaching were that it was ‘encouraging’   City of London School for Boys is a
Conference (HMC), reads all of these         to see such a mutual trust between        superb school, and an institution
reports, and claimed City’s was the          student and teacher (someone must         we should all be proud to be part of.
best!                                        have hidden the detention slips           In concluding remarks, Mr. Hester
                                             exceedingly well!), and in terms of       described the school as ‘exceptional,
Mr. Hester, who led the inspection           personal development of pupils, the       outstanding, and with no arrogance
team, described the inspection as            inspectors noted a ‘genuine tolerance’    being shown by pupils’. Whilst this
‘truly enjoyable’, and an experience         between all the boys, praising their      Citizen report may seem to contradict
he would ‘never forget’, and said that       awareness of current affairs and other    the latter category, I assure you it is
the first area of inspection, that of our    beliefs.                                  true, and we should strive to keep up
academic facilities, was ‘outstanding’,
                                                                                       this standard in the future.
and that boys were ‘articulate’. But of      The inspectors also noted a ‘distinct

The CCF at the Royal Wedding                                                                CLS Debating
         By ETHAN EZRA 5M                    officers who thought we were in the              Success
                                             regular army and asked us where
Having arrived amongst the sea of            we were based, to which one of us
tourists in Trafalgar Square, at 0800        responded: “Swynnerton...”, a sheepish
on the morning of the Royal Wedding,         reference to where our annual camp
eight of City’s finest cadets prepared       was held.
to be briefed on selling the official
Wedding Programmes. We were the              By the end of the day, our main
only corps in the country to be given        source of income proved without a
this prestigious task that entrusted         doubt to be ecstatic Japanese tourists
us with a lot of responsibility. Going       who thought we formed some kind of
around in pairs, we would have to sell       entrepreneurial army regiment. Often
a stack of fifty programmes and return       however, our commercial exploits
to the stall and deposit the money.          were ground to a halt by middle aged
All the money was going towards the          women, overjoyed that we would
Prince’s Trust, which helps people in        accept having our photos taken with
poverty or youths in needy monetary or       them. Saluting the national anthem           By LOUIE BROCKBAND J6RSB
employment situations.                       proved to be rather surreal as we
                                             hastily dropped our programmes            Last weekend witnessed another
We were to go around in four pairs but       and saluted a large TV screen, fixed      stunning success for CLS, this
the main sense of vicious competition                                                  time in the field of debating. On
                                             to Nelsons Column, much to the
                                                                                       Saturday, a party of boys from the
was between us and a contingent of           amusement of the surrounding
                                                                                       Junior Debating Society led by Miss
scouts, who never seemed to master           visitors.                                 Bennett of the History Department
the fine art of salesmanship quite                                                     took part in the national finals of the
like the CCF did. Throughout the             As a pair we raised around £1000 and      Schools Competition organise by the
day we were interviewed by various           as a group we were hugely satisfied       prestigious Cambridge University
Japanese, Swedish, Canadian, Indian,         that we had taken part in such a          Union. The boys debated bravely and
British and American news stations,          momentous day for the monarchy, the       were awarded certificates at the end of
who somehow assumed a group of               country and ourselves. I would like       the day.
adolescent cadets would appreciate           to offer my greatest thanks, on behalf
                                                                                       Meanwhile Mr Rogers and the Senior
the intricacies of Catherine Middleton’s     of all eight cadets to 2Lt Barnett, our
                                                                                       Debating Society hosted an inter-
wedding dress train: as one of us put        accompanying adult, Maj Woodhams,         school event here at City where our
it, “Yeah, she looks alright…I guess…”.      Lt. Col Woodhams and WO1 Gregory          team won numerous plaudits and
On one occasion, myself and A/SSgt           for helping organise this once in a       scooped a number of prizes. Well done
Pozniak were approached by RAF               lifetime opportunity.                     to all the participants!
Page 4                                     THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                           NEWS

    On This Day in                            FRIENDS OF CITY OF LONDON SCHOOL
                                                       ‘CYBERBULLYING’ TEEN AGE FORUM at
           By RAFI COHEN 4A                                CLSG MONDAY 16th MAY at 6pm
                                              CLSG invites all Parents and Carers from CLS to join them
13th May                                      in The Main Hall at CLSG on Monday 16th May 6pm - 8pm
1940 – Germany’s invasion of France
                                               for a Teen Age Forum on ‘Cyberbullying’ an issue which is
begins when troops crossed over the          not gender specific affecting boys and girls equally. Dr. Linda
river Meuse. Having only become Prime         Papadopoulos, Clinical Psychologist and Key Note Speaker,
Minister three days before, Winston           Sue Hippesely, Education Officer from Childnet and Sharon
Churchill gave his first speech to the          Herbert from The Metropolitan Police will form the panel.
House of Commons best known for                There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion.
the line “I have nothing to offer but
                                               Refreshments will be served. For more information please
blood, toil, tears and sweat”. It was
one of three speeches Churchill gave         contact Soha Gawaly, Co-Chair FoCLSG, at sohagawaly@aol.
during the time of the battle of France,       com or 07796177298. To help with planning and catering
the others being “We shall fight on the          please let Soha know if you plan on coming, although
beaches” and “This was their finest                             booking is not essential.

1980 – A tornado measured at F3
on the Fujita Scale hit down town
                                               JOINT CLS 1ST FORM AND CLSG YEAR 7 GAMES AND
Kalamazoo, Michigan at 4:09 local                 MUSIC EVENING, TUESDAY, 17th MAY at 4.45pm
time. Five people were killed in the             On Tuesday 17th May, 4.45pm – 6.45 pm, CLS will be
destruction, 79 were injured and               hosting a Joint Games and Music Social Evening for CLS
1,200 were left homeless. The damage              1st Form and CLSG Year 8. Tickets are £7 including
was estimated to cost $50,000,000.            refreshments. Full details and booking forms in this week’s
The tornado left a trail of destruction
                                                              Citizen and on the website.
18km long and caused an extensive
power outage. President Jimmy Carter
declared the area a Federal Disaster
Area.                                          S6TH PARENTS SUPPER Monday 23rd May at 7.30pm
                                               As a final farewell – where did all the years go? – there will
                                             be a Supper for Parents and Carers of boys in S6 on Monday

         Citizen Poll                           23rd May 7.30pm at Lemonia, Primrose Hill. Final Study
                                                Leave starts on the Friday. Please let me know if you are
                                             interested, no commitment at this stage, for a general idea of
                                             numbers, at or 07974431348

I asked some people about their
favourite brand of computer. Apple
                                                                 COFFEE MORNINGS
computers (Macs) seem to be the               All Coffee Mornings for Parents and Carers are held in Cafe
most popular but not as common as               101 (Salvation Army), 101 Queen Victoria Street, London
Microsoft (Windows) Computers. Linux           EC4 - entrance opposite The Sports’ Entrance of School ie
(Ubuntu, etc.) and tablet computers
(iPad, Galaxy tablet, etc.) were not          the swimming pool side. These are an excellent opportunity
especially popular.                          for parents, old and new, to make contact with other parents.

