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					                     High Storrs PTA Annual General Meeting
                              Tuesday 2 March 2010
                              Reg Charity No: 1113514
                                Commencing at 6.15pm
                          Followed by PTA General Meeting
                               In Room 27 at the School
     (turn right from reception, through the double doors – classroom on right)


              Item                                                            Who             Paper

      1.      Welcome and introductions; apologies                            Andrew Darby

      2.      Minutes from last AGM                                           Andrew Darby        1

      3.      Matters arising                                                 Andrew Darby

      4.      To receive the annual report of the Trustees on the PTA’s       Andrew Darby        2
              activities in 2009

      5.      To receive the accounts of the PTA for 2007-2008                Anita Lloyd    To follow

      6.      To appoint independent examiner for the PTA accounts            Anita Lloyd

      7.      To elect the Trustees for the coming year                       Andrew Darby

              Six of the seven current Trustees are willing to stand again.
              Further nominations can be made in writing by email to
     or to Andrew Darby, Chairman,
              High Storrs PTA c/o High Storrs School to be received at
              least 24 hours before the AGM.

      8.      To nominate and elect the officers for the coming year          Andrew Darby

      9.      Any Other Business                                              Andrew Darby

      10.     Date, time and venue of next AGM                                Andrew Darby

Papers available for download from the PTA section of the High Storrs School website under Our School
at and as hard copies at the AGM.

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                                                                                    PAPER 1

     High Storrs Parent Teacher Association Annual General Meeting Minutes

                                   Reg Charity No: 1113514

               Held at 8pm on 21st January 2009 at High Storrs School

1     Present: Linda West (Chair), Karla Henry, Elaine Read, Ray Everitt,          Action
      Andrew Darby, Anita Lloyd, Fiona Heath, Angela Nickson, Anne Parker,
      Lesley Webster, Karen Taylor, Stella Berry, Tim Hatton, Sophie
      Macfadyen, Nick Fleichman
      Apologies: Sarah Banks, Mike Chapman, Helen Moyes, Heather
      Worden, Julie Mackenzie, Christine McCartney.

2.    Minutes from last AGM 20 November 2007: Approved as an accurate
      record. All in favour.

3.    Matters arising: None

4.    Annual Report of the Trustees on the PTA’s activities in 2007-2008           Andrew Darby to send
                                                                                   to Charity Commission
      The annual report was approved by all. Linda West thanked everyone
                                                                                   (CC) with Annual
      for all their hard work over the year in supporting the growth of the PTA.

5.    Accounts of the PTA for 2007-2008                                            Anita Lloyd and
                                                                                   Andrew Darby to send
      The draft accounts were approved by all subject to independent
                                                                                   with Annual Return for
      verification later in the year.

6.    Independent Verifier for the PTA accounts                                    Karla Henry and Anita
                                                                                   Lloyd to collate and
      It was approved by all that parent Jeremy Telling, BA ACA and member
                                                                                   send information to
      of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (No 7757840) be appointed as
                                                                                   Jeremy Telling
      independent verifier for the PTA Accounts for the year ending 31 Dec

7.    Updated Constitution                                                         Andrew Darby to notify
                                                                                   Charity Commission
      Andrew Darby explained that the existing PTA constitution was the
      National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations (NCPTA) model
      available and adopted in 2006 when the PTA had become a charity. This
      needed to be updated because of changes in the Charities Act and the
      proposal was to adopt the updated NCPTA version. The main changes

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      were minor and mainly to clarify and tighten up some of the clauses to
      do with trustees roles and to increase the number of trustees for HS PTA
      from four up to seven. This led to discussion about the legal
      requirements of being a charity and responsibilities of being a trustee. In
      particular, trustees are ultimately responsible for decisions about
      expenditure and compliance with the Charity Commission requirements.
      This includes a minimum of three trustees meetings per academic year.
      Members were concerned that they would not be involved in decision
      making regarding how the money they had all worked hard to raise
      would be spent.
      It was approved by all present to adopt the updated constitution provided
      by the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations.

8.    To elect the Trustees for the coming year                                     Andrew Darby to notify
                                                                                    Charity Commission
      Linda West reported that the current trustees and co-opted trustees
      were willing to stand for the next year and a nomination had been
      received to appoint Anita Lloyd as a trustee. These appointments were
      The following officers were nominated and approved from the trustees:
      Chairman: Andrew Darby
      Vice Chairman: Linda West
      Treasurer: Anita Lloyd, alternate Elaine Reade
      Secretary: Karla Henry, alternate Fiona Heath

9.    Any Other Business
      Charitable giving in 2009
      T Hatton asked about planned donations and the outcome of the request
      from the school to support the rewards circulated in the Autumn. Karla
      Henry reported that the trustees had asked for more information and
      decided to give the school £1000 to contribute to the rewards system as
      it saw fit and £200 for the best two pupils in each house (8 x £25). They
      had also asked the school to make suggestions in relation to the Y11
      and Y12 rewards system because Y11 had reduced opportunity to
      accumulate points and Y12 currently did not take part in the sixth form
      celebration of success. In addition a request for £50 had been received
      and approved to support Astronomy Week visit by the Stardome. It was
      pointed out by members that it would not have caused great
      inconvenience to the school to have brought both for discussion at the
      general PTA meeting today to ensure all attendees had contributed,
      even if the trustees needed to make some final decision after. Accepting
      that the question about the rewards system had been circulated by email
      at the time and supported by members at the time, an undertaking was
      made to take this as a standard approach in future.