                                                         3rd and 4th Form Coffee Morning
                                                        Thursday 19th May 8.30am -11 am
                                                Contact Lorette Fredericks 3rd Form (see below) Erica
                                                 Cosburn 4th Form (

                                                  Deborah Dorrance-King 0797443 1348 and Lorette
                                               Fredericks, Co-Chairs FoCLS or
SCHOOL NEWS                                 THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                                       Page 5

                               CLS Bboying Society

First of all Bboying is, as many of you
may know, a form of street dancing.
Being the first (and probably last)
dance club at CLS, there have been a
few ups and downs.

When it was formed back in 2008, only
a handful of students had the courage
to turn up and try it out. However, now
in 2011, it is still only a handful...But
of very committed members, which is
impressive considering it is CLS.

Following the various successive
performances we held in 2010 (for:
Through Unity charity, HSBC private
bank and CLS jazz evening) the
club saw an expansion in skill and
technique, each individual having
their own style using their very unique      who will take this further and train   Newcomers are always welcome - don’t
talents. This has now been further           throughout the summer and come         be shy because we all have to start
improved thanks to Ms Eastman                back with unbelievable sets!           somewhere!
finding a professional teacher, Bboy
Skorch from Foundationz Cru – a long
time professional crew that compete in
national competitions and also teach
at Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden,                Website designer wanted!
giving a suitable and friendly condition
for beginners to learn the basics.                     Do you have the skills to help set up a website?
He came in for five weeks in April/              The Parents’ Bursary Scheme committee are planning to run
March to share his knowledge and                  their own webpages but unfortunately we don’t have the
help us gain more new skills and                         technical or design skills to do this ourselves.
musicality. We were truly grateful for
this amazing opportunity. Most of
the students are beginners and need              We’re looking for someone to help with the initial design and
that little push of confidence and they                set-up and to show us how to input our content.
have all felt that push and are now
improving at a rapid rate.
                                                If you think you might be able to help or you would like more
On the bank holiday Monday (2nd                    details of what we need then please contact Anne Blyth at
May) we had our first ever school
trip as a club to go and experience                      
the vibe of Breakin’ Convention, a
showcase of different styles of dance          You can also contact us at the above email address if you would
from all over the world including USA,
Uganda and Korea. For the majority of          like more information about the Parents’ Bursary Scheme which
the club, this was the first time they           provides financial support for boys with the talent but not the
had attended a dance event. There                                 means to attend our school.
were also ‘cyphers’ which is a circle
formed by dancers where each dancer
enters the circle one by one to show                      We always welcome contributions of any size -
off their skill and express their style                   just £20 per term makes a really big difference.
to the large number of spectators; I
must congratulate all the members for
building up the courage and joining              Our annual reception is being held on May 19th and we look
in, despite the presence of other more          forward to seeing as many of our supporters as possible there.
professional dancers.

As the 6th Formers are coming to an                                   Debra Davidson-Smith
end with the school, I hope that even                                Parents’ Bursary Committee
after we leave, the club will continue
as usual, with even more members,
Page 6                                     THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                              SCHOOL NEWS

              Letter from Mexico - May 2011
The international news coverage here                                                    Javier Sicilia recently lost a teenage
in April and May has been straddled by           By T M WINGATE                         son in a mass shooting in Cuernavaca,
two highly publicised events, namely         Former City English Master                 a ‘paradise’ close to Mexico City and
the royal wedding in the UK on April                                                    the balmy haunt of about a million
29 and, on May 1, the beatification                                                     weekend city-trippers each and every
of John Paul II in                                                                                                weekend.
Rome. As all TV-                                                                                                  Outraged, of
watchers have seen,                                                                                               course, word-
these quite distinct                                                                                              meister Sicilia
gatherings also drew                                                                                              has attracted
massive crowds                                                                                                    thousands
of their respective                                                                                               to his (and
faithful. Often well-                                                                                             their) cause
practised pilgrims                                                                                                of making
flocking to Mexico                                                                                                the streets
City’s Basilica of the                                                                                            of towns
Virgen de Guadalupe                                                                                               and cities
in their millions                                                                                                 nationwide
each December 12,                                                                                                 safe again.
or, increasingly,                                                                                                 Thus,
as ever more vocal                                                                                                thousands
demonstrators for                                                                                                 currently are
more justice, it must                                                                                             marching on
be said Mexicans are                                                                                              the capital
great crowd-makers.                                                                                               from sunny
Thus, any Mexican                                                                                                 Cuernavaca,
citizen visiting                                                                                                  a distance
London or Rome on                                                                                                 of some 80
these respective dates                                                                                            kilometres.
would have felt right                                                                                             As implacable
at home.                                                                                                          as they are
Mexico has felt a                                                                                                 they want
close affinity with                                                                                               permanent
both international                                                                                                solutions and
events. Like the                                                                                                  they want
USA, our absence                                                                                                  them now.
of a royal family –
shooting the Emperor                        non-PRI president, PAN-ista Vicente                                   Happily, Sr.
Maximilian back in the 1860s sent the       Fox. Anyhow, on May 1, massive and          Sicilia’s success in gathering so many
clearest of signals – has helped cause      highly colourful crowds surged back to      around even such a worthy cause
a certain tendency to adopt others’ in      the Basilica, a Marian shrine said to       is quite striking. All in all, political
these apparently more tolerant times.       be a real favourite of the late Pontiff,    apathy has enjoyed a very good time in
Naturally, being a LatAm nation, the        to remember him in style. Bespoke           Mexico for way too long. The ‘man in
Spanish Royal House always gets even        monarch, Juan Carlos himself, he of         the street’ – just ask the shoe shiners
more prominent coverage here than           the technicolor images, would have          or the taxis drivers – usually would
the Windsors. You would be hard put         blended in nicely.                          tell you he feels pretty distant from
to pass by the glossy magazines at                                                      his so-called political betters. There
the supermarket check-out, on any           Talking of crowds, the authorities here     is a fatalism or weariness about the
given month, without being gazed at         have been less pleased to note the          whole democratic process: he would
by technicolored King Juan Carlos de        efficient mobilisation of its citizenry,    be likely to tell you elections are sewn
Borbon and his ever-chirpy, round-          by the citizenry, on Mexico’s streets.      up even before the first vote has been
cheeked Greek spouse, Sofia. In fact,       In short, always used to paternalistic,     cast. (Got a free hour? Ask him about
Prince Charles’ Spanish cousin, Crown       top-down governance, politicians            the costs overrun for the new Senate.)
Prince Felipe, also a great-great-great-    rather resent being pressed for, yes,       Indeed, as the 2012 presidential
grandson of Queen Victoria, seems           difficult solutions to the drugs war that   campaigns now crank away, even
just as photographed as his parents.        they have been so slow in providing.        pundits predict that the old PRI may
In the case of the late JP II, Mexicans     People are more than fed up with the        well recapture the presidency. This
like to remind themselves his first         many drug-gang killings. Such news          possibility, which amazes 2010 Nobel-
overseas trip in 1979 was here and he       accompanies your daily cornflakes.          winning writer, Mario Vargas-Llosa,
returned no less than four times. The       (Perhaps this new and tangible sense        would come true with the election
last occasion was in 2002 when, with        of ‘people power’ is yet another kind of    of baby-faced Enrique Peña Nieto,
the extreme anti-clericalism of the         aftershock stemming from the social         the current governor of the powerful
PRI’s C20th Constitution swept aside        earthquake wobbling North Africa and        Estado de Mexico. And, should it come
by new relations between the Vatican        the Arabian Gulf? ‘If they can do it so     to pass, HRH Sofia’s bulbous cheeks
and Mexico, and albeit now extremely        can we.’) What finally has galvanized       will have worthy rivals with which to
frail, he also could be received by         ordinary folks is this… The poet            contend in the glossies.
NEWS AND COMMENT                            THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                                                                       Page 7

  Five New Billionaires and 485 multi-millionaires
One of the biggest events in the
                                 on the rich list only, not in the USA where most big
financial year is coming on 24th                                                                         offerings are listed. It has already got
May. A formerly secretive company,                                                                       commitments to purchase the stock
Glencore International, the world’s
                                              By HARRY GLUCKSMANN                                        from a large number of significant
biggest commodities trader, is set to              CHESLAW 4S                                            investors including government funds
be sold to the public for the first time.                                                                from China, Korea, Kuwait, Qatar,
The total value of Glencore stands                                                                       Singapore and big investment houses
at £36 billion. This sale could mean         convicted of trading oil illegally with                     like Blackrock and Fidelity.
Glencore’s CEO, Ivan Glasenberg, has         Iran and also of tax evasion, founded
a share totalling $9.6 billion - more        Glencore 37 years ago. Before going                         Circumstances looked good but now
than the founders of Google made after       to jail he was pardoned by President                        Glencore’s sale comes at what seems
Google’s sale some years ago. Four of        Clinton on his last day in the White                        to be a turning point for what was a
the other top executives will also be        House. The directors of the Mark Rich                       commodities boom until May 5th. At
made billionaires overnight. As will         Company then changed the company’s                          that point oil fell to $111.24 a barrel,
485 Directors of the company who             name to Glencore and grew it into a                         Silver fell 6%, Gold 2% and Gas fell
stand to make over £100 million each         major force in international metals and                     by 5.7%. The big investment houses
if it goes successfully.                     resources.                                                  recently started to advise their clients
                                                                                                         to get out of commodities, which could
Fugitive trader Mark Rich, who was           Glencore will be listed on the London                       threaten the value of Glencore.
                                             and Hong Kong stock exchanges

The revolution’s
 over, it’s time
  for change…                                                   CLS 1st FORM/CLSG YEAR 7
     By MAHMOUD GHANEM 4B                               JOINT SOCIAL GET TOGETHER AT CLS
Earlier this year, Egypt experienced                                               GAMES AND MUSIC
a pro democracy revolution, in which
people took to the streets and to the
internet in an all out protest against                                 HAVE FUN AND MEET PEOPLE
Hosni Mubarak, who was subsequently
removed from power. In the run up
to the Egyptian elections, to be held
                                                                                   TUESDAY 17th MAY
by the army, Egyptian entrepreneurs
and academics have taken up the                                                      4:45pm – 6.45 pm
slogan “Yala nibni Masr!” (Let’s
rebuild Egypt!) and as a result Tahrir
Square served its first non political                       TICKETS - £7 including refreshments
function for months: a technology
and science fair full of the amazing                                       Book Now – Limited Number of Tickets
ideas which Egypt needed for change,
ranging from musical doormats for                                                         Booking Form
the blind and 15 year olds building
their own CPU heatsinks in their back                Son/daughter’s name ……………………………………….Tutor group/ Form……………..

rooms to artificially intelligent drones             Please delete as * relevant
monitoring traffic and entrepreneurs
wanting to outsource call centres into               * My daughter will join/not join the escorted group from CLSG to CLS

Egypt.                                               * My son/daughter will be collected from CLS Sports’ Entrance/will go home independently

A the same time Wael Ghoneim,                        The Friends welcome help escorting girls to CLS and serving refreshments

the Google representative who was                    I would like/am unable to help from …….pm
captured and interrogated by the
former Egyptian government, set up a                 Special dietary requirements ………………………………………………….…...................

new website to act as an ideas bank for              I ENCLOSE A CHEQUE FOR £7 MADE PAYABLE TO ‘FRIENDS OF CLS’
all ideas for change which the Egyptian
populace put forward. This website                   TEL. NO ……………………MOBILE…………………….EMAIL ………….............

was so popular that the sheer amount                            SIGNED (PARENT)………………………… …….DATE…… ………………………
of submissions to the website made it
absolutely useless, as there was just                       Please send/leave your booking form and payment in an envelope marked ‘1stForm/Year 7
too much data. Luckily a team from                                                  ‘Social Get Together’ at School Reception

the Nile University wrote an algorithm                Contact: CLS: Jane MacLean,, Lorette Fredericks, 07712492130,
to grind through the data and divide it              Deborah Dorrance-King 0797443134 or CLSG: Jane MacLean,
up into usable categories and chunks.       . Kamcilla Gaunt,

Egypt is bouncing back, politically,
economically and technologically and it
is going to be better than ever.
Page 8                                      THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                      NEWS AND COMMENT

               Why Should I Care?                                                          Has the modern
                                                                                            age destroyed
                           By ZAK LAKOTA BALDWIN 1E

I feel evil today. I feel like playing       and feeling slightly saintly. This is
devil’s advocate and asking questions        an extreme example, but it sums up
which people never bother asking,            what I’m trying to say: what you do                    By DAN KENWAY 3A
simply because things are that way.          has repercussions, and the right thing
Questions like “are kittens bent on          to do is to act responsibly in the first     In the modern age most people have
world domination?”, and “what on             place.                                       access to the Internet, a mobile phone,
earth is the big fuss about this sliced                                                   and an iPod; some lucky people have
bread thing anyway?” To get you into         That’s all very well, but consider           all of those things in one magic device.
my mindset, I’m going to give you this       the people who are a little morally...       Access to these tools takes away most
little scenario: you’re sitting on the       ‘confused’. What I mean to say is that       dilemmas people face in life, thereby
sofa, watching TV, and then the ad           there are people who are untouched           making everything too easy. The word
break comes on. An image appears             by my previous point, but I have             ‘research’ used to mean going out
onscreen, of an overly fluffy little         another backup argument lurking in           and finding facts in the real world.
snow leopard cub struggling through          the shadows like a ninja well-versed in      Now you can simply use the Internet
a deep snowdrift,                                       debating, ready to spring out     directly from your mobile phone to find
mewling pitifully and                                   and talk you to death. The        out whatever you need. Even using a
threatening to part                                     fact is, animals are as much      computer to do this is slowly becoming
you with your lunch.                                    an innate part of the world       extinct. In the past, if you wanted to
Then a monotone                                         we live in as the rocks, trees,   listen to music you would buy a CD
voiceover urges you to                                  oceans even. Imagine if you       or a record, whereas now we simply
                                                        were to wake up, look out of      open our computer and download it.
protect this desperately
                                                                                          We don’t even have to pay for music
endangered species                                      your window and find that,
                                                                                          anymore, because the Internet allows
and sponsor a snow                                      for example, the Himalayas        us to listen to, and download music for
leopard by giving just                                  were missing. Basically, if we    free. There aren’t enough challenges
two pounds a month to                                   lose the animals so closely       in life anymore; it is like if there was
their charity. You take                                 tied to the world we live in,     a Playstation game where you simply
one look at the advert,                                 it upsets the very balance of     walked to the end of the level, devoid of
and then find yourself shamelessly           nature itself.                               all challenges.
thinking... why should I care?
                                             But what about those of us who are by        There’s a shop on almost every corner
Right, time to clear a few things up.        now thinking ‘hold on, hold on, that’s       for the people who get up and walk to
Firstly, I love snow leopards, and           all very well, but I didn’t actually go      buy their food. Other people simply
nothing I have said can be held against      and kill a bunch of animals, did I?’         order it online and have it delivered
me in court. Secondly, I actually            Well, that’s probably true, with the         directly to their doorstep. Even writing
think it’s vital to conserve endangered      exception of some unfortunate ant            an essay or article on the computer
species, and I’m about to explain why.       that was just under the wrong shoe           has lost a few of its problems, spell
Time to do some panda promoting.             at the wrong time, but this isn’t about      check automatically corrects your
                                             you: it’s about the human race. Our          minor mistakes, and alerts you to your
Let me present to you the main body of       ancestors have done things that we’re        big ones; we can’t learn the hard way
my argument: we humans have to take          not proud of – I’m not talking about         anymore.
responsibility for our actions. It’s like    inventing flared jeans or the mullet,
this – if you, for example, were to do       I’m talking about the selfish hunting        I’m not saying that life has no
the unspeakable and pluck a lollipop         and habitat destruction of so many           challenges nowadays, there are still
out of a little kid’s pocket, two courses    innocent animals. While it’s too late        tricky social and financial situations,
of action would present themselves           to ‘give back the lollipop’, we can still    which to us now seem impossible
                                                                                          to fix with a device or tool. It is not
to you. First, you could take the            ‘buy a new one’ and stop stealing
                                                                                          inconceivable that in the future a
lollipop, eat it, and forget about the       them. Ok, this metaphor is probably          device could be made to navigate these
entire incident, while some poor little      confusing you a little; what I’m trying      social situations, an iFriend if you will.
kid bawled their eyes out and forced         to say is that we can still save so          But it is these few challenges left that
their mum to buy them another. Or,           many endangered animals, and we              give our lives meaning, so think twice
alternatively, you could suddenly            really should care. Just don’t hold me       before inventing a tool to eliminate
realize your wrongdoing and return           responsible if you lose a hand trying to     them.
the lollipop, gushing with apologies         give a snow leopard a lollipop...