10.   Date, time and venue of next AGM                                              All
      7.30pm High Storrs School 10 February 2010


      Linda West, Chairman

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                                                                                               PAPER 2

                        High Storrs Parent Teacher Assocation

                Trustees’ Annual Report 1 Jan 2009 – 31 Dec 2009

                                     Reg Charity No: 1113514
                  Member of National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations
The objectives of the High Storrs Parent Teacher Association are to:
        Develop effective relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school,
        Engage in activities or providing facilities or equipment which support the school and advance the
         education of the pupils.
This has been another good year for the PTA. We have had plenty of new enthusiastic parents getting
involved and good support from teachers. Events held this year have been a great success both in raising
money and in developing relationships between parents, teachers and the local community. I want to
thank everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen.
Andrew Darby, Chairman
Trustees who served in the year were: Andrew Darby (Chairman), Linda West (Vice Chairman), Karla
Henry (Secretary), Anita Lloyd (Treasurer), Ray Everitt, Elaine Read, Fiona Heath.
Independent Examiner for the Accounts
Jeremy Telling BA ACA was appointed as Independent Examiner for the accounts at the AGM. The
accounts for 2009 are presented in a separate document.
The PTA supported the school with the following donations during the year amounting to £1732:

£50 to the Astronomy Week lecture
£1200 towards the Pupil Rewards Scheme
£50 to set up a Pupil Drop-in centre in Room 107 to help Y10 and Y11 pupils
£200 towards Sports Day Trophies at Don Valley Stadium
£12 towards a wreath for Remembrance Day ceremony in the library
£400 towards production of The Wiz at the City Hall as part of Sheffield Children’s Festival
The PTA held seven meetings during the year. Attendance from parents and teachers willing to give up
time to co-ordinate and organise events continues to increase. School input at meetings continues from
Ray Everitt, Deputy Head and Julie Mackenzie and several teachers including Mr Hart and Mr Woodward.
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                                                                                               PAPER 2

Another group of parents maintain contact through the email group and others volunteer to help for
particular events on the day.

50-50 Club
The 50-50 Club continues to operate, with 38 members during the year. Thanks to Anne Parker for
managing the 50:50 Club.
Spring Ceilidh, April 28: Over 70 parents, teachers and pupils enjoyed dancing to the Bash Street Band
and High Storrs very own school folk band, with delicious pie and peas from Sean’s of Banner Cross.
Car Boot and Plant Sale, 10 May: Another successful event in aid of PTA funds, with repeat attendance
by all of last year’s plant stall holders. Space for the car boot sale was limited to 35 places by the school
building work but 34 turned up so we were very pleased. There was a great turnout from the public,
helped by the sunshine. The last hot burgers were sold minutes from the end and the nurseries all
seemed happy with the turn out and plant sales. Just as important was the buzz around the stalls and the
chance meetings between people who hadn't seen each other for a while or in a different context. The car
booters were all well pleased with the amount of they had disposed of and the cash they had made.
Autumn Ceilidh, September 25: After the success of the School Folk Band at the Spring Ceilidh, they were
keen to perform for a whole evening. This they did with great panache to over 120 parents, pupils and
teachers. Congratulations to Mr Hart, his mate who did the calling and all the band members for a very
memorable evening. The atmosphere was buzzing and we raised £561!
Thanks to all PTA members who turned out and made the event evening run so smoothly, particularly to
Linda West for pulling it all together on the evening. A great team effort from ticket sales to raffle, pie
servers to bar staff. And once again the pies from Sean’s of Banner Cross were delicious!
Open Days: PTA members attended school open days and transition evenings to disseminate information
about the PTA and encourage involvement by parents of new Y7s. This resulted in several new attendees
at meetings.
Winter Quiz: Ray Everitt tested us all with a mix of questions for all ages at the Winter Family Social and
Quiz. A capacity crowd enjoyed the first public performance by the School Salsa Band, enthusiastically led
by Mr Woodward. For the record, the teachers’ team won (again) and gave their winnings to be shared
between the House Funds. We won’t mention how the Governors’ Team did.

PTA Flyers: A big thank you to parent Dave Berry for designing the PTAs many flyers and posters.
PTA Email Newsletters: Anita Lloyd and Andrew Darby developed an email newsletter for PTA members
which has been sent out to the PTA Communications List seven times during the year. It contains reports
and photos from events. If you would like to receive a copy, contact the PTA by emailing us at
School Parents Updates: Distributed by the school to all parents, the PTA has a regular section in each
Website: The PTA section of the school website has been updated and expanded this year.
Wiki: This year the wiki has mainly been used to keep an up to date stock record available for all to see
and to produce checklists to prepare for events.


Andrew Darby
Chairman, 2 March 2010

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