Is Osama Bin Laden’s death a good thing?
It’s been almost two
                           By THOMAS BARTON 3A                 high security alert as a
weeks since the death                                          bomb threat is probable
of the leader and mastermind behind Al       as a way for Al Qaeda to seek revenge.
Qaeda. Obama said ‘We have brought           The killing has also humiliated Pakistan
justice’ but what exactly have we            for not knowing the most wanted man
achieved from Bin Laden’s death apart        wasn’t hiding in caves but living a
from an angry Al Qaeda. Relatives of         few miles from the capital! Bin Laden
people who died in the 9/11 bombings         hadn’t brought much significance to
said they were satisfied the killer of       his terrorist group apart from being a
their loved ones has been killed himself     symbolic motivation and terrorism isn’t      The outgoing JSoc leadership team final pho-
but this mass murderer’s death doesn’t       going to end any time soon.                  to. Keep reading The Citizen over the coming
bring back his victims. We are now on
                                                                                          weeks for tributes to this year’s Senior Sixth.
NEWS AND COMMENT                            THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                                           Page 9

                                             Is Apple taking over the world one byte
  World at                                                  at a time?
Waist Height                                                         By ALEX KITSBERG OGM
                                            The Apple sign is worldwide. It has      Sony?
    By ETHAN SILVERSTONE 3A                 giant sales. Millions have the Apple
                                            earplugs in their ears. It can only      An example of Apple’s success can
I’ve had enough of you lot. Yeah,           mean one thing; Apple is taking over     be cited looking at China, where lots
you know who you are, with your             the world.                               of major companies were failing to
patronising smiles and your midget-                                                  get any major new business. Apple,
debasing comments, thinking I’ve            The launch of the i-Pad (and now the     however, made giant sales despite high
never heard the First Former one or         i-Pad 2) drew Apple into a tablet war    prices (people put this down to great
the trapped in a desk one. All you          against rivals such as Nokia, Sony       marketing).
tall people, preaching equality but         and Samsung. The i-Phone became
never allowing it in height issues,         one of the most popular phones after     Apple supporters be warned though....
mocking us with your endless arsenal        its release and the stylish Macbooks     your favourite technology company
of phrases: small-minded, short shrift,     were also a giant success. The i-Pad     faces a sad problem on their quest for
lower class, small-brained. The list        2 sold out in America and the UK         world domination in that the boss and
goes on.                                    straight away, showing that people       driving force, Steve Jobs, is seriously
                                            are desperate to get Apple products.     ill. He has had to miss meetings to
In fact I sometimes wonder why I put        It’s as though we have been infected     attend medical checks due to his
up with it. People aren’t mocked for        with a bug that makes us desperate to    unfortunate pancreatic cancer. Will
being tall, and if you sniggered at a       buy i-Phones or i-Pods. The question     this loss of talent harm Apple? Will it
racial minority on the street you’d         is, will Apple become the world’s main   mean the end of the “I” craze? Watch
be arrested. It just doesn’t make           technology supplier or will people       this space.
sense. Our capitalist ways are always       prefer to buy from Nokia, Samsung or
promoting the big businessman,
rather than the small individual
worker. Now communism, there’s a
winning formula! So I ask all midget,
                                                 CLS/CLSG Charity Sponsored Walk
of whatever age, to get behind me and

For those big people who mock and try                   Friday 24th June 2011
to stop us, I’m afraid you are too late.
A Facebook group has been created,             from (Kingston Gate) Richmond Park to
which alone, as everyone knows
singlehandedly will bring down your                          Kew Green.
corrupt empire. I would give you the
link, but I’m afraid that I’ll bring down                      9 miles
the server when 20,000 people try to
join at once. (What? We’re a popular
newspaper you know!) I’d like to add
you don’t have to be small to join,
just small-minded. Weekly newsletter              In aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust.
to follow (midget monthly?), then a
national news station.                      
Then, very soon, the protests will
start, as disgruntled, disillusioned
and really drunk shorties take to the
                                                Boys in OG-4th Form have received the initial
street. Martial law will be put into             letter and consent forms via Schoolscomm.
place by the decadent government, to
try and halt the unstoppable advance             Consent forms should be returned to form
of midget socialism. The wheels of
commerce will turn slower and slower,                  tutors by Wednesday 18th May.
and grind to a halt.

Some of us may perish, but the red
flag shall keep flying. Britain, your
                                                  Boys in J6th will be acting as Marshals and
days are numbered.                                                 Guardians.
Page 10                                    THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                               REVIEW PAGE

Farewell Faithless                                      Monster Hunter Tri (Wii)
           Music Review                                                     Game Review
          By LUKA VLASKALIC 5A                                     By AIDAN HARRADENCE OGM
‘Passing the Baton’ tour was the end
                                            Trouble with the Wii? Poor graphics         he is just 1 of the 18 big monsters.
of an era. Faithless have been going
                                            and silly games? Then Monster Hunter
strong for 15 years producing so many
                                            Tri is different; with amazing graphics     One of the coolest things about this
hits and changing the world of dance
                                            and addictive properties it could be        game is the massive range of weapons
music for ever. Faithless sold out the
                                            the exact opposite of what you expect.      and armour. Almost every time you
O2 arena in 2010, but decided to play
                                            The storyline is an easy guess (giant       come across a new monster, big or
their last ever gig at Brixton Academy.
                                            monster named Lagiacrus causing             small, a whole new set of weapons
I think that decision shows what the
                                            earthquakes which are destroying a          and armour is unlocked (swords, great
band are really about - the music and
                                            seaside village).                                           swords, hammers,
the fans, not the money.
                                            As a new                                                    greaves, headgear,
                                            hunter, your last                                           leggings etc). To find
Given that Faithless started in 1995
                                            mission will be                                             new monsters you’ll
a large proportion of the crowd was in
                                            to take it down.                                            have to go on quests.
their 30s or 40s - they had grown up
                                            But first there                                             Some quests are for
with Faithless and some even cried
                                            are a lot easier                                            hunting monsters,
as Maxi Jazz left the stage for the last
                                            monsters you’ll                                             catching them or just
time. The atmosphere was intense and
                                            take on. One of                                             finding resources in
the hits got everyone dancing. Maxi
                                            the key factors                                             dead ones, or mining
Jazz’s performance was very strong. He
                                            is that Capcom                                              rocks. And with every
danced and jumped with the crowd all
                                            (the creators) have made this game          quest comes a little drawing in the
                                            extremely intense and the big monsters      book which makes it so much more
                                            are really hard! But when you kill the      realistic. Overall I think it’s a great
                                            great Jaggi (the first big monster, looks   game and if you ever come across it,
                                            like a red-purple T-rex), it feels like     happy hunting!
                                            you’ve accomplished a lot even though

                                                                                        interest Jane Foster (played by Natalie
                                                                                        Portman) adds light-heartedness and
                                                       Movie review                     humanity to this story. Wit is also
                                                                                        unexpectedly shown in the dialogue
                                                                                        on Asgard, Thor’s home. Of course,
                                                   By ASHMAN MISRA 4C                   the casting was also perfect, as Chris
The end of Faithless marks not only
the end of a great band with great                                                      Hemsworth seems to own this film in a
                                            Before even beginning to praise the         testosterone-fuelled performance just
musicians but the end of an era of          latest independent effort from Marvel
insane dance music that seemed to                                                       as Robert Downey Jr. owned Iron Man.
                                            Studios (who made the very successful       There are also plenty of well-filmed
mean something to the audience. They        Iron Man and its sequel), it is worth
have been producing ground breaking                                                     action sequences and Loki’s mischief
                                            noting the potential of this film about     is somewhat unpredictable, leading to
house music with iconic monotone            Norse gods, Frost Giants, and celestial
lyrics that speak through generations,      family feuds to have gone completely
for a decade and a half. They are           wrong – it could have been silly,
the heavy weights of their genre, yet       unintentionally funny, and could
unfortunately are getting little radio      have had a cheesy script. But British
time or recognition from the younger        director Kenneth Branagh, previously
generations.                                known to do Shakespeare adaptations
                                            for the big screen, knew better. Thor
In the modern world of X Factor and         is the origin story of the Marvel comics
pop artists trying to make catchy           superhero based on the Norse deity
dance music, Faithless is a refreshing      of the same name, wherein the God
reminder of what dance music was,           of Thunder (played by the promising
and what it should be like. Their           new Aussie talent Chris Hemsworth) is       a climactic battle towards the end.
influence can be heard in almost every      banished to Earth by his father Odin
Dubstep track around today.                 (Anthony Hopkins) for re-igniting a         In conclusion, therefore, I must say
                                            war with the Frost Giants under the         that the Thor-oughly entertaining Thor
I leave you with this - the drop in         temptation of his mischievous brother       will surprise and satisfy audiences
Insomnia (probably their most famous        Loki (Tom Hiddleston).                      worldwide because rather than being
song) has been copied and used in                                                       loud and badly plotted, it amazes
the Dubstep we hear today. You will         Perhaps the best thing about the            more through human drama, visual
recognise it even without having            film is its wit and humour, shown           mastery and a good musical score by
listened to the song itself.                in the contrast between the Realms          Patrick Doyle. Two words of advice to
                                            of Asgard and Earth. When Thor              the audience: the 3D isn’t really worth
Faithless I salute you as a beacon of       arrives on Earth he behaves strangely       the extra expense, and members of the
dance music that will be sorely missed.     in comparison to society, and so            audience should wait till the very end
                                            attempts to blend in. His human love        of this film for a post-credits scene.
PUZZLE PAGE                                   THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                                             Page 11

   Maths Puzzle                                                     CROSSWORD
             By DANIEL HU

1) The four digit number “a35b” is a
multiple of 45. Find all possibilities for
a and b.
2) The five digit number “c671d” is
divisible by 36. Find all possible c and

Remember that digits can only be
integers (whole numbers) between 0
and 9.

Outline solution
Remember your divisibility tests. A
number like “abc” is divisible by 3 if
and only if the sum of its digits a+b+c
is divisible by 3. This is because
and 3 goes into 99a+9b. Therefore, if
“abc” is divisible by 3, a+b+c+99a+9b
is divisible by 3, and so a+b+c is
divisible by 3 and vice versa. The same
is true if you replace 3 with 9.

A number like “abc” is divisible by
4 if and only if the last two digits,
“bc” is divisible by 4. This is because
“abc”=100a+10b+c, and 4 goes into
100a, so if “abc” is divisible by 4,
100a+10b+c is divisible by 4, so
10b+c=“bc” is divisible by 4 and vice

1) “a35b” is divisible by 45, so it is
divisible by both 9 and 5. Since it is
divisible by 5, the last digit b must
be 0 or 5, and since it is divisible by
9, the digit sum a+3+5+b=a+b+8 is
divisible by 9. Combine these to get 2
2) “c671d” is divisible by 36, so it is
divisible by both 9 and 4. Since it
is divisible by 4, the last two digits
are divisible by 4, i.e. “1d”=10+d is
divisible by 4. Therefore d can only be
2 or 6 (12 and 16 are the only 2-digit
multiples of 4 beginning with 1). Since
“c671d” is divisible by 9, the digit
sum is too. So, c+6+7+1+d=c+d+14 is
divisible by 9. Combine these to get 2

“X is true if and only if Y is true” is
a common mathematical statement.
The first “if” means that X is true if Y is                                              identity and find a bomber within
true. The second “only if” means that X                                                  eight minutes. He has no clue of
is true only if Y is true, or “if X is true                                              what his colleagues are telling him
then Y is true”. Basically it means that                                                 to do but tries anyway. After getting
X, and Y can only be both true or both
false. If one of them is true, the other                                                 the impression that it is a simulation
must be too. If one of them is false, the                                                he then gets the information that he
other must be too.                                                                       needs to stop a possible threat - the
                                                                                         ‘source code’ which will help detectives
                                                                                         in the future.
          Source Code
            Movie review                                                                 The plot is mainly explained - it is just
                                                                                         your job to listen. The acting is very
                                                                                         much how any of us would react in the
       By RAHUL MALKANI 3S                     Stevens, (Jake Gyllenhaal), who last      situation of Stevens!
                                               remembered himself in Afghanistan
Source Code is a futuristic sci-fi movie       on a helicopter, is on a life support     Worth seeing? Definitely. But is it
mainly about time reassignment.                machine but is completely unaware         better than Inception? Action-wise,
                                               of his surroundings. He then gets         no,but in every other way yes.
A former RAF soldier, Captain                  induced to go on a train as a different   8.5/10.
Page 12                                                                   THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                                                           CITIZEN SPORT

   ‘W£mbley’                                                                                                                                          Vote for your
                                                                            refreshment on my latest trip to
                                                                            the national stadium. The reason
                                                                            is simple. I prefer greasy chips and

          By DAVID SEITLER 4M
                                                                            ketchup for 99p, than an egg and cress
                                                                            wrap with red lettuce and French style                                      favourite
                                                                            mustard mayonnaise.- on sale for
                                                                            Mario Ballotellis’ arm and a leg.
As I stared into the bleak reflective
abyss of the urinal, a host of important                                    Wembley not only drives the lower
matters swirled around my 14 year old                                       classes out of watching their own
head. Despite having just witnessed                                         game due to ridiculously high ticket                                         By DAVID SAUNDERS 4S
the conceding of the second Gillingham                                      prices, but prioritises the uninterested.
goal (a sweetly struck finish into the                                      The Queen had a seat at the semi                                        Voting has now opened in the Citizen’s
bottom left-hand corner of Nicky                                            final of the e.on (yes they’ve taken the                                first ‘awards’ ceremony for professional
Weavers net, courtesy of Robert                                             name away from us as well) FA Cup
Taylor - which would surely root                                                                                                                    footballers. If you would like to vote,
                                                                            semi-final between Manchester City                                      please send in your votes for the
Manchester City to the third tier of                                        and ‘Manyoo’. Despite this the odds of
English Football, a reality that would                                                                                                              following categories to
                                                                            Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth                             The winners will be
end my tenure as a blues fan after just                                     the Second waving her hat in the air
one game. *Sigh*) I was pondering the                                                                                                               announced after the championship
                                                                            as Sir Yaya Toure slid the ball under                                   play-off final, so that gives you up to 1st
pros and cons of chicken and chips for                                      the flailing legs of Edwin Van Der Sar
dinner. Or maybe fish fingers, or pasta!                                                                                                            June to vote.
                                                                            and exclaiming that this was the best
Oh, what to choose.                                                         day of her entire life to date (as I did,                               EPL Team of the year: Please send
                                                                            naturally) are extremely low. I didn’t
Yet alas, by reading this you shall not                                                                                                             all 11 players in the formation of your
                                                                            see, but I’m guessing.
be engulfed into the surreal depression                                                                                                             choice; however, they must have played
of Manchester City’s historical failures,                                                                                                           in at least half of their team’s matches
                                                                            To conclude, I am running away from
but simply a ‘speculative commentary’                                                                                                               this season. The most popular choices
                                                                            the overflowing poisonous broth of
(rant) on my latest trip to Wembley.                                                                                                                in each category will be named GK, DF
                                                                            Wembley Stadium, spilling from the
To set the tone: (in your greatest                                          cauldron of the evil witches, known                                     etc of the year.
Mancunian accent) ‘Wemberlee was                                            as the Football Association. What
oter robish’. Despite the fact that                                         ingredients are thrown into the                                         Championship player of the year:
my trips to the new Wembley hugely                                          bubbling green concoction? Great                                        Same criterion as above.
outnumber my trips to the old, this is                                      desire to pay off that horrible national
purely down to age, and my ability to                                       stadium debt, disregard for the                                         Foreign-based player of the year: No
pay and travel to a (meaningless and                                        everyday fan and worst of all, padded                                   criteria for this one - anyone who plays
overall boring and depressing waste of                                      seats. All mixed with the cruel wooden                                  abroad will be considered.
an evening in which I could be revising                                     spoon of injustice.
or more importantly sleeping) game                                                                                                                  Shock of the year: Choose between the
played at Wembley now, whereas I                                            Until next week of course, City-Stoke,                                  following:
couldn’t before. I couldn’t even walk.                                      I’ll be there, don’t you worry. Mayo
                                                                            wrap in hand.                                                           • Crawley stunning Derby and nearly
So why do I hate Wembley so much?                                                                                                                   Manchester United
Why did I back out of a half time                                                                                                                   • Kolo Toure taking drugs
                                                                                                                                                    • Torres moving to Chelsea
                                                                                                                                                    • Carroll moving to Liverpool

                                                                                                                                                    Match of the year: No choice here,
                                                                                                                                                    pick your own.

                                                                                                                                                    Goal of the season: The only criterion
                                                                                                                                                    here is that if I haven’t seen it, I will
                               Monday                   Tuesday                Wednesday                 Thursday                  Friday
                                                                                                                                                    search on YouTube for the offending
                                                     Southern fried                                                                                 goal. If it isn’t found, the vote will be
            Main Meal                            chicken with coleslaw       Cottage pie with       Roasted beef with        Traditional fish pie
                            Lamb and lentil
                               tagine                    side                 parsnip mash         chimichurri dressing        with mash top        void.
                                                  Grilled sardines with     Lamb Kemah with                                   Sweet and sour
                                                   lemon garlic and        peas and coriander         Cannelloni with      chicken with steamed
          Main Meal 2 Ham and Pea pasties
                                                      parsley butter          scented rice          spinach and ricotta            rice

     Vegetarian Meal
                          Jacket potato filled
                          with creamed leeks
                          and melted ricotta
                                                   Spanish omelette
                                                  with a warm tomato
                                                    and olive salad
                                                                          Puy Lentil and lemon
                                                                             fettuccine with
                                                                            yoghurt and flat
                                                                                                    Pea and asparagus
                                                                                                    risotto with shaved
                                                                                                                               Slow roast root
                                                                                                                            vegetable tagine with   Tigers playing music
                                                                                                                              apricots and rice
                                                                                 parsley                 parmesan
                           Roasted onions
    Vegetables of the
                          Garlic pea and herb
                                                  Spicy potato wedges       Cauliflower saag          Roasted new
                                                                                                   potatoes with thyme
                                                                                                                              Chunky wedges                 By JAMES LANE 4A
                 day                                 with coriander        Carrot & swede with                                 Garden peas
                               couscous               Green beans            cream fraiche          Sautéed cabbage            Baked beans
                                                                                                       with fennel
                                                                                                                                                    As most are now aware of RHN’s latest
                Salads      Selection of freshly prepared salads including mixed leaves, fresh cut cucumber and tomatoes and a protein dish
                                                                                                                                                    eco-campaign - the Tiger Campaign,
                          Warm banana cake                                                          Lime posset with                                RHN now brings you a new and
               Dessert    with ice cream and
                           chocolate sauce
                                                      Baked cherry          Honey Cake with
                                                                                                    vanilla shortbread      Lemon sponge with
                                                                                                                                                    completely different event - a gig.
                                                      cheesecake                                   and raspberry coulis

          Fresh Fruit &     A selection of fresh cut fruit, homemade yoghurt pots and cold dessert pots, or fresh seasonal fruit served in peak     Combining the influential power of
          Yoghurt Pots                                              condition, ripened and ready to eat
                                                                                                                                                    RHN and dakini Media along with
                                                                                                                                                                                 (cont. opposite)
      Be Aware            Eat with Balance          Go & Enjoy
CITIZEN SPORT                               THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                                                   Page 13

Survival of                                               My cricket World Cup
the Fittest                                                   experience
                                             When I reached                                                  skills, reducing
                                             Mumbai my mum               By TARAN MATHUR OGM                 the number of
                                             told me that we                                                 runs from each
          By KYLE DA-CUNHA 3M                only had one ticket to the Cricket        shot played. At one point in the match
                                             World Cup Final and that my Dad was       I realized that I was on TV when I
When the going gets tough, the tough         going. There I was sitting on my bed      saw myself on the big screens in the
get going – apparently. West Ham’s           thinking about what would happen          stadium! Sri Lanka put a big score on
great manager Avram Grant seems to           tomorrow when India played Sri            the board, 274 for 6 after 50 overs.
be ignorant to this fact, considering for    Lanka.
the last 60 weeks (over a year) his team,                                              India came to bat and Sri Lanka
whether Portsmouth or West Ham, has          I had convinced myself that I was going got the early wickets of Sehwag and
been in the relegation zone bar one          to watch the match on TV in Mumbai.       Sachin Tendulkar, the demon bowler,
match. Yet somehow, the ex-Chelsea           The stadium was next to where I was       Lasith Malinga taking the wickets.
coach has survived and can continue          staying and I would be able to soak in    The crowd were silenced but a great
raking in the cash while his players         the atmosphere from outside.              innings by Gautham Gambhir kept
moan and prepare themselves for life in                                                in India in the match. Unfortunately
                                             There was a lot going through my head     Gambhir was bowled by Perera having
the Championship.
                                             when I went to bed that night. In the     made 97, 3 short of a century.
                                             morning when I got up my mum gave
Separating them, Wigan and Blackpool         me a big surprise. I was going to the     Following Kohli’s dismissal, it was the
is only three points, yet the thought        final. I was invited by my close friend,  partnership between Dhoni (91 not
of another season staring at Grant’s         whose father happened to be Sachin        out) and Yuvraj (21 not out) that won
grouchy face seems a little unwarranted.     Tendulkar!                                India the game. Dhoni finished off the
I remember after week one, when                                                        match in style hitting a massive six.
Blackpool thrashed Wigan 4-0, and            When we reached Wankhede Stadium          The crowd erupted and the all night
thought the Premier League was a cool        we bought flags and horns and found       party started in Mumbai.
walk in the park. Nonetheless, late          our seats. The match started with Sri
drama and careless tackles have wiped        Lanka winning the toss and choosing       I got back home just after midnight. I
clean an incredible debut to the Premier     to bat first. India were great in the     thought to myself the next 24 hours....
                                             field. Every time the ball came to one of my birthday...............what a present to
League, beside any hairs Ian Holloway
                                             their fielders, they showed remarkable    cherish for the rest of my life !!!
had on his quivering head.

I hope Blackburn get relegated. They
are dull to watch and sign players who
                                                                         CLSG Teen Forum
make Balotelli look like Maradona.                                         May 16, 2011
Does anyone even support them? I have
never seen someone wear a Blackburn                                       NewHall 6-8 pm
shirt with ‘Pederson’ on the back,
without either being held at gun-point
or a complete nutter.
                                                The Friends of City of London School for Girls are hosting a teen forum. The
As much as I despise Blackburn, I              topic of the forum will be cyber-bullying. A very real issue for all boys and girls
believe it is not the last time we have                        today in the virtual world they communicate in.
been graced by such stars as Benjani,
Kalinic and of course Paul Robinson.
Instead I believe Avram Grant has pulled
                                                                           Keynote Speaker:
the heartstrings of the League for the           Dr. Linda Papadopoulos one of the most respected clinical psychologists in
last time, Holloway will feel ‘homesick’                                      Britain today.
and return back to his chums in the
Championship, and Wolves can find a
new den down in the desperate depths                   Sue Hippisley: Education officer from Childnet. An organization
of the npower leagues.                           that is empowering children, parents and teachers on how to benefit from
                                                                      technology while remaining safe.
helpful colleagues, they have created
a fantastic and strictly organised                                 Sharon Herbert: City of London Police .
musical one-day festival on the 4th of
June at Old Crown Pub, 90 Highgate
Hill, Archway, N19 5NQ. Singers and           We look forward to seeing all parents at the forum from CLS and CLSG. This will
bands include Lizziness, Kelly Paige             be an ideal opportunity for parents to decipher the teen digital world of
(an American popstar), the Robbie             communication while learning to implement useful safety measures to ensure
Boyd band and several other bands                          our youth are using the cyber-world constructively
and singers too! Tickets are £12.50
and £15 on the door and are going fast
so buy them now!                                                  *Canapes and drinks will be served
More information from jameslane@                          Please RSVP : or 07796177298
Page 14                                     THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                              CITIZEN SPORT

  Citizen Interview: Guiliano Grazioli,                                                   A fan’s insight on
          Manager, Barnet FC                                                                 Manchester
                                                                                             United F.C.
                          By SIMON ZEFFERTT 4S
                                                                                                By JAVAD SIKDER 5A
Barnet FC went into the final game of        But there is a reason why you’re not
                                                                                         Although Man United have virtually
the season last Saturday needing a           playing so you must be honest with
                                                                                         clinched the league title this season,
win and for relegation rivals Lincoln to     yourself.
                                                                                         the standard of opponents has been
lose or draw. Against all odds, Barnet
                                                                                         lower than in previous years and they
survived, winning 1-0. I’ve been             Was the pressure eased knowing
                                                                                         will need to invest in their team if they
speaking to Barnet manager Guiliano          you’ve always been popular amongst
                                                                                         want to maintain their position next
Grazioli.                                    the fans?
                                                                                         season. Vishnou Mourougavelou of 5H,
                                                                                         a Manchester United fan, claims that
Congratulations on keeping Barnet in         Grazioli: It’s always nice to know the
                                                                                         Man United need to make three first-
the Football League. How did you             fans are backing you but football is a
                                                                                         team signings this summer: a goalkeeper
prepare the players for the final game?      results business and no matter what
                                                                                         to replace the outgoing Edwin Van Der
                                                                kind of hero you are,
                                                                                         Sar, a central midfielder and a left-
Grazioli: I said,                                               if things turn bad
                                                                                         winger. Vishnou wants Wayne Rooney
“This is our last                                               they soon forget.
                                                                                         to play in an attacking midfielder role
game. Our ambition
                                                                                         in a 4-1-3-2 formation rather than as
six weeks ago was                                               How big a step is
                                                                                         the support striker in their current set-
to reach this point                                             it from being the
                                                                                         up but with the attacking nature of
with a chance of                                                assistant to the
                                                                                         the team, his defending is clearly not
survival and we’ve                                              manager?
                                                                                         good enough to play as an out-and-out
achieved that. All
                                                                                         midfielder against the better teams in
I’m asking for is                                                Grazioli: It’s a
                                                                                         the top eight. Furthermore, you don’t
one monumental                                                   massive step.
                                                                                         want Rooney playing so deep when Man
effort. Let’s win this                                           When you’re the
                                                                                         United do not have the ball - it limits his
game, finish the                                                 assistant, you’ve got
                                                                                         effectiveness. Vishnou has expressed
season strong and                                                somebody in front
                                                                                         concerns over Evra’s defending and is
not worry about                                                  of you taking the
                                                                                         adamant that a new left-winger must be
what happens at                                                  slack, the pressure
                                                                                         able to track back and help the left-back
Lincoln. There’s an                                              is all on him. When
                                                                                         out, just like Valencia does brilliantly
opportunity here to                                              you’re the manager,
                                                                                         on the opposite flank.
be heroes.”                                                      everything’s on your
                                             head; every decision you make on the
                                                                                         However, I don’t think that Man United
What did you tell the players when it        pitch and in training falls on you and
                                                                                         require a left-winger, because they are
was 0-0 at half time needing a win?          the stress is really high.
                                                                                         adequately covered in this area with
                                                                                         Nani, Giggs and Park. In my opinion,
Grazioli: I told them, “Carry on what        How can we stabilise Barnet as a
                                                                                         they should continue with their 4-4-1-1
you’re doing. All I ask for is running       League Two club?
                                                                                         with Rooney playing just off Hernández,
that extra yard, getting in front of the
                                                                                         but with Nani on the left and Valencia on
defender, right in their faces, in their     Grazioli: Something has to be done,
                                                                                         the left, like they often did last season.
half and the goal will come.”                whether it’s an increase in budget
                                                                                         My preferred formation is shown below.
                                             or getting a manager who knows the
As a former player, when you were            league more. We need to attract better
watching from the dugout did you want        players with more presence.
to get on the pitch and play?
                                             Congratulations again and thanks very
Grazioli: It’s the hardest thing             much.
watching, you’re desperate to be out
there and you’ll never lose that feeling.

                                             Wigan Athletic vs. West Ham United:
          Predictions                        In a huge game for both sides, both
                                             need to win to improve their chances of
   By JOE GOURGEY AND ELI BARUCH 4S          avoiding the dreaded drop.

Liverpool vs. Tottenham:                     Prediction: 1-2
Liverpool come off the back of two
dominant wins, which has reinstated          Chelsea vs. Newcastle United:
their claim for European football            A distraught Chelsea know that only a
whereas Tottenham have recently gone         win can keep their small chance of title
‘flat’ according to Harry Redknapp, and      glory alive.
will be looking to recover fifth spot.
                                             Prediction: 2-2
Prediction: 3-1
CITIZEN SPORT                             THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011                                             Page 15

     Ming Phen                                   Stanley Forbes to represent
      chosen for                                      England at karate
     GB ultimate                                                         By CITIZEN SPORTS

Huai Ming Phen of 6KK has been             First Former Stanley Forbes this           Squad, Stanley started practising
chosen to represent Great Britain          week received his John Carpenter           karate at the age of five and was
Under 20 boys’ team at ‘ultimate’,         Club sports tie from ex-President          awarded his black belt at the age of
a relatively new sport, founded in         Richard Jones, in recognition of his       10. Just after passing his black belt
the USA, which is a hybrid between         representing England at karate in the      he won gold and silver medals at the
American football and netball,             European Championships in Holland          National Championships, in addition
substituting the ball for a disc.          and the World Championships in             to the Junior Male Cup. He currently
                                           Thailand later this year.                  trains four times a week at the
The aim of the sport is to complete                                                   Budokwai Centre.
a pass that ends in your opponents’        Recently asked to join the England
endzone, but you cannot move with

                                                   Time is running out in the
the disc, and only have 10 seconds in
which to throw it. The most attractive
aspect of ultimate, according to
Huai, is the spirit of the game, which
encourages good sportsmanship                           Premier League
throughout, as ultimate is a self
refereed sport.                                                         By SAM KAUFMAN 1S

He commented: “I was introduced to         The Barclays Premier League took           which could determine which division
Ultimate two years ago during a King’s     another twist last week as Manchester      they’re playing in next season.
College taster course. I then formed a     United went six points clear at the        Manchester United have an easy game
team, Ambition, with friends. Wanting      top of the table with two games still      this weekend away to Blackburn
to do our name justice, we entered the     to play. They beat title rivals Chelsea    Rovers. Blackburn, who have picked
National Qualifiers after 6 months of      2-1 last week with first half goals from   up five points in their last five games,
playing, with no coaching at all. As       Javier Hernandez and Nemanja Vidic,        have been solid at home this season,
expected, we didn’t win a single game!     with Chelsea getting one back through      but Man United’s forwards should
However, by a stroke of luck, an ex        Frank Lampard. Third place Arsenal’s       collect all three points and the Premier
Brazilian international player saw us,     title hopes took another blow last         League Title, for the nineteenth time in
whilst playing in one of our practice      week, losing 3-1 away to eighth place      United’s history.
sessions in the park. He introduced us     Stoke City. It’s now impossible for
to the various other teams in London,      the Gunners to win the league, whilst      Chelsea also have a less simple
and was kind enough to take us under       Manchester United only need one point      proposition, this Sunday, in the form
his wing, letting me play on his own       from a possible six to finish the season   of Newcastle, who have established
team. A year later, our team entered       champions.                                 themselves as a mid-table side. Saying
the indoor junior Nationals. We were                                                  Chelsea do win their last two games,
seeded last, 50 out of 50, but over        However, at the bottom end of the          they only have a slight chance of
the two days, we won most of our           table, Wolves’ 3-1 victory over West       winning the title. The Blues still have
matches, finishing 20th in the country,    Brom, last Sunday, moved them up           to face in-form Everton on the last day
narrowly missing the 13th spot. It         from nineteenth to seventeenth, just       of the season and if they win that game
was at this competition that the GB        out of the relegation zone, with last      and the Newcastle one, they still need
coach found our team, and asked us         placed West Ham needing at least           United to lose both Blackburn and
to go to the Junior GB trials that were    four points out of a possible six from     Blackpool. Chelsea’s dream of ending
the following month, and now I’m           their remaining two fixtures. The          this season with silverware is very dim,
fortunate enough to represent GB in        bottom two sides face each other in a      but United’s chances are not.
August.”                                   relegation six-pointer this weekend,
                                                                                  THE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011

                                                                                                         THE CITIZEN

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                                                                                                       Deputy Editors:

                                                                                                   Joseph Gamse J6HRSJ
                                                                                                   and Ezra Cohen J6MJW


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          1st XI romp home to victory
The team went out to bowl       By DAVID SAUNDERS 4S             by the opening pair, our
first and very positively                                        other two batsmen made
restricted Colfe’s to a        bowlers to deliver, and stop      16 in total and some
respectable 155-6 off of       City from scoring more than      appalling bowling by Colfes
20 overs. Some excellent       155.                             gave us the victory on a
bowling performances                                            plate (14 scored in byes –
helped City achieve this,      And deliver they didn’t,         that’s where the ball hits
Hopkins only conceded 16       with City romping home           the body except the legs           QR code for App
runs off of 4 overs, and       to victory, with 14 balls to     and runs are scored, and
Parker took 2 wickets in       spare. An incredible 89 not      9 wides – self explanatory).
2 overs. Hopkins took          out from Velani paired with      Congratulations must also
the best over of the day       32 from the other opening        be given to the second XI,
however, conceding only 1      batsman Mizra capped off         who also managed to defeat
run. Colfe’s were struggling   an incredible day for the        Colfes convincingly. But,
and it could be seen, their    former. Velani, in his score,    at least for the 1st XI, the
opening two batsmen scored     made 13 4s and 3 6s! To put      day belonged to Velani.
a meagre 23 runs between       that in perspective, Colfes      Congratulations to all who
them. Their top scorer only    scored only 17 4s and 2 6s       took part, we look forward to
scored 28 runs, with City’s    in total. The defeat of Colfes   more success in the coming
wonderful bowling piling       only took 17.4 overs, along      term.
pressure on their own          with the 89 and 32 scored

To top